The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 19, 1934 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1934
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY THE MUDRICXSE IMPROVEMENT x\NP ROADSIDE MEISCHAN-T MEETVNCj THE SPRUN MOTORIST WO SMILES f)aiano* of ^rane Jpfxn.t$ CHAPTER 37. Clara was putting on her hat. When she had fixed it to her satisfaction, she turned on Raoul, looking him in the eyes. "Well,'what is i t ? " he asked. "That Olga . . . " "Clara, I've told you she's an old aunt who'll leave me some money.' "Just now, you said she was an old cousin." "Well, she's hoth. On different sides o£ the family; Much too complicated to explain." Clara smilingly placed a hand over his mouth. "Don't perjure yourself further," she told him. "It's of no consequence. The only person in your life whom, unknown, I fear is--" "Your own image," said Raoul. "Your other self!" "An image," she reminded him, "with younger eyes and--a different amile." "Don't be silly," said Raoul. "You must learn to laugh, and let me teach you." "Wait a moment. Raoul, do you know why Antonine kept silent for two whole days when she was under arrest?" "No." "It was because she waa afraid of saying something that might injure you." "But why should that wony Iier I" "Can't you see--?" But before Haoul could guess the answer, the telephone suddenly started ringing in the room. Raoul answered it. It wasCourville . . . terribly out of breath, gasping: "Gorgeret's here . . with two men. . . . I saw them in the distance when I was outside. They're forcing the garden gate now. I'm speaking from a cafe . . . " Raoul hung up and for a second or so remained perfectly motionless. Then he gathered Clara up in his arms, and, carrying her flung over his shoulder as on that night at the Blue Casino, made for the door. "It's Gorgeret!" he told her calmly, and ran downstairs with his burden. He stopped at the front door to listen. He could hear footsteps on the gravel path outside. Through liie heavily barred glass pane] of the door, he could see the sjlhouets of several men coming up to the house. He gently act Clara down. "Go back to the dining room," he told her. "What about the garage?" she asked. "No, there are police pn guard everywhere, otherwise there would be more than three of them at the front . . . I'd soon settle three!" Raoul did not even trouble to bolt the front door. He backed step by step, keeping his face towards the attackers who were trying to break the door down. 'Tm frightened," said Clara. "When people get frightened, they do stupid things," Raoul told her. "Remember what you did with that knife. Antonine was not frightened in prison." Then he added more gently: "If you're frightened, I'm not. I'm enjoying myself thoroughly. And you needn't think T shall let anyone touch you. Laugh, Clara! Imagine you're at the theater, watching a screaming farce!" The door flew open. In three bounds, Gorgeret stood on the threshold of the room, his revolver leveled. Haoul had placed himself In front of Clara, concealing her. "Hands up!" jhouted Gorgeret, "or I fire!" Raoul, who was only five feet off, started grinning: "Dear quaint old Gorgeret!" he mocked. "The same old line! Do you really think you'll fire on me?, On your friend Raoul?" "I shall fire on you--Lupin!" criec Gorgeret in triumph. "What, you know my name?" "Then you admit it?" "I. wouldn't dream o£ denying- it!" Gorgeret thereupon repeated: "Hands up or I fire!" "What, on Clara too?" Raoul stepped gracefully aside., "There's the lovely lady," he told Gorgeret, with all the magnanimity of a successful conjurer. Gorgeret's eyes were popping. His arm fell to his side. Clara! The girl he had just delivered to the Marquis d'Erlemont! Was it possible? . . .No, it was impossible! If It were really Clara who stood there--and of that he had no doubt--then it meant that the other girl . . . "Come on," jeered Raoul. "You're getting warmer. ". . one more effort and you'll--ah, more effort and you'll--ah, you've got it! Yes, you dolt, there ave two of them, one up from the country, whom you promptly labeled Clara, and the other--by the way, before I dot ali the I'a for you, do tell me, how is that very sparkling person, Zo- zotte?" This was too much for Gorgeret Without waiting for Raoul to complete his explanation, he called to his men: "Seize him, seize the blackguard If you move a finger, I'll shoot you down, I swear it!" Both Gorgeret's men dashed forward. Raoul sprang into the air, and both received violent kicks in the stomach. They drew back. "My special trick!" exulted Raoul "1 call it Goody Two-Shoes!" A report rang out but Gorgeret h'ad only fired In the air. Raoul laughed scornfully: "Now you've done my ceiling a bit of no good. What a bore you are! And, let me tell you, you were most ill-advised to atage this little drama without proper preparations. I think I can guess what happened. They gave you my address and you came straight along--the same old blunderbuss! You should have brought a little platoon of policemen with you, my poor friend!" "There'll be plenty--a hundred, a thousand if necessary!" thundered Gorgeret, turning his head at the soxmd of a car outside. "Fine!" said Raoul. "I was beginning to get bored." "Skunk, your number's up!" Gorgeret's intention was to go out and join his reinforcements, but strangely enough the door had miraculously shut, and he could not get it open. "Don't exhaust yourself," advised Raoul. "The door is self-closing and it's solid! Coffin wood!" Then in a whisper to Clara: "Keep your eyes open, and watch out!" He ran towards the place where a partition wall had been done away so as to make a single room. Realizing that he was only wasting time, and determined to end things at all costs, Gorgeret rushed back to the attack, yelling: "Kill him! Kill him. I tell you. He'll escape! Kill him!" Raoul pressed a button in the wall, and as the policemen whipped out their revolvers, a steel curtain fell from the ceiling, completely dividing the room into two, while at the same time all the shutters closed. "Snap!" laughed Raoul. "Exit Gorgeret!" He took two glasses from the sideboard and filled them with water. "Drink this." be told Clara, who cowered beside him. "Oh, let's get out of here," she MEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, autos, persona] property or anything of i-ahio to persons who have steady employment. LOANS UP TO SSOO Pny hnck In monthly Instnllmcnts. LOANS MADE SAME DAY OF APPLICATION . L. Pine Loan Company Of Mason City Second Floor \Vnlr Blilg. Phone 221 Big Sister Sentinenl Duty By Les Forgrave High Pressure Pete Worked Both Ways By George Swan Frank Merriwell at Yale Mr. X. X. Penderman By Hurt L Standish Muggs McGinnis Looks Are Deceiving 1 ! IT Vi:^^j ctNCrt^E N^"-^^ OX-ccu K^^fe 3 ^ «= Hl ^- ·tue TRUCK I" i s v E - C V A v N G T O OO V'S FOR. BETH #VVV K\H -To STAND WE MVGHT W*J=. To VOASAT IT'S OuROWOY HOPS.. MOVJ VJE'LU -SPOT ms OF THE AV-UEV 1' LI- -STiV* HERE. . OS -SEARCH HIS. IT 1 5 (SETTlNfc, 616 WOK6 ME GOT OP ABLE TO GET VOUR, AM, AM DEu THS SECRET To CATCH UP WITH ENDING AS Wtt SlWS SWP I'LL MEUEfL FORGET THIS MR MAV THE POUT AT THE SM\e TRERE. W/ITM VE.R AVoOTM oPEt-A PoR? UooK AA\AZ£D ! T - -^ try By Wally Bishop Copyright, 1934,' by Central Press Association, Inc. HUSTLE BACK TO HQUNSNOOD- RETA-- VIG'RE AU_ st_r TO START WOOTIMS ANW PICTURE,' I'M PUTTING PHIU IN MN NEW~ ^|| PICTURE -- THERE'S A.OCN-- (\L. HE^ GOT WHAT" i VOICE - THAT C«EAM purr = SIULN -- PUQUCini TALVC-- HES So DUMO HE THINKS- A PUASTEtt. CAsr VAIN THE AftTOrJ. VOUflE" 6NQKQEO Td J LISTEN)-HES m CCH L -^QU M AN VAMP 'EN 1M THE FIL.MS - By Paul Robinson THE TUTTS By YOUNG BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray, ^V v --; FACES THE TERRO/iS OF THE JAGUAR PIT, MANCO AND TOCTA BENT OH HIS RESCUE, SCALE THE * SLOPIMG WALLS OF THE HOUSE OF FEAR. VVHIWL ^OK!N6^ OVER A Rcv\DStfefc IN THE AWo SHOW .BMP COULDN'T OVERCOME His 5ocw-iEWDEM:iEs , HURRY, TOCTA .WHILE ,~THE PIT IS UNGUARDED.' MANGO/ NOW I A, CHANCE.'O! Maybe Yes, Maybe No Implored tearfully. "Now then, don't gii'e way--you be a brave girl!" He forced her to drink, and emptied hia own glass. He was perfectly calm and apparently in no hurry at all. "Can you hear them on the other side? They're boxed up liko sardines! When that curtain falls, the shutters close hermetically, the electric light is cut o£f, and it's pitch dark. An impenetrable fortress r rom without, a prison from within. Nat bad, eh? Raoul's the boy!" But Clara did not seem at all enthusiastic. "And now," continued Raoul, : 'now for green fields and freedom and the repose all honest citizens lave the right to enjoy when they've done their work!" (TO BE CONTINUED) Students Winning Declam at Greene Are Announced GREENE, Feb. 17.--Winners In the. local high school declamatory contest at the high school audi- :orium Wednesday night were: Ora- :orical, Shadrach Davis; dramatic, Smma Jane Stiider; humorous Charles Stevenson These pupils will enter the district contest at Marble Rock Feb. 24. Not a single authority quoted In print tells you the right wine to ise with hot dogs.--Davenport Times. Note to the CWA: Provide work for colored women of the south, too, and there will be a fine market for washing machines.--Dnhnque Tele- grnpIi-Hcrnld,

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