The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, October 3, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. Xo. 288. Gttiysb-arg, Pa^ Friday, October 3d, 1913. Price Two CcmU. IN ADDITION To The Prizes Already Offered For FARMER'S DAY \Ye Will Give $25.00 In Other Prizes Particulars Later In This Space. ECKERTS STORE "ON THE SQUARE" DISTRICT NURSE SUNSET CAUSES ANOTHER PARADE ASSOCIATION MET! A FALSE ALARM MRS. BARNITZ DIES SUDDENLY LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Annual Meeting of Gettysburg Dis- [ Fire Company Brought out to Third j s ecom j ^ nnua j Mummers Parade ! trict Hursfng Association Hears! Alleged Fire at Gettysburg Roller! w ni he Held on Last Day of the Encouraging Report. Ail Praise; the Civic Nnrse. i Mill when Son Goes down in Blaze of Glory. 5 The -great good accomplished by' Shining suddenly from under a. hlsss Brie!, Gettysburg's civic nurse, i^ an ^ of heavy black clouds on Thurs| during the ten and a half months 'chat I ^Y evening, the sun cast a light of ! she has been here was attested Thurs- i unusual brilliancy over the western I day evening- before the annual meeting! end of town and for the third time in i of "the District Nursing Association, j a short period the fire company was The report of the president empha- ! ^ed u P° n to make a useless run to Month. Will Give Prizes. Band to Take Part H------- w -i-sis-^^-.-^ f^ww-r* ^·*rr-r^r^ == ~ 'The report of the president em? ha_;called upon to ma^e a use:ess run to \ A / A | T K M J Q T M H A I It I* ! sized Vhls and many members spoke of' combat an Imaginary confiagrat:on at YV JTTLLt M. JLJlV ij I i Al-tCI. J. AVJ-i i . ,? A0 ^nH -fo.- her s*rvir~s and 'the Gettysburg roller nsHls. MUTUAL WEEKLY THE LOST COMBlNATfOX -life expert" i= rti-lurvl from a nearby settled A convict, a h.-rt;:!! i« a. vault Iii? tthk-h as the ch-!d -- hi.-; own. Di:ADMAN"S?HUE3 The t«inu douu-t! ih»- doi!:t= of the Sthe great demand for her services and | lhe Gettysburg roller nsHls. I the satisfaction she has given. The; Premature darkness had , f meeting was'held in the Court House. over Gettysburg shortly before six He -'crjcts- 1 -'"^'1 ' M ££ I Officers elected for the coming year: o'clock when a heavy rainfall and low's were, president, Dr. J. A. Ssngmaster; that it has been decided to repeat the feature again this month and arrangements are now being made to have the affair a regular annual event. For the old-time paddling, com and Sour rhn Mrs. John H. Barnitz Died Suddenly; Correspondents send in Many liens Thursday Afternoon while on the, of Interesting News from their Way to Saie. Was Taken IM in Au-; Respective Towns. Persaaab tomobile. and Many Brief Items. r.eural- f the heart^ Mrs. Bertha Barnitz , - The victim of an attack of Last year s mummers paraae on Hallowe'en was such a grea'c success^ suddenly t the o , d Barnitz ! family, of Harrisburg, were the guests YORK SPRINGS York Springs--Lewis Prosser and Homestead below Xew Oxford Thars-1 of J. O. Prosser and family over Sim- erir -ST clouds shut out a!! the sunlight. American Tn :int! Urrtt tt'hea ihe rt-rs*-^aies sweetheart caisi-, tile J' MCI CAL'XVEKKLY XH.-M afrfch. COMIXG "nc- /::·! YWrtc, (.Vj'isuiencing O-:o'*-r "th. WILLS CABLO1D ML'S'C.VL CO.MKDY COMPANY I'opuUr Pr: o DUE. ; ; first vice president, Rev. F. E. Tay- : ln : ';lor; second vice president. Miss Annie j W. Homer; secretary, Mrs. D. P. Me- 1 Pherson; treasurer, I. L. Taylor. moment, before the time for the sun \o set, the clouds lifted just enough to show the sun. Like an immense ball of brilliant orange fire it rears. | These, with the foUowing, also elected '. gleamed over the western hills. In the J map havjng . the DesE ed the costume. I P H O T O P L A [ Duncan, Mrs. Luther Kumman, Prof.' | L. A. Parsons. Martin Winter, George | iHuminarion and not afev.- believed Y : . _ _ , ^ _ . j E. Spangler, E. P. Miller. Miss Lily j Ehai ic was caused by Sanies from i Dougherty, Mrs. "William A. 3Iartin, l ~ T £ Q Building.- I Prof. Richard S. Kirby. j Seminary Ridge hid 'the sun from LU3IX j Dr. J. A. SIngmasteVs report, read ' son!e observers while others had the ,. ~t i n tt, r . mcmhat-s; rvf 7ip. idcofiiriAn 'advantage of seeing one of the most Tciupwd bv a inL-dirc-vtfe.1 ctlc-r, a voung; Iri-h inaM oi-ne to tln=; country and Uo ..1C- memoers Oi itte ---^oci^uon., * ,a-«1 -J the nl«.e of Iairlcfc Ora,l v. I'jcricfc soon fooad tl»ac he had fallen iu love j tells in detail of the work done during: *«narkabiy beaufaxul sunsets LUBIX HIS NIECE FROM IRELAND KALEM ESSANAY ^^ ^ .^^.^ ^ ...... ... ,..,,- Gettys- whh. LiT supposedfjifefeT vV^tb ARTHUR j'oHXSOX and LOTTIE HiRtSCOE in j tlie past ygar The report in full fol- |^ Br S ^ witnessed for many months, he !tr2nn«i pans. j i ov -s- THE HIDDEN \VITXE3S - . . , . -5^?! " " President's Report , A cuarmias ncalthy widov ^icr^ an savenwire, nu^e plot -.o .-uar« ^e Vem'^s of the Dist""ct ^burg roller mill called "fire". covered fortune a thwarted bv tt thiKl = =trat2£eai- xo tne j.en s or · JISl ~- Cl - - . . . , , . . . Xursing Association of Gettysburg, -= A nuniufc, tne bell -cva 3 iingmg ana Pa. Ladles and Gentlemen: It gives ! a short time afterward, through mud me much Treasure in behalf of your | and raln - the Down's fire fighters were Board of Directors to present the" f o l-; lagging the heavy apparatus down j One of the less fortunate ones, seeing jthe reflection over-the roof of the Get- In a AT THE LARIAT-S ESD " ES-^ANAY TVESTERX A Mfistem four-cornered love story in \iiiichthe village idiot anl l!"i ttl«-Lale (Alkali Ike) heap each other nuke trouble. Coming--Tv.-o-Bcfcl"Coicedy 'THE FJEUDJSTS." Vitagraph. AUTUMN HUNTING moon at a quarter after two day. o'clock. Mrs. Barnitz was forty nine Miss Miriam Gardner has gone to years of age. ! Philadelphia where she has resumed Alvin R. Xlssly, of Hanover, and j her studies in the Friends School. were appointed the ad- j H. R. Griest, of Xew York Ci'ty, sited his parents here over Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Xeely, of Xew Oxford/and Rev. George F. Baker and family, of Hunterstown, were ! t h e guests o f Mrs. S u e Xeely o n Sun. eral wood lots In the Pigeon Hills. As day. homestead Mrs.| Robert Howe, wife, and two chfld- f eellng ill and j ^en, Lloyd and Edgar, George Howe, S at the home they stopped. She dropped ! w »fe and son," of Huntington township, I over as she entered the gate. Dr. J. H. 1 and Earl Winand and Miss Ethel i BIttinger was summoned but Mrs. I Group, of Uriah, were the guests of before he reached the j Harry Junkins and family, of Lati- j more township, on Sunday. evening was one of enjoyment to nun- ' i Barnitz died ! olace. take oart in the event again this fall She was a daughter of the late Wil- and an invitation to,the college boys. aboufc win also be extended. Assurance will be given that there will be no repeti- " i liam A. Young, of Hanover, who died ..rm I *-" Thomas G. Xeely, Esq., and Mrs. D. A. Gardner and son, Harold, were the ago. Since her hus- \ guests of the Dicks family at Xew Ox- death she had been living at the |-ord on Sunday. I home of her mother who survives to- j Jofln Acker, of SIddonstown, a vet- tion of last year's unpleasantness. | ether ^ th four children, Walter H.! eran of the Civil War, was the guest Allan B. Plank is again leading m| Yonn of York; George w _ Young, j f his sister, Mrs. James Spealman, the effort for a "safe and sane" Hal- j John Ed Young, and Miss Caroline 1 Sr - The " ha * not seen each other for * * ·» "»1 J ?_^_1 ^ _ n A J ~ . t * r S . *· «· ^" ! · « / » _ _ , lovre-en and will doubtless receive tne, Y _ You ng-, all at home. Two brothers! npcfessarv suoDort from the business _,_ ______ .___ -n-m: __ c? -v _____ ~r I 16 y necessary support irom tne people of town when they are visited next week to contribute towards the nrizes. lowing second annual report of the 1 Baltimore and Chambersbarg streets. ! For new styles in suits and over-coats j has beann "isow, but the man v.ho _Is fortunate eiiuceh to be a patron of The Shor kno\T? iliat be nee»I r.oc seek any further. Our handsome and elegant f jbrlts are awaiting your choice and oar ------- and -- -- t i i work for the year ending" October 1, Az 'Washington street a stop was i 1913 made to investigate,.for the Ggnfhad .j s _ [departed as suddenly-as Ic had appear- a, the unusual sight lasting for less Our Association has been in tence a little over a year. Miss Briel, oar-nurse, has been with us a I since Sept. 25th, 1912, with the excep- ; rion of an absence of about six weeks --rcles an* up-Eo-lfie-mtBUte and vre -nilI non 01 an aosance or aoont six weess ·i-l^j unish^vouc. oitSz. in, s. manner j occasioned by-a previous engagement. 1 »t r-*»n f i V l t f Hi- l i * » n S \V.lGn VOU IS--Vt? It ; XXr^*"!;"^-.-,. 'r-lia-Tc^ri-r-el -^i^irrei/T 1-.1C1 il-l-Tia^i-. .it can only b«; done when you h by Wi 1 M. Selligman, Cash Taylor. On September I6th, we will Inaugurate A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. minutes. Inquiry revealed the a of the false alarm, though the identity of the too tsasty citizen remains unknown. '"Some weeks ago the fire company There Are many convincing arguments that might be pr-jsenied as to the sap^rioiiiy Of Made but we know of i-onc . as the refined appearance of Use cJotiie? theoisclvts. There is beauty in e-.ery line ai«tl ^nulity KI e\er\ sliicb ana fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor i have a =r«c:al fii.e line of the Ac-Jcrson rain coals | We"TsdveC"there£ore. passed the experimental stage- of our undertaking and feel that our efforts have been justified 1 by-most; gratifying results. We enter ' upon a TieTM -year with the confidence that the Association Is vrorth v.-hile. | and that Ir can do even better 7;han it has doae. j The Board of Directors held eight ! regular meetings during the vear at the residence of Miss Annie W. Horn- ' £LX °' clock TM the evening. was called to the mill to pat out a fire which was confined to the office and was extingu'shecl easily--without using- any of the company apparatus. More recently the reflection from a ·ad switch-light shining on one WENKSVILLE "Wenksville--Sunday School will be held in the Lutheran church Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Preaching at 2 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Penton, of Get- rvsburg, are spending the week with Mrs. Fenton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Beamer, of Harrisburg; were recent visitors at the home of Peter Beamer and family. also survive, William S. Young, Hanover, and J. Milton Young, Glen Rock. Funeral announcement later. other false alarm to be turned in. Alt three alarms were sounded at about er, through whose courtesy this cen- ! crai place of meeting was offered. The various committees held numerous additional meetings. The business transacted belongs to the routine of the administration of a. benevolent society, tha principal thing being the devising ,' of ways and means for raising ftmds- of~£ Ke "Xurse During the ten and a half months of FAIRFIELD Fairfield -- Invitations are out ror the wedding of Miss Alice, daughter of E. B. Swope. and Mr. Stanley Sheffer. of Hamilconban township, oa Wednesday. October Sth. John Ullrich and family moved on I^Eh-rscay-frc-in Bigierville-to the Reed h o u e on Bailroad avenue. j her active service. Miss Briel minister-1 v * - L- Curris and family moved from led to 169 families, to which she nald 1 water street to the house of C. P. 1-320 separate visits, or an average- or! Bream on Centennial street. 1125 a month. The Board has nothing H - s - ^eely and family returned but commendation for her work. Xot j^rom a visit to Mrs. Neelr's former a single complaint has reached our ] home at Shermansdale, Perry Count? ears- On the contrary we have heard 1 iliss Catherine Sample and Mrs. ' Christian Frev ssent Thursdav at praise and expressions of gratitude for efficient service, always cheerfully- rendered. Xo one can measure the good she has done among ail classes of our tne 1 S people. She has relieved sugaring- and j 5 i want and ministered to the dying- She j terr.oon at 2 o'clock, j is-exceedingly \rell adapted to our ] community and we deem ourselves for- j | tnnate In having secured her services. ' A!bri S ht j Student Supplies== j i "The Approved Kind" H | Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" | 1 Candies, the kind you always ask for. = C -- ^ 1 Its the place to meet your friends, 1= 1 in the sound of the Victrola music. | I People's and Huberts | 1 Drug Stores. J limn cninmnnnmn nnnn»nninnnni'«iiiiiniiiUiiinminKnnHnnniiinmB»in»iimnnHnn»"» ; Sa-veAloney-That's wliat You Do, Wlien you get Dr Hudson on tho job. He don't farm you with any un- ecessa-v trlp« at your expense. ' -That^s not Hs reputation. | "*** charges are very reasonable, j ^'Vo^ x^^-Vrf^^*^*. j *-*· *^-*-- ***» _j j- - _ ·*. ij.t inust o clfis.r'Iv iindsrsfcooQ tpst* -- _ j««* ^^ ^^^ IT T T -- T 1 T" T y * _ _ _ * *--_ -- » -^ 1 ·cf'rtT*^ T«"l Any phone. Mrs. Harvey Beamer and son, and Irs. Benjamin Baldwin and daughter, uenB Sunday afternoon wiYh Clayton Warren and family. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cooley returned on Sunday after spending a week at Mt- Holly and Carlisle. Mrs. Sarah Rice, of Bendersviile. Is spending a few days with William ooley and family. Mrs. Lacy Black and daughters. Daisy and Esther, are spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Baker, of near Mt- Holly- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin ay- lor. September 21, a son. Potato buyers have been In this viclnltv offering from 55 to TO cents a bushel. Linetta. oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 3IcCauslin, who has been suffering with a very sore hand Is Im- Droving at this writing. BONNEAUVILLE Bonneauville--Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Tallis Xoel--a daughter. Mrs. MeMaster, who was reported as among the sick, is much improved- Joseph Staub. 3. patient in St. Joseph's Hospital, Baltimore, arrived home Thursday, and is getting along very nicely. George Shultz, of Baltimore, accompanied him and will pend several weeks here. Mr. and Mrs. David Hoffman, of Gettysburg, spent Sunday at the o r i Albert Cook Myers, the well known O p' author. Is spending a few days in York Springs--his birthplace. Mr. Myers is accompanied by his mother, Mrs- John Myers. They are the guests of J. T- Myers. Charmian. Communion services will be held in the Lutheran church Sunday, October af- FOOT BALL Its First Appearance here In Foot Ball. The first of the three big home be played on Nixon Field. :y, October 4th. At 1:30 on that j "We wish to explain again that the | services of xhe nurse are not to be ex| pected -without charge by any one ex- cep'c the very poor. She has been pro- 3 i video with a card to be left, with every j g-4_ r ^ ! family visited, giving the scale of j £ ±h A]bri h , team ^ n batde ^ j charge as well as otiier information. _ he loca , coll ;ans . TMs is the first i inese cnarges varv xrom 10 cents to L- .,, - , ^ - , , _,, - - .'£ ,, ,,,, ^^ '· tans Albright nas appeared here oO cents lor a visit, irom S1.00 to S2.00 j * ^ -, - -^ ,i , ^ j _ r - _ - ,,.. j ^ ^-nn^ lineup are sucn 1* "o« nr* JT -· -*T« - ~ l as Pawnail of minor league baseball to S3.00 j.or a aay or 24 Hours. I 1 FT" ·* ^ f I in eterinaran ierma-rj.xu. j membership in "the jlssociation en- I £Wes ^o one to free treatment. It ! would be quite unreasonable to ex- A siirrlng game Is In I store for sport lovers. Admission will be fifty cents.--advertisement ELECTED OFFICERS \ oung Men of St. James Church Hold Election. EAST BERLIN East Berlin--Paul Gise, of York, omes of E. L. Golden and E. A, Melorn. Charles Chrismer, -wife and son, Richard, spent several days with the ormer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilam Chrismer. Mrs. Crist Gebhart returned home Saturday from Philadelphia, where she spent several months. E. L. Golden, David Hoffman and E. A. Melhorn were visitors In McSherrystown on Sunday. Clarence Smith and family, of Mc- ijherrystown, spent Sunday at the fiomes of Jerome Golden and family and the Misses Corrigan. Miss Anna Staub spent Thursday in_ Hanover. J. F. Miller and wife, Fabian Staub, wife and daughters, Marie and Pauline, spent Sunday In New Oxford, the guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and paid his parents a visit here Sunday. Carman Myers made a business trip to Gettysburg "on Monday. Miss Mary Walter,' of Hanorer, visited friends In town Sunday. Mrs. "William C. Jacobs and son. of New York City^ are the guests" of Tier parents, Mr. and Mis. f. S. Miller. Lewis Spangler - and family, of York, Sundayed with his father-in- law, W". F. Kuhn, and' other Berlin, friends. William Qujggle and family, of York, route 47were the-guests of Mrs. Quiggle's parents, Mr. and Sirs. An- drew Myers, and other friends in town Sunday- Rev. E. S. Miller, of Lineboro, Md., filled the pulpit In the Brethren Church here Sunday ifiorning and Rev. G. W. Brough, of Latimore, preached In the evening. Pius Orner, -wife and son, and Emory Orner and wife of "Arendtsville, autoed to town and Sundayed with Mrs. Bubb and daughter, Miss Rosa. FrankIIn~Eisenhart and wife^ 5f^ Abbottstown, Miss Mary Eesser and friend, Mr. Weiler, Hanover, and Mrs. Orpheus Myers and son, Melviu, took dinner with Mrs. Mary Jacobs and The Young Men's Brotherhood, o St_ -James Church, met In the socia room of the church on Thursday even Ing and elected "the following officer for the ensuing year: president. Harry Wentz; vice president, Charles Pfeifer; 'treasurer, Fred. G. Troxeli; secretary, Roy; and reporter Wilson Bream. It was decided to make arrangements toward having some sort of an entertainment later in "che lall Mrs. Vincent Staub- Dr. R. H. Lindaman and wife spent Friday in LIttlestown with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. F. S. Lindaman. J. F. Miller lost his pet dog "Trbcy" Monday evening, when a large auto ran over him. Crist Gebhar't transacted business in Littles-own on Saturday. and efforts will also be made to WILL SETTLE UP family on Sunday. - Battle Anniversary Commission Will Hold its Final Meeting. A meeting of 'the j? if tieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Com~ i mission will be held in a few weeks to crease the membership of the organization, which now numbers forty six. Refreshments were served. KITCHEX SHOWER 'Xe-wly Married Couple Visited by Many of their Friends, WHIPPED ICE CREAM ·overonr original formula by a" secret process. Xotliina finer than this J p cc j; continued treatment for the pal- · _ '^' '"· -"'·· -· can-'be mane- "('crv^ jnembershit* fee. Our Income wbald ·* )Ui: ^ '· VANOUW- CHOCOLATE, PEACH.. ..,,_, .___. ..^J^Jja'stify^e'e'treatnient."^^ " Mr. and Z^Irs. George E. Hartman settle up Its affairs. The commission paid HAMPTON Hampton--Mrs. David Hoke and daughter, Mrs. Hugh Hostetter, Hanover, were recent guests of 3!rs. P. H. Slagle, and family. Miss Esther, daughter of J. P. Myers, Is visiting friends at, Washington. Mrs. J. H. Evans and daughter spent s. few days ac York. Joseph Myers, Kansas, Is the guest of George Philips and "wife. Mrs. Ephralm Bellinger Is spending seme time with her son Emanuel and family. Dr. Spotz and wife, York, motored to town on Sunday evening. Albert Thomas proprietor of the large poultry farm west of town has and I s 0 -^ to dats 219 guineas for S10S.40 and has ISO almost ready for sale. } Lloyd Slpe, mother and nephew, j visited Mr. Trelber and -wife, at Hani over- Abraham Bosserman and wife call- on reunion, and the commission for Its; PEACH... . - Sfsgas and Sundaes msde ,, . . .... Cream -5c. ""' ' " " Til/t G£TTYSBURG:CANDY KITCHEN rVJc quart, I5e pint, 5 and lOc a ,,=.* WI.H special train Trill leave Gettys- ·g over the Eeadlng October 8 at 7 m. for Phlladelphfci- Retaming were surprised on Tuesday evening'successfully ; carrying- oat the arrange- i oenevo- RUNKPECKIVrAN'S REALTY REPORT and the hali up .. by ISO feet deep. This is a practically nen house and In first clis= repair price is right. 9 room frame hon?e and storeroom, bath. gas., coal ranse, lar^e stable for ~2 horses and 4 carriages, chicken hor.*c, 40 feet front and 172 feet dsvp. 1 acre lot in rear of alley with poultry lou*e 20x20 with cement floor, will let % of purchase money in propei ty at 5 tx-rcent interval and v. ill allow feoOO, for the 1 acre lot .not wants I with prior's". The but'.on of th ; ? p-opirty is fircfc cUj5 an.l piIce is RUXK PECKMAX, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pa. Plank Is booked "-jhand always. Xone of us knows what ment a day may bring forth"byVay of disease and accident; and we should be glad to pay the small charge made for Reading Terminal 11 p. m. Ac- I count "World's Series base ball game, pitch.--advertise- 1 when about rweniy-nve of their friends gathered ac their home on Hanover street and,gave them a kitchen shower. A very pleasant evening snent and refreshments were serv- SEE advertisement of three fruit ed. visits. Moreover it Is a comfort to; t!i know that the very needy can obtain 'the help of a trained nurse free of cost to them. Inquiry has been made in reference to the rale which says that the nurse not visit patients suffering with OIL cans gix-en away. We will give on ""anodler" page.--advertise- I awa " ^ hile *«* last ' one I5 cent oil i I can with every cash sale 01 fel.OO or $6-300 e i contagious diseases, but may give ad- Continued on second page over. Adams County Hardware Com- FREE watermelons. See third page, t --advertisement 1 ! pany.--advertisement GOO baskets of fancy mountain peach- has. through Colonel Beitler. every bill that -svas presented there are but few outstanding accounts. Secretary Beitler Is In receipt of letters from veteran organizations all over the Xorth and South thanking | the Legislature of Peunsvlvarsia for Its | liberalfty In providing funds for the j ^ TM Da ^ :d Border and family Daniel Pelffer and wife, Sound H513, Mrs. John ZImmers, York Springs, ~ere the guests of E. C. Myers and family. Mrs. Anna Dillow and son and Pearl Weaver spent Sunday at TV". A. Weavers home- Paul L. Chronlster and force of hands have just completed repainting Joseph F, Shank's house and buildings and have commenced painting the Reformed church and fencing at Xew Chester. * Frances Marks, Frank Decker, wife and child, Sundayed -sv:th George Fissel and wife. ments. "WAXTED: yojng man to learn dry goods business. Mast be well recommended and not afraid of work. Dougherty and Eartley.--advertise- ment 1 S^ FREE watermelons. See third page. --advertisement 1 Popular prices, 50 yard. Dougherty FOOD SALE: Saturday's market, pies, cakes, bread, etc. St. James Sun- dav School Class.--advertisement 1 NEW silks for waists and dresses, es for sale at 'the Gettysburg Ice and cents to §1.00 a Storage Co. From 85 cents to $1.00 per Hartley.--adver-^bushel. W. S. Adams, Hill Top or-' Anna Reek's, tisement 1 J ehards.--advertisement 1 tisement 1 SECOXD milliner} opening at Miss Saturday, 4th.--adver- 1 WOMEX and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement 1 'SPAPERJ

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