Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 17, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1949
Page 7
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Help Wanted—Male WASTKI>—Salt-iiijn for Incnl 'aMorm bile dtjiifr. ur««f»>0enfii Kiven u, : with sunn- i.\iK-rli<.nf<... titan; lull 'Hi.v; flcatlon* in own lumdwrltlnK to l'<< "(;•• riii-,- i.l NL-WU. 2 Help Wonted—Female WAXTEII—SinKlv or married w.umn for uitcrnnon clerical work. KoiMy Box "M" care <•( New*. For Sale Houses For Sale >'OK HAJjfi—0 room liouwr- witti !-uri porch, fireplace. 2 car urmuce bu Dutifully lantl»cu,M.'il. K.xtertor roce.-.tty painted. Interior clean and in A-l urin- cl.tlon. 120 (t. ;rr>nUiK*\ 200 It. ilculh. No agents. Call lor appointrnjnt. 7304. 5 to S t> m. For Sale For SiUe J'KUNI'KI.."!; -1 KAMIl.V OK or ,x 2 FAMILY <)!•• twn •! ItOO.M Al'T.S. STICK * STAS 'I'llltOCtillODT-- Wilh ultra modern kitchen ;tnd oalli. Liood heating Hywti'in. L.OW taxes, i*U- imtud on J acre plot ol luiul mi a liiini .surfaced roail. Price only JIO.SUJ. I'.I S.stlu Down. I,R8Tl':l( K. YOUNO. INC, KKAiyPUKS — 1NKUKANCJ5 20 .KHHI .Main S:. TH. r.-1] 57—Il-l!).,! or 3-2359 . For Sale For Sale Milt SAI.H—a liunily bonne rounlH (til oiu'li lloor, I;IM)(] r. Inn: hu'julon. |irli:i'»l I'l'UHuMulj Anthony l-'arrer -n:i^. JnHurunco & lieu! Instat IJI.MKUIATK OCCIJi'ANCl' — 5 tuoiu nmiKaUnv. i'ro.spect-Uiilun City 'lid. 1'ruwar, well coiiHlmcttHl. Nluuiv located lot. awrox. liOO It. HI], Ueu. Uarrlty. Tel. \Vtby. C-1S&0. JA.MKS MOO1UO Jtfiil ISfcti.t(! — AnijralHCr Phone ;tr>fi& lf»i' Selitcted Hornet >'OH HA I. li— Southwest Nei-tlori H U»von. Move rinbl in — nesv buiulUtul bungalow, 5 rooms on onu door, II replace. natural tile bathronm, uil heat. Oreaily reduced in ut Ice iruin JiK.OOu to $i;j.00(l. No telephone Information. Call mi: today and let me Hliow you this one. PATSY ],ABKIOI,A. Heal Katale Auent I'hnna KauK. 345X or Wlby. 5-22 I'J V(in SALK— Main St.. Beacon Falls, 7 room house, hoi water heat, bath. luive lot. . Tel. 20!) 1 Seymour COUNTRY HOMES—With all imnrove- mcnts. H room bunsalow ?JSUU fi room home $75(10 r, room home $ROOll 6 room home $'1800 MADOKNO HHAI/TV Oxford — I'lione 2001. Seymour JMMKIMATE OCCUPANCY—(i rwl home. Kood location, rcaMonahle. Anthony K, Htlon. Dial C042. FOR HAJ..K —J family li room hmi.'iu situated on L'nton City Hoad. oil bu-'n- er lurnace, limulated. J.nt ''iO. V. A. JIRA/.ICKI. Jtl'ill KtuMn. I'lH.lic 61 if,. SKW MOilKKN—n-roorn home, 4 roomu and bath on lli'Ht lloor, ull huul, priced reasonably. liJSACON FAljJ^S—New, modorn. 4- room arid tile bath on [Irwt door and two uallnl.Hhed on 2nd lloor. GaraKO and oil heat, IUI'KO lot. JIO.OOO. Call A. SHKI'IjlOV. 1M33 or D144. Root and Boyd, Inc. Realtors Insurance 174 Grand St. , Phone 4-3161 Wtby. •any or Soil a ll;islnu»s JOST5V11 HAIvPKIUK, l5VO!ieT In»ur:incf, IjutB, Jtcnl Ehiuto £0 E. Miiln St. Tel. 4-68113 WHrj. B-. A. BRAZICK1 — Real flstat* — 174 PROSPECT »T. PHOHH (4SI LUt Your Property for Quick 8»le. Thn A. R Martlno Co. Heal Extuto And Appral»al« 20J B. Main St. I'hone S-JZ8B Wtby WAJLTlfiR A. NOKWASH, Agy.. INSURANCE 209 Church 8L Ilione 4784 ) FAMIJ-V—5 roonm on VIlBhlftna Avo Tel. 5031 JOHN HliAl.Y, 11» Church St BYEOLl.Y'b BEAL ESTATE Spring St. Tel. S-2C8 Waterbury, Conn. TRY NEWS WANT ADS FOB QUICKER RESULTS ForJRent^ Wantoil to Buy Announcements NTKW—Uoca 2 iiunTly houno. 0 or ( oMiM on cuch Ili;or iirel.u reel. 1 h«V( u c»nh cuHlomor waiting (or nucli • tlnjf. HENIIY M. MUIU'HT! KnUle and Apprnlmila Telephone 8-4032 Waterbury Land Fpr Sale lib Opiiortuiiltles WAI/PICK OK08KI Bluiilrlciil Coritruclor InduHtrlal — Oomrnorclal — Domoifttc iieiivon FallH I'huliu 4000, Nau«. Oar Sodu Fountain Open 7 a. m. to' 6 p. nx Except Sunday ANDY'S 'CAMPUS — Church Btreut Merchandiie Poultry and "Eggn KAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, NOV. n. Services TllltKKYN — Allva ut lni*it). Uronil,- bruaHtuil lu'onzu, Uouriiu Bmith, Allur. ton FurniM Hil.. NIIUK. Till. 4090. FOIl NAI.K—UulldltlK Spriiuj St. niiiHiinuUlc. er -1 |j, m. or on Sal. itot on North l.'hoiUi il)5,'! ult- FOIl 8AA.K—bevwrai bulldlrnt lotn ot Now Haven ltd. rteasonahle. (Jit) •water. Phono Harry Sclimltz. 4*85, utter K p. 10. JFor Rent Rooms to Bent «OOM— l-Vir rent, with kltcbon KeH, i;oo<l locutluq, I'huno 43i3 rlv- 12 Buitlnese Aiuiouncement* CJIltlSTM AM THE Eg — WHOL.EHAJ ,H Fancy lliUmim & Bpruuo, that Moll on Might; all Holccted, ReuMonably orlotifK rimifch, wreulhH, «tc. Write lor DrK.o. l_UJOHI3S_FAnw. BernardMlon, Ma«H. 13 Special Notice* TURKKYS—Allvo or droBHcd, Whoii- uale ur retail. All Ktzen. . Mrs. It. HchlldKon, Bast Waterbury Rd.. Na'J- Kiituck. Tel. NaUK, 36G2. UNION CITY POULTRY MARKET ENS—Fresh killed or. frozen ...,j--BOOS—Free Delivery'. School St. Tel. 25-J1-6427 RABBITS FOR SALE! -Dial a-4&2« Wtby. LAUUK PKIVATK HtlOM—r-'iir relit. Soparato entrance. Itirnlybed, reanon- ublu. Kocin lor cur In yart). T«l. 344X I-'IIH HKNT—Furnlwhctl room urivatu family. Tel. CUC4 8b Offices To B4mt FOIl KENT — Offices for prQlesnlonal man in Naugntuck. Tel. 3-38fiO, 'Wtby. Announcements WILLIAM M. OHtTTENDKN Inmiranoo ._ Real Bstatfl 180 Church St, Phone 2440 NOTJCE—Dick Hlalon Garage, ii7r- merly of 1250 West Mftln St.. Waterbury, now at 136 Rubber Ave,. Nanga- tuc|«. Phono NuuiC. »713. Feed ana Furi WOOU — Well seasoned burd itood, •icryti or lirepljice lengths. Great Oak Farm ' Phon* >04> ' Pfllce tMid Other B«ulpment\ Automotive Anton for Sale lib Business Opportunities THIlliTYl Htup At Th» BTUAITSVILLJB 81'A New Hinun Houd l-'ion* 4f)»4 EXI'EflT—Carburetor and k«ncr»tor utsrvlc*. Check now lor winter. A & B AUTO BBRVICB 614 Bank St. Tel. {-1232 Wtby Kill HA1.K-11J40 Notlun, A-l condition. Miivt be 4-dr, excellent ^care. Jack' LehnerH, dr,»i- anon to he apuxecteted. TblH car has had excel'" 1 -" 1 •--- -—•--•• " " 4|)8G. MuttntMKiti Mattresses Remade 1 Day 8«i rica—Work Guaranteed MUfllcy'* MuttroB* Bcrvlc* Phpn* 4-9J79 Wat«rburv 37 BiutneM Services Rendered BUHNER ASB KLKCTHICAl, WOEK ED. DUrUETTK. TEL». 4367 Ull Uum*m Cleaned mid B«p»lr»0 Part* For All Makoii ol Dqrncr* Hurry ChQrclitll, 18 fronpect St.. IMt CHISINEYH pointed and repaired bj exp»rt. All types of mason work. JOHN ODOM Phone 0-0267. Wtbv HOLLAND FUKNACB CO. • ?" ..... "•-» — -.-.'... ---- — • — ». — -. - • Hot Air IToriuicft*. DOCTOKS, DBNTJSTS. CR10D1T MiilN 740 B. Main St. Tel. 4-100S Wtby. NOW AVAILABLE \ I - 1'IIlli UlBtUMTAJMCli — Curd lllCH altd Concealed Just what you wanted , See u* or havu our rcuroHcnUitlva call 1 SOLOMON'S 8AI.ES ft SKItVICM 37 CookoSt. ' Dial I-7H10 88 Articlo» 8AIM - Combination KUH & oil atove. ' 4X4, uractlcB-Hy now. Vory Phoiio 5022. FOB HALE—7 loot rofrlncralor. Excellent condition, $fjr>. Can be HOC;) at Oid Lltchllolil Trk.. Bctlmny.-- Hundel. BllKSH.MAKIJSO, (iOWNS, MATK11I Al/S—M|MH A. Lamparella. 11 Maple Terrace. Phono 2925. OU9BIIS TAKES (or Slip Drapery, Spreads, Material Bhuwn. T«f. ET«ly» MoB '•' llBnter'* AlBBlnaro Camblnatlua Storm Winnow* : laudation, Roollnf, 8Mla«* UOC DUKXLKR CO. Wtby. I-I»H lib Business Opportunities Fitzpatrick-Romano — Public Accountants — Phone Naug. 2805-60O7 BRIDAL SHOP , 861 No. Main St. Tel. 3-1884 Wtt>y. Gowna—brides, bridesmaids, (lower girl* DBESSHAKINO and Alteration don* reasonable. Phone 5841. Mrs. Loulne McGuIro, 47 Blnghum St. Ft)II «AMi-H)3-, Ford 4 ilr, neOan, Mimt HUM 11 quod motor. Onlr |ilt». .Can b« neen at BUBO QKH SUtlnii, North Main St, Ank (Or Hay Caron'u "WAFCO" BETTER VBXD CABB TUB NAtJQATUCK fVEl, CO. FOB SALJ3—Blue overstulled llvlnic room chair. Te.l. 0823. Alter 5 p. m. FOR SALE—Utunor Kan hoiUer. Itixim li«itt»r. 27 Ollvo Ht. Tel. 3000. FOB f(AHS—OHiy combination oil and and BUM i-ahiio In KOCH! condition. Kllch- en table & 4 ehalra, aluo. Phone 6994. , • Winter Accessories BALDWIN ST. GULF STATION Jqa. Clrlollo, Prop. Tel. a-934* Wtby. or 48«6 Nau«. ' UOTCHKJSS ST. DdDGB Phon* IM7 SHE'S WAITING POR /we... IN DETROIT...\NrlERe NQUR /MOtOR 1RIP I* JO&f A WIPER IN 60ME JOE'S HAND! DETROIT, HUH1 AW HOME TOMKll 10U KNOW MV 0ABVI EVER HEAR OF VJ1LPA DORRAV? -YOU'RE TOO IfOUNfl AMD eooo LOOKINS NOT TO BE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE I THERE-TrlERS U SOMEONE, I«M'T TMEvTE * ,«.OR—? FROSTY THERE \<y SOMEONE - BOO-flQO-HOO// I .CftN'T. POSSIBLV TELL POOR THE (SNIF-SCA)»F) HORRIBLE NEWS, MR.SMITH WHflT NEWS, HON6V-POT? I'll BE PLUMB TICKLED TO T6LL' TH' OU' :: WRING OUT HflNKERCHER RN' HflND! IT TO ME, ROSV JftWS 800-HOO- HOOO!! SO QRftB M6 ft FISTFUL OP HUNNErtr-OOlL6R BltLS CUT'N TH'CftSHBOX.1 Rosy awos - 1 RIM TO BOV MVS6T ft BODflOODS cue PRROON Me MOMENT. MR.TVLCR ... BUT NOT FOR IONS'. WOOD! WE'RE RUKUING WOOP, BUZ.ylENPA UZ STOPS THE MIL CAR... THERE'S TVtf/ OUig." )LJ THE C3AMES OVEtt.*•- ^N STILL. UNTAMGLIMG ) TH* PLAVBtlS-"- -^ STANTOM ITS STANrONS BALUOM PLAV--IF LOOKS LIIC& NUMBGB TH>J " - T'S BILL- S^rfTEQ /. / ^ CXDC»OI^ IS OVemWETBE- NCW MB POLICS AWK mv»- TEN SECONDS ••-•NINE' SECONDS --THERE'S LAV'/ A LIMC' V/AS A TOUCH CXiVJU.''• LETS TRY THAT •*>. ( , ALL RGHT! 5Tl>rr We LEARNED )\ BUT BE ON THE BEACH T ( CAREFUL. 1 UVST SU»«MER. . T MAD A > HUNCH YOU ( WERE HOLDIM6 X OUT ON ME; CMEER UP, SKEETEF2.' THINK . HAUL WE'LL MAKE IF I CAN RK THAT STUNT <5N SRANDPA ON THE LIVIN&-ROOM RU6? LOOK ALOFT, VOLUNTEER. 1 •VE" WELCOMES YOU COKGCATULATIONS ON YOUR SURRENDER/ THAT WE M^Y SEE EYE-TO-EYE... PUPIL MUST MEET PURL.' • vgiTH THAT, THE GREAT EYE- BfXLL DESCEKDS AHD EHV/Ef GALBV- VWAT GOES HERE, DIMBUUB6 ? LET ME GO... I'M LOOKING FOR THAT "EVE"GUY AND MISS WHAT YOU (V\EAN... U8KD BBVllIGEBATOBS FOlt SALE-H* ANB UP, A1TDBDVBY APPLIANCE UNION CITY • TB1. «4»1 Vtnetten Blind* (Cuntorn-Made). Blip Cover*, Made to Ord4r. Free BstlmMo* - Phone 66H. BOSTON 8TOBB FOB BALK— 1141 Cadllho Hydromt- tlo Sedan, Bxcelient condition throughout. A rul buy, Comolotely r Packard Waterbury, Packard Sale* * Bervlci* "A Sale PUoe to Buy" 481 Watertown Ave. . Dial 4- MEMBER OF VAHA -«l(/» Hubb«ll'> b«rtM« SUttoi. HE Rubber Av«. . Phon«>4917 — Wa*hln«—Pollrhlnf—Waxing — STUBBBAKKK TKUCK8 «v»U»ble. Air Model* and BI»OH KlUCKHOKf MO'COBS 129 nubber Ave, ' Phone 4X18 — Studebaker Car* * Truck* — t PIBOE—Bond Vermont maple; bedroom suite, I1K4.60. Oakvllle Furniture Co.. 1(4 Main St.. Oakvlll«. T»L Win 224. Watorbury Branch. 6*5 Baldwin at Tel. 6-38SI. UM our ''Lay-Away Pum." Article* For Sale Clearance Halo — Rayon I>ros« PrlnlH — DOc A Yard , L. & C. FABRIC CENTER' 48 Qraitd Bt. Oni). Hadi*y H SEA BEE MOTOR SALES 1«78 Th.maiiton AT*.. WaterTttU Tel. U-OHII-USKU CABS * TRUCKS Cnr* Bnachl *nd B.iM 8K1VPY IMAOBH MOTOB SALJJS in* WATBETOWlr AVK. Tel. Wthj^. 4-8»»l or VTatertown 1H« TraOwv HKK MOOEUN THAILKH COACH IIOMEH—ComnleU with bathrooms, HhoworH, tubs. Famous Liberty Trail-' er ConchoH now available on 5 yenr !><«, finance plan. Other wetl* known make** like Vagabond, Trotwood, American. National and Pralrlo Schooner on reasonable terms. Open 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. dally. Ryder Trailer Co., Port Road, Mllford, Conn. (1 mile unut ol Mil lord Center) Mlllord 2-8939, Auto Parti MOW4 CHKVK. Arpacas. Luuna Olotn TlBsue Falllo, otc.. at (ITic per yd, i*ni) up. In all tin) new hollduy col'ira- Call Mrs. Ruth Pllskln. B895. IIAUGAINN—U»«d Klontrlc Range* 110 und up, also, used Wushlng Machines $10 and up. Watts Electric Strait* Turnplko Tel. 3-467<t Wtby. RAY MELBOURNE j Mower Mnrpealng * Wuldte 410 llibber AT*. Phoac 7tl Delco, Kemy and Autollte Service Whltall Battery & Electric Co. 136 Rubber Ave. Phone 871 Mezzio's Offers: tudktor Hertrx . MEZZIO'S lllt_»|VKIUUBK a HIVE. TM. The MUSIC SHOP . . . record* for tthUdren make wonderful year-round gift* . . . 88 Church St. Phone 6287 •BUT A CUTAWAY VUB THAT IMPORTANT KTKICTI W* CM rtt HUM TM Mi IMBIMBO'S Tk«B All Vnira 8U Wtt>r. 8HOP or SANTOS GENERAL BEPAI&8 Radiator*, Batteries V?K»hlnr Mttchlne*. Baby BlCfden, Soldertnf LAWN MOWKRS «OU Rubber A»e. Phone «I77 OUABAMTKED Kfal-AIUM-AU mak> machine*, vacounm. U^ind maenkiMt bou«tit. Blnier Bewlni HaoblD* Co 4-4JOI. KALAI1AZOO Saleu and, Service 22 Savings 8t. Tel. 4-C533 WtbT 87 BuiSneM Service* Rendered R«HaDi« Window Cleaning Co. t ClBton Ave. ff Phon» Special Price* OB All Jl»»orUl» W. RICH ABBS- tM "wilk Ml - Mkl MIT t. U. TIFFT CO. B7 Church St. P»»»e 37 9C Phimblng-Heatbw-Ol) Burner »»rv»oi CKS81'OOI>8—HKI'TIO TAKK8 01»an«<l, mmalM — Dralnt UnpUgcc AnythlDgr, Anrwhur*. Promptly SCOTT SANITATION SERVICE DtM MSt CAHltlKN'S CUSTOM TAIT.OIl ^Tailor-Made (tklrta - 17.5.6 3-Day Cleaning Service 147 8. Main St. Pl>tne 2011 Hawley Hardware 102 Church Street Moore's and Devoe Painti Glidden's Spread Satin Plaati-Kote Finish Roastera Electric Appliances Hotpoint Refrigerator and Stoves Phone 4086 TOe Deliver Full Line of Frenh Bmkerlee Kvery Hunrlae KCLAIRS MARZPAN FKCITH BRAN MUFFINS BIRTHDAY CAKES CITY BAKERY MAPLK ST. TEL. M78 Open Dally 6:90 A. M. to • P. M. 3. A M. ELECTIUOAL WORIC8 House Wiring and Repair Barnum Court. Phones 3234-5:131 I/HUD HMVKHiixiK COOM:H — 33 cane counter type dry ooolor. To bo nold below coHt, uomulote with unit, Original cost 1 year ago SG95. fiticri- llce prlco $325. i WAI^TBIl'S RKFIHaBRATION Main St., Beacon Fftlln. Tel. •74S» FALL FUItH — Full atock. Ulttle (urn. none liner. Walllnglord, 2fll-M. DOHAT FTJB FARM. THE HARJIRBS SHOP 90 Ornnd Ht. Tel. 4-JSSi ffthy. dnnllty Leaiker QloTen—DreHa, Bcnr. Wheel Alignment Axul anil Frumij Survlce —Welding Axol Pnlntlnn •— Colllnlon Repairs ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 128 Watertown Ave. Phone 3-J241 Wtby. We carry • tall Una ol Hurtlord, B»lo<- Autollte tc. Arm»troni Batterle*. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 241 No. Mate Ht T»l. j-1414 Wtby. Seleottwn ol Nuw and Used Auto PnrtN, nUo New and T7»ed Tiro* KT«rjrhiidy'» I7»eil Car* and P*rt" r,M No. Rlverulde St. T<il. 6-0492 Open Sunday Mornlngn FOB NKW-^TJnert' * recapped tlren: alflo odd and burd-to-Ket *l*ea—vlKlt OABE'8 rWITBI) TYBJ5 HAIjKS, your U. S. Royal Tire distributor. U. H. Rubbor Co. employe* dlncounl ^*Tt.1ttp.ateB *OT tfre*, honored bere. 86 Jellernon St.. Wtby. Phoni- 1-1141. Complete )'ln» Of S^utt Caver* Joe's Service Station \ 178 Bridge St. Phone 4S70 Contractors Conlrtctln* niTII.nRR-C«rr«nlnr. No lob ">o Inrce or nmn.11. TteaiionablK rat**. Robert Prnok. Pnarl Ttoad. T»l. 7*01. M. V. SCIIIAROLI — Building Contractor — Phone _ «ft*7 " " Bulldln*; 8on«OBed Wood Brtck, Sand, Concrete Snnd, Loan Phone (IH-IS or 3354 Mariano Hund A 8«on» The "Vlbv. Ready-MlxiMI Connrnte Co - ' Benedict Rt T«l. S-41SS :W»bv; BlrenKth - Bftnuty THE TOY HOUSE Selection Now At Itn Boat Wine To Shop Karly 46 Ploanant Ave. Tel, 3078 M39 S43D $4.1!) 1439 $439 1439 »«.19 fe ROOM ANNIVERSARY OUTFIT onHlHtlnu of the following: Completo .Modern Bedroom Suite Complete Modern Living Room Sulto Complete Modern Dinette Set and A 1 BRAND NEW COMBINATION ' ; OIL & GAS RANGE : Our Iree iflft to you • "Emerson" Or "Phllco" radio You «ave almOHt 1200 i Take 18 long months to pay A—L—B--E—R—T'—8 {280-74 So. Main St.. Waterbury Phong 4-3144 (or appointment to tee thlr* furniture COMPLETE landscape Mrvlcc. evenroeno. tree removal. Experienced men. Fully buiured. Al»o driveway*. J. Belletll. TeL S«4», Cleaning uid Dyelnc , Drape* and Blip Govern Beautifully Cleaned Dependable • Delivery Service Free. KIEVMAN CLEANERS KXI'BRT BODY WOBK Complete Painting FacUltle* Wrecker and Towln*; Kervleo KBtlmaten Furnl*h«d Budget Plan Available The Naugratuck Fn«l Go. FORD OF.AI.ER Phone KM 78 Church St. Phone 2022 R«uphoUterloc tiKVPHOLBTISHINO. •LH'COTKM raa. nmw cmrov MAI>B LIVIJH BOOM FUBWITU»F. OARPET1HO omwrncfl CENTER ST. WAUO. 411* WTBT. 4-(«*> Notice l''0lt; HA1.K—9x12 felt base ruia at SO.flfc. NAUOATUCK FURNITURE CO. 2f, So'. Main St, Phone 2711 - PIIOMATB SOTICE District ol Nauiraiuck. as. Probate Court. Nov. 16. 1949. 1S8TATE ol MARY POS1CK. lute ol Nauffatuck, In Bald District, ducimso*!. THe Court ol Probate lor the 1 >'.r- rlct of Nauftatuek hfllh llmllcd and :i!>wed six months from date hereof for he credltprH of Bald estate to ^xhlhit heir claimi) for settlement. Those wlio e^clect .li> present tlielr uccountH. D"^D- rlv attested, within Bald time, will tin ulmrrod a recovery. All DCTBOHH )n- ebted to said Estate are requested to make Immedtau* ivn'yment to BERTHA .7. POSICiv, Artm'nln'ralrlx. -, 34 NcnKle St., NauKatuirk. Conn. TRACY STAIN^KSS STEEL SINKS Double Bowl. (>C Inch, Below Oont TOWER APPLIANCE 288 No. Main St. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. SIIOTJUIEB PADS— TCmbroldory. trlm- m!nic», Buttonx. LnriteKt in state. Factory, «7 Boovlll St. Wtby. L K CT11IO Vacuum Cleaner for S5<l,»5. RTCCARDO PURNITURE CO. . 487 W. Main St. Tel, 4-0292 Wtby. NWKJET iCinun— Made fronh dally from wound unplcs nt Bchlldgun'* Cider Mill, N«wH»von Road. aob Mu»lcal lCA MUSIC SCHOOL, BklK. Phone fi-21145 Wtby. unentH Vurnlshed 30d Good Things To Eat TnicklnK—Mover* WE'BKl.T TBIP8 to Nf.w Tork. N«w w and Now England. T. W. Roblllord Van Lines. Wtby. 3-3683. Painting MARIANO BROS. Palntlnn. Paperh»ni(ln« — Exterior & Interior. Full Inmirino* Covcrac*. Telephone (Ml IROMA PASTRY IB1'NOHTH MAIN BT. , Finest Italian-American nnd French Pastry In all New Kn|jl»nrt. Also 8pU monl, Oolatl and' lo oceam. Kvery thine made; on premises. Special at tent ion given .to wedding Parties, our pricoH ar« '(he low«»t, but our merchandise di-lhpftoly the bent. We deliver and ship anywhere In the U. 8. Tel. Waterbury «J2117. . KUc l)»r ln)Hli.j| ft up. Applv uld p»r Kftl. ..W.l I'/- BlllHV (lensfj Mlddlflbury. P^itfno 4-8280. Will . Apiilo uldur T'liii -" ' n HiJ. Iwrburv IIBST ISfVKSTHEKT la to paint your property. Call 4071 lor Iree e«tl- mates. W. F. Cota. RAYMOND J. HU(iH Painting — Pap*rhan IE South View BL INTEBTOR PA1JVTIWO ANO PAPKnllANOIlW Phnno Jnnoph (Jan Angeto —71T» Electrical Contracting WIHIStt — Ol all It In Hmall Job» for tbo I dayH—IM-'oiinitly tuken cara of, A. HtlKVPAKU -Pel. IKO HtDtt St., Suuir. Merchandise Poultry and THHKKY8 — If-reHh 'frozen, Brouil- UroaHtod Bronxii TurkovH. Al! Viiovmm iwcked In IMIKH, Free delivery.. Order <;arly. They Utko a Ions time Krowlnn—Ivit n MAPLE U 'HI'LL' TURKEY FARM A. H. Comstock—'P. H, Lyon IPS Wnterbury 5-82VS or 4-5003 Stolnmnn Ave.. Mlddlebury 1)1(1 SHIPMENT —JUST ABRIVKI.' OHICKFNS. BROILERS. ROOST- i-'l TORS, TURKEYS. 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KSTATI5 ol MAIIY KATKI13WTCII. ato ol Nauitatuvk In sulu r>| H Crlct. di>^n Men, The Executor, havlnc exhibited l'i« iccounl with «nld e»Uito to tills Cou't or allowance, nnd made application for in order ol dlHtrluiillon of »nld<>, ORPHilll.OlX tlmt the 22ml day ,,l Vovombor. A.D., 1049, at 2 o'c.louk. In he afternoon. Htandard tlm», at In'.* Rrobate Office In Nnugatuck be ai-il ho -Htimo IH. iiHHlKned lor a bearliiK < n Ho alMw-irtci 1 ol Hnld aoi'onnt. und auplicatlon und the Court dlrootH Iho 8x«i'.utor to Klvo notice tbcruol. by puh- IfthlnK UiJ« order In Home newrfp.'iiiur hiivln«r n circulation In Hald l>l«r.rict, nnd by InnvInK wllfi i>r by malllnu In BfH addi'OMMftd to <<*aob ol the »cr- N«w t n«oondlMoned FOBD & KERCVBT Budfrt Plan Avaltep^ The NAUGATTTCK FUEL 00. fOKD DKALCB Tt-v» BM! STORM WINDOWS * DDQB8 NEW ENGLAND SALBI CO AL8CO Mt Rank St., Watertary Phone 4-OtlH CAESAE KRZYKOWBX1 l'Mnt«r — Decorator IB UHENNAV ST. TIX. STN Free- EsUnwt*. Full Incnnuioe KAOIO — R.C.A. — Admiral Television Sale* and Service SWAN'S Electrical Contractor* Since 1MB tg CKDAn-BT. TKL. Vtit nnd r«Hldlnir rlct ol s . he Protmtc Dlntrlct ol sNnuKtttttr'K, cony ol IK'i irder, nil nt lea«t a ilv.« ort! Foirl dav of bearlnK nnd return o thin Court, , •' : • f ' Allen! ANN N, UNDERHII^,, Olerk. UWIVEESAL WASHER : at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Frloe*. — \m srniNo ST.. WNION cmr TELEPHONE MM TURKEYS Alive or Dressed WE DELIVER JOHN FRITZ Chestnut Tree Hill Rd. Phone 4398 \tlantio Service Station Pent and Ohcutnnt 8U. . TiOVf^ OP«N! ! Atiitntln Top Grade OH 6ecoml-to-none SOc-SSc NEWS WANT AD» FOB QVIPIUSR RESULTS — CIVIL 3ERVIOE .. MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTOR iinUIc of bon|e »tudy. interesU*<l In thin poiltlon. Write for >:-<t«rview awa ?ull of our preparatory (Connecticut ICpsldcntu Only) FRAMIWOHAM CIVIL SERVICE ftCBPOL Pramln^liam C/entre/Ma**, There is wo "best day" to advertise^ Because I give you my best EVERY day! I get re*ult|> without end IHMMHIHO fvery new BUII lirln^K new wants for new pooplo. EVERY day, Monday Iiuough Snturdiy, I do your bidding and reach people who already want something nod arc (poking (or me. Phone 2228, News Classified Dept. And let ME work for YOU.

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