The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 2, 1913
Page 4
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THlTGETTYSBURG TIMES!STATE RESTS IN "~-- SULZER TRIAL Published Daily Except Sunday W ULVEEE HATER?" "* * """ ****** ^^JP R- BIXLJL Secretary and Treasurer. PBUJF R- 31SXE, Editor j t \ ^^ : - - -- __. close Direct IgstiniQQjf, : [ I- ' · . ' ' "' - - f CORDELL HULL Tennessee Man \Vro Framed the Income Tax SHI. TO INSTRUCT BEEF RAISERS OF S, A, SAVED LITTLE GIRL Twelve Year Old Boy Saves Girl from Burning. Little i ! The quick action of Glenn Linah. a 112-vear old York Springs boy,probably i saved Mildred Gcel^enour from being RATES - Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. - ' s" March as second-class matter, 1879. BELL PHONE UNITED PHONS O»c« comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, BROKER TELLS OF ACCOUNT] ;:S PAPES REPRESENTED FOR ADYESTSSiriG BY THE -ir* GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Want ads. "One cent *er word each Insertion... Two cents a word if gTiaramted fint page posISo*. Resolutions of respect, poetry and ateaonam. o»« cent TO OUR READERS Socialise papers and -- . Our advertising columns are opea to all candidates of all names. to kg tlie things JOE i NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Roomi with bath, en suit* Jfc McConomT, Prop'a. --IF-a -weekly svon want a weekly paper get !~THE ADAMS COUNTY ISDSWS · ilore local reading matter than ; aav other paper published- ; " Price ?f.OO per year. : CHAS. S. ITOilPER i --^Pire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture Specials for this -\veek. 5 Double sheets tangle foot fly paper for 5c. 3-oc uackages safety matches for , Household Goods »tored lOc. Trimmer's 5 and 10. and Declares Colwei! ToSd Hinf "500 Ac; count" Was Stilzer's and He Was] Acting For Kim. | Albany, X. Y., Oct. 2.--Counsel for j ihe board of managers rested their case In the Sulzer impeachment trial- Judge Herrick, of counsel for Gov-^ c-rnor Sislzer, then requested that thej court adjourn until Monday next. On" motion of Senator Brown the court! vent into executive session to decide ihe Question. A-.zer an executive session it was decided to hear a?! the preliminary motions of the defense today. Ia asking for the recess Judge Herrick, of counsel for Sulzer, said the announcement that Uie managers rested their case "ca ¥ n as f- surprise to ^ the counsel for the respondent. There j jire a number of motions ;o be made,"] he said. "The opening statement is toj be "prepared, and there are numerous consultations wnicli we must have v.-:th ihe respondent who. In our opinion, shor.M be entitled to the beneat cf his counsel."' Sulzer's stock operations were again a point of attack. Direct connection between "account 500" and the governor v.-as established when J- B. Gray, of the stock exchange arm of Fuller Grav, who handled the account testified that Frederick L. Colv.-ell toluj U/S. Bureau Ciiief to · tlpte ih8 Industry. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and afcnit TO¥P PeopleWisiting Here and Those Sojourning'Elsewhere. - iSEEK TO LOWER PBICESJSS '· With Meat on Free List, Government ? ~ 1 Officials Seek to Insure importation; I j cf Large Quantities. 1 AYashington, Oct. 2.--The most far reaching attempt" yet made to reduce' the cost oi living lies behind the trip.. \ names \v*h his hands " h^r life. who re- bv several assis conaitions in Sou bouses. ren irorn i Uhs :own \%ere searching for trinkets j \ In the rulr.3 of the stable and batcher j 1 shop of Mrs- Pearson when ihfe little t I girl's dress was ignited by a spark · the smouldering debris. The | screamed and started to run but [ Dr. H. Ross McAllister, 1 the bov caught her bc-at ouc the jcendy passed the entrance e arobablv ' tions for appointment, as A i Surgeon In the United States Navy, | left this morning for Washington, D. WORK PROGRESSING I C-10 lake up his work ia the Navy - - · f Medical School. Miss Louise iltKnig-ht has returned to her home in Wilkinsburg after a ten days visa in Gettysburg and New Oxford. «· Mrs. M. S. Yohe Grace, returned to relatives in Mr. and Mrs. Jacob G. Slonaker and , Mrs. J. P. Lizzie and _ ! Headway being: Made ai N Factory. Littles- \Vork Is progressing- rapidly at the siaats! "to" in vest-gate jlelng- put in readiness for Essen'ohr uth American packing' Bros., of Philadelphia, makers of the . 1 Cinco cigar. The elevator is being in- !t is f ran Illy admitted by departmeni J sta |[ t( ] a! -(l work o;i the heating plant officials that the visit oi Or. Melvia to j ...jj; ^ e cO n lni enced this week. The . South America is largely ior the P' :r ']' o: T iee f u r n uure and a large number of I ana uaugmer, to-day from a visit children. Janet and iic-l Hartman, and Misses country. E. C. Joss, o: the bureau of am Indastrv, ivho is stationed at Portland, j Ore., iviil proceed to Australia on tee. Forgetfulnsss same errana. i HEKORY A MATTER OF HABIT - tr- to ::IIT to :-a.y the in- rlius out hw t!-."--:- ar.- cpsr.e tax to the so-. v.ill haDp«r:: to tlieni natter h^i :=en han4:::=i are for a. _^^S tiEiie. Itcpres^ntative Cornell TluH o; --^n- ;i they I'.t'L The «etsc-e- w!»o t"ra.nici tht- jncome iie-i. fssaed a stat;ns.-iit pcrtoas. anl tax bill. to help a bureau ac t5ie treasury JeparnneaL :s at ivoric uson a set of ijastructioiis, whtcn ~"." be issued later. any length of time- SICE PRODUCE C031PAXY I Highest Cash Price* Paid for all j --FARM PRODUCE-- i Under Tiine« OSiee. Gertysbtirg- W. H. TTPTON --^Photoprfiplier-- Gettysburg Souvenin Sulzer's alleged 'dummy. | - The transactions consisted oi ihet , purchase ot 2CO shares of "Big Four." which Gray said Colwei! had paid to- la cash. The first Iftft. he said, v.-as bought for Colwell, Oct. 23, 1312. and delivered to him in Brooklyn. Oct. 31. The" second 100 was bought ypv. 4, and it was not until the second purchase, according to Graj. tliau Coiwell told him the transactions were for the accciwt of the governor. Gray said Colwei! had requested the account be the stock be deliv e~ed to him In Brooklyn, because he did not wish :t known, that he wcs doing any business with Gray's firm. Col-well, who had acted in the capacity of private"seeretary to Grav, formerly v.-as employed by the firm of Karris Fuller. Colwell did $16,000 TO SE MAYOR Scrantan Millionaire Entered Bao3 as a SO TRESPASSING All persons are xvarned not to trespass on the premises of the -undersigned with dog-, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in any manner: nor for fishlns^or in any way injuring- or destroying property. All persons violating the laws of the commonwealth with regard to trespassing on lands of the nndersigner will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14. 2905. William Allison. Sanfl. Waiters farm. Hamikonban township. John D. Riley, JL 12, Gettysburg. Pa. Cumberland Township. , -- Mrs. J. E. Hughes. Cumberland Township. D. B. "Wineman. Cumberland Township. Frank Plumper, R. 1. Gettysburg. Pa. C. J. Deardorff, Orrtar.r.a. Pa- Charles Wagaman fDr. TV. H. O'Xeal Farm) HamSltonban Township. F. L. Kime. Butler Township. Biglerville. Pa. C. B. Shank. Straban Tov.-r.ship, R. 7. Gettysburg. Pa. J. H. Eohn (J. F. Kuhn Farm) R. 2. Ge'ttysburg. Pa. ilt. Joy Twp. Jacob Fromrneyer. Straban Township. George E- Harraan, R. 6. Gettysburg. Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer. Straban Township. ^Irs. ilary 3. Weikert. R. 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. J. H. Rex. Box 50, R. 2. Bigierdile- 3Irs. Matilda L. Codori, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson. R. I. Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot. Straban Township. D. J Reile. R. 12. Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. Leo Frorr.meyer. 3It- Pleasar-t Township. Martin Winter. Cumlrerlar.d Township ai)d Gettysburg- * W. T. Mehri:ig. Scrirgs Dam Farm. Cumberland Township. Ro'^ert K. Major. Straban Township. Additional names. 50 cents for entire season. Serantoa. Pa., Oct. 2.--JS. 3. Jermyn. millionaire coal operator, ex- ;iven a number, and that[ pended raore than $10,000 to gain-the j-ominarloa for mayor, according to h : s expense account, v.hica was filed here his is more by far than all the res of the candidates combined. Jeraryn is said to have entered the race for mayor as s- joke. He is reported to have made a~ remark in jest to a not want Harris Fuller to know, witness said, ne was bringing any business to Fuller . Gray. One bond which Col-ell pureaasea from the firm was for a woman, tie witness testif.ed. Asked her name, Gray replied he -could not remember although Colweil had revealed her --hen the bond was deliv- In view of the speedy passage of the j tariff bill, which puts meat and meatj products on the /ree list. Secretary oi| Agriculture Houston wants to takef every precaution to insure the impor- j tation of meat from South America and Australia in quantities suEeieni Arises Largely From Special Kind of Laziness--Mental Training Needed- Memory, according to psychologists, is a good deal a matter o£ habit, and ·ack .of it arises ,largely from a special kind of laziness. "We see the truta of this, remarks the Bellman, when ccnscantiy price oi problem to the poor people. YVhrle the ^ O st beef cattle industryjn this country is, ber frGjn "When we wonder a"t their ability to quote offhand almost any length, we must remem- earliest days they were taught to jnemorize. They had to flattie MeGrev, of Gettysburg-, soent a day recently with Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hummer at Mummasburg. 3Iiss Anna Holiebaugh has returned from a business trip of scvera! days to Philadelphia. Mrs. John Ziegler and Mrs. John D. Lippv are soendifig- Xhe dav in Carlisle." Mrs. Fred G. TroxeH, of Center Square, went to BigierviUe this morning- to visit for several days. Mrs. -J. O. Blocher, of Seminary Ridge, is spending- the day in Benders- assist- Xavfer Sunday driving thrown learn things by heart, and leara rjhem a diminishing one. cattle raising in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay anc Brazil is on the increase. This i=_ es - exactly, with the result that ia child- pecially true of Argentina and L -·'-- j ?j OCK i -j, e y formed, perrorce, the habit guay. The packing touse industry in; Qf reia embering with absolute pre- Argeanna also has "reached consider-J c ; sion _ able proportions, placing that country j v.'hat we need nowadays is-a_sort of oa the map as an exporter of Ueef. | jj, c . a!;a i traiuins analogous to tiiis old- American packers are largely inter-i er £C Q OO H ns . T, et us by all means ested ia South 'America, having e " ec:; '|keep our filing cases and memoran- ed there some of the most modern | g uin p a Q S ijut let us at the same time na coniiEodious establishments in tee! tfiey oar ' Rev. Vr. \V. V.'halen, former ant rector at St- Francis church, was slightly hurt when an automobile he was grazed a team and he was agains'c s. fence. Mrs. L. L. Sieber returned home from Baltimore Wednesday evening- Miss Jeanne Sieber who ~\vas operated upon for appendicitis last Friday ex- peecs to be able to return home next week. CHURCH NOTICES them wor f A* CLUB Steel Lined SHOT SHELLS Will Boost Your SKooting Average r ~PRY tKe Speed Shells this season; they get tKe i load to your bird quicker tKan any other shells you ever used. You take a shorter lead--angles bother you less--you get more birds. "-The speed of these shells is due to the sfeeZ lining-to the -way it compresses the smokeless powder and keeps all the punch of the explosion right behind the :t. identity ered Cray was a contributor, through Coiwell, to the governor's campaign fund, he admitted. Ee said he could not recaii whether he gave $50. or S100- It was brought out that Colwell lives ~.n one of the broker's hoases in Yoafe- orsr Gray was Questioned regarding Colweli's whereabouts, but be insistet be had not seea or heard from Coiwell since he disappeared several weeks ago. Gray said that "account 500" was ihe only business - that Colweli had ever brought ia for his firm. "Mr. Col weli save me to understand at the time ihe account was opened,"' he said -that he didn't care to nave anybodr beside myseif know about it. "How dla the~"aceouat come to' be designated account 5u»i?" "At the r; quest of Co!v.eli. He didn't want hi transactions wiib. the firm known be -ause o: his former connection with j Harris Fulser." "·How long ago was that connec- t.on?" "About five years." Gray said he had dismissed Colweli from his employ as private secretary because he did not have enough work :or him and " what he did was net satisfactory.'" Another Ifi r snares of *"3ig Four" ·nas purchased by Colwei! on Nov. 4 said trie- witness. "Di-l -ie tel- you at that time that ;ne account was for vTiKiam Sulzer?" ·'He said it was William Sulzer." Referring again to the wiir.ess" campaign contr.bution. Gray said that Coswell had told h:m that i: he gave the LOr.trib::t;cn "it might mean some '.mssness." Questioned by Senator Griffin, the witness said ColweH har. "rendered no return for desk room he bad in the nrm's Colonel Kep.ry C. Harthrnan, a New York Jeweler, testified that his firm sent a cieck" to Sv.'zer 'or §50. Judge Herrick showed, how-ever, that, th.s i jeck was an the election expense prominent politician that he thought ce would make the race. "You. would probably get your'o'wa vote aud your brothers and a few more friends," was the politician's reiort. In a spirit of pique, Jennyi is sa-'d to have started out in. earnest Icr the nomination. He lacked only a few vo 63 of gaining a majority of those regis tered. Bicoks spent a trifle more than $Cf"00. and O'Malley. the other nomi ase, spent a little more than ?20uO. tvorld. As "an example of the seriousness of the situation in this country. Dr. ifelvrn said that within the last sis years the niimljer of beef cattle has decreased from 51.5CJ,000 to 35,030,000, or thirty per cent. '-\Te no longer have tea" former abundant supply of beef cattle raised chiefly on the free range," said Dr. Melvin. "The range is being rapidly cut up and being fenced off into farms or diverted to s'neep raising In addition there is_ a great increase i=-,tae, 'price of corn and feed. This combini-! Vv -j, a , eoes tion of circumstances naturally has op-: Hate more a erated to reduce the number of rattle| strife; MARSH CREEK PRESBYTERIAN There will be preparatory services active by making | at 10:30 o'clock on Saturday morning: The simple process of j j n t he Marsh "Creek " Presbvterian committing poetry 10 memory, futile as it m'ty seem to some, is one of the most useful kinds of intellectual exercise. And if we do nor before long saake general use of some such stimulus, it begins to look as though cur memories would join our appendixes as now useless relics of an earlier stage of existence. RIDDLES. iove more than life, death or mortal raised each year. The policy of tne government in refusing to 'ease portions of the public domain in such a THAW PROTESTS TO U. S. Declares Deportation From Canada Was a Vio!ar:on cf-Tresiy. Washington, Oct. ----Through Sena tor Oliver, cf Pennsylvania. Harry K. Thaw maCe a protest to the state de partment against nis deportation from Canada on Sept. 10 by the immigra l:on officials of the Dominion. in s. letter to Senator Olive: asks that the state department desiano from ihe British embassy an esplana :ion of the treatment accorded aim by he Canadian oScials. He contends .hat snca treatment wns in violation ol the privileges guaranteed him as an American citizfn as treaties bet~sen -he United States and Great Britain. Tn his letter. v» nich Senator Oliver "orvvard^.l to the state department. Thaw r'-vi^vs his flight into Canada "r. s arrest an : 'he proceedings in con;ion v.-;:h -"~ rase while in Canadn and ris pumrr.ary ejection from the v ouairy. way that fences can be erected and water supplies developed does "What which, contented men desire, ihurch. Sunday School at nine thirty and the regular Communion at J0:30 on Sunday morning. «Rev. ' D. W- VooG3. pastor. COLLEGE CHTJR'CH Preparatory 'services will be held-in College Ltttheran Church Friday evening at 7 o'cldck. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper ·will be celebrated on Sunday mornirrg-. This will be the first Communion service of the present-incumbency and^clie pastor is anxious to see every member, unless -necessarily detained, at both services- The poor have, cuire; 11 The miser spends, -. .. not saves, justify cattle men ia making p:ans iorj ^ i the future." '. Dr. Melvin will be out of the coun- crv three months. He will visit Argentina. 2razil. Paraguay and Uru guay. and the rich, re- the spendthrift carry to their graves? Nothing. BOY DIES OF INJURY Lebanon Lad. Who V/ss Hurt In New York. Succumbs In Hospita!. XV--.7 York. Oct. 2. -- Roy Kurst. aseo sixteen :«ir?. o: Lebanon, Pa., one of _':e inreo - ors x-;io worked tae:r waj -o XST-- V.jr*- f) 50 :nto the navy, died n tie Iiroon.l;n hospital. Kurst. v.:'h "rank Crossly, aged ~,:~ie -n z~-~~- *"""^ Herbert "Werdt. flf iecn %^ar.- olC. a'.i ci Lebanon, came to Xev. Yor.: last «eelC- T.-cv f.-x::-T ;o find the navy yard -Ed ?:ona;, ; shr went to sleep on a d',f' u:.!«-r :he Manhattan bridge K-i:st :": the water and was dra?= WIFETALKSTOENfOMBED MAN TeJIs Her to Ta'e Good Care of Family, That He V/iil Soon 3e Home. Shamokin. Pa.. Oct. 2.--Thomas Tos- heskv, entCKiljed sri the Continents' mine at Ceatralia since last Friday, a rescuing party working day and night e\er since to liberate him, is still a prisoner, with small prospects of being liberated until Friday or Saturday. He continues being fed milk ar.3 beef stews conveyed to him through a two inch hole fifty feet long, a rope oeing attached to a tin bottle which the entombed man pulls, to him whea- r er 11 is filled with nourishment- His v,ife was led :nto the mine and held a nrK;f conversation ^ita him through the bore-i nole. He told her to take good care of herself and the children, and tha.i he v.ould be with them at home to eat the- next Sunday din uer. =cd o,.t c-.Tag by two watchmen. e f-'Il "ur- struck a P^ing a. '-" -- -^rc * Get Reminsrton-UNlC Steel Lined Speed Shells of the live»t dealer in your scct.on. See that the Red Bell mark is on every box of shells and metallic^ you buy. Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co, 299 Bro.dw.y 7 New York statement 3Ied by the governor. There were persistent reports-;iha: an. agreement bad been reached^be iween the executive and agents cf Tasinicisy Hal! by which the governor had agreed to resign if the impeachment proceedings were allowed to ( drop. The report was pronounced ab-' crown;*! surd by Sulzer's counsel. :*:re^ ;.·= ^~:uH. The other boys are s r.flii ":·· the Children's society ". t'r.eir parents arrive. Weds In Dress She Made as Shroud. Baltimore. Md., Oct. 2.--Miss Sophie Jf. Koerth, of this city, said to be suffering from an incurable disease, was married to Jeremiah .7. Railsbach in a drehs which she made four years ago with her own hands for a shroud. Drowns Ksrr.seif In Basin. York, Pa.. Oct." 2.--Michael Killer. Sfty years old, committed suicide by i t n e York Water com pany"? imponntjin? basin. His coat "was discowr^d floating on the surface, and | «n In-i estimation revealed the body In the water ,n an upright position. DEDICATORY services at Friend's Grove Church. Preaching Saturday c\cninj? 7:'-W. Indication Sunday morning 10 :HO.--advcrtitciiienL ChicUen Bone Kills Man. Trenton, X. J., Oct. 2.--A chicken bon\ which lodged in his throat las December, caused the death of Solo cion Papier, forty-five years old, FARM for rc-nl. Sixty two acres one mile from Gctty.sburjr, Rood land and Kood fences. II. A. Schult'/. Route lli. "\Vhat man must have his glass before he can do a day's vort? A glazier. * 9 V "vVhen is a pie like poet? "When it is Bro«-nii5g. * * * "What are the greatest obstacles to a Russian Invasion of Turkey? The balkin* (Baakan) mouatanus. # * * "\VMeh of the feathered tribe would be supposed to lift the heaviest weight? The crane. » .* * Who was Jonah's tutor? The whala that brought him up. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coining 'Weeks. Oct. 2--Annual Meeting Civic Nurse Association. Court House. Oct. 4--Foot Ball. Albright College Nixon Field. Oct. .6--Opening- engagement, Wills ^Musical Comedy Co. Walter's Theatre. Oct. II--Annual Topton Orpliana' School excursion. Oct. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. Synod meeting. St. James church. Oct. 17--Concert, ilozart Company. Brua Chapel. At HAMSIER'S Store We nave JI^L received several cases of York Cbampion Shoes for Men, Also ^ootl Kip. Dear and Calf Skin Shoes PUB tlC S AIiE - good winter wear for the Farmer's wives, OX THURSDAY. OCTOBER 1G. 1013- "»Ve also have 30CO yds fancy dress ^Gins- Intending to move from Adams Co.. bam can eo at -5 cents per yard. 2a cent ^^ of j^j. Bak j nr p O wder at 12 cents, ^ «n« P^W of Jock^r Animal Powaers. at 3i cents per pack, ^ e are again, at ilie request of many people, in .-^^-^3- jjasini^s ar ,a Shoes Marked ^^ cbct _ hcre a£ Hammefi! Store you get at §K75 cash. 2 bbls. of X Intending I will offer at public sale the following cow will be fresh about Nov. 1st, surrey, 2 buggies, 1 a rubber tire in good condition. Dayton wagon. 2 sets of harness, stable blan- ke'c, saddle, bridles, ornssel- Rejected AHens Leap From Ship: Lost frets, croquet set, apple picker, Xe?.- York. Oct. ±--Foi.r men who | ar:( j snathe, also the following: scythe ar.c'- have Lecn der,ort^d on hoar-sj Household furniture, book case, 4 -b:a:r,ed sib ffeedsteads, 3 sets oJr beu springs, 3 tr.attresses, 2 bureaus, 4 wash stands, 3 toilet sets, 2. ward robes, marble top s'iand^ 2 small oak tables, 3 roc; · . . _i_ _ ' -- -. «.r^_X.i- fi.\***Zv-f- ^imiY»«nr ~ff\f\ were the steamship e-y or death by leaping fony-five feei from an upper fleck to tne Hu^scn as ihe "vessel lay at her pier. All t two life belts in i ' Oatnu^u. 3M per lb.4 bbis sold since July 1st. Best foddor yarn 0 ceats per Ib. tho river, however, ] sidebo ' ard . fcitdien table, hair cloth 1 . led to the belief that they nxfi r'er-!p ar ] or furniture, corner cupboard, 2 -sh^d All had arrivea recently as ' student lamps. 3 brass lamps, 2 kitch- OPERA HOUSE. HANOVER October siowawaj-s. Fivs Perish Jn Fire. Ha\er.. Ky., Oct. 2.--Five per sons 'rerisbei in fianics that swept ;h\-ough the business section of Xe^ Haven. The victims were the wife, three children and sister of James Devers, who wre trapped by the fire :n Bevers" hotel. The loss on severa" tuildings destroyed amounted to about 550,000. \ - Senator Lodge Improving. Xahant. Mass , Oct. ---"United States Senator Tlenry Cabot Lodge passed a quiet night and the nurses said that ne wa resting comfortably. His pul:« and temperature were normal. Connie Mack's men must be stopped before the American league pennant race becomes ajrunaway affair. Curtain 8. 1 5 lamps, 2 hanging lamps, parior larap,- Standard sewing machine, re- frigera'tor, Bent wood churn, Boss ·washing machine. 2 iron kettles, tripod, copper kettle. 3 iron cook pots, range, blue fiame oil cooking: stove with cabinet, all in good order, oven for oil stove, ten plate stove, double beater, large oil heater, small wood | stove, carpe'c, matting, linoleum, j crocks, dishes, sadirons, fruit jars, i fence and poultrv wire and numerous j other articles. 60 R. I. Rer and white Wvandote chickens. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock sharp. H. P BIGHAM, James Caldwell, auct: (.uutecfODttcsSDE. I will be in Get t y s b r. r r every Tuesday a t P e ji r o s t Myers' Jewelry Store. W. IT.DINKLH Pomfret Sc ,Carli so- ABORN O P E R A COMPANY IX A GRAND DOUBLE BILC "Caialleria Busticana" IN ENGLISH "Hansel and Grefe!" PRICKS, 50, 75, LOO, 1.50, 2.00. Mail Order* accompanied }y remittances will be filled Now. Seals on sale at SMITH JENKINS r Store Wednesday Oct. J 0 A. M. 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