The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1913
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

itz IS A THING OF THE PAS i Curios cf the Post Ofrea Department Are Transferred to the Kalians! Musc'_m. G.W. Weaver a n d S o n \ {\l me Leaders j\\l Just Received ? 4 ? .Tke Popular :'; Dress and Coat Corduroys j | £ Brocade Velvets-1 a.IiCl ---rs J »*A^ar Costume Velvets In all the best cclars now ' j being shown. // f New Bulgarian Silks -- ^_/ and Uro^s rriraraiP.^s :u ti bullions in great variety. Mansing Underwear in Uuion oncl Single pieces. r, R A D LIIY S \V E AT » RS i r r.icn. \vosnm and chisUrs-r!. Nev/ Wool Sweaters and Silk Waists. Il/Vj :'f /.-I New Room Size Rugs Many other things coir-in^ in daily. 7, /.'! I I \ £\ V The Postal mcsesza, vl::oh former- t : ly attracted thousands o:" sightseers 1 to the pcstoScs dsr"rini~'-t, is c. t ' thing of the past. So--e t:~e Ego ; " the CC2-I letters, curies r.-.d ethsr pos- ; i i!o:: c: a century, to^. ,^;r ';:h a \ I'co^prciiensive cshib:- cf =is 1 e^aip- : ; :-^6i5- c-sl trar.s;:ortc-'02 facilities, , era! a'-d ir^nsiVrr^'J o :""" Xeiv --a- ; ] cc^ec*:ca OJ the Un::ej States sov- ' : e'nrrf-^t, v.liieh fcrzisrl*- ecc-j;:ed the j " thnd £ccr corrl-Jor of "te rostcflce I ; b'ji'i!:-?. Las been re-:"-"-;.! »o t- 6 * "i " !ie A~eriea.a stai^-' col'estion is , ---o-" 1 ccm^lete tbsii auv c~.. ued by : ' ether -:overr.ii:ents, and its -value is · -o-^: "-*-i"~3'-"e!v estlniated at b:2lt a I ·::.!Hc:i Cellars. Pract:ea"y every is- _ : sie o: posisse by the nations inclad- · I represeniee iy all or nearly all de- i ; : .o-nicat:o=s. as there is as arrange- · r:ir.t bctv-ee^ tbe postal admjaistra- 1 ,:cr.5 c: those countries for the ex- cL^i'-;'- o: specimens of ail new Is- Tcs issues o£ naiions not adher- ..-.S :o r 'io international postal union . r-c :«::t"rslly incomplete, b;it s. large . jr:b^r of stamps IHusrratins parts r ' tiiCiC issues are included in Uncle £ ^.r i"s cc!!ectior- Every issue of tbe ' n.;eti States government SIECO IS-iT, ! :.:·? year tlie first American stamp r.- :e.---eii. is complete Tcita the excep- -.-_n :z all cf about ten specimens. s ;s probably the most complete ' br: xn existence, and. many entire is- £^ics are in euplicate. ! T-^o private collections of stamps , -^xeeed the American govemiEezit col- ' :e=:scr. :n sise anfi value. The first i .3 ov "^ by a French nobleman, a^cL ', sh- second belongs to z. resifiaat of Chicago. '· at the Game You'll find voa have picked, the winning shoe. ' For Style, Individuality, Service and Comfort, Rolstons are i;i a class by themselves. Competition has never "crossed their i^ool line." Ralstons are a safe bet -- always; for they earn." cur ^uaranteo cf satisfaction. Try the first pair on our sa} T so -- afterwards i; \vl.l \~z on \'ours. V/e have manv nev." i^nc. exclusive; module:, S-r-Ou t j ^"6.00. ex ssi. ZLL S:ere O.-Jt-r. E'.enhtss, * Cor. Square and Carlisle Sircci. Elective June 15, 13 Demands of Vaudeville. --Vaudeville," says E. A. \Toolf in s Dramatic iiirror, "aovv demands tf- the nace-Iai in a ciayle; must IT A. M- Daily Except Sunday for j j ·eriJ"-0 -'··- !'···!"- _^ {! ?/ iv.-. Cj ?!,t.r... Cnnrr.t »-.-?:·«-«-.Har.- !! ~r,-~ r-jn«'j---;.i:i-t. c:;.:r^s trie!! ii ---- ! ;v.ea;r:cal "programs -_i:2_2. t2S : other author In t-_- Caited States." Ex n't C:GV. i jcur chicians. ^ . . , - · ----*.! IT-CIS tne hens that retain! -- j -'""·" ^ _ _ \STith veal at its present h:g:i p - c a - - " 0 .- te ^ _, ol -.j.«, B y this 5 i-e -ou gcins to baj a silo? | K cu-c CSUSES ^.. £3'Uer.=e. there'is a big temptation to let some ; ^^ VQ ,; ^ ' fin \ Uv get even coH -- i TTest Ullfard, ::. V.--Ufe-.ause a of the dairy heifers go Gut the care . -^" - "^ TII:S " a5D iies to ai; t The comb :s the chicken's hezrith in- oua c he sold refused -o stay -vnth its fill dairyman does net let this tempta **^T o ~ | , r ~' ' "· Q=^ atcr " purchaser. Gr^gorj £5e=.t one tion get the better cf h:s ;uds^.eat- '. ud i - ana r " et "-- · """"· _ - ^ ' , - . ^=, , ::!?. Xe-» Orcford, Hanover, York Calcimore and iateroiediate st£ doai- over, and iRtsrmediate Points. 'tfh0ro fn hR« f h ? f h ? n r f " I'^f] RPPf! f|i!w:S iu btljl li[i laiilU-j Jjud UoCU. *^^"*^ ^ " i I Daily MORE Tall and Winter Clothes-are arriving at The Home of-Fine Cloths,'. ^ :h the s'ore in every department you will find new styles ana pattern to select rrom. ; - vou have not been in and examined these new styles. It not., stop m. we'u oe g:^ .o -uo. through baoiy ^ you \ \ b a l f s what for 1913 and 1914. EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 4CO =ith bath en stnt» Sam iieConorny, Prop's. Specials for this v/eek. 3 Double sheets tangle fc-or Sy : paper for 5c. --IF-[ voc Trant a weekly paper get !" THE ADA3IS COUNTY 'NEWS j ilore local reading matter than · ary other paper published. : Price $1.00 per year. packages safety jr.atches for : 's 5 and 10_ CHAS. S. iOIMPKR --^Fire Proof Storage-| "Warehouse for Fttrartnr* *nd Hocseaold Goods «tored any length, of · l PJCE PRODUCE COiIPAX~f i Phjjrhr~: f^ji.-tr. Pncea Paid for a.': i I --rAFO-r PRODUCE-- \ Uader Tiiaes OSc«i. W. H. UPTON - Gettysburg Sonre»Ir» Below are a few of the new STYLES v/e^are so anxious to show ycu. 1 Men's Department Ladies' Department Mr. Trnni: man iur! S i o: y^;-r no-l F..r t!^ *M-r an. :i:- iKeari? t;.At r_'.t"r, -.· !sa\i* vrc have -- .- --nr'". -:.· 1 r.e'o." Co it-. C--« : ^"r-i_:= t. it havo ever "t"^jr. - · -.-TV i -c t b~" "- i Sweaters Sweaters "s co;nnv:ni-j ^_ ..-^ :-- ^-.^ -, .-sre-t anl i'.v=: a«-"" ,.., i' ^^ ^.^..i-.'-'X-r.-, IJ-E n , - M O I T-.I T.i - n-^-v -' :·· ^. ..ii..- . i.ixi ~'"-^' v l ' v . ...._-:.,. a -;;h "r-V,l or r.»r.»- ..'· . "i.-Tf. "." ^.j.iin or Nor«lk =tylc^- Prices ra-szu fr-in - Kuppenhwmer and AIco System Clothes |gj - - ^y^ /*.-/ .-j - .fi-/ r-V» ' 4w XaK 7£?2S at S25. i'Sa:vl Others at 51* a:i s n i o-araiivk in the.r- The Lad:es' Shce Department Slices hlickVr"* c.uFin Dou/.n*.-. Cro- It- Star Bran i ;r.n\e. S : , .rry o ^f *Z? u The Home of Fine Clothes 3 ! A SIMPLE MATTER OF SHIRRING' j- IMPARTS DISTINCTION \ "Tnr:«f-r ir^."s of srk 5C-K are eiV'ec- j baizes to the girl or Tvo-naa !oo:3RS ] ,;.,.. 0 « ; ^-, ten _^ jj v - touchc-s of v:v:cHfcr something' "diiTerent." To copy ' C'^:"r ^ 3 *rrc:c"an-{ inni.~. The ;.-o.%c|7S40 Jr: s5ze SS reQ'jires 4% yards of 35 1 r^Z. V a * b'Jo~i!r.^ sii'-G-: to-vard the] Toung sirls* afternoon _ar:d-clsr.cjns I facc^ Thesj £."::'% s..":s are ht-ir.^r -as^-c j dresses to be nodish, sinart aa5 ra ' I ^ ,1 1-- c '-.'t"v,ea- . s- a: tJ'e r^c---.ent, ai- f ?ood taste iri-ast be^ simple-X Quit* i TM",,-"-. 'j'le""*-.,":«-Ion «: tlic ic.rored IsuiSclc-nt adornn5ent is-given J26 by i T.,r" '-',j;^ v ~ 'c -ra^; up ^e'-i ir. · tlie shirrings that foansYo*- girdJe ! ^-T^.-VJ^"- o-- ·' f" r.ev.- shades. ietejar.S f.ouiic* White tultc. rio.^thc per* ·^"_",^ V nr ,-^tarve. ~ith th« j oice i ishable qaality we itio^-. but a ^ a '«- ! -T -.""r" ; - tT--c^ "5--.M-.5SS. A nar-'rial that reSomWes a ver- fine farus- , l;.r ? :r.p'V::r-"c-:-'r« t l material tro«!5' sels Tict, used Sn many of the little . bo =rrart · C~ nsr th.-' turi:c. i ,, -I'-ru^- r.^% r";ed'bel-r of van-co:Vr- \ nbhor.s a'nd rosettes of white or a ' ^V'v.0,,1 x-as a n-.ost oistlr.ctive detail, j coming tint- This ^« S! p , in j^ J^, r "^jV, cC?r u^IirsiJtcd ross".- j Quires 6^ yar3s of S6 inch r: " ·o«!fi' sels Tict, used in many 01 me --I French ccsisi-.s of this sort, vrou.d be rth's admirably suited to this inoael. TVI.JI ! S To obtain e.'her pattern illustrated fill ! ' cut tr.'s cc".ipon and inclose 15 cents in i i 1 stamps ®~ cuin. Be sure to state number Name 1 H cf'ivmcrn and sizt.. tt-easunas ever the Address i " rr.l'c-t part o: the bust for dimensions.

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