The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 30, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 283. Gettysburg, Pa-, Tuesday, September 30th, 1913. Price Two Cents. SWEAERS With Shawl Collars For Men and Women WITNESSES MJKE HURRIED FLIGHT MYHHMB ARRANGING TO PAY BOUNTIES GETS MONEY OF ML ST, JOSEPH'S LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.Uu Childrens* Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. AURed, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" * mK ° f Prize Donors! Count, Commissioners Want to Get! Bank Scmns Fl-i ^.iCorrespontots send in Han, Items - J r J live Wilson Fail in Efforts to SB.] cure Witnesses of Stabbing Af-j fray. All Have Fled. I Listed for Farmers' Day. Child with Most Teeth and Prettiest Baby now Wanted. The list of premiums to be given on WALTER'S THEATRE TONIGHT PIERCE GORBOX and COMPANY. ILLUSIONS EmUIHIlIlT 1 winds and are not to be found. Should} Dr eviot:sly announced: i Bernard McCabe die from the injuries!" Adams'County Hardware Co.: single head st school County Detective Wilson Seasatian of the Hour Presenting novelties of the Day. Photoplay be;ween the Acts Prices 35 and 25c. Shov.- starts -8.15 Doors open 7.30. . for , he bes , plate of Y ork Imperial Hoke lime quarries at 3i:tir.ger in or-| app!es . ard " Xo _ 2 . solid gold ring- for jder co secure witnesses for the hear-! b ;' E p3a;:e of Yo rk Stripe app!es. (ing- and trial which wiil follow ihe ] £. S. Faber: pipe, box of tobacco {stabbing. Not one of the men desired : and bunch of pipe c ! e aners for best j could be found, though the neigh- , plate of Rome " § eau . v apnies. Iborhood was searched. Every man who j" Ambrogi Fruit Co.: SI for plate of witnessed the fight and the resulting CVfQ !arsest; Grimes Golden apples, and P H O T O P L A Y SPECIAL TONIGHT, "ALKALI IKE'S GAL", ESSAXAY Ttt'O KEEL CO3IEDY. W1TK AUG U'STL'S CARNEY AS ALKALI. The matrimonial a-zeacy oners re-iueeu rates on Jai:e brides, and senL= out letters to the effect ·with'tjlcfures of their stock on band. Slippery S!:m. Most-tnge Pete, Sa-.vhide Bill and Alkali Ike each receive a letter unbeknown to the othsrs. the giris. Each one was to 111= "o-to-meetine c!o;hes stabbing had beaten a hurried night i as soon as the seriousness of the situ- j ation -was realized- One of these is a man or the name but it was four libers late and he feei asleep waiting. The third reel will be: AJX OX ACCOUNT OF A PORTRAIT U lih ilAKY FULLER 2= tlie leadini: characte-. Kdison Omedy Show Starts zit 6 4 ALL - CO-ifcOY TONIC UT- Admission 5c to all. AUTUMN HUNTING rges SI for plate of the four best Jonathan apples. Penrose Myers: mesh bag for the best looking Jar'of cherries from, town, of Henry who v.-as kicked in jhe eye j ard §7 mesh bag for the best looking : ~ j jar of cherries from the country. and badiy hurt by ilcCabe before h jlcCabe--receved his serious kmie wounds. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Wil- | for finesr bunch of son tracked Henry as fai- as Thomas- j chrysauEhemums. The Book Store: one years subscrip- Miss Anna Hollebaugh: S4 plume oink or villa but darkness came on when thev ! reached that place and they realized j tion to =The p,.^ Grower and Farm that further pursuit -would be useless, j 3Iagazine " for bss - L plate of York Im- W rvi-r? ~?~- r*ro T^P ~S n-- ^-~ no^nirpl Vrv_r?n" I - ^ ^ t - ^ - ^ T - » ; T » _ r ·-·" i aerial aonies. and nick of anv Bible in stated that McCafae was getting along : he store f or he g^est plate of pears, as well as could be expected in vieTM of the serious character cnaracter^ or nis injuries Dar( j v .-i~h v for the smallest hat! which the Commissioners will certify a LV believed that he may re- / R0 , bonnei ) ever worn by a lady. _ _ statement of claims made prior to of his injuries and it is nov cover. Kennedy was charged -wiih '·felon- iously committing an assault and battery*" when he was arrested and. All Claims so that Distribution May be Made. Hope to Settle A!! Claims soon. the office of the Adams longing to ML St. Joseph's Cof-. lege by Forgery. Is Arrested by I Burns Detective Agent. of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. we are Everv dav claims are nresented Arrested as he was about to 1907 provides for a bountv for the kill- j ing of wild cats, S4.00; "foxes §2.00; l agalnsc Rlnl ; ^ - , t 0 i At r.rst tne man denrea tne charge, minks. $1.00 and weasles $1.00 each.] For the payment of these bounties the \ same act carries an S50.000.00. IP. ; bat after being closeted with State's ..iit-iv- i u »TjHiit-ii-..J .,,,,. i j. ^ ,, _ i --j- ^» appronr-'atio" of i Auorne ' Broeoing- and detectives lor, ?ropertv wbich he r dance " with " this I 1 ? 05 * chan ^^ h ° U£ ?' he . Snal! v broke from J.~K. Biesecker. . . . . ^^ ...... -....*.. . ., , , ,, ~ - - OOWK and admitted his guut. He statea ia%v tne Acanis Countv Commissioners , , , , , ° . . . . .., . - ,, , , . - i tnat ne haa taken tne monev to use In oaid claims untu notmea ov the Audi- . . . . . \ speculating in mining stocks, and that ! he Intended making enough to be able _ ,_ i 'co pay it back before he v.-as f ounti were ex- tor General that the funds hausted. This v.-as in 1908. Since then claims -were presented various times at the Commissioners and invariably the claimant was 11 out. Fate, however, was against him. | Warthen. it is said, while he was em- H enr 7 was picking peaches. ~In some CASHTCTOl* CashtowE--At this writing ier and everybody is "all work. The fruit to pack their take go bend- On people visited the orchard of C. A. Bream to see his fine lor of fruit. Last Thursday G. J. Martz, of Gettysburg, moved to this place in the recently bought Mr. Martz is busy fixing up and making some changes- He had the United telephone pur in last week and will make other improvements on the place. An unfortunate accident occurred Mondav morning -while Mrs. A. D- Uili^t? 11JU- iltv tll.liz.UL V E.iiC »_i=.iiiiaiic. *» c,^ i t - * ? · t · - t_ , , , . , , . - , . .. , , ! olovea at the oank. in going over the informed to hold his claim until funcs!: '. , - ', ., , , "-'---^ ».-*· ·* , u,...!--- - ;, i».-ic: hie: rf;ail\~ r»ncrr»rn nor? were available for the payment of the i books, his dailv custom, had claimants insisted on leaving their way she fell backwards off the tree about four feet to the ground, receiving very painful bruises. She was tak- I en to the house and Dr. Elderdice was | the accounts of Mount St. -Joseph's ^.j^ £t once He fo - rd -~h re were no i access to all the accounts of the col- sap-e. It aocears. however, that a few|, _ , . " . ' . , . ", , " , . ~~ . . ,. - I lege. He is said to nave noticed that claims with the Commissioners' clerks some old checks which now requested by the County Commissioners to come forward on or before Misses Chmzman: $0.50 feather j October S. 1913 and present same after Trimmer's 5 and 10 Cent Store: line dressed doll xo child i^n I year of as! zge havir.g the mos't teeth. Children For new styles in suits and over-coai has bejrun "now. but the man who -- , . _ . -^ .. fortunate enough to be a patron of The j two cniloren reading in Pottstown | John A _ jiumper: 16 by 20 portrait Shcj know* that be need not seek any j but has not been living with them for i f funner. Our. handsome and elegant j more t h an -Twentv rears. C-f STE pre- Rubrics are awaiting your choice and our =ryles are up-to-the-minute and we will £, and nnlsli your outfit iu a manner at can or.'.y \x done when you ha\ c it ma'ie by WII M. Selligman, Cash Taylor. BUSY PUPILS Adams County Pupils Active at Shippensburg School. JTbe following Adams County stu- Oa September 16, we will inaugurate A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. dents are in attendance at the Cumber- tor the best jar serves. People's Cash Store: die best two pound sample of dried apples; roaster for The best two pound sample of dried cherries. lter's Theatres §2.50 to the best -June 15. 1911. and another statement of claims made between that date and ln | men left this wlace on Monday morn- use-at The bank more than five years | ; n£ , for 3i ar nn s burg to work in the ago. and with the aid of these nianag- j ap "p le bus j ness f or R ot hwell Co. ed to trace the signature and the entire body of a check for 813.000, which had recently been drawn by the college- OR April 26, last, .the $5.300 check was made out and presented to July 25. 1913, to the Auditor General | FIgke RobinsOPj sald TO who. in turn, will apportion a pro rata brokers of Xeu . Yor k City. share to Adams County out of two appropriations, one of §20,000.00 made June 1-5. 1911. and another of $50.000-00. made July 25. 1913. "After tlas pro rata share is available the Commis- Jardiniere for?sioners will pay the proportionate shares to the several daimants. On Iarge Claims for noxious check was forged the name of the treasurer of the college. Warthen. ft is said, purchased 3" per cent, government Tjonds with the money and then transferred the bonds. The discovery of the alleged f orgery was made on May 17. 1913. when Sis- Mrs. T. F. Cover who spent several weeks with her mother and sister in whis place left on Monday morning for her home in Covington. Va. F. Mark Bream and wife spent Sunday at the home of his father. Harry I Brown, wife and son, Floyd, spent Sunday with Mrs. Brown's parents m this place. iad~ singer, ar.c 52.50 for the best sentleinan singer, rehearsal any time at In the Display of Suit fabrics for .ir.tuain, now rea.iy at the LIPPY STORE there is no rcoin for doubt a; to the correct fashion or true quality- Early choosing is test choosing. _ J. D. LIPPY Tailor. \ alley State Normal School | Shippensburg Seniors: Miss Elizabeth Sheacs. Gettysburg: H. W. Meckley, Abbotts- towii; Juniors: Misses Grace Byers. t i during the day at the theatre. i Fairfield: Alma iriscel. Margaret Lerevr. Xew Xew Oxford: Oxford: Mar- gaxet Xroxell. Gettysburg: Messrs- P. Earle Herring. Biglerrille: Edgar R- Lower, Biglerville; Alfred H. McCaus- =4 i 5T ' fIin,-3igIervi!Je: John 1 ' Oxford. Sonhomores: millIUHHHIlHillIIlJK!l!HHIIHHIHlUni!IHia!«H}HimiHIUUHI3nHnilHH»!«HHUiiiilII!HiIIIimHI£ Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" _ Stoek^ New 3Iisses Nellie Rice. Biglerville: Hope Sterner. Ida- ·vilie.- Freshmen: Misses Lolita Dear- dor£. Gettysburg: Mary Spangler. ! Gettysburg: Amos Snyder. Littles- =. itown. Miss Margaret Lerew has been el- Candles, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the Yictrola music. ected treasurer of the -junior Miss Xellie Sice has been elected secretary of the Sophomore class. The following- have been elected to offices in the Normal Literary Society: -John. L. I Stock, vice president: Miss Margaret Lerew, secretary: H- W. Meckley. treasorer: Miss Alma Fiscel. critic; P. Earl Herring, door keeper. Edgar R. Lower has been elected = vice president of the Cumberland Val- Gettysburg Supply House: Rayo _, to lady for best; sponge cake, and bed room lamp to lady for the seconu best sponge cake. Dash lantern for the best plate of Baldwin apples. SI to boy or girl bringing largest number of potatoes in a quart jar. Emory Forrest: 31-25 for the nicest COOD of chickens, and SI for the second nicest^ coop of chickens- Sl-25 for the nicest bushel of potatoes and SI for the second nicest oushel of potatoes- American Express Company: for the best pen of Black* Minorca pullets. S2.00 in cash: for the best cockerel, same variety- SI .00 in cash. since July 2o, 1913 will be paid out 01 the revenues received from the issuance of hunters' licenses but this cannot be done until the legislature makes a specific appropriation for that purpose and the Commissioners suggest that all claimants under the 191s Bounty Act hold their claims until this money is actually available. animals killed I, er OrndorfF . treas ure- Mount St. Joseph's College, wanted "co draw a check for a large amount. When the check was presented to the bank by the Sister it was learned that the account was short. Although others on "the case expressed the opinion that the check was A REAL ILLUSIONIST Tricks Please Large Audience i:i Waiter's Theatre. The~P:erce Gordon " Company made good before a large audience in Walter's Theatre Monday evening and will repeat their show zo-nigh'c. Mr. Pierce is one of the best illusionists that Get- has seen and his cabinet j Idaville IDAYILLE -Messrs.- Raymond Smith, of Carlisle, and Winfred Smith, of Gettysburg College, were home over Sunday. Arthur P. Myers .went on the excur- :ion to Philadelphia on Saturday. Mrs. George Grouper who was ill, is able to be out again. " Miss Stonebraker, of Lovettsville. \'a.. is visiting her tmcie. Kev. S- E. s i Smith, and wife. , drawn by some outsider. Mr. O'Learyi ij: j ss v e i ma Crist returned home of the Barns Detective Agency, ad- i hered to his nrst conclusion that it was the woi'k of someone connected with the bank. Acting on this theory Mr. O'Leary narrowed down the suspects to four employes of the bank. All branches of the Bums^Agency in from Arendtsville after-, visiting friends for a few days. Preaching in the United Evangelical church Sabbath morning by the Mr. Burkett. Smith spent the pastor. Rev- Rev. S. E. country j ^a __~ returning home Saturday, it was! j) r c 3 Basehoar and family, past the Eastern section of the were brought into action anu found out how each and every one cf | £ ar }i s i ei uassed through town Sunday- Mr, and Mrs. Harry Robinson and tysburg these four men had spent their money mont " cs the P 2st s c or ^ttaLiv »«~i.-«-~.j j . - , _ , j, P A Viiier: to zhe farmer bring- j tncss are aecicedly he mo.t dozens of eggs during! disa P ?earanceact · _· in the mo^t dozens of egg; the week of October IS. five pound can of Parke's caking powder; for the nrst which class. Eis closes the i ~ ^ -- _ ! show is one of the best ever produced L _ IU best chocolate cake, a six pouna can P-K»=~U ^ of Educator crackers; for the largest J good to b here. The mind reading feature impressed many in the audience as too true until the persons who By this process three were eliminated, and suspicion narrowed down to War- son, Clifford, of Shippensburg, were in town Saturday afternoon, in their automobile. head of cabbage. 3 pounds of Parke's 3-5 cent coffee. Leo H. Muler: to the farmer purchasing the most goods during the week of October IS. 2-5 pounds of had written the questions told after j In his confession he told of his spec- | ulations, how they had extended over i practically the whole Eastern section j Local of the country and how he had hoped i to make a ""kiliinsr" and · JEWISH NEW YEAR ss will Join in Observance or Year. the show of the correct answers that some da ^ tc maKe a "^^"g" make up his peculations- He tola or; his had been given. = : lev State Xormal School Y- M- C- A. People's and Huberts ^ Drug Stores. | innniiHiiiHmmin inmi»ii!iin»«nn'.Hn«n»h»mBiiniiimnHHnmnmninnninnnnnHH»mtt 3IULE RAN AWAY = ! Save Money-That's what You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on tbo job. He don't farm you with any un- Mrs, Hartman Hurt when Mule Runs away with Rake- sugar; for the best plate of fudge, one j f l JEREMIAH TAWXEY his Wafe and how arres case or com. J. S. Cleielar.d: for the girl baby under three years one-fourth barrel of flour. .Gettysburg Gas Co.: SCJ.CO nicest bushel of potatoes. prettiest · Former Gettysburg Resident Died Mechanicsburg, on Sunday. lor tne Jeremiah lawney. formerly ol Gettysburg, died in Mechar.icsburg. at the j Rosh Hoshana, the Jewish ne-w year, rest would | which brings to the followers of the affect her. He feared to let her know- j Hebrew faith the year 5674, will oe I ic lest its effect would be disastrous, observed with solemn services on Octo- in !So he wrote a note to his wife telJ:nc;ber 1. Business places conducted by ' 'her he would not be Some until r.e-.t | Jews will be closed and services will Mor.dav .-tternoon as he was sroir.c:' be conducted in synagogue., ana tem- out of "town on some business. One of J?ies generally. Tfce cay will be ooserv- Mr. home of his daughter. Mrs D" j"s : e ; e: $3.00 hat. for the jUrich. on Sunday afternoo I finest and most sar.d worked whize j o'clock, of Bright disease, t. S2.CO bat. ;or e-cushion top. FEESER--' retzisst nar.a Mrs- Robert Hartmari, living on the Emory Cleveland farm, on the Harris- 1 barg, was painfully hurt this morning j : when a male, which she was driving, \ i ran away with a rake- Mrs. Harcman j , ,, *. *4 i was raking out weeds from a com; ecCSSary trips at your expense. ThalS not hlS reptuation. j patch in ^-^1^ they were growing j County Couple are Married at Parson- J nesday on the 9:1-5 train ov, jred for j " age in Hanover. i Reading ar.d interment will be ] " 1 imniediately aiterward in the Ever- John C. Feeser- son of Mr. and Mrs- jg^een cemeterj-. Relatives and friends Charles H. Feeser. and Miss Lydia E. j .^ij ^ease take this as notice of the Mrs. J. at aged years- He is survived by a brother, of Montgomery, ar.d his da Mrs. Urich. in Mechanicsburg. ._ The body wiJ! be brought here Wed-1 lfi O'Learr's assistants took this ,ed as a solemn and sacred feature. It to Mrs.Vareh.eri. Hs in.the third chapter or j n o t e t o ^ j V%'arther. told the detectives that he ] Leviticus, which says: 'had for the iasr few weeks carriec \ in the , _ In tne^ se»- rst day ot tne about in his pocket a box of bichloride shall ye have a Sabbath, a of mercury tablets. "I had them so in .memorial of trumpets and a holy con_ ca^e a nolice or detective ever came in- vocation. Ye snail do no service wor. i to the bank after me I could swallow j tnerein. one. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. \\^HIPPED ICE CREAM over our oricjnal formula by a secret process. Nothinc: ~ * ', can be naade- ' " VANILLA, CHOCOLATE. PEACH% -5 and 3t»c" a plate- Sodas and Sundaes made with - -'. ~~-:i Jce Cream oc. - GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ] seed corn and she \vas dragged = j some distance through the corn before j f the mule was stopped. Dr. H. M. Hart- T tlian this; man was summoned to dress her in{juries which are not thought to be j Wentz. manner tney De- j the i caTne crumpled in my pocket, and only j y I threw them away." i COMING EVENTS . f serious. X5c quart, I5c F. u', both of Adams county, were married or. S-J-.d.y morning at 7:30 i THE Hub Lender -be clo?ed from 6 p. r i 6 p- m. Thursday on i dav.--advertisement Store will isday to account of holi- 1 LOST: Monday, on York pike, about'' o'clock, by Rev. J. H. Karenan. at Xhe . [three miles from Centre Square, small 'Reformed parsorage in iianover. RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT qOLD The 85 acre farm in Butler Township, Adams County, Pa., for j ^ _.-. L. A. Roth, of Spring Grove, Pa., to Jacob Group of Biglerville, Pa- Posse * For Sale--1.87 acres in Butler Township, 174 acres clear, balance wood- id and pasture, 20 acres of apple trees from 1 to 3 years old making fine .J\A C.11U f***^ , 7 1 . 1 - _ . JI Al.,. «T. J«^^, T Ti -i- rTrt/M- O Tt rt T m l l Dr . land grip, rinder \vill kindly return to i Hotel and receive reward.--ad- j 1 I i Oct. '2--Annual Meeting Civic Nurs* · Association. Court House. · Oct. 4--Foot Ball. Albright CoIIega | Xixor; Field. 11--Aa-aal Top:on Orphans* School excursion. 13--16--Lutr.erar. West Pa. Synod meeting. St. James church. tisement WAGON for sale. Order wagon on FOUND: by the Guard at Devil's Den, a lady's hand bag. Call a't U. S. NOTICE: Lev,Is t,. Kirssin's^ s'core j be closed Thursday and i- riday, j i T, ^ orK'f*i-*l ~ i ^i i iliuc rci/tija sis. ^jiv;^ ..... "" j \Vil-Ii UiiLU iilitl an v.i./:i vc=iiicn\-5;o v.s , tnese days be.r.ff .wiw«*--awe.J.e- j^^^ ^^ g ^ ^ Wednesday to 6 p . j Fourth s£reet , Biglemlle. Possession | Hardware Carnpar.y.-adverr.sement 1 _ . - ^-- - FOR SALE or rent: 6 room house ; style of long body runabout for sale MY shoe repairing shop will be j^-j-ij jath an( i a ll conveniences on ' cheap if so'.d at once. Adan-.s County m. Thursday on account IciliU CttlU »Jli3*'til ^y «" « * w * w w «·-«. -i-MI » , ,' ··J1 , 7 -- - -- -- . -- -- -- -- -- o growth, running water, public road through farm, R- D. at door and mill Commission Office.--advertisement 1 nearbv 10 room house with outbuildings and nne lawn, bank barn and ail.; necessary buildings, good tenant house and barn, the soil is Perm Loam and 5 very good quality. This is a good fruit, grain and stock farm and the price , is right. , . , . . , - 1 1 I 100 acres, 5 acres pasture, balance cultivated, bank barn, silo, large , steer stable telephone, frame house, other buildings, public road. A fine pro- { ducing farm, raised this year 20 bushe's of wheat per acre. This is a nne j stock and grain farm for $4000. KUNK "PECK31AN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pa. of holiday, i jriven at once. Write or call on Chas. MENancfbo;,s wanted. Orrtanma 1 Harr ' GoUldb -advertisement I j H. Myers, Biglerville, Pa--advertise-! Canning Company---advertisement ^ ! ! ment OIL cans given avvay. We will give away, while they last, one 15 cent oil every cash sale of £1.00 or County Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 FRESH oysters daily. 30. Sh, 40 cts. ROOFING paper: we are closing out our S2.50, S ply Vera-tight Gravel Home made*ke cream, vanilla, choco- j Roofing for $1,50 per roll. Adams late peach. John Strat, cardv kilcheP; County Hardware Company.-adver- Adams Countj si r»rli a l« St.-advertisement 1 'tisement 1 advertisement KODAKS, films, everything- in Kodak line always fresh. Huber's Drug g tore .--advertisement 1 LANDIS harness machine for sale. I Will sell for $60.00 if sold at once. WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtan- Adams County Hardware Company.--,na Canning 1 ment Company.--aavertise- 1

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