The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 8, 1933 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1933 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN ftfW'-fR-Ot* NOWUNTIL. 1 AFTER. CHRISTMAS lul_ ( HAVE TO WATCH EM EVER.Y MINUTE! SOPHIA ubs^ETTV MAIP OK AI.I- vjonx; HAS AN OTHER \HOtet£f ADDED To ME* ALREAOY FOUL. GSUOTA- ----.. fe IBSLMV; Sister Fruitless Search so THE VJOOD i oseo IM w.v viouw is V^ fr, RARE VW^VkBLE V)OOD \ I VT FOR. 6 fVVAt QVJ/XUTV BOT ' \OEA w WA'S -so VAA.UA.BLE TO NHOWIV1 VAAK^-RS. THE LOVE WAGER By EDNA ROBB WEBSTER CHAPTER 34. The Logon than was anchored five miles from shore at Tropica Beach. Gleaming in white, she swayed lightly upon the deep blue water like a bride advancing down a carpeted aisle. Lizetta could hardly 'believe her eyes when she first beheld it, even as Stuart had promised her the boat would arrive. Not that she had doubted him. It was herself that she could not believe. It did not seem possible that she possessed some power or quality by which she had convinced a man like Stuart Logan that she was the girl he -wanted to possess and adore for ma entire life. ' Had she been more beautiful or very talented; or had he been less desirable, Jess wealthy, less handsome, less indulged by life--any one of these conditions might have explained the situation. But none of these existed, and yet, here she was, virtually engaged, to this virile young American who was no less a prince because his country was a i democracy, who was immensely ; wealthy besides, and whom hun- ' dreds of girls and women would ..have sacriliced precious years, that " ~ ~ ' ~ to claim. She had asked the girls to give her aix months in which to win him, and she had captured him Sn less than one. He had telephoned her, jubilantly, as soon as the yacht had anchored. "Will you go with me to take some things aboard and look it over before the others arrive? I'd like to show you the little tub, first." "I'll be ready in 10 minutes," promised joyously. she Pine. I'll meet you downstairs." When he joined her in the lobby 10 minutea later and appraised her cool, lithe loveliness in lemon-skin knitted silk with touches of accenting brown, he observed with vast satisfaction, "Always Johnny-on- the-spot, aren't you? What a pleasure it is not to wait for a girl! It seems to me now, since knowing you, that I must have spent half my previous life waiting on women." "Well, I haven't much to work on, so it takes less time." "You always look wonderful," he told her gently. "I'd like to kiss you right this minute, but there must be a score of people etaring right at us, so I'll have to be patient until we are on the launch. Do you mind 1" "No use to object," her eweet lips amlled. "All I can suggest iB that I'm the captain, and will take orders from no one. Besides, we haven't time to wait for you, now," smile tempered his curtness. "I wouldn't be three minutes," she insisted. "Ho! you've jumped up from half a minute to three, already. You might be three hours. No you almost missed the plane to Havana last week, and I think you'll do well to be ready to sail tonight. Better run along and get ·. start." Kerma made a saucy little move and turned away reluctantly toward the hotel. She resented that Lizetta should visit the yacht first with Stuart, alone. She feared that JU- zetta already had an advantage which would be difficult to overcome in winning Stuart. Of course, he had been at Tropica Beach for less than a month, and a man's first interest in a vacation season was seldom the lasting one. More often, he tired of the first as he wearied o* the place, and his restless attention was more easily gained by new interest. There was still plenty of time. Besides, a man who had transferred his interests as many times as Stuart Logan probably had, was not so easy to keep interested. It might be just as well to allow him to change almost voluntarily, so that he would not believe he had been influenced against Lizzie. When Lizetta saw the provisions which were betoEr put aboard the launch, she exclaimed, "Why, looks as if you were starting around the world. Surely, we don't need all that?" "Oh, you'd be surprised what It takes to keep a crowd fed and otherwise contented on a cruise. But you give me an idsa! Why don't we we hurry to the launch." He gestured helplessly. "We can't even do that. You were ready so quickly that the launch is not ('ready. I ordered a truck of provisions from town, and they haven't finished loading at the pier. Shall we go down and watch them fin- wanderirp up ish?" They met Kerma, from the beach, trailing her cape from one shoulder and swinging her helmet and beach bag in the other hand. "You're not ready to go aboard, yet?" she inquired with alarm that she might be left ashore. "We're only going out now to look things over," Stuart told her. "We won't be ready for the crowd until evening." "Oh, wait a half minute for me to ! jj dress, and I'll go with you," energetically. "I'm so crazy to see the yacht, I can't wait all day." "You'll have to," he informed her bluntly. "The launch has a capacity load and won't take another passenger, sow." "Oh, leave off a couple of crates and let me go with you, please. Lizzie--you say I may go." "She has nothing to say about it. leave the others ashore and elope Lais very day? W- have enough to keep the crew and us comfortable for a long voyage. What do you say?" "You're not serious," she laughed. "Never was more serious in my life! What's to prevent our being married this afternoon and surprising them all? WL could give them a party when we came back again. Any time wouid do for that." "Oh, Stuart darling--I couldn't--" tremulously. ."Why not?" "Why--Tni not ready to be married. I--need a trousseau and-mother--I'm sure she would like to know about it first. I haven't even written to her--about us." He appeared to shake off a disappointment, as if he were half sure she wag right and yet was reluctant to agree. "All right, but don't ask me to wait too long, sweetheart." Weeks later, !n her lonely wretchedness, Lizetta told another girl who confided to her a new love, "Never wait to take your happines when it ia offered you. Your chance may never come again. Life is like a huge wheel which revolves rapidly and stops only once in a long time at the point of happiness. Be ready to get off when it does. Consider nothing or no one. I once missed it because I imagined I needed more clothes, and I thought I should notify some one that I was going off. Clothes! What a sacrifice to make for happiness! If I were in rags and had to displease everyone I knew in the world, I should never hesitate again. But it's too late, now. That opportunity will never come my way again." But che said to Stuart on that day, when they were settled in the launch and skimming over the water toward the yacht. "You wouldn't want a bride without the proper clothes and things on a honeymoon yacht." "There's nothing the matter with ! ISM'T THAT K\A.ODEWm3, VT KMSW BE I CAW CiAlSE DOV.LARS PROW THVS OLD fPOOMO IT IW AVU-E VOMOV.XN6. NOW . . SHORT ENDS. NOT ATH\V4G LOMG ENOUGH TO OS . BY GEORC3E , I'UU ..^ A SA\O TO BORN VT OP. ByLes Forgraye tl *--a- *^ *LA IK-XJUJLAHIU-X f \ -J^ ( p- f Copyright, 1Q33, by Central Press Asodiatfon, Inc-. - ViHS DQKV E.T P High Pressure Pete Don't Crowd, Boys By George Swan MEtyitWEU. MB UP, HE'S ALWAYS IW , WHY! TUtRE WE IS NOW! I'lLTHfiO'.VA , poesw PlAV HoCKEV. WHAT?! mrs S»U/... HOP 1(0. COACH. WE'LL FIND lit THROW , SMOW os! The Boomerang . BUT or ' IS Too LATe. AMP HIS BurtL Standish MU6GSM UooK AT YOU' / ' ' ^ VoOV BEEM PV-AVlMG IM \ THAT COAL-BIN^ AGAIK\.HAMEK\T / Y o u ? ^--, WTH Vou OUGHT To BEv ASHA'AED I ) A GOOO MCTloNi TO \ S.PAMVC VoO '. XLL FRoAMSe\ AM // To Bt AWFUL-V^ ^( ft Muggs, McGinnis RIGHT URSTAIRS WELL. E.L - IP VoU'LL. \ PRoMlSe UoT Tb \ ME n r--' Yes. I SISTE.P2 ! I By Wally Bishop \NELL.rLLFfNDOUr HOVJ LONG VJEV-L.t'Ll. QE OHI.S ;· voutae. GOOD ^ -fizucxi Gor ft FLAT . 1 \NHS,lf''fbolC GOOD POrt NOTHING DON Fiaesio OF voutzs AN Kourz o GET I'M GOING TO TIME Not Half Bad! By Paul Robinson NEED MONEY: PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, autoa, personal property or anything of value to persons who have steady employment. LOANS TJP TO ?300 P»y back In monthly Installments LOANS MADE SAME DAT OF APPLICATION C. I*. Pine Loan Company OF MASON CITY SECOND FLOOR WEIR HLDG. PHONE 221 the way you look right now. In fact, j THtj JLU JL i O I shall not wait another minute to j kiss you, and I may even kidnap you and not let you return to shore at all!" When he gave her a chance to get her breath and speak again, she remarked, and with pleasure that she had discovered something about him which made her better acquainted, "You like to have everything right away, as soon as you decide you want it, don't you? That's because you never have been denied anything you wanted, I suppose." With his arm around her, he looked away out over the sparkling water with retrospective eyea. "That's the way I am, that's my nature," he said in a definite tone, as if the world must ask no adjustments of his characteristics. Well, if the world required none, neither would she. As he was, so should he be. Far be it from her to demand that anything about him should be different. As he was when she first saw him, so she desired him. If there were some slight objections in his nature, she must accept these along with the many more admirable qualities. And his attitude was, take me or leave me as I am. He offered no extravagant promises to make himself over to conform with some other pattern which she admired. She was grateful for that, because she was aware that such promises always vanish into thin air after marriage. And lest some change for improvement might also change those qualities which she already admirec in him, she preferred to accept him as he was--faults and all. How de Hghtfu! It was going to be to humor his faults and enjoy the benefits of his virtues! (TO BE CONTINUED) By YOUNG MOM 5lMPLY..r»SMAfjE · R 8055 SAID -Z HAVE A. RA15P-AWJ) TC BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray, DON'T -UIINK. HAI2SHV-Y OF- t ' '~ JUME. -THINK.! APT '6B.' - WWV - THIS IS OME. OP STICKS HA.NDKyiCV4IE.FS/

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