The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 2, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL Xo. 237. Gettysburg; Pa., Timrsdaj, October 2nd- Price Two COAT SWEATERS With Shawl Collars For Men and Women Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to Child rens' Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" LIGHTNING ANO iCONVICT LABOR WELL KNOWN .MEN , RAIN DO DAMAGE! FOR LINCOLN WAY! TAKEN BY DEATH i ; - -· ~ ~ ·'"·""~ I One Adams County Barn Burned An-! First Stretch of Road from Coast to Huntington Township Resident for j other Saved with Difficulty. Bad! Coast will be Built fay Colorado j the Past Seventy Five Years Dies BALL TEAM IN BAD SLUMP LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS = 1 Wash-outs. Roads Flooded in* Some Places. Other Storm Results! Convicts. Many Contributions are Received. compliance with macie at the meeting of in ; Colorado Springs a few his promise governors In weeks ago. = ) The heavy electrical storms which j In = ! nassed over sections of Adams Co ! . r ""' «*«-»'' = Jon Wednesday morning resulted =E i two fires and many washouts. Practic- j Governor Ammons has decided to have = ! allv the entire county had a very ] part of the Lincoln. Highway in Col= I heavy rainfall with some wind. I orado built this year. The route which ~~ '' The barn on the farm of X. C. Deat- j needs immediate improvement is that -- i OtUli!lliltini[li;t!ni.'t!llliiinilli:i!Ui|»lll'i«ll!!lltU»l»iiniliiniiiniiniiUll»'llllllll!ltlUiiHilliil'tt"fs irick, located in Tyrone township and a half miles essc of Aspers. VV T » j T i T7TTMjV? *T* ¥~Y'*~ I ~A~~~*T* Wl"" 1 ^^ anJ a half mi!es ~~ sz °- As ? ers - was l l "S through Sterling and Ft. Morgan, he has since resided, having lived on yV /\ I . I r.l'X. ^5 1 f*l fV/V I §X I"* ;entirelv burned, along with nearly all J Convict labor will-be employed under the farm on which he died for a period one j between Julesburg- and Denver, pass- was! ing through Sterling and Fr_ Morgan. at his Home. Rebuilding of Kouse causes Another Death. HENRY MENGES Henry Menges died at his home in Huntington townshin, on Tuesday morning at 1 o'clock aged 81 years, ~9 Players and Students Campletcly; Correspondents send in Many Items Disheartened by Last Saturday's! Game. Special Efforts Made to Revive Interest. So serious has the foot ball situation at college become during the past few days that it was necessary this morning at the weekly assembly meeting the stu- getting the assistance in months and 24 days. j to make a special appeal to He was born near Spring Grove, and ] dents lor when six years of age, the family moved to Huntington township, where he has since resided, having lived on BRONCHO FEA1TRE KSYSTOXE COMEDY THE TRANSGRESSOR and Cranch feature in 2 K^-Ls A srnrv of a Puritan Vii!a^«-"!if-^.TlieSo'i of : ~~ ' ~ ' j of the machinery, a wagon shed ial! the crops. After the barn and j the direction of Thomas J. Tynan, was ] warden of the Colorado State Peni- by love-. Au,i ih»- r ! struck by lightning, ilr. Deatrick with j tenciary. Many of the best roads in t state have been built by convicts h great success. Competition in the sale of contribn- int^t a. tni-zic Je.ti!j at the hands o: tha j 2n d grain were consumed with the j tors' certificates of the Lincoln High- HIS CROOKED CAREER Thi= is a lanuhiii2rBr.rles.jUt- featuring. Max Sc-nr.t-tt. freI Mace. MVoel X hti'e of the Bio^rapU Co. THE uST.GE.ST BOAT EVER LAUNCHED SIDEWAYS Splendid scenes of a. larg^ bo-it: btln^ Luinchi art- =hov.-n. Show Starts 6'--r-5 AhaL=.=ioa 5c. P H O T O P L A Y j burning structure- The building was: way Association has already develop- j oartly covered by insurance. led among the automobile organizations S A large straw stack close to the I of the country. } barn, on "the farm of Henry Albert. [ In Indianapolis The Hoosier Motor tenanted by his son, John Albert, lo- j Club has taken 400 of the So certificated about a cuarter of a mile from j cares and W. S. Gilbreath. secretary Hampton, was struck by lightning, and j of the club, reports That most of them the straw burned for eight hours be- j have been sold and. turns in "requisi- fore it could be gotten under control.' tions for more. The Hoosier Club, in ViTBGRAPIT KALEM - EDISON AN UN WRITTEN CHAPTER Vitasraph To fc*curfc :i pri^t story a yonnj; jjirl :.retends to love a young fellow. She aicer- wanla loves hsni, bur, lit denounces her A ViCTBi OF DECEIT - KALEM. The social butteriiy, sntirred by jeaiousy. auen'ps to TV-reek" vengeance on the (| an i . . ! The fire was finally ptrt. out four j fact, is adverustng- the certificates in o'clock in the afternoon and the barn jthe Indianapolis daily papers. saved afterjt had been on fire a ber of times, in various places. In Lirtlestown there was heav and a severe electrical storm but Ac Xew Oxford the ra also heaw but there was no dam- Another competitor is the Rochester ;. I Automobile Club of Rochester. X. Y. ivy rain j Secretary Van Tuyle and Director J. j isecretary no j J- Mandary declare that with their . ,, A store ot die-French. Eevolntiin. Ciu^en BoinparJ, lia\ in? laid a trap for age TO amount to anything. In the the !eaih oione of the fleeln» nobiiuy. LJ ensnarr-xl by the charms of the latter's other end of the county, in the neigh" fr-trnihed, who Jeads bioxisto,thtt verv death which" he bad so carefully planned [ ' OOT -}j OO{ i[ o f Fairfield the sto-~i for her lover. With Bompard. gone^iheir tec-ape 1= easy. . ,,,,; _ ,,,__ T - H _ K ' 0 ,-_ SQm ~ , AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles" in SKIS and" over-coats ha? Leaar: now. but tLe man who is not. so heavy there being fall but.decidedly less than parts rural mail was rain- 3000 members and the enthusiasm for the High-Aay already expressed, the sale of several thousand certificates is only a matter of a few weeks time. The recent proclamation of" the ts. - sny of xhe route, accompanied by an appeal to n other i the patriotism of everyone signed by I President Henry B- Joy, has also carriers ' brought a flood of voluntary contribu- found it necessary- to make wide ce-1 tions from all sections of the United iorttmaie enough to be a-ptitron. of "The tours In"covering tSeir "routes dtiring | States and Canada. In--.every city --vie? art ujy-to-the-ininute and v, S.^s.ui.1 ihi;s£TTOar oatiit in a. p ai can only planner be done w r-en you iiave it - made by enthusias- are making efforts to e will {places the roadwav -was so badly v.-ash- s complete the S10.000.000 fund- A con- of 52 years. He was a consistent member of the Lutheran, church in York Springs for many years. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Stephen. Frazier. of Huntington township; two sons, Jacob Menges, of Huntington township, and John Menges, of Detroit, Michigan. The funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock with services at the house and interment, to follow in" Sunnyside cemetery, Rev. Paul Gladfelter and Rev. S. E. Smith, officiating- JOHN H. BARMAN John H. Harman died Wednesday morning at his late home in Taneytown, after an illness of a year, from an affection of the heart He was aged 62 years. He was a son of Samuel and Margaret Harman, late of Carro:! county, where most of his life was spent. He hao_been a farmer and was engaged in "«.he horse and cattle business for years, retiring from active work and moving to Taneytown ten years ago. Mr. Harman was married to Miss Minerva Green, of Baltimore, about 30 years ago. \vho survives, with two children. Mrs. D. W_ Bo-wersox. o£ Hanover, and Mrs. Charlas D. Allebaugh. of Hanover Junction. Three ed oat as -to make traffic weil-righ · slderable amount, it. is believed, \vill impossible. joe reported on the night of Friday. I The storms were severe in York j October 31, when iocai celebrations County. At Porters several bridges !are to be held along the route of the were reported to be washed away. A I Highway from the Atlantic to the Pa- wooden structure between Porters and! c.fic. On September 16th, we will Inaugurate Kraft's Mill -was carried down the · With each certificate the purchaser "~"~~ " i receives a numbered membership card Lincoln High-pray Association Wi;l M. Selligman, Taylor. A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. In the Displar o: Suit iar/ries for autumn, now rea-iy at ihe ^ LIPPY STORE I there is no room for doubt a^ to the correct fsihion or true q;=a»ty. g- Earlv ciioctins is best choosing. g j. D. LIPPY I Tailor. 1 ^HMimi!IHH!IHHinHlliHi»IHIIIIK!I!IUKIIH!»IHHHIHmniIH!niHniHIinKlinnH!HnimiiHlHIHH^ 't = i Student Supplies== \ § "The Approved Kind" | 1 Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" . | 1 Candies, the kind you always ask for. ^. | Its the place to meet your friends, j| § in the sound of the Victrola music. i [creefc-and private bridges leading to | recei the creamery and the blacksmith shop ·. ^ « at Porters, also vi-ere moved. land a beanrifally etched metal em- At Spring Grove a large amour.r of ,blem. suitably engraved, "to be placed com belonging to Clinton R. Moul and j on ^he car of the contributor. Joseph Smith -was -washed down Oil Creek. A roller, belonging- to Clinton " ' · ' ' mile! TJNCLABIED LETTERS Monl, vras carried more than by the currents Much damage ·was also sustained by J. E. Monl, merchant at Iron Ridge, Kis store property was entirely surrounded by water and. he Tras marooned in the building. The cellar of the store -was filled to the rafters -svater. Twenty drowned chickens Mail Await in* jwere taken from The chicken pen. Call at Gettysburg Oface. Post for the following- remains uncalled for at the Gettysburg DOSS office Mr. G. W. D._Bell. A. J. 'Edrards, Miss Lucille Etvarc. Mrs. "William Fitts, Mfss Anna Xaas, Miss Maggie Jess. Mrs. Sarah A. Linebaugh, W. D. 3Iontgomery. Mike Makrin, jlrs. Syl- team out of its present slump. Ever since the crushing defeat at Philadelphia on Saturday the first team has been utterly dispirited, the student body disheartened and other supporters well nigh disgusted. This condition was not made any better by the news of Franklin and Marshall's fine showing on "Wednesday when they held Penn to a score of 13 to 6. Since Saturday's game only one scrimmage has been possible, the scrubs refusing to turn out in "sufficient numbers to allow the first team an opposing eleven. On Wedpesday evening the practice was of the most ragged sort and coaches and spectators found little encouragement in the form displayed. Lack of head work seems to be one of the most glaring defects and Coach Mauthe, after each play, is forced to give a demonstration to show the "bone-head"' work of some member of the squaa. Hoar sustained an injury to his arm in the Penn game which is likely to keep him out of play for several weeks and Buehler is out on account of parental objection. Several other players are laid up with minor injuries and the whole outfit is nearly demoralized. At the assembly exercise this morning an appeal ~was made to get more men out for practice "but the student body seems convinced that the material is not here to be developed and the most optimistic fail to see any hope of defeating the usual rivals lat- of Interesting Mews from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. brothers. Samuel Harman, of Union er in the season.' Albright plays here Bridge; "William Barman and Edward Saturday. They -were beaten by Lehigh Harman, of Taneytown: three sisters, last week 64 to 0. Should Gettysburg Mrs. Wesley Ivliller, Mrs. "William My- [ fail to win this game it is difficult to ers and Mrs. Theodore Feeser. =»H o- i prophesy vhat may happen among the Taneytown, also survive. There are three grandchildren. DIED SUDDENLY Marshall H. Michael, of near Emmitsburg, a well-known farmer, was found in a helpless condition in front of his barn Tuesday evening. He died several hours later. Several months ago the home of Mr. Michael was burned, and it is thought the strain of rebuilding contributed to his death. He was 62 years old- He leaves his widow and nine children. FAKE STORY via Xnll, Mrs. C A. Spangler, 3Ir. G. A. Steward Rev. J. T. Smith. Mr. Rob:C_ Henrv D. Tanner. Mr. J. iMany others -were washed away. The j main, track of the Northern Central j Railway ar Spring- Grove ~as covered j rt -p j with more xhan "cwo feet of water. The 7 UMch j road bed of the railroad at Iron Ridge "' Person ; ^ for sanle ^55 piease I station was washed oat from one to i st£te tha . j. , TOS adverdsed . i three feet deep for more than 200 feet. | DRUIDS ENTERTAIN I Local Fraternity Entertained Guests j in its Home Wednesday. People's and Huber's Drug Stores, Braids entertained these guests = ! in their home on Xorth Washington = I street Wednesday evening, Miss Edith E } Watson. Miss Mary Watson. Miss = ] Stella Raifensperger. Miss Laura Saff- 3IAXY DEER But Bucks are Said to Scarce- be Rather Hagerstown Paper's Story about Lauran Sowers Said to be Incorrect. The Hagerstovm Mail which pub- jlished the story concerning the hazing of Lauran Sowers, reprinted in yesterday's Times, vrss either the victim of some practical joker or else deliberately faked the story. Mr. Sowers states that he "was never taken out for ''molasses treatment'' and that the only tvay such an impression couid have been started was through his showing -some hazing pictures, in which he did not figure, during a recent visit home. gridiron adherents. MANY ACCIDENTS Xumerous Misfortunes Befall Adams County Residents. Frequent reports have it that deer are plentiful this season in the South Mountain. Every week they can be seen in the nelds plucking- at the grass aisd in some instances eating the corn blades- Xot many bucks, however, are seen--does and fawr.s being the most in evidence- Fruit BUYS FARM Grower Buys Another Farm Xear Latiin ore- IS RECOVERING sensperger, Miss "Virginia Beard. Miss Hester Blocher. Miss Marlon Blocher, ; Miss Ruth Bream, Miss Irene Bur- Save Money-Thafs what You Do, When you get * | ford, Miss Rath Meals, Miss Goidie ._ T-r ·* ',· " · ~i TT j j. r * " -j.!, ,,_,,. , TT , iWidder, Miss Sarah Mumper, Miss Dr, Hudson on tlio job. He don't farm you with any un- p- che} G^^-H. Mr - w \ Cran |,_ _ T _ --. - jKacneiu.vinvine.-urs. «. A. uran- ! 3j lss Houck Recovenn » ecessary trips at your expense. - I hats not his reputation, hrnie and Mrs. J. Allen ' Any phone. . CaHDr. Jiudsoru, the leading Veterinarian. ^ere the patronesses. vsff o.»r c y.rc .·*·- " .n7t'Oi«r f,=c quart, r l or pint, WHIPPED ICE ^ secrcE process. from of Alcohol Poison. Effects Miss Margaret of Bisrler- Henry C- Sheaffer, has purchased the Abraham Weierle farm near Latimore. containing 60 acres of good land. About 40 acres of this land is now planted in fine young fruit. Consideration 54,000. Mr. Sheafrer will remain on his farm at CofFeytown for the coming year, but in the future expects to move to his newly purchased farm. Susan, 3 year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. "William Lawver, of Bermudian, one morning recently fell out of bed and broke one of her arms. Charles, eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lefevre, residing on the Jacobs farm close to East Berlin, had the misfortune to fall from an apple tree a few days ago, and break his left arm between the wrist and elbow. Dr. Elgin adjusted the break- William Yantis, of Hanover, who ·was seriously injured 11 weeks ago near Abbottstown, when his motor- cvcle collided with an automobile, is slowly improving and is now able to sit up. Master Paul Feeser, youngest son of Mrs. Lydia Feeser, of Lfttlestown, while ascending the stone steps at the school building, fell and fractured two bones close to the Tsris't on his left arm. Bernard ilcCaoe, who was stalsbed during a fight at Hoke's quarries on Sunday, is reported to be greatly improved. Clarence Myers, who was injured in a bicycle accident several days ago in Xew Oxford, Ss reported to be improved. Maurice, the young son of Mr. and NEW OXFOHD New Oxford--Dr. J. !_ Sheets is on a week's vacation among friends at- Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Heading. His son, Dr. John W. Sheets, has charge of his practice during his ab- 1 sence. John W. Spangler and wife/of Harney; Mrs. J. E. Harner, Mrs. William H. Collins, and Guy Sherman, of Two Taverns; Misses Mary Bittinger and Anna Xerr, of Hanover, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Geesey, on. Sunday. George Osbom and family, of Westminster, autoed to this place on " Sunday and visited Mrs. Osbome's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Schnell. Mrs. Schnell accompanied them to Westminster, where she will spend some time- Stanley Miller, of Millersburg, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Miller. Cashier James W. Bamitz and Mis* Xita Cashman, spent Sunday with the former's daughter, who is receiving treatment at a sanitarium at Charmian. Mrs. Edward BLxler, two children, and Mrs. Ervin Bubb, of Steelton, were recent guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jl A. Foose, at Cedar Ridge. Mrs. J. J. Garretty. of Wichita, Kansas, and Mrs. S- P. Bair spent some time at the same place. Mrs. H. C. Slaybatgh and daughter, Helen, and Mrs. 'J. A. Foose, of Cedar Ridge, spent a few days~with the lat- ters sister, Mrs. N.~, R. JBailey, "and family at Dillsburg. The trip was made in Mr. Slaybaugb-'s auto. W. F^Sheely. who has been, confined to his home the past ·week.-threatened with pneumonia, is again able to be. up and about. . r Mrs. T- J.-Herman, residing along the State road a't the edge of town is the owner of an "Irish Chain" -quilt, made by Sophia Minter, and bears tne date of 1853. She also has a quilt made by herself some years ago that contains 6241 pieces. The inaugural recital on the pipe organ recently installed in the new St. Paul's Reformed church at New Oxford, was given Tuesday evening by Dr. John M'E. Ward, organist of "St. Mark's Lutheran church, Philadelphia. The edifice -was filled -with members and friends of the congregation, all of whom \vere impressed ·with the tone and quality of 'the organ. SEVEN STARS Seven Stars--Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Shank and daughter spent Sunday in Gettysburg. Mrs. John Shultz, of Cashtown, spent Sunday -with Mrs. Mary Little. Mrs. Shefrer, of Rouserville, is spending some time -with Mrs. Mary Little, of this place. Rev. S- L. Rice, of Marysville, is spending some time with his family here at his summer home. Mrs. Harry Bucher was taken suddenly ill Monday evening while she was doing her work about the hotsse. Dr. Woomer, of Cashtown, -was snm- ·noned. She is reported as improving somewhat. Thomas Newman spent Wednesday in Hanover attending the funeral of his uncle. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Settle took Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eebert a ride in Mr. Settle's auto on Sunday. Mrs. Homer Eckert, of Hanover, is niace. FINISH-BUYINGTM :Sotb:ns__Sncr than tliis ; .formula by a can '·'VANILLA/ CHOCOLATE. "PEACH. ,. ; -=j and" 10c a plate. Sodas and Sunifoes made with tare i « "-"" Tee Cream 5c. · " --· K · ·"' ' s GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN j ville, the yoar.g lady who tookia quan- j titv of wood alcohol on Tuesday, is -] Rice Produce Company__ Finishes its i still quite ill but is now on the road to Apple Buying. recovery. f The Rice Produce Company has fin- X EW dress goods Fall designs, ex- jished its purchase of apples for this| clus j ve St5 -l e s^and dress patterns. RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT e form o £ 70 acre? in Hiahland Towu?Iiip for Mary J. Rows j year. They have bought 40,000 barrels " or 250 carloads. Clinton C. Bream of Hamilton Township. Poses^ion April Iss 1914. NOTHING like a pair of soft wool- ^rr FOR SALE - 103 acres in Franklin Township, Smiles from Cash town and \ blankets these coo , nightSj At our * 3 miles from Orranr.a an.l canning factory, CA) acres cultivate 1, -5 acres running water, good bank barn, 6 room frame hou^e, other bniUlinxs. 10J bearing apple trees, 300 young apples tree? 2 years oM. land limed an 1 'I'sO rod- of. new wire fence, thh is excellent fruit land, prre $:]030. 70 acres in Tlnntmjrton Township, G acre? {rood oak timter, nmning water, good fences, level land and good quality, 7 room frame house, well at house, bcn'c barn, hot; pen /chicken house,' other buildings, all "buildings painted this spring, S p ec 5 a i discount blanket sale, you will find extra quality. For four days only. Dougherty and Hartley.--udvertise- men't 1 price WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company. -- advertise- RUNK PECKMAX, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pa. ment Newest shades and ivateriais- Dough- ertv and Hartlev.--advertisement 1 END OF PICNICS Mrs. Frank Wagaman, of near Ab- spending some time with her parents bottstown, who fell from a tree while' gathering shellbarks and suffered a number of serious injuries, is getting along as nicely as the nature of his injuries will permit. Picnic Ground Near Abbottstown to be Cut Down. A. H. Rodgers, of Paradise town- SEE advertisement of three farms on another page.--advertisement 1 ship, has purchased the Pine Run picnic grounds, containing about five acres of woodland, in Hamilton town. - ! ship, near Abbottstown, from Paul lrU1 Woltf, on private terras. Mr. Rodgers A week in the Eastern markets has given us the advantage of newest and best dress materials. Ladies' and Misses' coaVs and sweaters to be had at popular prices. Dougherty and Hartley.--advertisement 1 will start cutting down the timber at an early day. i WHITE HALL White Hall--Those speeding Sunday at the home of Mrs. Susan Roser and family were: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Steich and daughter, of near Hanover; Mr. and Mrs. Myers and chndrerj7~6f near Silver Run; Mr. and Mrs. Fra'nk Feeser, of near Hanover, and Mr. end Mrs. Milton Rifne, of Litt^estowr.. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Snyder, of Two federate avenue in honor of Miss Mary ! Taverns, spent Sunday at the home of Wierman. of York. Those present!the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrswere: Misses Mary Wierman, Maude Melchoir Slinghotf. PARTY Party Gi^en for Miss Mary Wierman on Tuesday Evening. ! Miss Hester Blocher entertained Tuesday evening at her home or. Con- OIL cans given away. We will give away, while they last, one 15 cent oil can with every cash sale of $1.00 or over. Adams County Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 Bream, Hester Blocher, Marion Blocher, Sarah Reen, Margaret Bream, Maude Whitelea'ther, Ethel Culp, Minerva Ta'ighinbaugh, Mr. W. R. Wierman, of York; Messrs. E. T. Folk, J. S. Houser, C- P. Cessna, R. E. Gams, C. W. Baker, A. T. Sutcliffe. G. M. Appier. TAKE advantage of special discount blanket sale this week and save money. Dougherty and Hartley.--ad| vertisement 1 Frank Bream and wife, of near Gettysburg-, spent Sunday wi*h J. S. Sheely and family. Mrs. Adam Smith, of near here, Is spending a few weeks in Baltimore. E. C. Fitz, who spent Saturday and Sunday with friends of this place, returned to his home at Mont Alto on Monday. William Weikert and wife and Maurice Parr and wife made a trip to Waynesboro Tuesday in Mr. Weikert's automobile.

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