Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa on January 30, 1957 · Page 60
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Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa · Page 60

Oskaloosa, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1957
Page 60
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Page 60 article text (OCR)

4 44 W.4., J.n. 30, 1957 OSKALOOSA OAItY HBULD fines Boost Court Foes To Record High in Mohoska Fees collected in the office of HfiKK? district court Clerk Mrs- Caroline E. Connell hit an all- time high figure in 1956 with a record take in criminal fine^ and forfeitures being the major contributing factor. Records disclose that last year's tees exceeded the previous high «f $16,038.08 recorded in 1953 and was far beyond the $10.983 81 collected in 1955. The crmunal docket was a lieaw one during the past year as convicted defendants paid in J9,660.CO in iuavs and forfeitures (primarily fines* and that total alone was the largest in the court tyirmis Criminal fines rr.oie than doubled the $4,214 70 paid in during 1955 and topped the SS.741.40 In 1953- Most of the fines, as is previous years, came on drunken driving cases.- Othot major fee stems last year Included $1,907.60 in regular district court fees, S3.573 97 in probate fees and Si 09105 from issuance of certsned cop.es of b.rtr. records and other o:£iie !ev:ords Following were 1906 fce^. D-s- trict court $1,907.«0; Probate $3,573.97; Marriage licenses $*42; ' Mechanics liens $24; Fines and' forfeitures $9,660; Sheriffs fees due county $85.83; Reporter and jury fees $142; Justice of peace costs $88.50: Adoptions $81; Passports $7; Hospital liens 20 cents; Certified copies $1,091.05; Prepaid ,nminal witness fees $43.60. Following are 195? fees: District court $1,849.94; Probate §2,932; Marriage licenses $528; Mechanics hens $12; Fines and forfeitures $4 214 70; Sheriffs fees due county S159.ll; Reportei and jury fees 5231.50; Justice of peace costs 5131 81; Change of name and adoption S64: Passports 511; Hospital ber.s 60 cents; Certified Copies $49.25. Mahaska Recording Drop in 1956 Due To Fewer Chattels Mahaskans in 1956 recorded fewer instruments and fees were correspondingly jess than in the previous year according to record-in the office of Recorder Dave B Hawkins with a slump in chattel jr.or-sage filings be.ng the ciajor reason. Last vear ther« -,\ere 7.496 in- Lynn Hatchery Broiler Turkey The Lynn Hatchery °* O»ka loosa constructed two new build ings during the past year for ust struments placed on record as compared to 8.0o8 in 1955 with fees falling off from $6.910.60 tt $6.352.95. There were fee increases las year in some types ol instruments imluding deeds and real estat mortgages, but these were mor than offset by a drop in chattt mof '.gage recordings, primal il. due to feA - er com loan papers go r.g on the records in the pas", year Folio-.vmg are fees: 1956--Deeds SS14.30; Real estate mortgages 51,639.20; C h a t t e l mortgages $2,789.00; Releases and asiijrr-Tients $582.40; Trade names S2S.OO; Farm names $3; concealed weapons $2; Certified copies 536.80; Duplicate hunting and fishing licenses $2.25. Miscel- aneous 5660. 1955--Deeds $754 60; Real estate -.c rtgages $1,578.40; C h a t t e l nortgages $3.295.30; Releases and i5?.gr.::ients $572 30; Trade name^17; Concealed weapons $2: Certi ned · op-es S20 10; Duplicate hunt :n« i-sh-ng $4; Miscellaneou $5'JS SO. Increases Production m their buainesa of raising, ng, and Belling chickens and tur- .ey» of all »izes. A 40 by 110 foot poultry buHd- .ng was erected at their farm, 1610 Burlington road, in Oslta- oosa, while a 40 by 200 foot tur- iey abed was built on their farm Between Eddyville and Albia. The new buildings increases the inn's turkey capacity to about 0,000 while the chicken capacity ·as raised to 30,000 broilers and .000 hens. Lynn's office, hatchery, feed- mixing, and processing plant is located at 712 south Eleventh street. The firm was founded 35 years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lynn. Bob Lynn ia assistant manager in charge of sales and processing. The new poultry building in Os- Xaloosa has a capacity of about 5,000 broilers and is used to raise A 40 IY 110 FOOT POULTRY WILDING was erected during the past summer at 1610 Burlington road for the Lynn Hatchery. The building which has a capacity of 5.000 broilers, is used to raise chickens up to the broiler stage and sale on the market. The structure is one big room with gas heat and auto- matic water. Lynn's also erected a 40 by 200 foot turkey ihed on their farm between Eddyville and Albia. It has a capacity of 3,000 to 5.000 turkeys depending on the size of the birds* (Herald Photo) i ichickens up to the broiler stage:heat and automatic water, and and sale on the market "is of p o l e type construction. It The building consists of one is located just 50 feet west of the large room, is insulated, has gas poultry building erected two years previously. } closed when necessary. It has a The turkey shed, of the pole capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 bird* shelter type construction, is open depending upon the size of them, all the way around but can be It also has gas heat and water. NAYLOR'S REAL ESTATE office located at who formerly worked for Bloom Builders, start- 208 High avenue west, in the former location of the Photo Shop, is pictured above with Walt Naylor, owner and manager, on the left and talesman Pat Harding on the right. Naylor. ed his own office in mid-October. He redecorated and remodeled the office including new floor covering and new lighting fixtures. (Herald Photo) i^r^Ste^ofeSan 6 ^ TOWH Of BeOCOIl ^tter national guard equipment GrOWHigj NCW RlllR 5EJ8T pubucly on Anned ; And More Homes of Beacon has enduring 1936 and Oskaloosa Glass And Millwort Installs Doors In Penn Gym , . , _ . . . . One of the biggest jobs com-'. Although not "»a*jj"d."*££: The town joyed the new Penn College gymn. t^"""'" "fZ.. WJf *""·"."* ~~'~; A new business established in Glasswork was also done bfSS f^^l^l 1 5£±".TM ' «- *TM «» *"*'· RoUerama, firm on the inside of the building. The firm was started in 1950 by Harold Morgan and Cornie Bolsem, but the partnership was dissolved two years ago, and since that time Morgan has operated the millworks himself. was made possible through a. special appropriation of percapita funds received from state headquarters. rxTEXsrv E PREPARATIONS for summer encampment started a roller skating rink, owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gravitt. It opened for business in October. New homes completed during the year included those of John . , -, . J ! - T » i t . tlC * wd-i .UllrAltU^U, J-AIV.^;^ WJ. «*»J4.J-«« m June wit.-^an all-flay drill, ana Sch ^ b now occupied by Mr . ^d All types of plate glass instal- unit , eft for Carr.p Haven, Wis. lation is done by the firm, including replacing ar.d repairing of curved windshields in autorr.ob.les. Oskaloosa Glass also installs windows and doors, storm sash and doors, and window and door screens. It is also equipped to make and install ail types of mirrors. tTsing the Mrs. Bill Baltimore. Art Watters, and Monte Vance. A fourth home, belonging to H. P. Isotar, is now under construction. During this year a new retail plumbing supply store plans to start oneration in Beacon in a new In July the local national guard battery hosted veterans from 24 communities for a reunion of the 113th Jo'.va Cavalry, which became mechanized during World War H. Although rr.any oromotions were made durire 1956." M Sgt. Roy E. building that will be erected. And C3u:son received the highest are prospects that another honor, when he was presented a four new nomes may oe built. latest type eq-u.p- special award, at summer camo. Much of this new-found life and tnent. including glass grinding and for his 25 vears of service to the building activity can be traced polishing bination machines, and a com- wood-workmz macnine back to 1954 when the town, along Signalmen are now looking for- with the area between Oskaloosa that does all kinds of m:Ilworking ward to a special signal school and Beacon, a radius of 50 miles is serviced. to be heid here April 12. conducted water lines Towns in which g!as5\vork and by officers from the Decatur Beacon. reillwork were done :n 1956. ac- s'gr-al Depot. HI. Communications cording to Morgan, include Wash- personnel--numbering 60 to 80-from all five units of the 113th battalion v.il! attend; with possibly i"m inclusion of those from another battalion. voted from to extend the Oskaloosa to ington, Gnnneli. Montezuma. Hed- Hck, Keota, Pe'la. Alb:a and Knoxville. Morgan is marking his eleventh year, in 1957, ;n such skilled work. Oskaloosa's National Guard Battery Hates Superior in Ordnance Oskalocsa's Battery D, 113th Iowa AAA battalion, unae*- the command of Capt. Don Graham. Wour.d up 1956 w-.th a · stipenor" ordnance rating in v. h ch each ar.d ·very man in the un.t car. take pride. Although the msr ectiar. was made in Decerr.oer. .t ~\as not until the middle of Jaruary tr.at tre Output Of Butter At Farmers Creamery Is Tripled Since 1934 was fir=:t started, its annual output of butter has increased from 075 0"0 to rr.ore than a m.ihon Sheehys Complete New Home Out On Carbonado Road Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J. Sheehy are completing their new home on the Carbonado road just outside the Oskaloosa city limits. It is a 42 by 56 foot two-level affair and contains many expen- S.nce 1934. when the Farmers sive antique fixtures from the old Creamery, on Xir.th avenue east, A. P. Spencer home on First avenue east which Sheehy razed recently. The home is built on a slope so that the lower level has the rear wall exposed. On this level In 1934 H. J. Seorel and his son. Mar.or Sedrel, purchased tr.e is a large recreation room, a bedroom, a kitchen, ar.d a. laundry room. On ths p'ant of the former Farmer?' Union Cooperative creamery. Ir. the last 22 years this plant has On the upper leve' there are rating was receded frorr. the Fifth become an important industry to four more bedrooms, a LvW room, Army inspector « Cr.ieacro. H.-O ---ca-.o-sa. a dining room and a kitchen. The thecKmg of weapro. ver.icies and A SR . a:l percentage of the but- noase has ^ T ^ baU , s a ::o . ether ter :s soM ioca. y under the A f ew of the ;ter-.s removed Fa--e"s C"£ar.erv brand rarr.e. ·nimuriit.cn »vas f.re-rc.r.t. 3rd he bad no criticism. Now the ir.er. are prrp?.r.r.s -jr The- r t :r?..-..r.£ .s shipped, both via s the Signal eq'u'pmcrt iPsrection to be made soir.etirr.e wlth.r: the next two months. The redcra: msrec- tlon of all records, ^qu.prrent ar.d personnel is scheduied for April THE YEAR 1956 started o u t with the arnval of '£tr.gt.ra:ed ra-i and truck, to the Xe.\ E-^Iar.d statrs. It is cus- *cr-.-racr.ed under a corr.rr.ercial from the Spencer hcrre that heehy has incorporated m his new house include several curved bei-el plate glass w r.dows I-ght- ing futures. ca. i'.ccj.r.g the trim, and a beautiful n-ar/e stairway Other features of the hcir.e include ftrep'ac^s m th^ L-. :··.- room and recjeation room, a modern Farmer- C^an-ery deais w-tr. .r.^epcr.Jer.t cream-buy.r.g stations in 12 soutneastem Iowa towns' two recondi- ar.d one m M-^SC-UI-. They include tioned M-19A1 anti-aircraft tanks Oskaioo??.. Center-vi'.Ie. Leon. Cory- stainless steel kitchen, and a bot- to supplement the ha): tracks and don, Siconmcy. Xow Sharon, t; e( j g as no t water heating =;v-other equipment. These anrored- K-oxville Pleasantville, Tracy, motorized units attracted much Bussey. Albia. ana LineviSle: and attention when they nimbied Mercer, Mo. T.i'ee insulated trucks through the city's streets curing are in constant operation. tern. BLXB BANDITS ROME, N. Y. 51 -- Bulb-snatch- the unit's February recruiting In addition to the Sedrels. other ers had a field day in Bellamy drive, and also in the Veterans' employees currently include: Wai- Park here. Police reported that in Day parade. ter Fisnburn, Frank Beatty, Rob- a two-week period 109 bubs were Open house at the north H ert Sedrel. Max Parlet and Man- stolen from a community Chnst- ttreet armory during the recruit-, lyn DeVault. j mas tree. , years of signs by EAR Today, BETTER Tomorrow.,/' These Neon Signs by Earl Storm were new in 1937 and were pictured in the first Herald Progress Edition 20 Years ago. Many of them are still in use today - proof of the Expert Workmanship and Fine Quality In STORM SIGNS. ALL-AMERICA CITY Dial 3-5274 for Service on your Present Signs NEON · ELECTRIC DISPLAY · WINDOW TRUCK LETTERING · ROAD · PANEL 1 SIGN PAINTING A KC-ME-OWNED BUSINESS SINCE 1929 Storm 212 FIRST AVENUE WEST Company OSKALOOSA DIAL 3-5274 JEWS PA PER I .NFW SPA PERI

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