The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 30, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES!, Medical Advertising Published Dafly Except Sunday. Times aid Xew* Publishing Company - « ' W. LAVEEE HATER, - PHILIP S, BIKUL Secretary and Treaserer. PHILIP S- BiSLE, Editor 6 UBSCH1PT1O.N Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per xaoaxru Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per moatfl. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. Pale Children Ayer's'nxaJKiTzHa help* nature ] to znake zkn, red blood. 2to jlcolsoL r _ Sold for GO year*. _ Ask Your DotJor- WSOGiNS BLOCKS EVIDENCEj HOUSE GETS eEPOHT, PERSONAL NOTES IN POLICE BATTLE OFSULZERDEflLSi ON TARIFF MEASURE! AND BRIEF ITEMS j Escaped _ Gonviet Held Many, Polloenisn at Bay. Bill Is Eipsorsu to Be Signed tea .davs after your moaeyjgjreceived at The Times OlSce. i£Sir«nCuguEt iBriSO^TatrGe^s'D^E"Pa., as second-class matter, uzder j ^ Congress March. 3. 1879. I j" BELLPHOXE ' UNITED PHONE . O*c« IB Korthwest comer of Centre Square, Getrysourg, Pennsylvania.; ° : ^ : Imruediafe and Effective Relief by Usiaff HyoiaeL Ivomei Is nature's true remedy for arrh. There Is no stomach dosing-i YOU breathe It i~ When using this treatment, you ! breathe healing balsams and effect- in ONE WAS SERIOUSLY SHOT MISSHlB WITNESS FOUI g of the K2 PP EB1 P4JS in and about Town Peopteprudfiog Here and Thase ** · j Washington, Sept. 150.--The Demo-i i crarie tariff revision. Ijeg-aii early last I April, and cosstaaUy before coigresa; PAPER R£?R£SE?iTHO FOR ^OSEsG? ADVERTISING 3_TH£^-» _" GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO . air cdlSj : of'the threat, nose and lungs, 5;he ea- i itarrha! germs are destroyed--quick · and sore relief results. · \ Hyomei often, restores health to i chronic cases that had given up all 1 hone of recovery. Its" base action is at ' i " . . _ _ _ _ f _·" _ J~ . ^_. .___!. --.«_ ^ S1226 Found In Pockets and at Former! Frederick Colwell. I!l, But V/ilJ Te Bue j]er has returned Home Show His Connection With. tify if Nor Arrested by the Prose-j ^-M^ ;]eijlil is expected to be enact-; Louise, of Washington, D. C., have re- con- ironi the Istanc snimjig, discharges fnose. droppings in the throat, or thai s choked up feeling begin to make life a ! burden. At the first symptom of ca* ~jtarrhai trouble, surely ""use Hyoniei. i Ask Peoule's Drug Store for the com- .. - --, - - _ , -, , j !ASi£ .reosies urus: ;Eore AOF tue coiu- Waat ads. One cest p«r -word each insertion- -Two cents, a-Kord it guarsmted ; , ete oa £g t . §100 He v .;ij ref - an j t h e *__^ _.- -*.-,._ jjesolntiona of respect,, poetry ana_memonani« one cent j£j orsey jf ; t j oes nO!; g ; Ye satisfaction. Ho!di-Up--FamHy Arresied. i CUT! OH. . I j ei Into" law \viih iie president's sis-] turned home after a short v:sit at the aature by the end of this week. j home of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Albany, X. Y., Sept. 30.--Counsel fcrj p or nearly. three weeks ihe eight ;Q t .j, r ; ve ,, f on Chambersbarg- street. daughter. first pige.positio: oer word . - . TO"OUR EEAD.EP.S- r - - -- - - ^ i r t The'-Gettvsbtrrg'Tiniei takes absolnteiv EO tsart in poiMcs, beisg-neutral on aH 11 f ·neb, matters. Anything that appears in our general news columnSr concerning \ PARISIAN SAGE FOR THE HAIB . Socialist" papers "and vrhich is strictly non-partisan, rertisine: colnmns are open-to ali candidates of all TX Onr advertising Get to tq He leu KEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Kooms -with bath ea *uit« JIanx ft itcConomr, Prop'm. --IF-yon. "WSJK a Treekly paper get "THE ADASJS COUXTY"NEWS ilore local, reading matter than »s»y other paper published. Price S1.00 per year. Specials for this iveek. 5 Double sheets tangle foo^ f paper for 5c- 3-5c packages safety matches for lOe. TriiTimers 5 and 10. EIGE PEODUCE COMPACT Highest Casa Prices Paid for a.11 --FAJIM PRODUCE-Under Times Office. Gettysburg. WILLIAM EL ZIEGLER Expert. Electrical Repairs and sttppliea. . 3 2 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. . CHAS. S. MTOIPES --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture and Household Gocd« rtored any length of time- j Ir yonr hair is. too dry-- brittle-- coior- ! less--thin--stringy--or- falling out--use Parisian. Sage--now--at once.. I It,-stops itching scalp, cleanses the hair DeL, Sepr. 30.--Barn- ae carried out a, decision i ··- j abundant. Try a oOc. bottle to-day. I It will not only save your hair and make I it grow, but give It the beauty you desire- i Por sale by Peoples Drng Store, W. H. TTPTON «--Photcprapiier-- Gettysburg SouTesiri ! I will be In my room on the I Square over "Stalismitn's | Store" on second floor, every iWednesJav afternoon from | 12.30 to 8 o'clock, ; where I will do fitting, or I -will call on ! vou in. your borne, at your convenience, ' J. on any" Thursday, upon receipt of post j card. " Please call and see the SySrtila 1 corsets and corset accessories. C. 3JYERS. 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Black. --advertiseraent Means a running sta rt toward trie day s w *~rL * t · i i here s concentrated £ nergy In rape i*ooci from It contains the rich elements 'Wheat and Barley in form for easy digestion; and so quickly absorbed that it makes itself felt in body and brain. "There 5 s a Reason 55 For WISE WORDS A Physician on Food. A physician of Portland. Oregon, has views about food. lie says: "I have always believed that the duty of the physician does not cease -.vlth treating the sick, but that we owe it to humanity to teach then? how to protect their health especially by hygienic and dietetic laws. "With s'uch a feeling: as to my duty I take great pleasure In saying to the trabl-c that in my own experience and also from personal observation I have foard no food to eqt:al Grape-Xuts and that I HTM there is almost no limit to the great benefit this food vrill bring- when used in all cases of sickness and cor.vaiescence. "~i". is rny experience that no physical condition forbids rJie t'.se of Grape- X":s. To persons :r. health there is §20.75 in change In his pocket. From the house at Fourth and Shipley streets, where Wiggins came "to his end, the police went tc the home of | his mother, jlrs. Lillian Margaret Mc- Ceraiott. 217 South Harrison street. In. the cellar they found a tin bucket, in which -was S636.SO, principally in nickels, dimes, quarters an'I half dollars, such as would be ecl-ec-ted by conductors of trolley cars. Bur:e-i near the chicken house in the back yarj. still inore moaev was recovered, the total =iounu3g to ?122C. This discovery was followed by the arrest of Mrs. }IcDer:rott, George H. Qolt. a brother-ia-law o: the dead slayer: Harry Wiggins, a brotaer, and .John Taylor, a friend, who was at the McDenaott bome. They were placed under $10"0 hail ··*«! by Magistrate Churchman for a further-Hearing on charges of having stolen gooes in their possession ancL being accessories to the car cam robbery after the fact. Before he died "Wiggins daplicated, in part, the crime for -which he was seat to the penitentiary. On June 25. 1312. he shot ana killed Thomas Dowling. a policeman, who attempted to arrest nisi at the pawnshop at Sisth and Vine streets, Philadelphia, wtere the -."cnth was trying to dispose of some stolen silverware. For this he was sentenced to twenty years in prisc-E- During a rush by- the police In the early stages of tie battle the trappac murderer sent a bullet into tae leit breast of Sewc-1! Scctt. a policeman.' wounding aim severely. Physicians at the Delaware hospital said that his condition was serious, but it is e~pect- - e g_sij 2 r__s CO ir-TMn recedes.--The ballet passed entirely through his l-ody. v".~hen the police finally broke into the room fiom v.-aicii "PTiggiss had de- Sed them with a leaden hail, they :ound -him lying p.pon the floor, his head resting against the bed.- In the stiffened fingers of each hand was / grasped a revolver. A bullet hole j showed over the left temple, and the face was bathed in blood. Plnneu to his coat was s. letter, nas- tiiv scrawled in lead pencil, apparently bv the faint lighr from the wmaow, while the a:en v.ho were secldng tc capture him. Srerl a fusillade from outside. It vras addressed to the boy's "To my rroiher." it read. "Dear Mother: Do r t ot worry about ir-e. I ara beaer o2 uea»l. I -fill have no more misery. I jro^ns to coaimit suicide. Tev -.~::i never take me alive. Your lovir.g son. HOMER-"' More ir.i" a hundred cartridge shells -a ore fo'nu abo'.t the body and zV. were empty. It evident that "Wig- ciiis ha r l Iccpt :;? the -aneo-iii Sght as :ong as i; "-as r^ssiole for him to TMake R cef^r;=e- a-..-: then cad used the last -j"!3et on biasslf. The br.rer-j .a-'. seen pushed against ;r.e door. A ". envy oslc wssistan-J. the :cp of whlc'.i -v^as :cvel with tne wir.- :DW s: 1 /.. hcd bcrr. p'.aced opposite tns i v incow c-.c :"ron bel'.ind tr.e shelter ! o: Jhis heavy r l ^ r e o: ir.rr.ivare ed the report as sosn as the houses met. He exlained that members - T j Suihles , nd daughter, Miss instead 01 noon. i friends :n York. As the bill emerged from conference j George IV. Thonias. of Baltimore has been issuefi ;or his arrest. He will come hero and testify, proviue-J guarantee is given that he will not be arrested or molested. If counsel w:I! give assurance of this., we will gup.r- antee to place him ou the s'aad as a witness." Attorney Brackett, of the prosecution, said that counsel for the managers ·s-oulfi take the question under; advisement before giving a £aal answer. John S- Sorenson gave his business as "coffee importer and general exporter." He testised to handing $250-3 to the governor in October of last vear. The money was in twenty-Ove ?100 bills, he said- The v.-itness saia Mr. Crcssraau cieu la January, 1913. He v.-as not cross- examined. Edward-P. Cwyer, judge of the cit? court ct Kew York, was the nest wit ness. He testified to having given check for -?100 to Sulzer on Oct. 2.0. 1I2- The check was indorsed b; Boyer. Grisu-old Co., brokers. John F. O'Brien, of Xew York, tele of sending Sulzer a check for ?-50. Attorney Kresel, of the prcsecutioa then switched to the governor's aiisg ed V"all street transactions, calling- Arthur L. Fi:iler. head of the . Ne? York stock exchange firm cf Fulier Gra~. Sulzer is alleged to have in\~est- ed campaign contributions with bot; of these firms. Fuller preaucsd the ledger of aL. prrn and turned to "account 5 f '0." It was opened, te sale. Oct. 21, 1912. ana showed purchase of 100 shares 01 "Big Four"' on teat date. Xo margn was deposited for the stock. "I :-.skea my partner if we were tc carry this stccit without margin/' saic Ehe rfitness. "Ke said, 'Xo; it's to be paid for/ " Reading further from the account the witness said that ! : 0 more shares of "Eig Four" were bought on Oct. 22. and that two payments, one of S150C and one of $1000 were made on th it contains practicai:;.- have z the superseced the Payrre-Al- she *.vjli resume ner stuaies drich tariff act of-Aug. 5. 1509. This j Beechv/coci School. will be the Srst Democratic "revenue j Those who spent Sar.dav-- ar the only" tariff since the Wilson act o f , feome of ilr and Mrs. W. J. Chrismer, Bonneacvilie, -svere: _-Ir. and ilrs. Aug. 27.1S?4. whieh lasted three years,] " r v;-i* place to the orc-tective prinei-i . ,, . . n^s"^-evicus to iSsi was an tirzbrok-1 Hom " K - ^gett, or Harrisburg; aa" record of protective tariffs bac!: tcj-'^- and 3£rs. Charles Cnnsmer ^and the "Walker act of 1S4C. a Democratic'son. Richard, of .Littlestown; iliss measure. · Anns. McSherry. of Gettysburg: 3Ir. and 3Irs. Clarence P. Smith ar.d fam- .'. John Chrisner. of Bonr.canviile. ^^«- a -.T-.- v,; -h 3. needle Saturday afternoon and is criticaHy ill of blood poi I J- A. Ring and family are "taking: a =cnir.ff. !"- Slorriscn hai operated or. i ten days' automobile trip through por- = baov snSerins' frosi sangrene. | rions of Xew England. THE Woman's Home Missionary So- C- J- Bushman .and .wife,.of route ,5. were among-.those who raecompanied cietv of the Methodist church -will hold the excursion to Philadelphia on Sata social sz the home of Anderson I urday. Lentz. Chambershurg street. Thursday evening-. October 2, from' S to 10. Evervbodv invited.--ad-v-ertisemenc Medical Advertising PEOPLE SHOULD .GUARD AGAINST APPENDICITIS T H E E ES DAY More P'jpils Perfect ia,.-AU en danc« daring JFirst_Ionth. Gettvsburg people wrtO save ach ana -bowel ufotible shonid giiard · Boyd's school. Cumberland ; jship: EHa · Schultz^ Xaomi Thomas, againsr atDendicitis by t ' siinpls j , '. .ilargaret AugMn- bSckthom'bark, glvcerine, etc-., as , _ . ,,. «-§^ Doaaiu Thomas, Jonn Inonas. compounded in Adler-i-ka,' ihe 'Ger- ! ilorris-Piantz, Howard Thomas.- -Norman remedy \vhicn became famous ; nian Yinglin?-. Maurice Sterner, Ray- by curing: appendicitis- JuST OKe: l morjd Foalk, Dorsey Foulfcl John Ausrhin- ture draws off such a surprising 1 Orrtanna School: Stella Linn teach- same day. On Oct. 28 there was paid 5500. and on Oct. 31. ?S£25 more. this. --iti: the exception of S14.2-5 interest, balancing the account. On Xov. 4, 10 1 "more shares ot" "Big Four" were purchase:!, for whie;; §5512.50 was paid 01. Xov. 6. All ths p3ymests. tee witness said .rere is. casa and amounted to $1".337.50. Fuller was succeeded "03- -c-ffinghare C. Suiters, manaser of the Brooklyn clfice of the nrm. - "150 you know v.-iiose the accoun; 500-was?" asked Attorney Kresel. ·"syiiilaa: Suizer's." replied Suttos before Judge Herriek had time to en ter aa objecnos. The ans-vcr was. nowcver. strickes out L-y Presiding Judge Cullen, on the ground that tr.e wituess did not have ssrscsal knowledge. .zrch I.n3 r-r-- ,ej OR :s art of the I mar. system or: t.-.e cay s work, in cas- Svery vlnaov- ·- the roor-i -was shat tf re;:. ar4fl tl*s -vails, f-amiture a-~.c ceiling w?-f sr.orrel with shot frorr the fire ^:" the r.,/,if 3. necessary r.ot to overload the stomach at the Ribrrins: meal. I also know the great value of Grape-Xat.? -when the stomach ;s too weak to digest other frod. "This i? Tvritten after an experience of more thai 20 years treating- a'.l ivsar.ner 01 chronic and acute diseases. and the letter is written voluntarily on my p^rt without any request for it.'' Name criven by Postuni Co.. Battle Creek. Mich. Look in pkgs. for the famous little book. "The Road to Wellvi'.ie." Nuts r"rc, Wlisc^ G'jest at Fair. Uostfn, Sept. "\ -- Mrs. v.'oodro-^ Vfi'sor, wi"! }it~ :"-e gnesz of ?.rrs. EJ gene X. Fofs at the Brockton fair 01 F. iday. jb? day set apart for the're- re:-.;icn of tie g^Aoraor and his conn- POPE'S HEALTH I^PHGVES Pontiff Dsciares He Feeis Stronger snd Receives Piigrirr.c. Rome. Sept. 3-j.--Pope Pius" health is improved and he said he feit much Ke was able to receive a gro;:p of Brazilian pUfrims and aiso to give h=s benedictic-n to several girls v. ho just ta!:en their first cosimunion. 3sy Freed to See Dy:ng Mother. South Betblchess. Pa., Sept. SO. -Judge K. T%". Scott, of tae Xorthasap ton county court. listening to the ap peals of a mother en her deathbed foi a chdzice to see Iier son. Tirnoicy Tvia "loney, who is an inrjate o? the Boys' Protectory st PhiJadeipJjia, signed discharge papers which allowed the lad TO be rushed to the home of the par- eat. amount of old foul matter from the j bodv. H. C. Landan. clrnggist. jer: Olive Kready, Carrie Heintzelman, ( Dorothy Biesecker. Pauline Rig-geal, JRhoda Syer. iiiidred, iJr-llliS_ jFunt. Ruth Biesecker. guth i 3oyd, Dora "Wolford, A!!en Sloat, Earl iner. 1%-an Risrgeai, Roy Bie- Calvin Beisecker. Harry Biesecker. Cufford Biesecker, j Guy Sioat. Claude Fissel. "Wuber't ! Riggeal. BASE BALL POOL Prof. Badlong was Quickly Relieved of ; Beth afuictiens by Using Rheunia. ] - : If you suiter from any I orrn nf j What Happened to Operators of Pools Rheuir.atisir.. remember thar RiiEU- | " ?,IA goes to -work quickly to remove ; in TJa . « . . goes 5 authority whose warn before View. Conn. RHE CM A is guaranteed by People's ! P-ru-r Store, who sells it for 50 cents a i costs, and the others," -who served Bottle. PUBLIC SALE Of Vah-ab'e Building Lvts In the rsoronch of Bij:!ervil!e r Aoan^s Courttj- y as agents, -were .fined §25 apiece-and costs. ] TTAXTZD: boy between 16 and 13 i years. Address E. Times" Office.--ad- i vertisement OnTriday the 2-3tQ day cf October, 101-"' |!. The -mdfers:gnea, being tbe -widow!|] and sgeni for "tee heirs of Dr. C- S. j |' Connty'«f Adawss arid State.of Ptsiasyl- 31* vsnsiia. deceased, will oacr at public sak- ji October CurtaSn S. 15 A.iainp GttintT. Pennsylvansa. frontinjr |» 311 the Xort; s'ide of Railroad Street, and : f Soy Kii!s Brother. Bath. X. V.. sept- 33.--Walter Gar-, nineteen years eld, son of Forest Gardiner, a prominent resident of Avoca, was shot and killed by his fourteen-year-old brother. The shoot- ij;j^ was nccidcntol. . F. F. MeDeiTnitt, of Highland township will have a stock s.Je on March Dth. consisting of horses, cattle and hoes.--advertisement. Rich i.lan Ends Life at Atlantic City. Atlantic City, X. J., Sept. 30.--James II. Veaiey, of Warwick. Orange county, X. Y., blew oat his brains :n his apartment in a hotel here. When his wife and daughter returned from their breakfast they found him dead, his revolver still clasped in his hand. Mr. 5 r ea!ey was wealthy. LOST: two front curtains io automobile. Return to City IIo'icl. Reward. --advertisement bor of Cemetery ABORN P T~* T^4 A E R A COMPANY IN A GRAND DOUBLE BILL Mintsr G:J the "\Ve?r r conta-r.ijigSeventeen '· | Acres, r.:ore or k-ss, improve.· v . i t h a j : small baildJnsi now occupied by t h e j * Cun-ilcriand Vjilloy Telephone Company.!" be offered in lotsi This property and as a whole an«l sold in vrluche\er w:iv h slial nrovc most advantageous to S;i!o to cr-mmc,-? ul I.GO P. M.. when j allendanec will !jo given and terns made knov.n by tho undersigned. Elizabeth A. Tlether Ailminptratrix and Agant for the lleira of Dr. C. S. Kcther. dcc'd. lena losiicana" aod IN ENGLISH ·- ii ireie!" PRICES, 50, 7-5, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00. Mail Orders accompanied by remittances will'be filled Now. Seats on sale at SMITH JENKINS Drug Store Wednesday Oct. 1 9 A. M. KWSPAPLRl ·IWSPAPERI

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