The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 30, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1913
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

II 1 ssF-'S'JS BASE 3ALL_SCGRE3 Following Is tne Result of Game* -- psayecl Yesterday. A^.'.EFUCAN LEAGUE. At XC'A York--Nev. YorL. 2; Bos- rca, 1 (Ibt same). ·} SAeene.; Beoem, CaJj. !· Xe-i York, 5; iic^sr:, 1 fM gamr). · Batteries--Fisner, i5*eejv», Andsr- · ·iblcties i. Batteries--JoaatO-i, V.":l- j j , .' a^s; 'VoKo£. -Me A- o: . ; : Otc^r clubs liot schedu'ei. ! p ^ -- 4 j SV^t £ 1 ^y- ^·vr_ /^'~ --%~ ' (' i ^ - ~ _ --i V :«*^~.. .v cf the Ciubs. "W L_ PC. 1 V.' I_ PC. 95 Z2 ;4l C^:ea^o 77 72 317 I \, ! \Vashtn. SJ 02 3.7 De'roit. «4 83 - i ' j j \. "- s*£SKfY'.j.'r/./*«*v' 1 " 1 ,- fiC-"\f-:iid $3 C3 t W X V o ' k 0 yi .;77| \ ~ / "BosEOa.- 70 «8 524S-L.OJ.S 4-; 94 37? j " ^ l i ·^ W« Vp/.«=iS^- Si / t _^^J J ·5Y'Mnmct The well known Washington House, opposite the Western 3Itiry!and Railroad Station, has been Jerked by John D. K?ne, v.-ho as proprietor vv-iii in the future, to the best of his^ability, endeavor to "see that all patrons of th : s established hostelry are served with the be?z eatables, of the substantial and solid Ind, as also v.-ith the best of liquors, born spirit and malt furnished an;.-vhere. The fact that 1\Ir. Kane has a lorge acquaintance throughout the countr should be suf!:cier.t assurance that he will take good care of such of his friends and patrons as visit him. FIXK'S PRIZE BEERS are served at this bar. buth on draught and in bottles. i j NATJOXAU LEAGUE. j 1 J S At Hostos--Xe Yor, ; 3os'O3, 3 j \ dali. °Mci-can. V»'i:so«i, IKs?, "Qaina «s _ja*ter : cs--Perdue, Jarecs, I \ 5eiu*r. Kartle-.. M A.t PailsC^saasa--BrooL'; 2. 1; PL'.l i!! Ke Brec\f:-£ "4 C .~ e ~PJ v !SJ^b'a7~T ':?«! j jj o^rr-a; 14 isn'ugs,. C--r-"c-ss. Ba^'fr I ie .---Y:rs!i22r, ^Johnson, A?fe\ai.-er, T* ot «*-*"1-««-'c: .·C*. S-~*' x--=- Standi-g cf the CSubs. ·W 1- PC 5 V,*. I. PC ' . . pfiila'da. S3 3S CO-B-ook'-s ' ^: 4-^ ' *··· '-5 -37- One-nn 0- i7 -2- 7S CO 53:'St.Lo-a;S 49 53 S3l insects c f :er i T GREAT K KesGiisrs Bear Voles of Man Buried Las! Fridav, INTER-STATE FAIR -S.D.CL- Central-a. Pa., Sep:. 30.--Dee? underground at the Continental collier:-, -, operated br the l-eaigii Yalle* Coa! | comaany, Thomas Toshek;- .s 2. pr ! s-j HORSE SHOW -in | H A G E R S T O W N I October 14-17 t^5g^} "^^t* L***"* T"* Ji -iIO. t '~i r- *-*-*-*- tii^; ^i-- »-v--n~f^- j. _j.«-*i--. | j- | Enormous Agricultural. Horticultural and Live Stock g t^ro^ ^^ J^-f^i ^ ^ £SJubltS. ^ - y ei A c-o-c of relatives and. i {_-,. ft^ ?=5 r-,-.T,j-~ -- Tr I io=;VT- jissersnied £t ~--e! 'vS cr:er ein, lia'.'n Xo\v Is the ti::ie to paint. These \v?r':i. i.ry J.ay^ an 11^ absence o; .-y _ the bcitrinie of the year for proper crying of succ_-s-".\u ccits o: oa-nr, :':us nsii^irg a \\eii- knit, closely adhering 5!:n. Bi-t to secure proper prosec::on. good ?a : r.:-nus: be -:sec r.-.c: ^ocd o~:r.t can c:i!y be mads fro:n p«:re materials nne'y ground a^vl thoro'ighly ;:v\ed. S ;ch ?. pa:-: :s b \\ ?. v.'i.c-i is the oiinrer's n?.me for Sher'.vi,i-\V«:iia^s Pahir. Pre^rcJ. For forcy-se\e'- years S \ V P has pr^-.-:d its sterling \vor:h. aad today : ^:s better :hr.r. e/cr. A sc-e- : ic :or:r.u!r. provec oy exoerleice. pure rav.- materials carefu'.-y Delected a-id thorough corr.b' bj _:n^d: -i ir-s.clv.n- ery arc the reasons v.-hy S \V P cai give the be^t resales It is ecoio-ric^. 1 . because of its durab"' ; ty and ccverng capacity. There arc fon\-~tiae sh i Irs bj^ides ·· v.te a~H- L.ICM. v-orae into our store and \vc \viil help you select attract-vi co'. jr cD.r.'" izt. J :~ :or your bu:icjngs. Flat-Tone Barn Paint Mar-not Varnish Kopal Varnish Actable, stv-itary Brightens barns. A di:rab\- :o-\ -\ ourfcc: varnish oa-pa:r.r for-.vails and ferces. br-oges. roois ' . - , Can T - TT-'i s n ecis e^c "^Q- v----.--. ^ .^ ^ ceiiPgs, procincing. --^ "^ -f^^^ that dries east-free be used inside or soft. rich, rlat effects: ^ ar ^ ; ear 0 F se- in eight hours a-- outside. Itv.-:il v.-:th- eas:iy applied, easily V ere \veacher. Eco- holds its lustre for star.d the sun and t N e cleaned with soap and aomical because of \vater. Twenty-four good covering capa- the longest: oessibie elements outside and been entombed s.sce las. Friaay. beautiful shades. citv and curabilitv. time. ins:ae. A rescuing sarty ^ aear tiie TO.ce of Toshesky. I- vras | verv fc;ir.i. He ·""" beard to sa; he j \7as Te~ '-reak and exhausted tor -cram ! cf foo-i and air, and tnat the rescuers | ,* saoulu reaeli aita soon, othervrise he · did ~ot kno-K- aow 5i!ck he ~ou'd die . A bore hole ~as sunk Tirhere To \ hesky "'as confined aad bottles / -- .ta food ~eTMe lowered to -'-a. "VT:t3 | j t-ousanas cf jon= of coal separating j i the rescae-s Trom tbe entombed man. j f R A C I N G P R O G R A M The Finest .Races Daily. S7-IOO in Purses. P O U L T R Y S H O W g The Largest and Best Ever Seen. | | PA!N ! S SPECTACULAR 1 Pain's Spectacle "Last Days cf Pompeii.' Five Perform- ||j ances. commencing- iHondaj' Xight at S o'clock- ^ nyin^i f^T^^u v.iisncj TITAM M URiUR.OiUbft. lAhyo illAm g Tiic Celebrated Six-Horse Team of the Union Stock gg Yards, Chicago. v.'Bi be on exhibition each day of gp the Fair. JH; -^ ^^ Extraoi dinary Free Attraction in front of the Grand ^ Stand. ,- p 3 . Special Trains and Rales on Ail Railroads. - ^ For Information. Premium List. Etc., apply to^ g oz Tchesky assenoled at "~e| entrance of the mine, caee-eJ -whes.- ore cf tie rescuers cnse to the sar-| ."ace -ss-.ts nevs tiat he ~as alive. i :i«ae Ir-spector Joan O'Donne".: and) Srpe-Ir-teaceat Jolin, ~2O a-ej ^^ n charge of tne rescuers snouted to _ Lie entombea nian to teen up coarage.' _^ that na effort tras ae ; ng s^a-eci to ef- ^^^^ feet b.js rescue At the time ne TTES. ·*** msfie a prisoner he vas roos'ag tri- lars Seve-sl aen nearD- rea-d the coa" srf~a and crack as tee coa 1 Tnet s-' e tae alarm T ana a reseuir: parrr TTSS fo-niec For Sale by Gettysburg Department \ \ R Baltimore Street. . H. STALEY, Secretary-. T. A. POFFENBERGEK, President. ^^3 © -gfi-T /^l^^^l-'S'^'E'^SiCl' *-^ s~ l^.fSls to a SURE OF CURRENCY BILL j President Cor.fideiL Senate Witt Carry j Qt*.- P'-cgram. I "VrasTai-ctcH. Sept. 5"'--Desp.te tne' mmor 01 d-sseaslon araong tlie senate: Uemcc-ats resardins the Currency pro-, gra~ of the aam.n-Stration, pres'deat ^ T^" : lson is as ccnncent and optim;st.c i _as.ri.e..e-er --as. that the currency «nil be enacted ; n'o law. He tc'lf. ca'.Iers me Democrats; of the senate -vere practically -unanl-j mons Za their cete-m ; natlon to ceeu T-.ta tie^r discussion and passage j of the bill before the opening of the; regular ;n December. ^.^it%J||i^fS7 ^5. ^-N^_i-3i-*---- ^^--^^ 1 * J '__r*^u.* ^--"T^*; We have on display a line cf sinrrle and double heaters and j cook stoves that you cai't af- . . to^ci to miss. ^jj~.*-i\^^f: Zi^^SJ^f^it^yt^fZ 2 carried in st^ck, r . ,, in to *·-- '*£-·", , I . i vrnrero'nj= frni-jr'y "·--' n T -"^ »-st3.eVT Co , riiir o. o -i R^- r-j Gettysburg Auto fire Repair Shop -42 W. HIGH STKEET- TUBES A SPECIALTY i sicanic^ivp"at;it. lam jr^paro-i to 5o sren-T biow-out==,*Ecciiunsai-l retr^Vacr I- tbe Loliis not lonirer than i.c t ab it can TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable. Reliable and Po^\erfr.«. Try it. Tonr- and Bat.Lfw 1 trip= a specialty United Phone 117 X "Sufis" Ruin Go!f Links. Tarnio.itn. Ens. Sept. 3'J--:.Iu:t2.tjt _ srffragatte "a-scn sqaacs" T~ere aga.n j oasy. ~Tr.ej destroyed the greens of i lac rDi:iIC"?"! golf lin^s here tnt" acid · n:.! le't a ccnfess'Ci -A groi-nd anc a. note saj-ng ."nroer T. arc "^as set on Sre by i:s.' : 12'^ h^a reiercnce to s. tire on Sati.r- of tneir cnine on j e? "When a ntan or v/cmsn buys a pair of shoes, they like to know sornslbing- about the reputation of the maker. When von buy a shoe with Ihe SBL.Z trade mark stamped en it. vduafe. getSr:g r 'tKB~Dest shoe~yoir can btryfor the money, tscarse that mark rriii ncc he attached to anything but"a gcod shoe, and vrhen ft is placed there, a guarantee ta?.*that leaves no doubt, accompanies the shoe. V_i- "We don't celieve yeu ca~ get as strong a reason ior buying any ether shoe, that's Vhy yon ought to b-ay QT7T 7 C _£-. --" en destroyed 3173,'J'-0 ~orta "SELZ Blu" Har--.=c-"G f.7ercnanr Dies. "p-.-bt.r?. Ps.. Sept r.O -- Joseph ! _* -r -c. c~e cf the oldest merchants ' " ~-z c-t:. d ed at h.s nome here at o* s troase ,. , -vt. in fh.s c.:y since he ~as seven-evil . -srs Cid and vras a large pro?-; C. A. STONER, prop 8EKEBAL frlARKEiS PH*I.*"""^P? r IA. -- PL.OTJR dull; ^·irter c'.enr._?'__Tag3.30; city rcsiis, ' "itYS FI-OU51 i~!ez. ner oarre\ 30 50 . "'A"KZ.\T Srni: Xo 2 rea. re--. S9' "COK 1 ^ steady: Xo. 2 yello~, SI-^5 ^"OATS steady; Xo ^2 -s-hlte. 47^® * ^POTATOES^steadf. at T5@90c, per f bushel. 'DJ^T~^' "*i~^"V- "" I""^ ^ i O*5flV" '"O'na; i X ' i T*J i- S-* i -«V * *-**.* C ^3H-t.*i*^^ - »*C«-- -J» J.O --~ T^JJ j?c: cic roos-ers. 12@I2c._ D-es-ed ;fj firrs; cnoice fovis. 20c_; o.a roost-crs, -3 3 BUTTER steady; fancy creamery, 1--c rer n?EGGS steady: seleetea, 3oc.; near- 1 by, 3Cc.; western. OCc. ; g Produce Markets. "" · g CHICAGO--HOGS strong: bn.k of g: sales, $83o@S.75; light, SS.40S : .Co; ,@ mixed. $S.15£9, rough, §SS8.20; p-gs, '[a TO THE LADIES Shampooing, Electrical Facial and Scalp Maspage, Manic-jring, Superfln onq ITair rteraorecl. Mi-s. Ziegler, IY. ]-_' SPAPFRflRCHlV I v,~l] be in a t P e n r o a e btore. ' Jewelry AT. IT. DTXKLli aJuaic of OVtles 29 E. Porofret St .Oi t==^5j7^ tsK^--^^ ^sp' *---^£r j *^*-TM ~^ ^^ i^. ^^^ --7£. - - $3*ss:^/^ *^ ^SssfS 7? J^Si'^'JifSi ^ SSSS-SsS^ fes^S^ ^^=^- fcs- _ _ -- v-^ ^~ ^ - ^ = ^gf : i^^gt^^K^^fei^^"^ jf CATTLS steady to loc lo«ci, bee\-es, 5730^9.50; Texas steers, $7.0^ @S: stockers and feeders, §5 40®S; oo-ns and heifers, S3S5@S"5; calvcf ·* *'sHEEP~IOc to 15c higher; natives, ^ S37u®4.75: j-earlings, §48- = ;@o.75; na- g tive lambs. $5.75@7 35. - s WANTED: man to help outcher, must come well rccommertcled. Good waijcs to right party. Apply at Times @i Ofiicc.--d\ crlisement MILLJ^ERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY October Brd ancl 4th. M. Belle Seiss Biglerville, Pa. Extends to 3 r ou a verj" cordial invitation to i 5 attend. £ Eria^cLBffijaiia^ r a^^^^S'-^^^^^^^ mlements i Milling' and Produce Co. TM* »j» Ancr^, Pa, I

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