The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 11, 1933 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FIVE DECEMBER 11 j« 1933 _ !"* 0 "" v l 1 1 "-- ." _ -- - r ^ ^ X ^ T A JAY DECKER SAYS LEGISLATIVE BILLS WOUL^JNJUREJOWA SPONSORED BY COMMISSION MEN, 1 PACKER DECLARES (ConUnucil from page 1) o£ bogs has increased within the state of Iowa until at the present time it is estimated that 65 per cent of the hogs marketed in Iowa are marketed direct. There are many reasons why they should bo. Direct marketing, particularly to interior packers; moves the marketplace from several hundred miles distant to the farmer's own dooryard where the trade for his hogs Is made. That is to say, he determines before lie ever loads his hogs whether he wants to sell at the price quoted that morning arid to whom he wants to sell. This advantage is lost when he ships to the distant market where the buyer has all Uie advantage. Jlnrketlng Different. "Marketing of hogs at the present time is quite different from what it was in the old days when it was a bis job to haul livestock even 10 miles with a team of horses. Today i. is a simple matter to deliver livestock 50, 60 or even 100 miles with trucking facilities. Naturally the producer saves shrink and delivery expense. This marketing of livestock direct is an economic proposition brought about by the advent cf the truck that to my mine will always be with us because it is economically sound. "Today with all the modern con veniences such aa good roads fo rucks to travel on, and the radio he farmer can take advantage of a 'ood market on the very day ther s a good market. He can also avoi days when the market is lower Once hia livestock is on the way t ]ut Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MONEV . MpnwmM^Egagsaai riUCES BELOW GOOD FOll TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THUKSDAY PHONE 112--118--1U Free Delivery ot 50c Order or Sloie SAME PRICE BOTH STOKES CREAM CHEESE, 2 pounds 25c Decker's Sliced Bacon, Ib. 15c Boneless Codfish, II). bo.v 25c Decker's Porkettes, 11) loc Orange, Lemon, Citron, )u. 29c Good Potatoes, peck 85u 25c Wright's Silver Craara 19o Muc., Nopd., Spag., 5 pkgst 25i Onmgcs, doz. 15c, 28c, 29c, 35e Goad Mincemeat, Ib l!)c SOo Pills. Pancake Flour 23c Raisins, pits 10o BEST GRADE NUTS English Walnuts, Ib JOc Mixed Nuts, ID 18c Largo Washed Brazils, Ib. 18c Large Almonds, Ib 1'Jc Largo Filberts, Ib 23e Peanuts, Ib 10c CHRISTMAS CANDIES Peanut Brittle, llj lOc Christmas Mixed (best) 3 Iba Broken Tatty, Ib French Creams, Ib... rCut RilcU, ib.v- Orange Slices, Hi 10c Pure Sugar Candy, 10 sticks 5o Chicago he has no control over th( mce whatsoever. If the termini nvirket is higher, of course he get the advantage. If it ia lower, n loses. By marketing direct he ha absolute control of his hogs unt they are sold." y the secretary, but it shall not be ecessary for any livestock to be veighed and graded hereunder at oth such places. Each buyer shall umish to the weigher or grader ach day a written report signed by lim allowing each purchase of live- look made by him that is weighed and graded by or under the suporvl- lon of such weigher or grader on aid day, the number and kind of ivestock included in each such pur- chane, the name and address of each producer of any of such livestock :he price paid per hundred weight and the total amount paid for such livestock to each producer by such buyer. Thereafter the weigher or grader shall prepare and sign a cer tifieate or certificates showing as to each producer of any livestock in eluded in any such purchase the in formation obtained from said re ports frorn said buyer and also th weight, grade and dockage, if nnj of such livestock as determined b PACKER BILL Following- is the bill referred to by Mr. Decker: An act to provide for the licensing of direct buyers of livestock, regulating the conduct of such buyers, providing for the weighing, grading and docking of livestock so bought, and for the inspecting of scales used in such weighing, prohibiting discrimination and unfair competition in such purchases, and providing- penalties, and repealing Chapter One Hundred Sixty-one (161- tl), code, 1931, relating to records of sale of livestock. Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Iowa: Section 1. When used ia act, "Secretary" shall, except when the context indicates a different meaning, mean the secretary of agriculture of the state of Iowa. "Person" shall mean au individual, partnership, association or corporation. such weigher or grader, and th market price of similar livestock a the public stockyards in Chicag III., on the day of such purchase a determined from the reports issuec by the United States department o Agriculture and within three daj after he receives such report fro such buyer, he shall send cwie cop; of such certificate to the purchas er named therein and another cop shall be filed in the office or sa secretary. Said report and certif cate shall be in such forni as sue secretary may require from time time. ic county jail for not less than 30 ays, nor more than 1 year, or by joth fine and imprisonment. Section G. Any person who shall bstruct any such weigher or grad- r in the performance of his duties nder the act by preventing or by ndertaking to prevent his access to he scales to be used in the wcigh- ng- of such livestock, or otherwise, hall forfeit to the state the sum of 100 for each such offense. To Inspect Scales. Section 7. The secretary shall lave the right to inspect from time o time any and all scales in this tate other than public scales as de- ined in Chapter 18-i, Code of Iowa 192T, and any acts amendatory hereof, use in weighing livestocl ought hercunder. For this purpose ic shall have the right to appoin such numbers of inspcctora as _m lis judgment are necessary to in spect such scales. The secretary shall assess and collect from th owner thereof the sum of $2 for cac such inspection made of each sue scales. Tho secretary shall have th Qualifications Given. this Section d. No person while acting aa such weigher or grader shall be in any manner directly or indirectly financially interested in the handling, shipping, producing, sale, slaughter or processing of livestock nor in the employment of any person engaged therein, and any person not duly appointed and qualified hereundcr who shall assume or undertake to act as such weigher or grader shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine or not less than $100, and not more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 30 days or more than 1 year, or by both such fine and imprisonment. right to discharge any inspector s appointed. Section 3. No buyer shall discriminate, directly or indirectly bs- twecn different producers or shippers of livestock in this state either in the same or in different parts ot the state In the purchase by such buyer of such livestock, by paying or agreeing to pay a higher price or rate at the same time or times for livestock of the same kind, quality and grade of one shipper or producer in this state than he pays or agrees to pay for livestock of another producer or shipper, whether such slock be located in the or different parts of the state, making- due allowance for the he purchase of livestock from the wnevs or producers thereof and very such agreement, understand- ng, arrangement, plan or device hall be void, but nothing contained icrein shall be construed as rcpeal- ng- any other statutes of this state or any part thereof directed against mlawful combinations, pools or trusts in restraint of trade, and the irovisions of this section shall be construed as supplemental thereto. Section 10. On nnd after 30 days after this act shall take effect, no ouyor of livestock shall engage or continue or permit his agent or em- ploye to engage or continue in the business of purchasing livestock in this state without first obtaining from the secretary a license so t( do and for which a license fee o 55 for each license shall be charged collected and paid to the secretary Such license shall not be issued fo a longer period than one year am shall expire on the first day o January subsequent to the date c the issuance. The application for li cense shall be made to the score tary on forms prescribed and fui gent or agents to conduct the bus- iess as of buying livestock as buy- ness as of buying r, at the place or places in this tate (other than at and upon a mblic stockyard) named in the ap- lication, until Dec. 31 next follow- ng. Instructions Given. nished by him for that purpose. Defines Application. The application shall set forth (a) the name and address of the apollcant, if an individual, the name and address of the members, if a partnership or association, and the name of the president and secretary, if a corporation; ( b ) the place or places where the applicant proposes to operate, and a separate license Section 12. The secretary may decline to grant or he may suspend or revoke a license when he is satisfied that (a) the applicant or licensee has violated or is violating he laws of this slate or of the United States pertaining to the purchase or sale of livestock; or (b) hat the applicant or licensee has been or is guilty of fraudulent or discriminatory practices in the purchase ot livestock or in dealing in livestock. Before, any license shal' be suspended or revoked the licensee shall be furnished with a copy of the complaint made against him and a hearing shall be had before the secretary upon at least ten days' notice to the licensee to do termine whether such license shal be suspended or revoked, which no tice may be served either by regls tered mail addressed to the sddres jought by such buyer in this state vhile this act shall be in force and effect. All moneys collected under this section and under section 10 icreof shall be deposited in the ..tate treasury fund, and all moneys collected under Section 7 hereof shall be deposited with the stat reasurer and shall be known as the Live Stock Scale Inspection Fund, and all such moneys shall be paid out only on the order of the secretary and the auditor's warrant. Section 15. Nothing herein contained shall apply to livestock market agencies nor to any transaction at or upon public stockyards, nor to the purchase or sale of hogs or cattle by or for a serum plant or business. Will Bo Unlawful. Section 16. It shall be unlawful for any person to engage, continue or permit another in its employ to engage or continue in the business of the buying of livestock aa herein defined within this state without first having obtained a license as provifled in this act. Any employe or officer of any corporation, buyer, and any other buyer or agent or cm- effect of depressing the market price ot such livestock and of keeping livestock off of public markets where they would be bought and sold under open competitive conditions subject to regulation by such secretary of agriculture. The system of direct marketing is not regulated at the present time either by the federal government or by this state, and the business is carried under conditions and circumstances where- I"' it is possible for fraud, deception, discrimination and dishonesty to be ...i.Liccu upon the producers of livestock in this state to their great damage and detriment. This legislation ia intended to prevent any and all such practices ami to regulate the conditions and circumstances under which direct marketing of live- lock shall bo carried on in this tate. This net is, therefore, deemed f immediate importance and shall ake effect from and after its pub- cation in two newspapers ill this tate as provided by law. of the licensee as shown in his ap- p] Oyc thereof violating tmy of the plication or in the manner provided provistons ot this act shall be guilty the laws of this state for the of ft misdemeanor and upon convic- by service of a summons. At the time tion L i let . c of shall be punished by a and place fixed for thcs hearing the flnc in any amount not exceeding secretary or any employe or agent 1 two hum \red (?2001 dollars, and for of the secretary authorized by the a SQCOnc i offense, there may be add- secretary shall receive evidence, ad- cd ln the discretion of the court, im- miniater oaths, examine witnesses pr i sorime nt not exceeding six and hear the testimony, nnd the sec- mont hs. retary thereafter shall file an order section 17. If any clause, section f erence, If any, in the actual cost of i an sportation of shall be required for each separate tiij»!j^i HVV.UL -- -here the effect of such dls "TM' nation may be to "Buyer" shall mean any person I Section 5. Any weigher or grader engaged in the business of buying] who knowingly shall improperly or livestock in this state directly from incorrectly grade or improperly or the producers thereof, their agents Incorrectly supervise the weighing or representatives, cither as or for of any livestock hereunder or make Backers or other processors of live- or give auy false report or certif- stock or for resale directly or in- icate cf weight, grade or dockage directlv to or for such packers and or who shall accept money or other o - other processors, excepting any consideration, directly or indirectly r^rson who is now c · who may here- for nny improper performance 01 SSr bf exc usively engaged in for. any non-Performance o h loc 15c | after be exclusively engagi j business in this state as a | market agency as hereinaf ter | fined. Definitions Given. "Livestock; Market Agency" ahall mean any person engaged In the business of buying and selling llve- i~ i son who shall influence or attemp to influence any such officer to im properly perform or not to perform is duties hereunder, shall be guilt of a misdemeanor and upon convic shall be punished by a fine o ot less than $100 and not mor le secretary may ueem ne- sucn OCUUUULO, .-· --.- ""-i-, ""!·"·' «· ·- ---- ---BU tu«.. ^ou ,,-. . u -L administra- anda concerning his buying trans- mamder thereof, but shall be con '" act. NoVnt shall act actions under this act as,may_from | f l n e d in lts operat , on to the clau_se simn UUL i u.uL»una nn*"-. --·- ---- -- - . ... luu ... .-- L -- -.... such buyer unless the buy- time to time be required by the sec- scntencC| paragraph or part thereof substantial y for any su **££ hereunder and retary who shall at all times haveL U rectly involved in the controversy ' »t to act in acces* to such accounts, records , , h ju(lgment a ha,l have purchase has designated such age calves, not more than 10 cents I the total livestock prod Peanut Cutter, 3 Ib, Jar. .2Jc Peanut Butter, 1 Ib. Jar .15o Vanilla Flavor, 8 oz. bottle lUc Sweet Pickles, pints ..... Iflc WWto Flour, 5 11). saclc...2ic loc Ciitanp, 2 bottles ..... 2oc lOc Mclo, c:n ........... 5° Gelatine, nil flavors, pUg. 50 lOc Bukinp Souu, H pkgs. 2jr lOc Sal Soda, 3 pUgs ...... ^ac loc Ililex, 2 buttles ...... 2iic lOc Palmolivo Bends, pUg. 5c. Our Christmas Trees urc here. Better come in nnd pick nut your tree and have it tagged, , to be delivered when wanted. All sizes and nil prices. wmusufKtmwvmtmmm Pure Crlsco, 2 ibs ....... 35c Dried Peaches, 2 Ibs ...... 2G Dried Apricots, Ib ---- 15c, l'.lc Triumph Flour, 49 Ib. sk. Sl.TJ 25e Pure Vanilla, 2-oz. hot. li)c Toilet Paper, S, 4, 6 for. . 2Sc Dry Lima Beans, 3 Ibs ---- 2ac 15c Bal-O, 2 wins ........ 25e lOc Kitchen Cleanser, 4 for SJP Marshmnllows, Ib ......... JHc lOc Pumpkin, 3 cans ...... 25c Mustard, Quart Jnr ....... loc Mustard, pint jnrs ....... 10o Fruit Pudding, large can. . loc 20c Haking Chocolate, '/ 2 -Ib. cake.. . COFFEE, TEA Best Peaberry Coffee, Ib. I.Oc 3 Ins. 49c Cut Kate Special, Ib 25e Choc. Cream Coffee, Ib. 29e Cut Kate Special Tea, pk£. 28c Elmvnlo Ten, pkg 3no Grncn Ten, best grade, 11). 2ac Best Gr TC.T Slftlngs, II). 13c SUGAR licet Sugar, 100 Ibs.. ... . 8-1-6G Cane Sugar, 100 I b s . . . . ?-«.'G VEGETABLES Canadian Rutabagas, 3 H'3- 10r Fancy Onions, 8 Ibs 23c Beets, can Me, 2 for irc Acorn Squashes, 4 for lOc I5c Peas, 2 for 25r. Ilubbnn) Squash, cnch !"«· Wax String Beans lOc Hominy, quart can J0i ' Peas, per can l" ! ' lOc Corn, I:irge can, 3 for 2oc Grccji Siring Beans, can lOc Lima Beans, large c a n . . . l l ) r Tomatoes, large can lOc- I5c Corn, 2 cans 25r- Cut Rate Grocery 3C B. Stnte St. Phono 112-113 C. K. BUSH, Mgr. BOS 1st S. AV. Phono 111 EARL BUSH, Mgr. J I U L ^.^ uiui v _ ,, ^ stock who is subject to regulation than 51 000 or by imprisonment i by the secretary of agriculture of v the United States under the Packers and Stockyards act, 1921, (12 U. S. Statutes at Large, page 159) and laws amendatory thereof, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder by such secretary. "Public Stockyard" is a stockyard or other place where livestock is assembled and which is subject to regulation by the secretary of agriculture of the United States under said Packers and Stockyards act, and laws amendatory thereof and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder by such secretary. "Packer" shall mean any person engaged in the business of buying and slaughtering livestock for food and in marketing the meat products therefrom who slaughters more than 25 head of such livestock in any one day. "Packin b House" shall mean any plant or place of business owned and operated by a packer as herein defined. "Concentration Point" shall mean any stockyard other than a public stockyard where livestock intended for slaughter !9 bought or sold or assemblerf wholly or in part, for shipment or re-shipment or delivery directly or indirectly to a packing house. "Livestock" shall mean cattle, hogs and sheep, suitable or intended for immediate slaughter. j To Appoint Weighers. i Section 2. The secretary shall appoint, commission and designate from time to time for packing houses and concentration points located in this state such weighers and graders of livestock aa may be necessary in his judgment to supervise the weighing and to grade all livestock that are purchased or assembled at or brought into such packing houses or concentration points excepting livestock at such packing houses that is purchased upon a public stockyard. To secure 'the performance of their obligations hereunder, every such weigher and grader before entering upon the performance of any of his duties hereunder, shall file with the secretary a good and sufficient bone to be approved by the secretary anc in which the secretary shall be the obligee in the penal sum of $5,000 -onditioned upon the faithful dis charge of his duties hereunder. Th 3ecretary ahall have the right to fix the salary of each weigher ant rrrader which shall be paid out o the fees collected under this act a hereinafter provided, and the secre tary shall have the right to dis charge any such weigher or grade so appointed. The functions of weigher and grader may Vie per formed by the same person. Section 3. All livestock bougl; and sold in this state by any buye as herein defined other than upo a public stockyard shall be woighe and graded at cither R packin house or concentration point in th state by or under the supcrvisio of a weigher or grader appointed competition among such buyers in ^^ rs in j cense entitling the applicant and his [ than 7 cents for each head of sbecp |ner. This has had ana navinj. u GANOY AND NUTS PREPARED Barrels of Sweets Will Be Distributed to Small Children in City. The preparation of several thousand hags of candy and nuts for the American Legion and auxiliary Christmas party to be given at the armory Saturday afternoon wilt start Tuesday morning at post headquarters In the Hotel Hanford building. A largo number of volunteer workers from each sponsoring or- nization will be on the job every ay nnd evening until the work is mplctcd. Barrels of candy and its will be packed in pretty cellc- ume bags nnd tied with a colored ·ibbon of the same material. These ie;a will then be taken to the rmory to await Santa Claus who ill be there without fail early Sat- rday afternoon. All children of Mason City, up to ml including the fourth grade aro nvitcd, regardless of their parents cunection with tho Legion or aux- iary. Larger children will be in- itccl to participate in the large out- oor program to be held in Central Pnrk. Dec. 23. This is the most ambitious cnil- rcii's party that the local post or auxiliary unit has ever undertaken. ;t is being financed entirely out of their respective treasuries. The large Christmas trees to be erected in the · ---·.-·ry and the park aro here ana will he put in place in ample time for the parties. Sixty per cent of the men stx\- denta enrolled at Fresno' Slate college, Cal., earn part or nil iof their living expenses. IT TAKES H RVES FOR JAFFEE TO BE THE WORLD'S CHAMPION SKATER %**-' I R V I N G J A F F E E (At Right)--Again Jaffee makes a thrilling finish ai he spcedt to victory I Winner of 1,000 medals and trophies, including three Olympic Skating; Championships, Jaffee has brought the highest skating honors to the U.S.A. Asked recently if he was a steady smoker, Jafice said, "Yes--but that goes for Camels only. 1 have to keep my wind, you know, nnd healthy nerves." You've of ten Been hia name and picture in the papers-- are mild and likable in taste. And, what is even more Jaffee. the city-bred boy from the U.S. A. who beat important to a champion athlete, thoy never upset the the best that Europe had to offer, and became thesknt- nerves." ing champion of the world! Speaking of speed skating Change to Camels nnd note the difference In your a _ j c .~ nTC tt"s .TaiTec snys: "It takes healthy nerves nerves.. .in the pleasure you got from smoking! Camel:; and plenty f.7 wind to be an Olympic skating champion, are milder... have a better taste. They never u ( .sct yonr I find that Camels, because of their coatlier tobaccos, nerves. Begin todayl

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