Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 8, 1933 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1933
Page 12
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TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER S 193? Mason Cityan Named on 4th District Drug Group DECORAH, Dec. 8.--Druggists of toe fourth congressional district organized the Retai! Drug Trade council Tuesday at a meeting: held in Decorah. The committee In charge of the development of a working p!an to conform with the NRA code, was named as follows: A. J. Killmer, Mason City; Gust Phillips, Manchester; George. Carter, Wau- kon; Paul Davis, Fayette; George Schmidt, Elkader, and E. J. Parman, Decorah. Missing persona reported to the police of Tokio number approximately 2i,000 a year. OUT REAL OFTEN1" ANY CAKE NOW1" ening oves ^U vciMf*' ' it teaspoon mace j{ teaspoon nutmeg iycu r pS'' n03 " Sfineiyt:uc ^ cup figs, finely cut ers and b«W ftoslm, A PRODUCT OF GENERAL FOODS THEDOUBLE-ACTIMG BAKING POWDER MEAT DEPARTMENT MEAT STEW PORK LIVER PIG FEET . . 3' PUHE LARD Hamburger, 6 IBs. SAUSAGE . 6 Ibs. 25c PORK ROAST . . 5c BEEF ROAST . 4 r2 c Baby Beef Steak 7c BUTTER, First Grade 21c TURKEYS, No. 2 . 13c NO. 1 POULTRY Ducks . . Geese . . Chickeais 10 GROCERY DEPARTMENT MATCHES, 6 Boxes ZOc CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS For th« Month of November, 1933. CITY HALL. NOVEMBER 6, 1833 Regular meeting: ot the City Council. Mr. Knudoon absent. The bill tor Manager Crofoot'i expense to the Managers Association In Chicago, WAS presented and OK'd, Resolution Ho. £145. aha wing 1 a list of properties against which charges had been made by th« Water Department, and directing the City Clfirtt to certify a tune to the County Auditor to be placed upon the tax books for collection, tvoa presented and adapted. Resolution Ho. 2146, directing the City Cleric to certify to the County Auditor a list of properties abutting which sidewalk repairs had been made, to be placed upon the lax books for collection, was presented and adopted. Resolution No. 2147, Instructing'tha City Clerk to certify to the County Auditor to be placed upon the tar books for collection, the assessment against properties the amount charged for dhoveUnp »now and tee during the winter of 1933 and ifl33; and for mowing weed* during the summer oC 15.13, was presented and adopted. The City Clerk was Instructed to certify to the County Auditor a list of the jargons liable for roaa poll tar where nald tax remains unpaid. The delinquents to be placed upon the tax boolw at J5.00 each, The question ot government aid In financing the Water Works Improvement was discussed and In vtew of the vast amount ol details necessary io comply with the requirements, it was thought best for the City to withdraw the request Jot aEd. A petition for a changn of classification from "A" District to "D" District of Lot 1, Blocfc 6, Parker's Fourth Addition, from Lawrence and Hadwlga Szymecxek, waa presented. By wason ol the Inability of the PiannlnK Commlsslon to act on same, further action was deferred by the Council. The term of E. H. Wagner as a member of the Board of Adjustment having expired, Mayor LaJrd appointed Mler Wolf /or the i(v* year term ending April 1, 193B. The same was approved by th« city Council. Relative to the Ml lie Ordinance No. 277, adopted August 5, the publication of which had been deferred, because of dissatisfaction of the smaller producers and distributors, the matter was again presented. Andrew Olson, F. A. Miller and City SoHcllor Dibble had been appointed a committee to investigate. The committee presented Ordinance No. 276 repealing Paragraph 2, Article III of Ordinance 277. The same was approved and passed on Its first reading' The rules were dispensed with and the ordinance read, passed and adopted on its second and.third reading, Mr. A. M. Schanke, Chairman of the County Relief Committee, was present and reported that the projects submitted by Manager Crofoot, to bo carried out by the employment of those receiving 1 relief, had been approved by the Relist committee. Manager Crofoot reported that a tract, containing 2% acres, lying; between Fourth Street N. E. and: Wlnnebago River and directly cast of Carolina. Avenue could be secured for J4,lOO and would furnish the city with a supply of rock to be crushed and used for street Improvement, The City Manager was author I ted to make the purchase. A bill of Thorpe- Brothers Well Company, for -work done on Welt No. 7 In the amount of $1,698. was presented and allowed. The City Solicitor reported that a settlement hud been reached 74th Mm. Sue StcJ- bltie, ( f o r Injuries' received by a fall), In the amount of $561.10. The City Auditor ·was instructed to draw c. warrant In that amount. Mr. Dlbbl« reported that the beer permit of Jamw HalkU of the United Fruit Company had been surrendered. CITY HALL. NOVEMBER ft, 1933 Special meeting of the City Council at the call of two councilman. Councilman Pagenhart absent. The- purpose o( the meeting: wa« th« adoption of a resolution relative to the work project* proponed to meet the requirements of the Emergency Relief Committee. Resolution 2148, relative to th« same waa presented and adopted. C1T? HALL, NOVEMBER 32, 1953 Special meeting of the Council at the call ot two councllmtn. Councilman Bums absent. Mr. Roy Martin, Secretary ot lh« c»rro GordQ. Emergency Relief, was present to request that the City pay one-half of the expense of the office Of the Emergency Re Her. Mr. Martin explained there were five Inves II gators, one stenographer, one historian and the secretary In the oiflca. with a payroll amounting to 4733. The greater park of the Government's Civic Works pro ject* la allotted to cities. It was decided that the city would tak« over $367,80 per i month up to February 15, 1931. ! Manager Crofoot »ubmltt«d three additional projects to b« undertaken as follow: 1. Construction of levee to protect the sewne« disposal plant from, flooding--estimated cost, {4,000. 3. Tylng-ln dead ends of wat«r mains, estimated cost, $14,9*0. 3. Storm aewer on South Washington Avenue to relieve the water on South Federal Avenue at the viaduct; alio storm newer across Carolina. Avenue north of Lfmfi Creek bridge, approximate coat, (5,750. Manager Crofoot reported the offer of Shirley Watts to sell the City a lot con taming approximately one*third acre adjacent to the tract authorized to b« pur chased A! the meeting of the Council on November 6. 1933, for rocfc quarry pur- poatM t for 5100, statlnff however, that at that price Mr. Watti would not furnish an abstarct of title. The Manager was au thorlzed to make the purchase for Jioo provided the property Is clear of all 1B- cumbrance, taxes, llena, etc. Meajr*. A. W. Marroun and C. 1*. Loom«r appeared before tha Council relative to unpaid claims for additional services In connection with thetr duties as deputy asaej- eors and with the Board of Review, In the following amounts: A. W. Harroun, $163 C. 1.. Loomer, $64.50. AS these claims nad previously been referred to the City Solicitor to confer with, the County Attorney, re Kordlnp the adjustment of aame and thi Solicitor being absent, the matter wax re ferred to Manager Crofoot to take up with the Solicitor. J. H. McEWSN, City Clerk. FINANCIAL STATEMENT CITY OF MASON CASH ACCOUNTS December 1, 1933 Cwh on Hand In Bond Funds November 1, 1933 Cash on Hand In Other Funds November 1, 1933 .... ...... i Receipts tor November: Police Department -- Fines and Fees .................... ( Police Department -- Licenaca .................. . ......... £nglneer'c services ....... . ....................... ..... Building Permits ... .. .............. .. · · .............. · Inspections .......................... . ........... - ..... Cigarette License ............ ..... ................. · · · · Beer Permit and Inspection ..................... . ...... Weighing Fe«j ......... . ..................... .... ..... Compensation Insurance Refund .... ............ . ....... Plumbers' Renewal Cards ............... . ...... · ....... Refund Detention Hospital Expense .................... Sale of City Map* .................................... Repairing Catch Basin ................................. Repairing Paving ...... . ................. . ............. Recharging Fire ExtlnguiBhtr ............ . ............ Deposits -- Firemen and Policemen .... .................. interest on Securities ..... . ......................... . · . Library--- Fine* and Fees ...... . ............. . ..... .... sale of Water ......................................... fl ' Sale of Matera, Services, etc ........................... Work for Other City Departments ...................... 5 19,866.65 93,906,70 496.95 97.00 133.00 T5.00 103.00 20.30 58.17 4-00 325.00 GO 32, 7, iu, 2* 4.00 36,33 360.00 274. 7T TOTAL RECEIPTS Expenditures for 2fa f S 50.832.53 -.11Ei.3E5.53 aalarlM lad WaB« Telephone and T«l«Bnm« Ofllcn Suppllea Miscellaneous OENBEAL. GOVERNMENT 1.366.6S EXTRACT, lemoh, 8 oz. bottle lOc EXTRACT, vanilla, 8 oz. bottle lOc JELLY, pure, 6 oz. glass lOc SALT, 2 Ib. box 6c PEARS, No. 2 can 15c SWEET POTATOES, can 8c APRICOTS, Can lOc MILK, large, can 6c CHERRIES, No: 10 tin 50c PEARS, No. 10 tin : 47c BLACKBERRIES, No. 10 tin .38c APPLES, No. 10 tin _-48c APRICOTS, No. 10 tin __ 47c COFFEE, BuehlerStar 17c SOAP, Big Ben, 6 bars _.25c SOAP, toilet, 6 bars - - ~.~25c SOAP, Mohawk, 3 bars _ ~...10c GHIPSO, large box 18c REX LYE, 2 cans - 15c ELKO SOAP FLAKES, box 15c Crackers, 2-lb. Box 2Oe WE SELL EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED PROTECTION Olf LIFE AND PROPERTY Pollcft Department $3,701.1* Fire Department '?5i'i5 Miscellaneous · -30.00 HEALTH AND SANITATION General Expenses .....$ Disposal Plant and Sewera Garbage Disposal and Collections STREETS Street Wghllng 1,974.10 621.0* 27. He also was accused of sharing in the 530,000 ransom paid by City Manager McEiroy. Claims He Was Dupe. He testified that he was a dupe of Lucille Cates, former wife of Walter McGee, and declared that McGeo and Clarence Stevens, who is still at large, forced him into the kidnaping. He said he knew nothing of the abduction until after Hiss McEiroy had been brought to the cottage. Walter McGee took the stand as a defense witness and testified that Click was an unwilling participant. Five Lose Lives as Blaze Destroys Log House in Wisconsin FRIENDSHIP, Wlc., Dec. 8. Five persons, three o£ them children, were burned to death here early today when an explosion and fire destroyed the two story log home of William Bratley, 64. The dead are: William Bratley, 64; Mrs. Lulu Bratley, 25, his daughter-in-law, and her three children Lucille, 5, Elizabeth, 3, and Freeman, nine months. TITTLE BROS JLK%.CH«BiC» C:O.INC Xepajrlos Sidewalks Repairing Pavinff Motor Equipment Repairs and Supplies WATERWORKS GBSOlItlO Gas Tax to DO Keiunaea Construction work-- Material Telephone Rental INDEPENDENT FUNDS Park * Municipal Bnnd Comfort Station * Library ..... .^ - - ·_ MI S CEMANEOU3 Public Works Compensation Insurance Audit Water Main Ais't Refunded Cash on Hand In Bond Funds December 1, 1633 B55.75 50.70 298.3T 223,83 5,187.12 *',54!.S6 422.73 2.678.05 517.50 2.000.00 187.59 138.32 43.42 41.60 763.99 S.5S 25. U BENA B. HACK. 1.303.84 U, 283.12 5,827.05 1,229.14 | 25,r.7G.90 City Auditor. PHONE 60S 105 SOUTH FEDERAL Government Inspected Meats FRESH All Meat g^ « j» Hamburger 3 "is. 1 DC BEEF POT ROAST, tender Ib. 4V 2 c PORK ROAST, lean Ib. 5c BOILING BEEF, lean Ib. 3V 2 c SUGAR CURED ib. 12 PORK STEAK .'. 7c LAMB ROAST (shoulder) Ib. ~9c PICKLED PIGS FEET qt. jar. 23c Gulsvig Again Head of Buttermakers Section DECORAH, Dec. 8.--Section No 1 of the Iowa Buttermakers assocl at Ion held Its annual convention Wednesday in Decorah. William F Baker, president of the Decorah Chamber of Commerce, gave th address of welcome at the banquet One of the principal speakers waa Robert Brownlle, of the state in spection department. Short talks were also given by varioua mem bera. Ben Gulsvig, Luana, was re elected president and N. M. Laraon Decorah, was re-elected Becretar WOULD INCREASE LEVY ON SPIRITS President's Committee on Alcohol Make* Its Tax Recommendation. WASHINGTON, Dec. 8. 'UF--The president's special interdepartmental alcohol committee has recommended that congress Impose a tax of $2.60 gallon on distilled spirits as com- arcd with the present $1.10 tax. The committee also recommended hat all beers ba taxed $5 a barrel, he same as the present 3.2 brew. The present tax on beers of al- :oholic content in excess of 3.2 is 6 a barrel. The committee recommended a 1( cents a gallon tax on still winea of ess than 14 per cent alcoholic content compared to the present 4 cent*. Tax on Wines. Winea of from 14 to 24 per cen 1 alcohol would bear a 40 cents a gal Ion tax and all wines above 24 pe: cent. Including- brandies, $2.60 gallon, the same as for distiller spirits. Sparkling: wines not containing more than 24 per cent alcohol wouli pay SO cents a gallon while thos over 24 per cent would be assesse $2.60 a gallon. The proposed rate of 80 cents gallon on natural sparkling' wines 3 the same In effect before prohib! tion. Bear 40 Cents Levy. Artificial sparkling wines con ainlng not over 24 per cent alcohol would bear a 40 cents a gallon tax. The committee recommended that an additional 16 cents a gallon tax je assessed or blended and rectified pirits over and above the ?2.SO gal- en levy, bringing it to a total of 2.76. The present law provides an additional 30 cents a gallon tax on rectified and blended liquor. KIDNAPER GIVEN 8 YEAR SENTENCE Click Third Person Found Guilty in Kansas City Girl's Abduction. BEEF STEAK Round Sirloin 1L T-Bonc IUl 100% CO-OPERATION KANSAS CITY, Dec. 8. Clarence Click was convicted by a Jury today of participating in the kidnaping of Jiisa Mary McEiroy, daughter of City Manager Henry F. McEiroy, and .was sentenced to to eight years in the penitentiary. Click ia the third person to be found guilty as one of the McEiroy kidnapers. Walter McGee, characterized by officers as the leader, Is under death sentence, and G~~*i'ge McGee, a younger brother, has r,een sentenced to life imprisonment. 8 Year Penalty. The eight year penalty waa fixed by the Jury, which received the case last night. Formal sentence will be passed by the court later. Click was accused of renting the farm cottage near Slmwnee, Kans., where illns McEiroy wag imprisoned In the basement, chained to a wall, for 29 hours after she was abducted from her home last May PACKINGHOUSE MARKET 122 South Federal Phone 101 Specials for Saturday, Monday r "ici complete assortment of Quality Fresh Meats on display and the low prices so plainly niurke;! prove this tho best place in the tliy to shop. BETTER MEATS LOWER PRICES Tender Young Beef Special Til! Noon STEAKS 1 PURE LARD 6 i c l 4 Sirloin and Short Cuts California's bee industry contrib utes to the support of 14,000 persona and produces a revenue of $20,000,000 yearly. Saturday Specials COFFEE CAKES, filled, each .10c DOUGHNUTS, plain or sugared, doz. lOc BUNS, dozen 6c ALL COOKIES, 3 dozen 25c DANISH BUTTER ROLLS, dozen 20c IRISH BREAD, loaf 10c PURITY BAKERY 216 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. PHONE SB Fancy Sugar Cured BACON 11' 2 Choice Lean CHOICE TENDER CUTS BEEF! Round BOIL~ Steak 8 Federal Fruit Vegetable Market WE DELIVER Across From Hotel Hanf ord PHONE 42 POTATOES, Red River Early Chios, Graded, V. S. No. 1-- Peck 25c $1.35 CELERY, bunch CELERY HEARTS, bunch BUTTER, Fresh Creamery, Ib... 22c APPLES Jonathan, (hi A [f Rlnj- Pack, bushel... $ 1.U3 Carload on Sale GRAPEFRUIT Texas Seedless for 25c FRESH EGGS, doien 20c FRESH SPINACH, pound SWEET POTATOES, 6 1b« ORANGES, Sweet and Juicy, dozen CARROTS and TURNIPS, Ib Fancy Sugar Cured PICNICS . Fresh Ground Hamburg AND Sausage I-can Cuts PORK ROAST No Water Loin End Cut PORK CHOPS SUGAR, 10-lb. bag 48c RADISHES Green Beans -- Endives' -- Turnips 2 BUNCHES 5c Parsnips -- Cucumbers -- Tomatoes -- Etc. BUTTER . 19c TENDER YOUNG BEEF Choice Yearling ROASTS I LAMB Cut From Choice Corn Fed Beef CHUCK, ARM, RIB, RUMP to ROAST CHOPS Cuts You Can Always Do Better tit the Packing House, Market

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