The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1913
Page 6
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- Ifirg School Accounts - Summary of statement prepared by the a»ditors of the Borough of Getty s-' of the ~ Total liabilities, .18,564.22 SAFEGUARDING, BIG ROAD LOAN n *rn' H irh- 8 ·$ ~ S 3 « f - · barg-.Jfrr Ist..lil3, and turesAnd credits More Than $5,009,000 to | S rft^^Ms aJdWe audited to aefot-fij. of to, n. Ono-f | n »,,,, flna VMr · Soss i Carries Psssengsn; 448 ffiiies In State ol Texas. Pi NEWS for 1 fie '"" "YOUWGS Cawnpore Memorial Angel Be Speal in tey One Year' ?«.««! School Account " * 1 s? :a -oorougi,; ox ««i«?s**r % ^a 4. - _ General School Account -1 Keceiots By I. "L. Taylor, Treasurer. Balance on hand,-. i-S 1» .rl7 Taxes," 10.034.78 Stare jAporoo'B, ...3,199.^6 -=. Tultioo, I.-7 1049.60- , Proceeds of loans,. .1,500.00" , Miscellaneous^ -. ^. iv-lo.'TSu, -r J -, , .^Total receipts for.year. .-$16,G7~?6 ' x-Jhrs'Sg \- . Expenditures ·"= ~ - Teaclsers safatrie£,S10,400.07 ! Janitors Salaries, .1.114.00 OScei^ 310.00 Refunds, 15.98' Loan^reoaid, 800.00 - Repairs, 1 332.74. Miscellaneous, ..-49^86 Booksr., Supplies, .1,726.31 Furniture ]?ixtares,32S:30 Collection fees, 219.511 - .-.-- Fsie!,i - 855.19 Freigpt express, . .32.17 L5ght: current, 6i26 Postage. 12.67 Advertising-, zp'1^ Printxbgv -. ......31.51 * Sprinkling, ..... 10.00 * VawsrL" 156.21 Qaic Rents, 9.00 Enumeration. 25.00 _" Interest discount, .12.50 JtSrrf-x--- 3Q.QQ 16,677.26 . Bv I. L. Taylor,- treasurer. Balance-on-hand,.- ,168.22 Taxes",'".'. 1,268.73 Loan repaid from General Fund, SOO.OO , 1st, 1913, and found them to be c-cr- !U i 7 . , * « - , _ _ -· From-TcMK City to San Antonio J CHANCE FOB AMBITIOUS SOY i and Sack--Proves Need of Strong ; , , , Construction fer Aeroplane ; Farming-Offers Grest Advantage for in Vi'srfare. · Success and Is Growing Better ' as Years Ro!! By. . jrect. and that the foregoing are true; land correct statements of si;Id ae-j - Borough; AuditoT^. ^ "1 Medical '.Advertising'' ' Looking forward to' the approval of · 1 the §30.000,0w state road loan at the broke all Arse: lean records for a con-'- themselves { and to others are those' t-cuous Sight 1.1:2 a 5 sasscnger and I T;ho - hava - learned to lo somethin; Hard coughs, old coughs, tearing coughs. Giveu4if£3s Cherry Pectoral a chance. ~--~ Sold for 7O years. --- ; ~ . . . . -- . 3". C. Ayer Co-. Ask Your Doctor. io*eM. M * U V V *'V" iMiiitT i V f c i t i AV*-.--. «--». »- w - - · - , " - . -^ tt T J3 f 1-. n .-n. ,;" eioc-'ons, i'- Pc-asi ivania icoved that a couairy coald be aappsd; and to, G o^t weL. In order to learn r^^«"\««.,;.!o^"a!ready c«- J Uy kn obseriw a =n aeropi^e. e«n- to do thifigs v/ell one-must get tsovu- ; Good Roads Associations already c«- liuing a cannaigs! for tie passage ot a la-.v by ike legislature of 1913 limttins e expenditure from this fund to $,- iv.COu sa anj cne year, j l!;e association realises that proper ! oaab'iug legislation is almost as im- j pertsat PS the loan i:se!i. and it is al- !. To'l expenditures. 16,619.13 Balance _ou. hand, 58.13 - ^- ... ? Building Fund v Total receipts, .-. -.-.-...52/235.93 Expenditures Bonds redeemed, .$1,000.00 Interest coupons, .. .700.00 Tax, . ~,---."..-:.-..-.-- .4.00 Tol expenditures, 51.704.00 Balance - hand, ~--^ 532.95 -S 2,236.95 General School Taxes.' - W. H. 'Frxck CoJloctor. DR. - ,. To taxes outstanding last audit, S 1.626.93 CR. By amounts paid Treasurer, 492.17 By_commissions, 25-50 Bv- exonerations^ 448.13 ~* By ^Percentage induced in exoneration. --22.42 .Mi-q-na Will Prevent Further Trou- -ble -- It Quickly and Surely Ends Indigestion and Stomach Distress. Diptrt-ss after e.itinr, belchisig of «:i xd un ligesteii food, .that lump of !e:u5 feeling in ihv stouia-Ji. hcaiKwrhe. *»Ht- s and lack ot energy, are warm an s of oiu-oi-oro.c-r stomach. !Nu'.\ -- it once-- is the ti:»:e to stop this dii- tress. 31i-o-na re Gc- surely aud auickly' stops stouuich tress and itu proves" aud »trciicU;c:is :5'e ch^estivc syitem so thsc- \viiac you e.u !3^ converteil into nutrition aii-i tht- entire system is properly iioiirsslieJ. Mouev back if not beneiiieil- People's Drug Store, Gettysbur-r, Fn- -o-na ' i o j a a e remedy- " They are absolutely Imrnifcs c-c a liftv cx'nt box to-day. Their us ' Tablets J= the Imrnifcss use- obse; the machine 2ev. at in altitude' edge through actual experience, of more than i.ot* · fc-H aaS at a speed -, by seeing ether people^ eo tilings. i should like la maJiing hi" report to ihe cepartraent, '=;- A. S. Co^/ss. -9SS-22 Outstanding General School Tax, "..." .' S Peter Gulp, deceased,' Collector. DR. -, To duplicate plus percentage. $11,997 58 I CR. By amounts paid Treasurer, '. ..7 7,954.55 Outstanding: and now charged to H. E. Bumbausrh, .. -S3.S43-03 H. E. Bumbaugh, Collector. DR. . . To taxes uneollected bv Peter Gulp, de" ceased, §3,843.03 ~ -- CR. Br amounts taid - Treas- 1,581.96 Prof. Budlonjr was Quickly Relieved of _ Beth afflictions by Using Rhcuma. If you suffer, from any form of Rheumatism, remember that RHEU- MA goes-xo work-quickly to remove be cause, nofc simply to relieve the dis- jess. Blariy years' use has demonstrated that fc'gbes to the. seat of the disease and expels the poisonous matter Lhrough the natural channels--the kidney s.^bowels, liver and skin. "For many years I vras troableo ·with Rheumatism, also v.-i'ch_ Bright's disease of the K5dne\s. I sutteied av.-- fnlly- Tried many advertised remedies. After using your truly remarkable preuaration. RHEtQIA t " I v.-as fully curia.''--Prof. G- J-' Bu'dlong,*- Sound View. Conn. RIIEU3L4. is guaranteed by People's Drug- Store, v.-ho sells it for 50 cents z bottle. Amount outstanding, S2.261.07 Total outstanding General Tax- .................... S2.S99.78 Special Tax for Building Purposes. TT- H. Frock, Collector. ~ DR. To taxes outstanding last audit, ........ ..$255-27 By amounts paid treasurer, .71.25 By commissions, ...... 3.75 Bv exonerations ...... 27.08 By -percentage added to exonera-T _ tions ....... 1.35 Warts on the hands Corns on the feet REMOVED "WITHOUT PAIX -Tubt apply Putnam's Corn and Wan Extractor: it does the whole trick: ioer j it-sure, does it in a, real *ri" - harry too. 1'utiiam's JEx- *5v3ii-- tractor.cleans "ii" a \\ATI ^~ ' ~~ or lifts out :i corn without any ~ba.l after effeci. YOU don't have to la\ n p--no inconvenience., pain or distress. Putnam's Extractor sells roun.l the whole world, 2 = ic per bottle, sold and recom- Store. . S10-3-43 Less over oav- ....... ,4.22 Due on Building lax, ........ S156 06 Peter Gulp, deceased. DR. To duplicate ·' Bias cercen- kge,' ...1,439.51' GR. By amounts, paid Treasurer, 912.97 "-oJlector. to H. -Dtrtstar.ding- and now charged E. Bum- batigh. .S526.54 H. £.. Buiabaugfc, Coiiector- DR. To" tax sncollected bv Peter Cvls, cec'd., ..§526.54 .CR. Sv amocr.t paid Trea surer, J. 84.51 PRITATE SALE Private Sale of a Valuable Farm Trie undersigned -will sell at his residence 1 mile'South of Barlow, at Centennial Hall school house 66 acres more or less, improved with a six rooir dwellincr house and pantry. ^airiinei house, large trash house, good barn ·vvagon shed, sood bujcgy house, lare? hog pen. -vvood house, hen house 2 vrells of Water, one at house one at _ barn \riih Trin.d -wheel. 75 barrel cistern water piped to all necessary places 'the bmldinjrs are all in good condition, plenty of fruit of all kir.ds. 3 acres o: timber. 600 bushels of lime has beer, hauled one year ago. This farm is under good fencing-, nice level land. Anybody u-»shir.;c to view this far»i ca", on J. V.". ]VIarin!j. residing thereon United Phorle Xo. 26 K. J. W. 1IARTNG- Xo. 2.11 acre lot, good · room house recently painted, stood summer hou^e stable. go"d baggy shed ·wstr nav!»g 10 Jo with the hsgh'Aay cep~rt- meni are io be elected. Eve«-y can-ji- aate fur the legislature w i P be asked ivherher o: not he favors such a law, ;o tiiat Jhe voters will know- in advance exactly where he stands. TLe assoi-Iation holds feat $3.000,000 a vear, :a ati-lliion to such sums as are set aside ironi current revenues for the uses of the highway depariEcent. \vsIL tOESiitsite as much cior'ty as wsJ! !e iiOLessarj- to carry out a s bteaiatic, economic and practical ca.nip2.JSQ lor nrst class road cons;ruction. The association sets forth its position oa t«ie roc.: !oj.n and the proposed iogis-aticn in the following address to the people of the siate: To tae People of Peiins Ivania-The Peaiis Ivania Oond R«ais Association conmiends :o the favorable consideration of the voters the proposed i amendnioat TO the constitution to per- | mit the state to issie boasls not exceeding SoO.ftOO.oOO for the construction of hi£hv.-=ys. This amendment has been adopted by two legislatures and now requires only _the approval of a ·najociiy at the polfs i-i ihe'Noveicber ^lection o£ 1313. iss-jance -of bonds is an. approvec xczstcd of financing large enterprises, ooth prblic and prixate. The consti- 7ut ; on of Pennsylvania; grants to als nunicipalities the nght ro bond them- el-.cs for s:icb purposes. Cities and owns gt-ncraliy avail themselves o£ his efSic; nt and econonnc method of irovjclias funds for public works The -rorored am^ndnicnt wc-uid extend a '·:te prii ilege to the state itself in a ·imited dssree and f or a specific purpose. The need :« imperative. KnUghtened sablie sentscjent demands ^ood roads. Poini-a.-v.-3nia, is far-JjeJtin'i-naany ot. ,'tpr sister states.Jn meernig: this de- .nand. Repeated experiance has shown hat legislatures cannot be flepencea in to resist the demands for apSEQ, ··nations for public and private" charges to such an extent as to perrait of iclequate support for road building: oiu f the geaem! revenues A bond Issue ·ffers the only alternative. The statc- s out of debt. It carThorrov.- an a'j^tn in.nce ot money at !ov. interest. Re ;ayiasnt of tno ioan through the ac -uinuiaiion of ·*· sinking fund ana its ntpre^f earnings during-a long period ·f '.ears v-;55 ir^pcse no serlons bur Icn on the revenues Farms and other -eal estate -.v:U not be called- upon to iay a tiolsar of this, because there is- inI ccn be no state *ax on The Pennsylvania Good Roads As xcia"on-is in favor not only of the -.end issue, bin of a conservative and .-eli or::°r?.i method of Issuing these. scnas espcnOiag the proceeas hereof. Should the bond issue be ap- orovecl by the voters 5a ?%o". smber. no Tsonsy ·wou'ifi be available until the 'es:s-=tiu-c had passeu and the gov ^rnof approved an enabling act to car- y the eousJitntional amendment Jnto ·ffprj. The legislature a.n« the gover- ior upon vhom this duty yvpuld devolve are to be nominated at the mandias the first aero squad, now cn| great advantages, fct. .success, and . GUJV ia Te-as of the trooos i-cbilizsd ! far» !if is a splendie life. ' ai. the time of tae ouibrsaks in Mexico, i ~And it is growics baiter as the called aws-n io -wo iaieresang i years go by. The boy woo learns to j facts-that Manas' and Sbcrmaa had '. farm right today will he a b:g m a n established a new American eadarance 1 tomorrow, ide v.-iU. navo =ora ac; record fo- ««i cl and pssseager. as woll' vantages thaa the average ousicess or as a neve "American disunce record » professional maa. for pilot and passenger acd that they J ^S^- to farm on. your came, within 12 lainutes of tiie v/orldsi ^as.e you record for endurance. l' ESBie Urie The distance betAeen Texas City» ° al - 31 ake and San Antonio is ~2-~ atites. aad I our Parents MilUns covered the distance there and " * ?ou snow back, Triih onlv a short stop at San J ness, aad are go* · ., - ,.,,,,, -.·= ·. taem your plans .'e' cf the si -e. c- ,_e s, d he- city aad got good moaej ;,, I Then he took up poultry again and !°~ | sdd^d it to his gardening and rsade nal corps, report Sherman. the storyjjf the fght is The 'report, in part, says -Jjjk ,,£. __ "la going- iroai Texas jGityj-toC San | Antonio leic the gro«3dlatJ2:|.5 p.^ra- j on a i; tt j s Batch of strawberries one = }Iarcii~2S,-19l3. in an east|\yJBd;;pf 25 = ^^^^-i Any boy can grow siring or j beans anc there is always a good ; -^ j market for them, j "A smail patch of celery can easily i be made to "yield $25 to S50 La one ' vear. Start into fanning for yourself , in a small -way. Begin this year.-- , to see every larmer- T-V. -^**-i*--·=-*-· z^zz*. *w»»»*-rf*'»r^^ i e-t5i" v 'y*-c r;'ftri ^** ^'zy*** ^*f iC'T* 9 f ~, \tar-! coy become a gooS farmer. There is J co ,a , no better occupation- The farm oEers | The most sacred British shrine in India is ihe memorial angel v/hich guards the Cawnpcre well into which the massacred women and children v/ere thrown. Ca-.vr.pora v.-as the scene of two massacres. . First, the exhausted garrison, which had suq-endereei to Nans Sahib on the promise of safe ] conduct to Allahabad, were fired upon ss they embarked on the Ganges. gin. Raise chickens or pigs or sheep. i_ ater t j, e W o"msn and children who escaped this massacre and were taken If you like to -work v.-ith plants, grov." i bsck ' to the c jry"wert murdered and their bodies thrown into this well, vegetables or small fruit. i "We know a. boy ·who mace over $30 ; -J. K- J. r ROLLER SKATING IS AMUSING; Pastime. Has Become Quite Popular in London--One V/inner Imitated Airman in Biplane. ! FRUIT FARMS FOR SALE L Three c^oocl fruit farms situated in the cente ^ of the-Apple Bek of Adams County, from i ^ to 2^ » miles from Biglervilie, as follo\vs : 125 acres with over ' 7ooo trees: 70 acres with from 2000 to 3000 trees; 50 -Roller -stating is a more or less i | fashionable pastirae in London, asd t The carnivals feeld eacli year are re- '· inarkable.for.tiie Ingenuity of fancy- : dress and norelry costumes devised by j ! participants, says the popular Mec'caa- ; acres witn 1000 trees. Call on or telephone- CD. Q. Shank Brothers, or ' ' E, D, Helves, Bio-Ierville National Bank. ·MO- / ^ ar.d::fates assurance 01 hov.- they vrill leal -sr:th the expenditure of the roa-a Due on building tax, _ tar oswtandjr.g. .S500.09 Summary of ^Resources and Liabilittes General School Fund. Resources. Cash 03. hauci. ---- S58.13 jjranery over top. cood chicken house. 2 r.-ells of "iva'ier. and never failing sprinsr r.sar the house "Jz acre of good timber. This adjoins Xo. 1. J. W. 3IARIXG. PUBLIC SALE OF LUMBER A"D On Tnrs'lr.y. OcJober 21. Ti'.e t5ndersi?nc5 "wfil sell ^ Himcs iami, now«wnc-«j ry 3^}ip. On roa- the Alex .D. Jaco' 11 ' taxes, . _Z,"S33.7S I ov.ins luiar^r aip^ JBIlis pay- e?. ..52,9-57.°! Liabilities , issng tiHiier oii U Foards and Scam]:;) . This assf»ciatirn -srill urge v. "rididates and nnoa the incorains ^tate" adKiiiiistraticn and legislatu e pk^n 5 ' office in January. 131^. the pas- ·arrc o' an enabling act that v.-ill pro -. ide for the or" the bonds sn -.mouais not to exceed S5.t-00.000 a -ear. so as to produce only so mac« ·Jiosev as" may be necessary ia adn: :oa to appropriations froai the cur- -c-r.t revenues to carry or.t a systematic, eccnsmrcal and practical cam -aisn of first class high-.vay construc- r -on The best efforts of an association of representative citizens of all shad-s si political belief ar»d all v.a'.ks or inc ire pJedSe^ to this encL Tfce officers of the Pennsylvania ",ood RoadsAssccation are a= follows, ioan S FisOier, Indiana. Pa-, Pres:dpnt. ·A-jl!:am C- Spronl. Chester. Pa. Firs: Vice President. Tranfc Bell, Box 4o2,~ Harnsburg, ± Secretary-. Sharles S Boll. Union Trust Co Tisburg. Pa., Treasxsrer. Vice Presidents. EdtrsR S. Stuart. Philadelphia. John P. Elkin. Ind:ana, R; Rev. James Kenry ~ mues aa hoar. After circling the field for £ve inizrates and attaining an alU- tude of 000 feet, started for San Ati- tonio. It --as originally intended ;o mah.e the fs'ght ay compass, verifying j the course by prominent points Kovv- ever, the air was extremely rough and j so -hazv thci -najects over Cvro niiles a~ay could not he distinguished. Ac- corUiBgiy, after foljnv.-in5 a compass course v.-esr until 'the Santa Fe rail Roller Skating for Fun. recent carnival imitated an airman. road was reached, at a point of five j j, tjate( j j a a biplane in Lhe position o£ ilot. "Bummy" legs --ere to carry oat ti-e iraitat'ca, ludicrous. re- ' the i The to- j vc- TLie total i able, _-$l.oOO.OO over Liabilities, Building Ftrr.d. · Resources. Cash on band. .5532.95 Outstanding taxes _500.09 ^ ,-- , M,4o..9i o ;««;t rj Ro c«tr'~ i \s hue oak "anfj Wood, cwt 12 inrf.cs Irii^. ii»aore c«:t tree t-'-ri'- i"":ors to sr«5r 5»rfch-" j rishr to resio*»f the li'nr-jr is c'.\v'ntA j Anril 1, ]-'15 Sa^-^ io ly^ri 21 1 »V"xV j P.M. f "? lny~ i retiit «n a7. -HV!» of 55 and i o\ r. i.otw- i? : miles ease oi Algao. itVas det^riranea i t}ls to foilov. this. The route folio'wed | ^,. passed through Algao. -^ rc ° : ^ R - ch ! effect nior.d. Eagle Late, Colarabjs. ^ istcr.ja ' and Lulling to Port Sam Houston. Vv'e arrived over Fort Sain Houston at 5. S3 p. us. and continued clrcLng the field ] until 6:37, "hen we Inufied. tai distaice over tne route folio is 224 ji,.:cs, making an average locity of ·"£ f- miles an ""our time in a:r Tvas four icurs arc 22 ni'iii j utes. j "I.Iinor repairs -^ere s^ade rilarcl: { land. 20, ISl?-. and it \vas intended to start j Datch clocks are of German rnaru- bact March 30, -whsn \veatber co=l i facture. ticns " ere unnsaaily good, 'ou5 tic j Jice paper Is not made of r.ce or pre:5jn:nar3 trial Sight cen;on3tr^te-3 j t e rice plant. the -xeakr.ess of or.e si:Ja aid the re- j Cleopatra's needle saould be named ti^rn -was -,ostposeI citii March :il · after Thotines III. The start made en this date at 1 Kid gicves are not made of kid. but I:2J» p. si. :n a soutli-sontheast u:sd j C £ lamb slkSn or sheep skin, of -·' miles an horr. ·s*""ii afterr.ard j German silver is not s"*.-er at all. shifted fcto sciith. Tise routu fo'lov, | BOr o f German origin, but has been ^c was tfc« sarne as : .n over and ; xs=ed in China for centuries. t^e landing «as rr.acs at Te"as C:ty at ] S V/rongly Named. Titmouse is a bird- Baffin's hay is not a hay. Shre~moase is no icoase- Cat gat should be saeep gut. Sealing v.-as: contains no vax. Slave means noble or uliistrioas. Blind -acrms have eyes and can sec Irish steiv is a oish unknown in Ire- TAn ? £ r; f ?l -f f , « iuii On %p A3. M. S. ftn o The cattle I advertised last -.reek for sale, \vere all sold except 19 little heifers, weighing from 500 to 650 pounds, well bred, good order, fine as silk. It pays to buy this kind. I have on hand now -at Gettysburg, eight loads of cattle I received Septen^ber agth. I have four loads of light steers, xveigh 600 to 750 pounds. Also four loads of Virginia cattle. Steers weigh from Soo to i coo pounds, Ex'cra good cattle--come to see me, and you can get what vriil please you. Both phones. Hotel Ge'tys- barg ana McKnightstown. | CALVIN T. LOWER j C-»l«SiO*«««^X^·X^«*«^^«0«·3«* or to any otners \vno their property, but all 5-17 p. in. The total tome in air was three hours and 57 minutes; the av- Tage velocity,"56 nsiles per hour. "Tbe return trip ·ce3r.o:i?tnued ase-v Esriy Activity. "Some oay you may be president of the United States," said tse admiring fatrer. viih approve Total Resources. .S1.0S3.04 Liabilities. Overpaid taxes 422 Scnool Bonds, .18,500.00 J. ::. r. A. I FOU SALE: several choicf huildinjj · lots front.n~ on South street. App i George P. Biatk, --advertisement E. Sparks: Sta'e College. "rank B. McClaiir." Lancaster. Charles E. Patton. Curwensville. _ Charles M. Bch-wab. Bethleieia. Joan S- Rilling. Erie. 'John H. Rotnerrnel, Reading, - ,Joseph C. Trees. Pittsburgh. ^ Robert P. Habgood. Bradford. " _ C -IT. V Morgan, Williamsport. c"! -:· Bin Morley, the young- InSelSer, ·whom Gnffith sold to the Hartford clab of the Eastern association lsba- ting like a fiend_thj5sejdays. the r.scessity for saving excess poiver j - "-That's tree," repHee tpe- alert "--ir sjec.ScaUoss'seem severe and j^niali boy thoughtfuiZy. "You'wouian't Vyo^ld insure £-a^5c:er.t po-.vcr under i care a:-on£ cosnin? to the front v.-itb .deal weather cor.aitlocs, but v.jth s. I an advance con;r:but:on to the CSITK be£~11y -lacer. roacfeine and rocgh | paigii fantf, ·would you?" Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land have due regard for formers-do object to the hunter who tramples dcwn grain, tears do\vn fences and does dam- 'a^'e. .JThe surest way to protect yourself is to z\ nlacard your oropcrtv. Cardboard trespass J r J *t » t . x " J» ^ signs 5 cents each/6 for c 50; muslin signs i o c ; ^ each, 5 for 25C. And in order to keep un-*-.. desirable hunters from coming out to j'our t-sr -- t"ie 'condltfcns vre nonna^y f r d ' i n -R-^r -- th2 present ex- j cess of" ;xrver is sufilc-.ent. Thoii-Ji j constantly endeavor:ns to c'rmb, o nr.icn po^er -R-as used in fghtirg jrasts j arc do-ail trends Oat sr altitude cf j A Young Philosopher. such s i n s , the boy! thcrr's r.oshir.-s =0 a. ·.votnr'.n'a mind. Mother-- You. a mind to w h o \Vi31ie-- V.'cll, Pa?y to chads'* 1.3CO feet ivr.s not getter. x.ntJ prac j you tnov," ticall/ the end of-the trip." j ^__L1 -- -i-- -s- y~ - J Tjahlen thinks hf has another prize Every time one hears of waivers j pitcher in "bull" \S"agn«ir. The bei-sg cs'.ed r.pcn Ed Reulbach one i ster is a big ff-llow and h.-!« is reminded that the next gsjre lis ' stcarn find curxc;. to msko pltchcb is to be a_gqnd ono. j veterans bit uj;_ _ ^ land and possibly best thing you could do would be to place yD'jr name in our trespass list. Fifty cents ior the entire season. The Gettysburg Times lEWSPAPJLJRl

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