The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, October 4, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XI. No. 289. Gettysburg, Pa, Saturday, October 4th, 1913. Price Two CemU. ! K lN ADDITION To The Prizes Already Offered For FARMER'S DAY We Will Give $25.00 In Other Frizes Particulars Later In This Space. ECKERT'S STORE "ON THE SQUARE" STUDENTS AND MAY WIPE OUT POLICE CLASH FLOATING DEBT I College Boys Parading at Night Stop- \ County Commissioners See Possibi!- ; ped by Officer Emmons. Defy! «ty of Wiping out Twenty Thou- Authority and he Takes Two in] sand Dollars'Debt in Two Years. Charge. Burgess' Action. Another clash between college boys Draw Lots far Offices. the jrres ""--' KAY -BEE - 2 REEL Feature To iiight THE SEAL OF SILENCE KAY-BEE Western A thrilling story of the eas: and \\eft with scores of sensational Strike, the riot, the iestrtii - tion 01 the factory. The unjust arre^i imprisoned and year^ later is reunited with his f^uiilv through 2. _tlrrin;r chain of circumstance*. The third reel: A MODKRX LOCHIXYAK He came out of the west to win his "only way" -Anile the suffragetts paraded. Though making no rash promises, [and the borough police occurred Fri- Jvhe county commissioners regard as a j day evening when the stuuents from ; possibility the wiping out, within che I the local instiiution of learning dis- j next two years, of the Seating debt of jturbed Gettysburg's early-to-bed ad-; §20,000. That _ This happy condition j herents from their peaceful slumbers j m ay occur was-first seen on Friday | with singing, yelling and various other ; v.-hen the nrs'e of the assessors' returns \ noises produced on alleged band in- j v.-as made and indicated an increase in I struments. The hour was ten o'clock. \ persona! property of more than 100 j , Enthusiasm has been a minus ouan- j B er cent. I tity on the campus for the past week j Two months ago when the assessors loot ball game impending, 1 -.vere given their precepts they were was deemed advisable to rouse all j instructed to make every possible ef- Show Starts S.45 COMIXG One i-oiid Week. Conimenciisjt Monaav October Cth. WILLS CABLOID .MCSIC.VL COMEDY COMPANY PopuSar Prices . droopicg spirits, put life into the team [ f orc to learn the" amount of money at. and joy into the hearts of ail support- j interest and to get s.z many personal WILL OPERATE COPPER MINES Charmian Company and Interests in Frederick County are Combined and now Look for More Extensive Operations. HURT IN FALL ON STAIRWAY _ " ers. Accordingly a call for . . , . \vrii1»i- Fnoa 1 for "Every- S returns as possible. The first assessor fter nice o'clock : EO return his assessment book- was a-d -^ht "obH- d?d a" I ^ a.,a ..OD.J C.C. a.. H Oxford township, P H O T O P L A Y News has just been given of the formation of a large company, organized for the purpose of taking over the Linganore Copper Company of Frederick county, and the Eagle Metallic Mines and Smelter Company, mines at Charmian. The new company is known as The United Mining, Milling and Copper Smelting Company and has been incorporatea under the laws of Delaware. The stock is divided into 2,000,000 shares of §1 each or a total capital of §2,000,000. The new company amounts to prac- j'cicaily a merger of the two companies. The Eagle Copper Company has been in existence for a number of years. The Linganore Copper Company has mines at Xew London and nearby in ederick county, one of the mines be- BIOGRAPH A SEA. DOG'S LOVE ViT.GE\FH CALEMj Biograph Comedy i participate in the noise fest. jOOO, a gain of S4.000. Should this For a half hour they practiced their i proaosition continue in other districts war cries in front of the Old Dormi- j j^ may readih' be seen that the taxable tory, the leaders finding it a diScult t money will be more than double f or- Eo n 1 ^ 6 their pupils believe that j nier returns and the taxes correspoid- Slivers forsakes !iis ship and employs a itian to rob a widow so he can and become a hero. THE NOISY SUITORS B-ograph Comedy ' rescue { everything would be lovely in the j ingly doubled. game with Albright and that "they j n addition to this comes the in- Bella JJoaa has msny lovers and is s-renaced by three lovers at the'saaie time. and a duel ensues. THE GLOVE Through jealousy .a man. mistrusts his Trsfe. The innocent cause 32= is the evidence of her innocence. He shatnefacediv bejcs her pardon- should be happy and cheerful. Their efforts finally producec the desired re- creasea revenue irom tne provision or the Act of 1913 which allows the coun- Vitaicraph! sulc and when ?he proper pitch was ^y the entire revenue from The tax on of his mis- i reached it was decided to display the monevs a'c interest whereas the state A STOLEN IDENTITY - ~ " Kalenxj A VOUQK clnbi^an bits upoa a subterfuge to adjust a fainiHy difSculty and. has " aa eicicms experience. - COMIXG- N'EXT TUESDAY,' OCTOBER 7th. "THE FEUDIST?". VITAGRAPH TWO KEEL C03LBDY. With JOHX BUXXY in the leading part- ing known as the Dolly Hyde mine. AT the Eagle Company*s works a smelter has been erected and is in working order, and IT is thought that by the combination of the two properties, both can be worked to much better advantage and made into good paying propositions. The two companies control 1,137 acres of highly mineralized land In Frederick counTy, and Franklin and Adams counties, and holdings of the ! of it. Last year Adams County got j consolidated companies are claimed to hold- i acquired talent to 'che populace of the | formerly received twenty five per cent. Mrs. Catharine Wetzei, aged 72 Years, Falls Headlong Down Flight of Stairs at her Home and Receives Serious Injuries. LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Uaoy Hens of Interesting News trm ttd'r Respective Towns. Perstaah and Many Brief Items. Falling down a flight of stairs Mrs- Catharine Wetzei, aged 72 years, met with a most serious and possibly a fatal accident at. her home near Littlestown Thursday afternoon about 3 o'clock. She resides with her only son, A. F.! Wetzei, and has been in feeble health for some time, being a sufferer from asthmatic attacks. On Thursday she attempted to go down stairs from her room on the second fioor when In some manner she lost her balance and fell down the steps. In falling: she received a laceration LITTLESTOWN Littlestown--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blocher and their guest, Luther Siagle, of Philadelphia, spent "iVednesday and Thursday of this week in Arendtsville, the guests of Mrs. Lizzie Eaffensper- ger. Mrs. Guy Harner and daughter, of Yonkers, N. Y., are visiting at the home of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Athalia Harrier. Mr. fiarner accompanied his family to this place and remained over Sunday. | George Staley and friend, of Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs. William Myers, of- UpJWashlngtoa street to Chambers- j Sll,oOO as Its share. This year it will j be the most Important mineral barg marched the wisdom-seekers and get; the same percentage bat next ings In this section. oarg thence eastward to the Sauare. Half AUTUMN HUNTING get tne same percentage year it will ge'r The full 100 per cent. That all the returns ha\ e not been way tip Chambersburg streeT they I were met by Officer Emmons. clothed j covered by assessors in the past is a with The authority of the law and act- j well known face. Lasr year The total j for the county was §2,800,000 while [the staTemenTs of Gettysburg's For new stvles in suits and over-coats j j no . und^" special instructions from has began now. but the man who is | m ° m ^ L he council, rortunaie enocgn to oe a patron o~ Tne j ~~."~~-- , , . Shop knows that he need nor seek any me policeman spotted tne IK - further. Oar handsome and e'.egant · and asked iim to quell the noise tabrics are awaiting your choice and our | a p^-j^ Cou 3i be 'secured from The iTa ^£jburge0ne of the marshals of The at can only be done when you have^irf'-mposmg-'coiumn. starred'oat j.or Oie £ fler j financial institutions showed S2.000,- rfril 000 in BermanentT certificates of ««"«»=- mace by~ Wi 1M. Selligman, Cash Taylor. ings : The directors of comoanv are: T. B. the consolidated Kayward, H. J. Grim, A. A. Fister. E. S. Wertz, Thos. Zellmer, T. A. Dunshee. Dr. Stem, .J. E. GambriU. Jr.. S. Elmer Brown. Wfl- three liam Fensbrumacker and A. L. Wickert. it- all of which should bs reported by the depositors- This.-of course, is only a part of zhe "money -at interest" in the county, and it is now believed that the total returnee! v.ill exceed the 85.-! 000,000 mark. , -, ^ t -IT - f^SS^ i ?I -H m- A STRICTLY CAsH BUSINESS. i here Are many convincing arguments that trigbt be presented as to the superiority of Oppy Made Clothes "nut we know of none so coDclushe as the renned appearance of the clothe 3 themselves. There is beauty in c'.erv line and uualitv m e-.erv stitch and fibre. . J. D. Lippy Tailor We ha\e a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats sa~ rer- snue to vripe out The S^O.OOO debt until all The returns are in and Then--well, there may be state roads to make and office of the TOTSTI'S executive but he i was not presenT and while a search for | ilr. Holtzworlh was going on the re| mainder of the boys, away from, home | However, the commissioners _ « a n d inother, started to defy Officer j ;hey won't be sure of snfncieziT I Emmons- Mr. Emmons warned Them TO I t fkeep quiet nnTil permission was se- j cared TO parade but They paid no heed 1 and he made a dive into The center of Fthe crowd, nicked OUT one of the lead- j ers and escorted him up Baltimore j street jailwards. AT High street The i culprit; was released with instructions ! to go back TO schooL The officer Then Tetumed TO The scene of previous operations and found the rtarade countermarching on Gham- THROWN FROM BICYCLE Young Son of Sir. and Mrs. Donald McPherson is Hurt. other large expenses bnt aT all events the revenues will be substantially enlarged. AT Friday's meeting of The county commissioners lots were drawn sertle The ties at the recenT prirnary elecTion. Sixrv se~vea candidates were I Dorald McPherson Jr., young son of ' Mr. and Mrs. D. P. McPherson. of Carlisle street, was biulsed and had his mouth cut when he and Hadley Heindel, both riding on one bicycle, ran into a team driven by Earl M"c- Clellan. on Chamberssurg street abouc four o'clock on Friday afternoon. Ead- jley Heindel ~as operating the bicycle 'and had his little friend on The handle _" o I bars when, at the corner of Chaiubers- .. j burg and Franklin streets, he looked 1 around and in doing so did not nonce of the scalp into the bone about nine York; Misses Helen Briteher and Hei- inches in length, rut in a criss-cross ( en Wolf, of Hanover, tvere the guests' last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Austin S. Staiey and family. A white red beet, which far surpasses anything ever produced in this section of the state, was grown in the garden of Frank Kesson, of South Queen street. IT is 30 inches in length, manner. It required eleven stitches tj close the wound and control the breeding, which was very profuse, as i.e-- eral of the large arteries of the scilp fiad been severed. Besides these serious injuries she received a fracture of both the bones 17 inches in circumference and weighs' °- 112 pounds. of the wrist on the right arm. Considering the advanced age Mrs. Wetzei; she showed considerable j Eex'. and Mrs. J-W. Ott and little fortitude in withstanding the treat-' son , Lyman, of Hagerstown, spenT seV- ment of 'che painful injuries. j era! days during this week with MrsI Dr. C. E. Bortner, who was summon-'_ Qtt's parents Dr. and Mrs. S- B. Wea- ed, responded promptly and rendered ' ver _ They attended The funeral of Mr. the necessarv treatment- LINCOLN DAY Urges More than Mere Local Observance of the Dav. C- S. Xewman, held at Hanover, Tues- dav. HARNEY Hamey -- Charles "B. , Harner -and wife left Monday morning for Cum- expect -to t- , - - oeriand, MG.. -wnere tney In commenting on the coming anm- ' . . ,, J . . ,, r- * . . . , soend some time visiting their son, . versarv or Lincoln s trettvsourg ad- - , - . . · --,. - . '-, ,, . -,, -r- -% - Howard, wno is an on the dress the SvkesviUe Herald says m an ·· , rt ,. ^-r. -,j - , - , ,. - Baltimore ana OHIO Sail Eoad. ea } t °^ l ' .* ^--1.1- ! O-T-Shoemaker Is orfliinfr a well at "The Herald nas learned with some school . house in ^ Dlace . ^ dti . surprise zrom the Genysburg Times, Zen3 were asked to ^ rs ; |2 5. QO tcr del that the mernonal erected to commem- . '- - · - _ - - . ,, -- » - ., ^- ira.v part ot -t orate tne aadress 01 juncoln in the .National cemetery has never been dedi- catecL It seems odd that this should b* so, but there -may have been a purpose this was'done in-ajvery_ "· short, time, and work was commenced. The school commissioners, of course, will Dear affected and the ties were adjusted by I t h 6 fcorse and Tv ' a ^ on approaching. Bethe toss of a coin. In TwenTy five of st. AT-the Eagle Ho'cel^a rne election district--The-candidates f ore he coidd ^ hi* wheel righted in what would apaear at first thought , - ^.^ - - - ^- . . _ the burden or the expense. TO have Been an oversignT- PresiaenT , r _ I ^., 1 .._ T _-_rCl^__. Lincoln delivered his address, which ' Mrs- "Walter Lambert'and children^ ..- of Hanover, are visiting her paren'cs in," nas since become a classic, on Govern- ,. - -. tmsjpiace. Samuel Shoemaker and wife spent ·· several days visiting friends in Freedom district. -.,' -Joseph Thompson, an employee in the furniture factory at Gettysburg, is ber 19. and -when, around This year--; TWO months awav-- thaT day comes: ind it is less than ' -it will mark the half century since its delivery.· "Lincoln's Gettysburg address live in the history of the nation so long as the nation itself shall live, and it seems strange that this import- home on a week's vacation, i Edward Bishop, Superintendent of "che Prudential and **** had co]3ided - anT anniversary should have been ~- ^^ ^ Hanover, , lowed to approach so close without ~ ^ v'. , j _i o. t ~" * " Life --Insurance Com- Hs mot - aer gniniiiuiHiiiiHiiniiHiiniiiiniiiiiiii Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream.--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the Yictrola music. i People's and Huberts Drug Stores. ; snake dance was in progress and aa- | other leader was nabbed h}- the vigi- j lant policeman. ! He was abouT TO start a second trip j to the Sheriffs residence when the j chief marshal announced "thaT a permir ji | for The parade had been granTed. S r"Let"s see it"', said the officer. No pa:= j per was produced and Mayor Holtz- 1 worth was soughT out by The policeman, still Taking care of his second prisoner. 3Ir. Hoitzworth failed to see ithe criminal aspect of the parade and J during The conference between exe- I cutive and ofncer The latter Turned ! over his badge. It was later returned j to him. Burgess HoiTzworth finally instructed the leaders of the demonstration TO take Their charges back to school and to make announcement thac. in The future, they could parade ail they pleased up to ten o'clock aT nlcrliT buc that after thai hour--when all The town's sor failed To indicate wheth- ' Both c *~ s *" ere ver ^ fortunat e » get- recognition. off with as light injuries as they | should ae nat e people of GeTtysburg should er Thev were for The six or four year term and these were all nod- received as they were thrown back of j«. being made for some su: And this recognition : iot local--that Sed TO anoear at the office of the com- ' * e horss whers ^ ' also j of ^ danger .not be expected u aione_proviae suu- being kicked or stepped on. rnissioners. J.heir terms were settled by coin tossing. Of the total of j 117 interested only about a dozen ap- j §75 FOR FOUR RABBITS seared. jable observance for such an evenT. j But if Congress and the rest of the j country permits the anniversary TO j pass wiThout an effort to hor.or it, we z^-wfiose _ re destroyed by fire some time ago, 1 ~ wagon shed completed, and the foundation for the barn was finished Work on it · as rapidly as possible. TOLLS COMPANY COMING Chan^ersburgMan Pays S7 5 for Sunday Sport. -^ FOUNTAIN PALE Fountain Dale--i'reacnmg a' Musical Comedy for One Week at Walter's Theatre. Joseph Berrier. State game or. arrested one of the leading | ers of Chambersburg. William Eapp, Presenting a bright snappy tabloid ' charging him with having shot four musical comedy entitled ''Two Old 'rabbits on Sunday last. Eapp admitted Cronies."' the Wills Musical Comedy J the offense and paid a total of ST5. S10 oer rabbit, S25 for Sunday hunting and costs. Berrier then went TO ! Times, Dlans are now being formulated j ^ *TMTMj « J »'*?*- .. . t ec-iby those in charge of The public ^unaay Scnooi aT bt. Jacoo s at 1:30 Company will beg:n its engagement at Walters Theatre, Monday nighT, Oct- o'th, for one solid week. The company is made up of fourteen clever perform- j a -r Fort Loudon ercises in commemoration oz tms interesting event. '·So far as it goes this plan is to be heartily commended. But are Con-) gress and the President ar.d other j officials over a While working witti a revolver -John Condon shot himself in the hand one day recently. Tresa Condon, who was reported ill u ith scarlet fever in our last letter, is - JL. J. t-OHJ-t-iit* tt»»v* vjw*.^.*. i . ·* « . - reported on a fair road to recovery. T w asuington so ousy t_ _, -, - - , ., -^-7 j , . , H. ±,. Tresier, wire and two caud- arrested George Reed, who sold a thaT some more elaborate plan may vet be devolved for this observers including a number of pretty girls, j deer to Fisher Brothers, of Elizabeth- jance? The occasion is worthy 01 tne who give a show thaT is clean-cu- in ; town, las-winter. The Fishers paid j presence of the President ^himself and good citizens are supposed to be in bed 1 scene setting'- Doors open 1 every way. There is a handsome ship j §100 fine a few days ago and now Eeed I °* ^ Re 1 -"° i ivin : -there must be quiet and peace in The ] ionr.ance ! village. t :30. main :00, per- ! j s ur.cer bail to pay the same amount, curtain 8:00. j Berrier served notice thaT hunters er.Ts. Eealiy j . tae observance 1 ren. Herman and Lelia, of Peuners- v-lle, were Sunday visitors of the former's mother. Mrs- Margaret Tresier. Miss Edith Tresier. who is employed i Waynesboro, was home with her j Prices crilcren 10 cents, cents.--ach errisernent THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to beat the clock in my automobile to save your SICK STOCK. Day or Night call DR. HUDSON .-- - OLD FASHIONED!GLASSES TAFFY j_.-,-¥7^«s;_: ,,,.,_-__ ^,. . _ _ . _ · » _ peanBt Taffy, 20 10 cents Ib.--Fresh | , FIREWORKS TO-NIGHT | Philadelphia Club will Put up Large j Fire Balloons. i aouits 20 n,av r.oT train their dogs on Sundays, j navor. It should be uatior.-wide, SThat comes under the head of hunting Peast in the public schools." i, feeero* cu u* ;^ ,..« "»«"-"-- parenls . H . L, Tresier and wife, over should Ta:e on more tfian a mere local f * _ «.,,_.;,,,, at. iast W. C- T. U. MEETLXG Temperance Workers will IVIeet 3Ion- dav in Biclerville. also. cents Daily at..- - GETTYSBURG CANDY'KITCHEN The Colombia Club, of Philadelphia i arrived at Gettvsb-arg this afternoon j The »- C - T - U " °f Biglerville. will, jto spend here. This evening j meet 2t tne Rorrie K Mrs " EIsie ^ el - es ! ithey expecc to have a display of at 7:3 ° odotk on | works which will include a dozen Ten fooT fire balloons. The parcy is registered at the Eagle Hotel. MARRIAGE LICENSES Clerk 1 OPENING of Garden Auditorium 3 ,, ,, _ -- «, ~^- A VJL t--*TW- VC*-?W * » · » » %^ ii*U«*l-**--iJ » »-·*"--» ·J.-k.i-. ----i Monda r *TMTMg tor beneat oz t ire { ^^ ^^ fl ^^^ Satarda7 « Mrs. Xettie Smith and Mrs. Alice McFall and TWO children, who have been visiting friends in this comsiunity for the past TWO months, returned to Permit to Wed Issued by the Courts. I Company. Dancing. Admission 25 i cents. Ladies free.--advertisement 1 ! 3ast week. j W. F. Tresier, of Franklin county. \ ~ "~ I called on C. F. Warren and family 1 THE Adams County Nursery offers j j ast Sundav. on a nne lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher. : October 6th. Frances E. Wizard's birthday -will be commemorated. - RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR SALE--72 acres, 3 miles from town, 10 acres pasture and timber, 150 fruit trees, running -.vatav. 2 wells and cistern, public road by the buildings, very rich and fertile, soil that always produces, 7 room frame house, front yard, wash house, other buildings, good bank bam, large hog pen and all necessary out buildings. You will not make a mistake in bvy- ing this farm and the price is right. ,. A ,-« 64 acres all clear and under fences, land IP level and good quality, loO apple, peach and plum trees, % mile to school, 2 miles to store, 1 mile to church, 9 room brick and frame house, bank barn, hog pen, chicken house, other buildings. You can buy this farm for S2000. RUXIv FECK MAN, Heal E'rtat.-, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pa. ' BARGAIN Day: on Tiiursday, October 9th. we will laundry your counterpanes for 10 cents each. Give us your call by phone or post card not later than Tuesday evening. Gettys- A week in the Eastern markets has. given us the advantage of newest and best dress materials- Ladies' and Misses' coats and sweaters to be had at burg ment Steam Laundry.--advertise- 1 OPENING ,of Garden Auditorium Monday evening for benefit of Fire Company. Dancing. Admission 25 cents. Ladies free.--advertisement 1 popular nrices. Doughertv and Hart- A marriage license was issued Friday, by Clerk of the Courts Olinger, j proprietor, Ber.dersv^lle Station; As- I to Stanley E. Shaffer, of HairJkonbar. I pers Post Office, Pa. --advertisement 1' township. ard Miss Alice W- Swope, j _____ of Fairfield- j XEW dress goods Fall designs, ex"elusive styles and dress patterns. NOTHING like a pair of soft wool- ! Newest shades and materials. Dougher. blankets these cool nights, At our | erty ar.d 1 discount blanket sale, you will 1 ev.--ad vertisem en t find extra quality. For four days only, j SEE advertisement of three fruit A special train will leave Gettysburg over the Reading October -S at 7 a. m. for Philadelphia, Returning leave Reading Terminal 11 p. m. Account World's Series base ball game. Plank is booked to pitch.--advertisement 1 Dougherty ment and Hartley.--advertise- j farms 1 iment on anotner page.--aavertise- OIL cans given away. We will give away, while they last, one 15 cent oil can with every cash sale of $1.00 or 600 baske'ts of fancy mountain peaches for sale at the Gettysburg Ice a".d Storage Co. From 85 cents to Sl.OO per over. Adams County Hardware Com- basket. W. S. Adams, Hill Top or- pany.--advertisement 1 I chards.--advertisement 1 iren of WiEiara Topper." were reisorted ill last week, are able to be out and around again. Messrs- Harry and T.Ierle and iliss Hazel Warren spent last Sunday at Pen-Mar. I. O. Lineba-jgh, wife and five children, visited Kev. ar.d Mrs. Leonard Flohr at Thnrmonr last Sunday. W. F. Tresier, of Pennersviile, made a call on Howard Linebaugh last Sun- Gay. Sunday School z.t the Church of Brethren at 9:30. the WOMEN and girls -wanted. Orrtan- Company. -- advertise- ra Canning ment LWSPAPLRl :W SFAFLRI

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