The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 11, 1933 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 11 1933 CORN IN OPEN CRIBS ELIGIBLE Murray Told Maize in Slat Cribs Can Get Loans ·' From U. S. DBS MOINES, Dec. 11. (--A ruling: from William S. Bradley of the commodity credit corporation making corn stored in open cribs acceptable for warehousing Jn connection with the government loan plan was in the hands of State Secretary of Agriculture Ray ilurray today. ·Murray has been informed that Corn in wire or slat cribs is eligible for the 45 cent loan provided the cribs have poles or studding to support the sides and have a tight roof. Cribs without floors will be accepted, but a deduction must bo made from the height used in computing the numbers of bushels in such crib3. Many millions of bushels of corn stored in open cribs in Iowa will ze made eligible for the. loans by the liberalization of crib requirements. The previous government loan policy indicated that the corn would have to be marketed or fed to livestock. Payment of cash by banks atUl was slow in many communities ac- cording to reports yesterday, but prospects seemed good for speeding the payment of the money. Several banks reported return of warehouse certificates from Chicago because of errors. The ruling received by Secretary Murray also informed him that plans are now underway to include in blanket insurance warehoused corn the notes for which are held by banks and other lending agencies. CORRECTION The Globe-Gazette regrets an error appearing in a Wednesday issue, stating that J. E. Giles, Plymouth, was arrested under an embezzlement charge. Investigation o£ an action brought against Mr. Giles by C. M. Mikkelson, New. Hampton automobile dealer, revealed that Mr. Giles was not arrested. Seeks Reasons for Slow Loan Approval DES MOtNES, Dec. 11. (fPJ--In a wire to Secretary of Interior Ickes, Lieut Gov. Nels G. Kraschel askec full details on certain restriction! In the Iowa law which he was advised are responsible for delay in obtaining approval of loans in connection with Iowa public works projects. 'CHARLIE CHAN," DETECTIVE, DIES Chang Apana, 64, Follows in Death Writer Who Made Him Famous. HONOLULU, Dec. 11. (IP)--Chang Apana, 64, Honolulu Chinese detective, has followed In death the man who made him famous. Chang was the "Charlie Chan" in novels of the late Earl Derr Blggers. His death last week removed one of Honolulu's most picturesque characters. When the city was incorporated 35 years ago, Chang joined the police force and served until retired in May, last year. His detective feats attracted the attention of Biggers before he visited the islands and the novelist incorporated some of these in hi3 first story about Hawaii, "The House Without a Key." Answer on Hog Peg Is "Not Conclusive" DUBUQUE, Dec. 11. (JP)--Senator Louis Murphy said that his advice from Washington in a reply to his proposal to peg the price of hogs at ?6 was "not conclusive." WRAPPING AND MAILING SERVICE GLADLY . . . GIVE HIM GIFTS TO WEAR FOR CHRISTMAS FROM HIS STORE 1IES hand-l a 11 o r t 0 from fine quality French sllka, beautiful patterns, deep, rich colors, $L.fiQ MELLOW MOCHA GLOVES ol (uh gray, firmly sewn, Rllp-on or · nnp ntyle, J3.BO PIGSKIN GLOVES fine ejuallty- allp-on or snap atyle, J2.S5 MUFFLERS for direct wear or «v«- nlog -- imported WOO!B, fine Bilks, $1.05 What sort of a gift he'd choose for himself and where he'd go to choose it is pretty safe guidance for you to adopt when the choosing and his satisfaction is your responsibility. Apparel is the first part of the answer and this store the second . .. because it's a man's store, primed to serving and satisfying men 365 days in the year with their ideas of style, serviceability and value. Crusader Flannel Robes $7.95 White Jacquard Shirts $1.50 Suede Leather Jackets _ $9.95 Irish Linen Handkerchiefs 50c Turtle Neck Sweaters $3.95 Traveling Toilet Set §5.00 Melton House Coats $6.50 Hickok Leather Suspenders _ ..._..$1.50" Pig-Tex Gloves _ $2.50 Manhattan Shirts _ $2.00 English Broadcloth Pajamas $2.95 Hickok Belt Sets _$2,00 IMPORTED WOOL HOSE In plain colors, or with hand-made cloeka--deep ribbed ttlecil, |1 MASON CITY'S A ^ ' ABEL STORE INC A T N U M B E R S E V E N ] S O U T H F E D E R A L 5,500 MORE MEN GIVEN CWA WORK (Continued from page It 59,321 men had not been set to work before Monday morning. He estimated that 28,000 families have been taken off Iowa relief rolls so far by the CWA work. He estimated that 10,000 families still remain on relief. Program Will Continue. Meanwhile Governor Herring announced that he believes the CWA program will be continued beyond Feb. 15 if other states equal or approach Iowa's record in the prompt filling of CWA labor allotments. The program has taken 26,000 able bodied heads o£ families off the Iowa relief rolls, Mr. Mulock estimated. Only 10,000 Iowa families, he estimated, are now on relief. "The CWA program, by slashing all red tape, has strikingly overshadowed public works In Its effectiveness," Governor Herring declared in commenting on continu ance of the CWA program. Other major CWA projects approved today included: Water works extension in Bloomfield, $1,980; earth levies on the banks of the cedar river in Cedar Rapids 522,031; extension of outlet sewer project in Humboldt $4,817. 20 men. The highway projects include: Allamakee county--U. S. 55, 18 state \L3, 182. Construct guard rails baffles, erosion control, quarry crush and stock pile rock for shoui ders, clear and grub roads, 516,565 Breraer--State 10, 59, 93. Load haul and place riprap, quarry crush and haul stock, pile rock for shoul ders on all pavement in county, 50 men, 59,930. Buorm Vista--U. S. 71, state 4, 5 and 10, 221. Surface shoulders ant approaches, clearing, grubbing stripping pits, 58,740. Butler--U. S. 20, state 10, 14, 53. Quarry, crush, haul, gravel shoulders, stock pile, rack, 48 men, S12,- 570. Cherokee--State 21, 51, 31, 143, 59. Quarry, crush, place rock on road IS, shoulders all pavements, boulder riprap on No. 34. 50 men, 58,480. Clay--U. S. 71, 18, state 10, 240 and 170. Surface shoulder and approaches, atrip gravel pit and rip- rap. 50 men, $11,850. Emmet--State 9, 17, 43, 245, iress up slopes and ditches, build concrete blocks and riprap, gravel shoulders, clear and grub. 50 men, 58,300. Floyd--U. S. 18, 218, state 14. Widening and daylight curves, quarry, crash and haul rock for shoulders. No. 4, $9,430. Franklin--XI. S. 65, primary 10, quarry, place riprap, daylight Intersection, quarry,, crush, haul and stockpile rock.. 50 inen, Si),290. Fayetto--U. S. 18, state 10,11; 93, 193, 102, 56, 75. ·Surfacing of rock, quarry, pIace-2,700 cubic yards, haul rock for frost boil, surfacing ^grading, cleaning and grubbing. 50 men 515,350. Gnindy county--TJ. S. 20, state 14, 57, 214, 185, build approaches, surface shoulders and widen, clean ditches. 50 men, 59,750. Hamilton--U. S. 20; state 60, 15, 197, 195. Surface shoulders and approaches; clean ditches; channel changes. 50 men, 58,970. Hancock--U. S. 18, state 15, 111, CO. Rake ana haul gravel; surfacing work on pavement shoulders; excavating, cleaning ana grubbing right of way, 50 men, $10,705. Hardin--U. S. 20, 65; state 57, 175, 215, 218. Surface shoulders and approaches; clear, grub and erosion control. Clean ditches, 50 men 020. Howard--State 9, 52, 59, 139 Quarrying, stock gravel; erosion control; guard rails; frost boil treat ment; build cemetery wall, 50 men. Humboldt--Quarry and place rip- rap; clean ditches; rock for shoulders on 169. Grave] surfacing: on 60. Surface 10. Cleaning, grubbing and grading, 50 men, ?10,490. Kossuth--U. S. 18; 169, state 44, 60, 228. Load, haul and place boulder riprap on bridges, remove gravel, clean ditches, 50 men, 510,740. Winncbaffo--State 9, 15, 105. Remove oversize gravel, surface shoulders, earthwork. 50 men, 59,550. Wlnneshiek--U. S. 55, state 9, 24, 11, 139. Erosion control, surfacing shoulders, ditch work, frost boil treatment. 50 men, $10,300. Worth--State 9, 15, 105. Remove oversize gravel from roads and place on shoulders of paved roads. 30 men, $9,756. Wright--State 10, 15, 60, 72, 171. Gravel and stock same; gravel shoulders on pavement and clear highway. 50 men, 510,375. SLIPPERY DELL IN JAIL AGAIN St. Paul Man, Ex-Convict Who "Reformed," Held bill With Wife. OMAHA, Nebr., Dec. 11. UP)--Dell Ffanlon, known a decade ago as "Slippery Dell" whose crime career led to a life term in the Colorado prison, and who later was given his freedom as a gift for helping quell a prison riot--is in jail again. He is held here with his wife, Ruth, In connection with the $10,000 holdup of a cafe in Denver Saturday. Held with them are Earl Smith, St. Paul; Wayne Haning, described by police as a former Colorado convict; Merritt Oxley, Oakland, Cal.; George Anderson, Omaha; Ned Bolger, Omaha; Mrs. Mary Martin, Omaha, and Mrs. Katherine Doxey, Omaha. Paroled In Colorado. Hanlon wag paroled from the Colorado prison last spring on recommendation of the prison board as a reward for his conduct in the riot at the prison in 1929, when he acted as "go-between" for convicts and officials seeking to end the mutiny. Shortly afterward he was married to the girl held here with him. Hanlon had been operating a night club and gymnasium in St. Paul since his release. In 1923 he escaped from a Denver jail, but was recaptured. Last week .he leaped into print again when he attended at Denver a reunion of ex-convicts at which ice water was the only drink served as an "example of clean living for America's youth." ·Taken Into Custody. The arrests began yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Doxey were taken into custody. Mrs. Martin, officers said, was carrying a suitcase containing $1,300. Later, Hanlon and his wife, Haning and Anderson were arrested at a downtown hotel, and $2,700 wrapped in newspapers was found in a room. Bolger was taken into custody when he appeared at the hotel last night to inquire for a man. Later. Smith and Oxley entered the hotel. One of them inquired for "Mr. Thompson," the name under which Hanlon was registered. Detectives said a search of the car driven by Smith and Oxley revealed a small machine gun, ammunition and two pistols. related that a car had been purchased for use of the commission at an "extravagant cost" and only used once. He also referred to a former report of the committee which charged that nine cement companies had submitted identical bids for cement. The committee recommended that the type of surfacing be governed by the vehicular traffic and based on a count, before surfacing was SENATE URGED TO ADOPT TAX PLAN (Continued from PARC 1) ing small loans bills from the committee raised the question. He explained that he did not believe it is the committee's parpose to kiil his bill. Parliamentarians disagreed on the ,,,, ,,. ,,,, __...,, ..__ question and it finely was dropped commenced. A bill to this effect has for the time. The bills which were recommended for indefinite postponement included the house measure by Representative Zylstra and others; the Wenner measure and the Hicklin - Nelson - Roelofs - Chryata! small loans bill. Wrangle on Procedure. Consideration of tax revision got under way after an hour and a quarter wrangle over procedure. Under the plans, the various bills will be explained by their sponsors, amendments will be acted and the committee of the DANCE MARATHON ENDS IN TRAGEDY At teast Three Dead, Many Injured as Flames Raze Pavilion. ; · HAMPDEN, Me., Dec. 11 (.'PI--The gay and stormy history of Hamp- den'a marathon dancing contest has ended in tragedy. Fire, breaking out last night while a blizzard howled outside the pavilion and the footsore contestants rested in their cots, cost the lives of at least three and brought Injuries to many more. From the blazing Paradise dance hall, where they had plodded many weary weeks amid the applause and cheers of their supporters, the thinly clad dancers fled into the bitter gale. They forgot the prizes for which they struggled as plunged knee-deep in snow piled high by a 30-hour storm Clad in Pajamas. Pajama clad young men and wo men, bare foot and many o£ then painfully burned, milled about In th driving snow and near zero temperature seeking partners and friends. The charred bodies of three were found in the ruins early today. The victims were tentatively identifeid as: John Ryan of New York City. Emlle Pelletier of Waterville, Maine. Gertrude Sousa of Dracut, Mass. Many of the survivors suffered severe frost bites In addition to their burns. upon, whole finally will report oacK to the senate proper for formal action. Report cf the house committee which has be'en investigating the state highway commission will be considered in a committee of the whole next Friday morning. · Motion by Doran. This action was taken upon motion of Representative Doran of Boone, who asked that the report be made a special order of business for 10 a. m., and that former members of the commission, present members and Fred White, chief engineer, be given an opportunity to present their side of the situation. The report was called up today by Representative Alsech of Plymouth chairman of the Investigating committee. In making his motion Doran said, "we have only one side of this case, that of the committee. The report has made many allegations including that of criminal negligence and it is only fair that the persons involved be given an opportunity to present their side of the case." Agree to Resolution. Both Representatives Alsech ant Greel of ScoH, also a member oJ the. investigating committee, agreec to the Doran resolution. On motion of Representativ Millbone of Page, the house in structed the attorney general to fill with It, a report which Mlllbom said the attorney general's depart ment had made independent of the house committee. The report of the committee, fil ed Nov. 29, charged that the com mission had purchased 141 acres o: land west of Des Moines for a grave pit but it later found the grave was not suitable for use in con structing cement roads. It further was charged that 43 carloads o snow fencing was purchased at i price almost a cent higher a foo than the lowest bid. Records In-Bad Shape, Speaking on the .committee re port, Alesch said that records we'r in a bad shape to make a check anc ROOSEVELT ASKS AID OF FARMERS (ConUnned from page 1) ' nee between the two might be air- d. The AAA v/as lauded by J. Frank 5 orter of Columbia, Tenn., a dSrec- or of the federation, as he arrived or the convention. Cotton Price Op. In the south he said the act had ·esulted in cotton growers getting double the price they would have vlthout It and that aa a result bus- ness as a whole had benefited, including bank deposits which were on the upgrade. But the greatest test of the law, ie said, was yet to come in the corn-hog program--to make sure :hat the former, for whose benefit :he processing tax was planned-does not pay it himself. een introduced. WYNEKOOPNOT TO GO ON TRIAL State Admits Case Against Widower Weak and Asks for Dismissal CHICAGO, Dec. 11. £"--The charge that Earl Wynekoop was an accessory to the murder of his wife. Rheta, v/as dismissed by the state today. When the young widower was arraigned in felony court on the warrant accusing him of a part in the strange killing of Rheta in his mother's surgical operating room, the state had to admit its investigation had not developed any evidence to substantiate the charge. Charles S. Daugherty, assistant state's atorney, moved to dismiss, and Judge Jay A. Schiller wiped out the charge. His dismissal let; Earle's mother, Dr. Alice L. Wynekoop, alone facing the accusation. The elderly woman is under indictment for the murder of her daughter-in-law by gunshot after administering chloroform, and will be tried in January. She is in th» county jail. Rush Lake Levee Built to Halt Spring Floods MILKORD, Dec. 11. (^P--Workmen from Camp Okoboji are completing the 1,400 foot levee near the dam at -Rush lake in Palo Alto county under the supervision of E. P. Sylvester of the emergency conservation work staff here. The levee will extend 070 feet northwest and 430 feet southeast of the dam and will be covered with rip-rap to pre- cent erosion. It is designed to prevent recurrence of spring floods. Wovk for 800 Men. WATERLOO, Dec. 11. UP)--Work for 300 men here involving $75,000 expenditure on CWA projects for widening paving in 53 city blocks was assured here. FARM UNION MEETING Community Hall at Clear Lake, la., Mqn., Dec. 11 BOB MOORE, Speaker MUSIC BY GAUD'S ORCH. Everybody Invited "Old Folks at Home" Sez Mary to John, "I can hardly sec. These old glasses of mine are too young for me; In darnln* and mendln' I have such a strain And to read anything, I try again and again." "Our home Is modern, we have an automobile. Our clothes are nice, my cloak is of seal; Our feet are well shod--could you believe such a thing, That our eyes, our best friends, are neglected and dim?" Sez John, "We've lived happy now many a. year. Our eyesight is failing; to me that Is clear. We've failed In our duty to the, thing moot worthwhile, It's Frank Smith's for glasses--we'll live with a smile," Try practicing a little good judgment. Make your eyes glad-your brain easy. Glasses scientifically fitted are best. I make them reasonable, too. Fully Guaranteed. Others do--why not you? . ' · ' · ' L - G o and S E E ' DR. FRANK H. SMITH, Opt., Manly, Appointments Day or Evening they drifts Preferred Stock in Iowa Banks Bought DES MOINES, Dec. 11. (M--The Reconstruction Finance corporation is now purchasing preferred stock in Iowa banks, Henry Morgentliau, Jr., acting secretary of the treasury, advised Governor Herring. .Evans Speaks nt Meeting. FAIRFIELD, Dec. 11. UP)--R. M. Evans, chairman of the Iowa corn hog committee, we 9 principal speaker before a meeting of the Jefferson county corn-hog organization here attended by 1,000 farmers. Women Seeking New Air Endurance Mark Forced to Come Down MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 11. /T--Inability to refuel their plane because of high winds today forced down Viola Gentry and Mrs. Frances Harrell Marsalis, who were attempting to set refueling endurance airplane record here. They took off at 2:33 p. m. yesterday and landed at 11:50 a. m. today. The women plun a new flight to start tomorrow. RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE GRUNOW SUPER SERVICE The first real ndvnnces In electric refrigeration for the home. VANCE MUSIC CO. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 121 North Federal Phone. 708 Lindberghs Will Not Leave Manaos Until Early Tuesday Mom MANAOS, Brazil, Dec. 11. (/P)-Col. and Mrs, Charles A. Lindbergh plan to remain here today and tonight, Pan-American Airways announced. They will leave about 5 a. m. (eastern standard time) tomorrow on another stage of their flight to reach home for Christmas. Lots of Gifts and All of Them Paid For! RFC Price for Gold Again Set at $34.01 WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. OP)--A price of 53-1.01 an ounce wns announced by the treasury for RFC gold purchases, representing no change from the quotation that has been maintained for over a week past. Spokane, Wash., han acquired 48 parks nnd, playgrounds, covering 3,786 acres, since 1801. the way to go through the Christmas season. Load J| Old Santa down with Gifts and pay for them as you buy them. You can do it next year, if you'll come in now and join our 1934 Christmas Savings Club. The plan is easy, simple and attractive. Put aside a small sum of money each week and December 1, 1934, this bank will mail you a check covering all that you saved, plus interest. We have a class for everyone, and for every purpose. Just decide what amount of money you'll want next year, and then it's easy to select the class you prefer. We will gladly give you full details. Stop in today! N O R T H W E S T S A V I N G S B A N K Mason City, I o w a

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