The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 1, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG Published Dailv Except Sunday Times and .News Publishing Company W. LAVERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. ID SULZER DEALS .HESAYS Medical Advertising iiUS ^ls5%t"SaoijSSSS5^! Broker Tesfifiss Changes Were, ----=============== = '' jiaijB Before iQaiiguratloa DUNCAN W. FECK. Pills at bedtime--just i . { · J vne 01 ^iusrs JTULS at ceamrse--ji»i i His Testimony a Blow to Sulzer, j I o=e _ Acts ca the liver. Gently laxative. vegetable. for 6O year*. KATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. mattcr * TO AID WlFEj Congress ilareh o. ^g_*j^. Who V/ill Try to Disprove 3BELL PHOXB O2e**!m Northwest corner o: UNITED PHONE | i if Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, j Declares Governor Tc!d Him 'it V/ss. to Aid Her That Ke Borrowed From { Stock Exchsnse Firm. i Albany, -C. Y-, O;t. 1.--The books of · t!ie stock, exchange firm ci Harris \ Fclier, v.-iom Governor S^Izcr dealt | v.-ith for tliree iears, were changed j two cays beiore r is l^aaguratioa, so | tba: it appeared that instead or his j accoiirit being a spetdauve crte, the . H7Si had liiereiy -oaneu the governor j r-icuc-v, aceorsIiEg to evidence cdt «r -r : r;' ; ^s^5s% - ^ ^rsii ss^sscs'.wsas ;^-^ ; , ;5t^f^| I ~ N " ' " V ^" ·· * -v ··*· ^ ^_ I Glass Service Set? Always useful and partieukir- i »y appropriate for gift purposes. § vou need to do is to COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Oct. 2--Annual Meeting: Civic Nursa Association. Court House. · Oct. 4-Foot BalL Albright College p 2ragra phs of MeWS TeJIuiD Of the Xixon Field. : - - _ , . , . Oct. 6--Opening engagement, \Vills HappCnifigS IH 21M 3BOUt lOWP Musical Comedy Co. Walter's'' - Theatre. j Oct. 11--Annual Topton Orphans' j School excursion. - : od meeting. St. Jaines church PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS PeeplejYJsittng Here and Those Sojourning" Elsewhere. | Oct. 17--Concert. Mozart Company.! | Brca Chapel. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's second Farmers' Day. xvier ; ^ , - ^iss ilaVv to.York after ! v , ith v- , riends , GENERA!- OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Virginia Miller returned t o « \ Jenkintov.-n to-day to resume her 1 studies ~ the Beechv.-ood School. I Harvey Oyler and family have re| turned to iliSiin after a vreek's visit with relatives here. j ilr. and Mrs. J. Harry Stine, of Ba!- · thnore street, are spending the day in TO OUR HEADERS ey :rom ti carnegie _u_^-j .ay, ot XCVY Yoric, an-1 i; was 10 a*ti ] ~ -- s« hr-- n^a»c:a : diSlcaltics tiat ! £ _.-. -- * j f- _^.or.j- iledical Advertising 1TCHIXG HU3IOKS. I Tlit-re Is Nov.- a Way to Escape Ihese . Skia Torments. i Bacber, of Yor=: street, are spending 1 · Babbitts Best Soap. V.'h.en -you have 50 trade- ke them to ir Grocer or th.e next nearest one. SJ art .to save now. Offer :s for i i senses that \ve claim. | York. '" ! Ths -tch-r-g: is stopped hi a fe^- mo- j Edv.-srd A. V.'eaver Esq. -.vas a basi- «i ISere la 01 tie {lifiis JOB l MEvf EAGLE HOTEL- Capacity ^0 Ec-osas -sith bath en snft» FT-m MeConotny, Prop's. voc vrant s. -weekly paper get " THE ADAMS COUNTY 2CEWS j ; jlcre Iocs! reading matter than '. any other paper pnblisaed. Price Sl.OO per year. £4.-jyiiJ, or t»e ciel-it balance against j Attorne ... 3 for v.-;;;t :n S-; »r ars tLc ticeouir. on. previous sioeli trans-j n . n g 10 j, r s r . s cut j.^i^.o-ir IK t!*e as- . . sise your i i t!e's DruEr Store. Gettysburg, Pa. | j"" P. 3. V/e guarantee Vinol "£0 pcrify j niensber of the faculty of Ursinus | j and enrich the blood j ; e;?e for sev eral years. He is alsc v.-as a Col;o one of the lecturers hi the course ac Get- b Specials for this '.veek. 5 Double sheets tangle foot ily Daper for 5c- j 3-5c packages safety matches for { lOc. " | Trimmer's 5 and 10. j · - PEODUGE COMPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid ior s-U --FARM PBODUCE-- CHAS. 3. M -- Fire Proof Storag "Warehouse for Ftzmitara and ! | Ko-asehold Good* stored any length of tims. W. H. TIPTGN --Photographer-- Gettysburg jEd'er Times OiSce, Gettysburg:, i WILHAM ~E, ZIEGLEIt Expert Electrical vrork. 'i [ Repairs and supplies, j 1 12 Carlisle St. j j Phone S4 Y. ,i ! overnor- --or more margJi those lie hat; bought, uBd c.t ·- had borrowe-J. nioney on vrhereas. It has pleased Almighty ~ S death our beloved Orotner leasv'and plaesant to use. Just pour a|*ath our oeiovea ana co- ; few droos in the inhaler and breathe it | -worker in our buncay school, Jonn v\. i in humble sabnilssion to the will of canbcard. chest, kitchen table, leaf':ter s. chee-rt for §5000, given by lor- | . -less In ^Montevideo. u~agua;-". accoro. mer Governor A. z.. Spriggs. o: ESPASS1KG All persons are --arr.ed not to trespass en the premises of the undersigned %vith dog. gur. or trap for the purpose cf taking game in any nor forSshir-g.or In any vray ir.jcrir.g or destroying propeitj-. All pel-sons -.-io- la'dnff the lairs of the coniiponvrealth r-ith regard to trespassing on lands of the Tindersigner vvfi! be deck vrlth tincer the prov-Is-ons of the Act of April 14. 1995. _ Tuiilam Allison. Sam". TTalters fsrm. Harr.iltonban tovrrship. Joar. D. Siley. E. 12. Gettysburg. Pa. Cumberland ToTrnship. . . Mrsr-J.-E. H-gnes. Cu--bsriana ToTmship. D. B. "vTiner-^an. Cur..erlr.«.:d Tov.-nsh:r. I"raul-t Zslunitier. S. 1. Gettysburg, - a. C. j. Deardorfi, Pa. _ Charles Wasanar. s'Dr. IV. H. O'Neal Farni) Hamiltonban F. L. Kime. Butler Tc-.Tship. Biglerviiie. Pa. C. B. Shar.!-:. Srra^an ToT.-r.shit). H. 7, Gettysburg. Pa. J." H. Huhn "(J.' F. Kuhn Fami') S. 2. Gc'ctysb-rg. Pa. 3Ir. -Joy Tv.-p. tana, bad been paid into tne account. .. table, recking chair, half dozen kitchen [ ST.O statement made by tae ycutn a chairs, irrid-ig- desk. lounge. Eight | icther before United States Connus- PUBLIC SALS . OF LUMBER AND WOOD death tKe 'school has lost a rdernber Vho was an. i honored and .faithful leader, ever \ ready to do his duty and one v.-hose ·well 'to f ol- ·\Vbat Governor Spr:ggs sajs is agree- vas called by Attorney v.".:;:aiu i-eser Fr.iler said the Snrigss message related to closing the account antl that tlx« ouzccnie of the conference v.-as thr.c lieutenant Comma; itj-Diiiha'. ot the r-r-rona! ia^ a n d a g . c-eedi-gs stance !»y" the fiour cora?ar..T ana c-hers to recover at least a part cf the money s;oien by the boy c-asa-1 Icr. «-ao for s::: months before his dis- a mil; Jacob ~ron:meyer. Geo-e E ban Tovi.-- ship. rg. Pa. Butler Township. Geo-ge E. K. 6. 'jettysnn Georgs C. Shei-ler. Strabar. ilrs.'l.Iar-.- -J. v,"e:ke:t. 7.. 2. Gettysburg-. Cumbsrland To-svr.ship. J. H. Ke:-:. Box CO. Ii- 2. Biglcrvire. 7-Irs. Xatll-da L. Coder:. Cui--.r-er!«r.d ^ J. L~ loo-. Strauar. Is. J 5e::e. S. 12. Ce:t;.-?:.^r£r. 7^.. Cunfr.r^ar.d Tov-T-sr/.p. Leo rrcrr.r/.iyer, Mr. i-":er.;^' t Tovrnsrip. Xresel prcfir.cecl the order. Fuller said he sa~ it until it v.-as r,ro- duced betore tie Fravvley investigatins ·jotnailttea and couMn't say v.'hether It ".vas the same novv as at tae time ;t was pre=eatec. It was dated July 1-i, li'l-, and read: "Please deliver_to J. j M. Jcsephthai the securities held as oliatera: fcr my loan on rayment cf ^es.t balance cr.e thereon." It was s:S2-:c "*.Vr.i. Sulzer. for Mrs. S-alzer." "Did Mrs Sif-zer ever have anything to CD v-ith tnis acconnt?" "Xo." "DIsi slie at an--" titce ever call at .. aur c-SceC" "Ko." "Die ycr.r firru ever have any com- '.l she i ·=~^'^'^/~l^H~ · | | ^ I | V A I * - £. c. ^ jT.±£ E5 /^i ^ T" s S^s i 1 T'prs: \" TTT'p'v-T'vr 1 rsP-f, *^ ili?^-v 1 x/ v fVj.iii.vl7 ~J-~ i \JiJ^s~^ -* i Fr.:r- :~y School House for the benefit "* ^^-,-cr^."^ i Evervbodv Welcome. o: I I i 3! I -.-.-hea fcrcecl t= t-ssnfy against aer ooy. Sbe said trat last Sttada;- morsing sae received a niessase from Montevideo asltias for £-'-' - ^e raotier --as for the money to help isr boy, ;.;.- %; s fathor. she said, refused to! .gra^e keen.y and is not Inclined to be j other ·ell of - ! wa Sale to begin at 12 o'clock 3i. trnen t«nr:S Trill be mace kr.oivn by ilRS. EEBECCA YOUXG Ira. ?. .lavlor. Atzcdoneer. 1. '-j dr.y? rrcc:: ^-n all sp-r.s of 55 n"d ; published in at least two county pa- r .~^~~ bc " :g £ ' YtfS " lTiUi ai?r ° Vc: '"bers.. that they be ptfc upon the min'" u -" j j_ TAW^fEY. |t:tes of the Sanday School, ai-d a copy J. 31. Cal.iweli. Asct. P. A. 31'Iler, Clerk. PUBLIC SALE OF CREAGEE'S 3HLL. NOTICE Letters of Administration on the Es 1 rate of Alexander Taylor. 3ate of Men- of tnem be given to the bereaved fam- .IOHX W. BLACK. HOWASD S. SCHWARTZ. GERTRUDE KEEFAUVER. Conunittee- atlvertisernent c-. er r--y 23~ mony .o ;-o:;r f.rzi :r. coun.ecr:on ~Itt this e.c- -oant?" "XV Kros-I arc;:s«it out tbat -Tofephtha" 7a ; C $23.7". r « to ia"-:e up the account, ·.ni Oat 'he aer rasalt of the traasac- r;;"-.r; ?a:d on tie dsy at :ar ..« « £ = s :"3roe^-£ec to appear be- :c:e t_ie Frav.-'.ey coraraittee the §ov-, . . . - -_rL"-r sc~- -"r him end that he sa%v ] ' - f ? r o TM , "·In" at t""e s'.-^^'i'."- r^ar.?:ii. .r u.t.:.-.r. I .-','.! I.:ai I Lad be*--- sub ! Senator Is 33ttD.- Trsn H;s PhyeJciarss Exocctsd. 7ahan ; . r-.Ir.ji-, Oct. 1---A cenuort- -^VSJ-J-V VJ_ ^£ll^ · 1.1.^i^i ^?i^;,_i^%. i^.^.^.-...^. 5 . » C H *' ~ r 13 ''CCcJV*--' Public Sals, the , To%vi;shiT5.-all persons iadeDtea to said --.,-... Real Sstate. viz: , Estate are requested to make _imme- or iork Cnan:::oi3 Shoes f 3F LArD i'n Sira-. diate payment, and those havir.^ j - --n -, r , At HAMMER'S St-jre "or Men. Also j\o. I. _-i JLK--i.^i U£ JLJu.\JLin ^tra-.Giate payment, and those caving j ^ ~- JQ^,. ?r(T Ca | f g k ; n s} loo?i ban to^r.ship...Adams County, lying ; claims Trill present znem ;or sesue- | gocf , ^.^^ ^^ for the Farroer s ^-^^ Orph County, wOl sell at Pu fc-Ilov^se described R X X ' FRUIT FARMS FOF of th« 5 :o:.O\VS : :^^ C.cres \v:t 1 - cu^.ie^ ^e.'C'ia the "rav.loy cosirrittee ! .3u that I :elt t'.at an ci.^at cf our | ; :T.cs v. as ef":'" d to all the protection h" lav.- cor.'.d s.vv hir... I added that I vro^Ii Iia-. j a cc.ns"l;at!'n -sita ray ^ttcrnoy. an': it I-e acvi^ed me not to tcstJ:y or roponr vria my books, ^ j t , 7 ^ J V " - I 'T".-c g^-.c-nor sail to ras that Mr j "'"" = ] "2r3 ; .al". v, sj= r.o'. tl.ere. Tae governor j 1 --a". Marsiall's cp^cicr. v.-as triat tcey aot forte rse to r~o-"ce my in iyrone Township. adjoin;rg ' 7.". 1UIS. The cominissor.ers w t e n = narra ._ ... It vas nt- no--,r.ic :,.----..-" "r'te tia: Pres- --..--,-· -.*.. -.c.-",:cr.t X s -^". r.ot ieave ler-cth c: t:mc. irustce. Order of Countv Comraissioners. |' Ear.'c G--.C'-ZIS Arrested. nr.e. x .- Oct. i. -- T* I are other sweepers 1 that have permanent brush attachment but there is no knorv cf beside that has a . , _ - . . miles iroil'i B:qlerv:..c, * i-W-s^.'^rWvi," " I r«r's? S".ie iad a loan ivith the Carne-i r.c Tri:st cornr a ~y. vrhich was very 2000 trees; 70 acres v.-.t.i :ror.i 2000 to 3002 trees: 3; acres v.-ith 1000 trees. C ^-u ,, · · tin O,. Oi IC'jCo.lO.rC. C, G. Shank Brothers, or E. D. Heiges, Bigierville National Bank. 1 ^ © ' annoying, and that's why I borrowed ; ihi money from you.' I said that notii- ;;: \vomcr. K;KS Herself. iitor., ^. Cct- 1--- IH -a Sweeper ination \vith tne vaci'.u:n cleaner. This is a , {feature that every" housewife n looking for. She has a , more, "z.i;oir.!,;c.: to km her husband h nS f S ted that she have so-r.e- :n£r hke that couid be shovra on my mile from Gettysburg, perience unneeesFary pattern instructions: Ncedlccraft 4 2, jrood fr-nces. Address H. A, Schult,. j Depaitmenl Store M'ofm;i Tr ;irK-f-rti5f.Ji-if ni. I Route 12. ' v»^i.i_, ^ o {- ABORN P E R A I) COMPANY I! JX A GSAXD DOUBLE BILL i feiiena inontJ iGdnd I! "Hansel aod firete IN ENGLISH || PRICES. 50. 7-5, 1.00. 1-50, 2.00. j i Mail Orders accompanied by remittan- jjces -ft ill be filled Now. f J Scats on sale at 1 SMITH JENKINS Drr.£j Store "Wednesday Oct. 1 '.» A. M. Altoona, Pa. -- advertisement KWSPAPLR

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