Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa on January 30, 1957 · Page 56
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Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa · Page 56

Oskaloosa, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1957
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

* 41 W.A, Jan. 30, 1957 OSKALOOSA DAILY HOtALD I \ More Telephones, More Calls Than Ever In 1956 Mot* telephone* and more calls Northwestern Bell'* maintenance , TMa* T ' t T j n lines, install and repair Northwestern Bell Telephone com- «ver before i* the telephone force here. j telephone* and keep office equip- pany and the 463 independent ·tor? of 1956, according to O. W. Telephone user* move from one ment running properly, total 20, companies in this *tat*. Improvement project* of tte Northwestern Bell coat more than Bosworth, manager of the Oska- premise to another, one commu- IOCM Northwestern Bell Telephone mty to another, replacements, re- Co, and during the past year arrangements and additions of about $200,000 was spent in cen- equipment mean more visits. tral office equipment here and There are a total of 60 people outside plant for expending serv- to operate and maintain the Os- tce, kaloosa telephone communication Th* ever expanding network of service here. Mrs. Helen Rine- telephone wires, some buned un- hart, chief operator, head* the der ground, others on poles serve group of 36 in the operating force to join almost every home, farm, to handle local and long distance church, school, business or meet- calli. tag place m the community into The Oskaloosa exchange serves a closely knit unity, while long as operator office for Peona, Pel- distance lines make the state, la, Leighton, Montezuma. New onion, the whole world, cur neigh- Sharon and Keota and places long bora. distance calls for telephone users Now there are 6,200 telephones in those towns. IB us* here, 92 more than a year DtTRIXG THE Dast year 85 ago, Mr. Bosviorth reported. They ) ong distance circuits to 11 dif- ar* used more, too, he added. On f erea t towns were added to the an average day, now there are t oU network coming into the Os- 28,500 calls and on especially busy kaloosa office. days far more. · Owing to the increased Yolume Calls to other cities now aver- O j j on g distance service, two more age 50,000 a month, or 29 percent positions were added to the long vnr just a year ago. Calls both distance board here. Plans for within the community and to other 1957 ca u f or the Oskaloosa office places have been rising evsry t, serve other towns converting year. The volume of long dis- ^ dial and additional equipment tone* calls has doubled since 1950. ^n be required here. ADDING 92 telephones to the Plant forces which build and Oskaloosa system meant many maintain lines, install and repair times that many visits to cus- telephones and keep office equip- tomer premises here for the five ment will be required here. XCMB and aight vehicles in the Plant forces which build and Increasing Commercial Demands For Zephyr Awnings Commercial demand for Zephyr weather conditions are favorable Ventilated Awnings may soon out- to outdoor installation work, distance home use, according to KEDWOOD continues to be the James Mulford, manager of the mos t popular m Zephyr home Oakalooea midwestern plant of the awn:ngs although the local plant Xapbyr Ventilated Awning Co. still continues to make aluminum Biggest commercial job to date and fibreglass awnings to meet was the placing of 24 large awn- customer demands. The fibreglass ings on the Icwa State Highway was introduced to the midwestem commission service garage at markets two years ago. Ameo in November. The contract; The Oskaloosa office assumed tHT"« against the stiffest sort of supervision of the duties of the Competition and was awarded the' Omaha office for the state of Ne- JBepayr Co., which met the rigid braska in 1955 and the local sales specifications set up by commis- staff has been handling tnat state ·ton engineers and architects. long with Iowa, South Dakota and Six large awnings recently were Illinois. Dealers will have their an- tostHed on th* Polk county court | nual meeting in Oskaloosa in Feb- bouM oo a trial basis. They re-lruary. plac* old canvas awnings in use! The Zephyr Co. plant furnished many years. It the Zephyr awn- i employment to 45 persons last' ings are satisfactory they win be J year, with the peak force busy UMd through the large govemmen- over a long season that year in while there are four in the company's business office, according to Mr. Bosworth. There were almost one million company's history, yet plans tor such aids, telephones in use in Iowa at the 1957 involve an even larger pto-! Tb« C. C. $23 mill on in 1»56, largcet in tte Veteran Of Wn m V*cr T. ·via with tiM attttfeB of s MW flit ckTCBM wmltar to it* bo»- piUl «tulpm*nt, th* local V«t ·MM « Foreign Wsn pact kM lone w*iUn« H«t tor th* tou «C year end. in areas served by the gram. *aya Mr. Bomrorth. Oook po*t No. Uil and it* auxiliary now own* a chain and several s«ts of crutches, all arailabte for loan to anyone tat Mahaski county, free of charge. Coaunaadsr Carl AUender, who 1m tarring bis second year as the organnation's bead, stated that it is the post's hop* to eventually build a backlog, of such hospital ·fBtpment so that all requests can bs fulfill*!. for veterans. A September project for auxiliary last year was the serving of a special supper to 40 veterans at the Knoxville hospital--where fned chicken and homemade ice cream were on the menu. Frequent viat* are also made by volunteers to help rehabilitate veterans there. The VFW cooperated with other Cachyear, ia cooperation with i local veterans' organizations in the tte VFW ainHiaiy, whose preaa- sponsorship of Veterans' Day, and dattt thin year i* Mrs. Gilbert offers its backing and assistance Heberer, a poppy sale i* held with in many community projects. uM VRKT ftttM | KftCfl Tttes^w^ fH^n Bl i ment night at the VFW club fur project for the members and guests; the kiddles have their night at th* annual Christmas party; and the whole family attends the summer picnics. Commander Allendcr, who is ·»!- bo Fourth district commander, attends, along with other members, the district and state conferences held each year. GOOD today, BETTER tomorrow -OSKALOOSA tal structure. Mr. Mulford says mat Zephyr dealer* are negotiating several large De* Koines contracts which win be filled in the spring when comparison with a large peak number employed for a short time the previous year. During the off season the personnel drops an average of 12-15 regular workers. Remodeling Continues At Arcade; New Offices Open Approximately $10,000 was spent f» improvements of one of Oska- iooaa's most modern business buildings in 1956 -- the Arcade on Tlm«-savers on income tax forms and advisory sheets which were compiled by Attorney Ver Ploeg, are still being published,' up-to-date supple- which remodeling and redecorat- j with revised teg was started in 1955 by Byron i ments. Ver Ploeg. ; OKE OF ICHVi new occupants in Several new offices w e r e the downstairs section of the Ar- opened and the Credit Bureau of ca de building is Dr. F. O. W- Mahaska county, formerly operat-, Voigt, who moved in Dec. 6, 1956. ed by the late Attorney Ver Ploeg Remodeling of these offices is just- and now by Mrs Gladys Ver being completed by Dr. Voigt, who Ploeg, moved from the first floor has a large modern reception of the main building to the up- room; laboratory; and several Stairs rear at SOT First avenue consultation and examining rooms. ·a*t. ] The other new tenant is the Auto Inter-related are the credit ac- owners' Mutual Insurance, for ttvibea which are conducted from which headquarters were also re- the Arcade's credit bureau. modeled, and built - in partitions The credit bureau itself is a a^^ed, as well as a new centralized credit information of- m^ ^tailed. flee, managed by ilrs Joe Gas- 1 peri, regularly assisted by Mrs ' Karl Walker and by Joyce Huffman on Saturda\s One teleohor.e countv. EC'S A "GIVE 4D T4KE" system, with the merchants or creditors, clearing each new account through the bureau and giving whatever information iney nave, while the Bureau respords with Whatever reports are on file All information ex^argea is conncen- tial. The Credit Bureau cf Mahaska eounry is a:ri atea v-tn t.-o T "er- nataonal assodat-on ara Mrs Gasperi reports trat ~o« res have been received m 1356 fron as distant points as Ca-^aaa ar-d Hawa.i There are r.ov approx.matelj 2,000 bureaus in operation in the United Sta*es. Mafaaska's crecit ac^-simert department, w rucri -3 located dovn- Stairs in the Arcade oa:'a:ng in a. room recently re-^ocelea ana redecorated, is Carec::;- related *o the credit bi^rea-i. ?«Liraged by Frank Wilder ara ass s-,ea ov J E. Saufelt, tliiS agercj .=, a collection service :or ce3 rouent accounts placed fty collect-on bj both members and nor.-nerr.bers of the credit bureau AXOTHER OFFICE related to the credit bureau, ara locates on the second floor of the Arcace building, is the tax supplies oftice. K is operated by Stephen Gas- Dari, and machines there print the Weekly bulletin for the cred-t bureau and also the "Blue Book," wiih supplements tvnce a jear, the Jaycec bulleLn, rao o programs; Chnstma* letters, and other custom printing. Continuing the efforts of her late Husband in making the public tax- wise, Mrs. Ver Ploeg reported that the "Farmers' Tax Manual" is ·Uil being printed, for nationwide dUtribuaon, chiefly to attorneys, j four rooms, wmcn are available for rent as e.ther a mecLcal o- professional office. Sponsored by the cred t bureau and directed bj il^s Ver Ploeg ss tne Hosp'tal'ty Hos'ess program in Oskaloosa All newcorr.e-s are cortacted personally, with gifts presented on the spot from mar.v merchants and gift cert i.ca^es given DV otners Altnoizgn Mrs Ver Ploeg handled this program urass.=*ea througrout rrost 01 I95S Mrs Robert Lynn is "-o' making some of the welcoming calls. 500 Liebus PermaCrete Septic Tanks Installed Laebus Concrete Septic Tar*k company is a completely home- o'wred industnal firm, selling trrooghout sotitheaatem Iowa. Last, year tne company, under the management of Raymond Liebus installed 500 Perr^aCrete seot.c tanks. Devejorea bv L.ebu in 1552, L-is tank, which gives li:et:rne service comes m two s-^es--500 ard 1,0-30 gallon Tne taiks are p^e-cast and under con- start manuracture at the corn- par y Two years ago Liebus added an- otner product, wn.ch now accounts for approximately one-third of his business This is a pre-cast, conc--Tf- steel-rsiistorced well pit Te pit extends five to six feet into the ground and protects puir.ps and pressure tanks from frost danger. , Operating from a 40 by 60-foot frame structure, at 115 Eighth avenue east, Liebus services a 100- mile radius in this section of the state. i 1925 to 1957 -- 32 years of progress from your neighbor in Pella Waiters from Oskaloosa area are an important part of our growth! Since its beginning 32 ye«rrs ago with a window screen Ihert rolls up Hke a shade, our history has been a success story of steady growth and progress. Our products are recognized from coast to coast lor their high quaKty and merit And our many workers from the Oskaloosa area hare played an important part ia this story. Today, we are the nation's largest manufacturer of wood folding doors and a major producer of wood casement and Multi-Purpose windows. During this time our sales growth has been so consistent mat we hare never had a general layoff of employees. We mention this because it emphasizes two basic facts of which we are most proud . . . 1. Our products are well made. 2. Our employees are of the highest type, and they hare stayed with us during the years. PELLA Casement Windows PELLA Wood Folding Doors Report on 1956 progress * . · Picture these doors in your home... PELLA Wood Folding Doors bring all the glowing warmth of natural wood beauty into your home . . . and fold tight to save valuable wall and floor space. Are quieter, too. Use them to add new space for modern living -- use them for room dividers, closets and storage enclosures, or in regular doorways. Instead of swinging out into your room, PELLA Doors fold neatly against the door frame. Your rooms become larger, more livable. PELLA Doors are sturdy, provide beauty at a price you can afford. They are made of solid wood laminated panels to blend with or match your present furniture or woodwork. Birch, Oak, Philippine Mahogany, or Pine veneers, finished or unfinished. Easily installed, they come in stock or custom sizes. Choose PELLA Doors for your home. For complete information on all PELLA products, write: The Rolscreen Co., Dept. H, Pella, Iowa. The number of persons working - going to those with 10 or more years in our plant reached an all-time high of service. of 551 on both day and night shifts last year. Twenty per cent of these fine employees are from the Oskaloosa area and they receive over area one-fifth of our pay roll, which totals nearly SI.6 million yearly. We appreciate these loyal craftsmen who have helped to make ROL- SCREEN A LEADER in the building and decorating field. Steady employment has always been one of our goals and we have had both day and night shifts since 1941, Last year our employees received 5330,000 in bonuses and profit-sharing certificates, in addition to our annual pay roll all paid from company profits. A l l employees share in the payments with more than 25 per cent of the annual wage ft was the tenth consecutive year employees have shared financially in the company's success. Over $1.3 million in benefits have been paid during this time, in addition to regular salaries. Another building was completed last year to maintain an expansion record of a building a year since 1949. The plant working area now totals 250,000 square feet -- over six acres! An estimated two million ROL- SCREEN units are now in use. Our products are sold by some 3,000 retail dealers including Wilcox-Garland Furniture in Oskaloosa. Our distributors are located in nearly 160 cities, including every major trading center in the United States and several in Canada. PELLA Multi-Purpose Windows ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^········^^^^^^JJI^P^^^^^^^BHBHHl^^^^^BBHHH^^^^HBBBBBB^ The Rolscreen Company Give your home that "New look" - Your purchases of our products support Oskaloosa payrolls... «LLA VENETIAN BLINDS - PELLA ROLSCREENS - PELLA CASEMENT WINDOWS - PELLA WOOD FOLDING DOORS - PELLA MULTI-PURPOSE WINDOWS ,'SP4PERf

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