The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1913
Page 5
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H A L A 8 J F F BILL ON insorfen! Democrats Fores | Delay iotlis Senate!" POST WHEELER. ! BASE BALL SCORES Following !s the Re=u"t of Gcmss WAISTCOATS RECEIVE UNUSUAL ATTENTION IN TAILORED SUITS Severely tailored, suits are practical-: There is scarcely s. suit or blouse tnat !y a. thing of the past. The suit today: do*s not shov.- a vest or ar least a. sus- li dressy enough for an afternoon tea., gestion of a vest. It is one oi the da- sjji-conventional enough ior a shop-; tails that rzsakes Jor smaruiesa tills '.piuK trip, but lines are easy: skirts are seamen. _ ^^ draped and sashed; coats are belted ( 71-55 in. size 35 may be copied wKn. --^ and. vested in charming, unusual -.vays. i yards of 36 inch material: 7710 reouires Two-toned suits re jmodisk, plain ( for size 24 3^. yards o: 35 inch, mate- coat* 'with skirts of piaids or stripes.. riaL * model o r Cneruit's has a coat of plain A. long, loose coat most practical to blue duvetyr- and sfcirc of ribbed ve- j slip on over a one-piece frock: Is shown lours de laine In biue ace green. An- hn 717. Ratine -with cuffs and revers other imported suit of veiours, ce laine! of a snicota contrasting material -A-ouJd has a coat of dark blue with a. dark j be grood for general -year, while ia one tiue «kirt striped is Xattier bVce. Both S of the =e\v velours or corcuroys, fcr were smart. Either of these combine.- j trirr.:ned. it v.-ould be dressy esoagb. for tlons can be used with 7955-7710 most · evening:. apai-ocriatelv. The vest of softly col- j To copy In size ZS this aesign re- ored'-snk dtrvetyn. matelasse or tapes-! . 4 uires 5 yards of 42 Inch, material. trv gives an effective touch of contrast. [K^cli pattern is lo cents. £ To obtain either pattern illustrated nil t out tp« coupon, and inclose la cents in " stamps or coin. S= sure to state nutter 1 orvpattera ami size, sieasurin^ over the ' " part of the bust, for -·~'--*'--~~= is Pattern ~ ayed Yesierasy. A."ES3CAN L E A G U E \ " J " . - I v - ! : -- "Va-" Secretary of America:; 3~so:ss at Romel "Whs -Fs«0 '· · · · " 3 FIGHT IT OUT i COTS; f NATJONAL. L.EAGCE. ;^:!*:: r.- : i:. cf C~e C*»-^s- They Insisted Many Ccmprorr-ists; Agreed to By Conference Committee | Demanded Further Consideration. .-T^.J^.u -- shinsioa, Oct. 2. -- T:.c- entire erence report 02 ihe lirS* OH! aside uiiisl the resak ot a proic-si fro AN mmim 5 fT-'^*r_i.' O..-C"-- J- "" 5r 5 f*;iT - f iijn ! £i**Qi fiSt^ rADOU! yUil} L r t h d j nr,- senators which lorec-d th-.- cu-1:!:;; 01 .i i adopted by the house. v.-!! out by the senate Democrats. After the caucus Senator Simmons ^ said he vras confident thai the senate; Has been on a month's vacation, j Latest Stsrr-r-M2':r:5 Mach:r.£ would complete its consideration of | XaMe5t . France. Oct. 2 -A crime o£ j " B ;^^f agreement the principals j " ^ ' a . ' a 9 the tariff bill today. He sazu a ^creu-^e savagery ^ committed uy ; have SOI!sbt w ^^^ the strictest; J^"^^ ^"r^orK's Sll! .erb ^ £ =P t t e n^cnrv. Throughout vould be made first to agree to the | a boy fifi-en years c!c. -vho mur:lere:i; sec _ - -- - -· ----·-' -^0.- -t o-- c- --^ - - ^nierenee report, and ;haz then, h e j -.«f ; s a2 axe six persons l.i the village] ;,, - S JS j-,,.^, T,TM «7-f-,r-»-**e.£l T / \ T f ^ C - T"l'^^*~-- ^^ r T.r» r-li 1-T ·. *-- A. TT*»»_T *1 »»fi «·£!*»* 1 ! · Address -- ---- --fi ^. Formal Display of New Autumn | MILLINERY ] FRIDAY and SATCRDA.Y | TSl October Srci and 4th. | M. BeUe Seiss Biglerviile, Pa. | s" Extends *o you a very cordial Invitation to | !Si attend. S tSi ^ t p Don't miss the big FESTIVAL SATURDAY Evening October 4th at Stone Church, Highland Tovcnship. Evervbodv vrelcome 1 1 - Most Farmers Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land or to any others who have due regard for their property, but all farmers do object to the hunter who tramples down grain, tears down fences and does damage. The surest way to protect yourself is to pTacard your property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each, 6 for 250; muslin signs loc each, 3 for 25C. And In order to keep undesirable hunters from coming out to your land and possibly disregard such signs, the b^st thing you could do would be to place your name in our trespass list. Fifty cents for the entire season. The Gettysburg Times "vouid move to disagree to the TL'seer-) OI UashrUse-Ea-Landreau. vood cottcri tax ame^dmeat, anu also! The ooy, ilarcel R»dHreau. v.-as eai-] ^gp^ j. as reached the ".o:icU:sion that; o recede :ro~ the senate amendment. { p'.oyea as a vise «iti-,-r. He and his ;ca:mo - alee t the toat?=t:os of the | ·ecy c-oncernins the vurio'is steps; ~ janS . :n the nssot"ai:ons. It is renortea,! I however, that the Japanese soveru- i it one c- ths -.voric's sin-erb V.-C.HS than the mr^cury. Throughout :aciories, even if · the b^::di:is are KO less than. S2.700 did not quite ' panes OL ^ The cinjority of these crite- v. indov.-s reach from iloor to ceiling- f- rioa i- other re- ' T- ; s expected t^nt jirtifieial Hgut t. iii sneeis. *ha nev.- a resolunoa directing that the con'"er- eace report be sent oac-: to the conference eomniiUee -s-ith instructions :o ater these ?rovfs r O2S. Bet Senator lmntoas. i" charge o: the o:l:. movec as a substitute that the conference re- porz be accepted. H:s mction ^as c-ir- be reduced to a mlaii^um, and the bureau ot engrav- an:ouat cf aai^ral light v.iii be in- 1^5 and printing . created to a maximum, b u i l d i n g is a i Another laucable feature of the ne^s- structure so care- bureau will he a Icrchroom ior each. fully plEnned to. £i--;s:cn. In acditloc. co-operative meet the esisen luacl-rooms for aea ar.d -roruen are j-p'ijig^ zz'c. facilitate the a fUasied proiaenacs 01 the roofs o£ * i ""' " ! . . . _j, e sh air still be S^rded as the last a. e pr v.ithln bounds. _ facicry cor^tructica. ; CtEcials cf the trasury department nae nark. v\ ir^ in beauty aaI, itj resard to ths cc operative laach.-. I \ras Sled «rfth the sia:e board of par-] sessor c: this colossal plant, \\here, CC 3di;iori to reader good service than ! dons ior a. pardon lor Mrs. Kate Ed-; for years to ccme the currency o£ U~-1 one v .-co is poorly fed and perhaps in '- " "~ ' - - ' -LP sasi trill issue. . ' need oi nourishment. Therefore, the, For miles in Virr:n:a its chalky 3G cperazi - c lunchrrosx. ed hy a Tote 01 3 ADMITS SHE KILLED CHILD Oaly concurrence of the senate I-Irs. E(Sv'j.rt:s jsn Ssys S n e r : e d Also to Wipe rijeit taaue a la.^ net later than saur- ~...^ the Kep-ablicans ready to resort to obstructive taciics. the most ser:o.;s phase of the situation "svas ihe threatened bolt on · the Cemceratie side- The senators t^ho signed the pa tiutn for the calicos, each of v hosj baa one or more grievances, -^sra Reed. O'Gorasan. Shafroth. Myers. Sal isbirry. Ovren, HoIIis. Hitchcoel-% ?oas- ercne aaa Martine"%re are simply insisting that the senate shall have^sufncieat time to £ts:cy and familiarize itself v.-ith the conference report." said Reed. "Many things -were pat in and TaKen out oi the bill by the conference committee and -we den-.and the right to be-ome ve-y faiKJ-'ar -srlth the scope of ihe bill. It is the same attitude that we tal-.e totrard currencj" legislation." died v-itnin els'-t years frcin natural' E " o go - err , f . r j-.^d'ng o^.-~e th.ce ssc: ta*. r.c* o-iy ior the ccT.niandir.s causes. The rs'.te assert that .urs- s ' was= ' con v - cicil v.ou'.d s.^a her ue?-ta' c-f irar.. n..Ies into ti: 1 ? temt: i-ecfctrold eon:essed to ksliins al' of .f n rrani! I *·'" ^-^ Dorainlon =*atc ihat . i The scc:e:y v.-:7i elect oiScers and s. ~ c . £ i board o£~£OT-efnors~ to" condacf~tHer , ^-- _- --.. "--'- j busi-.ess, ihe board to select compe- j ^ommar.d. b-Jt a?so because of the re: .,_.. h _, p _ o purc ;- iasc t h e necessary plicated a man -bo. she said, inspired ^ _ , . _ _ -.-K.,.,,-^ _,,,,_.! frosoius: breezes that \~l~l find tl:c-:r food cook ,,,,, ^.^ ;, £o the eEl . her to "sei «-j.' of h-.-r entire lamil:-." $ i EEL i r^-S !_RtsbrY:!zJ Hurl 1 , ^ay from the T ,j cvcs at cost--thai is. at saca a Sg- Tae -.vom.~ t ". r. ;v admits that sh--., . . _ , _ .__.. ., j L'j-ch psncds ere expected to fiscl j r._ e " ,,,, TO ^ai-tain the service on a ·^^·wi--- ^--^. -^ -- -- , "»T8,rr3.ii^- ihe^i. In her a^erieal story she ini-s MEXICAN REBELS OBEY U. S. Evac-jate Ssrder Town Because of t I il" * W i ' - ABANDON COMMERCE COURT i tha - ir is W cnin^. \.hen all the securities Weds Arr,-y Lieulenanr. bo rrorided. it -- ::I coulalr. ser^ra V-.V-,:i?s. X. V.. O-l. ~-- T. can Attitude. Piedras ^esras. ilex^ Oct. 2.--Confronted by aa icir-lied ultiniauim tha 1 United Slates soldiers ~onld be i:sed xo prevent the destruction of the international bridge here, as -a ell as American pronerty on the Mexican side, every responsible chief ol the Consu- tn-icaallst movenierit disappeared :roin PI«dras -esras. leaving tl:s tov.-ii r.t the mercy of the federals, should taey masce a Slil.ufterir:? attack from the =:de of the river. Sc-^eraj lyoiers were shot down in I tr.c itr^ftt oy Constirjstionalist troons. j -A 1.1, sternly ssjpp-essed a spirit of ar.- 3 KiHs Fa'-mer. Salisbury- Md_ Oct. 2.--One of the heaviest electrical storms thi=i year visited this section of Maryland ar.n I er.terei cr;-;tn:r.g K:J!s Cow=:. ij-s. P.I-. Oc'. 2.--I.ijhtrj-r.-j :-i P:: } '-:'!'5 t\vo co-- in ^ in ·which M.s · TKEF. EVERYV/KERE. C.^^^^-ai-or-E .J Uafted Slated j a i . » j - % - -- _ · - . » . - v^«. -- - - ' - · - ^ i t J I _*. S. -' JC-O ·- v ' t :i -.vea:Lc-r «,r..ea"« ta::eu at S p. ro. jMliHshfX" ! --,« :^ V __ _ _ _ . !i^I?^ R ^5 GENEHAL^iARKETS pK::-A!£i.Pr:iA. -- _F:.orn «u;i: i ""jWjjVrbun li.JCt; p 1 "" ba:rc'. S '. 31 1 ^V/HCAT nrm: :Co. 2 re^. n~. SOS ' ij'i^OATS stealv; xo. 2 ^::o. 4"i5 J . -ie · so-Ror j;ra,,:c* T S-.-t:'- ^ , ;;! ."POTATOES stc-a-iy. at .,.^f-.»c ?c~. man and -.. I-ave n.13 of surgery ncc- ·--::"· for any firstcla=s inst"n.*ion "f its" rat-re. An e^^er.eace-! physician ·.vili be iii co;:staat auendsiic 0 . aid the e^^loycs rc. = -" later rerr.oved The hC-.^-"S *" *" comn" a spsciai r£"r ^^ratlrg s;.ste;.i -." !ch --..IS prc- TM^i- ^ so that ".l"c** =i 15 im^jlh^d at _ ^,.^ ,, ; h-Voian^ :our,'airs. .t ^..^ he at ar. ?-.*»ra^c ;e~.: .r."t.:re cf S3 degrees J . a --e-'iy %:£-- io::-.ta.r.-= v..: Vc so Iccated . " ; G , O-it employes ";Ii hpv t 10 co c rsiai- ' T..:--. c.stnrce to oocair. :he -,ater- -"- ' Capst^i orv respect l"".e structare ha aoso.-iejy fireprccf. Beams and c ;,:;-;. ?-~z of s:ctl. the arches aai ~--,"^r5 of ferro-cor.crete cos=:ruction, ·.he roof cf metai. and the of iron ^Va'ls are :acec v.ith ficdfcrd l.nies :«":- * 0 Is to he ;:r~~ n som? ~_-ts c-or^ ~iK prsctc 1 ^' .'ate. The · a--s =p^'"!a"; Ipsicrr^d to -' s fir" 1 ^scapes. Tnose raniiinc " .'.ch r cor are mostly in cf st2"2psae or pa:;»t:- LA3Y" ? IS i^OUBNED much damage xvas done / I to \rires. poles and other proper'.? Sc ' the'uslh of the storm. Hubert \Varrea.i |i a wealthy farmer, residing near the! city limits on the Betts farm, v.-as struct: Ty an electric bolt and Lilted. I; l\ Albany If Atlantic City !: Boston Terap. XVeather. Rain Cloudy. Cloudy O"."".dv. · j ^ . . . . - - e ste3 ly. ". en«. i^^ -^~-t ^o l^ave all the v.r.ter -listined '!' 12c.:' t r«"d roosters. ^"' ? f 1-c !)-· s e ! _ ^ ; :o"«d v.hcn the public hoa-th ', r aTM, : choice fo^s. 20c.; ola roos, r,. , ^-^ dcc;ded tfca . U c ,,,,.,, Ia , 3 ! i-O^C- - - - 1 . , . _ , ' j | p^T Cl'iicrcn Wees for ~"M5ss Kale." Whose Shcs V.'as "Tea" Lincoln's FavcrSte Haunt. j . j !, Chicago 1 t 3 Robber Band Loots Sank Vaults. Fort Smith, Ark., Oct. 2.--A band ot eScht robbers looted the vaults of the First National baalc. of DanJanelle, of j several thousand dollars and escaped I after a rifle fight "with citizens. The desperate efforts of the talb i «nders to get out has aroused tire Admiration of thdjaatloa. I . St. Louis Washington 70 70 »iO 62 70 steady; fancy creamer;-. *r r. , ,,_ ;S steady: s -;cc;eu. «oc.: .» c.; western. "Sc. P Clo.i.iy. Cloud Cloudy. Cir^ar. Cloutly. ...s form was unhealth^ 1 . . II .- frc-!' cf chil.Irtp v.'.th tearxret A ps«r.t"'j cf ];£·«, ai.d a constant ) oys 3~c r^ou--inc ;":o ^as.-lag of sanoiv of fresh a.r cc'it:ni:aiiy v.ill --\:u- :^--= ' ·"" '"~ 'V.y. -a-hoss fa- a=d" "the employes in h?:r work. The ' -.»-.-' ir.j ether c_" '"re.- them to St. " s^; Kate France The Weather. Fair today and tomorrow; light west winds. \ent.".ut:cr. systeri v.:3I be entirely ;n $7.75^11.25. SHEKP 10c to lac - S37ft?i4.75; vcarlinss, $4 ·'--·lambs. $5.75@7.3o. Maranville the* diminutive short- 1 , Manager Blrminsham of the Naps D u m m y Taylor, who formerly pitch-1 Heinc Groll tlie jouas stop of the Braves can spear the lln- jpicks Walter Johnson to win 50 games C a for the Giants, has joined Topuka j ^ uh lho Rei3Si ls do ; na - ers as -BeU aa^the. laU ones. (focJWashingtqp^tlijs ^ason. ' of the ^stetnjeffiiji. stickwoik ior.Tinker. _ , ^ . . _ j some fcu LWSPAPLRl

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