Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 23, 1954 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1954
Page 19
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Ptb. 73, 1954 Ma«on nit (ft, M»«on City, I Here and There- News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota ALEXANDER--Among those at tending the dedication of the re modeling of the Zion Reformcc Church near Chapin were the Hey and Mrs. B. T. Vander Woude Jr. Mrs. Simon Steffer,. Mrs. D. ii Schmidt, Mrs. Reka Blau, Mr. am Mrs. Philip Do Vries, Mr. and Mrs Peter Grids. DOWS-Mrs. Ray Filz is a patlcn in the Lutheran Hospital at Hamp ton, where she had major surgery BH1TT -- Kenneth Clark arrive home from service in Korea. Ho re ceivcd his discharge at C a m p Car son, Colo.-He and his wife will go to Fort Dodge in a couple of wc'ckh where he will take over his work as « telegraph operator for the M St. L. railroad. DOWS--Mr. and Mrs, Harry D Hograbc left recently for Tacoma Wash., to visit their son and daugh tcr-in-law, Pvt. and Mrs. Robert Hograbe. Pvt. Ilograbe is in service at Fort Lewis, Wash. CHARLES CITY--Mr. and Mrs G. C. Blunt have returned from a vacation in Florida. OSAGE -- Mrs. Ed Vickocil and J i m m y , accompanied by Mrs. Orland Rossum, returned from Louisvilla, Ky., where they visited the women's sister and husband, Mr and Mrs. C. R. Talbot. DOWS -- M r . and Mrs. Kenneth Krable are the parents of a son born-Feb. 12 in the Lutheran Hospital at Hampton. SCARVILLE--Mr.-aml Mrs. Hamlet Aloe and family of Glenvillc, Minn., moved recently to the Swan Greene farm. Mr. and Mrs. Greene moved to their new home in Klester, M i n n . THOMPSON-Mrs. Mnrlin Fisher returned home from the hospilal at Iowa City whfcre she had been a patient for two weeks for treat ment. GOODELL -- Mr. and Mrs. Mel Vcr Heist, Mrs. M. Schrimmingcr and Lula W i 1 k i n s went to Des Moines and visited Lester Wiltons nt the Veterans' Hospital. Earl Ruka of Des Moines, n local resident for many years, is also a treatment patient there. ST. ANSGAR--Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slindee left recently on a trip to Arizona where they will vacation for a couple of weeks. THOMPSON--M'r. and Mrs. Reyburn Hagenson are the parents of a boy born February 11 at the hospital at Buffalo Center. L A K E MILLS--Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis Helgeson are the parents of a daughter born Feb. 16 at Naeve Hospital, Albert Lea, Minn. GRAFTON--The Rev. A. J. Sec- ger was at Chicago attending a meeting of the Board for Christian Social Action of the American Lutheran Church. ALEXANDER -- When Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Myers were in Miami, Fla., recently they ordered a small alligator mailed to their youngest son, Kent. It arrived b air mail a few day/5 ago but wa dead, THOMPSON-Mrs. Veru Peter son nnd son, Douglas, spent a fev days at the University Hospital a Iowa City where Douglas went fo observation. WESLEY -- T h e Julius Studer and Andrew Gollners attended a; oil dealers' eonvcntion in DC Moines several days recently. THOMPSON -- Hal MoHoy re turned home from Thule, Green land, where he had been employe as it storekeeper foreman in churg of electrical warehouse for the pas nine months-. His wife and f a t n i l j have made their home in Thomp son while he was in Greenland OSAGE -- Mr. and Mrs. Bro'di Mitchell celebrated their 30th wed ding anniversary Saturday in con junction with t h e i r daughtc Mary's 16th birthday. DOWS -- Mr. and Mrs; Donald Watt and family have moved to a farm they purchased near Swale dale. ( Their children will attend the Swaledale school. KANAWHA--Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grabcr observed their 49th wed ding anniversary recently. SWEA CITY--Mr. and Mrs. Ale [Jishop, former citizens of Swc? City, now of Salem, Ore., cclc irated the 60th anniversary of their wedding recently. HAYFIELD -- Roberta Lackore daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. I) .ackorc, underwent a lonsilectomy at the Forest City hospital and ii recuperating at home. THOMPSON--Michael Copcland 2-year-old son of Air. and Mrs. Her bcrt Copeland, submitted to the removal of his tonsils and adenoids at the hospital at Buffalo Center. GOODELL--Mr. and Mrs. Arch - Conklin, Marjlyn, Tarry and Zelda, of Marion spent a few day., n the parental C. H. Conklin home and with, friends, the Roy John sons. ALEXANDER -- Mr. and Mrs Silert Modderman were honored recently on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary. BRITT -- Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Villiams have returned from our weeks vacation in Florida. CHARLES CITY -- Mrs. Hclene rlcCray and Mr. and Mrs. George Juckman arc vacationing in Florda. KANAWHA -- Mr. and Mrs. Vayne Ev^ins and daughter oi Spickard, Mo., were recent guests n the Ted Ahrcnds home. DOUGHERTY--T. C. Ryan left ·ecently for Seneca, 111,, to attend he funeral of his sister-in-law, Mrs. John R y n n . POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. Ivan 3. Hackbarth are visiting his irother-in-law and sister, Mr. and tfrs. Ted Nelson, and family at Vorlh Hollywood, Calif. THOMPSON -- Clem Flath re- urned home from Mercy Hospital n Mason City where he had been a patient for two weeks, having D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Quote e. BOX scientifically 9. Billiards shot 10. Dips out, as liquid 12. Polynesian cldnlt 13. Quarrel (colloq.) 14. Name adopted by 35 popes 17, Neuter pronoun 15. Places for buying ant} selling goods 20. Peep, narrow valley 23. Exclamation 25. Mine entrances 26. More wan 28. Enclosure 29. Public procession 30. Free time 33, River (Latvia) 3-1. To Id 38. Optical illusion 40. Welsh river 41. City in Turkey 42. Foreign ··(. Female sheep 45. A tie DOWN 1. Cavern 2. Persia 3. Toward 4. Type measure 5. Not tight 6. Adhesive mixture 7. Public notices 8. Enjoyed 9. Part of a locomotive 11. Place 13. Employ 15. Send forth, as rays 1G. A son of Jacob (poss.) 10. Unit of weight 20. Knock 21. City in Aus. tralia 2?. Any clirub« inff plant 34. Metal. lie rock 26. Young 1 salmoa 27. Scope 29. UnadulU crated 31. Silly 32. Medieval talcs 33. Wine receptacl« Mwt,a nra Aniwer 35. Double 36. Looked 37. Lair 39. Dampan,d chilly 42. Jcwisti month 43. Behold! 4t AO, |O 4*, Jfo 2-25 DAILY CBYPTOQUOTE-- Here's how to work it: A X V D f , B A A X 7 l i s L O N G F E J L - L O W One letter simply stands for another. In thii example A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophiei, the length and formation of the word* we all.WnU. Each day the code letters are different. ; A Cryptogram K A T A J A D O R O D D , B N A A M H S C J T A r W G D L . K V O , " R V E A S V J J W E N V T U U A : H N V X ' A K W - L V O"-- K U H B N. Yestertlny's Cryptoqiotc: LOR', BUT WOMEN'S TLB TO DEAL' WITH, THE FIRST MAN FOUND THAT TO »y Mint submitted to major surgery. Flath Js manager o£ Thompson Lumber Yards in Thompson, GOODELL-Mr. and Mrs. Richard Itust went to Ft. Dodtfe recent- . ly to attend Uio i'ujicral »f (he former's aunt, Marjorio Thompson. THOMPSON-PatrlcIa Ann Mason of Winficld lias been hired as the new kindergarten teacher beginning March l, succeeding Mrs. Eugene Hanson who recently resigned, DOUGHERTY-Charloile, small daughter of the Tommy Paulus, is in Iowa City and recently underwent surgery in the University Hospitals. . ST. ANSGAR-nichard Rose! son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Rosel, enlisted in the regular Army ant left Mason City for DCS Moines, then to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., where he wilt be stationed for a' time. HAYFlELD~Mr. and Mrs. liar ry Johnson a n d , son Garry of Al bert Lea, Minn., visited recently at the parental 0. L. Logifln home. Garry was recently disharged from the Armed Forces having completed two years, most oi which were spent in France. ^ WESLEY-- Henry Klein of Granville spent several days recently with his brother, Father L. N. Klein. GRAFTON-- Mrs. Roy Urbatsch eft for Lewistown, Mont,, where she will spend several weeks with icr daughter and family, the Dean trands. FOREST CITY -- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fox left recently to spend six weeks' vacation in St. Petersburg, L-'la., with their son and daughler- n-law, Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Fox. r. Fox is pathologist at Mound ark Hospilal in St. Petersburg. CHARLES CITY-- Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Loye, 102 Third Avenue, arc vacationing in Florida. GRAFTON-- Mrs. Richard Bartz accompanied her sister and hus- )and, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chris- ians, as far as DCS Moines to visit icr daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cy Ungs. Mr. and Mrs. Chris- lans continued on their vacation trip to Phoenix and Tucson, Arl/ They will also visit their son, Don aid, at Denver, Colo. SWEACITY-Mr. and Mrs. Osca ,Bergeron welcomed friends at a open house reception held at tlwi home, the occasion being the 4011 anniversary of Ihcir wedding THOA1PSON--Mr. and Mrs. Clar encc S v c 1 a returned home aftc visiting several days with relative and friends at Itochclle, III. DOWS--Mrs. E m m a Gordcr hac major surgery in Mercy Hospital "- "·) CHv. Her dauqhtcrs, Mrs Verlyn Hackbarth of Dows am i.ii-.i. Clarence Price of Kearney Neb., and her daughter-in-law, Mrs Dale Gorder, of Williams, hav spent some time with her. CHARLES CITY-Mr. and Mrs William Stanley arc moving from their home "-··' of Charles City, t 1418 Clark Street. ^ THOMPSON ~ The Rev, C. W Huffman returned hornc from Ak ron, Ohio, where he had been calle by the serious illness of his sister in-Jaw, Mrs. Edward H u f f m a n . NOAH NUM ARE YOU FDWD OF MIXED GREENS -- FIVES, TEMS AND TWENTIES ? AXST/M , PA. -- COULp THE CALF OF YOUR LH EAT THE CORN ON VOUR TOE SHARON HAMPER. WHITEHALL , AY3HTANA POSTCARD TO ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN 1 IVE USED THE SAME TECHNIQUENA/ITHTHIS LANDSCAPE ASi DID V/ITH MY PRIZE-V/INNiMG FRUIT PAINTING APPLIED THICK GOBS OF PAINT WHICH I'LL SMEAR BEFORE IT PRIES/ \VHAT METHOD CAN I USE TO GET THE SAME EFFECT THE FALLING PLASTER. GAVE MY ·WELL--JUST SET IT ON THE FLOOR. AT A SLANT. THEM GET UP ON A LADDER AND DROP PIECES OF BRICK SO 4 THEY'LL SLIDE \ THRU THE V PAINT/ i / v IN THE NAME OF ART SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT FLEAM, OF PXRAY OPEXEP OYS-TtPi CLOSE THEIR. SHELLS. WORLD WOH I65'F1;KS KNOCKOLKS IH 9 MOHHS I (itts-'H) Op. I ' 300,000. Try and Stop Me --By BENNETT CERF -WHEN WARD MOREHOUSE. now one of New York's best- TM known commentators on theatrical affairs, first broke into the newspaper field, he landed a'job on the Savannah Press. For the princely wage of $9 a week, he did city-news odds and ends and wrote a sports column under the pseudonym of "J. Alexander Finn." One day he picked a local All-Scholastic eleven, and was rash enough to omit the name of a stalwart named Bubbcr Bryson. Bubber did not take kindly to this.,discrimination. In fact, he sent a member of his retinue down to the Press office to beat the bejabbers out of young Morchouse. The _ fe±7^'KS C ?J!?i iTM*£W**'ffiTM*i -fine thing to BLOND1E By CHIC YOUNS SHE'S ON THE PHONE- STOP STALLING, THAT'S: WHAT i WANTED TO KN DA6WOOD, TELL ME V/MAr THE NEW TAXSS DICTATJON AT ISO WORDS A MINUTE IN YOUR OFFICE IS BRICK BRADFORD By PAUL MORRIS HO OME SHALL STOP ME.' MY M WORK MUST GO ON i, WORK? YOO'RE A FOOL! Y^ITri YOU ARE MSTAKEN.VOOl-JS LAC7/.' I AM A 6EM1US, 1 EVEF?YOs!E TALKS ABOUT THE VJEATMEf?, BUT f. AW DOING SOMETHISJG A3OUT WOULD YOU LIKE TO WITNESS A MOMSOOM-TVPE RAIM IM THE MOJAVE OESEfST? ^··---m'^ NO. 1 I , r - -tfr'^iM WAMT TO %_-. -^3m\ SEE SI?1CK LET'S BE HOME9T. HE CAME OUT HERC N SPACE TO PIND ME AMD RUIN ME, i BEAT HIM TO '. PUNCH. you WANT TO YHS. CAUSING PROJSHTS, FLOOOS. TORNADOES AMD t DON'T WOW \'HAT ALL! THE ELEMENTS J By KEN ALLEN JLi5T THE SAME, THE; T .,, rn!M , tro I M GOING FOR A · OUR NAMES ARE .. -- ' ON ROSTERS-- ALL JEALOUS! MEN HAVt AIWAY5 FLIRTED WfTH YOU- TOGETHER AH OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD, DARUNG! FORTHE. LA5TROOR5HOYJ! OVER THE HOTEL! MUG6TA By WALLY BISHOP JUST A MINUTE, CRAMPS. .IM LOOKINiS FOR 1 Tr!E TOOTH r-i PASTE/ i"-«s/..ii*w!/ TiiiS STOOL IS KlMD OF WO33'Y OOPS. 1 LOOK OUT SELD\V « PL5ASE DCSJT TELL Me You CAMT FIND IT... ITS SISV4T THERE ON THE TCP sHSLr.'. 1 7-^ ^rf%3Jli BIG SISTER B y J l M M Y MACK CANT APFORD -I SEE, BETH. WELL, I'HAVE . . . . GOOD IDEA WHAT'S A1UNG THAT LOAFER' I'LL BE WSHT OVER. AND MY VISIT WON'T COST YOU A PENNYi I THINK SPECK IS JUST GET DOCTOR MAKING BELIEVE WE'S SICK.' WHAT SHALL I DO? OTHER I , PHONE DOCTOR/ BSCKLEY TO LOOK AT W!M AGAIN/ RE3TMORGAN, By DAL CURTIS HE LOOKS A LITTLE BETTER... BUT I WAS QUITE WORRIED ABOUT FOR A WHILE .' MRS. HARTLEY PHONED/ WERE JUST OUTSIDE OF TOWN.' I TOLD THEM YOU'D TAKEN BILLY TO THE HOSPITAL...BUT THAT THEY'D BETTER COME RE FIRST ' THEY ? WAS HER HUSBAND WITH H E R r I THINK. SO/ WHY NO SPEOAL REASON... BUT I'VE TAKEN CARE OF MRS. HARTLEY AND THE CHILDREN FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND I'VE NEVER. MET MR. HARTLEY/ I WASN'T TOO CERTAIN THAT HE WAS EVE/J OAKY DOAKS By R. B. FULLER SHE'S ALREADY IU THIS IWN AMD SHE'S GOWWA STAY IM THIS ^ WAWT DJ01W ROOMS WHEN I BOU6tTT THIS DERV THEY 7DLD ME IF SHE IS COLD AW'WET, YE CAN'T 8B YERWAG IMTf IKIW/ By PAUL ROBINSON I FEEL MORE LIKE HOW'S THE .X !M GE1T/MQ READY HAPPY BRIDE- J TO GO OVER NIAGARA TONIGHT-?/ FALLS N A 5ARI2EL..' AUMT ETHELTOLD MS BON MADE YOU 6IVE 5ACK THE WEDDJMC5 PPSSENF IT ISNT EXACTLY THE MONEY-Bur HE'S B6E.M SO HEADSTRONG LATELY.' HE WANTS HIS WAV DAD, DO YOU SOY FOG ME. 1 REALLY RIGHT I MEAN.' By AL HOLLINGSWORTH GSTNAKAK ALONE ANP MAKE HOW WKONG HE I Hff KSAPf STOP/ IN NAME WHAT AKS GOING

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