The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 23, 1954 ツキ Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1954
Page 22
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.22 ! Pテつォb. 23, 1954 MテつォMO Clijr GIテつォhe-Gテつサlle, Mason City, la. High Prices for Soybeans CHICAGO W) -- Soybeans soared nearly, 10 cents a bushel to (he t highest 'prices in three years in active dealings Tuesday. Buying 'in soybeans in part reflected strength in soybean oil and meal. -. i, ,Wheat also was quite firm. All 1 new crop , wheat futures set new seasonal highs on buying attributed in part to receipt oテつ」 more dust storms in the winter wheat "belt over the weekend. Corn scored modest gains and oats did practically nothing. Old crop soybeans were up more than 9 cents at one time, but lost a few cents before the close. Wheat closed I ' / i - S W higher, March $2.1G, corn %-% higher, March $1.5iv4- 3 /6, oats % lower to % higher, March 75%, rye 1 to l'/j higher, March $1.18'/2, soybeans 4'/4-7% higher, March $3.36-$3.36V^, and lard 2 to 25 cents a hundred pounds higher, March $16.92. TUESDAY'S G R A I N CLOSE CHICAGO HI-- Final grains Tuesday; Prey. AVHE.VT Close lll t li T.ow Close Mar. 2.14*1 e.tUiii U.ll'/s IMG May S.lfi Z.lKii iM.Viii '2.171'!, Sept S.m : j '4.1 7 Vt テつキa.lll'.'i ".111 Dec. . ...'/'- ~ "O'/i - 17 テつー t'^'i C O R N Mar. .. . 1.51 1 5i"'i 1 iWii, 1 fil r 's Slay l.;v;^テつォ'i 1.5'M.b i.M'i J u l y l.iVJTs J.5l : !'i 1.5S.i l.. r l',2 Sept Liu 1 ,-: \. -テつキ:,テつキ i. -.Pi i.,v!'/i Dec l.ll ! I1 7 H l.W!* 1 I I 1 - OATS Star. IfiVi ,7(l!'i .Wit ,7.W-'i Sep't. ','.'.'.. '.ft'.it '.m-: !71-i ivi 1 ," RYE Mar. 1.17V.: T.lO^'i l.lfi 1. IXC- May l.lSI'.-i J.'Jt-Ti I . I X ' l.f'I Julj- T.'iBi l.;:( ;1 'i l.'Jd'.i l.S-i'1-i Sept l.i;ir. l.'JJ J.2;i l.-i.T SOYBEANS July .... s.'jK'/i 1 ::.:is :.'Jn :I.M scpi. ..... i'.(;;',i s.Ti'/i a.sTtt a.T! Nov. .... 2.1,1 B.ID^'i a.l5'/i 1J.-IB'/! Mason Ofty Grain At 12:30 p.m. Tuesday Oats 75o Corn, No. 2 $1.32 Soybeans $3.10 CHICAGO CASH r.RAlX (Tuesday's M a r k e t ) CHICAGO 11" -- Cash wheat: No. 3 red l.lRTi. Corn: No. 1 yellow .1.30; N'o. '2 1.,Vv'i- I.iifii No. 3 1.5S'/i-l.fif; sample grade 3.10- 1.S1V4[ No. a while l.fiH. Oats: Sample テつ」rade m e d i u m heavy while テつキJIV-l No; 1 while 77Xi-7テつサ'.'i; No. I heavy white 80"A-テつォ1; No. :t 17V!-79; No. 1 "J' 1 .^! sample grade while 75. SoyhcaviH: None. Barley nominal: Mailing 1. BO-LCI; feed 83-1. Hi. Tleld 'seed per 100 Ibs. nominal: White Clover lO-lS-lO-IS: red top fil-M: alslke 17-18; llmothr l'J.nO-i:!.50; red clover ^7-^8. Stock Market in" Decline , NEW YORK W-- The slock market declined Tuesday with only scattered support putting in an appearance. The fall went down to around two points at the worst, but most changes either way wore small. Trading was moderate an estimated million and a half shares. - -- " New York Stocks By The Associated Press ( F i n a l Quotations Tuesday) AlliedCh 75 ." KanCPL 34Vi AlliedStrs 42 Kennecott 70 AtnCan 36% KresgeSS 32 AmCrysS 23V, Maytag 18% AmHomc 4TA MontWard GlOa A m R a d 15'/s aiorrell 13% AmSmclt 29Vテつォ NashKclv 15Vi AmSugar 54% NatDairy 64% AmTT IGl'.is NatGyps 23% AmTobGOV'B NYCent 233V AmWool 17 : !a ' ParaPict 28'4 Anaconda 31 '/a Penney JO 7QM; Arm cur 9 V P a R R 1 7 % Atchison 995s Pepsi Col a 35 BeatFds 41% PhiHPet 58% BenelixAv 6514 RadloCp 25 BethStl 55% Safeway 40 Vテつサ BoeingAir 56-li SearsRocb 60'A CaseJI 15'Ti SheaffPen 28 Chrysler 57= i SinclairOil 37Vi ConEdis 42'/'テつサ SoconyV 37% CornProd 72 SouPac 40% CurtissWr SV-: StdBrands 30 Deere 28% StdOillnd 75 DuPont lOT'.b StdOilNJ 77% ElAutoL 407s Studebaker 19Va GenElec 9GVk SwiftCo 43 1 ! テつサ GenFoods 57% SylvElPd 34 GcnMotC2 TexasCo G4'/4 GenPCm 40% UnionPac 112'/j Goodrich 83 ] /fe UnitAirL 23 Goodyear Sfvii UnitAirc 51% GtWcstS 19Vi USGypsm 128'^ Homcstakc 35 'A USRubber 30Vs テつキ-UlCentSGli USStecl 40VA IntHarv SOVa WestUTel 41% IntTT 15% WilsonCo SYa InterstPw 11 W, Woolworth 4314 lowalllG 30% CHICAGO POTATOES (Tuesday's .Market) CHICAGO tr-T-CUSDA)-- Polntoes: Art Tils 33", on track I'M; total U.S. shin merits for Friday 853) Saliirrtay 0(!8; Sin day none; Monday 4(iテつ」; old slock s u p p l l r moderate; demand fair; market sllglitl weaker. Iilalio Kusscls 2.DO-.1.1D, liaker J.7B: new slock supplies moderate; dt sn a n,d raoderatr; market about steady FlorHji round reds 2:M. WINS MEDAL テつサ THOMPSON-- Among Hie met aboard the attack transport US Rockbridge awarded good conduc medals for three years of exerc plary conduct, -was - Leonard A Peckham, chief cngineman/USIX son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C Peckham' of Thompson, and hus band of the former Miss Phylis Catc of South Boston, Mass. Peel kam, who entered the Naval sen Ice In January, 1937, attendc Thompson High School, MODERN LIVING Output of oir conditioners, home freezers 'up sharply. jj''"^^?.. / f l s J BOOM AIH "CONDITION tHS 194$ 'テつサ 'テつサ 'テつサ 'SO '51 '52 '55 テつキetKHit DATA or. Dole: H.tHA. Monil Kotl Hog Receipts Are Higher CHICAGO (Al-- Hog receipts were stepped up sharply Tuesday as compared with the previous session ind prices dropped 25 to 50 cents 'or both butchers and sows. USIA-- Salable lings: 9,500. M a r k c sloiv; .irouml 2.1-50 lower on butchers and siws; most choice 1811-^:11) Ib. butchers J5.iii-2fi.25; most sows Ufl.5Q-','o; good clearance. Salable cattle: 10,000. Calves: iiO'O. Steers high clinlce and belter anil u t i l i t y am commercial grades f a i r l y active uiu s t e a d y ; good to average choice steers slow; sleutly to 50 lower; hellers stead o 50 lower! cows sleaiiy; bulls strong lo ?5 higher; vealers sleaily: u few sates lordcrllue rlioicc and prime 1,104-1,:U)0 1h. steers 2.T. 50-27; m o s t KOOI! and choice steers ^0-'J."i: g o o d and choice lielfers Salable sheep: 2,f00. SlatiKh'er l a m b b active 2S-SO lilglier than Monday and ale asl w e e k i s l a u g h t e r .sheep Kle:itty; good uid choice: vonlcd .slaughter l a m l i s 110 Ib. lois'll :(I.SQ-テつサl.iiQ. KSTIMATKl) LIVESTOCK KKCKl'PTS (Tuesday's M a r k e l ) C H I C A G O LI'.-- ( U S t ) A ) -- Estimated sal- ible livestock receipts for \Velncsi!ay a r e : 7,1(00 hogs, I'IMO cattle and .'i.OOO sheep. Local Livestock HOGS -- Phone 40fiji The following- prices were bill anil paid t 10::!0 a.m. for Rood to choice ' hugs ile- ii-crcil at our plant in Mason City. This m a r k e t is subject lo change. MASON CITY-- For Tuesdav Bond light lights lfit)-170 $2330 Hood light lights .. .. 170-1HO S2t 50 Tood lleht ligbls iSO-lIM) S'.M.OT iood light Hghts .mo-ami $2.-i.7.- iood medium w e i g h t s !M10-',':!i S'.'j.Tfi Tood m e d i u m xveights ...... 2UO-2:{0 S2.*i.lt7テつサ Jood m e d i u m weights 2:i(l-2 10 S';5..~M Toed metllnnj weighis ... X'fii--7(テつサ S'*I (!,"テつサ ood medium weights ...... :;7fl-'.'RO S'M.:W "iood m u i l l u m weights "!)t)-flOO S2;i.7"i ^iood m e d i u m w H g h l s :',l)0-:tlO S'i:f.l.~i Good medium welglits S'!n-S:iO S-2'i.K.I Good mciilnm wclshts Slu-MII SI2.25 r.ooii m e d i u m weights :\M-:tr0 S'Jl.iifi Oood sows sio-mo s'j:t.2s Good sows :i(0-:wO Si-.lo Good sows G'.iO-oGI! S'i2.2."i Good sows SHO-KIO S'il.~ri Good sows 10D-1M S21.'-'J CJATTI.K -- (Phone 41)71) MASON CITY-- For Tuesday Prime cteera . S''5.0l!-2fi 110 Choice steers SM.OO-3S.UO Choice lielfers SSI.OU-SII.OO C o m m e r c i a l steers A heifers .. Sll.OO-I.I.Ofl Utility stixirs heifers $9.00-11.00 Commercial cows SD.OO-I.'E.OO Ullllty Cow.l .. S .0.1)0-11. (10 Ilull.H S 9.00-12. SO Midwest Livestock (TUESDAY'S P R I C E S ) Albert Austin, ll'alcr- Lea. Minn. loo Irend Sleady ICc lllc jood nutchcrs lo\vcr lower l.^O-lliO Ibs . . 22.00 mo-no ibs s:t.oo 21. oO 170-ISO Ibs 21.00 2:t.OO 21.011 JSO-'MI) Ibs KS.S3 55.55 23.S3 M 0-250 Ibs. 21.25 25.25 25.25 .'oU-'iliO Ibs 2I.1I.T 2I.S.1 2t.!i,i '70- -1 HO Ibs 21 35 '* 1 35 テつーt IJ5 Jテつォ0-2!IO Ibs. ...... 2:1.05 21.05 21.05 (10-:テつォ0 Ibs. ...... 22.15 2:(.1.1 テつォ0-.'t.tO Ibs. 22.K.7 !i2.テつサj 22.85 ^I0-'.i50 Ibs 22.25 22,25 22.25 150-3GO Ibs 22.25 21.1)5 21 !)5 r,oo Packlllc; Sows 270-.'IOO Ibs 2H.25 2S.2S 23.'M :nio-:!:;o ib.s 22.75 22.75 2;t.on :tt(l-:i(iO Ibs . 2225 2225 2250 350-100 Ibs 21.75 21.75 22.00 100-150 Ibs. .. 21.25 2 1 2 5 21 TiO 1511-500 Ibs 20-.7H 20.75 21.00 500-550 I b s , . . . !10.-25 20.25 2050 SOUTH ST. PAin, I.n'ESTOCK (Tuesday's Market) SOUTH ST. P A U L , .Minn. ( U P l -- C a t l l e : 5.500. Calves: :t.l)00. Steers am] heifers ranged u n e v e n l y weak to 50 cents lower. M a x i m u m decline good und choice grades. Pr me s leers 26.5(1. choice to prime 25, average to high choice steers 21. Choice steers and r e a r l l n g s 21.50-2:!. Cho ce hctf- ers 20.50-21. .good and choice 1X-'!0. Utility nnd c o m m e r c i a l cows 11-12. C u t t e r and utility bulls 12.50-1 1. Ml. Good and choice vealers 1U-25, high choice und p r i m e 2ti, f e w 27. Hogs: 1(1,000. Market 50 cents lower. Choice 180-250 pound h a r r o w s and gilts 25-2IJ, s c a t t e r i n g 2G.25. one and two hogs 2 i.M. Choice 250-MO pound b u t c h e r s 23.7525.25.. Choice sows 20.7.V.M. some 23.30. Feeder jilRs strong to 50 cents higher. Sheen: -J.500. Wooled slaughter lambs SI) cents up. They arc viow more than 1.1)0 higher than last week's close. Feeding l a m b s strong to 25 cents higher. Choice anil p r i m e wooled slaughter I n m h * 105 pounds d o w n 20..V)-2:i. Kinds over 105 pouml.i were d i s c o u n t e d . ITllllly anil gooil woo eel l a m b s 17.50-22. (Iood am) choice feeding l a m b s 21-2t.5(l, Mason City Produce (Quotations by E G. Morse) At 10 a.m. Tuesday Eggs, No. 1 40c Eggs, No. 3 " . 30c - Hens, heavy b r e e d s, 5 Ibs. テつキ over . 20c s Hens, under 5 Ibs. . . . .... ]6c r Old Cocks 120 s - Last Steam Engine ^ Runs From Spencer S SPENCER-Thc last steam en- t gine left Spencer recently as the t- Milwaukee railroad put in, all Diek. sel locomotives on its run from F, Mason City i to Sanborn. :. W. E. Clark, Mason City en- gincer, was al the throttle, Tic has sheen an engineer on the line for c- 42 years and will, continue to run '- one of the new Diesel engines. The d first locomotive came to Spencer in 1878. A GA2テつ」ITテつ」 w? ! -n i PHGHE 3800 Classified Advertising Rates for Mason City and Surrounding Trade Territory only. Other rates and contract rates on request. TABLE OF ECONOMY lines lines lines lines lines lines 8 lines 9 lines WANT AD 1 day $ .44 .GG 1.10 1.32 1.54 1.76 1.98 PRICES 3 days C days $1.14 テつァ2.04 1.71 2.28 2.85 3.42 3.90 4.56 5.13 3.06 4.08 5.10 G.12 7.14 8.16 9.18 MoneytoLoon "StiiiOnTy 4% 'Why Pay More? On (arm land lonns -- 35 year term Cash dividends paid to you yearly, cuts your net cost to below 4r, You have, privilege to pay any part or in full at any time, from any kind ol income, stopping Interest. No charge for such privilege See Federal Land Rank Association at 10 2nd St. N.K., Mason Cily. Phone 3114, W. F. (Bill) W a h r o r, Sccr-Trea.5. (The Co-op' Way). This is 10 point type. The rates for this .size type are-Count 19-20 letters am! spaces 10 line. 27c line 1st 2 days 25c line 3rd, 4th and 5tli days 23c line GUi day This Is 6 point type. The rules tor this si/e type are-Count 20-27 lei UTS and spaces to line. Classified Display 1 day 3 days 6 days 1 Irfch $1.20 $3.15 SG.GO Mason City Locals, 35c a line, set in this size type. Count 25 spaces and letters to a line. Card of Thanks and in Mem- orianis $1.50 tor first 15 lines, regular charge of 22c a l i n e for a n y t h i n g over 15 lines. Locals 35c line lOc extra will he charged for all ads and locals not paid for at time of insertion. 25c service charge on all blind ads. You can run a 2 line ad for l day for as low as 4-lc--2 days 88c--3 days $1.14. Seeds,. Feeds 17 FOR SALE--Ames No. 2 oats. Ne^ malm oats, baled hay. straw. Al bcrt A. Ilafermann, Meservcy. 500 BUS. Ames oats suitable for seixl; also 200 bales of straw. I'll. 52-F43, Nora SpriiiRs. FljRl)lN(! potatoes, S5 per ton h u l k S. Kennedy and Sons, Clear Unkc- t'"OH SALK-Cood brlBlit AIUPS N'o. 2 oats, 90ir bu. lion linker, 4 ml. N., ia mi. K. of Clear l.nkc- Croniti- fr.\ r . F OK SALK--l.-il ciittini! :illallii liny. Gliyman Sears. Ph. 1S1-.I2. -HO ml. W. of Masnn Cily on I l i u h w a y 10i", Notices ANDERSON'S The Farmer's and Workingman's Furniture Store Used Davenports and Chairs $19.50 -and up Anderson Furniture Co. 216 South Federal FOU SALE--Mixed clover anil timo- lliy haled hay. It. C. .Jewell, Shcl- fluid. In.'Pli. 153. FOlt SAUK--Baled hay. Alfalfa anil red clover. 1st cutting;, In bnrn, no rain. IlRiiford Floy, Meservoy. Iowa. FOH SALE--300 bu. Amos No. 2 oats. Test 3-1. Bin rim, SI.15. 11. n. Trimble, 1 mi. W., 2 mi. N.. '.'テつキ mi. W. of Fertile, fa. The Globe-Gazette is not responsible for more t h a n 1 incorrect insertion. Please check 3'otir ad after the first insertion, and report any corrections immediately. JUST CALL 3800 AND ASK FOR AN AD-TAKER Lodges ^Oi^) Mason City Lodge I.O.O.F. No. 224 I2Vj E. State Phone 6U3 2nd Degree Tuesday, March 2 OWAHD NKLSON Noble Grand Phone 693 . A. KOCH ilccordinfi Secretary 1H! N. Fed. Ph. 2910-LW CASE IMPLEMENT BUSINESS Iti southern Minnesota 2 story Imilil- ing, 2 ai)Ls\ above, exli'a lots, aprox. SIU.ODO in parts and accessories. SS.UOO loan can he assumed. Consider house or farm in trade. BARR1CK REAL ESTATE Ph. 7-17S'2,or CS92 Austin Minn. roil SALK--Cafe and t n v c r n in small town near Charles Cily. On t'ooil highway. Living quarters. Low rent. 53.000 plus inventory. J. H. Kepple, Realtor. Charles City. BORAXO SOAP PRODUCTS Reliable person to service Boraxo Soap Dispen.ser accounts in this county. This non-competitive business can be operated on part flr full time basis. I m m e d i a t e income. Qualified person will have o p p o r t u n i t y to earn SS.OJO.OO nnd up yearly. Small investment of S792.00 required for inventory. Write テつ」ivin;j phone number for personal interview .soon in your city. Superior D i s t r i b u t i n g Corporation, 1030-13th Street, Denver. Colondo. Mole Help Wonted 20 WANTED--Reliable married man for yr. round farm work. House on scp. form. Ray M. Baker and Son, Clear L a k e , la., Route 2. S^Knights of Columbus No. 1006 Meets Second Tuesday at old K.U. Bids., 2nd and S. Ted., 3rd Fir. W. C. YENERICH, Grand Knight '05 15th St. N.E. Ph. 491B-J Jolm Li/ka, Finnncial Secrctnrj- 922 i\". Del. I'hone 33J9-J ilARDLVG LODGE NO. W9 V. L. Constable. W.S1. Phone 120U-W L. J. Moore, Secy. Phone 35B2-J Work on Third Degree Wednesday, March 3, 7:30 P. Al. BENEVOLENCE LODGE NO. US R. F. Farrer. W.M. -- Ph. 33テつォ B. L. Main, Secy. -- Phone 5126 Work on First Degree, Mon., Mar. 1, 7:30 p.m. Card of Thanks -- -- -- ^-, . ^ * ^ * ^ テつサ . . ^ W ^ J N ^ ^ ^ VE WISH to express our sincere thanks lo the neighbors, relatives nd friends for their lovely cards, lowers and gifts sent us during the oss of our beloved husband, father, on and brother. Mrs. Lloyd Shook and Bill. .Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Shook and family. WANTED--Married man for year around farm job. Separate tenant house wilh running water and flec- iricity. G o o d wages with extras. Lock 13ox 253, Hampton, Iowa. WANTED--Married man for year around farm work. N'o milking. 4 mi. N. of Ventura, 1 mi* E., 1st place S. Ph. B-F15, Clear Lake. : unera! Directors MASON crrv lOLON'LAL FUNERAL HOME. "The Home of Thoughtful Service." 126 rd St. N.E. Phone 1505. 1AJOH FUNERAL HOME. 511. 209 2nd N.E. Phone M c A U L E Y : SON Funeral Home. A Distinguished, Dignified Funeral Service. 8 S. Adams. Phone 651. 'ATTERSON-JA.MES NEW CflAPKL 2nd and S. Pennsylvania Mason City. j Phone IMO Licensed In Minnesota and Iowa CLEAR LAKE WARD FUNERAL HOME, CLEAR LAKE. Ambulance Service. Day Phono 8. Night Phone 7. Cemeteries A3 FOR SALE--1-grave lot in Memorial Park Cemetery. Write M-23. Globe- Gazette. Monuments, Etc. 63 To A $50 or $75 A Week Salesman Who should be earning SlOO or more. If you are stalled at an income level or cannot foresee progress and security in what you are now selling, it is possible we may have w h a t ' y o u are looking for. We need a man like you who has had sales experience and enjoys the work. Our company has a product that is a leader- in it's field. We give you a good basic training in the use of the product. We can offer you a fair salary and good commission. A car is furnished after you have trained.. We can at least talk it over If you think you are interested. ASK FOR MANAGER Singer Sewing Machine Co. 123 North Federal Ave. Female Help Wanted 21 MASON C 1 T V Monument Works. Home owned and reliable since 18S9. See our large display of finished monuments and al! granites including Montcllo. Mark every grave. We dci. anywhere. 150 lOlh St. S.W. Ph. 392. Lost, Found LOST--Boy's plastic rimmed glasses'. Reward. Ph. 4723-J. LOST--llrown and white llrittany .Spaniel dog. Answers to "Julie." Reward. Ph. 2973. Money to Loan 8 LOANS,$25 TO $300 Prompt Confidential Service Phone 412 SECURITY LOAN CO. Rm. 321 - 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. WANTED--Girl for general office work. Good typist. Opportunity for advancement for the right person. Ph. 1977 for appointment. WANTED -- Waitress .it Jeffcr.fon llus Depot. WANTED--Waitress. No Sunuay work. Apply in person. 32 1st St, N.E. N I T E dishwasher. Apply in person. Park Cafe. WOMEN FOR SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS Paid health insurance, vacations and holidays. Pleasant working conditions. Apply -- IUODE-0-DAY CORP. 8-10 - 12th N.W. CASH LOANS $20-$300 Loans made for most any purpose on just your promise to pay. Anyone may apply. Service is fast. テつキ;' No endorsers needed. Loans also made on car or furniture. Clean up those old bills with a -loan from HFC. .''HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP. 7'A N. Fed. Avc., 2nd fi. Phone 1101 SEE the United Home Bank Trust Co. for real elate mortgage loans. AI.EHT, ambitious woman with car and phone, who can work at leasl 12 hours per week, during aflernoon or evening- No canvassing, delivering, collecting or investment. Age 25-50. All business conducted by appointment nnd the hours will suit your convenience. For immediate Interview, Write Box A-9, Globe-Gazette. MONEY" TO LOAN on good farm or 'city first mortgages.- Low Interest rテつォtテつォ. No commission. Write Uox F-19 Globc-Gazttl*. Wanted Waitress TOWN HOUSE Ph. 682 WANTED--Check out girl. No experience necessary. Apply Earl's Fruit Market. Salesmen 25 SALES opportunity. Full or part-time m n n to sell the complete lino of Fyr-Fytcr products. All types of approved liiind portable fire extinguish- em, fire hose; brass' good.i ami fire d e p a r t m e n t supplies. Market is broad, exclusive extinguishers lo sell, oppor- t u n i t y to build a profitable business In a protected territory. Write Ui: The Fyr-Fyter Company, 221 Crane Sltcel, Dayton, Ohio. . . . . . . Business Locotions 30 AVAILABLE MARCH 15 6500 sq. feet of sales and service space. -- 7th and Federal South. PH. 1335 Rooms for Rent 32 Houses for Solo 35 CLOSE IN N.E. .' Hero Is nn uxccllinil house Hut slioula bu liouc Into lo bo niipi-ccliiteil. Nc'v biitltroom ami kllfluui fl.xltircs. New hirnnce. 3 bedrooms. Don't Just ilrlvo past this* barunln. -SH.SDO JUST OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS 2 tilnnll 2 ticdrm. limisua on two lots. Uouljlo finrnyc. City water ami scw- cr. -- 58,000 W. L. Patton Co. 109 1C. State St. PJ). 700 Machinery 41 USED HAMMER MILLS 25% REDUCTION On AH USED EQUIPMENT 20 MILLS TO CHOOSE FROM Reg. Special 2 Wards 15 in. テつァ 75.00 S 55.00 1 Wards 13 in., cast base $125.00 $90.00 1 J. D. 10 in テつァ G5.00 テつァ -!5.00 1 M. M. 11 in $ 75.00 $ 50.00 '1 Wards Traveling Feed Table Mills ....$200.00 ?150.00 3 Harvey 11 in $ G5.00 $45.00 1 1. H. C. 10 in .$ GO.OO $ 45.00 1 Bearcat'10 in .$00.00 $45.00 1 Gchl 10 in $60.00 $45.00 MONTGOMERY WARD FARM STORE ' DAVID BRADLEY , ONE MAN SAW 3 H. P., 18-inch blade . . . . $219.95 SEARS FARM STORE 1 1 5 East State Phone 380 MONTGOMERY WARD TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE 18 South Washington Phone 860 You'll Be Happier With Ward's Power Trac TRACTOR TIRES MORE TRACTION -- LOWER COST -COMPLETE SERVICE ANYWHERE -Use Wards Farm income Plan Buy Now--Immediate Delivery FOH iilSNT--Nlco slpt'- I'm., sullnblu for 1 or 2, 1'rl. Uv, Rons. 321 N, Goo. 1'h. 30U5W. CLOSE: In, Inrgc warm cluan room, l/tlls. furn. Ph. 508G-W. PLEASANT i-ooni for I or 2 (Jlrls, Close In, hot soft water. Ph. 4279-W. NICK, clean sleeping rooms. Close in. Ph. 1G17. HOOM for ront. Clunllcmnn. 6^5 Ulh N.E. Ph. 2402-W. ,Apts. for Rent 33 roil KENT--.Modern 3 room i m f u r n . apt. Prt. h a t h . Close In. I'll. :ill7. FOU H E NT--it i-iiu fnrni apl. f'iT KM. Closu in. I'll, SB73-\V or J57:i-.l. STRICTLY modern -I li. nil. home lit Nora Springs. Hi lots, uariiKC. Go- Inj; at $6,USO. You en n't heテつサt it. Homey Kcalty Co. Ph. 1330. VOtt SALE--4 room modern house, screened porch. 3 yrs. old, nice location S. of Maple Crest Motel on HlBhway 65. Ph. 65, Nora Springs. 3 H.MS. 1111 flull, wllh Karaite. Heal, waler f u r n . Prl. unt., share bath. Ph. 37SO-W, 3 HOOM u n f u r n . apt. Clean. Close in. Ph. 3258-W mornlnes. K U R N . InrtiQ テつォlcnu 2 nn. (ront a p t . Ulils paid. 3UH N. Adams. 3 UMS., b a t h , Incly. Avail. Mar. i. Rons. Wriio Hox N-20 Clobe-Caiotte 2 ItOOAI AI'AKTAIKNT. Close In. I'll. 4722J. 2 11OOM (urn. apt. Utils. f u r n . -107 i(li St. S.W. Ph. 3111. FOH H K N T -- M o d . ul-an u n f i t i u . npl. Entire u p s t a i r s linmed poss. Pri. tin Hi. 72ti I H h Si. N.E. FOR RENT 3Rm. Unfur. Apt. Close in. Gas, waler nnd gas heal furnished. Ph. 1634 3 ItOOM n n r u r n . api. Sltiatn heat and watur turn., 1st floor. Ph. filR3-j 121 Gth St. S.W. 2 ROOM p a r t l y furnishi-d apartnicm. 302 141h N.W. C L E A N F U H N . 3 rm. apt. Ullls. furn~. For epic. 603 N. Adams. Ph. 2231 V E R Y lartie 3 nil. u n f u r n . apt. Utils. and washlns priv. sss. a i l N'. Fed. テつキi 1)EテつサHM. larcu bungalow, Cranil- vlcw. 310 S. Ky. Terms. Ph. G182-J. KOn SAlls--til owner: 2 hednn. brlclc home, SO, BOO. Cum se. 939 Hth N.E. Ph. S805-.I. . 3 H'M. u u f u r n . ujl. Ultls. f u r n . Ph. 5110-U. 5U2 S. Van llurKH. THE QUALITY of 4 bedroom family homes is not strained, eillicr! Too often the larger home has been built with cost the ONLY consideration. Here's a b e a u t i f u l home Unit's different! Planned for those who want something better, bul not al excessive cost. Large living and (lining rooms! Modern kitchen! 2 full baths! Carpeting throughout! Knotty pine dun! Outstanding heating system! Attached garage! CLOSE lo Town, Lake, and Schools! Shown by appointment. Stuart Realty Co. Ph. 10 Clear Lake L'N'FUrtN. 3 rooms. Prl. h a t h . Ph. 263, 11:30 to 5. ALL SIZES- LOWER COSTS PRtCES START AT $10.60 Plus Federal Tax and Old Tire All Other Sizes at Correspondingly Lower Prices. Compare and You'll Buy at WARDS Return to: MONTGOMERY WARD MASON CITY, IOWA Without obligation, give me a quotation on the following size tractor tires; Name Address t . City, Town or RFD Bi Tate Real Estate ALWAYS MAS APARTMENTS FOR RENT PHONE 35 J. B. Youngblood Son Nitcs Sundays 4.111 - 4880W - 26G7 COZY, .small unfurnished apartment. Private ent. Ph. 5622-J or 1265. FOR RENT--1 room u n f u r n . a p t . Can heat, all uttls. furn. Rcas. 206 1st St. S.W. FOR RENT--Clean 2 room furnished apartment. Ph. 343R-SV afler Sj.10. Houses for Rent 34 FOrt RENT--Small Z bedroom tio.iic In H i g h l a n d s . $G3. 2 or 3 people [.referred. Olson Uenllors. P h . 1 211. テつキ! ROOM partly moil, cottnutf, Asbury Farm with garage; vegetable cave, garden. S30. Ph. 3203-W. . FOR RENT--Two bedroom house, Forest Park. Excel, cond. Write Box J-20 Globe-Gazette. FOR SALE Lower prices on three bungalows. built a short time a R u , possession In 30 days. A 3 bedroom used homo In excellent condition. Possession April 1st. Price S'-i.SOO. A 3 bedroom. In good neighborhood. Priced al SB.250. A 3 bedroom remodeled not long, in aood shape at JG.500. A 3 bedroom In Rood neighborhood. Possession In 10 days. Priced at $8,000. 3 rm. modern home. Priced at $3,000. A Rood small home lo be moved soon. Price S1.G50. D. E. K E N Y O N Clear Lake 6 ROOM house (or adults. 2 bedrooms. Rarauc. Ph. 1436 or 1D37 after 6 p.m. MOD. COMPL. f u r n . In maple. 2 bedroom home, pas heal. Low rent. Ask about it. Ph. U99, Clear Lake. Salesmen 25 FEED SALESMAN SENSATIONAL, new, fast selling, fast repeating a g r i c u l t u r a l product that is giving amazing results and grenlcr profits to farmers everywhere. Nothing like it on the market. Sold only through dealers on money back guarantee for satisfaction. SVcll known mfgr. bns exceptionally fine paying position open for two aggressive representatives with agricultural background and successful sales experience living in Northern Iowa territory. Give age and complete sales experience for personal interview. All replies Write Dcpt. S., Box F-23, Globe-Gazette. ' WE HAVE AN OPENING for a salesman, offering security and chance for advancement, if you have had some sales experience and are between the ages of 25 and 50, own your own car, and are married. This position does not pay commission but pays a guaranteed monthly salary, car allowance, and production bonuses. Territory open Ccrro Gordo and Franklin counties. Must live in Mason City. We train you in our office and in the field on regular salary. WRITE IN CARE OF BOX G- 22 GLOBE-GAZETTE. TRAVEL WEAHY? ARE you weary of catching trains, packing suitcases and lugging heavy kits? Slay al home nights and enjoy your family while you earn a Big League income in a profitable job wilh a f u t u r e . We have an exceptional opportunity for a man wilh some direct selling experience. If you're saddled down with high travel expense and busting your back for a mediocre テつォnlary. we'd like lo talk to' you. Age unimportant if you can sell, nnd have ambition. Write Colonial Refining t Chemical Company. National Broadcasting Company Blrlg., .Cleveland 14, Ohio. Services Offered 27 ASHES, RUBBISH anil light hauling. Call Bill 2524W, SEWING machine; reppir- , ing.and rebuilding---all makes, parts and; supplies; Mason City Appliance Store ,211 S. Fed. Ph. 1103. Services Offered 27 FULLER BRUSH Products. Floyd Fousek. Phone 6214-R. WANTED--Ash ana rubbish hauling Reasonable. Ph. 3421-J or 3121-W. ASH. rubbish and light hauling Rca sonohle. Ph. 3125-R. ROOFING and siding application. Ph 5503LJ. Jim Itanscn. ATTENTION students! Special rental rates on typewriters. Ph. 1380. CHIMNEYS Relined and Rebuilt Galv.'f Alum., Asbestos, and Vitro- lene liners. LARSON FURNACE CO. 1454 N. Fed. Ph. 1622 House Trailers A34 '51 MODEL 27-ft. Trallette trailer house with bath. Sec at Trading Post. Gordonsvlllc, Minn. N. IOWA'S largest distributor oi new and used mobile homes. Steven's Trailer Sales, 1 blk. N. Jet. 18 and 107. Clear Lake. Ph. U12-W or H12-J NEW and used nouso trailers. We trade for anything. Terms. South Broadway Trailer Sales, South on Highway 05. Albert t.en, Minnesota. Houses for Sale 35 WASHINGS done. Reasonable. Phone 6175-W. WANTED--Housework on f a r m by woman with 10 yr. old boy. Respectable place. Write Box H-22, Globe-Gazette. RMS. PAPERED. I'alntins done. 1'h. 3054J. Mr. Hyde. FOrt washinRS and Ironings, also cur tains call S033-W. Instruction 28 Learn Telegraphy I want to talk Jo 25 men. 17-33, who are Interested in permanent employment with railroads as telegraphers and agents. We Train You Training will not Interfere with present job. [f sincere, a m b i t i o u s and In good health, write Uox C-17, Globe- Gazette. DIESEL HEAVY EQUIPMENT Several mechanically inclined and reliable men are needed to train for positions In the Tractor and Equipment Industry. It you are not making better 'than $100 per week, or you don't have all year Job scturlty, you owe It to yourself to wrlto for free facts, without obligation, about this training and our Advisory Placement Service. TRACTOR T R A f N I N O SERVICE, Inc. UOX ,M8 .CLOUE-GAZETTE Rooms for Renr 32 JVlCEf.Y furn. sleeping room for man; Close In. Ph; 6157-.T after .1. FOR RENT--Nice largo room. Close in. 330 1st N.E. テつキ テつキ テつキ .-. . B i Tate Real Estate Wifdwood -- 3 B.R. Living rm.. din- Ing rm., garage, not new but extra good. -- $12,950 N.W. -- Holy Family district. 1 year old, living rm. 20x13, extra large kitchen, natural f i n i s h , auto, washer and dryer, 2 good bcdrms., ball), garage, paving. 511,500. FHA will loan 80%. -- Phone 35. Highlands, 2 H.R., n dandy .. 510,500 Highlands, expandable, new .. 513,758 N.W. Hoover school dlst. ..... S 6,500 S.K., 3 B.R., extra good ..... 517,500 S.E., 3 M.R., new テつサ . . . $17,300 N.E., 3 nn., (make an offer) $11.200 J. B. Youngblood Son Nitcs i Sundays 4411 - 4B80-W - 2C67 HOMES! 3 bcdrm., gas. S.E 5=7,250 3 bcdrm., 3 car gar., close .. $ 0.500 I bedrm., hot waler heal, close in 510.500 5 rm. bungalow, gas, Wilson school 511.000 3 bdrm., 2 story E. State, gas 513,600 New ranch, 2 bedrm., S.E. .. 510,500 BARNES AGENCY, Realtors Times llldg. .13 W. Stale. Ph. 1300 BRICK ROOSEVELT SCHOOL FOUR BEDROOMS Yes, that's right! We have that four bedroom, brick home near Roosevelt school situated on a lot 100 by 132 with lovely d i n i n g room, good sized kitchen, large double stall garage, carpeted, fitted throughout with Rusco a l u m i n u m self-storing storms and screens, full basement, gas heat. Murdwood floors, light oak trim, with good terms to reasonable buyer. This Is the new listing and xhould be seen at once. KENET PEARCE 115 FJrst St. S.E. Phone 83 2 BLOCKS TO SCHOOL Home For Sale -- East Side 2 bedrooms, bath up. Living room, dining room, kitchen, screened porch. Cias h e a t , auto, hot water. Garage. S8,soo. : : PHONE 55G3.I [テつキ'Oil SALE--l nn. mod. and b a t h . Upstairs not finished. 707 N. Del. VERN McDONOUGII Realty Co. ROOSEVELT .7 bcdrms., large dining area In kilchen, recreation rm., large lot and garage. -- S14.500 HIGHLANDS A nice 3 hedrm. home on 1 floor. Carpeted living room, double garage. Only SI2,BOO HOOVER SCHOOL . A dandy 1 bedrm. home, double garage, large lot. -- $5,950. VERN McDONOUGH Realty Co. -- Ph. 531 Eves. 417. 5041, 4574-W Oleson Realtors SPECIAL One of Mason City's finest iiomcs, located in Forest Park. Full fashioned for cozy comfort, 1 large bedroom*, f a m i l y sb.e dining room, spacious living room wilh fireplace, heated garage, n charming home at S19,!JOO. 5111 4136 3597 OLESONS JUST LISTED 2 bedroom bungalow with attached garage, northeast location. Here's a dciil at only S5.000. Only $500 down. テつキU5I5 1597 5411 OLESONS NORTHEAST Near new 2 bedroom bungalow in thn pink of condition. Real nice kitchen with Jargo dining space, full basement, an attractive home lor 58,100. 1597 M i l 4156 OLESONS HAPPINESS can be found (n this well kept 4 rm. bungalow adjoining Forest Park. 2 bedrooms, full basement, gas heal, large lot. This home Is worth the money. Only $0,500. 4!5B M i l 1597 OLESONS TERMS 3 NEW BUNGALOWS ' 2 bedroom and unfinished attic. Hoover school. 2 bedroom, attached garage, Jefferson school. 2 bedroom, expansion attic. Forest Park. 5 rm. biiniiitlcnw Forest Park, at a bargain If sold this week, CHISM REALTY 2116 -- Eves. 5294 nテつォsemcnt 19V6 W. State FOREST PARK Three bedroom, lovely largo l o t , scrccncd-ln porch, near Wilson school. Very clean. Terms'wilh 53,000 down nml $53.00 pテつォr monlh. kENET PEARCE US Flrit KU S.E, ; Phone B3 plus ,n low price on this 2 bedroom home near the stfRnr mill. Only S3 100 Mil 1597 .(I5fi JUST LISTED! This dandy nil modern 3 bedroom 2 story home, close In, all larRo rooms, nice dining rm., full basement, forced air gas h e a t , テつォara(je. A buy nt 88,500. Mil 4156 1507 Oleson Realtors I'JI. 211 Lots for Sole " 36 LOT In Wlllowbrook. Reasonable Ph. 3527-J or 1C7. Acreage.^ 37 20 A, near Hock Falls. 4 R. house ham, out-hklss. I? A. tillable. Must ne sold nnd machinery also. Homey Realty Co. Farms for Sale 39 120 A. 2テつォi mlieir from Forest City. In. Al! tillnhlo level land, S17S nor A, Poss. nt once; F. J. Heller. Gnr- ncr, la. , ; ONK of the best unimproved BO n o ra farm* fl mllcテつォ .S.U. of Mason City Loin of _tllc. Can plow every fnot Price reduced. Mnkc"-,,,- n7 ,,?テつ」'. Chlsm Really. Ph. 2U B . Kves. 5294! NICE level nil tillable W), Mi mi off n pnvlng. No Wdgj. J 1 5 5 . ' A in.p Homey Kealty Co. Ph. 1336. "'

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