The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

ARNISHES ~"~~ Results in Ksisars- Army At-j iir.cis M?.nv Nations. · ^^ - · Clocdhour.ds Are Too Noisy--German Shepsrd Car.-ae Do Wot Say, Thereby Possessing zin AcdS- tiona! Virtue for the Work. Medical Advertising ONLY ONE "BEST" Gettysburg People Give Credit Where Credit jis Due. '. f ^Gettysburg- j I.AUU ·· v.«*i._ixicjieys and. bad ua.^c^ nuui? [a kldaey-rernedy that'.depended ROPE TRICK IS "EXPLAINED";2Sfcr I S^Sd K " I1wrPai " i "" "^ English Writer ?£akes Explanation v. - ^,~-~~- ^^v-t.*^. ^^^»v-^ c. ^.^^7. Cunning Artifice---Doss Not Ap- s -irs- -$- A- Gilbert, 128 \V. iliddle pear Cones-is:ve. -j St^Gercysburg, Pa., ,says: "I have r - - - - - - i had no· need zor-Doans Kidney Pills · since;]? used and publicly recommende-l f 3 the Winter 'o win:. These xvarni. dry days and the absence of Hying Insects offer zhe best^ne"e^e y^^^ thus inSUring a ^ ell ~ ^ ' ° B^C-^re oroper oro:ccdon, good pa^r must be used and good'paint can only be ::n^ from p;:r,- rate'rids finely ground and thoroughly mixed. Such a paint Is S W P, which -. -V;^T:,--,1-'- -la-j^ fo-S l »e-\Y : n-\Vir : ci:iis Paint, Prepared. For forty-seven years S \V P S "- r '~ r '~ " ' , and today 16s bcir-r than ever. A scientific-formula proved by Ls carefuUv selected and thorough combining by modern machln- ' P can give ihe best results. It Is economical because of Its : and cDvenn- caonckv. There arc forty-nine shades besides ^vhlte and black. Come aid xv-: wili help YOU select attractive color combinations for your buildings. . -- _ ^ , ^oiyiiere are necessary to the ssic-,. j nations of Europe "sic up and taae | ce££ . ofj[he ^5^,, The SIecra tors lace : * \ notice." The present eal - lls ~ s:n ! the setting sun and are sheltered'-t. the. members of the German , .^^ _ t b ,_ ^ awniB Tlie j^pe use a ! "" _ r j V PI}! S id I goc some at the People's" Drug this remedy long ;." * il dealers. Price 50 ilhum Co., Buffalo, ie agemrfor the United v-J Its sterlln- ,vorch ,; ^ .;,-.. ^ W 'ui 3 r.-r: e ^ r . -- o'-s^vS rlsl-Tone Bam Paint A. durable, sanitary Brightens : barns, oU-painr for xvails and ^nces, tadg^s, roofs cclin^s. producing, il ~ Ui " VlC * '""" soft, ricr, Tiat effects; Mar-not Varnish A durable, tough, Kopal VarnlsK A perfect varnish for o-eneral US e. Can ·G hat really happens, Mr. 2£askelyne . '~~~ FOR .THE HAIR t .U^M*. VW*«L i » * i _ » » jf^f.** ^j-jj^-j ."--· - -»" S La 1 *? fc/VJ » t^»JiiJi.tJ LiU ^.aat? j^v»f vi. A-v/i^v- *--*---· , ] many masters; they have been treated j t jj en g^ps Q-jigijiy to the ground. Be-1 s very much like the firemen's dogs; j j ore t j. e astonished onSockers knov,- , Bloodhound been used more for track- to all __v, : ho have, witnessed the The trick: has oeen wi :-g criminals than in America. the ; fra?ry making st'vizvy " '' \vear ana tear easily applied, easily vere v.-g^rher. cleaned u-idi soap and \vater. Twcnty-fo;:r beautiful shades. of se- Eco- noinicai because of good covering capa- citv and durability. be used Inside outside. or It \vill \vith- elastic iioor van that dries dust-free In ei^ht hours and holds Its lustre for stand the sun and the the longest possible elements outside and time. the clean Ing Inside. For Sale by Department £~- ,- ? T% n -5.-i»-fr-«r»*-» £-·»·· T-*r* *^f Zr --·*"·» %_£.C Z. 5. V asjflli g in fact all tiie ctyl "·e men s nevr iaii ndoubtedty cr.~3 siranr-e us \vomcn and · list ss snsiocrScic. s .PS. ."C C V»-1r--· ^r^ I"" 1 *" 1 - ijLli^-^^^3 I · - HI gj g| j II si !»i 1^1 ES! ^Hs fiih ss! s^^ J==' ·-- I blood and breeding in Europe. The j ^OUCATION-N'OT^ALL MENTAL 1 1 bloodhound here is often nade sav- t -- \ age, so that he shall become a keener 1 f , an y/ho Cou ; d Not sv/l.-n Is Refused ' buater of men. lr Is a practice m | D ; p ; orna by Authorities at the . soae of the penuentiaries ia the soutti j Columbia University. i to get inmates of the prison to Kick j . ; paliass of the kernels in which the | Tfee aathori - !es at Colasibia univer-' bloodhounds are kept- Tne disturbec , ^.^ fcaye refased ^ a , var a a diplima. cogs thus are made savage, and waen | to ' a senior -j-^o jjas not learned to: ! a jnan is reported snissins or is seea I ^...^ ^ IengtL c£ tue^pool in the; SC-ttius away the bloodhounds aunt | ^^j,^^.^ A fe , A - years ago such j his trail v.-ith. all the grlnmess 01 a terrier sf ailing Hair Haii's Hair Uenewer certsjaly stops falling hair. i o doubt about it whatever. You will surely be satisfied. ^ OL : ce j s hereby given to all lexsK generally are j Io nunced on a leas- mey can he re- ^ strained from willmgl o b e ij«,--e that the onlv beae- 1 attendance leas- mey can he re- ^ ^^^^ ^ attendance atlg^J ^^; ^""pSSS^ to- ^ harrrun| tne runway. college is obtained fronl boots. Tne j! J ^^ n1^u^:^i^ Coantr, Pa. y surrenders wnen -- ne j j-ec^ireTaents imposed at Columbia :s | (1rea=ef , * aaimals are close upon him. Blood- i ^ ig6Scal!oa - " es make a great deal o ' practical i^=-- -_ --. . . i 1"^*. Tlie Jtrst nnti" i-inai account -.-. iii.-^_ii^ i^^^^ »- -- ^ jjmrn that is being given to edacationa. · ·\v:]j,., :ll g_ Deardortf. -executor of" tl e v.-hea they are running on a trail. ! eSoT . in recen times. ! w :! L of Srrrah. i.. l:oih"- late of Franklin They are more suitable for ?.-ork in j vrails ^ os£ ^ys lea: ' *" '" " "" they are preferred lor vork in a cit j ABIinNISTRATOSS SALE idniinistraror's sale" of, valuable TM^ ^ real estate and personal property, oa j or irs suburbs. The v.-olflike oog :s · pa _. Q[ ,^ e education, of even, grace . Friday, the 24in day^of October." 191^. ai so tee more active and he can clear L BrTnr the undersigned.' _aGisiisistrator OJL T,,,!;^,^-. -,nr; nrTif»r Harry J- Carba-jgh. late of Freeflom : Tov.-nshiB. Adams- County. Pa., deceased, by vmrae of the authority of an order of sale granted to him by xhe Ort ohsns" Court of Adams County. vvi!l $ o£er at'pubiic sale, the hereinafter de- 5 scribed premises. s ; tuate in Freedojn ToxvnshiD, Adams-County. Pa., adjoin==;, ing- lands of George Seever. George "VT. ==| Jacobs. Elija Bc-yd's Jieirs. Samuel Buhrman. Luther Eeever. Samael \%. , Stoons and Waiter Spangler. contain- J ing one hundred and ·cMrsy-three acres r J ! more o~ less, improved v.-ji;h a tv-'o- arge storv frame avrelling honse, --,,, zzs» bank bam. TMagon_ shed, iraplement '^^| shed, large corn cno", and other bmld- ii--^s--:___.r.rj-i.-..._j^ ! --.--!-rTiT«"»-j?-SL rr»p -7r.*nr! B_ Linss and other obstacles ^-itb. a ; ,. oo t school chOdrei^ Colusibia. is settin?. , ^ ., ,._ in trithholding a d:- greac deal more ease than, can u,e . _r OI=a from a maa%-ho cannot swim. E. If. Derkiieimer. Ite-^fetc-r of V.Tlls. bloodhound. It perhaps _ that some of the railroad jcompanies keep_up a regular -staa" of hounas; ; ·a. generally j FROf^l BROOf/i HANDLE keep.,up a regular -sta^' 01 aounas; ; STrnp , s Toy ls Q u :t» Easily ivlacc and they have been found of the utmost i Give! . Wonderfu{ satisfaction to. assistance in bringing desperadoes to | justice ITannins Cleveland, a -wealthy Gives Wonderful Satisfaction to. Uztle People. 1 NOTICE ! I hereb\- give notice that-.I will not pay any debts con- by my wife. Annie L. 1 Laiwer. _ ^ ^ it _^ ^ ai .^.^ ^j.s Liie -John j~jzi- i V/eiken; farm, is in good state of calfci- ' * vation. v.ith good fencing, supply of ,, running v.-atcr at the foam and an e:c- [^·~! cellent v.-ell and cistern a'c xhe house. :^rg| land is situate con'/enienz to schools ~EE| land churches- Tnere are ten or trwelve :~| j acres of good sa-sv mill timber on the! ~~~~ 3 zract. ' Ar the same date and place the an- jrsigneu v,-sll offer at public sale "the Pougtkeepsie man, long has been re-, tov easily made no^ned for the esceHent cailvby C. ilfltoit^olf, Jr., fcnc- " _________ , ro^a: cut a slit ia the top rsro or ; reol an is possessed of after he has been f red Saoael. and add ! Kye_- ^.Icn.ving personal property:- One bay nrnre, six years old^ straight and all right, one bay horse, one^ pair of good mules, one extra good colt, five months oV. oie Kentucky grain drill i used one season, one Osborne hay tec- I der. one horse ralce, one sulky com j plow, set of shifting ladders, thirty! SATO feet lonsr. arood Studebaker ivagor. .____, land bed. vnch tv.o and ~cne-tialf inch ;~5 j tread, set of brccchbands. three i,ets 1 = 1 lot front gear?, set of single harness, -Ei: 1 1 collars, bnci'es. halters. Victor chop- I^Sj j nlng mill o^e Syracuse long plovr. |^~5 IKi'iside plov.. Osborne spring har- ' \ 1 row. Dcerircr mr.v.-er, American cream _^,f 'separator, con.rjlcte set of carpenter ^=·5 j tools ar.d c.e=u vice. lot of biacksmltTj T-rrrl TT^".:iis. ·,.-^0 hn'-ro-.vs. hay fork, rope and hunted by bloodhounds is Xot so long ago the handler o£ the · S land co^s iiiiLCt* *~~- i**.^r^_ j :re ia.v a cosdsnsneci 3oan--the laur- j dereV raa cov.-a by the aforesaid ' Closes and a black and tan American bloodaonnd. the latter half pure bloodhound and halt Aiaer-.caa foxhound. : "Do you kno-w -aho this is?"' asked j the v.-arden of the prisoner, as he i pointer 5 to the Poaghkeepsie maa. : -Xo," came the reply. j "Ke is the nian v^-ith the dogs." | continued the ~arden, aad forthvrith ! tne unhappy v.-retch rushed to the oS ; comer of his cell and acruaUy triec j to dig himself out -frith his hands. The j terror that a red handed cnroinal has ; for the po~ers of a dog is veil known | The presence of -well trained police j dogs is a deterrent to crime. ; EETAIL PRIC'ES d^er Dairy .Feed! . «-^arFc Spiinz JJran ! Hand J'acfcel P-ran PerlOO "."!?r3i l!40 1 Com and Cats Chop ^-*2 I ,-hc-emaker btock Food l-~^ JRe-l MM-ilin-s": I-| !?jTcLop^rf.:::::::::"^/.-"""--i--TM .Ualcd smrar w I Plaster - -S.'.O per tor.. !Cein^3t $1.1" jKirbJ.ii i Per !»!- - - - ; Per r-u !v,"cstem FIcar tools. V.vo ha | ;carp'j'le:-=, y-six savred posts. ;i j thirty-T-.V,. v.irc fence TJOSts, lot __w| | iuipL-er. iot ' " one and a half inch ,--~l jp'a-i-'. 5.,t oC ftr.ce ixards, t\vo shovel |^5 i Jpsov-s. iiock ar.c tackle, ray ladaer, i^^l ! t-.vcr.r. feet ^cr., single, double and s -- s | triple irecs. lo, breast and coTM chaips, * I enterprise pa j.-^ge grinder and starrer, (cross cut saw. axes, Tnavrl. v/cdges. e ] large lavn forks, rakes, niad- | |ix:k. cro-A-s^-p-. potatoes by the bushel: 1 |a:so ffteen afT-c 3 of good corn in ; 'srock, and cth"- ariTcrcs too nurcerous " 'to mention. ,\U the machinery is .pracuea'iy -cv.- having been used L-at ! a sho-t :ir.,e. | j he fcAje iiTui begin at 30 .o'clock, A. "M . at v.h:c: ^ ; p e the real estate -ail! be o~c-cd. a-'] tne tenr.? arid conditions v i i l L r^a'te kTSOXvn bv J LUTHER SCOTT, Administrator. Toy Horss ~ f * u n n i Q p-.p^ -^PTY P U R S ^ ' a s:nali portion to serve as tie.] _ CsChOOLb h « 0 ^ ^ . , , r ' i l , - rt; -| tOTlguej whicll sfcoaw slightly pro-1- State Aid Lackir. Unt; Voters A«- | "u^. ?»*..^^ I Cora ;,? FOBLIC SALE 22 Nev/ Building Jsrsey. ·b. rags or , ^ . ,. - -^ - K !the toiTof 1 t^rbrcosstick. Fix t^c |Boro-igl of B^Icnine, Anaw= Coantj, ! ears -- hJeh should be maae st:2 ^vith ; renn^.lvania. w te ,o.. N. J-T,. r,or».«^ toi-:e,flt 0 ?r^Sf ^«?°S i O"^^'"^""^^ 0 "^' ssijr,:- f^S'o'X s ·; ^~-^*«£. r^ , . j - ,j. ,,,*;,--, ^f -n.-,--' 0 ~ I-where aecessa". -vMien i-ni~~.e~ . , ,,. the £oard «i eS^c^.ion of ^-..^.o.- , , OD ^ ar as ia the illustration. J Conniv ,i A'Jams and iiate 01 - - ; - - - , township faces a ser.ous predicament- \ w i" ^PP-a^ a-» ^ , varn -^ d ^3*0,], v.-i'.l ofibr at pnbhc^slt The teachers hare r^een engaged, b u t : =*-,,.,., Ion the ?«rc:niscs inihc Borowsh «i B:g-er the board is **hott fucds to begin j ,, ^^ ^^ ^ | v rf.c she foJlorfng ^escribea rea, ^tc-. the term. . ."_ __'.»,.,_ »^,-ai -^ifh ;n^ rlr- ' All tnat Medical Advertising i Gettysburg- Druggist Deserves Praise Ii- C. Landau, druggist, deserves -praise from Gettysburg people for , introducing here the simple buck(thorn bark and glycerine mixture, s kr ' own a s Adler-i-ka. This simple ss| j German remedy first became famous her little finger."--.Tudge. soon the schools m-iy not be opened. | During the Crov/deci Scsson, Mrs. Gotham-- Why, Tommie, ho-v dirtv your f^ce is: "KTiere have .ou Mrs. ootnam--v/u^," i ,.x C , 14 -j . j-i-_,,] )aRTC ^ Has Court to Cisr.gc Name. ^.^ ; . our face js: r^here have you I ' " * T \ ;~ F1 . t .. Patcrson. X. J.-On his pl«-a that b e j - ? - U nd *a« aVhoIc" not one r.ian out of a hundred ^co-j'-J . Toinn . is Gotham--Oh, I've been | ··' av it ghal rro ^ e pronoance lus ns-z-s: Z-.'^n "«£7kevicz j gw j.jj ni i ns dofrn at the public bath, ; .V* c "rotate-, of this c:ty got a. coi-t order to change j ' ' _ , _ , . I _ . . .- -v^l... T : - ' , , 1 ti*^ 11 - 1 -"*' _ _ _ . i A.^ ,.. i-t^rv^ :n;cS by the ·vrill be pffor^' ; n lots °ni -o'd 5n 'ni.i«~5c"cr "n-ost a-lvar-ta-AObs to ssii LE D()?E relieves sour stpir.acl 1 , f?as ----3 on the stnmich mid con c- Lipation iX- SSf · i'TAXTLY. Jt'h. quick action is a big j-uriniso to people. his nanie to John TWO Fccond hanrl Ford touring car«; and ?n Ii.dian motorcycle for sale. CLERK \vanted:- must be experienced in selling clothingTUK! ha'ts. Ad- Ccnlrr.l Auto Compiny, 40 York [dress Walkc.-'s Clothing Store, Yor' i . - . t 11~. « , l . . m 4 i i r /-iv\^ rtwf ,,. ]e to ccmmccc at !-« f - M.. ,c anon and terns made slreet,-- i - Pa.--advcilisemenl ki.ovn by tl.e- Elixalisth A. P.fiher \dmin«tr.iln\ and Agant for the Hens ot Dr. 0. S. Ilcthcr. dcc'd. 1EWSP4PERS

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