Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 20, 1952 · Page 1
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 1
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North Iowa's Doily Newspaper Edited tor th« Horn* CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE " T H I N l W S f A F I k T H A T M A K I S A L L N O R T H I O W A N S N I I G H I O R V HOME EDITION VOL. L V 1 I I Associated 1'res* and United Press Full Lease Wires Five CenU a Copy) MASON CITY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 19S2 Thin Taper Consists of Two Section*--Section One No. 27t Soviets to Reorganize Commie Party Ike Calls for Course "Down the Middle" Asks Americans to Reject Extreme "Left and Right" By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower' delivers the first frankly political speech of his campaign Wednesday--a major ad- ress calling on America to reject both the "extreme left hd right" and follow a course "squarely down the middle." The Republican presidential nominee flies from Denver , AP Wirej!iolo NO DELIGHT TO RIVAL BEAUTIES --Dark-haired Gunzeli Basa'r, Miss Turkey who won the title of Miss Europe at Naples, Italy, displayed only the charms visible in this pre-contest pose to win over her disgruntled xivals. Gunzeli's refusal to appear in a traditional Bikini bathing suit for final judging brought challenges from Miss France and Miss Germany. Iran Reds Continue Attacks on Soldiers TEHRAN, Iran {#} --In a renewal'of-assaults on U. S military personnel, six Americans including two lieutenant colonels, were attacke'd Wednesday by Red-inspired Iranian; as the 'Americans drove through Tehran's streets. . , One of them---M. Sgt. Paul Goodwin, of the U.S. Embassy Staff was struck on the* arm by a cabbage. Army officials said he was the only American hit. i An official U. S. Army Mission report said the first attack occurred at 8:20 a. m. when Lt. Col. William B. Stelvenmullcr left the offices oE the U. S. Information Service to go to the Iranian War Ministry. When his car paused in traffic a large rock crashed through the rear window. Ten minutes later a sedan carrying Lt. Col. Ben Legare and Maj. Milan Eiott .vas hit by two bricks near Istanbul St. where an American sergeant was stoned Tuesday. At about the same lime, Goodwin, driving along Stalin St. near the Soviet Embassy, was struck by the cabbage. The'final incident occurred when M. Sgt. Maxie Page and Pvt. Stephen I. Langlie, riding in an army truck, were stoned by three persons standing on Stalin St; "' Maj. Gen. Wayne Zimmerman, head of the U. S. Military Mission, said routine measures were being taken to keep ar/rriy personnel out of congested _are'ns and other places where they-would be conspicuous. Ther.e' also were unconfirmed reports that American soldiers had been ordered to "make themselves .as scarce as possible" around Tehran so as not to be targets for Leftists who apparently were working on a definite plan to make it hot for Americans here BULLETIN PARIS UP--The 14 members of the North Atlantic Alliance pledged anew today to raise 50 divisions in West Europe by the end of 195? because the threat of Russian aggression has not abated. r-- All About- The Weather Mason City: Mostly cloudy with oc casional showers or thunder storms Wednesday afternoon Partly cloudy and cooler Thurs day. Iowa: Mostly cloudy with scattere showers or thunderstorms cen tral portion, slightly cooler north 'west and continued warm an humid southeast Wednesday al ternoon. Thursday fair to parti cloudy, cooler east and 'south. Minnesota: Generally fair an cooler Wednesday night. Thurs day fair. Globe-Gazette weather d a t a up t 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 20. M a x i m u m 86 M i n i m u m At 8 a.m. ·Precipitation Year Ago: M a x i m u m M i n i m u m 69 74 .48 78 57 Money Experts Surprised at Less Business Taxes WASHINGTON UP)--Congressional money experts expressed surprise Wednesday at President Truman's estimate that direct taxes on corporations this fiscal year will yield three billion dollars less than he had figured in his budget seven months ago. However, nmong the few lawmakers available for comment on the revised budget estimates released Tuesday night, none challenged the possibility that the drop- back point has been reached. Rep. Daniel A. Reed of New York; ranking Republican on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, said it had been evident to him for some time that retail business has been lagging. He observed that such a condition wild hardly exist without a back- lift on manufacturers. The Budget Bureau's cstimat of government income has ru rather consistently lower than a Lual receipts in most recent years In his new look at the budge Truman figured that not only r ceipts but spending and the yea end deficit are coming clown. Fo the fiscal year · which ends ne: June 30, he lowered his eslimal of receipts from 71 billion dollar to $68,700,000,000; of expenditure from $85,400,000,000 to 79 billion do lars; a.ul of the deficit, from $14 400,000,000 to $10,300,000,000. One exception to the downtren was individual income taxes whic will bring in about 33'/4 billion do lars, or half a billion more tha the January estimate. T r u m a n currently estimated tha corporation taxes wiil bring $24,800,000,000 instead of $27,800 000,000. o Boise, Idaho, where--after* onferring w i t h Republican' pvernors. of 10 Western states-- j plans to make his speech (G p. . CST) from the capitol steps. Eisenhower's talks with'the gov- rnors deal with Western prob- ms--reclamation, · soil conserva- on, water power. But his speech terin the day is all-American in cope, aimed at the voters of all I states. In an unusual advance statement, Arthur H, Vandenberg Jr., IB general's executive secretary, aid in. his address Eisenhower ill: Denounce leftist political groups or trying to claim that their way s the only way to achieve "agreed ocial goals." Down the Middle Contend that the best method of caching some goals upon which mericans are agreed -- employ- icnt and good wages, old age ecurity, better education, belter ousing, protection of the rights f labor' stable agriculture--is to follow a course squarely down he middle, rejecting both the ex- remc right and extreme left." Charge that the present admin stration is offering new faces bu' he same old arguments which claim that the only solutions to pressing problems are "schemes ike the Brannan Farm Plan, so cialized medicine, and bigger anc more centralized government." Vandenberg's reference to t middle ground course and rejec ion of both the extreme right anc eft recalled advice given to Eisen lower recently by Republican av. Val Peterson of Nebraska. "Great Ground" Peterson told newsmen at the ime that he had advised the gen ral that the "great ground o America" was where the votes are. He said Eisenhower ought to gnore the extremes. Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois he Democratic presidential can lidale, hid from public and poll icians on a timbered retreat near dinocqua, Wis., taking a brief res jefore plunging back into the cam paign Friday. There were indications he wil open a . W e s t e r n tour with a speech Sept. 5 in Denver, Eisen lower's headquarters. State Primaries State primaries i n N e w Y o r l and Wyoming gave voters workout. Returns showed: New York--Four incumbent Re publican congressmen won renom nation and two fell by the way side. Hottest race in the stat bund Rep. W. Sterling Cole win ning easily over Edwin A. Hall in the realigned 37th District. Wyoming -- Assistant Secretary of the Interior Robert R. Rose hat comfortable lead over four op ponenls in the race for Democrat c nomination for U. S. represcn tative at large. In November h face Rep. William Harrison unopposed tion. for the GOP nomina Rockets Made to Carry Mail BREMEN, Germany (/PI -- Ger man scientists said Wednesda; they have perfected mail-carryin rockets--and assured Ihe worl .hat they will not be used to carr 3ombs. , "Our experiments have on] peaceful purposes," said Alber Pucllenbuerg, head of the Gcrma Society for Rocket Research. He declared that his society' experiments have now reached th point where they would be able t set up rocket mail service ove short distances "at any time." SAME DATE--1751--3SS (Black tin mcani traffic te*lh Im pill 2* houri) Two Students Die in Crash Near Waterloo Crystal Lake Girl to Have Graduated WATERLOO -- T w o Iowa Stntc eachcrs College students, one ol horn was a Crystal Lake girl who as to be graduated Friday, were illed and two others injured whci teir car struck a cement culvert nd overturned Tuesday nig^ht. Fay Iverso'n, 19, daughter of Mr nd Mrs. Hans Iverson of Crysta iake, died enroute to a hospital. Richard Spry, 17, of Waterloo river of the car, was thrown lot ect from the car and killed out ight. Injured Mary Clay of Hampton and Mary ane Te Duidestes of Davcnpori )0th .19, were injured. Miss Cla was reported in fairly-good cond ion and Miss Te' Duidestes in sc rious , condition - Wednesday. The are in a Waterloo hospital. . Authorities reported the car wa passing another vehicle at a ra crossing on Highway 57 just riort Waterloo when it slammed int he culvert and rolled over fiv imes before coming to rest in ; ield. All four passengers wcr brown from'the car. Crystal Lake relatives were in ormccl that the young persons ha een nt a drive-in theater 'just be ore the accident occurred. . R u r a l School Miss Iverson was just complelin. ler teachers' training course nm vns to have started teaching in rural school near Spencer this f n l l 5he was a graduate bf the Crystn -iake High School with the class .o 951. ' Miss Iverson was one of a famii; of 14 children and is survived b; icr parents, four brothers and nin listers. The body of Miss Iverson is a he Boughton Funeral Home a Brilt where funeral rites are pent! ng. "A/o Truth" to Roughing Up of Swedes WASHINGTON . M l -- The Whil louse said Wednesday p r c l i m i n a r reports to it indicate "there is no one word newspaper of truth" in Sw'edis stories l h a t Margarc Truman's bodyguards roughed u Swedish citizens. Presidential -Secretary .Toscp Short told a news conference tha both the Stat a n d Trcasur d e p a r t m e n t are looking int the matter. He said thci first reports in tiicated t h a "nobody w a t o u c h e d , threatened, o anything else. He added: M A R G A R E T "Our prelim nary reports indicate there is no one word of truth in any of. the stories alleged to have been published in the Swedish newspapers. We, of course, haven't seen the Swedish newspapers, but wire service reports." Sen. Bennett (R-Utah) told reporters he wondered whether the whole furore "might h a v e been engineered by Communists" for propaganda purposes. "Miss Truman is a very nice young woman and I have never, never heard of Secret Service men throwing their weight around and . . ' . . . - - . : , . - : · ; , . A P Wlrophoto LONELY LHTLE TOTS--Ten-month-old Margaret Johnson (left), and her brother, Terry Lee, 2, appear lonely and bewildered in Chicago as they sit on the steps at St. Vincent's Orphanage. Police aaid the children's mother, Charlene Johnson, 18, left them with a neighbor last Saturday and failed to return for them. Severe Storms Strike State Northeast Part Hardest Hit by Ram, Hail NEW HAMPTON--A heavy rninj fiail nnd windstorm shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday caused.thousands of dollars da mage lo .crb"(?s 'JH.* a lath two miles w i d e ' f r o m n'fear M'ushuu' to a point soulheast-'of Fredericksburg, and caused a washout on the Milwaukee tracks miles east of here. From 16 .0 20 cars of a Milwaukee freight train were derailed. At New Hampton about ]25 phones were out of commission. Insurance companies were already getting m a n y calls staling that crops were flattened. Cropi Ruined Hoy West, farmer south of Ionia, said alJ the crops on his place were ruined. Rainfall in this area was reported as high ns 3'/j inches. Fredericksburg reported r a i n f a l l there totaled 2.8 inches. Albert Schneider, who lives five miles south of New Hampton, reported a silo on his farm was blown down. On the Orin Sullivan farm four miles south of New Hampton, a aarn was blown down. Because of bnd telephone communications it was impossible to get reports immediately from other farms in the area which had similar losses. There were no early reports of injuries. Other parts of Iowa also reported strom d a m a g e . Delaware County, in Ihc northeastern p a r t of Ihc stale, apparently was the center of the storms. E0g Silt Hailstones ranging up to the'size of Inrgc eggs fell in the Delhi area southeast of; Manchester. Corn fields and soybeans were heavily damaged and m a n y trees wcrn stripped. One report said the wind was so strong that it caused drifts of hailstones in some areas. The weather bureau also said there was hail in the Charles City area. Approximately two inches of rain fell at Manchester, Delhi, Cre.sco and Decorah. acting like commented. gangsters," Bennett New Gl Rights Hit Legal Snag WASHINGTON UP -- The new GI Bill of Rights went into effect Wednesday, offering Korean war veterans education and training al jovernmcnt expense. The program, however, has hit a temporary legal snag that may leave" veterans paying their own school expenses at the start. Veterans Administration officials warned former servicemen head ing for school not to expect govern ment checks right away. One VA official said Korean war veterans probably won't get their cheeks until two months after they enter schoof. UN Fighter-Bombers Hit Huge Commie Supply Base SEOUL, Korea UP--United Nil-* ions fighter-bombers ; and carrier j'asecl Navy planes struck n huge Communist troop nnd supply base it Namyaiig o n - t h e . Korean West ast Wednesday, leaving 300 luildlngs H mass of fhi me and explosions. · · ' . ' ' ' · ' ' Navy planes from American carriers cruising oft the East Coast veru the first to swoop down on ,hc target with bombs, napaJm, ·ockcts und m a c h i n e gun fire. Thunderieti They were followed by F-84 Thunderjcts, F-80 Shooting Stars and Marine and Australian fighler- jombcrs. . ..American Sabre jets fought five battles with Communist MIG-15 els during the day nnd claimed one of the Russian-built fighters damaged. O th c r destroyed or damaged claims awaited confirmation. Tons of bombs slammed into the Red base at N a r n y n n g , 10 mile,? southwest of Sukchon. Dead-Eye* Dead-eye Allied bombers hit several ammunition stores. Five arge explosions were reported. The fllh Air Force said 200 sorties were made on the target. A sortie is one combnt flight by one airplane. It did not disclose whether N n m y a n g was one'oC the '8 North Korean cities and towns narked /or a t t a c k b y Allied planes. Quintuplets Born to Brazil Woman SAO PAULO, Brazil («-- Hoi- plt»l authorities h«r« report that · 34-year-old women gave birth to girl quintuplet! Tuesday night. Doctors said th«y stand a good chance of surviving. Th« bible*, weighing letf'than three pounds.eecK, wcr* born in th« ipaca of three hour* in th« interior village of Sao Carlos, authorities laid. The parents are Jose Albano, 3S, a Negro laborer, and his wife, Maria. The mother and her five babies were brought to Sao Paulo Hospital. The infants were'placed in an Incubator. Dr. Francisco Su- cuplra of the ho»pital staff said the babies appeared in good health. Dagmar Almost Out of Business SALISBURY BEACH, N. H. UTt-- Dagmar, busty television and nigh club star, narrowly escaped injury Wednesday when a bow on he dress caught fire ns she leanei over an outdoor barbecue. Her husband, Danny Dayton, sul fcred slight burns as he crushcc out sparks. "It nlmost put D a g m a r out show business," he commented. Mario Giannini, President of Bank of America; Dies SAN FRANCISCO UP -- Lawrence Mario Giannini, president of ;he Bank of America nnd one of the nation's last f i n a n c i a l giants, died Tuesday night after n lingering illness. He was 57 years old. The c h i e f executive of the world's l a r g e s t bank," w h o fought vigorously against government control of the gigantic empire his i m m i g r a n t father had built up, died at 71:25 p.m. Giannini's physician, Dr. Lcroy Brooks, w h o a t t e n d e d h i m a t F r n n k l i n Hospital, said the f i n a n - cier apparently died of n heart attack. G i a n n i n i was in an oxygen tent and had been in critical condition for several days. Giannini's death came less than four years nftcr the death of his father, Amadeo Peter Giannini, an Italian i m m i g r a n t who came to this country ns n pauper and lived to become one of its most powerful financiers. The elder Giannini founded the Bank of America which revolutionized banking methods and later formed the controversial West To Set Up Another 5 Year Plan First Congress in 13 Years MOSCOW W^-The Soviet Unipn't ruling Communist P a , r t y announced Wednesday , that it will hold its first party congress in 13 years on Oct. 5 to give the party a sweeping reorganization and set up n fifth 5-year plan to increase Soviet industrial output 70 per cent by the end o£ 1955. A decree o[ the party's central committee, published in all Moscow papers, said the party's top control body, its Politburo, would e replaced by °a "presidium" hich would have the function 'of guiding the work of the party entral committee between scs- ons.'" New Statute .The changes in party orgahiza- on are provided in a new statute , o be taken up by,the congress. It is clear that the new presl- ium of the central committee will ave as .much or perhaps even ' rioro importance ' than the, pres? nt Polltlburo, it as! also conceiy- · ble -- indeed, probable-- th'at, it" will ave much ^he'same^'composjtlon. However, 'not until after, the ^ new tatutes are adopted, by the^com- ng loth party congress iruOctober nd the election oft the 'newj central ommittcc will, the !makeup'6t th« rosidlum' be '^ known. ^ » , ' * · ' , ? Under the new statutes, the sec- ' ·ctariat'of Jhe' central commute* ipparenlly retains much thVsame 'unctions as'l under the v ' previous, itatutes, but the new- central committee theoretically · cin ,, mak* changes in this 'respect; ,too: The Politburo, deriving its power .heoret!cally,frorn the central com- nittcc of the Communist Bartyjjis n fact the ruling bqdy^f the Soviet Jnion, and thus ot' world Com'mu- ifsm. It is made up" of, .Prime Minister Joscph'IStalhv party gen- ral secretary, and JO others! plus number of alternate members, and has wielded unquestioned au- horily under Stalin. The new statutes also provide for :hangitig the two-decade-old,name of the party from the All-ynion Communist Party Bolsheviks to, the 'Communist Party "of the Soviet Union."- ' ' 0 , Western observers here consid- red -the meeting 'would be the most important held in 'the Soviet Union since the end of World War I. Major Event In Western capitals officials and observers also saw the scheduling of the party Congress as a major event, though they were re- uctant to immediately speculate exactly what it might mean. For ome time Westerners have considered that the failure of the Sovet Communists to call a party convention indicated possible weaknesses in the party structure at lome. Wednesday's announcement could mean that Russia's Communist rulers now feel they are strongly enough entrenched to face the party members. The announcement included directives the Congress will be asked to approve for the new, fifth five- year economic plan. This, the party decree said, would cover the years 1951 through 1955. The directives, which are expected to be the basis of the new economic goals the Soviet government will set, call for total Soviet industrial production to increase 12 per cent annually. By the end of 1955, tolnl output would be 70 per cent greater than in 1950. As with previous Soviet economic announcements, Wednesday's pronouncement dealt only with percentages. The proposed directive gave no tonnages or other production quantities. M A R I O G I A N N I N I Coast banking combine known a TransAmerica. In later years Lawrence fough side by side with his father agains government "attempts to smas TransAmerica on the grounds i was a monopoly. Morrell Workers End Contract OTTUMWA W-- Officials of the John Morrell and Company pack-. ing plant of Ottumwa have been notified that the CIO Packinghouse Workers Union will terminate the existing contract between the union and the- company Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Morrell officials Tuesday received a one-sentence letter giving 24 hours notice of the contract termination. The 'letter/ signed by, five members of the : union's bargaining board, gave no reason loir the action.

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