Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 20, 1952 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 6
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. 20, 19S2 *»··» city ai*»«ui*tu, MM** city. «». Outstanding Holsteins at North Iowa Fair Judging A Holstein cow cfass that, ac-*-~ tording to Judge Floyd Arnold, "would be nn honor to show at any 1 fair in the stale--including the = State Bir," highlighted the open 1 dairy class at the Korth Iowa Fair. 1 '. Livestock '.Superintendent Gilbert ; tjavisson had, arranged a top 1 quality show that included cattle -, from such .herds as Gcrlach Hoi- 'stein Farms-of St. Ansgar, C, II. ; and Morris'Mlllcr of Clarion, Thor- · void Anderson of Cedar Falls, Robert Boehnlng of. SI; Ansgnr, Floyd ! Wesscl and Son, Now Hartford and · others. ', The prize winners included: · Bull calf, born J u l y I, 1050 to ,'March l, 1952--Robert Bocning, 11st; Gorlach Ifolslein Farms, 2 n d ; *C. H. 'Morris Miller,.'3rd; 0, J. »De Sotel, Dows, -Hh; Floyd G. \Vcs- set Son, 5th; L.-W, K r o n o m n n , *St. Ansgnr, Oth;. C. H, Morris ; Miller, 7 t h ; Robert .Boonlng, fith. ' . ' B u l l , junior'yearling, born Jim. )1, 1951, to June 30, 3051--G. J, De t Sotel, 1st; Floyd G, Wosflcl 'Son, 2nd; C. H.; Morris Miller, 3rd; 'L. W. Kroneman, 4(h; G. J. DeSo · lie!, 5th, \ Y«*rlina Bull ' Bull, senior yearling, born July ] 1, 1950,' to Dec. 31, 1950--Gerluch · Holslein;Fflrms, isl^ 'Robert Boon ' ing, 2nd.; Junior : champion bull-1 Gerlach Holstein Farms; Bull, two i years -old, born July 1, 1040, to '| June 30, 1050--Floyd G. Wessel Son, 1st; L, W. Kronemnn, 2nd; · G. J.'DeSotci, 3rd, !! Bull,'three', years old and ovorj I born before July 1, 1048--Lloyd W. s Kronemap,'1st; C. H, Morris Mll- ller, 2nd; 'Gerlach Holstein-Farms, · 3rd. SenlorYChnmplon bull--Floyd (G. Wesset Son, Grand chnm -. pion bull--Floyd G, Wessel Son, 1 Heifor calf born July i, H)5t, to March 1. 1952-- Gcrlach Holstein Farms, 1st; Gerlnch Holsteiri Farms, 2nd; C, If. Si Morris Miller, 3rd; Floyd G. Wesscl, 4lh; L. W. Kronchian, 5th; Robert Hcwning, Oth; Gcrlach Holstein Farms, 7lh; G. J. DeSolcI, 8th; G. J. DcSotel, Dth", and Robert Boenlng, J0th r ' Jlcifcr, junior yearling, born Jan. I, 1051, to .June 30, 1951-Thorvald Anderson, 1st and 2nd; Gcrlach Jfolstcin Farms, 3rd; and 4th; U, H, Morris Miller. 5th; L. W, Kroneman, Olh; G. .1. De- Sotcl. 7th and 8lh. Heifer, senior yearllnjj, born July 1, 1050 to nee. 31, 1050-- Thorvald Anderson, 1st and 2nd; Gcrlach Holstein Farms, 3rd and 4th; G. J. DeSotci; 5th; L. \V, Kronemnn, Cth; C. II. Morris Miller, 7th; L. W. Krone-man, fith and Oth and G. J. DcSotel, 10th, Grand champion female, Thorvald Andorson. Andtri»n Winner Junior gel of sire-- Thorvald Andersen, 1st; G c r l a c h Holstein Farms, -2nd; G. J. DeSotel, 3rd; C, H. Morris Miller, 4th; Robert Bocnlng, 5th, and L. W. Kroneman, (ill). Cow, two ycors old, born J u l y 1, 1040 (o Juno 30, 1050-- C. H. Morris Miller, 1st and 2nd; L. \V. Kroneman, 3rd; Gerlach Ifolslcin Farms, 4th; G. J. DeSotci. 7th; Itobcrl Boening, 8th, and Robert Boenlng, Dlh. Cow, three yeurs old, born July 1, 1048, to June 30, 1040-- C. II. Morris Miller, 1st; Gerlach Hoi stein Farms; 2nd| itml Robert ' Market Lamb Prizes Won by D.Juhl Dclbcrl Juhl, Clear Lake, took four blue ribbons In the group of three and two more In the individual division In the Cerro Gordo County market Jamb competition ot the North iowa Fair. Winners determined by William kicKerrow, judge from Pewaukee Wis., follow: Group of. three fat lambs--Juhl 'our blue; Wayne Zook, Clear Lake, blue; Norman Staudt, Dough erty; fionnie Daniels, Clear Lake; Dale Ouverson, Hanlontown; Rob erl Pruin, Howard Shanks, Michao Shanks, nil ot Mason' City, red Dale Ouverson, Hanlontown, Shar on Hall, Mcservey, white. Individual fat l a m b -- J u h l , two )lue; Xook and Jerry Hepperly 21ear Lake, blue; Ronnie Daniels "Jale Ouverson, Howard Shanks Michael Shanks, Norman Staudt Ulchard Ashland, Bill Dodge, rod; Robert Pruin and Sharon Hill,' white. , ji;: :;··;. : :: . ; ; ... ·· In the purebred Hampshire class, Lowell Siebcrling of Mason City got blue ribbons for ewe and lamb and ewe lamb. He added a red ribbon for his ram lamb. In the district'4-H'sheep show, Kent Seely, Algona, copped two blue ribbons each in the Southdown classes for ewe lamb, ram lamb and ewe and lamb. In the Hamp shire competition, Gary Hackbarth, Kranklin County, took blue ribbons in the ewe lamb and ewe and lamb divisions. NOTHING LIKE IT | . . . E v e r Before! J" RUSCJO VM eA---i 4*M · fr^vlM^ MI-SnNNf *»fl"»t»Ol*» COMBINATION SCREEN AND STORM DOOR A screen door and storm door · II in one. J u s t r a i s e R!.ISS lor venlilalioti--Like i window! Trade-In .Allowance For Your Old Door Home Improvement Co. W N. Fed. - Ph. Me In'g; 3rd. Cows, four years old, born July 1, 1947, to J u n o 30, )048- Thorvnld Andersen, 1st; Robert Bodiing, 2nd;, nnd Floyd G. Wessel Son, 3rd. Cow, (Ivo years old and ov«r, born before July .1, 1947-- Gerlach Ilolstcln Knrms, ,lsl; Thorvald An derscn, 2nd;' C, ,H. Morris Miller, 3rd; Thorvald Andersen, 4th; . II. Morris, Miller, '5th; Robert .oentng, Cth; Gcrlach Holstein arms, 7th nnd 8th. Senior Female Senior champion female-- Ger- tzich Holstein. Farms, Grand champ i o n femnlo-- Geriach Ilolstein Fnrms. Dairy herd-- Thorvald And e r s c n , 1st; Gerlnch Kolsteiu Farms, 2nd; C. H. Morris Miller, 3rd, nnd Robert. Bocnlng, 4th. Best Ihrce fomnles-- Thorvakl Andersen, 1st; Gorlach Holstein F n r m s , 2nd; C, H. Morris Miller, 3rd; G. J. DoS o t c l , 4th; L. K. Kronemnn, 5lh, and Robcrl Boon- ins, 6th. Cow, in milk,' to be judged on udder alone-- CV JI. Morris Miller, 1st; C. H. Morris Miller, 2nd; Thorvnld Andersen, 3rd; Ger- laeh Uolstoln Farms, 4th; C. H. Morris Miller, 5th, nnd Kobcrt Boening, 6th. ' Get 'oi: sire-- Thorvald Andersen, 1st; Floyd G, Wessel Ik Son, 2nd; Gerlnch Holstein Farms, 3rd, and G. .1. DcSolel, -Hri. Produce of tlnm-- T h o r v a 1 d Andersen, 1st; Floyd G. Wessel, 2nd; Gerlach Farms, 3rd; C. H. Morris Miller, 4lh, and Floyd G. Wessel Son, 5th. CHESTER--Mrs. Lola Skeel,,of Davenport Is visiting at the Hattle Stevens and Dale Davis homes. · Wonderful feeling FREEMAN'S Wonderfvil fit::: wonderful comfort::: and the, rich satisfaction of finesb leathers nnd / ,, Btyle leadership. Our selection is complete : : : and we invite you to drop in soon for a ''try-on.? mo, Hanlontown, first .In tablecloths; Mrs. Bessie Eugenics, Mason City, best crochet at .fair (eligible for national contest); Mrs. John' Rezab; Plymouth,- luncheon cloth; Mrs, W. A. Trenhaile, Plymouth, centerpiece; Mrs. Paul Middleton Jr., doily; Mrs. Virgil Radloff, buffet or vanity set; Mrs. W. K. Sleeper, scarf and wall pan el; Margaret Lippert, fashion ac cessories. Sharon Sawyer, 10, Rockwell, won the local award for crocheted doll clothes and is entitled to enter the national crochet contest at Chicago in October. Household acces- Top Textile Entries dt Ffcir Picked Winners in the textile division at the North Iowa Fair, announced by Mrs. Loren Beck, department superintendent, Include: Mrs. G. if. Hanna, Mason City first in quilts; Mrs. Andrew Shci series 'local award was won by Margaret Lippert, who will enter the national contest. Battle FUfl Recovered TUPELO, Miss. UP --Ten-year- old Bobby Lundy, exploring 100- year-old B e t h a n y Presbyterian Church, discovered a trapdoor and a basement, inside which he found a bullet-riddled, blood stained Confederate flag. Historians said it was the banner used by .Rebel forces in the Battle of Bryce's Crossroads June,.10, 1864, which disappeared after the bloody conflict. All IOOMS WITH IATM 3.50to»7.0O Now Showing--8 Big Performances'. lAM/A'Q 29th Annual HVr wwr^L *7 Championship 1 ^ ^fe^ W^ Afternoons at 1:30; Nites at 8.00 AUG. 20 Today, Thursday, Friday, Saturday SIDNEY, IOWA PROFIT BY USING THE GLOBE-GAZETTE WANT ADS11 Blue Brushed Buck 12.95 WHCRE..THE Uyct cbAoed. COME FROM "I 102 SOUTH FEDERAL PHONE 860 CT B A C K - T O - S C H O O L E V E N T GINGHAMS 2.98 1.98 .31x0*7-14 Q Volue-group olnew foil cottom spiced with white, trim accent* at colors, cufft. Varied gay plaid*; (¥) Littl*-»ljJ»r choice in Sonforiied bright plaids. ALSO COTTON "PRINTS erispiy trimmed at 1.9i FOR ACTIVE WOMEN, GIRLS 4. 4-4 Sim 4 to 9 Y«ar-arownd favorites, smartly styled for school or sports wear. Choose th« Tan Oxford with foom-cr«p« toles or the Brown Loonfl«r wifh long-wearing composition soles. Save now on every pair you buy; GIRLS' FAVORITE BLOUSES Cotions 1.98 Acetate* 1.79 [Aj Embossed cottons in prelty new styles for schoolgirls. Get them now to wear with jumpers, skirts. 7-- I 4. [j Smooth acetate-rayon crepes that wash and wear well. Daintily trimmed with colorful embroidery. 7-14. BOYS 1 STURDY DENIM JEANS 1 59 Stout 8-01. blue denim is Sanforized, shrinks lessfhan 1%. Wellnidde for long,··hard , wear. All strain · points : are reinforced; all', main seams firmly double- aewn wirh ihirdy orange thread. Snug yoke back gives better fit, extra comfort. Zipper fly, five pockets. Sizei 6 to 16. REG. 2.98 NYLON SWEATERS Save on virgin; ny.ton Slip-om. Qufck drying, need no blocking. Misses' 34 to 40. * r ./ / REG. 1.98 COTTON T-TOPS Fine combed cotton yarns in smart, washable T-Tops. Fall styles. Misses' sizes. 1.77 SHEER DARK-SEAM NYLONS Carol Brent 15 denier, 51 gauge first quality nylons. Circular knit. 8!/i to 11: REG. 1.98 BAND OVERALL Sanforized 8-oz. blue denim.Triple-stitched main seams, zipper fly front. 36-42. BRENT DRESS SHIRTS White*, solids, patterns.all with non-wift collars. Sanforized. Buy now, save. 1.88 r l.97 REG. 69e SANFORIZED SHORTS 64= Full-cot 3-gripper yoke front or boxers. So/id pastels or assorted patterns. 30-44. NEWEST SHIRTS AND SLACKS @ Sanforized cotton broadcloth, 2-way collar. White, blue, green, tan. 6-18. (D Smartgabardineof 85%rayon, 15% i nylon. Saddie-stiSched [seoms. ]2-20. 4. Rugged thickset Corduroy'Slacks (not shown). Brown, gray, green, blue. 10-18. BOYS' SPORT, DRESS OXFORDS Rtg. 5.50, 5.98 4.OO Grenadier Juniors -- Wards Good Quality Shoes--; reduced for this sale. Favored for their smart, clean- cut styling. Built with sturdy brown leather. Choice of *oles -- durable elected rubber or rugged Wardolite;

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