The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 7, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1931
Page 15
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. f 4 16 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 7 WASHINGTON U BEATS DRAKE Early Lead Leaves Bears in Victors'Place in 29-26 Clash at St. Louis. ST. LOUJS, Feb. 7. UB--Accurate shooting that gave them an early lead stood them in good stead later when seriously threatened, as Washington 'university Bears defeated Drake university cagers 29 to 26 in a Missouri Valley conference game here last night. The triumph, and that of the Oklahoma Aggies over Creighton put the Bears and the Aggies in · a tie for league honors. After Washington's opening scoring flurry, the Bulldogs scored six points before the half ended, meanwhile holding the victors scoreless. The tally at midpoint was 16 to 11 for the St. Louisans. Drake staged two rallies in the *econd half, one to put the-score to 36-13, and the second 27-26. King and Monahan, Drake co-captains, starred for the Des-Moines quintet. Constance, Wise and Hohn were outstanding on the victors' roster. Summary: DRAKE--28 Kins. ' Fonnd, f ... Esslck, f .. Schullz, « .. Brody. e ... Iversan, g .. TOTALS . . . . . . . . \VA SHINOTON--2 0 Constance, 1 . . . . . . Wise, 1 Hohu, e Stanford, f Ijandwirtb, g ...... Steldeman, g ...... TOTALS fQ ... 3 ... 0 .. 1 .. 2.. 0 .. 3' . . 1 .. 0 ..10 FG .. 4 . . 2 .. 5 .'. 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 B FT 0 D 0 1 0 0 MAD LAUGHTER * * * * * * * A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BPBTON PRICES GO DOWN TO RECORD LOWS Late Strength in Lambs and Hogs Has Little Effect on Market. CHICAGO, Feb. 7. JP--Record low prices were reached in the cattle and hog- markets this week and fat lambs declined-50-75 below the previous week. Late strength in the hog and lamb markets had little influence on the general trend of trading, as small receipts Friday forced prices somewhat higher after the bulk of the week's supplies had sold at the lowest quotations. Average coat of fat steers reached the lowest point in six years, when the mean price for this week was computed at $8.60, which has never been touched since 1924. Shortfeds so far outnumbered well finished cattle each day that the range of prices was only $7.50@9.75and it was news when a load of Jong- yearlings sold as high as $11.75. Warm weather and low prices in the pork market were the chief reasons for a slow dressed beef trade all week and the consequent lethargy in live steers and cows. Steer chucks were so cheap that fat cows were not desired and closed weak to 25-lower Bulls lost 25 and vealers a ful dollar. . . . Little Interest in the 6,000 hogs on sale today appeared in the earlv _ , - , r °unds and prices showed a weaker _ ,, i D ing to W. P. Butler, 24 Tenth street trend. Best lights were offered at , Tounj, minou TVMiej-an; tun. I northwest, who with the Rev. Wil- 58.00, but bids stopped at S7 tn tlrc, Filler, MUsonri wcsieyan. Uam H Spen( , ej pa3t or of the First Packers took 12,000 directs There Methodist church, and the Rev. were 3,000 holdovers to be added 1 William Galbreth, pastor of the f to the remaining 3,000 of the run (Continued From Comic Pate). should say when he next visited the imaginative Pussy when he entered the portals of Scotland Yard. But he had not penetrated very far into the recesses of the building when a colleague accosted him. "Hullo, ferooka. here you are at last!" he said. "The chief has been looking for you for the last half-hour." "Right! I'll go and see if I can comfort him," replied Brooks. He went up to the assistant commissioner's room, and knocked on the door. Bidden to enter, he found his. chief in consultation with an exquisitely dressed man of about thirty, with a curiously melancholy cast of countenance, belied by a pair of twinkling- eyes. The assistant commissioner looked up as the inspector came in. "Ah, good moru- ing, Brooks," he said. "This is Richard Penharhpton. "You might spin your yam to the inspector, Dick." (TO BE CONTINUED) PLANS MADE TO CARRY ON WORK Baker's Successor Is Not Chosen at Meeting in Waterloo. Plans for carrying on the work of the Clear Lake Institute were made at a. meeting: of the board of di- 2 2 _! rectors at Waterloo Friday, accord- WEEK BAD FOR LIVESTOCK PRICES 210 Ib. 57.108)7.40; 210-225 ]b. butchers 56.90©7.10; 225-260 Ibs. S6.05®6.80; 260-325 Ib. $6.25S6.65; packing' sows $5.50{j5.65; average cost Friday $6.76, weight 250. CATTLE 100; compared with a week ago: Fea steer? and yearlings 50-750 lower; she stock 25-50c lower; bulls 25c lower; vealers weak to SOc lower: stockers and feeders weak to 25c lower; bulks for the week: Fed steers and yearlings 57@9; several loads f .25®10; weighty steers and 1,105 Ib. 0.50; heifers S5,50@7; beef-cows $3.75ft 5; tier grades $2.75©3.50; medium bulls Str a 4.25; practical top vealers S8.EO; few Si); slocker and feeder steers $6.75@7.75; few loads yearlings $8®t). SUEEP 3.150; all lambs bought to arrive; 86-92 Ibs. 58.25©6.35, strong; compared with a week ago: Lambs 25-GOc lower; sheep weak; feeders 50c lower; closing bulks follow: Fed wooled lambs SS.155P8.25; closing top 58.35; fed clipped lambs strong weights $5.35; good and choice ewes, 53.5004.50; good and choice feeding lambs S7.257.T5. STATE TEACHERS DOWN DUBUQUE the meeting. However no definite action was taken toward appointing: a successor to the Rev. Clyde Baker, direc- «·» . f , i . r*r.i nt- tor of the institute, who was killed Tutors Go Into Fifth Place in Standings of Iowa Cage Conference. DTJBTJQUE, Feb. 7. OP)--Iowa State Teachers were today la fifth place in the Iowa basketball tcon- ference by virtue of a 23 to 16 victory last night over the University ot Dubugue, 23 ,to 16. At the half the Teachers led'9 to 6. Close guarding featured the tilt, ·with) Captain Haberichter of the Tutors garnering two field goals. Summary: UTJBUQXJE--16 - FG Chariton, 1 ..,...., 2 Johnson,, f 0 Olivet Methodist church, attended of 15,000 received today. Light hosrt, ^ ,, _ _ l dosed with the top quoted at S8 10 even with last week, but heavy weights were 20c lower, which brot the general average* for the week m* .TM«^TM, ,,,,,, ,,,,. ,,,,.«=,,, 1° Around 57.25, or lOc lower than in an automobile accident recently, V" 5 P recedm £' week. "When the top Mr. Butler said. dropped to ?7.00 in midweek the District conferences will be held I f~ _ ty f ar low P°TMt had been next week. The one for the local district will be at Waverly Feb. 11 and 12. . i *»,_ * * . --1»- ---·* »«c^^x cuju i the late packer bulk at 5S.OO@8 25 was nearly $1 lower. Quality was plainer than ever, due to poor grades of natives and an increase of Colorados. The loss was between 50@75c for the entire range of the market, 200 I even fat ewes lost 25 @50c. six year | reached. Fat lambs suffered In spite of 's week and KANSAS CITY' LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY. Feb. 7. \on--U. S. department of agrlcuHurfi-- HOGS 900: 500 direct; hardly enough oi- Cered to test market: no shippers in: practical top 57.50 on 100-210 Ibs.. few 180-210 Iba. $T.25@7.50: small lots 260-200 Ibs. SO.SO @7; odd packing sows ?5.50@6.' CATTLE 250; calves 50:-- for the week: Killing classes unevenly 25-75C lower: most decline on Hghter weight steers and year- Hnga; vealers and calves weaK to 50c lower: stockers steady to mostly 25c lower; feeders oil 25-50C; week's tops: Good to choice 1100 Ib. steers 511; choice mixed yearlings $10.DO; good 1,22-1 Ib. and 1.3C6 Ib. weights 510.35; bulk short fed steers 56.75® 9; short fed belters SB®7; stacker and feeders S6,25g'8.25. SHEEP 1.500: for the week: T*ambs so-75c lower; weighty kinds off most; sheep 25-40c lower; -week's top fed lambs $8.40; closing top 58.25; most sales $7.T5@'S.25; some weighty lots downward to $7.40; top shorn lambs 57.90; late sales 57.4007.75; top slaughter ewes 54.35; bulk. 53.90??4.25; Texas feeding lambs mostly 57.25S7.50; late sales 56.50gG.75. a lew LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, Feb. 7. (/IT--Unofficial estimated receipts for Monday: Hogs 70.000: cattle 16.000; sheep 17,000; hogs for all next week 230,000. Representative Sales ALL GRAINS SHOW MATERIAL GAINS Market Remains Unaffected by Breakup of Long Drought. CHICAGO, Feb. 7..(/P)--Instead of lower prices resulting from breakup of the drought, all grains scored material gains today, and finished at almost the top level reached. Fears of a cold wave succeeded distress about moisture shortage. Rains and snowfalls were generally held to be inadequate except as a temporary help. · Wheat closed Irregular, lie oil to %c up, May old 82SS2!4c. July 6 7 % @ K c , corn 18 I'Aa advanced, May old COWSSc, July 67 fl MaC, oats unchanged to *£c higher, and provisions unchanged to a rise .of lOc. Wintry weather stimulated corn demand. In consequence, corn showed more upward impetus at times than did wheat. Corn primary arrivals were 823.000 bushels, compared with 851,000 a week ago and 1,136,000 at .this time last year. Chicago receipts were 18S cars against 129 a ween hack and 187 the corresponding; day of 1930. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, Pch. 7. OK--Wheat--No. northern spring 79 : ,ic. Com--No. 3 mixed 62Vic; No. 4 mlxe.l 60ff?60^«c; No. 5 mixed 59Vic; No. 3 yellow G2' ; i©6a^lc; No. "4 yellow 59Vii(61»lc; No. S yellow ss?; @59Kc; No. 6 yellow cgc; No. 4 while 62-Yic; No. 5 white 63V1C. Oats--No. 2 red 32}lc; No. 1 white 33',ic: No. 2 white 33c: No. 3 white 33c; No. 4 white 3114c. Timothy seed S8.75S9. Clover seed $14a21.75. Lard $6.10; ribs 59.75; bellies 510.25. CHICAGO, Feb. 7. W)--Represcntatlv sales, selected by the U. S. department o agriculture- Heavy-27 56 01 · 53 72 Medium: 81 37 J4 0 S5 324 30-1 2S2 20'! 253 I-- 24 e 234 223 217 205' HOGS. Mghts- 6.60 I 59 C.70 07 31 17 7.15 7.30 7.,-jQ 7.05 7.85 193 IBS 173 16 i 7.'JO 7.00 7.8r 1.SL STANDARD OIL LEAGUE art 120 .;Kr«iner, i Xikdeman, TOTAI3 ---- ... ...... STATE TEACHERS-- 23 Barber, f .;. Cooper, f Haberichter, c ....'.. Seharnmel, g Olsen, g TOTALS Beferee, Sartt o« Drake. FG 0 t . i 0 . 2 2 -Z 0 o 0 ST 1 0 o 6 I 3 PF 1 3 1 1 3 ' RED CROWN* ETHVI. Players-- 1st 2nd Potter ... ; , , 1Z4 Welsh 102 Swenson 123 120 127 Knorr i 6l JB2 i 6 g Gnlbraetb ...,, 143 104 138 Gamble 332 16g 189 102 375 511 435 539 Local Hogs Totals 781 Team average 13-1. · ISO-VIS Players--- -' . - ,-1st 763 138 2262 1 11 PF 0 0 1 1 2nd 3nl "en ;.. 1SZ 130 139 Zlefler IBS 124 130 Taylor ; 120 123 ' 107 Adcock 1QO . Ill 124 Axell 224 205 202 PARSONS BEATS QUAKERS 55-13 WSdcat Cagers Have Little Trouble Taking Down lowans. FAOHPIELD, Feb. 7. (fl")--Wildcat cagers of Parsons college had little difficulty last night in defeating Penn college 55 to 13, after the Quakers had scored four field Totals Team average 743. ATLAS TIRES Players-;. j s t ln g NoUerleke 140 177 Jlalloj- 114 Anderson 07 Williams HB 145 Stllnell UB IBO °»o IBB 1,4 107 OB8 163 3rd 197 113 l.M n n 106 420 110 410 342 631 50-1 114 210 ill 501 BUG MASON CTTY,' Feb. 7.--Best sorted light, 180 to 230 Iba.. $6.90- post; medium--weight~butchers - 240 o 250 Ibs., $6.50;'beat heavy butch- rs. 275 to 300 Ibs., ?6.20; best 'rime heavy butchers, 320 to 360 bs., S6.00; best packing sows 300 o 350 Ibs. ?5.50; best heavy sows, 60 to 400 Iba. $5.30. goals, one of initial haU. which came tn the Totals 683 7!X 823 2200 Team average 705. PERFECTION Players-- j st 2n4 3rd Moreland n a m 107 I Holland 119 137 188 "ardy ;;;.... 114 100 133 1 Hatch ............... i^a Sillier ". J M . 8 p ' Kern 190 i4H lag Totals Team average 717... 700 648 174 2182 Carl McClain, forward, and Lloyd Wineinger, center, added 14 and 21 points respectively to their individual scoring ranks in the Iowa conference. In all, 28 foula were called The summary: PENN-- 13 1. Hlnba, f BoUman, t Graft, J Preston, c ..... Cowan, e ....... tjtvan, jf ...... Caldwell, f B. Hibbs, g ... I TOTALS . . . . . PARSONS-- «5 Carl Mcl.ain, { ,. .Hill, f . Wineinger, e . White, x Clim, McLalu, Harris, g Glen Percy, g . TOTALS J?Q ...0 ...1 ...0 ...1 ...1 ...0 . . . . 1 ...0 . FO ...7 ...3 ...I ...o ...o ...2 ...o FT 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 o 5 FT 0 . 3 0 o 1 1 0 0 EAGLE GKOVt; IXSES.TO OTTMBOLDT EAGLE GROVE, Feb. 7.--Eagle Grove high school lost to Hunrboldt Friday. 31 to 21. Nordstrom of Humboldt was high with 10 points while Prehro was' high for Eagle Grove with 6_ paints. Johnston e of Gilmore City'refereed. Iowa Falls downtd the Eagle Grove matmen. 27 to 11. GREENE BEATS MARBLE ROCK, S1-2S GREENE, Feb. 7.--Greene defeated Marble Rock 31 to 23 Friday evening. The second team downed the Marble rlock seconds, 23 to 5. Schultz of Greene made the most scores in the game. Enabnlt was the star for Marble Rock. CRYSTAL LAKE WINS FROM WESLEY CRYSTAL LAKE, Feb. 7._Crystal Lake won from Wesley, 28 to 11, Friday. The grade schools also played and Crystal Lake won 19 to 9. Coal Dealers to Choose Councillor A request was sent Saturday t Charles H. Barber, secretary of thi Coal Merchants association of Ma son City to have the local coal as sociation elect a man to serve a national councillor for the yea 1931. The national councillor plan is an organized effort oh "the part of th retail coal industry to solidify mod ern coal merchandising practices by having a key man in each city o more than 5,000 population who wJl let the national group know how i can be of service to the local retaile and also disseminate helpful inform ation sent from the national body. "Developments are 'coming si fast in the retail coal industry tha this network is necessary to kee] the retailer fully and promptly in formed" was the statement made, today by Harry Turner of Topeka Kans., work. LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City who. is in charge of th $3,000 Sale Held at Local Fair Grounds A sale was held at the fair grounds Friday under the supervision of Ora Eaylesa, salesmanager and auctioneer. A number of farmers in the community having livestock, machinery or produce to sell, but not enough for a private sale, took advantage of this opportunity and brot in their goods. Altho it was a stormy day and not Mie best for a sale, thera was an exceptionally large crowd and bidding was brisk, many hogs and cattle bringing considerably more than market price. A noticeable feature of the sale was that terms were cash and total sales were more than $3,000. The only means of advertising used was two small advertisements In the Mason City Globe-Gazette a few days before.the sale. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, Feb. 7. cm--U. S. department f agriculture-- · · · " ' · HOGS 1S.OOO; 12,000 direct; steady to lOc ?TM er '.)£'U S7 ' 00: bulk 180-200 Ibs. S7.803 .00; 210-320 Ibs. Jfi.60@7.75; pigs $7.50® "· packing sows 55.75iJpB.10; compared lower; shippers took 2,000; good . 250-350 Ib 3 . .. J8.50ra7.15; packing sows medium and good 275-500 IDS. ?5.75OT n l 3 Eood and choice 100-130 Ibs. $7.00 CATTLE 200; compared -week ago- All ex^ l ~ E °.°,' 1 S* f 1101 " wel B h 'y '= steers 25c to mostly 50c lower; handful heavies beta;, about steady; BtocUcrs . and . feeders 25-SOc down; yearling .belters as . much lower as steers; other classes she stock weak to 25t off; Dulls mostly 25c lower and vealers steady; closing steer trade generally hlnhei than Monday's low time; late market large y loreed; general undertone remaining bear Ian; average price fed steers this week lowest since 102-1; week's extreme top 511.75 best heavies 511.40; Dulk SO. 75 down J..50; average price being. 58.00, SHEEP 7.000; 3.0DO direct; for week 5 doubles rrom feeding stations. 13,000 direct today's market fully . steady; several load good to choice medium -weight Lambs 58 5 fT8.75 to packers; around 102 Ib. weight! SB6?8.25: native lambs 57.25Jf7.75; throv.-- outa S«®7; fat native ewea S3. 50® 4. 50: feeding and shearing Jambs throwouts week 57.7508.25. Markets By THE ASSOCIATED I'RESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Saturday: CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hogs: Mcdluina :G,70TtG.93; heavies 50.20{i'0.50; lights 5C.30 137.10; packers S5.25SI5.65. JES MOIZfES--3,700; lOc lower; prime ights $l.85y'7.20; prime mediums 5S.45' ;.95; prime heavies $6®G.60; good packers o.SS'ifS.BO. OTTUMWA--15c lower; 110-150 Ibs. $4.85; 50-170 Iba. SO.35; 170-220 Ibs. $6.90: 22060 Ibs. 56.65; 260-300 Ibs. 56.35; 300-350 b3. SO-05; over 350 Iba. SS.75; gnod pack: rs 55.55; fait- packers $4.55. WATERLOO--Prime hoga . $6.50®6.SO; rncdluma.. S5.90@6.0;,.he.a-vles packers $5@5.50. CORN-- ilar. old... new.. May old... n e w . . July ...:·.. Gppt WHEAT-- r. old... new.. May old... new.. uly OATS-Mar. old... Jay old... new., uly RYE-May old... new.. uly COMBINED rfOG RECEIFTS. BES MO1NES, Feb. 7. (flT--U. S. department of agriculture-- ' - Combined hog receipts, at 24 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In m- .erior Iowa and southern Minnesota for Ihe 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 31,400 compared with 23.400 a week ago; weak to 15c lower, mostly 5-lOc lower; marketing heavy In most sections; bulk 170-220 bs. 56.75'ff7.25, few choice lightweights up to $7.35; 230-2SO Ibs. SO.ZOJi 0.75; big welgnl butchers down to 56 and occasional sales below SG- Quotations for good and choice! Light lights 140-160 Ibs. S6.70W7.30; light weights 160-180 Ibs. S6.75©7.35; 180-200 Iba. S6.75i? 7.30; medium -weights 200-220 Ibs. - - ' - 7.25; 220-250 Ibs. S6.25Sf7.05; heavy 250-290 Ibs. 56.2006.65; 290-350 IDs. 55.90 ©6.35. Good packtng sows 275-350 Ibs. SS.SOffl 5.00; 350-425 Ibs. S5.30(T5.70; 425-530 Ibs. I1OO FUTURES. CHICAGO. Feb. 7. /T--Hog futures March 'medium hogs sold nt S8 for first half delivery; light hogs offered to arrive Monday nt $8.10. bidding SB: Grade ' Offered. LIGHTS-March April 9.00 May 9.00 MEDIUMS-March (last h a l f ) a.lo HKAVIES-- March 7.75 Bid S.uo 8.50 8. .10 SOUTH ST. PAD!/ 'LIVESTOCK. SOOTH ST. PAUL, Feb. 7. (,!·) -- U. S. tie partment of agriculture -CATTLE 100; compared week ago: All slaughter classes unevenly 25-50c lower; feeders and stackers fully 25c. djwn; week's prices: Few better grade yearlings $OOJ'10.50; bulk steers and yearlings very ordinary short feds 56.50@8; common kinds to $6 and bc- lw; beur cowa S3.75S4.50': choice kinds to 55; butcher heifers largely S5^G; few good and choice yearltnga J7.50ST8.75; low cutlers and cutters $2.50Sj3; medium grade "bulls $4.25 down; fleshy feeders to S7.50; bulk thin stockers $6 down; calves 200; good grade ' vealers mostly $8; choice offerings *10; few to 510.50.' ' HOGS 900; unevenly steady to around lOc lower: butcher hoga showing decline: top S7.50; most 150-200 Ib. weights 57.2507.50: 200-250 Ib. weights; 250-350 Ib. hogs $6.35^6.60: sows largely $5.75; pigs 57.75: average cost Friday $6.86, weight 241. l SHEEP 5,500; compared week ago:* Fat lambs unevenly 25-50C lower; ewes weak to 25c lower; lata top fed lambs SS.35; bulk 58,25; throwouls $5.50@7; fat ewea . choice offerings quolable higher. Today's run 10 cars direct; few native lambs at $8 or steady, with choice fed lambs held at ?8.50 or 15c higher. SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITr. Feb. 7. /P-- U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 400; for week: Most slaughter steera, yearlings and she stock 50c lower; stockers and feeders 25-50C down; good light yearlings $10; medium weight beeves 59.80; heavy bullocks S9.25; choice heavy bullocks J9.25; choice kinds practically absent; bulk short feds (7.5098.50; good light heifers J8; most fat feds ?5,75rrpi75; bulk cows $3.75W ·i.75; odd lots light mockers up to $8; choice stock steer-calves 59.75. 1IOGS 10.000; 1,300 billed thru; slow, 10- 15c lower on 1CO-190 Ib. butchers, largely weak to lOc lower on heavier weights; packing sows strong; most 180-100 Ib. weights JT.205f7.35, top $7.40; 200-220 Ib. averages S7®7.25; 230-250 Ib. weights $B.40j?6.BO; 260-280 Ib. weights $6.35®6.70; 290 Ibs. up S6.10iT6.40; packing FOWS largely $5.75*356; few' smooth lights $0.15. · · · · SHEEP 500; nominally steady; for the week: Fa^ Iambs mostly 50-75c lower; closing sales fed woolcd lambs 00 Ibs. dnwn mostly $8^8.25; weightier offerings $7.25fl 7.75; rood lo choice fat ewes $3®4.50; fecrt- ng lambs LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. Feb. 7. [n--U. S. department of ngrlculture-- IIOOM 11,000; nneven, weak to lOc lowet; .op J7.45 on sorted 170 Ib. lights; bulk 100- Program Given at Community Meeting in McKinley School A program of much variety was presented to a capacity crowd at the McKinley school Community center Friday night. Numbers were furnished by the Silver Leaf quartet Don and Everett Johnson and Gerard Homrig-. A short play, "Land of Equal Chance," coached by Miss Sarah Robinson, was also given. The Silver Leaf quartet consisting of Harvey and Horace Spencer, William Wiginton and Eugene Bell sang .Negro spirituals. Don Johnson on the piano accordion and Everett Johnson with his saxophone, played popular music. Gerard Homrig played the piano. The play entitled "Land of Equal _Chance," was given by the following McKinley school children: Helen Heinich, Bonnie Bell Carson, KatleV Britven, Margaret Scoville, Earl Crahb, Ernest Pence, George Klair and LeRoy Hoffman. Boyd Walter was" in charge of the program. The committee announced that 1,449 tickets had been issued. This center is sponsored by the McKinley school- P. T. A., and the Y.' M. C. A. AT THE HOSPITALS Mrs. C. W. Sanders, Northwood. was admitted to Park hospital for treatment Friday. Luther Tanner, Goodell, was dismissed from'Mercy hospital Saturday. He underwent a major operation at tho hospital. Mrs. Floyd Chisel,. Garner, who underwent a major operation at Park hospital, was dismissed Friday. Mrs. Thomas Pharness, 151 Madison avenue northwest, was Uis- MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, Feb. 7.-Barley 3g c Oats 23c Shelled corn, No. 4 45c Ear corn 42c Gs»a!nFutures SATURDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Feb. 7. High -64% .06% -67 S .67% .67% .79 Vi .S2U' .83 W -671.; .67 .3354 .33V, .3374 -33 M Low .G3V1 .64 .65 Vi .66% .GO','. .00% .82 .8234 .33*4 .33% .32% .3914 · 40% .40'.i 1/11-Close .04% .01 T, .6GK -67 Vi .07 ··! .07 Vi -67%, .67 .33% .33-tt .33 ?(, .33V4 .401.4 .40% .40% Market Notes BY TICKER TAPE Jar, May ,.. 8.32 ~ " l 8.10 BELLIES-.lay uly , :~"""-- ; . Bsfeij 8.25 S.25 8.40 8.42 10.35 10.00 CHICAGO, :ORN-- GRAIN OPEN. Feb. 7. (.l 1 )--Opening grain: old... new. . old. .. new. . Mar. May July WHEAT-Mar. old... niiw,, May o M . . . new. . July Ecpt OATS-Mar. old.. new. old. . Ago .92'A .94 .04 ',4 May new July RYE-Mar. old. .. new.. May old... new.. July LARD-Mar May July BKLLIES-- May July ..11.07 . .11.25 -.11.47 . .13.75 ..11.07 Close Yesterday .6314 .63% .65 VI .8311 .86% .66 Vi .79W. .7914 .8214 .83'A .06% .65% .33% .33% .33% .3316 .32% .39VS .40'A .4014 8.12 8.25 8.37 10.30 10.40 Open Today .64 .64 .flS',1 .66»i .79 W, .79 IS .82 H . .67 .611 .33 Vi .33)1 .32V. .40 .40*1 .40-4 8.25 8.40 MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 7. (;VJ--Wheat 1S1 cars compared to 151 year ago; market lower; cash: No. 1 northern 12, 33 and 14 per cent 73V5fi17Vic: No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent 73Vj6?75!Sc; to arrive 73V=^7R!£c; No. 1 amber durum 71Vjr? 73'.ic: No. 2 amber durum 68'/,ff71!4c; No. 1 red durum 74V£c; May 70V4c; July 72%c. Corn--No. 3 yellow 5514 W58It c. Oats--No. 3 white 29yjff30c. Barley 303T53c. Rye--No. 1, 35-Ti®3S%c. Flax--No. 1. S1.52@1.58. KANSAS C1TV GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 7. (,1V-Wheat 247 cars: unchanged; No. 2 dark hard nominally 69«72c; No. 3 nominally 68S7flVic; No. 2 hard J9Si70c; No. 3. 68!i®69c: No. 2 red nominally 7iy.ff73c; No. 3 nominally 70S- 71c. Com 78 cars; up $ifilc: No. 2 white nominally soffeoc; No. 3. 56 'A !? 57 V, c; No. 2 yellow nominally 58Viyi50!4c; No. 3. 5611 f?57!«c; No. 2 mixed nominally 5iifiT5nc; No. 3, SSKffiS-IKi:. 1 Oats 0 cars: up 4c; No. 2 white nominally 35S35Vic; No. 3. 35c: OMAHA CHAIN. OMAHA. Feb. 7. .-r--Wheat--Dark ban! No. 2. 70c; hard No. 1, 69«f 70c; No. 2, f8?5 c; northern spring smutty No. 2, 63c; durum No. 4, 63 "Ac. Corn--White No. 3, 58Vic; yellow No. 3, V.ff55Hc: mixed No. 3, 53 Vi® 54,ic. Oats--White No. 3, 31 Vic. missed from Park hospital Friday following treatment. Mrs. Everett Sheets, Britt, and her infant son were dismissed from Mercy hospital Friday. f Lois Boehnke, Ventura, who -underwent a major operation at Park hospital, was dismissed Friday. C. A. Anderson, Britt, was dismissed from Mercy hospital Saturday following treatment. Jim Kadettas, 722 Sixth street southwest, who underwent a major operation at-Park hospital, was dismissed Friday. A seven pound 13% ounce daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bower, route 4, at Park hospital Friday. Mnrtin A. Mulligan, 22 Jfifferson avenue northwest, returned Friday "rom Minneapolis where ho attended :he automobile show. The first week In February s'howed rather sharp Increases In operations al leading ateel plants In the United States, Including mllla o£ the American Sheet and Tin Plate company, American Steel and Wire company and the Carnegie Steel company, all subsidiaries of the United States Steel corporation. An Increase of 15 per cent In output at the Trumbull works of the American Sheet and Tin Plate company and adding o[ an extra turn at the bar mill o£ the Carnegie Steel company Increased Shenango Valley mill operations. Reports from various centers at the end of the week indicated that the steel Industry has attained an average nitL of 50 per cent or capacity for the first time this year. SEIBEIILING OPTIMISTIC ON TJ.RE INDUSTRY The tire industry should be the first I stage a 'recovery, in the opinion ot Fran'K A. Selberllng. president of the Selberlmg. Tire and Rubber company, who addressed a meeting of dealers. The meeting was erne of IB scheduled for Mr.- EeiberUnc in a 14, 000 mile trip covering all sections of tl* country. TJre prices are the lowest In the history of the Industry, he pointed out. and have been adjusted to raw material prices which are below the cost of production, particularly cotton and rubber. This condition, he declared, cannot be maintained altho he dk not anticipate any immediate marked upwan trend. NEW CAR REGISTRATIONS DECREASE 30 1'ER CENT Total new passenger car registrations In the United States for December were 96,054 according to figures released at Detroi' Friday. This compares with 138.555 units in the same month in 1929 and represents a decrease 01" 30.7 per cent. Final returns show that for 1Q30 the new registration totaled 2.625.979, as compare'! with 3.880,206 in the previous 12 months, a decrease of 32.3 per cent. BUYING FROM ABKOAD HE LI'S STOCK MARKET Buying from abroad has had a great doa: to do with the strong undertone of the market recently. Alfred Baker and company were informed by one of their New York correspondents that brokers and Investment houses have been heavy buyers of common stock. The ratio of buying to selling from England, Scotland and the Continent wns 2'A to 1 ir January and 18 to 1 from Kngland and Gotland and 8 tn 1 for the continent thus far this month. The buying has been of a conservative character and has come from many people who were out of the market before the 1929 debacle, It was stated. Total borrowings by members of the Nc-.s York stock exchange against stock collateral amounted to 3.30 per cent of the market value of all shares listed on the exchange as of Feb. 1 as against 3.86 per cent at the beginning of the year. On Feb. l. 1930, the ratio stood at 5.77 per cent. The market value of all shares listed on the New York stock exchange on Feb. 1 totaled $52.061,056.700 against $49.019.878.459 on Jan. 1, ao Increase of LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER GRAIN IMAHKET KEVIEW WHEAT--Scattered rain and snow was received 1 by a large part of the winter wheat belt over night. In this respect Missouri. Illinois and Indiana and Iowa were the moat favored, altho In the last named the precipitation was mostly snow. The northwest received from ] ^ to 2 inches of snow. Precipitation there has ceased as was the case in practically all otncr sections of the belt. All in all the average precipitation was not heavy. bureau predicts a return, to higher temperatures -^liloriday;;"AcUon-oC -*he -wheat market at 'times was unsettled, but U strengthened materially In the late trading, due to short" covering by, those who did not care to remain long over the week-end. Winnipeg was relatively stronger than Chicago and July there went to around 2 cents premium over Kansas City at one time. Some selling ot wheat early was regarded as against purchases of com to close spreads. New South Wales has !o we red th e wel ght of 1U wheat to 59 % Ibs, aKainst 61^1 last year and ID Victoria It Is 58V2 against 62. It appears that the northwest haa the only snow covering for Its wheat and therefore the weather Is Hhely to be the dominant factor for the present. CORN---Corn was higher with wheat. Thcro was nu material pressure on "the market at any time. Shorts were regarded as Boot! buyers and there was nlso closing oC spreads with wheat. Bookings to arrive amounted to 40,000 bushels Including 25,000 Crom other terminals.- Today's advance is expected to result In an Increase in the movement Monday, but not much change is expected In the visible supply situation. Larger receipts Ttfonday will likely offset the effect of expected strength in wheat. Lircrpool due %c to %c niRhcr. STOCK MARKET REVIEW There was a more confident lone to the market after some early selling had been absorbed. Much relief was expressed over prospects for a compromise In controverted issues In congress, that wotilrt likely obviate the necessity for an extra session. Weekly tra*jc reviews were mostly favorable, altho restricted purchasing power was noted as re- tnrtllnp; trade revival In some sections. News on the ateel Industry was better and the next report on steel tonnage xvas expected to be bullish. A leading authority In the steel industry was quoted as sayinp instead of price reductions as rumored recently, it Is evident that stability bas been maintained. If I were inclined to rrmUe a prediction it would be that the next change In steel prices would be an advance, rather'than a reduction. The market grew stronger as the session progressed. Specialties In numerous Instances were run up sharply. Short covering became rathfir general In the late transactions. The^ motors were especially active. General Motors made n. new high for the year. Sales of Cadillac antl LaSnlle cars for January 1931 were reported 35 per cent ahead ot January 1930. STOCK MARKET RISES AT CLOSE Week of Gradually Climbing Prices Ends in Brisk Upturn. NEW YORK, Feb. 7. (JPI--The stock market ended a week of gradually rising prices with a brisk upturn today. , Bull groups resumed operations in the motor shares, office appliances, chemicals and a number of specialties, prompting- a hurried retreat of the bears in the last half hour. There were numerous gains of 1 to 5 points, and transactions for the two-hour session aggregated 1,200,000 shares. While week-end business surveys were none too cheerful, the stock exchange monthly report of the ration of brokers' loans for carrying stock on margin amounted to only about 3 1-3 per cent of the total market value of stocks. Never has stock trading been reduced to such a thoro-going- cash basis. Genera! Motors Up. General Motors sold up more than a, point to the best price of the new year, and other automotive issues up a point or two included Nash Hudson, Hupp, Mack Truck, anc Electric Autolite. Auburn shot up 6 Steels were sluggish until the late trading, but U. S. Steel, Bethlehem and Byers closed up a point or so, and other important industrials up 1 to 2 included American Can, Case, Eastman, Johns Mansville, and Westinghouse Electric The chemicals appeared to have baen oversold on the basis of declines in chemical prices. Allied shot up 5, and U. S. Industrial Alcohol gained 4. Rails tag Behind. Rails and utilities did not join conspicuously in the advance, but Atchison sold up nearly 4. and such issues as New York Central, American Telephone, Public Service of N. J., North American and American Water Works gained a point or two. In the office appliances, Burroughs. National Cash Register Underwood Elliott and Internationa] business machines sold up 1 to nearly 2 points. Tobaccos were firm. Oils and copper were sluggish but steady. Week-end reports of steel mill activity indicated small gains in the Chicago and Youngstown districts for next week. Declaration of the regular preferred dividends by Radio Corp. of America was favorable development. Curb Market Produce MASON CITY, Feb. 7.-Cash Quotations by K a. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current reccintsi . . . .lie POULTRY Spring chickens, heavy Dreed, general run I4e Stags I2c Leghorns, spring lie Heavy hens, 4V, Ibs 13c Light hens icic Old cocks, heavy 8c Ducks 9c Geese 7r Merehnnts Quotation!*. Eggs, in trade 12c Eggs, cash lOc Butter, Plymouth 34c Butter, Clear Lake 31c Butter. State Brand 3rk- Butter, dairy .-. 29c -Potatoes 40c and'50c a peck- CIIICAfiO PRODUCE CHICAGO, Feb. 7. 1.T1--Poultry, alive. 1 car, steady, prices unchanged. . Butter 5.701; firm; creamery extras (92 score) 25V4c; standards 90 score carlots) 25'.lc: extrn firsts (00-91 score) 2154 fi 25c; firsts (SB-SB score) 23Vi((? 1 2lc; seconds (8687 score) 22Vi!i?23c. ERJ?S 12,fl9. r »; easy extra flrsls KKrJc- fresh graded Ilrsts 15Kc: ordinary firsts 14 pnonncE CHICAGO, Feb. 7. M')--Egg futures closed: Fresh graded firsts. Feh. i n ^ c toragc packed, April IDc. Butter futures closed: Storage standards Feb. 23%o; March 23lie. NEW YOT1K POIILTnV. NEW YORK. Feb. 7. U'l--Poultry- Pressed slendy, unchanged. Live Irregular- fowls by freight not quoted; by express 17 NEW TORK, Feb. 7. (,1V-Bullish cnthus- asm for a few stocks proved contagious on tlie curb today and the market sivunG Into one of the most active rallies in weeks closing generally at the ton. Electric Bond and Share readied its bust ce since the December break rallylni; to close at 46}i, a net gain of 2%. Vacuum 311 continued its advance, rising 5 points ,o 66 and holding most of the rise. Technicolor was up 2 points. Strength of these and a few other shares sent the shorts to cover and the entire list advanced. Gains in many of the utilities 'ailed to exceed fractions. DuHe Power railed 3 and American and Foreign Power Warrants, a point higher. The. bear faction had to scramble to protect its commltmenta in numerous specialties. Ford Limited and Walgreen were among shares up a point or more. Standard oil of Indiana regained thr. ground It lost on the dividend cut early in the ^cck and closed with an advance of nearly a. potnt. while Gulf was up l^i. Cities Service was firm. Bond Market NEW YORK. Feb. 7. L1 J )--Progress in the bond market was held u'ltliln tmrrow limits today aa price movement was tinned with Irregularity. The reaction was mild, however, and not sufficient to reverse the upward trend which has been maintained most of the week. Buying of United States governments waned but the group held Its ^nfns antl in several instances were a small fraction higher. Liberty 3S reached a new high for the week In nctlve trading. The volume In others was small. Railroad obligations varied only fractionally from the previous close. Atchison 4s, Prfa- co 4^s. and Union Pacific 1st 4s were accumulated. But seme other prlme_brnds \vei~c slightly reactionary. There was sufficient d- mand to give the utility group a steady tone. ' Foreign bonds were active and slightly Irregular. German 5'is maintained ill firm trend intt other German loins were heavy. CLOSING nOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, Feb. closed: Utterly 3!£s 101.25. Flrat 4ViR 102,27. Fourth 4 Vis 103.23. Treasury -i\\s l--U. S. bonds NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, Feb. 7. (.TV-Butter 6,049; steady. Eggs 12,748; weak, mixed colors, regular packed, closely selected heavy ID^c; extras ISVjWlflc; extra first 185?isv,c; first 17Vic: seconds unquoted; medium firsts 15Vi rtMfiiv refrtgerator firsts 134T14C; seconds lUiij, 12c: nearby hennery brown, extras " 201ic; extra first KANSAS CITY PRODUCE KANSAS CITY, Feb. 7. ur--Creamery b u t t e r 30c; In large q u a n t i t i e s 29c. MISCELLANEOUS POTATO MAHKKT CHICAFO. Feb. 7. (,Tj-- United States department of agriculture- Potatoes 66: on track 207- total U S shipments 799; about steady; trading rather slow; sacked per cwt., Wisconsin round whites S1.35W1..IO; few best S1.5«?1 TO- ungraded SI.20®'!.30; Idaho russets Sl.r.Of? 1.75: occasional car higher; mostly S1.70W 1.75: Colorado McClures $1.70«i 1 S3- Nebraska triumphs Sl.SOfa'l.fio, . VORK . . NEW YORK. Feb. 7. (/TV-Raw sugar u n changed; raw futures narrow at two points lower to 1 point net higher; refined unchanged at 4,70e for fine granulated. IIAV MAUKKT. CHICAGO, Feb. 7. (.TV-Hay 12 cars, unchanged. JflNNKAI'DMS FLOUR. MINNEAPOLIS. Fell. 7. I.VI-- Flour--1,' changed; shipments 2(1.310; bran SH.riQTf i. standard middllng* $13fi !3.r.fl. TOLKDO HERDS. TOLEDO, Feb. 7. (/PI--Seed unchanged. STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Feb. 7. Final Quotations. Air Red 97 li Kresge Allegheny OVi Kroger Al Ch Dye 162 Lehleti Port C Allls Chal Mfg 34 '/i Llgg My B Am Can 113 Loews \m Coral Al 10 ii Loose Wiles Am £ For Pow 32 : /i Am Int 19H. Am Loco 24 vs Am Fow I, 51 4 Am Rad St San 17 Am Roll Mill 27}p Am Sm Kit- 44% Am Steel Fdrs 25'-i Am Sug Ref A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Arm .of 111 B Atchison 20% 1551, 4 la 27 Vi 17 01 '.4 All Ref Auburn A v i a t i o n Corp B . O Barnsdall A , Bendix Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Drlggs Burr Add Cal . Hec Can Dry Can Pac Case (,'urro de Pasco dies o Chic Gt W Chic Gt W pf C £ N W C R I P Chrysler Coca Cola Coi G E C M S P C M S P pf Col Graph Com Solv Comwlth So Congoleum Ccnsol Gas vont Can Cont Mot Corn Prod Cudahy- Curtlss Wr Deore pf Drug Inc Ou Pont Eastman ^1 Pow L Ijrie Fisk Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette Gobel Gold Dust GoodrLcli. Goodyear Grah Paige Granby Gt No Ry pf Gt W Sugar CrlK Grun Halm Houston Hudson Hupp III Cent Ind Ref Int Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Manv K C So Kelvinator Kcnnecott Lorillard ISVi- Louis G E A 30^' Mack 10 V Math Alkali 2rjtf May D S 3Si. Maytas 7" ^ McK Rob 14 ? s . Mex Sea Oil 10 · J l ^4 Mid Cont Pet 14%,' J»° M K T 23W 11 J 1 " Mo Pac 33 " ° 3 Mont Ward 22. ! :, 3lil " Mot'Wheel ir.'.i. - Nash 32 ^. 195 ;4 Nat Bis 79 Nat Ch Reg A 36 Vi" Nut Dairy 43V Nat Lead 125 Nat Pow L 3G1S, ICad Tea 18-?i. N Y Central 123^ Nor W 211 No Am 7-i No Pac 57" Oliver F (new) 5 " Otis St 12'ii Pac G E 4(iH Packard 10 Para Pub 47^4 Pathe ITi Penlck Ford 43 Penn 62', a Phil Pet 15Vf Pills Fl 29'A Proc Gara 69, , Pub Serv N J SIM Pullman 54V.. Radio Iff^' R K O 13% Rem Rand 25'li Reo i) ' Rep StI 1C',', Rey Tob B 45 Ta Roy Dutch 40v, Sears R 52-I Shell U 9% Simmons IGy Sinclair 12 Skelly 10 Vi So Pac 105=., So Pr Sug ISTtt So Rail 63 Stand Brds 1SS St G E 66 vf St Oil Cal 49~ ' St Oil N J 48 St Oil N Y 2-t-Vi Stew Warn 16 i Stone Web 40Vj Studc 21 * fl Superior Oil , 13,, Tex- Corp s 32"Vi Tex Gulf Sul 50%I Tim Roll B 47=i G Union Carb 62 30T4 Un Fac 198 1GV* Unit Alrc · 2G 1 ?! 421(1 U n i t ClK 4"i 4 7 / a U n i t Cor] 2l jf . 10 U n i t G £ R 29 !1 08 U S 'Ind Ale G3'k Jiii U S Rub 13-.;, 3':'* U S Steel 14031 7Ji Ut P L. A 26 U 40 Vanadium 51V 20 U Wabnsh 17 ?J. O^i Ward Bnk A 221'-" SG Warn Pix. 171,: 4'.i W Mary 15=4 5^'/i West Air ' 31 14;'_. West E Mfg S'li 27^^, Willys Ov 514 (33v', Woolworth GO^i 411, Wriglcy 70U llli Yell Tr 11',1 24',i Young S W 123s 20'A 5'2% 70'A 17 W 29 !i S% 33-.i 43 93 y. 23 43^4 22 ii 5G=i 160 » s 37 W 7% 13 is it Dvt 921% alK 42V, r9',i 8'J W 1G2 49 « 32% 3354 35 45 Ai 52!'j 40% IfilS 23 CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO, Feh. 7. /T) -Cent Pub Ser A 18 U Mid West Utll 23 Midland Unit pf 42V4-. Nat Stand 29"^' N W Bant; Cities Service Cont Chic ctfs Dexter Co Gr Iakes Alrc Grlgsby-Orunov; Insuli Ut Inv " · Katz Drue : Majestic H'hold Swift Co U S GypRunl Util Ind Zenith 29 41., SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK ..QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO.' Mason City Office In Bagley^, Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW VOUIv STOCKS Alii Po t Pa Co 10 '/i Lambert Co Am 1711 Am Sum Tob 9 Am Tob 111 3 ,TM Am Z I, t S 4. _.. 825; I.lti Carb Corp 4K'A Ixniisiana Oil 4 IMlh jMHali as% and Robb 14TC, , . , ..._ ....... _____ ..... , Arm Co B 111 2 "A Ncv Cons Cop lie, Aosoc Dry Gds 25 Otis Steel 12',!, Putht; Exchange I 7 i* -- " -- !( Baldwin L 23'. ....... ....... BrigRH lite Co 17 '.i- Pills Flour Burr Add Macti 29^ OH Cn Buttc On ft Z Com Solvents Cont Motors Conf Oil 10% Pur Bak Cnrp ^.0%. nco Grande OH 7 Reo Siolorii 0 St JoHCpli I-cad 2:J ________ , ...... Cream tit wilt 30'/j Sell Ret Strs Cutl.ihy Packing 42"-; .stand Brands David Cliom 1-1 %· Totmcro Prod -IS*! Vanadium First Null Strs Flsk Rubber Ocneral Mills Indian Ret Kelvl Corp IS-7!i Wnhash Ry 17.-;; Western Jllyjrf Ifj-Tri VVo.-jtprn Union 139 V- Wrlgley Jr Co 70'.-1 NEW YORK Cljim QUOTATIONS icr For P Co 18 Hudson B M S l ' V ' Amer Gas El Am Sup Pow Ark Nat Gas A fi Assoc G El A 20 l , Marconi 4,i Deforest Radio l 7 ^ Durant Mo lor 1% t:isler El , 4 El Bd Sh dfivi i^ord alo of Crtn 2-P,i ^ord ATo of Kng Humble Oil fi3. : -7 13ft Nat Pub Sftr A 1S-J 3D*, Nlap Hud J0-"'i- No Amer Avlat Pcnnroad Corp S O Ind S O Ky United Gas ·Un L P A Util P L Vacuum Oil fox. Theaters A a* Walgreen Drug 20 CHICAGO STOCKS Alller Mo Indusl 2 Grlgsby-Gnmow Aiib Auto Co InS iendlx Av Cp 2( lorg-V»'arn Cp 2-1 Butler lij-os 5 Cont Chicago Cp ^hlcnuo Invest Cord Company it Lakes Alri: MINNEAI ; OI.1S STOCK First Bk Sk Cp Morgan L,[ttlo irunclc Gccr A Natl I.ealher NatI Standard U S Gypsum 2!^ Utll : Inrt Cn U S Ra Te 3% 7 7"" 21 Mi Quotation.* litrnl.shcd by Wolr Broa.' SOS Fifth street southwest, "" Horse-hides $1.75-$2.0o' Hired beef hides if ireen boef hides Inwnn Fatally Hurt in Crash. KLDORA, Feb. 7. UP)--Charles' Nevill. 44, was fatally injured wheti ' lis automobile was struck by a Minneapolis and St. Louis freight. The widow and two sons survive. -ii DO YOU NEED , MONEY?. Our personal loan department offers good service and reason-' able terms. C. E. Brooks Co. ''"'"; '''t M'ltl. Rk. Cldjr., I'll. 280

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