The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1913
Page 3
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MUSIC READING. MADE EASY. Children Find It an Attractive Task to Learn Their Notes by Use of j Electrical Device. e Time Grindin Sav Y OU'RE losing a lot of time and energy and money If you're grinding your feed or doing any of that sort of work by hand. An Olds Engine \vili do it for you; do it quicker and do it better and do it cheaper than you can any other \vay. Some day v.-her- you're down this war come in arsd let us tell you about these Olds" Essines--lot us show them to you; we just -.rant you to know a;i about tlieoi so v.-hcn yes get an engine you'll get a good one. If you can't Sad the lias to co^.e nr.d see ^s, -re'!! fifd tin:- to^ corse i.hit a.rj c: --T::'- Yo" tiiiKk ;ou*H nceu. dtaic-*.? s? Olds Ez f By using the electric music teacher, i children will find that it is an attrac- | tive tSsk to leara their notes, instead i of a dry^lesson as hereofore, so tbat i they wiU begin to take an interest in ! music at oace, and not consider it a j drudgery, says the Popular Eiec- j tricity. BELGIAN CUCUMBERS By M. QUAD Copyright, 1313. by Associate L-t- _erary Press. There's Energy ce:iah, The counry of Veniou ii . i^dule state -.vas at peace. raru.^r? · mechanics and merchants u;e: ea-,-1. ,,,. Pierre Gelis, a Paris inventor, j other and askeI: makes the device vhich -we Illustrate \ -How is ohl Vernoa co"ue:y:" here. It is based os the principle 'of | And the answer would be: using an electric contact plats under i "Old Vernon county is all njjut--you the music paper. · By pricking each j bQi'" , note with a sharp metal "point, we j j--f; t y men saw X. M- Tz\ is. as Ue i ·sake contact for an electric device 1 ca nj e to be known, when the bus «iro\e | carrying a hammer^so that, the ham- | U p IO Tjj e jrja at Clifton v.i:h hha as mer strikes a string or preferably a. \ liie on »v- passenger. lie wus :i :aiddle metal piece to give out iHe sound. { sgcd ^^ all .i be had the face of a ! Thus each note or line or soace gives j trlje j_r»jeric-an patriot. He !Li:! come", out its corresponding sound, and it is j to g ; ve \err O n county sucl= a (hasioe j an easy matter to read a simple piece { to g e , ric v, as i^a uever be-.-:: UeU oui'. Summer Comfort breakfast; o5 music in this way. co s, er Before. Years ago The device is tjcite an elaborate j ^rj.^- had died and had IM { one for it is requires! to take care of j jj^.. ^-o-j.jrv. and it was j the- sharps and fiats which figure per- j sryl;nt j to :ras;d- { ::r:od in j -t^.-rsJw! he had re .yosr rrcfe tbfs "C,yr store. S. K- BOV.'ERS. Far:n Ir.:p:enicn:s and GasoHne Engines. Bislervi!!*.-. EUJ. That Is v. come to ii instead of any o:: Mr. Davis iiad'couie 10 C'.; I from Kuro:e- He had goac- vivr t ] to s:u!y the agriculture of t::e cvu I at bis own expense. He had remrm-u J i with what might be called a sreat: Slid.! j Tbe Ke'jjiacs were almosi fcecre:I.» · ' growing a specimen of eucu^.i^:r ill-; i was bound to revolutionize th« worM. ! It was ain-aziagly proliilc. 1 One acre or ground would "row i cucumbers, each ihree fee- !^n; i v.'eighhig tire pounds. j 1 It was li!ie eating oranges. H vriis i a breakfast food in itself- it :afi i hind 'c an esbijaratlon not ks-Ov.'n to j Electric Music Teacher. j ainti ;L ::u KJ.--^-...-.-.-^- -- --i any other vegetable- in the -A or.*-, the sign of the sxaff. But I This cucumber was; to lak j rr.anently as ,, j tliis is easily done by using a revolv- | [5le pj ace o f grains of aH s^rt :u a | i ing contact device to shirt over the [ Jui . r " or two more and we-.:'! sli^i-lacei several required notes at the start. To } ~j,; potato and the turnip tn'.irely. k to natural during the piece, 1 ^t r Davis did more tbu: talk 2nd j gxh.^^ sec e 3 . Ue put $C-'J cash in | banlc as a nrlze to the per~«.-n raising | briug back to natural during the piece, 1 · v.e press oa a button v.hich restores } · the note for Uie moment. i Even professional nmsicians will ffiosn lic-'-giaa cucumbers the nest Beautiful Glass Service Set Is V ours "For Only 50 B. T. Babbitt's Trademarks Every home should have- this Xuctit Glass Sen-Ice set. Evt-rvbodV *ho has tttn It Ls dcli-htcd with the I I 5'rclty pieces. AH v'cu ntfd do is save 30 Uabbiu Irademarkri--there's one on e-.erv Uabhitt prccccl--and btrai se there art- o jsany oaiiy iiscA'for"UabbHt's ;cu v,iil soon h::vc-this set in YOUK OV.'N HOME. Babbitt's soaps and cleansers make the home brighter and vour work lighter. Get "Boi" Sor.n. -'17.G" soap Powder. Babble's Cleanser and Dbbitt's Pun- Lye at your grocer s icaay. V,'ht-p. you have 30 tradeniarlrs. taku them to Your Grocer or the next nearest-one Three F r Babbitt Products East. West. Xorth So-ith--these household helps have made paths of cleanliness. Babbitt's Cleanser it 3c is half the usual price. " Soap" has been BEST for vesrs. *"177G" Soap Powder is the crlirinsl fgS^* washing po-'der. |4^| Order TKem \ft\= All Today · find it useful for transposias a piece 1 , { an-i he left the prise mosey in the! ! - SWAP CHILDREN I N DENMARK j bank. Cy so doins be escai.«l ail sus I Ctiricus System of Exchanging UtiSs j Fo!k During Summer Months-| Scheme Works Well. ' e ^\ \^ss.m i --·j^sOA 5 *-:! l!'=2S=2ir-S! ;£5' j In Denmark there is a curious sys- t jem 01 exchanging children curing the I "summer. The country peopie send i their iittle ones tn the city people, and : the latter senfi theirs to the country'; The state delivers free tickets, and i the schools send the children accord-. | ing to the applications from faniiies. I The children travel alone, each one ; v. Baring a ticket of identiScation I pinnec on the jacket or bodice. Should i anv of them go ( astray they are lodged I at ui first station whilst incniries are · rnaoe. The young travelers are met az 1 their destination by tae peasants and i their wives. j Treated Trita asectioaate care oy I these good hearted people, the children ; o£s.en enjoy privileges they have never -. known at home. There is no severe ' ciscipiine nor irksome restraint. They 1 return home full of tales about their | adventures, and their mothers are de\ lighted to 5nd them looking rosy i cheeked, fat. sad healthy- The peas; ant v.-onieii feed them Trelli and often. ; make them fresh clothing. ^ ! The latter send their children into ; the towns and volunteer guides show \ them the monuments and sights. Last 3 ear the principal restaurant keepers i p:cioa- Xow came a mystery. In Oifton lived a widow named Lee. See bad beta f.:ere only two years, and the peypie knew iittle about her. She was iiearir sis feet tall, ragged and stron ADMINISTRATORS SALE \ and she neighbored with none. She Tvenc to Mr. Davis for some seeds, but refuse-1 to pay the price- She offered ou'y a penny apiece and --hen turned do\vn tnace use of some very strong »S ti*"Ztl"^-. April was a forward month in Vernon county, and the cneuoiber vines were bt-sinaiaij to run by the middle of May. Or.'j night some one pulled cp and stacked the vines in ten dif- Administrator's sale of valuable reai estate and personal properly, on Friday, the 24th day of October. 191«. · the undersigned, "aciniisistrator cf Harrv J. Carbaugh. late of t reedom . Tovrnshlp. Adams County. Pa., deeeas- ed. by virtue of the authority of an or- , der of sale granted to him by the Or- · urt o f Anamt; County. v."ii! ' - . offer at public sale, the hereinafter de- 1 scribed premises, situate in Jt reedom ' , Tov.-nshiD. Adams County, Pa., adjoin( ing lands of George Eecver, George \V. . | ' , -Jacobs. EHja Bovd's heirs. Samuel j - . . Buhrman. Luther Reever. Samuel W. j ferent of a Tbe a/dcas. They - found tracks j " ,,,, ,., contam- ^..^ .. ,, j^,^ one hundred and 'thirty-three acres. | ;:in"s boots, but notliipg f,nrther- j mo:: Q or i ess . improved vrith a tv.-o-: :ight more gardens suffered, j st or \- frame dweliins: house '- ~ " t^-i-U ii«_,±-lL. i t - ' 11. \^ ;B** fc -*"··*··' *--*---- --·-- -- i OU^-T-- * A i t i i i i t - v » » » ^ - » » « - - » * y . _ w _ - ^ _ _ e r « - r TMbo 10 susoect -sras a puzzler, bank bam. v.-agon shed, implement j " " . . I t ^ t . . It_ ,, ,, -I ^.T-l*n.v- S-i¥Tl \r* . t an Tracy was the firsr one report a clew. He bad balf an acre of vines and was sitting up to watch for the vandal when a man came suddenly upon him ard knocked I:!ia senseless. When he recovered his wits hi V:HL- had been destroyed. Tracts left by n '.uac's boots--i*-!at was alL Of coarse Oere were excitement and In'liimatioa. -V reward of §5 was c3"t-rt.-l for the arrest of ine marauder. · » Ctrvt^i L iiiilll. 10 *»i i^wu. Ji«*.*.--- ·^·*- %_fc»..t,- f jvation. v.ith good fencing-, supply of; running- water a£ the barn and ar. ex-. MILLINARY OPENING Miss Anna Reck, Announces her second Operilr g ci OCTOBER 4th. You are cordially invited 1 IS Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pa. 0 water a-; the barn and ar. celient -veil ar.d-clstern a"c the hous' and is situate convenient to schools! and churches. There are ten or twelve · ,_. r-^zzrrr~^^: f=P,r . - - .cres 01 good saw mill timber on the ·^^^S3^^33,^S3-'^^^^-^^^'-~araS.r^aii.iia.i tract. L^C^^V- i f?| Ac zhe same date end place the un-j". dersigned will oner at public sale ^hejg: rollov.'ing- personal property:- One bay |g; mare, six \-ears A-L straisrht and all |g . . right, one bay horse, one pair of good|g mules, one extra good colt, five E; nsd owners of vines as yet untroubled \ moiit-.s old. one Kentucky grain collars, bridles, baiters. caused by men sad dog?; be was shot . i i a r e other sweepers 1 that have permanent brush attachment but there is no sleeper v.-e knovv of beside the 'Model "S" that has a - REAL Carpet Sweeper running in combination \viih the vacuum cleaner This is ~. feature that every housewife has been looking for. She has insisted that she have something to pick up every particle of lint, hairs, threads, matches, etc.-and the ordinary vacuun; cleaner has not this. Gettysburg Department Siorc Tvhat is the cinerence between a ! tsnnel aad an ear trumpet? One is hollowed oa- and the other in * * » Way didn't the last dove return to the ark? Because she had snincient ground for remaining. * * * I Whe- is an author Hike spirir? ! Tvhen he's at proof. -\Vay are authors ivho trea: of physi- j ognomy like soldiers? Because they frrite about face. different pJaces, yet no one earned ilint reward. At Farmer Johnson's place he and his son 'were hidaen in the stnoke- hmise when the nnknowa appeared. He had scarcelv r"jl:ei a vine when choti- j 1: iKill. one Syracuse long plow, Hillside plow, Osborne spring- har- rovr. Deerinc nmv.-er. American cream separator, complete set of carpenter tools and chase* vice, lot of blacksmith ^ tools, "tv/o hc.rrov.-s. hay fork, rope ar:d _ g car oailey?. t-.ver.ty-six sawed posts. -, g th:rf---t-.vo -.vire fence posts, lot_ of · ^ Formal Display of New Autumn M n i INERY j^g ^5-^5.1 it S--^ASL JL FRIDAY and SATURDAY - - - October^ 3rd and 4th, M. Belle Seiss Biglerville, Pa, Extends to you a very cordial invitation to thev were upon him. Bow trere strong j lun-.ber. lot of ore and a halt inch men. br.t the stmgcie was over in s plank, lot offence boards, two shovel niinute. Tue unknown knocked them !*th siliy acd got awny \vitJs their hr.ts and pieces of their shirts as souvenirs, it was fijr.^reti that he hnd got such a scare, aowever. that lie v.-oi;^d not appear acs:ij He re'iirised r:ext r.;ght when no o^e v:ss watch- lujr nnd: nttnckeu the -.lies. The cxcinsieni was i.ow a.\ fever T;o~s block ar.d tackle, hay ladder, j twenty feet lor.T- sir.jrle. double^ and i triple \.ree?. log. breast and cov.- chains, j enterprise sausasre jrrir.der and stufTer.; cross'cut sav.-. axes, mavrl. wedges. | ^ larcre lawn mower, forks, rakes, mad- | -^ dock, crow-bar, potatoes !y the bu?hej: I 3 S a I I attend. § j 19* , _ osg) the rcost cifgcnlt thins to . iked for a Christmas dinner? ;eose. I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, tr.e oniy spreader ivith a circular beater. Spreads twice its own ividtn and from i ^ to 2 ft beyond the wheels \vith less \vorry on tne team. You only need drive as iartoget your ;oac o,i. While the ordinar\- spreader thro-ws manure oa a narrov-- strip behind the spreader.' If you vrant a spreader, co-ne to see_ho\v they work and exajr.-ne it j-ourself before^ you bu}-. J have tliem here on my farm and will be glad to show now tney^y.-ork. ] aijd ^^ ir : fancy (infancy). Write for catalogue. Can get any machinery :n the \ v a i f r r 1 A. Wcod line, on short notice. man GETTYSBUKG MARKETS Why are poets like children's toys? Because they are given to a muss *" : W. C. WEIGLE, Biglervillc, R. S. TVhy is an absconding like an sir g-ra? Because he gees off makes no report. bank cashier loaded and Gettysburg Auto i ire Repair Shop When is a -s-indcny i:ke a star? TTnen It is a skylight. airrht appeared s F~CQ Sreu at him. Ue dropped. u::t j j'r:re= a» ;:-.'· ';^fj--5nrj: stTHssIed up cat! ran. ,.-«:c;: ·:;·-' y ! y '- " - se-irched tie streets n:.a alleys r.r.e i ^ _ 1 ibe country aro::"d- V.:i tbey did r.-n · ^ w Dry vn.«-r.t - -find the wonriScd insr. T:;ey hat! idvt-n j SewEar Com up the ;"-est v,-]:er. vrord went roun2! *!-'". that no one J'Ht! seen the TVIdov.- Le- ] "*""" for three days. The lees-ted doors o: j RETAIL PRICES her 3:ouse ^c; vrns fonai! deaii on had struck her in t'.:e fireci by the other vr:.i.-vr. S!se- (iresse'1 as a mnr. from head to and had false whiskers !»'sjdes The BelS--!^ c::c:'rnber»? Oh. -.\arf " ror- i Wo'f, Jr., ,^nc- i the .:f a 3-:.3 Co. a very reasonable price Tiie accompanying illustration stove from our stock has main- decided advati- If you trunk of buying a stove ,. , " - t j ]ot u ^- cxp l a :n t V OS-*»- * ** Cl ***-* -!·» Lt V^-w* ·-- ""i' ,,,,-,,-, V good points to 3 GO. \ rr-Jwen orien. ?.rsI s:5e J ^ the :or. A !a:U-£ : !.'«!cr-r r»3!-r ^ H! hec! '.: '~ m * ' - i W. HIGH STREET- TUBES A SPECIALTY Tfit!« modvrn «tc.«n oyiipmea:. T a-n prepare 1 ;o -lo a-n-ra] re;«i- ^.-o«^ blow-onu=, c^ions an-! r.:w.ain-. ^ If :lw hole w n « longer t», ai M« c.,- u ^T. .ie rcpairetl. Saiisf«cuo:i ;riaranifus. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable. 'Reliable ami Po\vcrfn'. T.y it. T^r,r= :vi'. n.n.lo K-I.I tuj." a p;t« United Phone 117 X C. A-STOMiR, prop i White Mi.Wlin=s Iho.T : j (lll .M;.;.iljr.^- - - ·cvere a fraud, yf course--j«st p!s:n. :Timo:by H*y... , everr-olr.y Anserican cr.cnmbers. -svith j Rye Cii-jp ,_.- ... . -. a j the ijsKnl 09 per cent -.vr.ter. It's jv.ft | BjU-tl ftrjv.- have old bachelors and old maids roost ns essy tx swindle a v.-lio^e county ns j I'l-^Wj profited by? ,^_._ 51 is to swindle s sinsle man. All yofi j ^ C!rt0n Learning tc so alone. M ^.._J_~ . have to do Is to get a r.e-rr i.le.i. j pj GT11 . Western Flour 1 ! What part of their infant tuition, Connie V.ack is taking 110 chances, i J. Frank Baker of the Athletics is \\~hen he has the best of the score he son-.e crank with his baseball sticks. Igj,'j]i-.i'Corn will switch players in order to play He takes personal care of his bats on |'r-"V^.,rn » better defensive game and prevent, the road, and stores them in his own x ew .0ats the other side__ma]king_ runs. ^ ' j locker when at_homq^ I \ v WlV tl u.tte al vays -,\ elcomc. T .· J. e ^ Hoi Air Furnaces carried in stock ready to Install. \Yarcrooras formerly occupied by Strav.-stacker Co.. rear of --:-Y; o?n Reading freight depot. ._ FAMOUS BABCOCK LADDERS k, Straight ladlers, extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. H. P. MARK, iu.E

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