The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1913
Page 4
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- I HHi - BuWshed Daily Except Sunday Times and New a Publislung Company _ W. LAVE2B HAFEB, , PHlLJr K. BI Eecietary and. Treasurer. IMYiiOMTARfF ONIDNMNTMENi Batered August 15, ItU4, at Go MRS. JOSEPH G: EATON. Widow of Rear Admiral, Who Is "Accused of Poisoning Him. Speaker CSark Signed x'ne V/ss Sent to ihe President. -»--is'in";on Oft. 3. -- The Usder- Xef.- Ycrk, Cc-t. 3.--George E. Da-.-=,i alias Gc-o:s«? O'Cca::olI, '..-as arrc-stetlj .',,-.- a Unite 1 States .;_rshal here esi Vhe sc-.^ ai-«Ji -.Aso conference j^f^y^^J^V sTrid^e "at^a^ j caDrt ay a \c:e of ~J to -7. At sac-j ;:^ ~^ x . Qg .. , ^17. He waived J ^e lime i-ie s^nnte receded ire- the ^V^.:,;^ ^.J ;^ ' ia -. e ~ -. 0 i«Ciai-j .2::;e aaienJsie;.'' ;siTM^ cotton .::-[ , | Wast ads. Gae cent per --ord each Inserters. Two cents s. ·crorc if guarsnied · 5rst page position. Besciutlcns of respect, poetry ar.d ir.eraoriasa* ess cent | · per ·srord. TO OUP- READERS The Gettvsbcrg Times takes absolutely no part In Do:?dcA being reatrai on a.i Oar advertising cosuirns are or-e:; '.'· all -ir.til Tae b::l wrv e:i--rros=p.I and ready ,·· the F'qni.tur' 1 o. slis via ;res:- r;r. spca-:-- r :::·;! tlie president. Aft~r Ec::r.i-':- ae:(.-vi DISTRICT NURSE ASSOCIATION MET Continued from first page vice at the door." This Is simply a pre- _ cautionary measure so that her ,ser-! ·vices shall not be limited to a rev.-. S PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling if the Happenings.Li znd .about Town PeopleJVisiting Here and Those Soiurning'EIsewbere. Born to Mr. and ilrs. Samuel Knox, S r t - « c Prosecution S-ys It !s Satisfied With] riaSstt! Cas= AS^SI Widow. : 1 Hin^ham, iloss., Oct. 3.--The ~ys:e-; rious death ci Hear Admiral joa^ph G.- i The Board of Health would, no doubt,! · interfere with indiscriminate visiting;. : and other patients would object to her j ; coaling to them. Fumigation*ancTcther t Mrs.*Daniel'Willardtind a,party of " · srec-aations are not always preven-' friends from JBaltimore were reg^ster-' ; lives cf the suread of disease and are'ed at Hotel Gettysburg on Thursday. ;.«. 'always troublesome- The rule which Sir. V.'illsfrd is president- of ihe Balti-- · governs this ease is that in vogue in " mere and Ohio Railroad. ! all similar associations of which we I . have any knowledge. ' of South Washington street, a son. · The Finances - I Wilbur Stallsmith, of Ease Middle Our Treasurer has an excellent re- ' street, has returned from a business '. port showing in brief ihe following re-" trip to Lancaster. ' eeipts: 1 Dr. J. A. Singmasler is spending Freni societies S 51.00 \ tha day In York. · From nursing fees 144.03 \ jfrs. Doll Peters, of FairHeld, is ^ From collections 55.43 _ spending the day v.-ith Mr. and Mrs. , Frcm members 481.15 i X. Redding, of York street. ] J 3Ir. and Mrs. Leo Stock, of Brook- S 731.01 _ land, D. C., have returned home after i Tre expenditures amounted ... 005.35 ! visiting for some time at the home of 1 Mr. Stock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. . S 60.20 George Stock, Baltimore street. j Mrs. Nicholas Wieraian. of York .. 53.12 j street, and Mrs. W. II. Tawney, of i Chambersburg street, are spending $ 119.38 | the day v.-ith friends in Virginia Mills, j Russel-Warnbasgh, of Baltimore," is an Carlisle == ^^^z Leaving a Balance oi --,-- · To which is to be ad'Jed a " i special fund of Sources of Income T s e scna;^ dclsated tlie bill for near., 'i^.t rc.:rs before a vote was j \ cIt.-r-S.iiu was :a?«e for ihe realias ! -~f the entire report, waleh consumed -t.Dut two hours. Then there were : ::oeeh3 by Senators Simmons. ?en- Bur;on. Ponierc-ne, Gronaa and ;-na*or I-a Foi-ette took "O "L- : -;-JS J Iihauiir-'r. Sworn an i ^ub^jrb to before rbe tLi-= u-iy o: I'"--. _ . ,, . ,. l^cre "."as :"33 lii'eresc s o w n i-- voit'C i"-ve been All Tiersons are warned r.o: to rrc-spass en the premises of Tie "united Smtes district attor-; irr's oSlce save oui v.-nat purported tc j :s a synopsis of Dz: is confession. It j N Y I ir r f | i I H - c-2 tie ^assase of the bill, ena- signed with dor. ^ur. or ttap fur t:.e p_rpcss o: ta^.rc game in any manna: tViseoasin. and ithis obligation, in spite of having- en- eat benefits. Another source of revenue on Route -3. to soend ihe winter. Dr. -T. A. Clutz has returned from is tnejT«i l -i more -where he made an address D. B. Ct-it-berlar-I Township. C. J. BanrdorlT. ?a. Charles Wagatnan ;3r. "T. H. G'Xcnl Farm) Ka-nlkcr.ban T; F. L. Kinie. 3-I'dcr Township. BiglervlHe, ?». C. B. Shank, Stra'x-n Tcvrr.ship. R. 7. Gettysburg. Pa. J. H- Sunn (J. F. JZuhr. Farrr.y S. 2. Gettysburg. Pa. lit. Joy Twp. Jacob F"ronir.tiyer. Srr-ban Township. George E. Earntan, H- G, Gerrysburg. Pa. Sutler Township. George C. ShesJer. Stiaban Tov.isshJp. Sirs. Tvlary J. Welkert. H. 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. 5 J. H. Eex. Bo:: 50. H. 2. Biglerville. jlrs. iTatilda L. Coac-ri. Cunibsrlar.d Township. Samuel Robinson. H. 1. Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. J- L- Tcc't, Strabrm TOT.--sltip. D. .J Eeile, E. 12. Gettysburg. ?a.. C-uniberland Township. Leo Fromraej-er, I-It. Pleasant Tovrr.ship. I\Ian,iji Winter. Cumberland Tcwns.;:p and Gettysburg. W, T. Mehring, Strrir.Jrs Darr. Farm. Cun.berland Tcwnsliip. liobert K. luajor. Stralan Township. Jacob S. Peters. Tyren- Tov/nship. R. S. Blglervilie, Pa. John W.,:::- Farm S 7, GctvysLurcr. Siraban Towns'.vp. Charles F. Rebctt, i^/L.-i Stxrs"."P2,r G. W. Eld^n, Ber.uc.-=-~"c. Ta. George D. Tomi.s. C^_^..^c:r^"3',:r~ Tike. Hobert Crcv." .-.--:~t. Ps.. Harry E. ShrI*-C:. L:.t".-.- T""::.--I. : .p. !T!. -'I, Gettysburg. Joseph. A. Albert. S_t._r Tc.'ra.ilr, H. « : . Gett\-£V_rr,. Additional, 53 cents for entire season. psrt Chairman S:mr3.o33 v.-as quietly csii- ^·.-aza-ated by Democrats sue! Rspubll- rcr.s alike on i^e sr.ccessrul manner in -bich is .as naadlefi the bill- It was iccaileJ tiat en ll-i votes laken in the senate on smerr-Irnejits tie nnance romraiEtee was sustaiaea on eac-'a ana f~erv cae. This saowed party GISCI- l-I : ne as it has never been knownjie- .o_e in tie history of tse senate. The fnnnce c^innc'ttee n:a:e a few coacea- s ? ons s.n'1 -hanged, sone i~tes. but on cve - T test cf strer-Sth Senator- Sim- -nons narl vne r-Ieasure of having his v-ev.- sustr.meti by a majority of the i_tEio Dr:ege i -, Sr^dsiavr, Ins.: -he Chelsea pier la ;is "orti river, -Ce.v Torlc; sad ce- :rrovea materials in ibe yards of tae Pennsylvania railrcacl at Philadelphia: -.-reeked c. Crav.-br.cse over tne Brois: i free will offerings of the churches, j cn Thursday evening in the interest ; during the week of Braver, on Thanks-1 o r Church wo'k DQnefOi-^-^"^TM^^ 5 TM"! J-*E- Kadel, of · union seraces. V. e xiust-thai: these · street has returned f ; gifts will be continued and augmented, he opened a new candy store to-dav ihen the lodges, societies and in- OR Y?es-; Market street Sir. Kadel now Chambersburg Panama canal by the earthquake| jh as entered inco an arrangement with cccurreO. In the canal rone Vv'ednesday \ 1JS? c rora ^dcli v.-e "receive 'fifty cents LOSi: between. FREE ONIGHT L. "^ '^J? £. £j. = 5 = · Rescuers Near M=n Hr.tor.-bed Se-v'en Cays !r. Ccai "ir.s. Sacnio'v^a' Pa.. Oct. 0. -- Tccay -is I :'.e sevc-itn aay Fitice Tnomas To = -sky wns ontcniDca in a breast at t«3 " I-er.:g:i Valley Coz". company's "'Jc-ntTnehtai rr.:ns~at "Cenrrnlis: sizce- .-ikh tin:e brave rescuers have toiled ·r.ressnnily to liberate him. Oddals believed froia fifteen -s_ clgateer. feet ot solid coal would "-a*, o TO bs cut before ho coulc. be r-acc.l and that it would require the tircest -:ii!U cf toil to liberate aim by = h:p eveuir.s- Tc-sesK;- through a. tulie tola the res- f--'-'-s cnr-i5«t the day that his nerve .'.?s ?t:l! vltr. ij!m and that when rfi- !r sel it would be strong enough tc enterb .j nment for onr OfPciaS Arrested. .bowed that more damage aza ueen - T-.-1 Oct. 5- -- Harry · -":nae taan ir nad been, at first beli VUIiougb i-c walls were £,ggs Good i-resh Lard " Sweet Chickens Olcl ar;a Yc-ang CIj~-^v~? O^ 1 Buy Meat Meal $3.00 per \ 00 ibs Ciiiciceii Cnov.'cie O3/ster Snails Grit o^ic cozen 12c Ib *e r-» -^-» J. (3O iO r^n^s. s r cr-i:£r;'-trcas:jrcr of tee later- latioual Association cf Bridge and Structural Irc:i "-^"crlYers. was arrested ·sre os c. charge of eonsr-iracy. .Jones, t Is s^Id. :s .n-.3iicated in the ccnfes- : on or GetTCe H. Davis, wlio vv-as ar- ·r?tsd in ;\-~" Yors. : Girls' Friendly Sodety furnished an fRY TO BLQOJJP NEWSPAPER ~z;--r Cc-_-r.- Hr,terpr;se Object of D; ::-.-r;ie Outrage. ir.aJa to wreck the plir.l . t-unty Enterprise in. th:= :. I-.e-ivj f I.r.--e of dynarr.ite was esc^^-1 uiid-.-r - .e type setiing ma- COST OF BA31UM JUMPS c 75c" 100 " Hess' Panacea 25c SOc SI. 25 p";-- V/ri.e fcr samples STEL Son Arsnctsville ?a. Va.ued at $52,GOD OCO a Found Because of Grest DenEnd. r.erl'n. OCT. price of radium ,, :t.i of ,.r. -..ri-rcc^-'cnted deiaand for /.-"ii. means a pounti cl it · i;'.c "." -.plrec at more tban S52.- '.···· ;. sv.ib a cuanti'y oi it could · : ncs. T.^ =: cf the buildin c. s Tut. ..::t t r c v.ere oaly : -.I-.u-^ . Xo c-e was in tie To ":-p.I ·::!:? ;I e cr.arse a tu^c ^c*! :::r.d^ fr^r.. as alleyway under a ·- " Tnrrc - r..- no bsscment under ' " ^ MEXICAN BOEDER prce K rL T J* ·- ^ " **~ J ' ~" '· ~ ^". Pr-"-.-rt r *· .. - -' -' X :. Ci" b«'"^;.''. ..; " - * :,. ?roj,-ny. » · " I-_ · " - -_- - .-., " 1 L:-'-.;r.;r£ Strides T.'an Carrying iron. .-crn: ct m: Is-.-r-r-vr's ?ev«r.ty was'n- ".---·_ Ccrtor a n : :I:d toacr: Is of «.x."s cat.~nc:5 to the- 3-it'er ·j. atTku :.?: Ir.'o Arrh:"r. -Toll" For- ...r. ".:.Ic oirryir,^ Iron :n Ccnslio- r\~.-.l .-3ie--; FM : ---j;stars Clash With LJ. S. ?s--c"; 5«5 Attack Upon Town. r'i'-jster.ns: -.-.-3C'.t:oB. composed of Mcilcr-.r. :-. ^rrai refugees, attempted "j c~o.\re P'-Iras X'jgras frcra tlie ""^·-Vv v,-c-- revised ^y the Aiceri- -.r i D r o - r r".rol and tse r.e.;tra! ·r.rrds 7la- · 0 r; e.?-r-2 of tha city af- ·_r :ia C"?.".' .·.ionaas-; evacuation. Laired, slisst cracks occurred la sev- · ,-ai concrete buildings. This condition T£S particularly noticeable in Twelfth -treet, near Santa Asa Plaza- Three hours after the occurrence of Weditesca-" nicbi's Disturbance one o~ the Ceatral and South American cables broke as a point about 150 miles nor.h ri ?ar.anr-a. naay have leer outfit; for an infant; anc zhe Girls" Club of the Presbyterian Church made garments for small children. The Girls PUBLIC- SXLE " _,., ZZ i)AY." OCTOBER 23,1913. , signed intending to «iait sss and go West will sell his entire outfit at. Public Sale in East Berlin, Pa., at the square, viz: Four Good Work Horses consisting of 1-black horse 8 old, hard to beat for traveling or any other work; 1 sorrel mare 9 year;: O!G, a number cne roadster; 1 biack mare, 5 years Schools taught by iliss Summel mad numerous small garments for distribution by the nurse. Our food coni- mltiee distributed through the nurse u on ; o ^ a g ne (jj-j^-gj-- ^ gray mare S years ziade 1 o i(j_ an( j with foal to TCorman King's 2. "cincidence or it icay have been the j hundreds of packages and cans of : tst::t ct the shocks. The break caused j food. Some kind friends furnished a r.o inconvenience to the cacla com-1 destitute family with milk for several weeks. 3Irs. -I. A. Hunes' Bible Class, of College Charch. will make garments for infants during the present year. Dnr-ations of goocis and money will be thankfully recieved by the class. They may be sent to Xo. 130 Carlisle streez. The earing-.13Tee ar-pears *o nave :.cen of c. subr^a.rin character. NEW YORK FATALITIES Sixty-lhrss Porsor.s KiMec on Streets g's Coach horse. These horses are safe for women and children to drive and work with: -- -«rt 4 Good lop Wagons suitable for bread or other business, Z are nearly new and all have storm fronts; new- rubber tire Jenny Lind, good surrey and pole, newly cushioned and painted low do«m wagon, light spring wagon, bob sled, sec new runners for surrey or bread wagon_ Farm Machinery and Harness - consisting of 1 Oliver Chilled plow, spring- too'ch harrow, land roller can be taken apart.-roller is in -imparts, single shov-- - ei plow, wheelbarrow, home made fifth need bedding, clothing, medicine fhsin ' pade 70 years ago and was nev-" erusedmucn.log cnain, snafts and s double ' ai -t s 5 ' Xevv- Tori:. Cc-t. '5.--September holds t-.e record for street fatalities in tais c-ity. the 7\ationai Hi^-ways society Sixry-ihree persons were ialle-a, :'liny-three being children unasr tie ,'ze r-f saveriteen. This a tota! rf YJ" cbiicren killed on the streets since -Ian. 1. ^"2:: *^^^^\^f^^^;*-^s- jSb^rds^^i^^TiVp^ Tnere were Kijiin = s y_- ^'1; I ness of the Association. '·?«---~,i«--J. ii ^r.-i--^-- J. A. SIXGIIASTEK. - - , - , , anc lood .or the poor. j ^ The mere mention of the need's ar.d | rakes, shovels and chains, middle the opportunities should Brevent; onr j rings, etc.. 2 sets light double harness, ' noble Association from going begging. !? r?, 15 single harness, collars and T ^ - ,-, - , ? - ·· brides, fivnets, i:nes, halters etc. It is the only general oenevoient so- Household and Store Goods co^sist- ciety in tne coran-unity and it ought j mg of cook stove, iron kettle, washing tc- appeal co every one. The incoming j machine. 2 bed steads, desk, table, buckets, jars, screen l.IIIea more tnan a«! · Beard will no doubt welcome sugges- I c . nairs ' sinrt. ton:ob ; les. thirteen by trolley and £f-| taen by horse uraws veflicles. Find War "Shinplaster-" In Old House. Cambridge City. Ir.d.. Oct. ?·---Wcr:- meu. when rcir.ocelfns the r.orae Q'* E^:°! Eatrt. In tie Trail under a At HAMMER'S Store have jnst received several --in:, twenty years old, r - e = at a I- --. rsspitai after an o?er- a'J^ti 10 7enr,V3 a 7-iole froni her face. IZIccJ Do.s^--inc set i«^- V-'-ils vVIfs \Vheat: Son S2o.C30.;?r, X. Y.. Oct. 3.--AFoart form scale and many other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to begin at 12 o'clock sharp. A credit will be given. Everybody cor- diallv invited. Come one. come all. - 3. B- 3IARTIN. Dan IMuramerc, Auct. P- C. Smith, Clk. Medical Advertising CHILD HAD ECZEMA. Aged Woman Siows Out Gas. Scrar.ton. Pa.. Oct. S.--5Irs. S-.sar, Kardfagr, eighty-five years old. oi Gnr. 5 Kill South Gifc-siB, not understanding ? _ _ _ _ _ _ . - * can go at o cenls r^r yard, 25 cen« ar^ of best Baking Powder at 12 cent? Mother Says Saxo Salve Made Her Well. Tcss o* Cc ; r, Derided Suicide. T ^tli^ ·* \v. A. iaugninbaugh, I , - i . i t - \ - - i I . M,K\suee Bank CSosed. :.I:!-xa,.:- co, Wis, Oct. 3 --Stato San' A j:. Xaoit rlos,-.--.! the Ci: Kabilit'es are over «3,0:0,"00. i Johnson Gets Good Salary. ! Washington. Oct. S.--Writer Johji- I son. pitcher, p igneci a contract wsth i the Washisston club at a salary o: i ?12,500 for the season of 191-i. · Senator Lodge Out of Danger. Xahant. Mass.. Oct. S--United States j Senator Henry Cabot Lodge has main- j tained the improvement shown in h:s| tion. His physicians believe that I 'My little girl suffered with eczema \r-im?,' on ^ er bands for nearly a year and it* ,er *vjck We ijt 5 heari , n S about Saxo Salve one day I ^ « j ,, . . : ijoj-gju a tssoe and found it helped aga:n. at ihe request ot many in«p:e. it {her. After using two tubes my baby's footwear Business, and Shoe? :\3arked j hands are entirely well." Mrs. E. P. -- - - - -- i T T "V T 224E. I7th street, Conners- forms of eczema, and all oth- crus'ted or scaly humors aiti erup.- ns, Saxo Salve allays the "itching {at once, and penetrates the pores of . ·" · j the skin, reaching the very roots of ithe disease with its germ^destroying, I will DC H ' nea ^ r *S' power and soon banishes the · " ] eruptions, leaving the skin smooth and i \Vh; is avarice like bsd memory? it is always for getting. FARM for rent. Sixty two acres one , mile from Gettysburg, good land and crood fences. Address II. A. Schultz, ; i I Route 12. i | 'cent operation has now passed. Why is it vulgar to sin? and play by yourself? __ ! it is ?:-- -'CD io-.v). 0 , , CT c 1 1 y s b u r _· I unscarred. every Tuesday j We sell Saxo Salve on s, a t 1' o Ti ro s e ! S~ uarantce positive sorts of skin affec- Alvei-' Te'vclrv :tions - K it does not give satisfaction "'. te ^ t ' lr J ,you get your money back. Try it, Peo- i5tore - ,p5i"s Drug Sto*-, Gettysburg, Pa. - Tr^T-i, -.-, TT ! P- S. In treating skin troubles don't U . 11. UirNiv--H forget the blood. Vinol is a most suc- j I · u ' i n j : ,c :t., e. ^cessrd-hiood, tonic. We guarantee ii

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