The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 1, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, October 1, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 2SG. Gettysburg, Pa., Wednesday, October 1st, 1913. Price Two CeaUu COAT, SWEATERS ' With ; Shawl Collars For Men and Women TAKES ALCOHOL TO END HER LIFE REFUSED CANDY, ACCIDENTS TO NOVEMBER COURT SHOOTS SISTER! COUNTY PEOPLE JURORS DRAWN LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.Uu Childrens 7 Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. 1 ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" · . · i i i ! Miss Margaret Houck, of Biglerviile,! Little Boy. o nI Y 5 Years Old.Shoots; Boy Falls Forty Feet from Shellbark j Twenty Four Grand Jurors and Thir-! Correspondents send in Many Items ! Makes Unsuccessful Attempt to; his Sister, aged Twe!ve, at their! Tree and is Badly Hurt. Rabbit! ty Eight Petit Jurors Drawn for- of Interesting News from their End her Life. Found after Several | Hours' Search. = Home Hear Emmitsburc. Loses her Arm. ff ! The victim of extreme r.ervousnc-ss. f with « er daughter's, arm bandaged Causes Another Accident. Woman Steps on Tin. Serious accidents have befallen November Sessions County Court. of Adams Respective Towns. Personate and Many Brief Items. On Tuesday these jurors were drawn f = I said to .iti-isii ui CAtrcs::*- i;c~ -MUSE;*^::?. ; ° " , - , , - . - x~ t ,*.*· have been caused bv her work ! to stop the Sow of b-ood, and held jAdanls County peopl-e cunns tne pas-ror Xovember term of Court. -_-_. ;,- , loni.- hx- 3 f««v Ktramenr*. Mrs. Robert; few days and several ol them are re- GR--.AD JL'Ri as a telephone onerator, Miss Mar- {only ay a few ligaments. Mrs. Robert pew aays and several ol them are jgaret Houck, the "seventeen vear old | Mitch, colored, drove fro- her home.) covering irom dangerous injuries. ! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles j several miles from Emrnitsburg into j I-tll torty i-eet Houck, of Biglerviile, took a large, quantity of wood alcohol Tuesday af- j amputate the arm GRAXD JURY C. H. Bit'cinger, merchant Berwick. E. J. Baumgardner, farmer, Liberty. ARENDTSVILLE Arendisvilla -- On last Sunday even-Ing 3Ir. Samuel Bushman gave a very j interesting lecture in the Reformed ! church of this place. Mr. Bushman lec- 01 as.' , . n-hter, · ^rs. Frank \Vagaman, of near Ab- ] C. B. Dougherty, ice mi r. Gettysburg. ° ' ' " ' - - - - . -- ~ . . -WALTER'S THEATRE AMERICAN TIIAXIIOUSES. " CALAMITY ANXS TAKES A TRIP " Calamity, iiov.- rich, L- iHyovcrfl u.- a ion^ »·«£ coa-i:i by two T.:siu= ih"iu :it Venice ,Ca.L, ri]e; an-I ri«It=:, shoots out the li^ht I'eck of fun. A WESTERN Comply "FOKOIVE US OUI: TRESPASSES" A wonderful story ni the «ire anil rail that -.vis! i,!:tke you rather be there then in that, division gapcrincwj THE POLITICIAN · MAJESTIC- Drama With Ann Drtw und L.a:iiar Johr Show Starts j.45 Adsisi-asiaa 5s. \ the town, and there had the nhysicians ] Maurice, the young- son of Mr. and j J. A. Deardor-f, fruit farmer, Franklin ; tured to a large and appreciative au-- - -- .. ~ ~ ~ . . - ~ . " dience holding the undivided attention while for two hours he will be hear Mr. future. He of rare ! Miss Houck left her home on York i M.-O :n«i, She I street, Biglervsile, where the Bell ex-! gent-rally hasa ! c }, aR g e ; s located, about three o'clock J^-"6 " ar * °~ ner in the afternoon and went to the home- j °rotner The little girl had returned from ! Bridge o? kis nose were broken; hisjG. F. Hemler, nifr.. McSherrystown. | curios that he gathered on his several T ^ - » » -i » 1 - 1 _ - * Iir»c- tni*r finn Q rsr! «Sr. c:?:r;»«rse.n inTA*--! 5 T) "\fAVsrtncr r»\fV T.ifTrlfr'crA'OL-n ! rrin?? sbroad and Olir DGOole WCre Jv and while vet In -P s split open, and he sustained Inter-! S. D. Mehring. mfr., Littlestown. horr-e was a=xed bv he^' na * injuries, which caused him to loselG. W_ Parr, cigar mfr.. Littlestown. straight you »-e- ie a bottle of v cohol in the cellarway- The is used bv 3Irs. Cronise for the our- ; rne ' ur :shct i-on^^ fused and the little fellow then stated, -o -- -' ! -=-=, r !"- alcohol; a - r about a cuart of blood. Dr. W, F. Hoi- linger, of Abbottstown, was summoned, and rendered all possible relief. WKI. J, Rickro-Je, farmer, Germany. I. H. Routsong, farmer, Tyrone. D. Calvin Rudisill. farmer. Mt. Joy. j crips abroad and our people were i much interested in them. i From one single vine David Thomas I Esq. got four sweec po'tatoes of which · the combined weight was eight pounds. P H O T O P L A Y KALEM LUB1N KALEM WESTERN THE RAIDERS FROM DOUBLE L RANCH Kalem Western The deadly feud between siie^p-b-rd(;rr- a:nl catt!--!iie" a'::!O=t r'j?ult.= in a tragedy. With RUTH ROLAND in the it-sunn- nart. THE WRONG- HAND BAG * Labia Comedy Twov/oaien lii-in^-jrsdeby side, haie hand- bass alike and when the one loies her ba^- =he blames the other for =p=-al:ii" it THE WAITER'S STRATEGY ' Dose of heating irons and the bottle ! sr | is csuaUv kept at this place. After \ she v/as IO ° !ale TO escape from mm. | pouring out the contents into a turn- | The gun was discharged and the ! bier Miss Houck went us-stairs to a [ !oaci entered the right arm near the bedroom, locked 'che door and then en- j shoulder. The arm hung by a few liga- tered a closet where she drank the I -^ents and bled profusely. The parents !"· C** th ? s i-en^a*--- a*-d late*-1 The unfortunate young man is in a S. G. Spangler. fert. mir.. Gettysburg, j On her ninetieth birthdaj- last Sat"" ' " ' ' i-.-ery is J. F. Stailsmith, carpenter.Cumberland j arday, Mrs. Lucy Comfort received WTn. Seasley, laborer, Littlestown. w:th pointed at the sister. ·f-, the j serious condition but his reco an( j j expected- liquid- She soon lapsed into a state of an- [ consciousness'and did not again re- j -'-Other then started with the gain her senses until about half past j Emmitsburg. ten in the evening, after having been \ under the influence of the seven hours- Dog Causes Accident Lewis Overbaugh, residing above Me. Rock, was thrown from a farm wagon while at work at his home sustaining painful injuries and severe ·of the child who"were home rushed to bruises on his body. ilr. Overbaugh, {was engaged in hauling manure from barn to a nearby field, when a dog '·I to ' which accomD£aied the team chased The was taken-to the ofnce oil | quite a number of birthday greetings. Edward Stailsmith., clerk, BigServille. Geo. W. Smj-ers, farmer, Huntington. Daniel Wheriey. farmer, Conewago. A. P. Wagoner, merchant. New Oxford Roy Walker, farmer, Mi_ Joy. Robt. B- Weaver, farmer. Strabar:. PETIT JURY Dr. Wm. E. Wolff and wife were at Philadelphia last week where he attended the State medical convention, held there. They also spent several days in Atlantic City, N. J. Mrs. A. Laura Pettis is spending · several davs in Phi!adelthia this week. Elaine Beamer. farmer, York Springs. Paal D - Wierman has gone to Lan- ° Carev Beamer, laborer Franklin. ooison for : ^ r - Brooke I- JamlsoUj and as; j bv Dr. John B- Brawner and Dr. Lubln Comedy i seven Hours. ^ Tne old waiter, at whose table a voan^ pa ir comes nearlv c-rerv- niche, uses a \ Miss Hoack's absence from her home p-one, ne amputatea tile arm. Ine bring things about as" they* w'ish them. " ' i was noted about half oast four and a ehi!d v '" as Iater taken T0 a Frederick "^* _ -»-i ·« r* -t ~ up a rabbit. The horse became fright- Harvey D. Brear-i, gent. Gettysburg. ened and ran away, throwing the ] Charles H. Benner. laborer. Mt. Jov. i driver on the endgate of the wagon, j Joseph E. Carbaugh, laborer, Oxford. THE JOY Pathe Ccmedv Harry was the chanSer for a banker and one tnorainir while dnvinsr the car he spattered Flossie with mud. To -make amends he took her f me r . er for a JOT ride, and for t^ the speed law, -- After servin^thirty days, he asain met Flossie, but his' wife als et her. Harry iia="not beoa joy riding since. or- also AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and over-coats has begun no'-': fat the man fortanare enough to be a patron of The Shop knows that he need not seek any lurtlier. Ocr Lancisome and elegant fabrics art'av.Minncr your choice and ocr " we will raanner a" can only w 'lone: when you :iae made by search f6r her was staked. Two hours ; institution by Dr. Jamison and she will later when the door to one of the bed- ! be "* treatment there- rooms at the Cronise home was found j · to be locked.. Harry Cronise.. an uncle j SOME HAZING STORY of the yoang lady, went or. a ladder [ ,, ~ . TO to the window and at once saw'- urld Gettysburg Hazing Account what had occurred. The unconscious ' Coraes from Hagerstown. form of his niece y«s found lying on | Says rhe Eagerstown 3Iail: -Lau- the noor of the closet, the door of | which -was partly closed. The rambler -was'xonnd bv her side. fSt =-y!es are np-to-the-ailmite ana A^ 5; a::.: flnssh VOKL- o-irn: in a S ran Sowers, of this'cirr. son empty i and Mrs oi Mr. enter-j t Dr. A. C. Bice was called. Cut By Tin Sirs. Eugene Little, of McSherrystown. who severely cut the sole of her left foot on a piece of tin, while eom- ing down stairs about two weeks ago is improving. It was feared that blood poisoning would develep bu'c this has been checked. Dr. A. C. Rice is the attending physician. Eecovering Mrs. Robert Harcnian. residing near J. R. Darone. undertaker, East Berlin. Wm. S. Duttera, tanner, Gettysburg. John G- Frey. painter. Union- Jacob Guise, farmer. Straban. A. A. Gruyer, drover. EastJBerlin. Christian Gephart. geat. Mt-PIeasant. Wm. M. Gilbert, rcer.. New Orcford. G. Y. Hemler. gent. McSherrystown. G. R- Julius, mfr., Littlestown. C. H. Klepper. merchant, Arendtsville. H. C. Lady, teacher, ^irendtsville. J. D. Moose, farmer, Butler township. i caster to attend Franklin and Marshal! college and his brother, J. Guyon Wierman, is attending Gettysburg College. Mrs. Edward Raffensperger and her granddaughter, Miss Merna Sheely, spent part of last week with relatives in Harrisburg. Harry Heiges, of Harrisburg, spent part of last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Heiges. Dr. J. H. Hildebrand was summoned and four hours later Miss Houck shov.-- .! ed Gettysburg College as a i 1 reshman. i juries which she sustained on. Tuesday i. is recovering nicely from the in- \ J. E. Melhom, farmer, McSherrystown ! gives a heart breaking account of the' when she was dragged by a mule. Her Wii M. Seiligman, Cash Taylor. On September 16tb, -we will inaugurate A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. i rrav he was hazed almost the firs'c dav ; injuries were not serious- consciousness, j.^^ landed in _ be ^o^^^i j j V. hen she -was able to talk one of the i _ 0 _,-, · first -1 ed signs of returning landed t town. He had heard before he entered i jSrst_cuestions asked was why she had | :hat tha _ school ^. as a gjeatplace for! | taken the poison and her answer was j · nz ^- ifr fr^ i;^ ' ' simply r 'Everything." 7 2Tor several months she had been THERE EVERY DAY very nervous due. it is said, to close attention to duty as operator at :g. but little attention was oaid to ' More Pupils Perfect in Attendance it. He" thought that if he kept real I during First Month. quiet he might get off easv, but he her ! t "n Ous: ht wrong. Pleasant Dale School. £.dna \. Mil- 31 In the Display or Suit fabri.-s for autnnjn. now rea-Iy at the jj= LIPPY STORE \£ i == I second niarht that he was there ! ler? teacher: Isabel ar.d Lela Gulp, the Bell exchange in Biglerviile. | he heard someone rap on his door I Luella i-»^ er . Verr -a Hummer. Huaa This afternoon the patient was re- | a i on£r -fo e m idni«rht hour and getting j ciuck - J Iar S ie Hummer, ilae McCaus- ported to be resting satisfactorily and j UD £ e found a ^^r- of upper c j ass _ | lin.. Muriel Myers. Carrie Slaybaugn. her recovery is expected- i ^^ armed with, a bucket and box and ' John Cluck. John and v» illiam Shank, he wondered what on earth -- ,,,,;,.«.! Boberc Hotrman. Clyde McCausIin. J. M. ZMcKimm. landlord. 3fc. Pleasann. S. A. 3Iiller. cigarmaker. Berwick. Wm. Money, laborer.Straban townshio Edward Murrin, farmer. Cor.ewago. Joseph Oaster. laborer. Conowago. J. W. T- Eammel. farmer. Straban. Wm. Kedding. farmer. Cumberland. J. Murray Smiley, gent. East Berlin. Wm- Scott, farmer. Highland- Chas. Schwartz, farmer. Mt- Joy. Ira Siusser. farmer, ilenallen. Howard Spangler. baker, Biglerviile. C. C. Spangler, merchant, East Berlin- York DRCttvNED Es HARBOR there is no roo-i for donor as to the correct iaei:on or true ouautj. =; I E Esrlv ciio^Iag is besc-clsoo-sa J. D. LIPPY Tailor. Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the--Vie£?ela music. People's and Huber's Drug Stores. lEdgemont Man Found [ Baltimore Barbor. was gong- to happen. He was not long in. finding oat, for In just a fe~." seconds he found _ ,,. , Gilbert CUID. " nanterstowa School, Ella M.Yeagy. ,-,. , ^-~ - L -- -,^ ·- Eav-ard ivson. orcharaist. Menalien. _ Tausrhinbaugh _ farmer _ Scraban " I Believed by his friends to have committed suicide, the body of Cabel! G. {a | Harter. 34 years old, of Edgemont. -who. for the last few weeks had been thev were -oouring molasses of the FOUGHT FIRE aid Raifensperger. Margaret Taughin- stiSest varietv on him and his head, jbaugh. Loviaa L.eer, Ralph and _ and after this was rubbed in -good, a Charles, Millhimes, Robert Matthev/s. Many Neighbors Lend a Hand to Save ttlestown. boarding at the home of his brother in *fj= on top Baltimore, was found floating in Baltimore harbor Tuesday nighc. only reason that can be assigned zor tne man's act is worry over domestic _ _ trouble- Harter, who was married, j= ! had been separated from his wife for = ;. some time, llrs- Harter is at present = | living vrith her mother at Bnena Visra. ot tfle raolssses - Roy Criswell and Earl Smith. Benders Church school, Grace L- Large Barn. Shortly before i night Patrolman S o'clock Jluesday ~ields. while walk- "Xow Laurar.'s hair, vrhich is of the i Spahr, teacher: Marie iireignner. golden fiax nature, and which he us- iiar ^" Siegrle. 3Iae Lady, Freda Miller. ualiv wears about six inches ions: and Blanche and Catharine j.aylor. -James TJrettilr draped, was one of the worst ^iegle, John .Lady, Calvin Eckert, Roy * " * ' t . j~,~ - J~. - -T7T- T r.' - 7^ SJgnts tnat ever human oemg gazea upon. He was then locked in the room I all night so that he conld not secure water or anything v.hich -would enable ir Guise. Walter Slaybaugh. 1 Walter Guise and J. Edward Keefauv- luirs to get tms ternole mixrcre out or = i ing along the pier at Pratt street, no- " -- i T.Tppn ;? rtarV nKif*ri- Tx-liTo'h aT^TVOO}.»«·« -rn i fc -- | ticed a dark object appeared to 1 his locks. All night long he had to walk the floor, for it was impossible = | be a body bobing up and down in the water. He notified the police boat, which went to the scene and pulled the man from the water. In his pock| ets was a letter, about S6-S5 in monev. j a gold watch arid several keys. j According to a brother of the dead I man. he left the house late Saturday __. j afternoon. That was the last time he « i7 " T~T ,j -, , -rr T-V TTJnL ·----- - | ^^^g seen a jj ve _ j- j s 533^ tn a r; on sev- have Money-Thats what You Do, When you get ieral occasions during the last few] Dr. Hudson OH tllO job. He don't farm you -with any un- ] weeks Harter had threatened to end T ecessary trips at your expense. That's not his reputation. · nis iife Any phone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. iniinnimuininni! ii for him to .lie dowr. on the stift mop that was once h:s crowning jrlorv- er. Glenwood School. Highland town- During this morning's rain and electrical storm a large straw stack on the farm of Henry Albert, tenanted by his son. John Albert, was struck by lightning. The farm which is located about a quarter of a mile from Hampton, was s^on tne scene of great activitv as neighbors gathered to help in sav- ship. Charity K. Jvnouse. teacher: Eva ] Sng the bam. All the contents of the McSHERRYSTOWN MsSherrystowii--Clarence Klunk, who is employed at Reading, sysat Sunday with his wife, at their home in. this place. , ...,--,.- . Mrs. George F. Bender and daugh- ;er, Janet, have returned front a few- days" visit to her daughter, Miss Hilda Bender, at the Millersville State Normal School: and friends in Lancaster. Mr. and Mrs. William Zinn and daughter. Mary, and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Palmer and daughter, Mildred, of Hanover, have returned from a visit at the home of Edward Simpson and family, at East Berlin. J. J. Bureh, a representative of the Hatters' Union, is registered at Hotel Columbus- On Monday he addressed the Cigar Makers' Union on the importance of union, work throughout ihe country. Mrs. J- B. Erepps and daughter, Mary. of.Philadelphia,_spent _Sunday__ with relatives and friends in town. Mrs- Mary Josephine Xorris, of St. Mary's county, Md.. is visiting friends at Conewago and McSherrystown. Misses Helen and Anna Case, of Westminster., spent Saturday and Sunday with Misses Mamie and Sue Poist, of Fourth street- Rev- J. J. Smyth, who was a former assistant rector at St. Mary's, and f or -he past few months had charge of a church at Allentown, has been assign- ·c as assistant to Rev. Germanus Sohl. at Conewago Chapel, to succeed Rev. Fr. ?.li!ner. who has been transferred to Shamokin. The change was Cassat., Margaret Ream. ?iary Ream, i structure were taken out and every ! Affected last Friday. Beuiah Myers, Lilliar. Weikert. Jesse | effort devoted to keeo the fiames from 1 Weikert, 3Iae Reinecker, Helen Sing- I ley, Fred Currer.s. Luther Jacobs, Les"The next he started'or. the p e Eeinecker and Allen Trostle. tremendous task of getting this mixture out; so worked all that day and most of the following night and he was compelled to p-Il out and cut off most of his hasr. ~d the head of the youth that was covered with I ng foliage nov.- looks like a w* town- V/HIPPED ICE CREAM j OIL cans given away. We will give ; away. Tvhile they last, one 15 cent oil LONG TERM school. Huntington ship. Violet H. Meals, teacher: J Koontz. Esther Paxtors, Pauline Rich- -svine. Pearl Heller, Ora Bream, Fannie Weidner, Muriel Paxton. Beulah * ( ,r I Group. Anna Koontz. Charles Tate. j * ! Euger.e Sniyers. Paul Groap. Ralph j Would ! Paul Koontz. Wiimor Miller, Harry" | Heller, Bruce Group, ar.d Will-am Glass. spreading to the building. For several htrjrs they battled but the closely stacked straw kept on burning and, at the hour of going to press, the fight was not definitely settled though chances were good for the workers- ASKS INJUNCTION Restrain 3Ian from Countrv Produce. Buvin? CHILDREN CAUGHT School Children Drenched br Sudden Downpour of Rain- This morcing's unexpected rain jaaght many Gettysburg school children as they were on. their way to take up the work of the morning session. Those caught belonged principally to the rooms in the Meade Building and. by a secret process: can foe made- PEACH. Xothlr^ Saer than this · OTer - _ VATflLLA, CHOCOLATE, toe qiart, l-5c pint." o ana J-Oc, a,plate- ' Sodas and Sundaes made with th:s 1 "GETTYSBURG'CANDY KITCHEN Post Office at Greenm our.t I):sconi!n- nc-d after Long Period. every cash sale of Sl.OO or j- ms County Hardware Com- ] Or, Tuesday the p-~st oince at Green- ·ernsement 1 {mount. In Freedom! township, was dis- ^_ 1 continued after having been in exis- rather than ran any of ] children's health, all risk with the the schools in In the Court of Common Pleas ._ ^....^ Adams County papers were filed Tucs- j :hat building were dismissed, resuin- MILLIXERY opening at Friday ar.d Saturday, October 3d and J !"^ 4th. Everybody welcome. --advertisement 3 day, praying for an injunction against. °^ Abbottstown, restrain- I r n l attie Roc ing work in the afternoon. After a two days" enforced vacation to allow fumigation the teachers and pupils In the s route j High Street building resumed their - - jood 1 -\vork at the morr.:nc: session to-day, win to "the Ei^h Street Produce Com- | " - . . . ! Jnff ailesec! t na 5 fie n ? d SOiG hlS TO together %v::n tse eouspnient and go RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT I THE Hub" Underselling Store will ] be closed from 6 p. m. Wednesday to i 6 p. m. Thursday on account of holi- ! day.--advertisement 1 I tence for many years. In April IS64 H. FOR SALE -- TO acres in Franklin? jLownship, handy to canning factory, 4-5 acres clear balance timber. All of this farm has been Jimed once and some twice within the past six years, running water, 60 apple trees good fruit land, bank barn, ^.^ ^ ^^ Dage .__ advertist . hog pen, etc., 7 room house with pantry, buildings all in «xxi conaition. water j| mnnt 1 * piped to the house «nd barn. This farm is right for fruit and the price is right. | "" 86 Acres in Franklin Township, 7-5 bearin- apples trees, some cheery and shellbark trees, about *I500 worth of timber, sood miming water throush farm al springs. S room hon=e wi;h hall, good bank bam. fine woil of water at house Yon will not make a mi.-Uke in Inlying th:~ pl.ue nt $1oOO. RUXK PECKMAX, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pa. N F M ' S P A P F R f l R C H i V E ® «-.- SEE advertisement of three fruit FRESH oysters daily. 30, 35, 40 cts. i Home made ice cream, vanilla, choco- j late, peach. John Strat, candy kitchen. 31 Carlisle St.--advertisement 1 P. Bighani took charge of the office and a year later was appointed pose- master which position he filled ever since, completing ahnost a half century of service in the Government employ. The office was in existence for some years before Mr. Bigham took up the work. The patrons or the office will flow be served fay tha carrier of Gettysburg rural rou'ce 3. MEN and boys wanted. Orrtanma Canning Company.--advertisement 1 WAGOX for sale. Order style of long- body clieap if sold at once. Hardware Company.- {pany of fianover or. .vlarcn IS. -advert:serr,ent 1 MILLIXERY opening Friday ar.d Saturday, October 3d and 4th, at Fairfield. All invited. HatXie McCreary,-advertisement 1 anv of bis routes- LOST: Monday, on York pike, about three miles from Centre Square, small grip. Finder will kindly return to Eagle Hotel and receive reward.--advertisement 1 THE Adams County Nursery offers a fine lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher, | proprietor. Bendersvilie Station: Aspers Post Office, Pa. --advertisement 1 OX account of holiday my store will be closed from G p. m. Wednesday to 6 -adver- p. m. Thursday, tisement O. H. Lestz.- 1 sale, once. LAXDIS harness machine for Will sell for $60,00 if sold at Adams County Hardware Company.-advertisement 1 ROOFIXG paper: we are closing out our $2.50, 3 ply Vera-tight Gravel Roofing for $1.50 par rols. Adams County Hardware Company,--advertisement I WOMEX and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement i .FWSFAPFR!

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