The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 29, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1913
Page 3
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BEE IN MOTION PICTURES] - t Department of Agriculture Scientists , Plan to Use Them ss Lesson or Fsrrrcrs. Lifelike reproductions cf the '"busy little bee improving each shining hoar," as k is said in jeesy. have beea obtained for the scientists ol the of a ihe Pri: Week's Board By RUTH GRAHAM MEW RULER OF ALBANIA." " i j Frederick of Wied, Carmen SyJva's |i Nephev.-. Has Hard Task. SEAT EATERS AT HERCY OF.TRUST! BASE BALL SGUHE3 ~ .'tfis Is t*"2 Rt-'culi of - Uurr-s, a farmer's boy, who I Ii;ie farm -work. went from lili- j ries the govemraeat is -jailing c;it icr t , v ,. y ^.^ winc . f jx,xa Ohio. She wished i educational purposes ulc-g agrieui- j .' 0 ~., o£ ' i^^i'j ilxx state as much us j : ,r«i !i-««. I !;er"liusb ; i:i.i waited to return to Illi-I taral taral j ! ;. i - 1 , l ,. 5 t,. 1 i, t ! -, va ^ied 10 reiura to IHIL. S. Sailivac, for years the cSeia! j ..'^ Ks . E s.,_ le . 8e of arifiiiis: «tsnv:ird ! pbowgarpber o? ihe Cepariment. is ihe l , , e _ firlftfMi ,ar j. er we-st'.vard. -or as -·lian behiud the camera" to '.vhc.-a ..j,!.: . . - ! ; c - i u:.oa tlieia the the a ^,;.,^ IO 2 -. aii l:uvv _ . to v.-hcsa credit is given. The Sim discloses the progress of hcney-isaklr.g frcia the 1 time the bee leaves the hive :i search i of ihe blossoms urut? hid rciura wiih. j Abe trorhy of Ewccts. a .,,.; c jj 4% -here isisne was y'.emy and 1 ::."- ;:l;lors were iew. it was a deso-1 hue Hfe, especially fur the v.-ouiau. i I Ton: oSereU to talie bis wife east, br.c { ! she knew he ius-l never lined himself | After 20 Years Suffering Saxo Salvo \ preferred to re^:i:n whc-re they "iledical adver ECZEMA OF THE SCALP. .Cattle Are Cheaper, Bat People.S^ V ':P^~^-'-^ i Pay lore For food,. WOBLO Gtrn--£*'": G3rr.£3. - Chicago Packers Are Seeking Foreign ^U", s :-iC_--i.rc,- j Markets at the cf the 1 American. - - -- ·-., | Washington,. Sept. 2f«.--AM-soagii a ] I bu3iit=E 01 trie t!cparii:i'.:i; of laLtsr, arise-:, Standing of the C'.^l \V. I_ VC.'- ,:::iet:cs t'"- -"-- Sit C'--ca^o. · 3» * -'a 'S.' /C==5=^ ^ armers .. ·- - , £ i .iriVC 1 USt TSCC!Y*"Q 3. f 9 j Standard Auiemsiie Milk Separator V .. , , " '«* \Y:iicii can oe seen at ^ Biglerviiie now : This machine is guaranteed. :o seoarate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have su'Ticient number installed I v.'-.Il bv.v the Cream at regular ·S price for creamery butter. Pettis ::tl less Tha^ a yc-ur ago. enJins Sen:. 21, V.-Ii'. wiiM at rather than run the r":sk of siarvias i Brings Relief. :or the same i'ra.I« y." besi j _ _ : I-fcyper, Ss-.yJ^r. Sunday's Garr.-is. C::i--::::s::-- C:r.f:n::a:i. 2: Th.- figures quoiec ire io~ steers welicois OH tne marKez v.-jtncur oenenr-· , . - _ . . . - ,, . c;!s^ I sav.- Saxo Salve advertised i accosniBodaiwl wr ^ ^ort rune, sns, ided to try it and after using:! rok - hi:u th::t "- -r . Jius»«::.l v.x-ti=u I"; | o bv Araer:can Press -\sscciaiion n aud then she couitl p!vej one tube, for the iirsi time in 20 ye J arn free from chat For Only - P. S. Saxo Salve and vino! consri- "'1 T -- 0 -, , ._ f h and T j rate a local ar.a constitutional treat- "· ^ . _ ~ . ".,'~~j .;^i T h o * · r -t ! menc for skin affections that Is uni- csn c 5 a - T ' 5" 0 " 11 a ' : "'~ ljoarl - 1 ~ ave oee-i: versal!;.- successful. We guarantee It. ! to!d thar an article is to be iound in Don't Nurse Corns Try This Remedy Ynu can't be, dissatisfied with Put- York Sent. 23.--To change her: is bei=g "slaaned" to ths exien.t cf; s rer-o^Tr'z^c! as v/oniaa's :n-i siere than 522 on. every average car-| Ti -;«'hr" ar:--i c o pre;iv Miss; c a? s of beef sold Is. the CnUed States.'. | fc^r.v* ^ ---- j - ~" ^ . ^. _ . -- T^ ' To£i .~ f'\- 1V?~ -^--^i t».1- r ^C* «£:-ii J =-~5 P"'Cl ' this regioa tbat Is very valuable. Eacl ilinaie Trcfiaen, 01 V. nKes^arre. Pa..; .-e P.-CK^S ^.- r --= ---^ - . I Suaad it I could have paid you tboa- ;-^en she arrived iro- Giasgov.. o.i, -o e ^. ^ ^.ice .__-. Tvcrv i-o"L . should have this Xucut Glass Service set. E-.ervboJV --ho has seen it is delishteti with the 11 prctiy pieces. ·n vuti 'i'ccd do is sitve ."!) Uabbiu trademarks--there s one on *"". r " v B" 5 i5'- : nrcduc'--ai»J because there are so many aa:ly i:;c~"f3r"B::bbIu-s 3oa will soon have this set iu YOUR 0\VN 'lO^'IH Tj-,Kh=cr- e; soaps ar.d clt-anst-rs make the home brighter and vc ,. r .0 ,t i;«»hier. Get "Best" Snap. "I771T Soap Powder, Babi;-V' rlo-'r.ser and Kabbiti's Pure Lye at your grocer's today. Y/her. ycu 50 trademarks, take them to our Grocer or the next nearest one nam's Corn Extractor: icis ·'.·-'t only the one first Corn Xorristo-K-n.- Pa.. Sep;. 29. -Miss Trodden admitted ~:zz~ war. so Ic doesn't matter much." Doctor, but a:= thousands ·s no evidence tc sho'.v that! "Ic matters more to me than TO you. know, it is the best. He :ra-$ them some Idea, of what the substance looked like in Its crude form antl. nouriag the chemicals froni his I stock into bottles. left theni with iirzi. ~*-*'- r.-ith his address. lellia? them If they Order I hern All lociay rea~"n~ ihe race :ead- j a -- *"" -- ' ) *^~T-pfi-- "5.-"-flnr^ aH" icssro ",-"3£ trust. b:it by I "","" r~ "~ ~~^- PUBLIC SALE denarnire and the Bumses -tronld have j almost forgotten ms coroing had it not THURSDAY.. OCTOBER 9th. 1913. at Public Sale are exceptionall Quicklj- and Surely Ends Indigestion and Stomach Distress- Distress after eatinir. belching and ca'liseste'I fooa r that lamp or lead feelinj: in" ;he stomach, headache.. bi!i- oasness and lack ot energy, are 'ararmair iis or or.t-of-order stoma-.-h. ^ov,- once--is tlie ti-iC to stop'this a:s- - - Stomaiii Tablets is uie n.-medy- Tiiey are absolutely Jiarmiess. Get a liftycctit box to-dav. ±heir use surely and quickiy stops stomach distress r-ad improves and strer=.Llhens the diuestive'system so that ivhat yon eat is convertea into uutririon ar.-I t entire svstem is prort-rly noansheJ- Money back if r.ot benefited. People's Drag Store, Gettysburg, Pa. GETTYSBURG JSABSETS Prices at the Gettysbnrc; -s-^rehcnse corrected daily by 0- Milton Wolf. -Jr., Sue- ' cessor to J. Geo. WoiTs Sons Co. Per Be JCew Dry "Wheat ~' - J?5 ^"ewEar Com - ·- -Q , Five ^ Oats · to its month and. ronndinj a mocntaii: ST-,ur. entered z. valley. He encountered a trapper, trlio told him that rtoth- ia.q- could live there, not even animals, and there TTOS no -use for "him to try tc :et aur catac there. So desolate ~as the nlace th RETAIL PPJGES ««»,ger Dairy Teed].. Coar?e SpriR" 3ran ~i Hand Packed Jiran 1.40 Gjm and Oats Ch"p 1-45 . Shoemaker Stork Food ,1.45 t:cn. a"c Hodman struck the ciift^taai] tnii.-i-.- The Xe~ Zeslari5 risat trade is a ""'' Readinr. ?n.. M^n S^vs OaersSon j-fter supper, vrhiie his as stoopinr over | the American! the dishes, he took a piece :;-' covered, tsurj c-thsr prize labored frantically ir. \ S?er IOC pnnsi . _ him. As the Same burst forth :he tv.-.: looked ac each other with surprise and plensure. m ^_ v It 5nrne3 sre-en. .\Az The coapsc .talked that night ove: Ke*i '^rid'lHngs 1-50 Timothy U*y ^ ' Rve Chop 1 -' Baled tftra-.v t Plaster -?7.-"' per ion. Gernent, 5 ! .-40 per b- 1 )'.] Per :bl. : Flour "Western Fionr Per to uncover the tv.-c- men. but j isath ca~e i" a fevr minutes, before 3 ::;e diners had made an impression j DECLARE HE TOOK 376:000 in the hes.v~ i"2.Ii of eaith. Son-.srsst Cct:rt Learr.s About F.iissing Ccn^rsss CErc:aHi.e. ;c?c -·'- "as ;a^:er, pack le Leslie A. Str-.'-e-:. the cbHa ircr^ the lur.ia o: ;ts ,*-ranJ- | a sr June 15, 1S13. | slea. sto:;e sled, one good -wheslbar- ! rev.-, one 25 ft. ladder, one 16 ft- lad- I cler. 1 g-r:r.d-stor.e, 1-12 f ^ sledge ham! nisr. 1 ti-owbar. 2 trangers. I "grain i cradle. 1 grass scythe. I briar scythe. ' Jun" and^iitch forks, bat. breast; and I cWehair.s. 1 loc chain, 2 pairs of i ion- Vrsces. double ar.d single trees, [ ^c-ckev sticks. 2 dunjr forks open and ^Ir.cls. 2 ^··or-s.I sets of iro^t gears, set ,- -^f srprir.Er'vvac'sr. harness, set of buggy ' har^.c^s.p-ir V-.eck lines, plov.- lin^ 7 _2 ha!=;-3rs. I sst nay carr:as:es. 14 it. ^ -C-i se", -irill v/neels. about 75 chicK- ---'---- i m ,.-,--r .,-- -n ·-- T-"- L-r.-i. ;oi of chicken coo^s. lot cf fenc- V.'haii :L-i ch-l : ~ns yc"^.g'r :, Ir.-. i r.p-- ^ p t \j'K.-;N 'iAH f !-A ! NlJ iiAib ft AI :. T «- e . eross-«it s^^. niaul-and rrj^i^o-N-r. =-«: -,-----^- v.-ant'jJ ^o~i.-- i i -- : .' -- '--- * "-* " v.-ci'"---- : nu : i'"-b'*. axe. -J iron kettles. - J ( _ t ^ i l - - l ... ' - = · - t . - - ' i ,, ,, _ , ^ -. --. _ -. ··-. ,,,,*. C,-T-^ -- -!S*-~ ^*^^'-,' « 1 -* -- ^ c~-v-. ^-jw-i. Oom . . . . - - * - - - - - - - - ---._....,-0 om..-..- - · · - - - · - "/."//.'.y.50 Oats -55 Cleaner and rcriocs plans to secure there might be In their Snd 10 tiJe::i ~- sny -K-ere exara- and -Tolm shotved ~ Hampshire \r::l be given iiiesCav cr "vCecnesd"y of, free al2{ i n i 5O th;it it br.raea sreen The strr. 2S cr utt ereJ r.n cxcUuxutiio: \VHATH ER EVERYV/HESE. Observations of c,nnea States vesierd-y folioTM Temp. TTeather. i "tr:r-K-:T. \vrh h-ari -rc;j",ic :r- :: : .- oT: 'Vis :.or-,e »T.« :r. r.ap;on. will be in G e 1 1 y s b r. r ·: evry a t P e n r o s | --That 5s borax,"' he said, "used foi, ,, j trsshiag purposes in every bov.sebolt; | I In America." He told John that If he tronld teli ] him -n-here It lay he -woiild form a i \ company to tales the ground, work IS 1 and -would give John half of ail ht ,,_ oat of it himself. John accept- ] _,, his proposition, aud an sgreemeaij Tras Trritten out and signed by both nc- j i cording to the terms. i j It turned out the stranger had n. large'. j boras company behind hia -with v.n · i limited capital. A company was form . i ed. and he retained 20 per cent of ~C.-.t: "! stoclr. Of this he assigned one-half «\ 1 John, -which, gave him mare mo::e;,' than he ~and his wife ccnid sr-f! 1 .'' ; They Trent back to the east. v.-n_T- they lived in comfort far the rcol o' their lives. . Albany ......... Atlantic City ---Boston..' ....... Buffalo ......... Chicago ........ Is ew Orleans . . . ". Philadelphia ---St. Louis ........ Washiagtoi ..... CO 64 78 60 64 60 68 Clear. Clear. Clear- Clear. Clor.fiy. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Rain. Clear. The Weather. Cloudy today; rain tonight or tomorrow; south winds. Trsln Takes A^ed Victim. Esmore, Va.. S^?t- 23- -- Miss 7uar- garet as,eC eighty j'ears. instantly killed by a Xel: York, Ph:Ia- I r:a - Kc ^ s£S C-^-p cf CcfTse: Stabbed, j delshia" Xorfolk t'ain ·a.-p.ile on bsr i vrav :ror-. hone to a store across the" track. OB arr:v:".g at the railroad she was warned by - bystander not to - Attempt TO cr.=?, b 1 :" the warning was ' · ' n o t and she was struck, her 1J bc-iy being thrown over on the oppo- · i cirr Tr.^iOr^ . I Site iraclc. \VANTED- man to help outcher, i TWO second hand Ford touring must come well recommended. Good ' cars and an Indian motorcycle for sale. GOOD restaurant for sale cheap. T\" II DIXK1 T; wages to right partv. Apply at Times i Central Auto Company, ' strect-advcrtisenent 46 York Apply at Hemler's Restaurant, York Street.--advertisement y cr ? : . cr.~ o: rervsel J =,;;·'. · "" ·-e ,T, :t is ji-.rv!s .-.ii; -.f f rgaru _"··. 4 gooc Singer sswinir machine. L-. cf rocking cr.airs, 6 plar.k bo^om -"-dr?. 'i cane seated chairs, G _ good s:^,r«s. 1 srood clock, cupboard. I '~oc: ^-r.k. 1 kitchen ci:p"ofr.rd. 1 cc:1 bain tu='. 1 \v3shing: c.r:?, S tubs. 1 s«t cuf-flncr frames. c chests. loc of cM fashsosed ·;shc.-. ;^i '·"·: "other .-".:.-.o5. :o; cf cook- T." uto':- : :s siren as pots. pans, and !-"· cal. i:: car., about I"5 jt- fiui-.. lo. of enipty ;ars. 1 chum and ":»uc"c. lu-ter bow]." let cf benches and b ;:·'·-!?. I screen ucor. I buffalo robe en,.7: £il. fcai.or'p:".--'vs. 4 niirrors, 1 :-, '»^_ of !.;i::p.: :. !'"t of brussels. -sr--". stpi-^od -. ..yscs .-.-..^ r,\-".,'" "·--'·-' ."- "b- a .\: ix'r.u scp.'-tl'.nrr, -'.c! i'f :-, 'o- of !.:n:p., lot of brussels, ^at Venscn Is -a" jar.. The ^s.V.,:i S '^V;^;, ;. c .,,i : , ..t one oV,.- '· - -'· ^kVu-'it'.-'d fr^:rw 'ar.-: a host of 7,-as done near Kok-j'? f cone q,.raes ,-,; ;^ A o - o . ' a i 01 llnx-e ^.M^y,^ c.ther r.r.i.-\s too r.-r.:erous to men- it Hanover, h- -:.-n t«, all ;'r:-!';-".?ers.c:\irc; i:-.o.r,:;«-r.. ^vi^i- oJ the catcher of the Cardinals la one of the b£bt throwers in the j.T_\. T:, business. -- : ; r.; ,; 'vr-:y r^ V n'-cr ' 5 ",; i l'ii ^~ V i ; r , t^ r . , T T . A. ?,7Vi'"-= ' 'vS. at 10 o'clock -:i ro:r.:^ will be made known K. O. CURPEM?.. iiiwell, Auc'vior.c-er. t - Clerk. SPAPFRf

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