The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1913
Page 5
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SULZER'S BROKER. Melville Fuller Told Story of Governor's Deals. SULZER'S SiOE BEGINS FiGHT BASE BALL SCORES Following Is the Result of Games Played Yesterday. AMERICA^' LEAGUE. All games postponed; raia. Standing of the Clubs. AV. L. PC.'l " "" -W. L. PC. ABoomerani By ANDREW C EU'ING , C1IUJtCil NOTICES MARSH CREEK r PPJESBYTERL.\N3 There will be. preparatory servictwi at 10:30 o'clock on Saturday morning [in the Marsh Creek -'Presbytwias, i Church. Sunday School at nine thirtj 'and the regular Communion at 10:34 Sunday morning. Rev. D. W. tort denes Court Takes Baeess, i8DVERNQB NATIONAL" LEAGUE. j At Xew York--(Game caile-i at end! of eighth inning in Philadelphia on. ! Aug. SO completed).--Philadelphia. S; j 2iil up with :iie. Sadie!" I Woods, pastor. ; CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN ; Burns: .Matzevrecs,. Mayers, j Xev,- -YorX'"J; Philadelphia. ~ \Yliat in the \\orlU Is tiie matter T \ Friends' Grove church; preaching "I'm lireC." | Saturday evening at. 7:30 by Prof. "From i oir position*" * j Schlosser, of Eiizabethtowa College; -\Viiar for'r End Righteousness and W i l l f f t r l - V ^- A A » _** Ssaton, Declares He Is Fightng For Truth ; B f g^ delphia , 4; Not game). Batteries ! Kearne. McLean- Compromise Wsui Tarr.rr-ciror. j Other games o: Albany, X. Y-, Cit. 2.-AdjouTMmcn«i Standing of the Clubs. 1 dedicatory sermon," Sunday J, 12(1- *'";:'· x "' T ] at 10:30 by ReV Sir. Schlosser. Strat, .,. Xathe-*so:i. Mar-! ""*-*'- i«. ^o^ »« w h e n ! was Street church: breaching Sunday {auard, Mevers; Chalmers, ±-:uneran, ^radiuieti irom the electrical. school , . ._ - . , s - · ,...___ - . . . ^ situdUMi in the oiScfr evening at- 4 :00 Q clock · oy Prof. . 0 . (3d of t! "-' of which Mr. ud principal the position v.-ou!c It tarns out. that SHOOTS HIMSELF i, Srm of iicrriS Fuller or any att { to change their books In order to pro; tect the governor. j 1 At tte trial Tuesday Mr. Xresel hart j nave told you were job." "If l:e Siad I v.'ol iLe beginning tbat eaip-oj ed for the K have declined bis (y 1SK. by AmericaTM Press Assooferlon. Melville B. ?u5!er. ::- broker. tesi5tSci :n tie IrnpeachrEeEJ trli! ihat he had d-a- =er vi iih Governor Suizer ai ihe executive ion on JuJy Si la^i. Ari^r dinner ui the governor to strike cut certain ses-' £ Cl »y v/as about to be taken from the limony. TL.e first mctio:i hac 10 do- H Oase for burial. following her sensa- v.-o w-r UTe"uDrary." a=a '-'.ith the introduction of testimony cf ( j^,,.^ suicide by shooting. Patrolman ^_" WRAPS OF TWEED OR VELVET SHOW EQUALLY MODISH LINES Separate -winter wraps are not the nondescript garments of some seasons ago, but In !!n-i and materials are Quite as smart as the smartest go-.vns. sh.ov.-- ing the sa^ne several si-houetit The vogue of the one-piece dress is respo=- ssble ror the av.-akene3 interest in these coats and for the subsequent novel de- slgns and trimmings that have been calsed torth to rnake them attractive. Aniong the nev.- materials is a. heavy. «ackinsr-5ike fabric resemfaUng closely ratine. It is excellent ior motoring or general utility wear. Ratine is still a favorite, EISC inost eSTective tricnariings of suede are seen on many of the ra- tine inociels- Boucle is -.varra and serviceable for juniors and the soft sold, "these £e:uriU=3 lrIongcO to Sirs. Si-I^cr *-vhes I biouglii whe^i 10 yoti. Sne Ua«i a Joan trj;h the CarneSie Trust corn- pan-.-. Taey rea--"«i -*-= to give a =o:e , . ev-ry three mcmhs, ana In -eras very ET.- ! '"^ =·- noylas. so I took the securities co-vn to I "-vault! « to by the stenographer v,-ho reported it. Mr. For held tae stenographer's tes- y was hsarsay. Jua^e Cu:!en held I :2d, and :o the surprise of physicians j be is said to have a chance of recov- :ieriei! of :uy -service I'm sorry. t'i::t "-C- -:u"t ris the date we sh:»l! h:;ve tw hi::it for another place. a:i! wti^n I x?t vue I Cun't tc!l whether I *:::·." be trc-attd in the same shabby and! , committed suicide on you and corroviec the mon^v :rom ;.ou." I said 10 Governor Sulzer: -TLat may aU be tree, bar there is no evidence or anything" of t^iac r^nd on my bx?-is and ci^- not be proved oy me. I; ·- is, true you have no trouble in provin the testimony was hearsay go out- _ Tie cest niQtlon was to strike oat; s ,. e , s ga ; d , 0 h ave fired one shot at certain testimony of J. B. Gray, the h! ^ * S j~ c ^" her a ea ih Lamb has been Wall.street,broJcer, la.regard to a eon-! ._ 0 .. O3e ar , d W 5j ea his ^; S ter-in-Iav.- versation he had wi-.h F. S. CoiwelU ,,^ V{ . fl ^j.,, ro ,, n anstalrs on an errand "We!!. Bob, I expect you'!! find the \vorid 'uli of disappointments." ~Ves. ::ad v.-hen I j;et knocked down as i * governor's alSegei! \Yall street' oo^s of LK Carp.-.-jn-; irusL cosipiiiy siusL be a matter oi record.* " "··£" "'-t f-- tes- ^ --- u c_. ue= ^ ^ i Tuesday, following a quarrel in which £ prorKsc . I0 .- ec cp :lni i p^h on ." "Good! If you feel that way you're sure to v. in in the entl." But liob found gettinij another place ei£Ik-u!i_ Engineers were being: gradu- :iied"every June. :tnd those just enter- ras - to go to seris also in the warm, bright colorings so much used 12 spoiss coats this sum- ^ner. the blu-is. scarlets and greea, are ' most beccmicg and surrable. 3 To copy Xo. 7SS2 in size IS It w"I re- · Quire Z~Zi yards o* 42 inch. materiaL } In planning school frocks for the Kfi- ' dies matters are simplified 11 cotton. I fabrics are used rather than the -woolen. istufTs. These are easy to keep rresh and clean and under a. T.-arai coat may · be worn in the coldest weather. 7355 i is a design suitable for any of the cot- 'tons or ;or a serge. To make this lii- ' tl^ cress in s'-ze 5 it requires 2% yards tot 25 inch material. Each partem Is Sl5 cents. Ls thg Salzer attcrtseys I A « 1 £UJ D ^Vlf D . ^ * l f c * were if T " C the hour set for his z took the same re\ volver and fired three times. ', i One bullet just grazed the scalp. s ,,, - -e were ready to Cu!! times csuie r^ach^ent on I To obtain either pattern Illustrated fill I out tils coin-on and !i:c:ose IS cents in « stamps or coia. Be sure to state number | at pattern and size, rsea-s--:--ng over the I fullest port of tne bust rcr I Address Pattern Department. Ni=e · Address . Size , fl I · DON'T BUY WATERMELONS i i You can have one free. We have 300 to give away Buy $i, worth of groceries and take you pick off the pile. N. L. MINTER Centre Square. Fertilizer = Lime = Coal Icnplements Aspers MilKng and Produce Co. i ^ w^ I I I Apers, Pa. lr HATS CAPS ·"II FALL AXD WINTER Shoes Rubbers C. B. KITZMILLER, Store open until S p. ir. II trait. AT GiVil SERVICE! 5F?"-^ oa - i" 1 *" °- -~* '"-" The second entered about a half inch sn-the grounr- tnat .the ^ ^ e ^.^ ^teaed. against the I charges were" unproved. Judge ~ ', safe!: "I shall hold that ali mot!; was to Would Oat U. S, Deputy shals and Goliecfors. LOSS in- vctviss the" probative "force of competent evidence" must be left until thi final submission of the ease." jlr. Fox thea "csclared he had in- ove to strike out articles S on iiKony ccncer: bone. The bullets were extracted. MARIE LLOYD BARRED Actress and Companion Ordered Back to England as "Undesirables." i Xew Tork, Oct. 3---Marie Lloyd, an t the ground thai; -the! English vaudeville actress, who arriv- erning them :"s n3t t ^ n g. ra on^eJVVlute Starjiner j v.-orriy of consideration." However he'. pj c f ro:n Southa: I said ce would bow to the ruling of the; v,,- jr, e irnniigratii | presiding judge. irk chenp. on. and it for those having positions His Oancee was always and cheeretl him so far as Site [ One i!ay the young engineer was call! e«l up on a telephone. On answering the cull he learned that the person on the other end of the wire \\ as the president of the Meecalf company. "TVould it be possible." he asked, "for vou to rec-uii from memory the j "vTsshington. Oct. 3.--A new provls-| Judge Herrfek, then announced tii^t; ·on. which would take pracLically allj couiisel for the governor were not: Ceputj- United States marshals and) prepared to go on with the case and jthanipton, was detained Ion authorities on the charge that, as h:s wife, she was ac- a man who was not her husband. j Both were ordered deported, as un- ·forinu!n. -you-- made for--t!Ue--electrical plant v.-e bid on while you were with "Xo. sir." There was no further word for a moment, but Bob knew that the receiv- deputy collectors of internal revenue | askea for adjournment until Monday t desirables. On tie passenger list the erjiad not beeu hung up. of the protection, of the classified} afternoon. civil service, has been added to the i ^lotion was then_pnt,ana .carried to urgent deficiency appropria.ticn bill by the senate coinmittee on appropriations, which reported the measure tack to the senate. - It provides that collectors of inter- asa United, States mar- man and woman were described as "Why do you ask? tins anythins afi;o_nm the case_ until Moncay after-1 noon at 2 o'clock, p ·2'_ j Governor \Viiiiim --"sulzer ceclare-1 there" would "be no__coraprcra!se in ais Sght-wita Tammany. He said: "I ain not~going to eomprcmise. I am going oScer or einploye, appoint his successor at his discretion without regard to the civil service laws or regulations." An appropriation of STOGO for the purchase of a nevr automobile for Vice President ^Marshall and i:s care 2.nqT operation for one year was also aaded to the bill by tha senate committee. The terms of office of the nve circuit judges now serving OH the United States commerce court, which Trould have ended at once under the provision recently passed by the house, have been extended to Dec. 31 by tae senate appropriations committee. in its report on the argent deficiency appropriation bill tae committee endorsed the provision abolishing the cominerce court, but gives tae judges about three months for rs::reinent- Found Whisky Lost 50 Years, lovv-a Falls. la.. Oct. 3.--A bottle of whisky a half century old was discovered by workmen repairing tae mill dam at this place. The bottle was in the sand between heavy logs taat were used when the dam "was built in ene "50s, and the supposition is that it oe'onged to some of tae workmen on .-he dam when it was originally built. American Farmers Invade Canada. "xTinrrfpeg, Man., Oct. 3. -- "vVestem Canada was invaded by 140,000 set- :lers from the "United States daring ihe season ended Wednesday. :s the statement issued by Brace "Walker, commissioner of immigration. WEATHHR EVERYWHERE. Observations G! TJrjated States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m. yesterday follow: Temp. "Weather. Albany 06 Atlantic City 5S Boston ....- 60 Buffalo... 56 Chicago 6i New Orleans 7S XewYork 60 Philadelphia 60 St. Louis 70 Washington 54 P. Cloudy. Cloady. Cioudy. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Rain. Clear. Clear. The Weather. Cloudy today; fair tomorrow; ·west wisds. a--» fighting fojr truth and righteousness. "When !--£bs elected gover- J--SIC.1.I. C^U.VC. ·* »^tiit».-i, ·- "--- V-- «--v^-_-^-. -.*·_!*. ··--· _ ., _ Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dillon. They oc- tappeced to the torinula I made for cupied a cabin on the promenade deck, cna of the best in the ship. Lloyd was met at the pier by "Yes. Last night our sitfe was broken into, sud it was taken ^vitli other ga the people cf this state, I decided ;o break loose from iny old surrounding?, :o So nothing that would be inimical to lawful huband?" the position. From the very beginning | After'"sotne hesitation Marie Lloyd of the trial they nave sought to compromise. There will be no compromise. I atn going on the witness stand. Two results will come from this impeachment. They will be, the recall and a direct primary measure." order to get the job finished according western, states and Australia. , The baggasre had been passed by the to contract, cus-o-s officers, and Marie" Lloyd was ««b opened his eyes, but not his readv"to leave, when an "immigration niouth. He knew that the .company insneetcr told her that" iniormatfoi" «"^:cl forfeit .?1GO.QOQ if the'work was --lajTbeen received that she" was not sot finished on time, lB.fleed.ji. could married" to Bernard Dillon, with whom «ot begin without nialang a nawformn- sae was traveling. ' ' !l - - ic ItiI! Sth he said: "Is this man." said the inspector, in- , dlcaaas Dillon his finger, "your bat I don't think you treatedjne ngh! " In not teHiug me wheii you employed Schiosser; so morning services. ·_-SALE3f.y: B. ; - *1 Sunday Scho'oi; 9:00 a. 91.; the Sacrament of the Lords Supper will be administered at Ihe 10:00 a. m. service. J. Chas. Gardner, riasfor. GETTYSBUSG'U. s. Sunday School, 9;3Q. a. in.; Junior Christian Endeavor Efeeting, 1:30 p. m.; Senior Christian Endeavor meeting 6:00 p. m.; Divine worship T:00 p. m. The sermon \vil! be'^preatfaed by the Rev. P. C. Hoffinan, subject ^he Same Mind which vcas in Christ". J. Chas. Gardner, oastor.' MeKXIGHTSTOWX CASHTOWN Kev. Mark Xevin \VIekerti of Lancaster Seminary, will preach' in the McKnightstown Reformed church on Sunday morning and in the Cash town church on Sunday afternoon. METHODIST " ' * Sunday school 9.:30 a. m.; preach- ng 10:30, subject of sermon, "De- jrees in Heaven"; Epu-orth League at 6:15 p. m. A cordial Invitation to all services. L. Doiv Ott, pastor. REFOPJIED Sundav- School 9:15 a. m.: Holy 'ommunion 10:30 a, m. Preparatory services Saturday at 2 p. 'in. - Church service 7 p. m. BIGLERYILLE LUTHEEAX ' Rally Day Sunday. .Service.; begins with the Sunday School as 3 al"rn. to be followed by a special program at 10, consisting of several, recitations, select music and addresses. The Junior Endeavor -wi!! meet at JST p. m., the Senior at 6:45. The^day- -\yill be closed with sermon by the nasCqr at 7:30. A most cordial Invitation is^ "given our friends and citizens to attend all these services- It will be'a pleasure to greet you. BEXDER'S, BEEOHMED Celebration of theSoiy Communion on Sunday at 10 a. m" Sunday School at 9 a. "m. Preparatory services at 2 p. m. Saturday. x - AREXDTSVILLE REFORMED Church service at 2 p. m. Sunday. YORK SPRINGS M.~ E. - Rock Chapel: Sunday School, d:30; sermon and.Communion service. 10:30. Hnnterstowh: Sunday - School, 1:30; .sermon by Rev- I~ M. Gardner 2:30, followed by the Communion service. York Springs: Sunday school, 9:00; Epworth League. 6:30. Luther W.' Mci Garvey, pastor. " ,,. ' TOU out. ilr.'Metcalf. HUNTERS WANT LICENSES Pennsyivanis Highway Department Believes 150.000 Will Be Needed. Harrisburg. Pa.. Oct. 3.--Onicials of the state highway department believe that close to ISu.oOO hunters will be licensed by the time Nov. I roils around and deer hunters commence to prepare for spcrt. The first or^er of licenses called for 1C3,C'UO. and in a dozen counties requests have been made for more. Rush orders have been given to tae printer? to get out more papers, and it is hoped :o naaKG a further shipment in a few days. la some of the counties 2000 hunters have been granted, licenses, and the way in wh:rh applications are be- Jag made for camping sites oa state forestry reservations indicates that there v»-iil be b:g times in the hunting Seic. Baby Eats Grass For Four Days. ErsKine. Mien.. Oct. 3. -- Benlaa ;he three-year-old daughter __ _ _ J that it was for this job only. _ I replieJ: "Xo: he~is not my legal hus- did a great deal of work home at band " i u iS !! ts and simnSy took re-uitd to the "Then " said ths inspector, "I must' oiSee. All tbat home work I have and request jot! both to go back on board cou!d eas.ily- reconstruct-the formula the Olympic and remain there until tomorrow morning, when j'ou will go ·wi;;: the immigrants to Ellis Island and appear before the special board of Inquiry." ! "When the actress heard that she v. ould not be permitted to go ashore · Cob could hear a supprebsefl es ciamation of joy. "You can come back to work if you Hke.'* said, the president, "and I'll raise your salary." "Thank you. i don't care to enter she began to v»eep and became hys- yonr emp.Ioy again. terical. Tob-cco Crop Cut In Half. Lancaster, Pa.. Oct. Z. -- Reports from the various tobacco growing sec- I'll make it permanent-" "That doesn't tempt me either.' -\Vhut do you ask for the ngures you have?" "They are not for sale. Had I been ticns of the county shew that this ' retained permaneatly in your employ year's crop will be only half of normal. "Usually the crop is valued at -4,- ; j -would give them to you, or if I had - oceu to ja" t hat I was liirad sJnipiy for 0:;«J,000. but this year the farmers wi-I ' t jj C j o i t j v .-ould do the same. As it Is be lucky if they receive half that sum. i j am under no obligations to you." In many places tobacco will not be j There was silence for n few moments cut. as it is far from maturity, while · ^-fcen the question cntae. "Will yos hundreds of growers have harvested i-^ A ~ notue this evening"" to wbicb leaf that was not ripe. Xo tobacca has ' 3^ r? pi yet been bought. GENERAL MARKETS I iioo repnea that he would. When Mr. Metcalf called In the evening hf looked Tery much broken. He offered Bob §10.000 if he would reconstruct the formula. Bob declined the oiier. but made a counter proposl- PHII.ABKI.PH1A -- FLOUR dull; winter clear. |3.75@S.SQ; city iascy. §5.25413.60- , , RTE FLOUR quiet: per barrel. S3 50 j submit the case to the neaas or o«.ner @360. , ' ? fira: N °- re * ~ ' I tian. He proposed that they should S concerns to decide between tbeci what the cost should be. botb to be bound of "William Gansnors, who had been lost for four days, was found under a p:ie of brush in tae wr^/.s far frqru her father's hoiae. -The ^".d lived on grass and herbs, she told ner parents. Large passes had been searching for the chilli, the belief being general that she hasl been carried away by a leopard tnat escaped from a circus some time ago. CGRX steady^ Xo. 2 yellow. S1 3 ^£ by their decision." Tbe offer was nc- S2c | cepted. and an average amount of what : thft arhTErator5 g^rcd as a proper pay- t" 75 g-SOc. per ] ment was S12.500. \ But a different arransemeat was 1 -de. Mr. Mdca« sold a coBtrollin, - choice fowls. 20c_; old roost_r=. Interest in the company to the vice ' ' POTATOSS steady bu;nel. v . BUTTER steady; 34c. oer IV faney creamery. | president and resigned the presidency. * ----- j Bob was given s position at SS.OQO a EGGS sjeady:' selected, S5c.; near 1 year for five years and restored the c. ( without ay, 33c.; western. 3Sc. Prodace",^**arkets. I To Elect Yuan Shi Kai. ft ', Oct. 3.--Announcement was ! \ made that the national assembly has ! decided to elect President Yuan Shi S4'?'77S. S Kai to a term of five years. This will be gf2 T $t 3,3-IsSo f ! be the first "constitutional" election in ^,3- s 'tockers "and\feerters.._l5.-50'eS: 1 the Chinese republic and probably will rows and^ heifers. $3.S5@S.7S; calves. . take place Oct. 10, unless frustrated "^f^'lOc to 15c higher; natives. ' by the imperialists, who are plotting gs.70@4-75: yeavl'ngs, §4.S5{g5.75; na- to restore the empire. " tive lambs, §5.75^7.35. " · ( forrxrnls. sis an employee without ciia^e. His ability "to "do so saved the word to his fiancee nboat the loss of the formula till tne matter was settled between him and the ifetcalf company. When he did so he held her in a bear hug. Bob and Sadie were married long CONSCIENCE MONEY From Aobottstown to flavor .Lafein of York. '" , = That some person Ls being pursned by the knowledge of .their evil geeds, was made evidenc Wednesday when* Mayor Lafean, of York, received*/50 cents "conscience money"" In his mom?, ing rnail. The letter was postmarked Abhottstown s bu'c was not signed. .Enclosed with the money tvas a . single sheet of paper, upon"tee top of wgi^ was Inscribed In' pencS/ ''conscience, money for the city of York." The_eia= velope also in pencil, was addressed ·'ilayor John R. Lafean, York, Pa.^ _ S50 HORSE Enters Bail In Horse Stealing Case of Last July. . . Harry Stevens, of Heidlersb.urg, who was. arrested by Constable Herman, on a charge of stealing a horse valued aif 8-50 from Stanley Hemler, in York, last -July, was given a hearing Tuesday before^ Alderman Allison, In. York. The defendant entered bail for his appearance before the October grand jury. Stevens" was represented, by Attorney James G. Glessner. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled In Gettysburg for Coming "Weeks. Oct 4--Fool Ball. Albright Colle-a Xixpn, Field. Oct. 5--Qsenlng- engagement, "WDk Musical Comedy Co. Theatre. Oct. II--Annual Toptoa Orphaal* Sciiaol esccrsion. Oct. IS-^lfer-Lutheraa West Pa. Syn od meeting. St. Jarnes church. Oct. 17--Concert. Mozart Gcrapanj Brua "Chapel. ,, Oct. Si--Annual Hallowe'en.' mers" Parade. r ! Captain Bill Sweeney-of th Brawas Dick Kinsella, Scout for the St. ' Frank Chance has reached the stage »go. and Bob is now one of the principal managers of the Metcalf cciup-uy. · -*-«-*" " ~ "} BHIy Sullivan, the former Whita Sox catcher, considers John Henry of is satisfied the other teams of tha i Louis Cardinals, lias an eye on some where he is desperate. He \v ill build league will not use the Boston team ; of the Buffalo players of the Interna- «P some kind of a team which wins "\Vashingtoni the best catcher in the for a football this year,. _ i tioual league _ oftener or quit jihe_game, j American league ~_ - 1 " "" { ' t{. B- Gleaner and Presses

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