The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 8, 1933 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
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Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 8 193* EARLY REPORT IS CONFIRMED FROM INDIANA COLLEGE (Continued From Sports Pare) fintU the last game of the season !(rtien Nebraska beat the Ramblers. In 1924, Layden and the other members of the Four Horsemen developed into one of the highest polisher scoring machines football baa ever known. The team was undefeated and was recognized aa the national champions. : Played Pro Ball. After graduating- in 1925, Layden played professional football for one wear with an ail-star team compos- led largely of ex-Notre Dame play- pra. In 1926, he became coach at Columbia college at Dubuque, Iowa, puquesne university offered him the poaching job there the next year khd he signed, becoming head coach Jin September, 1927. The 1933 sea- £ on at Duquesne was Its most suc- Jfcesaful in football. Only Pittsburgh Defeated the Layden forces. The £eam-won nine games, lost one, and (rolled up 173 points to 26 for the Opposition. HOG MARKET STRONG WITH TOP UP TO $3.60 LAYDEN IS IOWAN DAVENPORT, Dec. 8. C2")--Elmer ILayden, newly appointed head coach at Notre Dame, started his football career as a member of the Davenport high school football team in 5.918 and played here four years before matriculating' at Notre Dame. Layden was one of Davenport's {first triple-threat men. He waa recognized as one of the leading kickers in state high school football and Was a passer of note. After graduating from Notre Dame, Layden accepted a position as head coach at .Columbia college, Dubuque, where he remained for one year. He went to Duquesne in 1927. Elmer is the son of T. F. Layden of Davenport. NEWS TO LAYDEN PITTSBURGH, Dec. 8. (IP) -- Elmer Layden, gridiron coach at Duquesne university, today said the .Chicago report that he is to become football mentor and athletic director at Notre. Dame Js "news" to him. "I'm sorry, I don't know anything about it," the one time mem- tier of the "four horseman" said Wpon being called out of bed. Asked whether he would take the position of coach and athletic mater if it Layden as- "I could hardly answer that when the matter hasn't been brought up. bowever, it's generally known that i'm free,! Inasmuch, as my seven^ear contract runs out this year." . ·' Layden has built up football to ^strong position at Duquesne, and Ss team this year went through a 10-game schedule with nine victor- Sea and one defeat-- the loss a 7 to O beating- at the hands of the Pitt feanthers. 17 Witnesses Called by Plaintiff in Suit for Third of Estate CHARLES CITY, Dec. 8.--Examining of defendant's witnesses in the case of Mrs. Nellie Randall against J. C. Camphell, administrator of the estate of Ed Randall of Marble Rock, was begun in Judge M. H. Kepler's court yesterday. The plaintiff's attorneys had 17 witnesses on the stand. Mrs. Randall was divorced from her husband in 1928 in a hearing before Judge T. A. Beardmore. The Randalls had no children and in her petition Mrs. Randall claimed sho went to live with Mr. Randall again and is entitled to a third of the estate which otherwise would go to several nieces and nephews. She testified that her husband had been drinking the day the divorce waa granted and that when she signed the stipulation getting out the property settlement she did not fully undersand it. Judge Beardmore was called as a witness yesterday and he stated the agreement was read and explained to her before the decree was written. It is expected the case will not he concluded until the end of the week. director at his alma were offered him, fterted: Gallahan Confident of Victory in Ring BOSTON, Dec. 8. (a 1 )--Andy Callahan, the Irish hand, grenade, was confident he could knock the middleweight boxing- crown from the trow of Vince Dundee of Baltimore in their 15-round bout at the Boston garden tonight. The Lawrence battler was to weigh. 152 pounds when he crawled through the ropes, eight pounds leaa than Dundee. Callahan also was to te spotting the champion about two inches In height but his lists carry heavier explosives. Swea City Defeats Ledyard High Teams SWEA CITY, Dec. 8.--Swea City high school defeated Ledyard on the local basketball court by 26 to 13 end also won a reserve game, 7 to 6. The passing and breaking of Swea City were features of the game. "In Old Vienna" Given at Charles City High School by Glee Clubs CHARLES CITY, Dec. 8.--The combined girls' and boys' glee clubs of the senior high school presented the musical comedy, "In Old Vienna" also called "Pickles," in the high school auditorium last evening'. The libretto and lyrics were written by Gordon Wilson and Donn Crane and the music by Alan Benedict. Miss Melva Henning directed both the orchestra and operetta. The scene is laid in Vienna where preparations are being made for the annual carnival. Jonas Pennington (Joe Cerwinski) an American pickie manufacturer, and his daughter, June, arrive and are embarrassed try the advertising" expert of the pickle company played by Robert Bryan. June, acted by Harriet Simpson, falls in Jove with an artist, Arthur Crefront (James Patrick) who- plays too much attention to Hona, the gypsy girl acted by Katherine Blumenstiel. Lady Vivian, an English widow, portrayed by Marion Johnson and Howard Pfundheller as a gypsy chief complete the list of those who have prominent singing parts. Edward Melcher acted the part of chief o£ detectives and Eugene Case waa the proprietor of the inn. Warren Murphy and Carl Magdslck introduced a bit of comedy aa two sleuths/The three acts contained 22 musical numbers including solos, duets, quartets and choruses of 60 voices. The little German band made up of members of the regular high school orchestra played the intermission numbers. The operetta will be repeated this evening. JAMESlSMST POINT CANDIDATE Mason City Youth Scores Highest Grade in Examination. DES 11OINES, Dec. 8. Newton E. James, 19, Mason City junior college student, was nominated Iowa's national guard candidate for West Point by Governor WHEAT TUMBLES ABOUT 2 GENTS Stop. Loss Selling Lowers Market; Speculation Almost Nil CHICAGO, Dec. 8. GT)--Stop loss selling in a market with speculative buying down to almost nil led to a maximum fall or more than 2 cents for wheat today. Doubts regarding the monetary situation were looked upon by numerous traders aa the main factor in refusal of the wheat market to respond to constructive news. Declines in prices today were In the face of unofficial estimates ,that 5,000,000 acres of domestic wheat land would afford no winter pasturage and that the southwest demand for feed grain would consequently be 50,000,000 bushels greater than usual. Wheat closed unsettled, 1% @2%c under yesterday's finish, December SZ%c, May S5H@%c; corn % @ % c off, December 46%c, May 52T's@ 53c; oats % @ %c off, and provisions 2c to 17c up. Produce MASON CITY, Dec. 8.-Cash Quotations by K. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 13c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over... 7c Light hens 5c Springs (heavy breeds) 7o Springs, (Leghorn breeds) ...... Gc Old cocks {ncavyj *c Ducks 4c 4c 10c Geese Turkeys, No. 1 Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 19-21C Eggs, in tradt 21-23c» Butter, Plymouth 27c Butter, Clear Lake 26c Butter, Brookfield 25c Butter, State .Brand 28c Butter, Dairy Maid 26c Home Grown Potatoes, peck...25c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations wero obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, Dec. S. I.PN--Wheat, no sales; com, No. 2 mixed Wic; No. 2 yellow 49% fi^c; No. 4 yellow 4 8 M C ; No. 2 white 49 ® 4 9 K c ; new corn, No. 3 mixed 47^i@ 48Mc; No. 4 mixed 47{fi7Kc; No. 2 yel low 4S@48Kc: No. 3 yellow 47 No. 4 yeltoTV 47^c; No. 5 yellow No.. 2 white 49au)c: No. 3 white 47\4c; sample Trada 35c; onts. No. 2 white 35® 36Vic; No. 3 while 35\4®36c; No. 4 while 34%c; no rye: barley 42^C8o; uisaihy seed 33.50S6 cwt.; clover seed $11913.83 cwt. MasonCityCrafn MASON CITY, Dec. 8. -Barley ..................... 28-40o No. 2 yellow shelled corn ...... 35c No. 3 yellow shelled corn . . . . ; .34c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn . . 34o No. 3 new yellow ear corn .... 31c White oats. No. 3, 30 Ibs. or better 2Go July FBIDAV GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO. Dec. S. -- High Low 84W .Bl' S7W .85 , .85% .831 47il .16" 53«, .32! 55 .53? -85K .83 Vi May .. July .. BA.KLEY -- Dtc ....... May ...... Dec ....... Jan ........ May ....... BELLIES -Dec ....... .59% .60% -42 «. AS .4754 4.42 5.10 5.40 4.37 5. IT CHICAGO POCI-TKV CHIOACO. Dec. 8. (.11-- Poultry, live. 43 trucks, steady; hens 8©10c; Leghorn hens 7c; Rock springs 10©llc, colored 9®10Hc; Leghorn chickens 7c; roosters 6c; turkeys 9SP14CJ ducks 6®9c; geese Sc. Dressed turkeys, steady; young Bens 17Wc. old hens 14c; young toma 18c, old 13c, No. 2, 10«c. . CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, Dec. 8. (ill-- Butter 11.071. steady; creamery -- specials (93 ucors) 21',i ®-22c; extras (02) 21c; extra first* (90-91) 19@20c; firsts (88-89) 16818%c; seconds (86-87) 15Wc; standards (90 centralized carlota) 20c. KSSK 2,727, steady, prides unchanged, GOVERNMENT IN MARKET AGAIN Supplies Not Too Heavy and Packers Buy, Protesting at Price Level. CHICAGO, Dec. 8. U--The hog market was active today with prices generally strong with Thursday. The top was $3.60 and was paid freely. Supplies were not too heavy and practically all interests were In the trade. Packers had-12,000 hogs direct, tut came out for more although protesting at the strong price revol. The government was again in the market for some hogs, according to advices from Washington, but this activity is almost ignored by Chicago traders. Outside markets reported receipts about as expected and trade was at prices generally steady to strong. Cattle trade was active on the sual Friday cleanup market. Light attle were again in demand. Beat ong yearlings, reached $6.35 with eavier weight down to $4.25 to 5.25. Sheep were slow, steady to weak. Receipts were liberal and moat bids ;n fat lambs were around $7 to 7.25. Asking prices on choice lots vere well above 57.35. TBODUC'E FUTURES. CHICAGO. Dec. 8. (^»-- Egg futures closed: Refrigerator standards December refrigerator standards January Butter futures: Storaso standards December I69jc; storage standards January 16*ic; ctorage standards February 17c. JflEW VOJtK PRODUCE. NEW TORK, Dec. 8. la 1 )-- Butter. 10.811, steady, unchanged: extra (92 score) 22c. Cheese, 7,510, slow ana unchanged. BEES, 6.144, unsettled. Mixed colors, special packs, or selections from fresh, receipts standards and commercial standards 27c; refrigerators: Special packs ITVi @18c; standards 17c: firsts 155M5!4c; seconds 14'4@lo,ic; checks 13®13Kc; other colors unchanged. T,IV YORK NEW YORK, Dec. 8. LT.' -- Dressed poultry steady to firm nnd unchanged. Ive poultry steady to firm: chickens, freight 10©14c; broilers, express 10ft'15c; fowls, freight 12®lCc: express 12«?H7c; roosters, freight and express 9c; turKcys. f r e i g h t and express UiSISc: ducks, freight c; other grades unchanged. KANSAS CIT¥ 1'HODUCE. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 8. GT! -- Produce, unchanged. Market Notes By TICRER TAPE FBIDA.Y GRAIN OPEN" CHICAGO. -Dec. S. WHEAT-Dec May July CORN-Dec May July OATS-Dec May July RTE--. Dec May July BARLEY-Dec ilay Open Today .35% .85V1 .35 .36 .36 tj Close Yesterday . . Cloie Yr. Ago Lonerock Wins Cup in Junior High Declam LONEROCK, Dee. 8.--One of the Junior high declam contests was held Wednesday evening here and Ixmerock won the cup. Winners in placing 1 order were: Oratorical, Gordon Dimlar of Luverne; Vernon Holliater of Lonerock; dramatic, Marian 'Jensen of Lonerock; Phyllis Lichley of Luverne; humorous, Bette llarlow of Lonerock; Robert .Lee Lechty of Luverne. In the con- teat held at Fenton, Hurt won the cup. Herring today. James scored the highest grade in an elimination examination for Iowa guardsmen who aspired to the point. Ten others took tlie examination, which waa in DBS Moinea Nov. 6, 7 and 8. Tlie youth now must take a final examination, which is scheduled for Port Omaha, Nebr., next March. Jamea is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Jamea of Mason City. He has been a member of the guard for a year oiid a half and ia a private in headquarters company, second battalion, 133rd infantry. .ST .Sir- .5314 .54 ft .381,1 .36 tt 4.40 S.02 5.37 3.82 .1.77 3.03 Hampton I. 0. 0. F. Plans Homecoming Monday Night HAMPTON, Dec. 8.--The Rev. C. S. Kleckner, pastor of the Church of Christ, the Rev. Thomas Carson, retired Methodist minister and J. J. Sharpe will be the speakers at the annual homecoming of the I. O. O. F. lodge here Monday evening. Ove A. Johnson is chairman of the committee in charge of the program. Home missions Discussed. PLYMOUTH, Dec. 8.--The Women's Missionary society of the Free Methodist church met here Friday at the home of Mrs. Lela Armstrong In the interests of home missions. 'Problems dealing with Spanish speaking people in United States, Ajnerican Indians, mountaineers »nd others were discussed. Feminine residents of Seattle, Wash., wore sunbonnets to mark the eighty-second anniversary of the founding of th« city. Sealers Busy Arranging Floyd County Corn Loans CHARLES CITY, Dec. S.--The six sealers who were appointed to seal the corn in Floyd county have been busy this week arranging corn loans. County .Agent W. H. Brown stated that s.nyone wishing a corn loan should get in touch with his local sealer. Following are the names of the men serving in this county: William Smith, Nashua, for the southern part of the county; Raymond Gerhart, Marble Rock, south central; Wallace Beery, Dougherty, southwestern; Charles Steele, Charles City, northeastern; Robert Schmidt, Floyd, north central; Harmon Mitchell, Rockford, northwest- OMAHA G R A I N . OMAHA, Dec. S. (rPi--Wheat, hard No. 2, SOtffSOVic; hard smutty No. 3, 78Hc; spring smutty No. 3, 7T.H@73c; mli«d smutty No. 5, 73lie. Corn, yellow No. 2, 43g-43Uc; mJred No. 1, '12^c. Oats, -white NO. 4, 32Vlc. .that Is not meant that the. operation has been successfully performed. But from the standpoint ot the financial community, the event is of the past, and this Influence upon day-to-day occurrences is buried. Of course, If over subscription , to the Issue should prove disappointing, concern as to federal credit tnay be aroused; but the general opinion Is that the results will be "satisfactory." TOOK DEALERS Quick closing of the boolta took dealers by surprise and left all wondering an to cash allotments. They Tvondered if some subscribers might f i n d themselves with more bonds than they wanted. Trend of government bond quotations Thursday could have been more Impresaivi Prices of outstanding Issued Tvere off as much 'as three-quarters of a point at the close. Dealers felt that in view of the 2Vi per cent Interest rate of the new issue, the group being refunded should have performed more strongly. NOT UNTIL MABCH la The government probably will not be In the market for f u n d s again before the r quarterly date, March 15. With the money subscribed under the current offering am the replenishing effect of December Incamt payments, the cash account of the govern' ment will approximate 1 billion 300 millions This. It t! believed, will be s u f f i c i e n t for tho needs of the administration for the nex three months. When a stock, that is ordinarily sly In It movements, suddenly throws abandon t the wind? and performs in the manner o a member of thn speculative troupe, ther usually la some definite excuse for the youUi ful enthusiasm. Armour of Illinois pre ferred's spectacular climb of over 7 point to 51H will in time prove to have beer exception to th« "usual." K.WSAS CITY GRAIX. KANSAS CITY. Dec. 8. ft?) -- Wheat, S3 cara; l^4^2c Tower. No. 2 dark hard T9W ^S3^c nominal; No. 3, 82^c; No. 2, hard, SOVifl'Sl^ic; No. 3, 7D8£ttc nominal: No. 2. red t 70M;G'82%c nominal; No. 3, Corn, 35 ears; U'lf'Me lower. No. 2 white ·IfiVic; No. 3. 45 ft) 4 6 lie nominal; NO- 2~"yellow, 4G to 46 % c nominal ; No. 3, 4.1 -^HS Vt c nominal; No. 2 raised 4flc; No. 3, 45$4a%e. O« W, no receipts ; unchanged to We tower. No. 2 white 36 iff 37c nominal; No. 3 . TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, Dec. 8. I/TI,--Seeds unchanged. Hog Markets Hoff prices at Iowa markets Friday: WATERLOO -- Prime hogs 560 to 260 IDS. $2.70^3; 260 to 290 IDS. $2. 60^2. BO; 290 to 325 IDS. J2.455J2.75; 325 to 350 Ibg. $2.30 32.60; good packers J2.05'iJ2.40. 1)ES MOINES -- 3,000; 20 to 160 IDs. J1.751DJ.40; 160 to 300 Ibs. S2.40Q3: 300 to 400 Ibs. 52.30S2.TO; good packers ?1.90 82.35. OTTlniWA-- All grades 5c hlfiher; 140 to 160 Ihs, }1.75; 160 to ISO Ibs. J2.75; 180 to 200 Ibs. $3.10; 200 to 240 Iba. $3.15; 240 to 260 Ibs. 53.10; 260 to 260 Ibs. 52.95; 280 lo 310 Ibs. S2.85; 310 to 350 Ibs. 52.70; over 350 Ibs. $2.35®2.65; packers under 350 Ibs. J2.20S2.50; packers 330 to 450 Ibs. J1.90W2.20; pucUers over 500 Iba. J1.70® 2; thin packers 51.30 and 4own. CEDAR RAl'IDS -- prime hogs ISO to 200 Ibj. 52.85; 200 to 260 Ibs. 52.95; 260 to 280 Ibs. J2.S5; 2SO to 300 Ibs. 52.75; 300 to 320 Ibs. 52.65; 320 to 340 Ibs. 52. Si; good packers unchanged. CORN -- No. 2 yellow 34c; No. 3 yellow 330. COMII IKED HOO RECEIPTS. DE3 SIOINES, Dec. 8. LWr-U. S. depart- m e n t of agriculture -- . Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration. yards and 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. ra. today were 34.600 compared with 26,500 a weeX ago and 30.600 a year ago. Uneven, mostly 5c to IOC higher, spots 20= lower; marketing (alMy lieavy, bulk of good lo choice 190 to 260 Ib. weights {3 to J3.30, dependent on the distance hauled. Good and chlce light lights 140 to 160 "is. 2.5002.85; light weights 160 to 180 Ibs. Local Hogs MASON CITY, Dec. 8.--Steady to cents higher; beat sorted lights, 00 to 240 Ibs., ?3.00; best medium veight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., 3.00; best heavy butchers, 260 to )0 Ibs., $2.fiO; best prime heavy butchers, 300 to 350 Ibs., 52.60; aest packing sows, smooth, 300 to 50 Ibs., $2.35; best heavy sows, mooth, 350 to 400 Iba., $2.15; light ig-hts, fair to good, 140, 160, ISO bs., 32.30, $2.60, $2.80. CHICAGO IIVESTOCK. CHICAGO. Dec. 8. {;r--U. s. department f agriculture-- HOCS 22.000 Including 12.000 direct; ac- ve, strong- with Thursdays average: bulk "0 to 310 Ibs. 53.iOlt3.GO; top 13.60 ftee- ; light lights 53.10^3.40; pigs 52.25rg3: icking sows S2.50S2.85; light light, good nd choice. 140 to 160 Jos. J3ff3.45- light. eight. 160 to 200 Ibs., S3.30PI3.50; me- lum weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., 33.50@3.GO; ·eavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., $3.25^3.60; icjclnp sows, medium and good, 273 to 350 is., $2.400 1 3: pigs, good and choice, 100 to 30 Ibs.. J2.25®3. CATTLE 1,000; calves 1,000; fairly ac- vc trade again on belter grade light ateers nd yearlings; lower grade kinds along with medium weight and weighty ateers easy; de- -nand for long fed heavy bullocks being very arrow; best Jang- yearlings $6.35; sprinkling -.edlum -weight stecrtj and long yearlings S'515.65, bxit most -weighty bullocks prom- · to aell at J4®4.73; other killing classes reneraljy ataady; most cutter cows SI 40® .85; most light vealers S3.50@4.50; selects 53\5.50; slaughter cattle and veajers: Steers, good and choice, 530 to 900 Ihs. J5.75SJ-7; COO !o 1100 16s. {5jfG.J?5; 1100 to 300 Ibs. S4.50®0.40; 1300 to 1300 Ibs. $3.15 ^5.75; common and medium, 550 to 1300 OS., S305; heifers, good and choice, 550 to 50 Jbs., ; $5.25(06.25; common and medium 3@5.25; cows. good. S2.90®3.75: common ind medium S1.90ft2.90; low cutter and utter J1.35®1.00; bulls (yearlings exclud- d) good (beef) 52.75^3.25- cutter common and medium I2©3; venlera. good and choice, S4'[?5.50: medium $3ji4; cull and common 52.50(5*3; Elocker nnd feeder cattle; Steeis, good .ind chlce, 500 to 30SO Iba., *.3.75@5.25; common and medium J2.75@) SHEEP 10,000; fat Iamb undertone steady o weak; 'bulk held around S7ft7.25 with asking prices on best lots above S7.35; sheep firm; feeding Iambs scarce; iambs, 80 Ibs. down, good and choice; Sfl.7i5^7.35; common and medium $5@7; ewes. 90 to 350 IbB , good and choice. S2.25SS3.25; all -weights, common and medium, 51.50^2.50* feeding lambn. 30 lo 75 Ibs.. good and choice, S5.5( Crowd Greet* Santa. CHARLES CITY, Dec. 8.--Main street was lighted and the stores were open for the display of Christmas merchandise last evening. A large crowd greeted Santa Glaus who arrived at 7 o'clock with bags of candy for the children. Ropes of green have been arched across Main street and there Is -a, large lighted tree at the north end near the depots. TT. S. BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, Dec. 8. LIV-United government bonds closed: Liberty 3W* 08.30. Liberty First 4 Us 101.1. Liberty Fourth 4',;n 101-17. Treasury 4*if 47-52 105.20. Treasury 4n 4 4 - M 102.15. Treasury 3Ha «M3 June 99,2. Treasury 3H* 46-49 05.10. Treasury 3s 31-53 91.2. St. Patrick's Pupils at Dougherty to Give Program Sunday Night DOUGHERTY, Dec. 8. -- The pupils of the primary and intermediate grades of St. Patrick's school Sunday night will present a program including: Playlet, "No Show Tonight," primary pupils; readings, Mary L. Campbell and Rosemary Rigglns; play, "A Bit of Sunshine," Joseph Wihlm, Jane Dougherty, Anthony and Henrietta Rottinghaus, Adrian and Robert Dolan, Morris Staudt, Lucile Backer, Glenlta Jessup, Theresa Donnelly, Shirley Moorehead and Margaret Donahue. "Orphan Children and Country Children," Frances Backer, Russell Cunningham, Elaine and Mary Lou Geary, Luella Holding, Earl and Frances Kelly, Kenneth Marzen, Charles and Richard O'Banion, Helen Sweeney, Frances Rottinghaus, AJphonse Wihlm, Marion and Arva Knoll, Margaret and Mary Catherine Hogan. Numbers between acta wil! be given by Merlyn Hogan and Leonard Dolan. Selections by the rhythm | band will be played. MIN~EAFOUS GRAIN. IHNNEAPOMS, Dsc. S. (.1V--Wheat 53 cars, 01 n. yenr ago; 3Hc lower. Cash: No. 1 northern SnStfJS^c; No. 1 dark norUi«rn 15 per cent protein 82^^851^: 14 per cent protein 82%5r85»ic; 13 per cent protein S 2 V n ^ 8 5 W c ; 12 per cent protein 82 ] .ifii S5«c; No. 1 rtark hard Jfontana H per cent protein 84',i SPSS lie; to arrive 8tHQ!).Vtc: No. 1 ambtr durum 97Victf?Jl.OlVi; No. « amber durum OG ] .ic^S1.00'A; No. 1 red riurum TT'.i5fTS'.ic; December 7SHc; May s ie: July 81 Vic. Corn No. t yellow 43'5M3c. Oats No. 3 white 3lv,Cj 33T,c. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OilAHA. Eec. S. IflT,--U. s. department o agriculture-- KO03 6,500, moderalaly active full] steady on bulcliera; sows steady to lOi higher; top S3.10; 160 to 300 Iba. J2 90fj'3 few lots choice 200 to 2,10 Ibs, ;3.05n3.10 liRht llglita matnly S2.50®2.90; r'ga ji.aa-p) 2.50; packing sows $2.40{f2.60; smootl light welfihts up lo S2.75; stags 51.75572.50 avtrnge coat Thursday $2.89. weight 235. CATTI.E 1,300, calves 300; red atcera anc yeArlmga slow, s t e a d y ; hellera scarce steady; co\va and bulls Blcody to weak vealers steady; stockers and feeders scarce (cJ steers and yearlings, mostly small lota medium to G ood light steers and yearling S4.!5(g5.55; load lots S5.10 and 55.75; few fed heifers; moat Iwet cows S «?2.25; cutter grades J1.25®1.75; medium hulls 32.10^2.35; practical top vealerd 55 SIIKEP 5,500; supply mostly Iambi argely kilters; lamba steady lo weak; oth cr classes steady; early sales native sorte amba mostly $13-85; a rly sales fed woole laniba S6.75lf7;. best held abovfi 47.10: ta sliorn lambs $(5; light weight ewes eliglbl i| to S3; three cars lambs carrylne klllo end averaging 75 Ibs. SB.60 to traders. TRADE RESUMES FORWARD STRIDE Dun and Bradstreet Review Optimistic on Business Situation. NEW TORK, Dec. 8. (.-P)--Trade and business have resumed forward strides following the lull in the closing week of November, the Dun and Bradstreet Weekly Review said today. "With no uncertain force," asserted the agency, "consumer buying was manifest immediately following Thanksgiving, and to the breadth of the Christmas demand was added the acceleration incident to the opening of an entirely new field of merchandise revenue, with the definite ending of the thirteen-year period of prohibition restrictions. "The sudden shifting of so many men and women from relief roles to gainful occupations through the efforts of the civil works administration has brought encouragement to nearly every section of the country, giving an impetus to retail demand, especially in necessities, which has been widespread." . 2.15fl3.10: 180 to 200 I J2.90U3.30; me. . . uni weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 52.flO@3.30; 20 to 250 Ibs. S2.90i?3.30; heavy weights 50 to 290 Ibs. 52.aQ©3.30; 290 to 350 Ibs. 2.505J3.10: plga 100 to 130 Iba. unquoted; ood packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. 52.35® 55; 350 to 425 Iba. 52.205J2.55; 423 to 550 bs. J2SJ2.35. ed wooled and native, limbs 56.155J7.10; lipped Iambs $G down. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KA.NSAS CITY, Dec. 8. (m-- U. S. de- artment of agriculture-HOGS 3.000; 80 direct; Blow, uneven, teady to lOc higher than Thursday's aver- ge; top 53.35 on choice 190 to 210 Ibs.; ood and choice, HO to 160 Ibs., J2.00® .15; 100 to 180 Ibs. S3®3.30; 180 to 200 bs. J3.15S33.35; 200 to 220 Ibs. 53.20© .35; 220 to 250 Ihs. 53.15g'3.30; 250 to 290 bs. f3.158 ; 3.25; 290 to 350 Ibs. J3.109 .20; packing BOWB, 275 to 550 Ibs., S2.255P .65; stock piss, good and choice, 70 to 130 bs.. J2IS2.00. CATTLT5 1,000; calves 300; fully steady rade on lew killing cattle o f f e r e d ; short oad lone yearlings Etc.ers 55.60; stockers nd feeders scarce, unchanged; ateers. good nd choice, 550 to 900 Ibs., 55® 6.50; SOO o 1100 Ibs. S4.60©6; 1100 to 1300 IDs. 53.75 O-5.75; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. S3.50ft5; common nd medium, 550 Ibs. up, 52.75@4.60; helf- rs, good and choice. 550 to BOO Ibs.. Ji.508' common and medium, 550 to 000 Ibs.. .50^p5; cows, good, S2.iO@3; common -d medium S1.75ig2.40; low cutter and u t t e r S1©1."5; vealers (milk fed) medium o choice, J3®6: cult and common 52^3; tocker and feeder steers, good and choice all weights) J3.35SiM.85: common and Bie- lum (nil weight!) 52IT3-75. SHEEP 3.SOO; 2.300 through: k i l l i n g lasses generally steady; top fed lambs 57; ambs. good and choice (x) 90 Ibs. down, 6.50^7; common and medium. 90 ifos. own, 5i.50if6.50; yearling wethers, mc- lum to choice, 80 to 110 Ibs., !4ijj5.75; wes. good and. choice 90 to 150 Ibs., 52.25 ©3.35. (n--Quotations based on «TVCS and weth- rs). STOCKS QUIETLY BACK AND FILL Closing Quotations T r i f l e Mixed but Undertone Fairly Steady. NEW YORK, Dec. 8. (/P)--Stocks quietly backed and filled in a narrow trading range today. Late quotations were a trifle mixed, but the undertone of the market remained fairly steady. Alcohols braced after forenoon heaviness, National Distillers cancelling at point loss. Santa Fe, U. S. Steel and Allied Chemical ruled about unchanged. Auburn, Loews and American Telephone were firm, but United Aircraft, Chysler, Case and American Smelting were easy. Transfers approximated 1,300,000 shares. Business and industrial news seemed to have supplanted at least for the time being, the monetary controversy as a market influence. With the gold rate again unchanged, the dollar moved narrowly In foreign exchange dealings. Grains were off and most other commodities Were somewhat lower. Cotton drooped after early steadiness. Rail loans led the bond market in another advance and TJ. S. government securities showed some improvement. A decrease in carloadings of 85,922 for the week ended Dec. 2, which included the Thanksgiving holiday, was not unexpected. There had been an estimated seasonal decline of. some 74,000. There were predictions ot a sharp rebound for the week ending tomorrow. Stock List Ji'EW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Dec. 8. Wl-- Flnnl Quotations. Air n*ducl 100 Johns Manv 61% Alleghany 3Hr Kennecott 20K Al Che t Dye 146K Kresge 13V= Am Can 88=4 Llg t Hy B 85 Am For Pow 9^ Loews 31TV 6(4 Loose W11U 43 18 *i Lorillard. 17 vt G3\4 Maylag .., McKess k Rob Am Pow At Lt Am. Steel Fdre Am Sugar A T T Am Toll B Am Water Anaconda Aviation Corp B i t ) BamBdall Borg Warn Burr A ad Canada Dry Chic Gt W Chic Gt W pf C M S P 4 P C M S p P pf C R I P Chrysler col a- t. K Comwlth sou Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtiss Wr Deere pfd Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman Et Pow 4 Lt Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl Am Trans 31 Curb Market NEW YORK, Dec. 8. (.TV--Mild Irregularity crept Into the curb market today, but trailing was dull and prices were affected y small orders either way. Declines \vere most noticeable In the metal oup where Newmont Mining arm i^atcc hore Mines dipped about a point each, oneer Gold was an exception, rising frac- onatly. A few utilities drooped slightly and ere joined by a Handful of oils and speclal- I. Industrials were fairly firm and mdut the pains over the list were In that fiCC- on. Alcohols showed mixed and narrow ;angee. Standard 1 Oil of Ohio «ased more than a. ilnt on a tew early eales. General Tire, Hubber, Great Atlantic and aciffc and Parker Rustproof rose 1 to 2. 'Ift and company held steady. LIVESTOCK FOBECAST. CHICAGO. Dec. B. tm--official estimated ecelpts tomorrow: Hogs 10,000; cheep 4,- ooo; cattle- 200. - . Representative Sales CHICAGO, Dec. 8. f/T--U. a. department t agriculture--Representative salts: HOCS. Heavy--· 12 310 59 '6 SO Medium; 81 so 72 i5 Steera-- 24 25 10 20 30 20 19 25 20 282 260 331 245 230 218 207 195 173 162 155 143 1003 900 925 1176 1200 1040 155G 950 830 Nallve Lambs-250 84 230 89 150 B4 Fed Westerns-230 88 225 94 200 95 180 07 3.40 87 3.50 90 a.55 M 3.55 76 Light 3.60 82 3.50 27 3.5S 3.60 CATTLE. Heifers -6.40 10 780 G.35 10 525 6.25 25 708 5.65 10 SOO 0.25 Cows-5.00 5 1000 4.75 1C 1150 4.00 15 inoo 3.75 20 890 SIIEEP. Clipped Lambs-7.25 400 So 7.25 Yearlings-7.00 1HO 85 Ewes-7.23 11 120 7.15 II 13S 7.10 10 150 7.00 3.55 3.50 3.45 3.40 3.25 3.10 6.00 S.25 5.15 4.GO 2.2.r 2.00 1.50 1.35 3.2; a.oo 2.50 HIDES, WOOL, FURS SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, Dee. 8. I.1V-U. S. department of agriculture -CATTLE 2.300; falvly nctlve on light weight j-earllnKS; fully steady; lltlle done on fed uleers with weight; heifers steady to slron B ; cows steady to 15c hiBher; bulls llt- le changed; stackers and feeders scarce. Mlly. steady; lew fed light weight yearlings S«.SOijl5.50; medium grades down to SOO: cood fed hejfers l.DOO Ins., down Hfi: odd leads choice.. $3.50; most butcher cows $1.85 fj'2.35; Brain feua to S3; low cutters and cutters mostly SI.25ffil.65; plainer hinds down to SJ.75. Calvej 3,000; slow, most sales about s t e a d y ; largely 83.50-^4 for better grades; occasionally to $4.50.~ HOfiS 12,500; uneven, averaging about steady with Thursday; bulk better 160 to 250 Ibs. 13.15; some held higher; better no to 150 Ibs. mostly J2.70W3; desirable 100 to 140 Ibs.. lo killers $2.2512.75 or better; most packing sows J2.-J0g;2.65; stock pigs largely 52.2s down; average cost Thursday $3.20; weight 216 Ibs. . 2,500; run Includes sir loads fed Jambs, no early Bft!e.» or -bids slaughter lambslombs; packers talking weak to 2."ic lower; sellers asking fully steady to strong to around it on better iambs; Indications steady on other classes; bulk good to choice lambs Thursday 3(3. 75; two loads choice fed lambs to packers late IT. SIOTJ.V CITV LIVT.STOCK. SIOUX CITY. Dec. 8. Ln--U. S. department of agriculture-- 7.VTTT;E 1.500; most slaughter steers, yearlings and she stock fairly scllve, steady to strong; hulls weak; stockers and feeders scarce; choice long yearlings $5,40; moflt grain feds good helfera fs; load lots short feds 54.60 down; most cows il,90(Tr 2.35; all cutters Jl.30Ql.75; medium bulls $2.40 down. ROCS 8,000; butchers generally steady with Thursday's average; sows strong; top $3.10; 180 to 300 Ib. hutchers mostly 53ff 3.10; 140 to 170 ib. averages J2.6003; sows K.Mfei.tS; feeder plffs up to J2.35. SHKKP 3,000; no early action, asklnc f u l l y steady for daughter lambs or up to 57.10; packera talking weak to 25c lower; other clftfffies score* late Thursday; bulk Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bras. Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsehides ?2.25 Cured beef hides 6c Green beef hides ;..5i WOOL No. 1 clean bright 24c Ib Seraibright 23o 11) Rejects 19c Ib runs Miuk 52-$! Skunk 15c-?: Civet loc-30i Red fox ?2.50-Si Opossum 25c-50' WOOL MATIKET. FOSTON, Pee. 8. t.T*!--U. s. departmen of agriculture-Several sales have been closed on and finer French combine territory wools Bulk average French combing staple woo In original baga bring 81SF32 cents scoure hasls while grnried French combing wool bring 81-83 cents. Short French combin 64s and f i n e r territory and plmtlar styl wools of good character hav* been sold I original bags at 80-31 cents scoured basis Inferior character fi-ln and finer territor wools En original bags containing shor French combing and a considerable portlo of clothing staple ate available At price slightly u n d e r 80 cents scoured basis. Presented at Church. OSAGE, Dec. 8.--Ten young per sons put on the play. "The Cours of True Love" at Pleasant Valley church Thursday evening aa a hene fit for the Ladies Aid society. Mis Elizabeth Driscoll directed the per formance. The cast included Donal Moore, Orlo Jensen, Maurine Jensen Margaret Noble, Arthur Jensen Harleigh Morse, Dorothy Best, Iren Lugg, Bob Prank, Maurine Young. Clarion Streets Decorated. CLARION, Dec. 8.--Holiday dec orations are in place throughout th business section here. The commar cial club, of which O. E. HcGahe is president, received donation from the businessmen to finance th project Bond Market NEW YORK, Dec. 8. UT--Railroad llenft ontlnued'the bright spot in' the hona mar~ et today, secondary issues alony with some f the higher rating attracted buyers at vela ranging from fractions to 2 points jove yesterday's finals. Other corporate roups also showed a preponderance of U. S. governments were alow In re 5 P° na - ig to the news of the oversubscription of he treasury's 3950.000,000 one y«ar 2!i per ent loans, but after early Irregularity most f the Liberty nnd treasury Issues pushed noderntely above the closing range of yes- erday. The lop gains ran from 4 -32s to -32s. Railroad bonds appeared to acQuire new riends hy reason of recent favorable divt- end announcements In the transportation ndustry. Utility and industrial sections showed a ess even prlc^ movement but here also, the major trend was tov.-ard hlRher levels. The foelgn sector was steady In quiet radintc. French government issues were [eadler, showing early fractional advances. Norway fis rose a. point and Germans were p fractional. IOWA rtjn LIC UTILITY mEFKRBED STOCKS. Bid nnd asked on Dec. 8: Cent at El 7 pet pfd (S2j par) 2 3 :ent at P i L 7 pet pfd 3 5 : Oas 8 pet pfd (S50 par) .. 16 50 D M Gas 7 pet pfd (530 par) . . 40 44 ntcrstate Pow 7 pet pfd 9 12 owa' Klec ~ pet pfd 01 ,£ a Klec B',S net pfl 6 S',5 owa Elec IA it Pow 7 pet ufd 23K 25^; owa Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pfd 21^/j 23 ! ,i owa Power t Lt 7 pet pfd .... 54 59 nwa Power * Lt 6 pet pfd ... 45 00 :owa. Pub Service 7 pet pfd ... 37 42 iowa. Pub Service 8 pet pfd .... 33 37 Iowa South Dtll 7 pet pf.i S Mid States Utll 7 pet pfd ... W Bell Tel 6V4 pet p'd iasl -i I0a United Lt . Bys 7 pet pfd 20 33 United Lt Jt RJ'3 6 pet pM ... 26 20 t5en El Gen Poods Gen ifotors Gille'-te Gob el Gold DiiaE Goodrich Goodyear Grab Paige Gt Nor pfd Gt West Bug Grig Gmn Hudson III Cent Int Harv Int Nick Can I T t T 76 Mid Cont Pet 13 M K T S Mo Pac 3^a 53X Mont Ward 33V.- 29Ti Morrelt 37 49% Nash 24 i 7'A Nat! BI5C 49 21vi Nat Cash Re A 16W 9U Nat Dairy 131^ 1CS Nat Distill , 28 33 VI Nat Pow 4 Lt 9H 2014 N Y Cent 36% 19?s N Y N K * H 17«1 16'.i No Am 14*i 28 ?» No Pac 24 13Vi Oliver Farm 4M Till Oliver Farm pt ... 39}i Packard 4^i S^i Penlck A Ford 58^ 3'A Penney 53 8 Penn 28 »i S'/i Phillips Pet 1854 Free A: Gam 41H 3ft Pullman 47 50% II C A 6H lift B K O 2 1H Hem Ranii 7^ 37 Hep Stl 3611 US Rey Tob B 47^i 75 Roy Dutch ... 25% Sears Roe 43^ Hi Bhell U 8VI 73',i Skeily 2% Socony Vac 15!i 11 So Pac 30 ... St Brands 23ii 90 St G 4 E BK. 83 St Oil Gal 41V1 5 St Oil N J 4SVi 13M stew Warner 6% Stone Web 7VI Studebaker 20H Tex Corp Tez Gulf Sul 28'i 42 3041 Tim Rol : 10 Un Carb 7tt Un Pac 113 Vi 18 Unit Air 3351 14 U united Corp 474 37% u a Ind Alco 60 2S U S ubber 17V» 21 Vi U S Steel 45*4 37 Waoash 2»i Vi Warner Pict 6 13 !4 West El Mfg 40 31U Woolworth. 43 41?b Wrigley BS14 2Mi Yel Tr 4?J CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO, Dee. 8. Upv-- Cent Pub Serv A ... National Leather % Cities Service 1ft National stand Cont Chi .ctfs ... Northwest Bane ... Dexter Co ... Quaker Oats 120 Great Lakes Air 3 Rath Packing Grigaby-Grunow Vi Swift Co 1474 Katz Drug 211£ Swift Intl 29 Kellogg Switch ... United Gaa ... LIbby McNeil 3W Utility Ind MH West Utll « Zenith i' M W U 6 pc pf «i MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS. ~ MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 8. UPJ--Stocks closecj: First Bank Stock 6S. Northwest Bancorporatlon 4. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By the Associated Press) Bid and asked on Dec. s: Corporate Tr Sh 2,26 .... Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod .. 2.3S 2.4Z Corporate Tr Sh, Ac Ser ... 2.18 Corporate Tr Ac 3er Mod . 2.35 " 2.42~ Dlverslfled Tr Sh A . Dividend Sh 1.20 1.22 Nationwide Sec 3,14 3.34 Nationwide Sec Vtc 1.34 1.4* Nor Amer Tr Sh . . . . Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 Quarterly Inc 8h ... Selected Am Sh Selected Cum Sh .... Selected Income Sh Super Corp Am Tr A U S El I. Pow A U S El L * Pow B U S El I. Pow B Vtc 1.20 3,14 1.34 1.S3 2.38 1,33 2.59 0.83 3.32 3.01 10H 1.7S .86 10 % 1.88 .T6 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAAI5ON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Lamson Brothers Market Letter Am Gns El 10U Pcnnroaa: Corp Am Sup VOW 2Vi 3 O Ind El Bd tc Sh 13W. S O Ky Ford Mo of Eng fi. . United Gas H u d B M S 9ft U n L f c P A . Nlag k Hud 5'A CHICAGO STOCKS Ben Av! Corp 16S6 Butler Bros Bor-War Corp 19. . Cord Company NEW YOItK STOCKS Alaska Juncau 2114 Lin. Carli Corp Am Car . Fdy 22 il Mack Truck Am Roll Mills 19 Am R S Co 14?; Am S A R Co 43'.1 Am Tob 7i7 Att Ref Co 29"! Ar Co B (111) 4',4 Baldwin Lo 11. . Barnsdall OH A 0$i Byers A M Co 28 Com Credit 143s Com Solvents 32 Cont Oil 1S!1 Cudahy Packing 30Vs Cur Wri pfd 5ft Hous Oil (New) 4W Ketvlnator Corp 10.. Kroger Groc 24^4 Lambert Co 28Vi 2% 3 2 "ft 15 2% 2'.i 40 53 GRAIN LETTF.K. CHICAGO, Dec. 9.-- ·--Wheat waa reactionary today partially to a lack of constructive news and to the soft tone In stocks. There wns no material pressure but aggressive support was lacking most of the session. A good part of the trade was In small lots, the lilnneas of the market causing prices to be aslly Influenced. Weather conditions over the winter wheat belt were regarded as somewhat more favorable, though no precipitation of consequence was reported. Dry weather reports were received during the day from the American northwest, which section Is still reported as lacking in aub- soil moisture nnd the Oklahoma weekly report mentioned the need of moisture In numerous, sections. Export sales in all positions reported at half million Canadian wheat. CORN--December corn was u n d e r some pressure today but the deferred deliveries were steady to a. fraction lower. Bookings today wers 30.000 bushels, somewhat larger than earlier this week. At the same time advices from the country confirmed the prevailing tendency of the producer lo lia'd Wa- com, for lh« government loan. There were ntlmalions thftt the east was showing more interest regarding future supplies of this grain and Inquiries were in the market. No business of consequence developed however. A late wire from New York reported aome cash com Bold at equnl to 58c »t Liverpool for No 2 yellow. We do not expect much change from prevailing levels in tomorrow', short session unless there are new developments. I D E A D Animals of All Kthda Removed Mason CityRenderingCo. We pay phone calls. Phone 1096 Math Alkali Me: Scab oil McK and Robb J C Penney Co Pure Oil Co lift Puc Ser ot N J 33. . Simmons Co 16^4 So Cal Edison 15. . Tide Wat Oil Co 10U U S Ind Al 60 Utll P A L A 2.. Vanadium 22.. Union G Imp 14% War Bros Co fl^ Western Union 56% Worth Pump 33 North Amer AT! 5Yj Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, Dec. 8. (.TJ--V. S. department Potatoes 61. on track 211. total U. S. shipments 544; steady; supplies moderate, demand nnf trading K!OTV; sacked per cwt. : U, S. No. 1. Wisconsin round whites SI.22VJ fal.27',3. few higher; Minnesota, North Dakota. Red River Ohios, best mostly 51.20 @1.2T; Idaho russels 51.60^1,63. few hJsh- er and lower; combination grade $1.35@ 1.45; Colorado McClures few sates $1.60. XEIV YOJIK SVG ATI. NEW YORK, Dec. 8. (,TV--Kaw sugar iulet tnday at 3.2Sc for spots. Futures i to 5 points net lower. Refined unchanged «.r 4.5Qc toe tine granulated. JtTNNT.APOI.IS FT.OUB. MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. 8. I.PV--Flour, unchanged. Shipments 21,234. Pure hrnn $13@!3.50; standard bran YVft Fay More for HIDES and FURS --Sec-CARL STEIN Before You Sell YOUR BEST MARKET HIDES and FURS Wolf Bros. 310 FIFTH ST. S. W.

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