Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 19, 1952 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 13
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Aug. 19S2 Maion Clly Globe-Gazette, Mason City, It Here and There- News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota NASHUA--Mr. and Mrs. Quen- iin Clifton, of Hampton, have sold their food market there to a man f r o m Marshalltown. Mrs. Clifton was the former Lois Schoenfeld. Mr. Clifton has poor health. FERTILE -- Mrs. Sophia Devel returned home from a visit with her sisters, Mrs. John Johnson at Lilchficld, Minn., and Mrs. Lyman Johnson at Minneapolis, Minn. WESLEY - Mrs. John Huff and son, Andrew, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hornbuckle and son of Waterloo to Black Hills, S. D., and Yellowstone Park for a 10-day sightseeing trip recently. FERTILE-Mr. and Mrs. Q. L. Richards, sons, Robert and Jimmie of Santa Barbara, Calif., are visiting Mrs. Richards' mother, Mrs. Emma Halverson, and other relatives. GRAFTON --Arnold C. Pelznick returned to San Diego, Calif., after spending a week at his parents, Mr, and Mrs. G. A. Pelznick, ol Graf ton, and other relatives and friends in Grafton, Manly and Mason City. Mr. Petznick is employed in the Bank of America at San Diego, Calif. FERTILE--Postmaster Anna M Eikenbary returned home from a 10-day vacation when she and her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shook, attended a mis sionary conference at Arnolds Park and at Lorimor. GOODELL--Mr. and Mrs. Mel vin Sorenson, accompanied by the former's mother, Mrs. Russell Sor enson, of Elk P o i n t , S.D., are spending a few days sightseeing in northern Minnesota. PLYMOUTH--Marine Pfc. Duanc Graversen and his wife, Betty, re turned by car to San Francisco Calif., after a short leave with rel atives here. His present assign ment is in the San Francisco har bor. ' WAUCOMA -- Leaving Monday for Topcka, Kan., were Mayor ant Mrs. Chet T. Hall, Shirley, Kellj and David. They will visit the Rev and Mrs. II. II. Treat, parents o Mrs. Hall. SWEA CITY--Mrs. Harold Hal vorsen and family of Los Angeles Calif., are visiting at'the parenta W. O. Briggs home in Grant town ship. ' POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. Mai ion Evans, accompanied by a son in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Ernest Anders, drove to Willmar Minn., for a visit with Mr. an Mrs. D. C. Gregg and son, Danny OSAGE--Ally, and Mrs, Mark T Van Voorhis and John left Sunda lor Hackcnsack, Minn., for a tw weeks' vacation. FERTILE--Mr. and Mrs. Frank lin Raymond, children, Nancy an Norma, left for John Day, Ore where they will visit a brother o Mrs. Raymond and other relatives WESLEY--Fred Bohn went to S Paul, Minn, recently to meet h ·wife who was returning from a sb weeks' visit in Berkeley, Calif. FERTILE -- Mrs. Daisy Cummings of Wessinglon Springs, S.D., rrived to visit her son and family, Ir. and Mrs. Bernard Bell. Mr. nd Mrs. Nelson Beck of Joliet, I., have been visitors with the ormer's parents, ^Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bell. CHESTER--Mr. and Mrs. Wilam Meyer visited their son, Caroll Meyer, in Dubuque recently. FERTILE--Mrs. Hattie Hanson nd son, Kennelh, and Betty Even- on of Joice returned home from n 8,000-mile trip through the Vcslern States. Mrs. Olena bison f Santa Rosa, Calif., came home 'ilh them and will leave for Den- nark Sepl. 11. GOODELL--Supt. and Mrs. J. II. latnpbell arc vacationing in north- rn Minnesola. COULTER--Mr. and Mrs. Persh- ng M. Gunderson and son, Roger Gunderson, left for California vhcrc they will visit several weeks vith relatives and friends in-San 'rancisco and Los Angeles. WAUCOMA--Sgt. and Mrs. Jesse 'ish and four children and her sis- er, Mrs. Charles Fish, came from "ort Campbell, Ky., to the parental 'red Howes home at Waucoma. Pvt. Charles Fish is stationed in orea. SWEA CITY -- Pfc. Allen Montgomery is spending a furlough rom Camp LeJcune, N.C., with his vife and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery. Upon his re- urn lie will be sent to Cuba for Marine maneuvers. His brother, Keith, recently discharged from he Army, is now employed at Houston, Tex. POPEJOY--Miss Leona Crandall of Chapin is visiting with the C. C. Abels family and Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Abels. WESLEY--Henry Coming of Gilmore City and Frank Reiling of Carroll visited their nephew, Rich Reiling, and family recently. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Brown and three sons of 1 Anamosa spent several days recenlly in the Roiling home. PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs; Arnold Fehling of Parsons, Kan., visited at the home of Mrs. Mary Fitzi. CHESTER--Mr. and Mrs. Burton Vrieze and Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMaster arc on a trip to Colo ratio. FERTILE--Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Varner and two daughters of Detroit, Mich., arrived at the home of Mrs. Varner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Hegney. Mr. Varner accompanied his parenls, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. ·Varner/and. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Lindquist and Lane on a trip through the Weslern Stales. CHESTER--Mrs. Grace Caciy re- lurned from a four weeks' visit with relatives in Los Angeles. FERTILE -- Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Langerud are the parenls of a daughter born Aug. 7. The little lady has four grandparenls and three great grandparents. KENSETT -- Mrs. Otto · Wilhclm of Tuscaloosa, Ala., who was Mae Edwards before her marriage, and her brother. Boyd, 'his wife and family of St. Paul, Minn., aro visiting in the home o£ their mother, Mrs. Itiga Edwards. COULTER -- M r s . Oscar Bough- Ion, Mrs. MilHc PoUer of Des Moines and Mrs. Millie Kline of Hampton returned home from Eau Claire, Wis., where they visited for several days with Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johnson and Mrs. Anna Kruso and family. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bowen of Lincoln, Neb,, visited the tanner's brother-in-lnw and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bessmau. SWEA CITY--Mr. and Mrs. Ben 2assem are visiting relatives at Forth Worth,. Va., for two weeks. They made the trip with Wm. Tordoff of Estherville. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Boyinglon, Chris Peterson and Lheir house guest from Harlingen, Tex., Mrs. Louise David, also Mrs. Carolyn Boyington were recent vis itors in Ihe 0. II. Ilurcl home al Austin, Minn. WESLEY--Bob and Dick Kain twin sons of Ihc Robert Kains, left recenlly for Alaska to seek cm ployment. PLYMOUTH--Mr. and Mrs. Er win Davis and daughter Jill o! Lansing, Mich,, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clans Mrs. Davis is the former Lorraine Clans, sister of Mr. Clans. WESLEY--Sisters Mary Vivian Jeremiah, Philathea, Susan am Josepha of St. Joseph's school returned recently from a stay at Ihc convent in Milwaukee. nnincd for a longer visit with heir sisler, :Elnine Mullln. GOLDF1ELD -- Miss Marguerite jiemcns, R.N., of While Plains, Y., is visiting at the home of ier. mother, Mrs. J. C. Siemens, .nd with olher relalives i n ' t h i s Icinily. SWEA CITY -- The Rev. R. P. Jronlowec of Sioux City, former Baptist'" pastor here, fraclured an *lbow while he and his wife were isiling at the Sehner Uhr farm. ST1LSON--Miss Nellie DcWaard, a missionary of Ihc Christian Re- ormed Church, syho has been in 2hina, visited in 'tho home of her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. 'larencc DeWaard. STILSON--Mr. and Mrs. Terry .ong and their friends, Mr, nnd Mrs. LaVoy Dawson of Corwith, enjoyed a, vacation with friends in Chicago. COULTER -- Rudolph Pelerscn of Los Angeles, Calif., is hero for a visit wilh Mr. nnd Mrs. N. C. .'etersen and olhcr relalives and riemls. FERTILE--Wendell Stokkc, Jack Ouverson and Larry Tiillle left 01 a trip through the..Black Hills and C o l o r a d o . Harriett Stokke a c companicd them to Pickslown S.D., where she will visit her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ray McArthur. WESLEY--Mr. and Mrs. Vcc Mullen, Avcry and Sharon, al tended a Perkins family reunion in Omaha, Neb., recently held in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John Lcdd who are moving to Springvicw Neb., soon. Avery and Sharon re BLONDIE NOAH NUMSKULL, '? \ . C IT'S A "· ?·» xs~-^ Boy/, s K. NOAI4 - ARE DOCTORS ALLOWED TO DELNEf? vX MALE " ON SUNDAY ? LEOM SoSTAK .. DEAre MOAH «=. IS A LOMG, 80f?(NG DOU8LE- PEATO(?£ UKE THAT ToofH PASTE AD: ^FlLM NEVEF2 LETS UP * p RUGGLES MO, ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Crushing snakes 5. City in France 10. Incites 12. Arrive at 13. Girl's name 14. Weird 15. Cask 16. Grassy meadow 18. Male descendant 19. Tics 21. Series of links 2-1. In this place 28. Large artery of heart 29. Prowess 30. Apportion 31. Well-known drink 32. Variety of wheat 3-1. Feminine pronoun 37. Pike-like fish 38, Perish 41. A standard copy 43. Decree 45. Occurrence 46. Official residence of public official (Chin.) 47. Turns about 48. Flat-topped hill DOWN 1. Male rabbit 2. Voided escutcheon 3. An Amale- Icite king l. Varying weight (Ind.) 5. Food 6. Female ruff 7. Organs of hearing 8. College in Ohio 9. At that time 11. Salt marsh 17. Half ems 19. Takes bait 20. Stock o£ " an arrow 21. Moving-part (mech.) 22. Garden tool 23. Skill 25. Sprite 26. Spawn o f f i s h 27. Before 29. A burst of any sort 31. Letter C 33. Hurls 34. Merganser 35. Hauled into position (naut.) 36. Paradise CHATMORE SAYS HE VJILL CONTINUE TO COOK OUR. DIMMERS WHILE PINKY 15 ON MIS VACATION!, PROVIDED THAT EACH OF US WILL DONATE | 5 A WEEK. FOR HIS SERVICES AS CHEF / HE SHOULD GET I T - - - AND \WE BOARDERS ARE ENTITLED TO GET CHOWDER. V/ITH TH' TARIFF Vv'E P A Y / - - SO LOOK, CHUM. SINCE YOU'RE TH' BIG \VIG OF THIS \VAfA, YOU HI/A/ YOU'RE MASTER. OF THE MANSE, - JUDGE SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT CONDUCT, ACOR MA1UIE.R. CONDUCT, MMtHER. of, CA.RP.YIKC OHLS yuv. CONDUCT, ·fo UA.D ; Yesterday's Answer 38. Ten cents (U.S.) 39. Frozen desserts 40. Spirit lamp 42. Remnant ·II. Millpond /ftlS SOifut.'ftt UOH Or BJ.VLON;' P.IMA.IMS A -frit « ·ftAf /MiCltHf MiqHfV C\\ of -Ml ofrttss HAVE BEtM CARRIED · tUROPEAH MUSEUMS., 5Hi fefU^t '· W-U V.^^-.e 15 19 32 26 cF'dn BOOKS 10 ww -IKE. 5fAR-i or YALE UKWEftMiy m.iToi. (·f'fooK lli KAMI. FROM lYi MOS UBERAlSuPPOR-flR, U-lHu YALE, PP-ESlDtH-f OF-frfE. EHCiLISH EA^f 11(01 A COMPMIY. Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- """·iy.L'JH|i) /* DAGWOOD, A I'VE MISPLACED ) A NEEDLE, SO } i. KEEP AN EYE '^f OUT FOP? IT .J *·«--^--^ f-\ By CHIC YOUNQ BRICK BRADFORD O'H, GOODIE YOU FOUND WE'LL HAVE TO ST/^RT i CALLING YOU EAGLE- EYE _ _ . I»J. Kit* FMtuict hft-Uciic, toe. W«14 riifcw mcn4 By CLARENCE GRAY ENOUGH TIME HAS ELAPSED, VISITOR BRADFORD, FOE.OUR I SPACE VEHICLE. TOB NEARIMG IT'S OBJECTIME J \VJILLSVJITCHOr4THE-SCREEN PROJECTION FROfA THE SPA.QE 6COPE, YOU WILL -5EE THE ACTUAL CAPTURE OF A ·SPACE. SPECIMEN, v MARY WORTH \ FROM A SIMILAR SCREEN / T H E TECHNICIANS VJILL v PIREOT THE : MISS|LE - r -THEKE.' THEY HAVE PICKED" UP OUK VEHICLE .'IT APPROACHING THE PIANET THE WNUTE I 5AWTHAT PHOTO, LIEUTENANT PLODO,! My LATE MOTIiER'5 HUSBAND, EFR ASA PETWORTHY!-.. EVEN THF WEVE MAO EMKEO" ro PUBU5M MUGGS AND SKEETER U OF COURSE I SAW HIM ONLY ONCE! HE DISAPPEARED THE DAY AFTER MOTHC.R KltLED! IFV^EONLY K.NEW WHICH DIRECTION HE WENT FROM HERE! By KEN" ALLEN i DO KNOW, LIEUTENANT!--i ) KNOW WHERE. HE WAS JUST A WEEK. AGO! OUR NEIGHBOR MR.GRACV JUST TARTCD TO MOW HIS LAWN..l'MGOlMG OVER AND SEE IF ME WILL GIVE ME THE i---t JOB! WHERE ARE VOU By W ALLY BISHOP BIG SISTER X ..i HELL PAY A LOT MORE WHEN HE'S ABOUT HAIF FINISHED...; AND BE TWICE AS APT TO HIRE VOL) 11 J By FORGRAVE t VE DOME ALL! CAN TO \ T-1EN SHE'LL MeED ErASE ,THE PATIENT: A NURSE, we VNOM'T YOU LL WAVE to KEEP I BE HERE THAT LOSK5 HER IN BED FDR A r^ --- par---COUPLE Oh ^-rvJ-TTX ? l r YOUNG LAtX THERE'S ONLYONENUQSE1N Tr4E5E PARTS AND SHE'S ENGAGED RIGHT MOW. BUT.DOCTOP, VY6 CANT STAY, vsfer JUST" HAPPENED 0VAND RXJNDTMI6INJURED WOMAN YCHASJCE BUT SHE CANT BE LEFT ALONE, YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO STAY TtL-LI CAN SEE IPI FIWDAWOMANTO COME OUT, REX MORGAN, M. D. GOOD: You WILL . TRY? WI55 FLEECE, JULIAN'S ASSISTANT, WAS FOUND THIS EVENIN6 IN A PAVINE ALONQ THE COUNTY EOAP.' WHAT ARE YOU PRWING AT IT IS' HORZIEK-E. ME. )- CAKTWEISHT...8UT IN WHAT VVAY AE£T VOW ASSOCIATING MISS FLEECE'S DEATH WITH M£ 7 By~DAL"CURfiS HER PEATH 7...1 DIPNT5AY NM5S FLEECE WA5 DEAD, JULIAN ... OR WOULP YOU HAVE KEA5ON TO OAKY DOAKS By N. B. FULLER S^f^^f WHAT'3 TH[f\0' COURSE IDEA?/ YOU TO HIT HER ETTA KETT -IT WUZ LOVE AT FIRST 51HT/ I'LL TRY AflN -- A W ' Y O U KEEP QUIET THIS TIME- 50'5 I DONT MIS5 TH' M153/ I'M fiOWKJA WOO AW WIW YE, BABX IF IT'S TH' LAST THWfi-'l EVER DO ' a-i? DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE-- Here's Iiow to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R Is n O N G F E L L, O W One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is iwed for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day. the code letters are different. 2 O H A Cryptogram Quotation S D X F T X O D H E S K V V T F . H S O P O T V H U E K V Z R P O H S O L T X O -- H O F - F U L K F. ' Yesterday'* Cryptoquole: BUT FROM THY FEET NOW DEATH BATH WASHED THE MIRE-- SWINBURNE. by Kln« F««tur«« S/n4lc»tt i O NE OF THE pleasanlest memories of Mrs. John Minnrod of Findlay, O., is the bakery her mother patronized when she Y'as a little girl. On her seventh birthday, the wedding cake in the window was so beautiful, that she rushed into the shop, planked 11 pennies on the counter, and told the startled proprietor, "This is all the money I have. I'd like to give it to you as a deposit on a cake exactly like the one in the v/indow for my own wedding." The baker gravely took the 11 pennies and gave her a receipt. Some 12 years later, on the eve of her marriage, she received a bulky package. Inside it was an exact duplicate of the beautiful cake, with a bill enclosed that read, "One wedding cake. Received on account: eleven cents. Balance: Respects of the Campbell Baking company, for the slncercst compliment ever paid them." * . « » · . Talking about a Hollywood writer he does not exactly appreciate, Irving Hoffman observed, "His handwriting is so terrible that even on the printed page it'a unreadable." ^Copyright, 1952, by Bennett Cerf.j Distributed by-Xing Features SCORCHY SMITH ON THANHS/-- MIMO V~!I : IF I Sir IN THE MIDDLE? -- ir'LU BE" COT/ THAr WAY IF YOU GEl- VJHAT t MEAN.!' H6Y YOU ALWAYS DID HAVE AM EYE FOf2. .' PRIVATE Ofi CAN T MOVE JM ? . , By RODLOW WILLARD CHUTE BRAKES ANP A CATAPULT.'. 1 GQK, CAN W£ LAND LI^ETHAT...

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