The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 29, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Times and X«w Publijrfiiag Company ,,,-,-· W. UIVERE HAFER, ~ i^BHJP B. BIKLB, Secretary and Treasurer. Prexideai. BOYS UP TOWN LOUIS-A. SARECKY. PHILIP S. BISLE, Editor Super's Secretary -o Testify About Campaign Funds. 36,000 IN HOLY NAME PARADE CHANGE T iE TOPOGRAPHY Giant Stc= of L. -ys-s Slicing Off Sids 1:1 to Improve Capita!. SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per ^omt Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per a-ostb. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IF voa receive THE TIMES you can Szd the date up to ^ M ^ paid cm the Dink address libel on your paper. Tae date will be changed ,*- ten" days after your nioseyis_rgceivgd_arjLae Times OSee. · " filtered August 15, j3o£~arGet5FsbcrirJP£, ss second-class "matter, under ;·_ Congress March 3. 1S.;9- _ -_ __ . PHONE UNITED PEO*STS * f* r f J ·** j «*» -' ~ * f -- T- i * O«c« im Northwest comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. ~HIS PAPEH gEPRcSENTED FOR ADVERTISING 3Y THE GENERA!- OFFICES NE\v YORK AND CHICAGO Want ads. One cent per word each Insertion- Two cents a word if guarantee first page position. Eesolutions of respect, poetry and memonams ome cent p«r word. "* TO OUR READERS Socialist oarers and which is strictly non-parusan. Our mdverasing columns are open to all candidates of ail parties. TO THE LADIES Shampoosntr. Electrical Fac:nl an Ivledical Advertising fnsy Killed Five People and: Are Lynched SHERIFF AMON8 THE DEAD! I Great Religious 'Demonstration in ~i pictures of work tzna canal," said 2 JS LINE THE STREETS I !!j! "Reminds : done on the man with Ills ' -uJs deep is. his pocfe- ets asd an c.' ' leisure. A giant · steam shovel, »-- liiig and Jiissiag and I grinding and crunching, was scooping ! cut a cart-oad cf yellow clay every | time It bit into the .earth. With a i rattling of chains and bolts and levers " " · ! Scslp ' oas Hair Manicuring, Suj.erda Mrs. Ziegler, Phone 9i Y. 12 CarlislelSt. yers j I Glad to know you have used. it. Tell ! I yo-jr friends how it stopped your falling I I hair and greatly promoted its growth. 1 I Ask Your Doctor. i£e»: e l£^ P8F8 to tq tlie fMsp pa neei NEW EAGLE HOTEL v Capaciiy 400 Boomi with, bath en iult« flam * LIcGononiT, Prop'*. you Trant a weekly pper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS More local reading matter than any other paper published. Price S1.00 per year- Special for this week ilen"s and Boy's 25c golf caps lOc. Trimmer's o and 10 c Store. SICE PRODUCE COMPANY Highest ,Sa*h Prices Paid for - --FARM PRODUCE-Under Times Office, Gettysburg. WTLI1A3I E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. · Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 T. CHAS. S. MUMPEH --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Fornltirr» and Household Goods stored anv lengtli of tims. W. H. TIPTON --Photcprplier-- Gettysburg Souveniri A Serious Clash Among the Races Was« Averted In Mississippi Town by Arrival of Slate MsJ'tia. j Hsrrtsioa, Miss., Sept. 29. -- Two] drug crazed colored boys, brothers, "oe- i gaa a reign of murder that ended only after three white men, three colored men and i colored v.-oaian had beenj killed, several persons wounded and t\vo boys lynched. A serious clash between the races was prevented by the arrival on a s»e-j da! train of a company 01 national guardsmen from Xatchez. ' The dead are: Sheriff G. B. Ham- nieit, former Constable Frank Kemsi- ly, Claude Freeman, Johanna Aikea/ Tom YVeeliS, Jesse Thompson, Tbead Grayson. Walter and Will Jones, lynched. The shooting v.-as started by Walter Jones, twenty years old, in the colored quarter, where the colored woman and Taead Grayson were shot and kiiled. VTalter then went to the home 01 his mother and aroused his eighteen-year- old brother. Together they proceeded through the main street o£ the little town, firing at everyone in sight. The two boys went to the home cf former Constable Keinstly, and when he responded to their call to come oat he was shot through the head by "Walter Jones. Keinstly's son William saw his father fail and reached for a gun, but before be could £re he received a bailez. in one oChis han-Js. The Yazoo Mississippi Valley depot is near the Keinstly home, and the two colored youths walked in that direction. A train had arrived from Natchez just a lew moments before, and Conductor E. B. Appleby was standing at the station talking to Flagman W. C- Bond. Without warning the two boys nred on them and both fell. Then the .boys directed their 5re at Claue^ Freeman, who was waiting for a train to take him to his home at O'Brien, answers the description or Favette. *M:ss- He was instantly killei the man who was seen with the" Catholic Societies, Wi More Sands, March In Sody to Services 5 si Cathedral. f railroad dump cars. Three lit- 1 tie - but strong locomotives, black. gricaS' and "greasy, puSed and pantea --· - * _, : busily up and .down steep grades haul- -r. ^ ese dirt trains- Small rails on PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and abcut Town PeDp!e|¥isIt5ng Kere and Those tag . , . erossties a yard apart v. ere erooKedly laid over the land. The spene v,-as big \\U5i motion Philadelphia, Sept- 25. -- Thiny-sixj industry. A feature of iliis was that tiicusaud liomaii Catholic saes aacj -^^5,3 the place of tins great aciivio youths joiaeil ia the annual yaiade and 01 the union of Ho5y Name societies, marching from Broad and \Vol:' strt-o'-s, v.-here the first d:vi- j sion v.-as forced, to the Cathedral of Sts. Peter' and Paul, at East Lo^aa S souare, where services were held. '' The event v.-as one of th; laost 1m- - presslve religious demonstrations ever ' witnessed ia Philadelphia or any other! ci:v. The streets ihat iorTMeci the line of route were lined deeply with spectators, some O- whom cheered, but icaay more of whom sicod with bared heads as the great, seemingly in'.er- l£a» Sulzcr thougi-.t t::at I.«ass A. S-tre*:- Ry. ihc- sovcr.--.or-s pr:\aJc i--crc-ssry and SirolS ?L C ?Se a tr=vo^f"e«^n» = r i tare the name o-: the ihe trial, but when tU«y v.xnt to subpoena t In vain, moved along. hin: h« WJS foar.J ss:tt:i!=? 5:; Os* lobby of .in ASbany hotel. It expecieu zhai S=rec3cy's sesnmouy YIO:.!VJ ^c- most ::npor- za.nt. Th:s i:c;ur tias l^c«n :n Albacy iramefiiatelv ailer he !~j»I l=cn served. are rows and rows of homes, blocks of apartment houses and lines or street cars. Crowds of men, whose engagements do not seem to be press 5ng. gather to watch the toilers a: their task. These workers are njat'ns- over a large piece of the topography of Washington. This work may be called the Zoo or Rock Creek Park entrance, but :"-includes other projects than the provision of an adequate inlet and cutlei to the Reck Creek Park area, though the buiMing of this park entrance I la itself a gigantic piece cf ens~"eer column ot" men who v.-il! not 535, excavation anc filling. H, their Gotl, where Columbia road, the Avenue of the Presidents and Mount Pleasant AN WITH BRUTAL nds^ upon thousands waite-J, street intersect yon will see en the _ so;ae of theni for hours, for a view of -v esc an extensive tract of raw, cloddy Accused of Strangling 2-Year= Old Boy Witt Siioe lace, Phlladelpaia- Ses:. 29. -- Joseph O'Brien Is under arresz., charged with tlie murder cf seven-year-old Israel Goldman, whose dead body v.-as found on the links of the Whiceznarsh Golf club. The negroes then nred into the train, terrorizing the passengers. With the blood last at the highest Ditch, phe two youths saade, their way to a ccnonseed house nearby. Frlghtened citizens by this time had gathered their w!is together and tels- nhoned for SaerI5 Hemnett. at Fay- the- iscpos'ng line, and the sight was worth all the waiting. It was a -.ic-nio- cratsc thrc-ns that paid Its tribute of respect to the Holy Name societies, but it v.-as no more democratic than the great concourse 01 men that formed Into one great troop, whose passing in close formation require.' more than three hours. There were physieiai - of serious earth, either freshly cut away or S. 31. Bushman returned-"Saturday evening from "a Cleveland arid on Sunday evening gave his lecture before a large audience a.t the Reformed church IE Arendtsvllle. William H. Tipton v/ent to Baltimore this afternoon to visit his mother. Dr. Alexander H. O'Xeal, of Wayne, spent Sunday at his home on Baltimore street. Dr. Johns'ioc 3IcLanahan, of Chani- bersburg, spent Sunday with 31r. c.nd Mrs. Donalu P. McPherson. Harry E. Bunibaugh returned home Saturday evening from the York hospital where he underwent an operation for appendicitis several weeks ago. Erney Myers, of North Stratton street, has go::e to Baltimore %vhere he v.'I!! spend several days. Robert Elocher, of West Middle street, has gone to Carlisle to finish his course at the Carlisle Business Co!!ege. jlrs. William Armor and 3Irs. I. J. Grenoble have returned from a week's trip to Tyrone, ilrs. Grenoble, accom- freshiy dumped in, a'cd many pe'rcfces r ?asied by her son. Guy, has returned of broken bluestone that have been to her home in Keyser. W. Va. hauled there to fine! Seal use as s. dressing (or !s it metal?) for the broad roadways that are building From Columbia read and from ilouzl Pleasant street near their junction, a large section of land, generally unbuilt on, stretches "estwarCly to the tree- professional mien, lawyers with thef gr5v.-n heights that drop down into the stern brews of the typical disciple of Blaekstone. ethers of these professions who made up in simple dignity for what they lacked in the typical characteristics; there were business men, who "seldom are seen marching upon city streets or even walks a..d who valley of Rock creek on the east side of the Zoo grounds. A wide, bare clay- avenue leads westward!:-" down grade, cutting through the side of an calr-timbered hill oc - the north and on the scath ; j filling part ot the ravine or Rev. Fr. W. F. Boyle, of West High street, has gone to his home in Hazelton to spend several days. 3Irs. -J. P. Nicholson has returned to Philadelphia after spending several months in EOV.-R. A marriage license was Issued this morning, by Clerk of the Courts Ol- ·nger, 1o William K. Welker. of Harrisburg. and Miss Rosie G. Kiire, cf Straban townshio. oaly occasionally desert automobiles i jb-Qjjgji -R-hicli Quarry read leads, or for feet: there were tradesmen and | e! j_ t j^ i-j- clerks and hard working men. with poor, ill-fitting clothes and hands knotted w:;h knarlec ana scarred by devotion 10 the rougher tasks taat "senie'wbo'marehea shuulili- to should er with them scorn. lie road leading to the gelt club. He is a neighbor of the Gold-nans, and when Questioned by the police- adn ted that the boy had been in his coai- nanv for several hours before he disappeared. His coat is stai-ed ·wit"! blood, and the police a; once ordered her sacred strains to play martial bars Thirty bands or more gave the Imposing precession additional grandeur. Religious music dominated, but occa- be level o£ the new street is higher than the roofs of the houses that face on Quarry road. Lan:er street has been filled across the Quarry road ravine and connects with the avenue building Zto the Zee. Eighteenth street "has also been filled across this ravine, shutting in a deep hole many of the familiar houses along Quarry road, the cutlet frors slonallv some band departed from tee v .hich Is now by means of a new and conventional nyrnns and chants and of! an Investigation to ascertain If the etue.~Su:iunon-ag- former Sheriff GHIis blood crystals are the same as those -- ------- - * to accompany nim. Hammett star^c 'for Harrlston en horseback. A small crowd of men were firing iato the seed house, but no one had ventured to lead the posse to the place. Taking a few men with him Sherilt Haraciett. heavily armed, started towards the seed house, whereupon "Walter Jones went to the tall grass nearby and -as Harmett approached the colored man fired, klllias him Instantly. A shot from rhe seed house brought down Gillis. Finding his hiding place too precarious. *vTilT -Tones started to run towards a coal chute nearby. br.t had gone -only a few steps when a bullet ended his life. A rcpe --as placed around the body. It was strung up to a telegraph " ^ neaY~the~Itat:on and - i - - · " -'"-"" ^- - - - - - | Formal Display jpf New Autumn | . \ FRIDAY and SATURDAY | . October 3rd and 4th. | M. Belle Seiss Biglervifle, Pa, £=* § Extends to you a very cordial invitation to attend. target for everyone not shooting at the seed house. Soon after "vVIIl Jones ^as Wiled. VTalter -Tones picked Tom "v7eeks, colored. on" the coal chute by his deadly aim. T^'eeks fell to the ground dead. Xot iong after "Weeks v.-as killed the special train bearing tbs Xatchez guardsmen arrived. "While the soldiers were detraining the cr seed of the murdered boy. The police have unearthed a positive motive lor the crime. They found that the boy's father was married before and divorced, and only recently had been threatened with exposure as to his past life ii he did not give S50GO as the price of silence. The police a-lni; that ther have a ciue which would make it appear that if O'Brien die Kill the child, he was Dcssibiy in the employ of those who wished to wreak vengeance on chile's father. The boy was not maltreated before death, and this has disposed of, the theory that the cnild was killed by a degenerate. Tr.e boy was stripped nude and he ~as strangle! to death with cae of his shoe-laces, which ~as tied tightly nrcund his neck when hia body was found. and even occasionally a patriotic air. The procession proper -was preceded by- a trcop of~iaounted officers from the Philadelphia police department. The colunm proper vras headed by Rt. Kev. John J. ileCort. auxiliary blsacp of the diocese of Philadelphia. The szen marched twelve, sixteen and twenty abreast, each society being romantic, steep anc crooked little street caiied Summit place. The nev.- park entrance 'after slicing oft the side of a big hill enters the valley of Quarry road obliquely and at the point of contact ~ith "Eighteenth street an extensive high-uplifce!! plaza is forcing. From this point the ay is sailaing jthe line o LLOYD GuiLTY OF THEFT Former" Ccur.ty Treasurer V/eeps When Verdict Is Announced. Sunbury. Pr . Sept. 20.---"Wil'lam 3i. Lloyd, tre^t :ror for Xorthurcber-and eouEty :n If'.r-.l. i~as fcnad guilty bj headed by z. group cf members carry-1 ing a huge banner. One standard hearer carried the sta5, -waile others" hands held two. four or even more streamers tviiich %vere atacaed to the staii. Here aaa there in the parade -ETSS seen an Araerieaa fiag,^ though there xvere fe^v of these, for the demonstration v.-as a religious rather than, a patriotic one. The number of men and youths in line far exceeded the estimates of those Ja charge of the demonstration. old Quarry rcad,_whose bed is being buried 4f feet, it may be 50 feet, under mountains of dirt camped by trains into this once picturesque vale. ~~p en the highland and --crinins vrest from Mount Pleasant street "s being cut through a new street called Hchart. It is a big piece of work and than a jury jn co..rt of embezzlement, de ! KILLED SY FRIEND Contractor. FJcored by Terrific Biov.-, Dies cf Fractured Skull. "Washington. Pa., Sept. 2S----To.=ep'J Hallam. a is-eaithy rxessber of the Hal- lass Consiruciicn company here, died in a hospital of a fractured skull. CAN'T KILL TURKEYS Law Prohibiting Killing of Birds Now In Effect- There will be no turkey hunting In Pennsylvania this year or next year, the lass Legislature having passed a. law prohibiting the killing of "wild turkevs for two years. These birds ara absolutely protected, and they seem to know It. for they are more numerous than for many years and getting bolder and fearless. State Game" Warden Berrier, who has been making a-tour of the haunts of the wild* furkey " 111 southern and central Pennsylvania, says that .wild turkeys had the advantage of a mud winter" in ·which* to breed and protect their young, and they are seen In large numbers. In. fact, that mythical gentleman known as ''the oldest inhabitant" does not re- niemlrer to have seen them more olen- COMING .EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming- Weeks. sands of fascinated persons ·vrho live in that neighborhood or stray :n t.saT direction gather to tvatca its progress t Sepr. 29. 30--Pierce, xhe 3Iagiciar». Wakers Theatre. Oct. 2--Annual Tueeting Civic Nurse Association. Court House. Oct. 4^-Foot Ball. Albright College. 2sixon Field. Oct. 11--Anneal Topton Orphans" School excursion. Oct. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. Synod meeting. Sz. James church. 17--Concert- Mozart Company. Medical Advertising 1LY ONE I! 8EST : '12 Gettysburg People"Give Credit Where Credit is Due. People of Gettysburg: tvho suffer j ·with -weak kidneys'and bad backs -want Xo" a scot greeted them, and as the j faulting a^c tr :..r:~ to turn over count} leaders went into the place with drawn weapons they found Walter -Tones completely unnerved but not injured. They fjr.ickly place.-* a rope around his neck and rushed him to the coal chute. As the captive was drawn up the rope broke and he fell heavily to the *Sbt a word or act of protest came from Jones when a larger rope wa.= drawn around his -neck, airl again he was pulled up. A large crowd looker an as the drus saturated body writheJ until life was erintct. The crov. d then wont to the horse of the -Tones negroes, where they found tv.o negro men. -vOoTn they were about to when cSccrs persuso- fuaas to 'i:j LIo:-d ccssor. E. E. Z:mmcr- -) :rt when the ve-rd:;: 2T.n"i.w. Tears streamed d"-wr, si.i. ar.- I.e cried: "I am a vie i?.':~~ f . . : wanted the voters of rK'.^-r":.-" ".uniy to know t^e trs'ci.* " -"i of a man in oJzl'e be'..j-.-_c this jury wox:Id t«". Bender's Luthern Church a: iri.j i-'-r:;- f-i Mrs. L- ::= C-.-vn;rt. at Table K"ck. on Thursday Evening, Oct. 2 Chicken Soup, Luncheon and Refreshments Ail are cordiall invited. ' ** Don't iniss the big FESTIVAL SATURDAY Evening October .:th at Stone Church, Highland Township. Everybody welcome Hsady to Die "r: Mine. JIar.3zoy CHy. ?a_ Sept. ":?.--7*n- torabec in a breast at the Bcstcn Rr.r colliery for Sve hr;:rs. John TOTV.~-;O. of Turkey Run. "as rescued after a perilous stms^'.e ~iih r"sr.;'ig coal. The -nan vcas about rc-i-'y to resign -imse".: ;o his fate ~hen reache-i. Grip Breaks ^G2-root Fa:!. iTacanoy City. Pa.. Sert. 2s.--After falling If'O fee-", toward cerca : n death down a manway at Tisnrel Ridg' 1 coi- '.;ery. Janios Ka 1 ." s -.cceedec p ; P Hatci-sd en r-^arch -. Bird !s_ Produce: of Results. Fc-'eral;". ;rc. Il-i., Sept. 29. -- *?.ir.% George I-., .'o.t r.= -n. cf this to~n. ha.- a prlz-j pc: ..^r. v .rich probably hold. rhe re^'rd "c- t.:.- penfnsula. i:rs. T "ft--"r. ?ays that cr. t-v;o sue each ca.-- TMh'- ::en has been an ex pr'-I · ' : if e^gs f° r SOTISC tiinc thc'ish c-r.Iy .-nv.ifd out "arch 4. Tno,:sh 77"-~ ~ ::erson is from a life Ions 31e7"V-a" -amily. she has chr:s un-J ir- "'.-.:. · V,":Isoa." because of :tt Ka?e cl « ch -| rtouafi ivir.5 :ng s. sticK of side timber an.l p . rr fast nnt"! rescued. ! ^1'V" Beheaded 2 ; She Picks Coa'. ConshohocXen. Pa., Sept. 2?.--\Vbile pic'vin? coal to hilp maintain aid s«p-j ?:r.c:r.s Ar.tietam's Dead. :tev.r.. ":.!d.. Sept. 2f».--O. . an Vnt c;am battle?.ski S'^i- h^nJ-ns: rr'.Ifs in the "U'ooc? :.r;hc;l a conu/.ete s*ce~- wy*. 'c..e r'.. tli. of a. soldier wnc '-' I::-'! «"C*i killed in the battle inc has'ity b,--.'i-\ It is said that Kallam suffered hi = ! cine for the kidneys only, and one xhat "-' K rv ? a a quarrel with Lee Gllracre, is backed by willing testimony 01 Get;*: that Gil- tysburg people^Here's a case: iirs. .u. ^i- Gilbert, l^ A St., Get'tysbarg, Pa., says:^ ' had no need for Doan's Kiar.ey Puis Middle \ have a eiose :risna. it is more floored Hailam with a ternn-: blow on the ternple. Gilmore. on ih: ver^c of insanity from rem"rse- wa: ' s "f^*-e"f ^sed and publiclvjecommeRced piaccu in the county jail by order ci j£hen some years ago. lhey are the Helfran. best kidney remedy to use. My health Giin-ore is field manager for ta«- i was all run down, owing to disordered Soirnwcst Pcnp.svliania Pipe lines, r i kidneys- I didn't have niucn o^ an ap- su;, E idIary of the Standard Oil con, j petite and L couldn't £eep well ^ n-, and he and HaJlam vcere boo - I back and head ached -and I had dizzy * 'spells and chills. "Whenever I Store. It didn't take tms remedy long to remove the trouble-"" Tor sale by all dealers. Price 50 j| their evenings together. *"»*nen he Ic-arnsd that Killam l:aJ d:e-1 Gilmcrc bcrame hysterical. lie Tra.: rlace-.l :;:iscr the care or a Dhrs.- \ cents. Foster-*M3burn Co«, Buiralo. c'sn. Since bc'ng iOcKec up he refi:«e;|Xew York, sole agent for the United ^11 foot: nr.*i r-aces baclc and forth ! States. s:-::tterjp.s to himself. j Remember the name--Dean's-and-take no other. 0c Oc'c. 18--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Dav. VETERANS HERE Annual Visit of Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry Association. The members and friends of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry Association arrived here Saturday for "their annual tour of the field- They -svere registered at Hotel Gettysburg and returned to Philadelphia to-day. f Opera- House HANOVER Friday Oct. 3rc curtain 8.15. Necklace So'd -or 3700,000. Che " onsi PRIVATE SALE , Private Sale of a Valuable Farm Brussels. Sept. -3. -- S525.i00 pearl necklace, irhlca -asj The undersigned r.-ill sell at his resi-j | ?tolen from the mans and later p:vked · {5 ence i m ;i e South of Barlo"vv. at Gen- j j jp by a vorlcnaTi on a London s~d-? 'tennial Hall school house 66 acres, ] walk, -rcas *=c:d to :»n'o. Du Moncea'j more or less, improved vrith a six roora j | dA De-^endael. of this citv. for S700,- i dwelling house and pantry, stsmiaer || COO IPJc. He Ber^endaei is said to | house, large \rash house, good barn, v/ a p-i-- fo- a -c^^^, use l a r e oe ac....» io. a c ^ ABORN OP- COMPANY IN A GEA*N*D DOUDLS BILL "Caifalleria mm and firefef 1 IN ENGLISH RICI*S, 75 7 l.f age. First D-o\v?in?j in Panama Canal. Panama. S°rst ^9.--Private John T port six chilnrc.1 and an invalid hr,s-j ?:PI ,. on or - c.o^ra-v X Tenth Infan band, Mrs. Mary Eoraiski. of t".iis] try , vas dro ,^. r ^ ^ tl , e Cu ] c V,ra cut. place, was mangled and k.llod. her; T : iJs JS . lhg Sr5 . case Q , arovra5ng in body being ground to pieces and tne lbe conlDl e teei ?v:ior O £ the canal, head severe^ from her body. Seven home runs were made in a recent game between Spokane and Eddie Lafitte, formerly -with the Tl Beheaded by Mil! Stone. 3~x87elh«rst, Miss., Sept. 29.--.T !;i. : ivii;i. owner of a gristmil". j -wagon shed, good buggy house, large! "~ hog nen. wood honse: hen house 2 -wells j i _*- -of water, one at house one at barn.! pail Orders accompanse _ with wind wheel. To barrel cistern, i | c e? will be niled Now. ^ water piped to all necessary places. 5 g eats on £a ] e st SMITJJ J-t-SKIlNr i the buildings are all In good condition, i f - - - *- · ·" 1C ^-plenty of frait of all kinds. 3 acres of j» inc. rimVioT fiftfi V«T5:p1; «f lime has been ! " Oct. anc . umber. 600 bushels of lime has been j the stone let 50 under hl £ fc on . velocity. Both men were stnick "by .United Phone No.^6 ^ _ fragments ot the rock, Sullivan bein§ '· ceeapitslec. ' Clyde Milan, of the Washingtons, NOTICE "·\far-nsr residin"- the^eor-i J/Jiters of administration on the estate . .\lanng. _ resiam 0 uie-eon. i ^^ ^ Carbnush, late 01 freedom ! Township, Adiisns County. Pa._., deceased^ v i v j , 7 {- oo ^ house j having been granted w tne ers, Js batting at a .400 clip with] S° in S faster than ever on the bases ·Providence. Jliis season. nuins? m Freedom ^iown £ h recentlv -oainted. good summer house, i rcnui ' _ * ' A - - ^ i » I T " J 1 * ffi-rm t NWSPAPEIlf

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