Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 7 1933 BETSY ROSS IN WIN ON ALLEYS Hugh Davey Also Wins Tilt in City League Play j of Wednesday. THURSDAY GAMES H e n k e I's Ready-Mix vs. Northern Oilers, alleys 1 and 2. Globe-Gazette vs. Stoddard's Stone Products, alleys S and 4. Betsy Ross took three in a row from the Lyons Cleaners in a 7 o'clock contest Wednesday night in the City Bowling; league. Ed Shannon's 650 for three games was high, as:well aa his single of 222. The latter mark was equaled by G. Kratovil in the only, game he bowled. Hugh Davey and Son took two lout of three from A. M. Schanke and company, losing the last game ·when the Schanke's stepped out to TOll 1,003. Sweesey of the Davey team took all the high honors with 226 for single and 604 for the total. The Daveya also registered .a 1,009 game. No team has dethroned the Joe Paniels' Goodyears from their prize ranking of 3,057- this week..- Kelly Greens Practice for Basketball Season liAWKER, Dec. 7.--The local Independent basketball team has begun practice for the coming season. The team will be managed by Don Leonard. The Kelly Greena have a splendid record since they began playing and have scheduled games with some very good teams. They still have a few open dates. SWINE MARKET ADVANCES 5 TO 10 CENTS . Flayer! 3, Gxbel .. ft. Sweesey C.' Avery .. W. Odell .. A -Adams .. HUGH DAVES AND SON 1st 167 189 195 180 106 Actual Pins.. 871 Handicap ... 70 2nd SZl 188 17Z 160 163 934 78 3rd Total Av. 192 226 16 G MB 1S1 OHO 004 533 468 500 887 J60J 15 335 Xotal Ping .... MS 1009 883 2917 SCHANKE AND CO. 1st 2nd 3rd Total . 142 168 158 468 15* 17B 174 178 143 170 190 219 491 407 4f,9 G84 «97 75 901 Kftal Fins ....377 926 1003 2806 935 Players- W. Lyons X. Lyons 14t* *}. Bnrmelater. 171 yf, Hogan .... Ifl5 O. BtTf 187 Li'ONS CLEANERS 1st 2nd 3rd 152 180 166 177 180 165 IBS 189 144 175 187 Actual Pint.. 853 Handicap ... 48 826 48 815 48 Total 438 506 524 468 eia 28 J 4 144 Ar. 166 IOWA PLACED ON PREFERRED LIST One of 30 States That Have More Funds Coming for Public Works. By KtTBY A. BLACK Globe-Gazette Washington Bureau. WASHINGTON--Iowa is one of the 30 states on the preferred list for receiving further public works administration funds. According to extremely variable quotas, which Public Works Administrator Ickes contends are nearer being guesses than quotas, 18 states and the District of Columbia have, to date, received more than their equitable share of public works allotments. All applications now coming in to the administration will be studied and considered on its merits, as in the past, but the administration will be "a little more discriminating" in its allocation of its remaining funds. The "quotas" are based partly on population and unemployment, arid all types of allotments, federal grants and . loans, and highway garnts, etc., are included in the state totals. The over-quota states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming. CORN TAKES LEAD IN GRAIN MARKET Closes Strong, Fraction to Cent and Half Higher for Day. CHICAGO, Dec. 7. W)--Corn took the leadership in the grain markets today, and averaged higher in price, with persistent buying of small lots a feature. Pronounced tendencies to hold rural marketing of corn back with the assistance of government loans attracted much attention. Practically no corn was offered today to arrive in Chicago. A little export business in corn was understood to have been effected at the seaboard. Corn closed strong, %@1% cents Produce 7o 5c MASON CITY, Dec. 7.-Cash Quotations by E. O. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 13c Heavy hena, 4% Iba. and over... 7c Light hens Springs (heavy breeds) Springs, (Leghorn breeds) ... Old cooks (neavyj Ducks Geese Turkeys, No. 1 Merchant* Quotations Eggs, cash Eggs, in trade Butter, Plymouth ... Butter, Clear Lake Butter, Brookfield lOc 21-2Sc» 28c .,. 26c 26c above yesterday's finish; Dec. storea 47%c; May, 53% @ Vic; wheat % off I to %c up; Dec., 84i,@93a; oats,' %@l%c advanced, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 7 cents. Butter, State Brand 28c Butter, Dairy Maid ....... 26c Home Grown Potatoes, peek...25c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown giocery '. Morphew .. r . Humphrey .. ~~ White .... KntaTl] .. G. Shannon .. 'Actual Flni.. .Handicap ' ... Sola! I'lni .... SOI 8J4 £93 3668 889 BBIST BOSS BREAD lit and 3rd Total Av. 164 200 188 COO 183 20Z 171 189 B02 145 101 Sl 214 880 17 185 2!2 2« 100 38 Oil 222 6,10 '31 . 907 SOS KHZ 2907 96!) Hansell Cagers Win in Two Games With Rowan HANSELL, Dec. 7.--Hansell high achool. basketball teams defeated Rowan in a doubleheader, the boys ·winning 37 to 18, the girls 31 to 15. The Pyle brothers and Straw were Hansell's high scorers in the boys' game, and Agnew led Rowan. Mclntire High Wins in Court Game With LeRoy McINTTRE, Dec. 7.--Mclntire thigh school turned in a 25 to 16 victory over LeRoy, Minn., on the Joeal basketball floor in a, fast, tough game. Miller of Mclntire led the scoring with 17 points and Sawley of. LeHoy paced the visitors. Kimball Gets Grading Contract Near Waverly WAVERLY, Dec. 7.--L,. O. Kimball of Clear Lake was awarded the gprding contract on one and one- haJf miles of county road in Lafayette township Tuesday afternoon on a bid of ?9,761.95. There were four bidders. Waugh and Tankman of Clarksville were low among four Didders on a culvert project on the road with a bid of ?9,196. CHICAGO CASK GRAIN- CHICAGO. Dec. 7. IT--Wheat, No. 1 hard flee; No. 2 hard 85Vlc; No. li illd S5«c: No. 3 hard (w'ecvtly) 831lc. Com, No. 2 mixed, 48« to 49: No. 1 yel. 49ilc: No. 2 yellow 48y 4 ®49};c; No. 3 yellow *8V4©4SMc: No- * yellow 4734® 4B^c; No. 5 yellow 4Sc; No. 2 white 4BC-; No. 3 -while 48a4c; new corn, No. 3 mixed 47«t; No. 4 mixed 4 3 H ® 4 C W c ; No. 2 yellow 4T«i@48Vtc; No. 3 yellow 47®4Sc; No. 4 yellow 43%i@48c7 No. 3 while 47%3 47ttc: sample grade 3l%c; new and oW corn. No. 3 yellow 48Hc. OMa, No. 2 while 35«4©37c; No. 3 while a4ii@36c; No. 4 while 3*tte. Rye, No. 2 (weevlly) 64c. Barley 428'CGc. Tlmolhy jeed 45.50516 cwt. Clover seed 511@t3.8S cwt. Lard $5.00; loose lard 54.67; bellies $5.50. CHICAGO POULTRY" CHICAGO, Dec. 7. oultry, live. 44 , . . trucks, aleady; hens 9@10'Ac; Leghorn henj 7c; Rock, springs 10%4®imc; colored 9 lOttc; Leghorn chickens 7V4c; roosters turkeys 9@14c;. ducks 6@9c; geese 8c, Dressed lurheya, linn; young hena and toms 18c; old hens I4c; old tonis 13c; No. 2, lOttc. CHICAGO FBODUCE CHICAGO. Dec. 7. W)--Butler. 11.627 ateaily; creamery specials (93 score) 21M ®22c; extras (92 21c; extra flretis (60-91) 198'19iic: Jlrsls 88-89) IBBnS'.ic; seconds (86-87) 15%c; standards (SO centralized car lols) 20c. Esgs. 1,008, JiUady. prices unchanged. MasonCityGrain MASO Dec. 7.-Barley ........... . ..... ... .28-«c No. 2 yellow shelled corn ...... 35c No. 3 yellow shelled corn ...... 34o No. 3 yellow new shelled com..34c No. 3 new yellow ear corn.....32c White oats, No. 3, 30 Ibs. or better 26c THt'HSDAV GRAIX CLOSE CHICAGO, Dec. 7. (/P~ Lawler Splits Double I Bill With Ionia Team LAWLER, Dec. 7.--The Lawler high school basketball team split a doubleheader with the Ionia high school squads here Tuesday night. The local regulars won their game by a score oC 22 to 11. The Ionia seconds won by a scores of 20 to 14. Lawler will play New Hampton at New Hampton on Friday night. May Julj- May ... July ... OATB -Dec. ... May ... July ... RYE-- Dec May July LARD-Dec Jan May BEfjMES -- High .81 a .37 K, .35-; -3SV .36% .45?. .51;; .87 .85H .5314 .5411 .56% .80 y, .61 H PRODUCE FUTUBES CHICAGO. Dec. 7. m--Egg future! closed: Refrigerator standards Dec. 14TC refrigerator utandarda Jan. 15!4c; fresh graded flrslB Feb. 15?»c. Butter futures closed: Storage Btndard Dec. 16%c; storage standards Jan. -17c storage standards Feb. 17%c. NEW 'OBK tODUCE NEW rOHK. Dec. 7. IJ)--Butter. 14,255 steady, unchanged; extra (92 score), 2 cents. Cheese--290,420, -weak. State, whole mill flats, fresh fancy, 13; other grades un changed. Eggs--7,154, irregular. Mixed colors, med Ium«, 39 Ibs.. 16iii dirties, No. 1. 42 Ibs. 17; average checJLs 15; refrigerator, atan tlards. 17 to 17U; other mlsed colors un changed. KANSAS CITr PRODUCE KANSAS CXTV, Dec. 7. O1T--Produce un changed. NE»V YOKK NEW ' YOHK. Dec. 7. (/H--Live poultri firm. Roosters, freight and express, turkeys, freight. 15ST19C, express, 15^ other freight and express unchanged. BULK OF SALES $3,35 TO $3.50 All Interests Buying Though Major Packers Receive 12,000 Direct. CHICAGO, Dec. 7. (.-PI--The hog market moved slowly into an improved position today as prices advanced 5 to 10 cents. The upswing was fought by purchasers for a time, but eventually they gave in. The top was $3.55 with the bulk of good hogs ranging from $3.35 to ?3.50. Ail interests were buying, al- Hog Markets though the major packers had 12,000 hogs direct and used that aa a lever to restrain price advances. Receipts were larger than expected, but were not burdensome. Outside markets also reported receipts about in line with last year with trade generally ranging from steady to 10 cents higher. Cattle trade was surprisingly active considering the fact that much of the buyer's interest was centered in the auction pans at the stock show. Good steers were 15 to 25 cents higher with medium weight animals topping at $6.55. Light cattle were also wanted with light heifers at $6.35. Most heavy steers and yearlings ranged from $4.25 to $5.25. Sheep IOWA no as Kog prices at Iowa, markets Thursday: WATERLOO--Prime hogs 180 to 260 Ibs. 42.85@2.95; 260 to 280 Ibs. J2.55Si2.85; 290 to 325 Ibs. 52.40®2.70: 325 to 350 Ibs. 42.25 ©2.55; good Backers 52@2.35. DES MOINES--3,200; 120 to 160 Ibs. SI.75 ©2.40; 160 to 300 Ibs. 52.405F2.95; 300 to 400 Ibs. ?2.25g.2.65; good packers J1.90SJ.' 2.35. OTTUMWA--All grades 5 cenls higher. HO to 160 Ibi. 51.65; 160 to 180 Ibs. J2.65; 180 to 220 Ibs. 53: 220 to 240 Ibs. 53.05; 240 to 260 Ibs. $3: 2SQ to 280 Ibs. 52.85; 280 to 310 Ibs. 52.75; 310 to 350 Ibs. 52.60; over 350 IbE. $2.25®2.D5; packers under 350 Ibs. S2.10S2.40; racxera 350 to 450 Ibs. 51.80@2.10: packers over 500 Ibs. 51.50S1 1.90: thin packers 51.20 and down. CEUAJl RAPIDS--Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ib3 52 80; 200 to 260 Ibs. $2.90; 2GO to 280 Ibs. 52.80; 280 to 300 lt3. $2.70; 300 to 320 Ibs. 52.60: 320 to 340 Ib3. 52.50; KOod packers to 350 Ibs. 52.10; to 400 Iba. 52; to 450 Ibs. $1.80; to 500 Ibs. 51.80. Com--Unchanged. CO5IBIXED HOC RECEIPTS DES MOINES, Dec. 7. .TT--(U. S. department of agriculture)--Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 pack- Ing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ending at 8 a. m. today were 33,300, Compared with holiday a week ago ana 24,600 Steady to 10 cent* higher, mostly 5 to 10 cent? above Wednesday's early trade; demand fairly active and volume ot loading about average for Thursday; bulk oi 180 to 260 lb. weights, *3 to 53.15. Good and choice light lights, 140-160 Ibs., 52.50 to S2.85: light wolghts, ISO-ISO Ibs., {275 to ?3.10; 180.200 Iba., 52.95 to 53.25: medium weights, 200-220 Ibs.. 52.95 to S3 25- medium weights, 200-220 IbJ., $2.95 to $3.25; 2201250 Ibs., 52.05 to 53.25; heavy weights, =50-290 Ibs., »2.SO to 53.20; 280-350 Ibs., S2.EO tn 53.05; pigs, 100-130 I b s . unquoted; good packing sows, 275-350 Ibs., $2.35 to 52.05; 350-425 Ibs., 52-20 to 52.30; 425-350 !»»-. 12 to 52.35. were slow, hut mostly steady. Best fat lambs were selling; slowly at ?7 to $7.25. Other grades and classes were steady to firm because of scarcity. Local Hogs MASON CITY, Dec. 7.--Five cents higher; best sorted lights, 200 to 240 Ibs., $2.95; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., $2.95; best heavy butchers, 260 to 300 Ibs., $2.75; best prime heavy butchers, 300 to 350 Ibs,, ?2.55; best packing sows, smooth, 300 to 3SO Ibs., $2.35; best heavy sows, smooth, 350 to 400 Ibs., $2.15; light lights, fair to good, 140, 160, ISO Ibs., $2.30, $2.60, |2.7o. Market Notes By TICKER TAPE .41K -47?i 4.40 5.02 5.37 4.20 5.05 THURSDAY GKAIK OPES' CHICAGO. Dec, T. (.«-- Goldfield Splits Two With Woolstock Teams GOLDFTELD, Dec. 7.--Goldfield Jngh school split a doubleheader to open the basketball season with Woolatock here. The local seconds were defeated 16 to 14 in a hot battle, while the first string- smothered the visitors to win 40 to 7. Agard, freshman forward, collected 14 points to lead the local attack. Missionary From Alaska Gives Talk at Alexander ALEXANDER, Dec. 7. -- Mrs. Leslie Yaw of Sitka, Alaska, gave a talk at the home of Mrs. Clyde .tease Tuesday afternoon at a spe- lal meeting of the Missionary circle of the United church. Mr. and Mrs. Yaw have been in Alaska for several years, where he is superin- :endant of the missionary achool at Sitlia. Open Today Bancroft Wins Three on Home Basketball Floor BANCROFT, Dec. 7.--Bancrof won three basketball games Wed uesday evening on the local floor The Bancroft high school team won from Lakota by a score of 15 to 9, while the second team for Bancroft high school defeated the Lakota seconds oy a score of 12 to 9. St. John's high school of Bancroft won from LuVerne by a score of 21 to 13. No Hit, Run,Driver Is Found by Sheriff Sheriff J. M. Robertson said Thursday that he believed there was no hit and run, driver connected with the accident case in which Harold Stoeber of Mason City received fatal Injuries. Sheriff Robertson said that a check of persons at the scene of the accident shortly after it happened revealed that Stoeber was injured at the time of the original accident- Sheriff Robertson requested that anyone who might have been at the scene of the accident who has not reported to do so. Slay July ... CORN-- July ....... RYE -Dec. ....... liny ....... July ....... BARLEV-Dec ........ Mny ....... July ....... LARD-Dec ........ Jan. . ...... May ....... BELLIES-- .4B«i .02 .53*; .36'i .35'; Close Yesterday .87 .86 .4B .02 « .54i .3* .37 Close Yr. Ago .44% .48 .-48% .15 .17 K While Importance attaches to any corporation's return to the dividend paying class, It IB particularly significant when a leading railroad resumes payments alter they have been -withheld lor a, sear and a halt. Wednesday the Burlington railroad's director* found that earnings are sufficient to warrant a distribution for 1S33 01 S3 a Bhare on capital stock thus keeping Jntact the splendid dividend record or the road. A dividend has been paid In every year since 1862. .60% .61 4.25 4.55 5.35 3.82 3.77-3.80 3.05 .1.53 4.00 Jan OMAHA GRAIN" OMAHA. Dec. 7. IJF~ Whtat. hard No. 1. 82c; No. 2, SO^OBlc: dark hard No. 3, . Com. yellow No. 2, «H®43c: No. 3, 42c. Oats, no trading. Defending Champion Out of Running in Billiards CHICAGO, Dec. 7. UP--T h e world's pocket billiard tournament was in a state of turmoil today following the sensational defeat of the defending champion, Ralph Greenleaf of New York, 125 to 85 in 25 Innings, by George Kelly of Philadelphia. The stunning upset occurred last right and knocked Greenleaf, 12 V times champion, out of a five way tie for first place and gave the winner his first victory in the tournament. It'waa the champ's first defeat in three years and until last night it hadn't seemed possible to the other contestants that he could Jose. St. Mary's Wins First Basketball Game 25-12 EMMETSBTJRG, Dec. 7.--St. Mary's academy of Bmmetsburg won Its first basketball game of the season here Tuesday night by defeating Sacred Heart academy of Focahontaa 25-12, in the south side gym. Ryan, center, was outstanding for St. Mary's with 13 points, while Fitzgerald, visiting guard, chalked up six for Pocahontas. This was St. Mary's first game under the new coach. Earl Peterson, former Macalester college star. How Early Settler in Howard County Put Up Lognouse Is Recalled CRESCO, Dec. 7.--Publication of historical facts in a recent issue of the Globe-Gazette In connection with the rerouting of the Dvorak highway recalled to Mrs. Ella Gallagher interesting- sidelights concerning Hiram Johnson, the first white man to build a home in Howard county. "Mr. Johnson," Mrs. Gallagher said, "told me how he made a raft he used In crossing the river and how he built his loghouse, preparing the logs and boring holes through them by which hickory pins were used to hold them in place. He gathered the materials and made his own chairs, table, dressers and every article of furniture he used in his house. "This pioneer cooked over a fireplace. He baked potatoes In the hot ashes. A long legged kettle was used for cooking certain foods. He gave me the saw with which he sawed the small boards for his house. This saw had belonged to his father and he said it was more than 100 years old when he gave it to me." Mrs. Gallagher said that she was given this saw more than 40 years ago. Her son has the saw now. She also owned a dresser made by Mr. Johnson from timber taken near the Turkey river. KANSAS CITY CRA1N KANSAS CITY;, Dec. 7. (m--Wheat, 25 cars; 'i cent lower lo H cent higher. No, 2 dark hard 815? 85c nom.: No. 3, 82c; No. hard 81%W§3'ic: No. 3, 826Sitte; No. 2 red 83c; No. 3, 80'.4 8r82\4c nom. Corn, ID cars: U cent lower to 1 cent higher. No. 2 white 46HO?47c: No. 3, 45® 46^ic.-nom.; No. 2 yellow 46 I ,4c; billing 4 6 % c : No. 3, 45^46Wc nom.; No. 2 mixed 46c: No. 3, 455r46c nom. Oats, 3 cars: unchanged to 1 cent higher. No. 2 white 36837= nom.; No/ 3. 35J36',4c nom. LAR;KR EXPECTEB Coming as It did after the Atchiaoh's declaration of a. dividend of S3.30' a share on Its preferred--n payment somewhat larger than even the most optlmlsllc had expected --the Burlington dividend announcement served, to focus attention upon the improved status of the maior railroad systems of the country. If other businesses have been mtced In Ihe mud of depression the railroads have been literally burled between the sludge. Their progress upward has been slow and made doubly difficult by atrnlned finances. Therelor when, two of the major carriers and these western roads, find their position warrants distribution to stockholders th( actions offer reliable evidence of malerln progress on the road to earnings recover for the Important Induslry. The fact tha both roads voted allotment of Just abou all of their earnings for the year was Inter preted In the financial district as Indlcatini optimism of the directorates as to the Im mediate outlook. The Burlington payment will benefit prin cipally the Great Northern and Norther Pacific lines, controllers of the first men tloned's stock, bosses of these two will U reduced by funds obtained from their Bur llngton holdings. STOCK JIARKET SHOWS OPTIMISM Slock and commodity markets \Vednes day labored under a "morning after" hang over, their riotous activity oi Tuesday ne cessltatlng a more calm procedure to avoi the staggers. Operators for the advan- were frankly pleased that markets steered steady course during the trading period, ah sorblng p r o f i t taking In easy fashion and ri talnlng praclically all of the preceding day gains. x ) -- Quotations ethers . MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. 7. C.TT -- Wheat -- 10 cars to 103 a. year ago. Unchanged to 1 cent hlgrier. Cash, No. 1 northern, 84 % to 87^i ; No. 1 dark northern, 15 per cent protein. g5« to 8fl»t 14 t«r cent protein, 85K to 88%; 13 per cent protein. 85.l to 8851; 12 per cent protein. . . to 88% ; No. l dark hard Montana. 14 per cent protein, 86M to 8 7 M ; to arrive, 86% to 87S; No. 1 amber durum, 09 to Sl-03; No. 2 amber durum, 93 to SI. 02'; No. 1 red durum. 7B to 81; Dec., SOil; May, 82% ; July, 83*. Corn-- No. 3 yellow, 43 to 43%. Oats-- No. 3 while, 35S to 33^.' Ekrley-- 2ff to 87; rye, No. 2. 60',5 : ill*. No. 1, J1.73V1 to clover seed, 13 to J3.25. Wiley, Pioneer of Cedar Rapids, Hit by Train and Killed CEDAR RAPIDS, Dec. 7. UP)-William B. Wiley, 84, a pioneer of Cedar Rapids, was killed this forenoon when he was trapped between a North Western railroad switch train and a boxcar in the yards here. He was walking across the tracks. Survivors include a son, Charles, in New York City, and a brother, James, in San Diego, Cal. H to sweet Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET CHICAGO, Dec. 7. C.-T1--U. 9, department of agriculture-Potatoes M, on track 10*. total U. B. shipment a MB; nUftdy; supplies moderate, demand and trading very alow; sacked per cwt,: U. S. No. l, Wisconsin round whites mostly around SI.25, occasional car higher; Idaho russets few sales *1.60®1.62w,; no other salea reported. Goldfield Indies Ready for Basketball Season GOLDFIELD, Dec. 7.--An Independent basketball team has been organized here with Sidney Cleveand aa manager. The members of the squad have been practicing for the past week and are booking games both to be rjlayed here and CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CFUCAGO, Dec. 7. (/T)--U. S. department ' agriculture-- HOfiS 28.000, Including 12.000 direct; ac- ve, 5 to 10 cents higher; bulk 170 to 310 B. 53.40S3.55; top $3.55; most light lights 3.10^13.40; pigs 52.25S?3; packing sows 2.5055?; light light good and choice 140 to 60 Ibs. S3!S ; 3.45; light weight 160 to 200 bs. $3.30ff3.r5; medium weight 200 to 250 15. S3.4Cffl3.D5; heavy weight 250 to 350 33. 53.2533.G5; packing sows medium and ·ood 275 lo 550 Its. $2.4063; pigs good and holce 100 to 130 Ibs. $2.25S3. CATTX11 5,000; calves 2,000; better grade Ight yearlings and light weight sleers IS o 25 cenls higher, active at advance; 858' b. yearling steers up to $6.75: several loads callng 850 to 1,050 Ibs. S6.50Sr6.60; light lelfers selling up lo S8.35 and heavy heifers o 56: inhclween grade medium weight and velghty stcera slow; better grades fully teady; most steers with weight Belling at ;4,25@5.25; belter market on an COWB; ·ealers steady to 25 cents lower; slaughter cattle and vcalers, steers good and choice 550 to 900 Ibo. $5.75@6.85: 900 to 1,100 Ibs. ,, , OOA 55.25® 6.85; 1,100 to 1.300 Ibs. S4.75W6.40; .,300 to 1.500 Ibs. $3.75^5.85: common and medium 550 to 1.300 Ibs. 53iH.75: heifers good and choice 550 lo 750 Ibs. $o.25®6.65; common and medium 53^5.25; cows good common and medium S1.90ip 2.90: ~ low ' cutter and cutter Sl.255fl.90: bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beel) 52.75 ££3.25: culter common and medium 52^3; vealers good and choice S4(iT5.50: medium 53f(I4; cull and common S2.50@3: sleeker and feeder cattle, sleers good and choice 500 to 1,050 Ibs. 53.75QG; common and medium S2.75W4. SHEEP 12,000; fat lambs slow, around steady; sheep stronger: talking $7£?7.25 on Kood and choice lambs offerings and S2® 3.25 on common to choice «w«s; feeding lambs scarce: lambs 90 Ibs. down good and choice SB.75tf£7.35; common and medium 55 ffB7; ewes 90 to 150 Ibs. good and choice S2S?3.25; all weights common and medium 51.25igi2-25: feeding lambs 50 lo 75 Ibs. good and choice S5.50©6.10. OMAHA IJVESTOCK OKAIIA, Dec. 7. l-K--(U. S. department ot agriculture)-- HOCS--9,000; moderately active, strong ' to 10 cents higher; some lights and underweights up more; early bulk, 180-280 Ibs., 53 to $3.05; top. 53.15; few 240-340 Ibs., $2.85 to 53; 140-180 Ibs., $2.50 to 53: plg.T. scarce; packing sows, 52.35 to 52.65; averaga cost Wednesday. 52.84: weight. 234. CATTT.E--3,300; calves, 200; fed steers and yearlings, uneven; yearlings moderately dive; strong; weighty steers and medium -eights, slow, weak; heifers-scarce, steady: ows, slow, weak: bulls week to 10 cents owtr; vealers, fully steady; stockers and ecdcrs dull, weak; fed steers and yearlings, 4.25 to $5.25; several loads yearlings, 5.3.1 to iS.60; part load. $5.75; few lots elfers, $4.25 to 55.50; beef cows, 52 to 2.50: cutter grades, $1.25 to 51.85; medium ulls. 52.15 lo 52.40; pracllcal top vealers, 3; few choice selects, S5.50 to $6. HHF.F.F--4,000; supply mostly lambs: iracllcally all killers; lambs, slow; early (ids around steady, asking stronger; Bheep ,nd feeders fully steady; early flale.i fed wooled lamb! ot Just good grade, 55.75; best held nbovo 57.10; Wednesday's late top: Ewes up to 53; feeding lambs up to 8.35. SlOl'X CITY LIVESTOCK 3IOUX CITY. Dec. 7. (.W--(U. S. department of agriculture--CATTLE--2,000; fed eArllngs (airly active, fully steady; ma- ured steers slow; other classes mostly with Wednesday's average; better 1CO-260 Ibs. 33.10 to 53.20; most 160-250 Ibs. 53.15; early top, $3.20. paid sparingly b shippers for sorted 160-180 lubs.; some held higher; better 260-310 Ibs., 52.90 to $3.10- good packing sows, 450 lbn. down, mostly 52.40 to 52.60; smooth lights, 52.65; better 130-150 Ibs., $2.50 to S3; killer pigs, 52.25 to 52.50 or better: average cost Wednesday, S3; weight, 313 Ibs. SHEEP--3,500; run Includes three load! fed lambs; balance nallves and Dukolas very little done early, but buyers showing active Interest; prospects around 25 cents higher on fat lambs; sellers nsKIng around 50 cents higher; bulk fat lambs Wednesday, $6.50; part load, $0.60 to 56.65. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY, Dec. 7. l.-I'J--(U. S. lie parlrnelt of agr| l culture)-HOGS-4000:240 direct: mostly 5 to 10 cents higher than Wednesday's average; top. 53.25 on choice 180-260 Ibs.; good and Choice 140-160 Ibs., 52 8R to S3 15' 100-180 Ins., S3 to S3.25; J80-200 Ibs' 53.10 to 53.25; 200-220 Ibs , 53 15 to S3 25- 220-250 Ibs., 53.15 to $3.25; 250-290 Ibs.. 53.15 to 53.25: 290-350 Ibs., 53.10 to 53.20; packing sows, 275-550 Ibs.. 52.2s to 52.65; stock pigs, good and choice, calves, GOO; killing STOCK MARKET WORKS UPWARD Shares Advance With Buying of Rails and Variety of Specialties. NEW YORK, Dec. 7. (/P)--The stock market worked upward today under buying in rails and a wide variety of speciltieg. Utilities and many of the old standbys among industrials, ruled only steady to moderately firmer. American Telephone and U. S. Steel were up major fractions but advances of around 2 r. more points embraced du Pont, Union Pacific, Delaware and Hudson, Armour Preferred and Auburn Transfers approximated 1,650,000 shares. There was an absence of important naws from either the political or economic sectors. .The dollar firmed in terms of pounds and French franca as the domestic gold rate was again unchanged, but currency fluctuations were rather narrow. Equity specialties were in moderate demand and gains of fractions to more than a point predominated in the early hours. "Quiet accumulation" was the phrase used by bullish commission houses. Grains, cotton and other commodities were mildly mixed. Bonds, including U. S. government securities, were somewhat irregular. Stock List NEW VORK STOCKS (By Tho Associated Press) Final Quotations on Tec. 7. Air Keduc 103 , Johns Many Alleghany 4 Kennnecolt Al Ch t Dye 147K. Kresge Am Can SS=1 Llg My B Am Sk For P 9vi Am Pow Lt 6',i Am St Fdrs 19 'A Am Sugar 55li A T T 117V, Am Tob B 77 V, 21 13= Am Water WXs 18 VL .naconda AtchlEon All Bef Auburn Avlat Corp Bordens B'org Warner Burr A d d i n g Canada Dry Can Pacific Case cnes Ohi« C N W C M St P P CMStPP pf Cm with Sou Curb Market lo J5.T5: 1300-1500 Ibs., 53.50 to 55; common and medium, 550 IDs. up, S2.75 to 54 60- heifers, good and choice, 550-900 IDS. 54.50 to SO; common and medium 550800 Ibs.. 52.30 to 55: cows, good, * 2 40 . nt 13- coiinon and medium, J1.75 to 52.40; "w cuCr and cutter, ri to 51.75; vealers Imllk' fed), medium to choice, 53 to 56. cuT"and 'common., S2 to M: .locker and NEW YORK, Dec. 7. WJ---Quiet trading waa the rule on the curb today, but the llfit had a f i r m tone. Gains were moderate, with industrJnls and specialties still receiving tlie best support. 1} tllltie. 1 ), however, were more disposed to participate in the improvement and most of t h e leaders Jn this division marie at (east fractional progress. Electric Bond and Share worked hEgh«r In a fair turnover. General Tire and Rubber, whose preferred has gone back on a 56 annual dividend basts after a lapse since March, 1032, was up better than a point. Pan .American Airways. Swift and company, Aluminum of America, Hiram Walker, American corporation-Seagrams ward. '5 1 " and Distillers jnov ed quiet ly for- Bond Market Conti Mot Corn Prod Curtfss Wr Deere pf Du Pont Eastman El Pow t 0 " Fox Fjlm A 1351 Loews Loose Wiles 42^ Lorlllard 17^ Maytag 4i McKess i Rob 6 Mid Cont Pet 13% M K i T 9 Mo Pac 3"^ Mont Ward " 23?i Worrell 39 Nash 24*i NMl Btrt 49}«. Nat Cash R A 16} s Nat Dairy 13V- Nat Distill 25^ Nat POW 4Lt 9^i N Y Cent 37 N T N H H IS No A m e r 14i' No Pacific 24 Oliver Farm 4£i Oliver Farm pf 15^i Packard 4 Penlck Ford 58% Penney 53% Penn 29hs Phillips Pet 16*1 Proc Qara 4l!-i Pullman, 47 Vi R C A 6^*. R K O 2 1% Hem · Kand 7Vi 3T54 Hsp Bteel lo*i Itll Key Tob B- 47% Roy Dutch 37 ^i Sears Roeb 44U- Shell O 8Vi Skelly 8*i Socony Vac 16 ^ So Pacific 20»i St Brands 23Vj at G a E Si; st oil cai 4211 St Oil N J 15 53!i 30't 48* 21 29 125S 40% 3!4 8 'A 314 51 tl 15% 2% «^ 91H Freeport Texas 47% Stew Warn Gehl Am Trans Gen El non Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gob el Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grah Paige Ot Nr pC lt West Sug Grig Gruri Hudson 111 C e n t I n t Hnrv Int Nick Cnil I T T H Stone Web 7H 20^5 Studebaiier 4? 8 5ii?i Tex Corp 26U 34 Tecc Cult Bui 42!i IOX Tim Roll B 30BJ, 7-U Un Garb 4714 ISU Un Pacific 114 15 Unit Air 34^ 37% Unlled Corp S 2?i U S Ind Ale 62'A Sl'.i U S Rubber 17»» 38 !1 U S Eleel 46:» ^s Wabaah 2=i 135i Warner pict 5^i 3U« West El Mfg 30Vi 42% Woolworlh 42=i 22 Wrlgley 56"; 13 li Yel Truck 41. Cities servicu Great Lakes Air 1 Grigsby-Grunow % Ubby McNeil 3% M-W TJlilitleB U Nail Leather l CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. Dec. 7. /P/- CJuaker Oats Rath Packing 24=' t Swift and Co 1SV- Swift Intl 29\i Utility and Ina =, Zenith 3}i MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. 7. 1/VI--Stocks closed: First Bank stock. C » i ; Northwcsl BUncorporation, 4^. feeder steers, good and choice (all 53.35 to 54.85; common and medium tail weights), 52 to 53.75. SIT.EEI 1 --2,000: lambs, steady to 15 cents higher; mostly. 10 to 15 cents up; odd lots sheep a t e n d y ; top fed lambs, S.; lambs good nnd chlce * 80 Ibs. down. 5650 to S7: common and medium, 90 IDs. down. 54.50. to S6.M; yearling TM«««. medium to choice, 90-110 , choice, 80-150 based on 54 to $5,75; LIVESTOCK VOBKCAST e/'rec^* ££ SSiS'^So? 20,000; sheep, 9,000. NEW YOK, Dec. 7- f/TJ--The market tor U. S. government bonds was not greatly enlivened today by the announcement of details respecting the Dec. 13 treasury financing, the retention of the 524.Ot cent gold price and the general firmness of the dollar In rellton to foreign currencies. Dealings In the federals were rather small during the first half. ,of the session ·with quotations showing narrow irregularity. Gains of two-thirty-seconds to three-thlrty- seconds were about balanced In number of losses ranging from one-thfrty-second to five-thirty-seconds of a point. Some ot the treasury Issues were unchanged. Corporation issues ware firm. Some of the secondary classifications edged into new Jil^h ground for Ihe current recovery with rails leading the way. Utilities and Industrials had a few slightly reactionary spots, although the more active features tended higher. There were moderate advances in Columbia Gas and Electric- 5'fi, Detroit Edison 4Ws. Lautaro Nitrate 6'a, GootJyear 5's t Unites Drug 5's and Western Union .Vs. In the foreign section prices moved divergently under limited dealings. French Issues lost 1 to 2 points; British loans were steady. INVESTMENT TRUSTS Bid and asked on Dec. 7: Cort Tr Sh 2.24 Corp Tr Sh AA Mod .... 2.32 Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser .. 2.14 Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod ,, 2.32 Dividend Sh .. 1.20 Nationwide Sec 3,n Nationwide Sec Vtc 1,34 Nor A m e r Tr Sh 1,87 Nor Araer Tr Sh 1053 .... 2.3S Q u a r t e r l y Inc Sh, 1.37 Selected Am Sh .......,* 2.50 Selected Cum Sh ........ G.81 Selected income -ah ^.v.;; 3.51 ~ Super Corp Am Tr A .... 3.00 U S El L Pow A lOVi U S El L, Pow B 1,78 K S El L i Pow B Vtc ... G6 2.39 2.39 t.22 3,21 1.41 10=i l.SS .76 Representative Sales KEPESENTATIVE SALES CHICAGO. Dec. T. nt-- (U. S. department or agriculture)--B«pr"cnt»tlvo soles. Heavy-63 3H 59 280 85 255 Mediums-!4 242 fiO 231 74 218 90 200 Steers 31 72 36 20 18 ·.MO 3.RO 3.5S 3.55 3.50 92 3. CO 27 3.55 3.55 CATTLE 87 1S2 Or, 1S7 75 174 84 103 I.tRht tlnlitj- away from home. This year's team will be built MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. 7. (,T--Flour unchanged. Shipments, 21,200. Pure bran, (13 to $13.50. standard middling*. $13 to J13.SO. NEW YORK SUGAR NEW YORK. Dec. 7. 1/D-- Raw sugar qutet today and nominally unchanged at 53.30. Futures unchanged to 1 point decline. Refined unchanged at 54.50 for line granulated. TOLEDO SEEDS TOLEDd. Dec. 7. m--Seeds In warehouses: Red clover, Dec. J8; March J8.25, AlsLke unchanged. around Gerald Agard, Drake university player the past three years. The other members on the squad are all former Goldfield high school stars as follows: Wilbur Agard, Newton Freeman, Ray Madison l Bernard Severson, Lon Keister, Leo Bartzen and Roy Axon. Robinson, a former Woolstock player, is also a member of the aquad. Teams in this territory desiring games ".re required to write Sidney Cleveland, Goldfield, I^eavcs 'or Iowa City. COR.WITH--Mrs. C. 33. Peter son, who lives west of town, let Tuesday evening for Iowa City where she will enter the Unlver sity hospital for an examination. E38 929 813 1292 1323 1352 1532 1350 0.75 8. ISO 6.25 5.75 R 25 4J60 4 -3 3 75 1S5 147 857 636 300 75S 3.30 3.40 3.35 6,35 6.00 5.25 4.7o U. S. BOND tlUOTATIOSS NEW YORK. Dec. 7. 1/11--United States government bonds closed: Liberty 34a 100.2. Liberty First 4 1 ,ls 101.2. Liberty Fourth 4'-iS 101.15. Treasury W 47-52 105.25. Treasury 4s 44-54 102.2. Treasury 3«s 40-43 June 98.9. Treasury 3Us 46-49 9G. Treasury 3s 51-55 91.9. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In Bagley- Beclt Building Telephone No. 1 NEW YORK CUHD QUOTATIONS Am O El 19:1 Humble Oil Am Sup Pow 2 "4 Nlas Hud Ark Nat G A 1H El Bd t Sh 13% Ford of Eng r a ^ Hud B M S ay. 102 G'/i 32% 8 Cows -6 11TS 5 1042 77 1000 24 S95 SHEEP Fat Ewes-89 7.25 10 116 92 7.00 11 134 Western Lnmln 4 18C SO 7.25 Feeding Larrrfs -94 7.00 150 58 6.00 Xfttlve Lnmi: 150 2.10 Fed ISO 2G1 3.00 2.25 1.75 3.25 3.00 2.00 IOWA 1'liBLIC I1TII.ITV STOCKS Bid and asXeil on Dec. 7: cent St El 7 pfd (S25 p a r ) Cent St P t L 7 pfd ...... D M Gas S pM (S50 .. D M Gas 7 pfd (S50 par) .. Interstate Pow 7 pfd ...... Iowa Klectrlc 7 pfd ........ Iowa Electric fi« pfd ..... la Elect Lt Pow 7 pfd . . la Elect I.t Pow 6 pfd . . la Power i Lt 7 pfd ...... la Power Lt B pfd .... la Pub Service 7 pfd ...... la Pub Sen-Ice G pfd ...... la south U t l l 7 pfd ..... ... N W Bell Tel 6 ! A pfd ...... Unllcd I.t Kys 7 pfd ---United Lt A Rys G pfd ---- 10 9 6 23V1 2l\'-i 54 45 38 31 26 .1 50 ·14 12 9 ' 24 50 44 37 7 100 33 2514 Std OH Ind Std Oil Ky United Gas 21.'. Un L i P A 2!i CHICAGO STOCKS Bendlx Avi Cor Ifi-^i Butler Bros 41; Borg-War Corp 19% Cord Company 7H NEW VOnK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 21% Llq Carb Corp 29V Car t Fdy Mil, Mack Truck 30^ Am Roll Mills 19-i Math AUt 40U Am Rad S 15 Mex Scab Oil 34 *g Am Sm Ref 44 McKess Robb 6 Am Tobacco 77^ Otis Steel 4 All Rcf 30Si J C Penney Co - r 3v. Ar A Co B' (111) 4 Pure Oil Co 12% Baldwin Loco 12 Pub Ser N J 34 Vt Sarn.sda 1 ! Oil A BU Simmons Co 17?ii Brlgps Mfg 1C So Csl Edison 35'i By ers A :,t Co 27'A Tide Wnter oil 10 Coml Solv 32I/, U 3 Ind Al 62% Cont oil ISli Utit P * I, A 21J, Cudnhy Pack 30!i Un Gn.l ft Imy 147; lurtlss Wr pf 5% War Bros Co 10 -Toust Oil (new) 4'.i Western Un 35j "elv Corp I I U Worth Pump 23~i, fCroger Groc 24^; North Amer Av PHI Lambert Co 2S',!, HIDES, WOOL, FURS teady- car good lo choice 1,050 Ih. year- Ings. ?r.35: hulk grain feiln, H to J5: [uality ralher plain; good fed helfern. J5; most cows, tl.80 to J2.35; al! cutlers, SI.25 to $1.75; small lots, plain stockers, 3.50 down. H(HiS--5,500; steady to 10 cents higher; practical top. J3.10; package. $3.15 to city hulchers; bulk 1TO-320 lb. weight*, S3 to S3.10; extreme heavy hutchers down to [2.70; 140-170 lb. Averages, $2-50 to $3: sows. S2.40 to J2.GO; feeder pigs, S2 to SHEEP -- 3.000; no early action, asking Blrnng to 15 cents higher for slaughter steady to wealc; other classes scarce, quoted unchanged- choice feeding lambs salable up to J8 lain Wednesday, bulk fed wooled and native lamhs, 58.7S to $7; top, »7: clipped lambs. $6 down. Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Hoi'sehidea .$2.25. Cured beef hides 6c Green beef hides 5c WOOL No. 1 clean bright 24c lb. Semibright 23c lb. Rejects 19c lb. FUI5S Mink Skunk 15c-$l SOIJTH ST. PACT, LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Dec. 7. t,f -- {U. S. department of agriculture-- CATTLE--2.200; strictly good to choice fed Biters and yearlings, scarce; plainer grades, slow, about steady; helfere, llltle changed: cows, more nctlvo and E l l g h t l y better than Wednesday's low time; hulls, steady; slof.kers and feeders, scarce; most medium to good slaughter steers and plainer quality yearlings salable around S3 lo 54.50; common kinds down to about 52; common to medium butcher heifers, 52,35 to 53.50: tow cutter and cutter cow« noninrt 51 to 51.50; butcher cowc, S1.7. r to 52.25; medium build mostly 52.50 down; late Wednftsh'lay choice 1,016 lb. fed yearlings made 3:1.33 or steady to 10 cents higher; choice 1,250 lb. 55. Calve.i. 2.100; steady, good lo choice, largely 53.50 to 5; few up to 54T)0. KOGS--7,000: f a i r l y active, fully steady Civet 15c-30c Red fox ?2.50-$5 Opossum 25c-50c WOOT. MAUKF.T BOSTON, Dec. 7.C.T)--(U. S. department, ot agriculture)--Trade in wool In the Boston market continues very moderate but Inquiries are more numerous than early In the weeK. Interest Is helng shown In the finer quality territory wools. Asking prices on fltrtctly combing 58's, 60's, ^ blood territory wools are Inclined to the hlfih side of the recent selling range 81-S3 cents scoured bnjils. Some lots are held for prices slight- ty above this ranpe. The undertone of the marnct U Ilrm despite the current slow BUYING HOGS AT 8 MAIN MARKETS Surplus Relief Corporation Surrounds Move With Utmost Secrecy. CHICAGO, Dec. 7. ff--The federal surplus relief corporation 19 buying hogs at eight of the leading markets in the nation, but how many and for what purpose livestock men were unable to say today. Word that the government was buying hogs had been rumored around the yards for several days but were generally believed only to day. The prices paid are the pre vailing ones asked by sellers. The eight markets are Chicago Kansas City, Omaha, South St Paul, St. Joseph, East St. Louis Sioux City and Indianapolis. The utmost secrecy surrounds th purchases. About the only thing known certainly is that only good and choice butcher hogs from 160 to 300 pounds were being taken. Parole Is Revoked. OSAGE, Dec. 7.--Ina May Bergo, who was paroled after she was sentenced to 150 days In Mitchell county jail Oct. 9, 3931, In default ot a $500 fine for selling intoxicating liquors, was brought into court Tuesday for violation of parole. Judge T. A. Beardmore's decree was six months in Mitchell county jail. Lamson Brothers Market Letter Wheat--Wheat was nervous and IncHneil erratic movements today, y e t there was no weakness. The m a r k e t paid little atten- ilon to the strength In atoefcs and seemed to derive Its flrmnesa from the stronp tone In coarse grains. There was nothing in the new.i to attract attention. Around 700,001) tmsh^ls of Manitoba. 1 * were reported taken for export In all positions. Relative easiness at Kansas City naJ some e f f e c t on ptlce-i here. The forecast for unsettled anrt colder over the great e r part of the \vl nt e r and aprlnp areas had some e f f e c t on the July delivery which was Inclined to lose ground as compared with the May. Corn and oaln were really the features OT the market. Both Rraina showed a declijediy firm undertone and prices averaged higher. The tendency to liohl hack corn with tl:e assistance of government loans In riecomtng more pronouncfld. Movement of cash com to terminal markets contlmies to fall o f f sharply and only .1,000 bushels were hooked in the chfcago market. Private reports from Iowa indicated that ]mlustrJc3 In that state hnd started to wire direct to country «te- vators In nn effort to bring out offerings. A little export business was understood to have been put through although amounts were lacking. It looks as though the greater activity Is to be seen in coarse grains and strength there may continue to aid wheat. Injured In Fall. ROCKFORD, Dec. 7.--George Trettln suffered a fracture of the right elbow bone when he fell from a buggy. The number of Confederate veterans receiving pensions in Kentucky decreased from 5,000 in 1913 to 103 in 1933. J-adies Aid Entertained. ALEXANDER--The Ladles Aid of the United church was entertained yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lonie Peters, with Mrs, Peters and Mrs. Roman Buterbaugh hostesses. YOUR BEST MARKET HIDES and FURS Wolf Bros. S10 FIFTH ST. S. \V.

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