The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1934 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1934
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 19 1931 Herman Bellman, Kensett, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Sunday following a major operation. Mrs.. Cady Rockwood, Rockwell, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Sunday for treatment. PACKING HOUSE MARKET 122 S. FED. PHONE 101 BETTER .MEATS SPECIALS FOR TUESDAY LARGE FBAJfKS VEAL CHOPS 9ic , 7Clb. 1'oung and Tender Beef Pot ROASTS Jb. 4c Fresh Ground HAMBURGER 3 Ibs, CODE AUTHORITY FOR GROCERS IS AUTHORIZED HERE Active Work to Start As Soon as Blanks Are Received. A commission granting power to set up a code authority in Mason City for food and grocery distributors was received here Monday from Charles H. Jansseri^ chairman of the national code authority at Washington, D. C. The Mason City commission was the sixty-first to be issued, indicating this communuity was among the early ones to be granted a code an- thority. As soon as the necessary blanks are received active work on salting up the grocery trade under the code requirements will get under \vay. The regulations will affect some 105 'Tis easy now to hold a fire, Throughout the night when folks retire, Your troubles and worry are over now, Just Phone 888 and we'll tell you how. · FIRESIDE FUEL COMPANY 1011 SOOTH FEDERAL Sterling Groceries and Meat Markets TUESDAY -- WEDNESDAY -- THURSDAY We Deliver $1.00-Orders WE IlESEKVE THE KIGHT TO LIMIT MEAT DEPARTMENT Decker's Sliced Bacon, 5-lb. box 32c Decker's Pig's Feet, quart jars 29c Decker's Beef Roast, Ib lOc Decker's Beef Boil, Ib 7c Decker's Chili Con Carnc 20c Decker's Short Cuts, II; 15c Sterling Fancy Thuringer, Ib 20c Sterling Smoked Country Sausage, 2 Ibs. 25c Sterling Veal Roast, Ib 12c Sterling Veal Steak, Ib 15c Eggs Strictly Fresh Direct From Farmers Fresh Fish -- Oysters Solid Pack CHEESE DEPARTMENT Over 100 Kinds of Cheese to Choose From FRUIT DEPARTMENT Lettuce, large, solid heads 5c Celery, large, fancy stalks lOc Lemons, large, dozen 20c Grapefruit, large, G for 25c Oranges, good size, 2 dozen 35c Oranges, large, dozen 25c Oranges, extra large, dozen 35c Clear Lake Butter, lb^ ? Crackers, 2-lb. caddy 19c Van Camp's Tomato Soup, can Gc Brown, Sugar, 5 Ibs 25c Bulk Macaroni,- 3 !bs 25c Dean's Milk, tall cans, 4 for 25c Pure Sorghum, small can lOc Van Camp's Pork and Beans, 4 cans.... 25c Navy Beans, fancy, 5 Ibs 25c P. and G. Soap, medium bar, 10 for 25c Magic Washer, large pkg 19c Macaroni or Spaghetti, 5 pkgs 25c Monarch Gelatine, 5 pkgs 25c Monarch Yacht Club Peas, can 15c Thought For the New Deal It is to the interest of every workJngnian, businessman nnd professional man tn this country to help riilso the prices of farm commodities. If the lig boys keep the farm prices down, then they keep the wages down, They tell the \vorldnjrman that living' costs are- down. If you arc- tjolng to Imvo low wages iind low prices on farm products, then tho new deal must bring down tfie fixed charges to meet them. We are convinced after four years of low wages, low prices on farm commodities and high fixed charges that that system will not woru. A lot of people nro thinking: that \vo will hnvo a new form of government, wo don't need a new form of government, we should use the form wo now have--let tho majority rule Instead of tlio minority, Sterling Coal Feed Co. A majority of people use tho Fmnoiis Sterling Coal. LUKE B. STILLER JACK BfcCOLE, Mgr. ANNUAL WASHINGTON DINNER Served by Y. W. A. Baptist Church THURSDAY, FEB. VI, 5:30-7:09 Colonial Costumes -- Music Chase and Sanborn Coffee, Ib. can 25c Monarch Breakfast Coffee, Ib 19c Bliss Coffee, Ib. 25c Folger's Coffee, Ib. can 31c Folger's Coffee, 2-lb. can 59c Pecan Meats, fresh, Ib 40c Black Walnut Meats, fresh, Ib 39c Nut Meats, fresh, 1I. 49c Banner Oats, large pkg 15c Jersey Cream Flour. 49-lb. bag SI.59 Occident Flour, 49-lb. bag §2.09 Gold Medal Flour, 49-!b. bag $2.09 Omar Flour, 49-lb. bag $1.89 Oxydol, giant size pkg 49c Gioss Starch, 4 pkgg 25c Sugar, 100 Ibs. Beet §4.59 Brooms, extra good 39c MR. FARMER:--Urine; us your eggs--cash or trade. USE PARKING PLACE BACK OF STORE units, which Includes both wholesale and retail establishments^ Mason City grocers had already organized themselves in order to ready the minute they received :he authority to proceed. The fol- "owing will make up the code authority: A. E. Kitto, chairman; Shad Mor;an, Lyle Liebendorfer, John Cazanas, Carl Grupp, Raymond Willson and Richard Senneff. Your IncomeTax No. 18. Losses From Casualties and Theft. To be deductible, a loss arising from "fires, storms, shipwrecks, or other casualty" need not be connected with the taxpayer's trade or business. If his home or his automobile is destroyed by fire, or his summer bungalow damaged by flood or storm, he may claim a deduction for the loss suffered. Loss of property by theft or burglary is an allowable deduction, and need not be incurred in trade or business. Hence, the loss occasioned by the theft of jewelry or an automobile used for pleaslure and convenience is deductible. It must be established, however, that the property actually was stolen. Should circumstances attending the loss leave the owner in doubt as to whether' It was stolen or lost, the claim would not be allowed. A loss is 'deductible only in the year in which it is'sustained,'even .though, as in the case of a theft or casualty, H may not be discovered until a later year. Losses compensated for by insurance or otherwise, of course, are not deductible. However, .in the event the amount of insurance is not sufficient to recompense for th logs sustained, the excess of the loss over the amount of the insurance is deductible. Cut Rate Grocery PRICES BELOW GOOD AT BOTH STORES FOR TOES- DAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 50 E. Sfato St.--Phone II2-1IS 508 1st St. S. W.--Phono 114 CREAMERY BUTTER (none better) per Ib, .; Crys. White Soap, 10 bars 25c Sweet Pickles, pint jar .. 15o Oranges, Juicy, 2 dozen.. 25e Peanut Butter, pints .... 15c Peanut Butter, qls 25c English Walnuts', Ib. ... 15c Velvet Tobacco, can .... 12c Dates, 2 Ibs IBe Flour, 5-lb.. sack 24e EGGS, strictly -I r ' fresh and clean, doz. X O C Large Corn Flakes, pkg. 10c. Maple Syrup, bottle .... lOc Egg'Noodles, 1 Ib. sack.. 15c Hoodies, 5 pkgs 25c lOc Atelo, per can. ... I . . . 5c Lima Beans, large can... lOc Gr. or Wax Str. Beans, can lOc Pop Corn that pops, 5 Ibs. 25c Catsup, large bottle, 3 for ZUc Milk, 4 large cans 25o Peanut Brittle, Ib lOc Let Our Store Be Your Store. "Our Never Prices High." Are VEGETABLES Corn, 5 cans 25c Corn, 4 can* 25o Corn, 3 cans 25c Pens, can lOc Peas, 2 for 25c Pens, per cnn Jnc Limn, Beans, 6 cans.... 1 25o £.tnm Benns, large can... lOc Kidney Beans, 2 cans... . ISc Kutahasss, S Ibs U)c Head Lettuce, solid, So, lflc Celery, large stalks, lOc, 15c 25c SANI-fLUSH, can 16c LENTEN SUGGESTIONS Mackerel, Ib. can ... lOc Tuna Fish, per cnn 15c; 2 for Sac Ked Boy Salmon, 1 Ib. can 10f Fresh Boneless Cod Fish, 1 Ib. box 2Sc Full Cream Cheese, ]b. Iflc Macaroni, 3 Ibs. ...... 25c Spaghetti, 3 Ibs 25c Shrimp, 15o; Z for ... 2Sc Mac. or Spag., 5 pUgs. 25o --MEAT-Boiled Hum, Ib Jfle Sliced Bacon, Ib loc Wieners, Ib l-Oo Chickens Dressed to Order Stenks nnd Koasts--All Kinds --FLOUR-Triumph (none better) 49 lh. sack $1.70 Woo'den Shoo Flour, 49-11). suck $1.5!) Pillsbury's, 49-lb. Rack $2.10 Sunbeam, 49-lb. Hack.. SI.8D Whole Wheat, 5 Ids 25c Graham, 5 Ib. sack 25c Graham, 10 Ib. sack .... 45o Buckwheat, 5 tbs 25r Buckwheat, 10 Ibs 45e Pills. Pan. Flour, 4-lb. sk. 21 c EARL BUSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. W. C. E. BUSH 30 East State Street GLOBE-GAZETTE'S DAILY CROSS WORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1--A light, quick stroke 5--A papal crown 10--Compass point 11--SuRlx to indicate fullness IS--Like IS--Faulty or corrupt 17--Suftix used to form nouns of agency 18--A hollow cylinder £0--The surrounding of an array !:--Flanders (abbr.) 23--Female parent 2--Flue particles of wool 25--First name of former Clove- land baseball team manager 27--Printers measure 29--Chinese coin $1--Soils 34--Used for keeping accounts 36--Printer's measure 37--One who disbelieves In God 33--Tantalum (nbbr.) 33--Standing room only (abbr.) 40--Combining Conn meaning air 42--An assessor (Hcb.) 43--A meteor DOWN 2--Chinese coin 3--Without will or choice -1--Cover t h e . I n n e r surface of a roof *--Symbol of Indebtedness {jilj 7--Absorbs or appropriates 8--Musical note 9--A band or ribbon II--Range U--A country (abbr.) 16--Wrath 17--A country (abbr.) 19--Prqffcr !l--A woo Jen. Ira me 26--Eighth day after the nones 28--Observe 30--UnVte*4 32--Not out 33--Covered colonnade 31--Czar 3S---Lieutenant (abbr.) 33--A continent (abbr.) «--A state Aniwer to previoui puzzle SCOUT TROOP AT POPEJOY CHURCH Hampton Group Takes Part in Organization of New Unit. The Methodist church at Popejoy was the scene of the installation of RHEUMATISM GONE; ABLE TO DO HEAVY FARM WORK AGAIN Local Farmer Enjoying Good Health After Being Clear Down, U n a b l e t o G e t Around; "Gly-Cas Wonderful," He Declares-. "I understand now why so many people are talking about and praising this Gly-Caa," said Mr. Philip Pitzenberger, Route No. 1, Swale- dale, Towa, well known local farmer who has lived in this vicinity al his life. "And because of this Gly- /. MR. PHILIP PITZENBEKGER Cos I am today enjoying good health. I had been in a miserable condition with rheumatism. I was clear down for three weeks unable to do any work at all. And regard less of what I tried I could get no better. My feet, hands and knees were the most affected and th pains, constant aching and miser] I endured at times were almost un bearable. But Gly-Cas came to my rescue and today I feel I am entire ly well, able to do a full hard day' heavy farm work and suffer no 11 effects afterwards. I am free that rheumatism and actually like a new man. It is with pleasure tell others about Gly-Cas and I anyone wishes first hand informa tion just call at my home, 5 miles N. W. of Swaledale, southwest o: Mason City." And so it goes--another casi right here in this section, la it anj wonder Gly-Cas has become the most highly praised and endorsee medicine ever Introduced in thl, section--while it was just intro duced here Just a few short week: ago. Gly-Cas Is sold and recommend ed by Michael Drug Co., B South Federal Avc., Mason City, Iowa. DRIVE IS OPENED FOR CIVIC MUSIC 100 Sponsors of Orchestra Sought in Campaign to Last One Week. The Mason City Civic Music association formally opened its campaign Monday for 100 sponsors for the Mason City _ Civic orchestra, which will give its first concert of the season, Monday, Feb. 26, at the high school auditorium at 8:13 p. m. All those who take blocks o£ five tickets for their own use, to give away or resell, will be known as patrons and patronesses of the orchestra. On the opening day of the campaign, the Civic Music association was able to list the 15 members of its board of directors and their respective wives or husbands as the case may be, as the first subscribers. They include the president of the association, W. S. Wilcox and Mrs. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. James B. Biythe, Miss Gertrude Decker, Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Franchere, Mr. and Mrs. VV. Earl Hall, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hathoru, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hynds, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Kunz, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Milligan, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Maudsley, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan MacMillan, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Ray B. Prusla, Dr. and Mrs. B. Raymond Weston. "The Civic orchestra is worthy of support and the individual tickets which are only a dollar each will be worth far more than that in enjoyment to their hearers" stated Mr. Wilcox, Monday. In addition to two full evening concerts by the orchestra, we expect to present two other concerts at least one of which will be by talent out of the city." Extra rehearsals are being held by the orchestra this week to polish up the program to be given Feb. 26, which marks the second season for the local organization. A program of great variety, extending from the symphonies of great masters, which are given by the most renowned orchestras of the country, to musical comedy selections will be presented. RECEIVE CHEESE Shipment of 4,600 Pounds Due Here for Distribution to Needy. Mason City is to get a shipment ment of 4,600 pounds of cheese one of these days. The cheese, sent by the government, is to be distributed among tho needy of the city. The Mason City consignment is part of two carloads of cream cheese, 80,000 one-half pound packages, that have arrived In Iowa for distribution, W. J. Albers, Iowa distributor of the federal surplus relief corporation, said. Albers received word Monday that Iowa had been allocated six carloads of oranges for similar distribution and shipping orders were dispatched immediately. William A. Nielander, federal director of commodity distribution said that similar shipments were probable in April and May. Distribution of 148,000 packages of cheese will be made in Polk county. One carload arrived Monday at Charles Hewitt and Sons, Des Moines, the other going to Pratt-Mallory Co., Sioux City. From these firms the cheese will be shipped to wholesalers over the state for re-distribution as follows: Sioux City, 9.300 packages; Council Bluffs, 6,400; Fort Dodge, 4,700; Mason City," 4,600; MarshalKown, 2,000; Waterloo, 4,200; Cedar Rap- Ids, 8,800; Dubuque, 6,000; Davenport, 5,500; Burlington, 3,800; Kec- kuk, 2,100; Ottumwa, 7,200; Creston, 600; Des Moines, 14,800. The shipment of oranges, which is expected early in March, totals 4.266 bushels. The federal distributor recommended that distribution be made with approximately five pounds for each family on relief rolls. Dr. Rigler to Speak at Medical Society Meeting Here Tuesday Dr. Leo G. nigler, head of the .x-ray department of the University of Minnesota hospital, will speak Tuea« day night at the meeting of the Cerro Gordo county Medical society at the Hotel Hanford at 6:30 o'clock,, His subject' will 'be "Early Diagno« sia of Cancer of the Stomach." ITCHING IRRITATION Even in persistent ca^cs where parts are sore and tender--comfort follows ··^^ the soothing touch of · Resinol A real movie fan is one who will let the famous dog actor bite him to get his autograph.--Kessinger'a Bevlew. daijl When you have a cold do what most of you* 1 neighbors do and get rid of it in a day. A couple of HILL'S COLD TABLETS and a couple of Rlasses of water now and then get right at the seat of.the trouble and bring relief amazingly QUICK. You set rid of colds so much FASTER THIS WAY because HILL'S tablets do the three things necessary to break them. Clean poisons from system. Check fever and ease away ache and pain. Fight off, cold certna that infest you. ALL AT ONCE. And your cold goes in a jiffy. Now don' t gamble with a cotd . Too serious. Get rid of it this PROVEN, FASTER WAY, Results will surprisd you. Ask any druggist for HILL'S CASCAkA QUININE tablet* tn the RED TIN BOX. CASCAf * A Q U I N I N E WOLF'S During These Compare QUALITY as LAST EIGHT DAYS . new troop of Boy Scouts Sunday vening. The new troop has been given the number of 52 and was in- italle.d by troop 5T of Hampton. The members of the troop com- nittee of the new organization are f. A. Hammitt, chairman, W. E. Maltby and A. E. White. The scout- naster is Harold Hotchkiss and "ohn R, Button is the assistant. These men were Installed by W. C. vlaves, chairman of the troop or- janization committee, who also presented the troop charter. Scoutmaster H. D. Baldwin ot :.roop 57, Hampton, was assisted by the following scouts: John Lambert. Jack Wilson, Russell Burman, Jay joodyear, Verald Foughty, Bob Stonebraker, John Brewster, Raymond Faller, Francis Walsh, Ted Bredt, Earl Dovey and Dwight Little, who conducted the installation ceremony for the new scouts of froop 52 who are: Edward Anderson, Robert and Willis Folstadt, John Guiny, Donald Maltby, Frank Sutton, Howard Warman, Clare White, Raymond Anderson and Max White. The scout executive outlined briefly the history of scouting- and explained the connection of the troop with the local council. of our February Furniture Sale TYPICAL FURNITURE SAVINGS Electric Washer COAL RANGE W i M do y o u I washing faster, better and at less cost. Seml-porcolaSn e C A terior in green JU ana Ivory. Ln baking oven. 50 Cotton Mattresses At the Hospitals 45 Ib., l«eply tutted, Toll edge. Choice ot colors. PULL-UP CHAIRS 595 Assorted styles covered In green or tust tapestry- ODD VANITIES ODD DRESSERS Several designs to f\ f\ select from. LRrgc ^ ^ 1 mirrors. $J $J 3 Discount 2G Piece Silverware Set Finished tn laminated walnut. Several Toomy drawers. Discount $8.95 32-P[ece Set of Dishes $4.95 Clark Shove, Mescrvey," was admitted to the Mercy hospital Saturday for treatment. Mrs. William McArthur, Mason City, was admitted to the Park hospital Sunday for treatment. Mrs. W. M. Hauptly, Wesley, was admitted to the Park hospital Saturday for treatment, A son weighing 7 pounds ^ ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bailey, 115 Twenty-first street southwest, Sunday at the Story hospital, Berkley Berges, Osage, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Saturday for treatment. Eleanor Anderson, Minneapolis, was dismissed from the Park hospital Sunday following' treatment of an ankle injury received while dancing-. Lyle Kuhlemeier, Nora Springs, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Sunday following treatment for injuries received in an automobile accident. Mrs. Zada Kornbaum, 816 Virginia avenue northeast, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Saturday following treatment. Charlotte Spilde, Northwood, was admitted to the Park hospital Sunday for treatment. Fred Gaffney, 302 First street southwest, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Saturday following treatment. Karl Fishcher 305 Washington avenue northwest, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Sunday following a mlnoi operation. · Mrs. Dave Ryan, Mason City, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Monday for treatment.' Mlsa Ruth Bliss, 138 Tenth street northwest, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Sunday following a major operation. ROOMS COMPLETE Only E small down pnj-mcn't la required to h o l d thla complete HOME OUTFIT for you £ o r later delivery Come In NOW and see tnla marvelous B r o u p l n c of qiiillty Furniture for tlie New Home. Easy Convenient terms to suit you. $ 269 50 Only $3.50 for n Rid-Jifl Ironing Board BUY ON EASY TERMS Only $10.95 tor a 5 Piece Breakfast Set BED OUTFITS Includes a metal bed, comfortable fiprlnj* and 45 Ib. cotton mattress. STUDIO COUCHES Opens easily Into a Cull size lied. Three matching piJlows, 95 . A TM!! ns ! er ? u i s Ruffled Curtains Good wefght and Quality In a vat- led assortment of p a t t e r n s ^nd colors. 85 Just arrived. And what a beautiful assortment of patterns. Kitchen Cabinets Enameled In green and Ivory. .Every kitchen a h o u I 1 h(we one. COIL SPRINGS 50. Made of dozens ot oil tempered conjcaJ colls to give you complete rest. '95 Smartly Designed 2-Plece MOHAIR SUITE 5* Frame Is kiln-dried *^ nnd Jal-sts are dowled K \ and . screwed. Spring JJ if^t construction through- H ra4 out. Cushions revcrs- ^-»' Ibte [n moquetto. ^^ 2-Pc. JACQUARD SUITE 2-Pc. TAPESTRY SUITE 2-Pc. MOHAIR SUITE.,. 95 $59.50 §63.75 $78.00 An S-Pc. Snlto Unbelievable Value 150 Poster lype bed, ind vanity are trimmed with highly figured overlays. Vanity has triple mirror. Drawer Interiors of oak. 3-Pc. VENETIAN SUITE $00.50 4-Pc. MODEHNE SUITE $89,50 8-Pc Solid Oak--Handsomely Curved 50 invest in thtft Imnrtsumg oak unite am] you Invest In sturdy, lasting beauty for your home. Chairs upholstered in tapestry. 8-Pc. Walnut Suite $ 79.50 8-I"c. Refectory Stiitc... .$119.U MIER WOLF SONS

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