The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 1, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1913
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

TARIFF ILL SOOTH MAYLflS'E BASE BALL_SCORES | Following Iz the Rssuit of Gvnea . Piayed Yesterday. j A M E R I C A N LEAGUE. i At "Washington -- Y.'ashJnston, 3; Athletics, 'i. L'atteiie?--Ayer,"Hea. v y; zi. Cle bsL v York--Beaten, 2; Xev.- Yoik, Seiliini Ail Cut GofioaConifniiies Osdtos ifee fee. Tss is Mcpiei ! TfessWeysiQEfisaiipssiL i LAW of V-'. L. PC. 1 - the CU,bs- Vt'_ Z-. PC. iUuili . £;.^; |A ~x ^; v.-]'^»-^ '£ fZ. ^:j: oil X.York. 5 Ur.desv.-ood Lauds the Measure and Four CeSesatcs Declares Democrats Have Kept PJea'c* to People. singcon, Oct. 1---The Each State and Thoss From Districts Ap; Brooklyn, i- ccnic^ed According to Vote. - ~-i-"'~ NATIONAL LEAGUS. A: P-2i:2s!p;:-h;a -- Phl-u^p'-ifa. 10; RUFFLES AND FRILLS. A-PLENTY WITH JUST A TOUCH OF FUR Th~e only hint of v.-!=ter In the .See anc SOUHC ma;.- be of the- net; tbs today, unless it be 2. tailored street : body of the frock :n a soft p:nk taffeco. frodr. is the str.'p of fur that trims it- · In its Ion?-. sienSer lines this ir^ss sug-- ilost of the dress;.- frocis are fashion- sests a Bireetoire cesign, anc a decided o'f materials so sheer that, they could ;ed!y quaint effect- is given by the easiiv be dra\vn throcsh a bracelet ~ straps or "suspenders" over the shou!- -A-ere it not for the "hoop" at the bot-: cers. For size SC this model requires tom'of the tuclc. - |5» yards of 36 inch material. It may "seem "a. trISe mcoasruo-us to | Charmeuse veiled in chiffon, ct. 1.--Co--preseusive · -^j--,,· Tee senate :s es cr.d :io: 'oe chosen oa iL _ ',/u.s:s o: pt»p-1 « of lie report and 102 Crisp ht Corn, roiled thin cs paper, and tG^sied to a golden brown. are veil . v ii the eifect is smart and : same lace as the nounces. One o* taose Certainly a. ripp!:=^ Sine o'f fur: effective frilled sircHes and a ven-ure- a transparent: tunic gives a J some sash, caught v.-Kh. a bov.- back fui touch to a sown. - ; aed front and falling nearly TO tha of net on tie softest, most' hem on each, side, are cistingulshins supple of taffetas Is the charming- com- I features. binatlon seen in many of the dancing-' To copy this model is size IS it redresses. A suitable r-.odel for such ma- , quires S~ yards of "35 inch material, terials is seen, in T37i. The ucderood- {Each pattern is 15 cents. \ To. obtain-either pattern illustrated 511 i «ut this coupon and inclose 15 cents la * stamps or coin. Be sure to state cumber j of pattern and size. Treasuries over tfi ii fcHest. part of the bust :or !j Afldrsss Patters Drparc I Formal Display of New Autumn MILLINERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY October Srd and 4th. M. Belle Seiss BIglervffle, Pa. Extends to you a very cordial Invitation to attend. is i 1 f" '/ V V ^ ^ y Y " *T t ^^3--^'-^-^--,-^ -^^^^^ 4, v -.- v Don't: miss the big TT : I7~O I T*¥1 7 A I rLollVAL SATURDAY Evening October Church, Highland Tovv-nship. Everybody welcome ^l^-~'^ ~^~£i -- ^= ~*^ A -- '*.-- '^.*-^£- A-^'A'^ i^'S " ft^ ' · '* ^*~ *' ~^,' *°^~~^/* ^-^^"~^v "* --^^ ~3 1 H ^i 4th at Stone ;| ;| j,J J -t -j-^-^i- -- ·*-- -^ -- ·-'·« Most "Farmers Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land or to any others v. T ho have due regard for their property, but all farmers do object to the hunter \vho tramples dcwn grain, tears down fences and does dam*- age. The surest way to protect yourself is to placard your property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each,' 6 for 250; muslin signs ice each, 3 for 250 And in order to keep undesirable hunters from coming out to your land and possibly disregard such signs, the bast thing you could do would be to place your name in our trespass list. Fifty cents for the entire season. The Gettysburg Times ta-^' b~ ! !l in the last tcree-cuarters cf! " nc-r cent or less of iLc- toial; tv.-oj £es s:ca by disc-hargins a ',i::e ^:. i a century," said Underwood. "The bill j delegates vrhcre it is iron- 4» per cent; ,,.,., sevcre ! y jujurvd hlniseU and four * as it is , . nov.- before the house is l3v.-er!:o *) per cent, ^ci three- Delegates ] Gthers 6't "This tarifi bill, -'th its 20 per cent Tie number of delegates s|oa ;,, the re average, is almost as "mous "\\'alker lariit ties v^ as tae ia- ccavention v.-as l'"s'J2. snc under t h s j »; e .- S aack v.-as "exye-Iacl" because h^ j ^.y £U ,, fc.^ »-j\i; -»-- -- · j _ «-i_- -^«i»-- fc. ·- ·-- -- _ - . - _ . , , - _ - , \vhica -ad lew du-j r.ow r-i-a the total would be I-J44. so, was , ::iru :y vi e desa-.tea. but scon r-_-- I ie= on liquor and tobacco. This biilSJtcat the pronortion of Harriers to| r:rned ^.=-2 a yj-naicite csp in }ia~ces many of the necessities of Ilfej southern delegates v/o:ud be sa--e.y; b a n l ind r .. o Stc:ie3 =·! - hc o -:, er . ^ the free list, or gives tLerri very ·c-.v rates cf tarifi." tes icreasec;. t Placing tie - csy on on stono, ho : Tv,-o otbcr plans vrhfc-h v.-ii! be sub-j ·,,,..·. ; , , j--. OTr v\-t:i '.he other, and an ! T ft . ! S t lorern ia zas present blii, ne said tbe existing Pavne-AIdricii law had an av- cratic administration, had aa average I i " FIVE MEXICAN STATES SECED? " i l M " WQ9DHlli~r Si RIPKEN ls c - c - 2 0-jran=o. Ccshuiia. Sinaioa and · Fr=, r e3s-ve Lea^Tls Seized by I l l - j Chihuahua" Form Confederacy. Have a sv.-eetness and tasty croodness distiiicii%'ely trie^: oivn. And all the way frcm ra-.v material to your table not a human hand touches the food -clean and cure as snov/£akes frc-in the skies. Ready ro eat riglst from the package v,ith cream and sugar or crushed frait, Post Toasties are vvonderfully de'liciotis. Sold by Grocers -Evs crea! Bctds Qcek, *!kh. El Paso. Ta:-:., Oc;. i.--Az a confer- ; or more taaa 39 per ceat. "1.C.O not bei:e»e srateraent issued by h:s son. -joan cdr-:?f. -- ~-Q dea;=d that his father riaued IJnderwooa taere Is any danger of this rari£ -.vorlt- ins an injury to the greau producins interests or tie United States. They hav-e in the past been surrouacefi by artiSciai coaditions. This bill Vviil force them to modify and change the arnScial conditions., to bring tnerr business dovn to a sound and safe level. "But I believe the country has s'et " ·K-aited for tins biil to accomplisli Ihat readjustment of busiaess.^Sesing the~inevitablg"c:iaT:se-of -tariff; business Interests already have prepared for t3e situation."' TnderB-ood was greeted ^ith pro- ibngeu applause frora the Democrats. 2e TVSS followed by Representative Payne, Republican leafier and author ol the present tarifi law. Payne -declared the Democrats had ·. en- cent cf lie ne~ ccarederaey. and :n . . ,, . . . i. i= uablr.fet Ts-iii be General Angelos, a paralysis. He EKG tr.e ^ federal commander. a= minis- | I-5S- dne scialy to a nervous ;_ ^- _ a _. A . ir . 5 - In T^bassat. »-n:s- '^ iv is noped by^ bis physiefaas that th sligbt sympioms of paralysis v.-nl dis iiinaeapclis. Misn., Oct. I. -- :-.Irs. -je Chester, of Miculetown. X. V.. j «fe appear. rtjr^v "sr-r-.tiiVQ OIV3V J 'J n I AUUU! I i L; · J-.D i i mother cf ten children, three ot whom -; ggc j aceoispbnied her. finished in r-Iisneap- ig^ iclis a ir.iV-inlle -elk. Sho lef: Xevr j?C|j brk c:tv on J"!y 31 aau passed fifty- -^^ rvllliionatrs Found Not G"!!-| three -days on the road. Business :r.ea \'fg ty cf Cnsrges Preferred by Girls, j OI - ;,i-;ac;etov,-ii agreed to rsbuiiu ilrs. ;$-« Los Angeles. Ca'.-. Oct. 1.--Gec-rsej che-sr's burned iion:e at aa ex?-:-ns-5 }^ H. Bisby. a HiiliJor.aire. cf I.oa Beach, j O j 5400-}. provided she laada the tri? j ri Cal.. charged vrith -aviag contributed ] -,, s ixty-3ve days. o'l minor yoi; 7-5-8, 8,-40,-I913 ·^-5^ rfj BZSS ^~V ^-^ .^^i B;sby"s defense wss that he bad visited tse plnee cu.y a; trrio had sr»?i;t ;ho" i: .'32fl5 of dollars iz save yo:;ns s'.rls. ar.r: had been ros:;::- od by being ma'!-" the victim of 2 blaclnna:! ccnspiracy. ?aj-ne declared that American cota- iserce arsu industry bad developed greatly under tbe Republican tariff and would suser a disastrous setback'un- der the netv Democratic la--. Tbe. Republican leader declared tbat ibe Democrats bad ceased to promise that the tariff bill Tvould reduce the j cost of living. He declared that there TMouid be no reduction in the cost of living unless it came With a cessation of business activity. All of The small reductions in ;o , ; ;;| ier ;_, ; , a r i - r.r.d their corarn::- tariff ·would be "absorbed at tbe wharf | * ia Xev.- York." be declared, and Shoots P H-jsbsr.i: Kills Harseif. ·- '=··-- -- fionble tra y averted vben Mrs. arles l^am^. ·x'-l^ of Patroirsan ^xb. of I)y=rr.^re .rcusa- atterwpte; cranion, P gedy vrss narro never reaeb tbe consumer. "O-^.TS s=;sr«^v; ~Co. 2 ".-bite. 4«!i? :SvJ *" = ^" " 1 " = " i? p6TAT e 5s"l^2^-' : i:"7.-:a?fc. p=r j§ The Margaret Hill Dog ana Pony Shovr. The Cavalcade b ~i'ou~!-TRY: i.ive steady: I.CTIS. :3-T I£S Lorzsna"Troupe of Seven People in marvclou? feats of ^V'?feS^vS7"±-J'C: i oM roosf-r^: ]^ -wire T.-rJhing. bafcndnij, etc.- The George Holland and 1S BCTTKR steady; fancy cream-y, j f j R o?e Dockrill Troupe. The Gre:.t I^ticr^on Troupe. The 9| 34 E/wi : i!; e -d~ s---c:ec, 35-.: = ar- 1 £^ S-VCP -v^naihs. C:trv,-:!e Erolhers ;:nd others. ^ Dr . cVc.; V^-.crr.. :'H.'. ! Sq " ^ Had One Ace Too ?*1sny. Pittsburgh. Pa-, Oct. 1.--Ed Carer Is said to have held five aces in a noker game in Sharon atid is now is a serious condition at the Buhl 3-os?ital, ·s-ita a dozen knife -svounas in his face, ianas and body. Sd Davidson, -n-ho is alleged x to have ·wielded the kaiie, frasj ..,1 arretsea at Kubbard, Oaio. Motor Crash Kills Woman. Baltimore, Md.. Oct. 1.--The tearing tie Thome, was killed and four others ·- injured. Wooden Bank Not Burglar Proof. Chicago Oct. 1. -- TVhile he slept a thieves stole ?100 that Charles Ken- j kaiser, George Romahn. a aedy had -wedged in a cleft ia his his personal retinue-, .was Trooden leg. Produce Markets. ? r. ;.'~. -)».:.-. *^ . -_--*- CHiCAGO -- -. 'c:r in Anicrica . ?S,l5_;i': o-^i. tbe bed ssw ! *- ;^ 7.7^ __ Ar.napo;?. V'^ - C t. 3.--"\ :arn to tne nava. *· a »en:y o. --e of ih? Sr?:. second ana th:r-: ! | -:2-se=- w:e acr. :e~.' year cppr.s xcluson a e ? on i u i r o a - Information Address. J ,. »g . IIECKERT. See?-., O THE LADIES ,-. Kl-vrVal Facial lo- }·· -::·· ^ - - i . ' Mrs. Ziegler, v l * r. 'n :':e r.Istory c-f the Kaiser's Serva:t Put to Death. Munden. Germany. Oct. 1.-- Refused commutation of sentence by the a servant in aere for wife murder. Pitcher Wooaburn of the Louisville I * 1 V^AJ-l^i » I ^ / V J ^ - V -- - -- -- -Jean Dubuc, the Detroit pitcber, is · "colonels is the wild man of the Araer- not only a 'good twirler, bu^t can hit j ican nss ociatioru i They have a big dance in Cleveland , Jled the "Flag Fondle." And it has j called made a big hi- YJ. Carh'sle'St. iNEWSPAFERr

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