The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

FEBRUARY 22 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ELEVEN 4 ARMY PILOTS HAVE LOST LIVES Lowry First to Be Killed in Crash While Actually Carrying Mail. WASHINGTON, Feb. 22. Four army airmail pilots have crashed to death since the air corps was assigned the task of flying the mail, but Lieut. D. O. Lowry, who fell near Deshler, Ohio, early this _ morning, was the first to be killed while actually carrying mail. Second Lieuts. Jean D. Grenicr of Fort Crockett, Texas, and Edwin D. White of March field, Cal., were killed when their plane crashed in a blinding snowstorm in Weber canyon, Utah, the night of Feb. 16. Second Lieut. James Y. Eastham of March field was killed when his plane crashed and burst into flames near Jerome, Idaho, the same night. All three pilots were on practice flights enroute to airmail stations. Several other army pilots, on practice flights and carrying mail, have made forced landings because of extremely bad weather, but were not injured. President Nominates Kelly, Charles City, Bachelor of Thompson WASHINGTON, Feb. 22. UP)-President Roosevelt today sent to congress a largo number of nominations which included: Postmasters: Iowa--Bayard, Opan V. Ocheltree; Charles City, Thomas C. Kelly; Clearficld, James S. Walton; Paton, John Miller; Pella, Edward Van Zante; Thompson, John Batchelor. Do You Really Want To Stop That Cough? You can do it with a couple of doses of Bronchu- line Emulsion--with half a bottle anyway. It's no pleasant tasting sweet sugary cough syrup but It's one with a real kick. As a matter of fact, it feels great going down. Gives INSTANT RELIEF. Soothes a hacking, racking cough almost while you are swallowing it. Money baclc doesn't give you relief. Michael Drug Store and all other good druggists guarantee It. IOWA LDMP cCTnlfrrlllc) W. KT. NUT w. KIT. LUMP. G O A L $6.5O ton $6.50 ton $8.OO ton $8.5O ton so. H,L. LUMP. . (FranJdio Canntyl Above Coals Best In Their Respective Fields. WITS FAY 5IOUE? Wolf Bros. PHONE 1148 Algona Editorial Caused Wide Reverberations in Dysentery Investigation Waller Accused Newspaper Fraternity of Hushing Up Epidemic News. ALGONA, Feb. 22.--An editorial in the Algona Upper DCS Hoines, written by Editor Russell Waller, has had Its reverberations in all sections of the country. In it, Mr. Waller charged Chicago's newspaper fraternity was accused of an inexcusable conspiracy to hush up news about the outbreak of amoebic dysentery which occurred during the later weeks of the World's fair. The Chicago Daily Times gave attention to the editorial with a vigorous denial of the accusation. A double page feature tracing the epidemic in the Chicago Tribune of two or three Sundays ago was In the nature of an echo and answer to the local editorial and last week, Editor and Publisher, foremost publication for journalists, devoted more than a full page to a review of the ^spute. Believes Blame Misplaced. "Criticism of the Chicago newspapers and press association bureaus for their alleged failure to warn the public outspoV--'ly regarding the danger of amoebic dysentery here last fall," wrote George A. Brandenbu-- T , special correspondent for Editor and Publisher, "is apparently unjustified, based on a survey of facts leading up to the first announcement concerning such condition in Chicago last November. "After a careful checkup with managing editors of the various local papers and press associations, it appears the local press rushed news of the dysentery epidemic into print as soon as reliable information was made available by local health authorities. "At the worst, the press failed to print rumors, which were then unverified and which would have been libelous if not substantiated, while the local health authorities apparently delayed making any public announcement which would have been, legitimate news and which could have been given the public as official warning of the facts in the situation. Report Criticizes Bundcsen. A few days ago the executive council of the Chicago Medical society adopted a. report criticizing Dr. Herman N. Bundesen, president of the city board of health, for withholding too long the news of the outbreak of amoebic dysentery. The Upper Des Moines editorial which caused all the shooting was as follows: "May those businessmen of Chicago sailing under the title of 'newspapermen,' receive the unyielding acorn of the craft for their part in the Chicago 'news suppression' scandal, which allowed amoebic dysentery, a serious and often fatal disease, to be spread to all parts of the country and perhaps the world. "After the world's fair closed, the news leaked out that a largo Chicago hotel ivas found to have in its employ 11 persons capable of transmitting this disease without contracting it themselves. * * * Disease Spread Stressed. "News of this outbreak was purposely withheld until the fair closed, lest it hurt attendance. In the meantime, the disease has been reported from all sections of the United States and a score of deaths nalres, radio broadcasting and pub- icity were used to bring to light as many cases as possible in cities out- ide of Chicago. "It is safe to say that !u a previous generation the majority of these cases might never have beRn detected in relationship to tlie ori.rinal 'ocas In Chicago. Without such ef- 'orts, the existence of a widespread epidemic might never have betm known." UUSSELL WALLEU --VHOTO BY FETEUSON'S STUIlIO THE OF VITAMIN D Science Gilds the Lily has long been known as "the almost perfect food," because It contains so many of the vital food elements. Consequently, it constitutes one of the most important factors in the human diet, particularly for infants and children. An outstanding- factor t h a t makes milk the "almost" perfect food instead of "the perfect food" is the fact that milk generally contains only small amounts of vitamin D. This vitamin, which la highly important in preventing rickets, a prevalent disease of childhood with sometimes serious consequences in adult life, Is obtained directly through sunshine and cod-liver oil. It is for this reason that baby specialists recommend that children receive adequate sunshine and be given cod-liver oil as a regular part of the diet. But children often dislike cod-liver oil so much, because of Its taste and odor, that parents are confronted with a serious problem. Now science has come forward with a solution. It has improved the "almost (C) 1933, Vitamin perfect food," milk. A process has been developed which makes it possible to extract from cod-liver oil its vitamin D content, in a form that is both odorless and tasteless. This used extract is now by a number of dairies and bakeries in the United States, making: H possible for both children and adults to receive supplies of the important vitamin D through the pleasant medium of their milk and bread. Information Bureau, N. Y. VITAMIN D BREAD Pfaff Baking Co. have resulted, with more possible, as the disease may lie dormant for weeks. "Newspapers should carry the news. When the Chicago papers withheld this news and press associations deliberately kept it off their wires, they sacrificed some of the fine ideals of the newspaper business for a few dollars--and the nation as a whole suffers, inasmuch as outbreaks from 26 citias have been reported. Prompt publication of tlie facts in the case would have warned world's fair visitors back home, and enabled medical science to make information public at once, which would have counteracted the disease." Times Makes Comment. To this the Daily Times commented, in part, ns follows: "Editorials of a similar strain have appeared in other newspapers. * : * News cannot be suppressed unless it is known. As far as the Daily Times is informed, the first knowledge that the newspapers and the press association office had of the epidemic came from Dr. Bundesen on the afternoon of Nov. 9. The Daily Times received Dr. Bundesen's first announcement too late for publication in the current day's paper, but hig statements appeared in the Issues of Nov. 10 and on subsequent days. "We do not know how the assembled experts would define the phrases 'recently uncovered' and 'promptly instituted' but as journeymen in the newspaper craft, we believe that Bundesen misused the language. "The official records seem to prove that by Sept 1 he knew that there was a rather' clear evideno of an outbreak of amebic dysenterj during- June, Jtily and August. The records seem to show further tha 1 instead of letting- the medical profession and the public know the facts, the health department kept quiet until Oct. 9, when Dr. Frcrl O Tonney read a paper before one section of the American Public Health association convention in Indianapolis. The paper was not made available to the press associations or to the Daily Times. Not Given Newspapers. "On Oct. 2G, the health department sent a questionnaire to 22.000 persons who had registered at two Chicago hotels. These hotel patron were mostly from out of town. But in the meantime, thousands of Chicagoans had patronized Hie hotels in question. There was as much likelihood that they had come in close contact with amoebic germs as the non-residents. Yet there was no information given to the medica' profession or to the public througl: the newspapers, warning Chicago ans who showed symptoms. "There have been 14 Chicago deaths from amoebic dysentery, we understand, 21 deaths outside the city. We suggest to the assembled experts that they may render public service if they will tell thlf community whether an epidemic, during June, July and August tha was recognized early in September but not. reported to the public unti Nov. 9 was handled in a way that contributed to medica! science." The Herald and Examiner also discussed the subject in an editorial, asking why the city administration suppressed the information concerning the possible epidemic. It referred to the fact that the Hearst paper had been first to present the story. Tribune Praises Bumlesen. The Chicago Tribune's article, in contract, gave Dr. Bundesen generous credit for his nationwide cam paign to check the spread of dy sentery after the source of the epidemic was found to be in Chicago It mentioned the Auditorium and the Congress hotels as the two places connected with the epidemic It also revealed that Texas Guinan death was due to amoebic dysentery rather than appendicitis for which she was operated on. In the Editor and Publisher article, there were statements from the heads of principal new.i agencies ~ach giving his recollection of whet and how the item about the dysentery epidemic came to his attention and how it was transmitted to the newspapers of the country. Journal Defends Authorities. The concluding paragraphs presented an excerpt from the Ameri can Medical Association Journal, de fending the action taken by the Chi. cago health authorities,' as follows "Attention Is called in this connection to the chronology of the in cident.9 concerned in this outbreak the gradual manner in which nee essary facts were perforce developed and the way in which question Keeping It Secret. Hubby: "What's the big- Idea? These shirts are four sizes too big "or me. You know I wear 13',;,." Wifey: "Well the big ones cost iust the same as the little ones and wasn't going to let that new clerk enow what a little shrimp I married."--Ex. Those of us who have trouble understanding the devaluation plan envy the carefree life of the physicists. They have nothing to trouble -heir pretty heads about but nro- tons, positrons, electrons, deutons, neutrons and sometimes a few alpha particles.--The New Yorker. Tells Nebraskans Unicameral Legislature Would Hit Selfish Interests. LINCOLN, Nohr., Feb. 22. t.-Ti--A one house legislature was described to Nebraskans today by Senator George W. Morris as a means of reducing the influence of selfish Interests, of giving more power to the prorjje bv 1'ixiu:; responsibility and of lowering taxation. In a speech prepared for delivery here at a public meeting starting the campaign for a state constitutional a m e n d m e n t , Norris sketched his reasons for believing a pniall, non-partisan, one chamber hotly would be more responsive and efficient, and urged it as n menns of conducting government on businesslike principles. Gain ftlore l*o\vcr. Labeling his plnn as another stop in the historical efforts of the people to gain more power, Norris said two house legislatures copied the federal system which grew out of fear of placing government in the hands of the people. '·Our people ore sufficiently civilized and educated," he said of the present situation, "to know what kind of government they want and the laws they want enacted to enforce government among themselves. If we can now Improve upon our law making bodies, and if we can give to the people a. more direct voice in their state governments, why should we not eliminate some of the things which have been found unnecessary and cumbersome, ns well as expensive, in these state legislatures?" Third House Rules. He questioned the need of two houses instead of one and said that actually power rested In a third house, "the conference committee" whose members are not elected by the people. Recognizing conference committees ns a necessity in every two house legislature; Norris said the result was "as a prno.tical proposition, we have legislation, not by the m6mbera of the senate, not by the mombors of the house, but we have legislation by the voice of five or six men." Add Definitions. An old-timer is one who can remember when he was instructed to get some new talking machine needles, as there was company com- irg Sundav.--Ohio Stnto Journal. Cuba's new president, we read, dresses informally in keeping with the tradition of the office. All, yes. Running pants and spiked shoes, we assume. -- Boston Herald. Good News for Kidney SufSerers! Ilcre is relief that KO^I ri«ht into the irritat«d kidney Ami Madder organs to quietly, you e*a ·ctunllySEB results within n f c w hour*. Tlushct out poisons, neutralizes burning «ciJ". brine* prompt nootWns comfort. No mere achinfl back. wcnfc Mnrfdfr, sore pMnful joints (mm l*ek o* kidney activity. Ask (IruRgiat for Foley Pills-- Ukrt no other. Monty bfcck KUraate*. 01031 C UTICURA SOAP AND O I N T M E N T BatliB tbeoftcctcil parts freely wUlidrtlonrn Soap nnil hot trater.dry gently, and nnointwhli Qntleura Wlnlnient. 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