The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 29, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 281. Gettysburg, Pa^ Monday, September 29th. 1913. Price Two Cento. CdAT SWEATERS With Shawl CoUars For Men and Women SERIOUSLY CUT iWOULD REGULATE! TO RESUME WORK PUBLIC MEETING IN SUNDAY FIGHT! ALL THE GUIDES 1 , AT POST OFFICE! FOR GOOD ROADS Navy, Dark Oxford aijd Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.Uu Childrens* Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" Trouble Between Workmen at Stone!Annual Report to Secretary of War Contract Awarded for Completion Quarries Ends When one Receives Deep Cut in Abdomen. Another now in Jai! Tells of Complaints Made About j of the New Federal Building and Local Battlefield Guides and Suggests Remedy. When Bernard McCabe visited { The annual report of the National Work will Likely Within Ten Days. be Started HONOR ROLL OF COUNTY PUPILS Meeting in Court House Hears Dis-jMany County Children Present Every cussionof Proposed Bond issue to Meet Cost of Building System of State Highways. Cay during First Month of the School Term. Striving for Perfect Attendance Record. The eonirac't for the completion of Saturday evening 1 a -.veil attended = M 0 ke's quarries at Bittinger Sunday i Park Commission, sen: to the Secre-j the new federal building has oeen | public meeting was helc in te Court sta. *_-.,, ea.iy m t_e jeai _ i j morning" to "find emolovmer.!, he got j tary of War on Saturday, takes up at! awarded to Darby sad Pierce, a nrni j House for the discussion of Pennsyl- c° ra for perfect attendance. ±± !~ * *~ tt _ " _ " _ _ , . » _ * . _ _ ? _r r_» i - ^i- · - . ****.-, ««. « »*·,! ^" I ... *.·.-,'·. w..n.*A~?.,2 ^XA AAfi Anfi Kn.*f3 »^- ! Irom a nuirsDe?* or ^cnool^ = \ into a fight with Calvin Kennedy, of! some length the situation \\ith regard % \ whom he had requested a cup of coffee, J to the unsatisfactory service rendered = ] and was stabbed in the abdomen with | by battlefield guides, and the = -a aocke't knife and dangerously wound- j which the Commission beiiev, method of Washington contractors, at a bid ot] vania's proposed 550,000,000 bond is-| f «wa a number of schools Many Adams County's pupils are starling early in the year for a re- Seports indicate $00,19(5, and it is expected that opera- ! sue for the furtherance of good roads, ^any boys and girls attending: every rions will be started within the next I ed. He is ow in eves to be j'cen cays, the "York hosottai j the best way of correcting the objec-j According to the terras on which WALTER'S THEATRE M O N D A Y and TUESDAY-SEPTEMBER 29-3O PIERCE GORDON CO. Presenting the ITj^Le O-SSOSGT T . A T~J"^^ The Window of th.e Haunted House A "Woman in th.e Case Siamese^IVlystery A Production of Living People From N o t h i n g A D M I S S I O N J5 and 25 CENTS i where an operation was performed in j tionable practice. \ """ _ _ ~ ! rvt» . . · * _ i an effort to save his life. 1 Kennedy, who is also bids were asked the contractors have ! The examination and licensing of all j five luonihs in which to finish the Forceful and interesting were made by Charles E, Xew York, who has been actively known as! guides operating or. the battlefield Is Clarence Tenser., or "Bahimore Fat", | suggested with the iecommenda-don regulated e report 1 has been arrested and was committed j TMz* *e matter should be ; i to the Gettysburg jai! Sunday after-! by the War Department. Th about forcv i says: j noon. The men are each years old. Although probably fatally wounded, McCabe, who also uses the name of P . H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPH IS DIPLOMATIC CIRCLES YITAGRAPII ES5AXAY Biojcraph The-reporter assigned to o:-t;i:!i a cory of the message from the .Japanese government unraveled the mystery of iic l«£i:i earance hi a. clever manner. Every foreign government nacsiruily ·aas ea.ts.-r for a copy ahead, while the meeting of the Japanese ambassador nnd tlifc sc-erttary of =uu-_- wa« =-irroun:fcI \viih greater risk tban they imagined. But wel! laid plan- o: the diplomatic ?p;es were undermined and the ianotsint lover free*!. SINGLES AN"I THE CABARET Viiasraj.h Comedy He can't jret away from van'it-viMe with bis meat?- It gets on his nerves and r:ius?c drives jsini mad. He goes frojn restaurant to restauraat to escape tbese. SIGHT SEECS'G IX JAPAN RETAGGED Yitagrapo Estanay Comedy Boys delivering packages stop to play and get the tag? mixed,, causing all sorts Essanay Comdey of trouWe- THE DRGiU!ER-S CMBRELLA Two cravrfins* men. trv to assist a voting ladv bv ioanin^r he*' their umbrella. PECIAL TOiIORKO\V/-*ALKAK I IKE'S GAL", "ESS AN AY COMEDY IX TWO REivLS. when fonr pals each wane ajrenuy there'? .something doing. niary the; prize specialty of a inatrimoawl '"Many complaints come to the Commission from tourists at the absence 01 a control of the guides over the Battle- Barney McCabe and Thomas McCar-1 field and their charges, in many cases- thv, -walked two miles to Hanover, seeking surgical aid. It is said -hat portions of his internal organs pro- /i^aS^} iix^lfrAr* 11 ^ J~^_ r*,- 5 ^ _-- ^JsZ^SZL =**r AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits" and over-coats has begnr: now. lcc the man who . is fortunaie enough to be a patron of The hor knows that lie noc seek any furtlser. Onr han-i=oir:e and elegant fahric? are awaitina: your choice and cnr --I-s= an; ;:p-t'-th«j-iiiinnre and \ve will 5 " .in L finish voar o-itSt in a manner t can only traded from his body and he had to stop frequently along the way 1o push them back into position. When arrested in a woods near the scene of the stabbing, the prisoner, it is alleged. said: '^J-'ia sorry I did no; kill him. If he does not die they ought to kill him". The nvo men, as far as can be ascertained, are strangers to each other. McCabe had been working in the vicinity of Hanover, cutting corn. Sunday he went to the Hoke quarries ro seek emt)IoymenE. At noon he weut to 3. boarding shack and asked for a cup of coffee. Kennedy was at the shack and refused to grant McCabe's request, The argument which followed ended in a fight, both being under the i influence of liquor, it is said. Kennedy, ic is alleged, whipped out his pocket knife, an ordinary sized one. and with ic made a -lunge at McCabe. The blade entered the center of McCabe's abdomen with a downward stroke, inflicting a wound two inches in length, from which the intestines protruded. MeCabe fell to the ground and Kennedy, it is sale, vralked away- gaged in helping New York State to better her highways, and Prof. C. F. Sanders, of town. The Gettvsbu addresses! " a " during the first month. The foliow- Foote. of i 'n S pupils have been reported as present every day: x Wenksviiie School, Lola M. Bowers en- work. This is said to be considerably longer than will be necessary, if no unforeseen condition arises, and if is j ceding the meeting, and p'.ayed in probable that the structure ready for use before the Sve expire about March nrst. With the opening of the teacher: Mary Black, Helen Black, Ethel Kuhn, Nellie McCaaslin, Isa- irg Band paraded, ore- j bella Miller, Marvel Rice, Bessie War- eti"* ard o'ave'd in ren ^ellie laylor, Gretna Black, Nel- will be j front of the Court House and months i streets. on tne Mr. Foote enumerated many rea- new post sons why our State should have better : done when you riai made bv Wi-I M. Selllgman, Ci?h Taylor. McCabe started on* his walk ^o Hanover and proceeded to the superinten- i dent's office of the W. M. R. K.. from (which place Dr. George H- Jordy was j summoned. The physician made an On September 16th, we will Inaugurate examination and, seeing the danger- A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. In th- D:=nIaT of S.-Jt fabrics Tor autumn now rea-iy at the LIPPY STORE fashion or true quadty. g: ii there iz no room for doubr a= to ilie correc Eariv chooains i= best j. D. LIPPY Tailor. Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind."' Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. ous character of the wound, he ordered him taken on a cot to the 2 p. m. car of the York and Hanover trolley lir.e. in which he was taken to York, accompanied by Chief of Police John W. Kiser and the physician- The opera| tion was performed by Dr. H. B. King. i-The-istescnes had bten pancrurec -in rwo places. It was said at the hospital that his condition is unfavorable to recovery. Kigh Constable Duttera. of Hanover, and Constable Dougherty, of McSherrystown. started in pursuit of Kennedy. They discovered him emerging from a wood about 500 yards from where the stabbing occurred. Kennedj- did noc joiow the officers until he was I accosted by Duttera who. aiming a revolver at his head, demanded: ''Stop or you are a dead man-" Kennedy stopped and Constable Dougherty handcuffed him. W. P. Devire. of the The Commission feel that Ihe time has come when guides should be licensed through the War Department, Especially is this the case as the older and experienced guides are passing away and their successors discuss the phases of the battle at variance with its history and, from, their statements, it r.-ould appear that they had the privilege of the views of the conamanders- n-ch:ef of the armies here engaged. "A system has grown up with many of them that deprives the visitors of a greater portion of the field and rarely, from "die statistics gathered, does the tourist, under the understanding that ippears to exist, pass over more than l~ of che 2S miles which is requiste for a conception of the battle. 'There are honorable exceptions to his course in the veteran soldiers who ccompany visitors over the Seld- "This in the public interest should e remedied and a guide, after an ex- minarion, and by a. proper board, be icensed without exacting-a fee. and in jvent of deception and imposition this icense and badge be revoked. "Photographers are licensed by au- hority of the War Department with- jut charge and assigned each week to .rations on the 5e!d- Complaints as to mposition or excessive charges have oassed and They take pride in the ·naintenance of the assignment rule .nd their reputations for fair dealing with the public." That a greater number of guards should be placed on the avenues is =ta"ted in the renort which recounts the public highways than it now has, explained the necessity of making the bonds. -Pennsyivania pays Si.41 per ton ! Kettoman. = ! 2 I Hotel O'Bold, brought the constables i and the prisoner in his automobile to the Gettysburg jail. Its the place to meet your friends, DIPHTHERIA CASE = ;n the sound of the Yictrola music. | \ People's and Huberts 1 § · - E | Drug Stores. \ emu rnnrnjmmnm nnniimn.minn!!nnnninimii»inniniUHHiniiii!mm»nnnnnnniunninr; Save Money-That's what You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on tho jot. He don't farm you with any un- ecessary trips at your expense. That's not Ms reputation. ^ Any phone.- Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. Case of Diphtheria Causes Closing High Street School. of WHIPPED ICE CREAM e over our on;r.£?..i Nothins Seer than this' The yoang daughter of James Leis jter, living in Cumberland township jpear town, is suffering with diphtheria land this morning all the schools in the 3 High Street building were closed for I'cwo days to allow proper fumigation ] The little girl is a pupil in Mis i Scott's room but had nor been ther° for a week on account of Jioz feeling !. Several other children of th i family were pupils in the other room i ar.d had been attending. 1 1 o£ce building will also come a new administration in the office, Postmaster Beales' term expiring early in March. His successor has not yet been annointed and will not likely be named until February- Darby and Pierce did much of the work at the veterans" camp preceding the fiftieth anniversary celebration and are well known to many Gettysburg persons- They have Sled "the bond necessary to allow the awarding of the contract and nothing now stands in the j roads- wav of a renewal of operations on the } '·Annually this 'mud tax* overbuilding which has been a scene of in- j reaches the twenty million mark--a dead loss to the citizens and "most cf ali. to the farmers, who have to wear out their horses and wagons unnecessarily in hauling half the load that could be easily moved under better conditions. "Take Adams Countv for an ex- He Showers, Bruce Kuhn, Louis Warren, Harry Warren. Bridge School, Eva M. Boyer teacher: Edna, Ivan and Nellie Breighner, Bernice. Lottie and Charles Evans, Kenyette Garretson, Bessie and ! Charles Huff, Helen and Lillian Mil- §50,000,000 bond issue to accomplish i v this end and, in a very reasonable and j ' er Margaret Wolff, Earl Kime, and thorough manner, covered in detail j Dona! « Topper. the smaller as well as the larger points Paradise School, Edna E. Hartman involved in the proposed issue of 1 ^ eacher: Jeo Kane, James Kettoman, Aaron Weaver, Leslie Keller, George Dorothy Moose, Mildred 'mud tax'"for every'ton of products, j Bushey, Margie Moose, Esther Kane, not handled on its railroads, because i Marie Care '- Grace Flickinger, Alva . · ",,!? of the denlorable condition of the activity lor many montns. THAT SCALE BUG rofessor Surface Resents Claim in Behalf-of Kutztawn-Man monuments i and says: of laonuments. iamage done to monuments on the light of March "The number of monuments, statues, markers ar.d cablets is very great ang_cont|nues to increase. They cover.a arge area ar.d to properly guard them with the small force of guards on da'cy s very aifncult For other purposes more- guards ire needed, also, according to"the report which closes vdth graphs: '·To the guards of the these tara- Commission. Professor K. A. Surface. State Economic Zoologist, is disposed to resent the story sent oat from Reading to the effect that Dr. James A. Grim. instructor in the Keystone State Normal School at Kutztovrn. was discoi er- er of'thiTparasite that -will "destroy the San Jose scale. "VThen Dr. Surface's attention Tsras called to the Grim svry he at once denied it. '·Grim did not discover the parasite chat kills the San Jose scale." said Professor Surface, who -was at wcr'-c on his Cumberland county farm. "'"We had been working on the discovery for cwo vears at the v.-orkshop at the capitol. the entire experimental force h?.i ing knowledge of what %ve \vcre trving to discover. Inspector "Windle. of West Chester, has bet-a at --ork with me hunting the £a.i Juse ample " continued Mr. Foote. ''In the ten years between 1900 and 1910. the population decreased to the extent of 177 persons. Would better roads improve conditions any, do you think? "New York State, with a debt of §100.000.000 for canals, still had wise- minded voters enoug:t to see the advisability of authorizing §100,000,000 more for roads-"" In concluding his talk Mr. Foote emphasized that "the question of a loan for better roads in Pennsylvania is purely a non-political propositior. and every good citizen of the State should look at this question in a progressive and ethical manner and. by incis his vore at the polls, help benefit everyone in general by voting for the loan." Prof. C. F. Sanders, who spoke next. re-ale killer, but the fu" knowledge I said: "The public roads are the ar- did not develop until this year. "Grim was employed ov the department temporarily under th.e direction of the division of Economic Zoology, of the division of Economic Zoology. teries and veins and commercial Union School, Wilson Hummelbaugb. teacher: Emory Baker, Lloyd Richardson. Roy Mecz, Robert Sanders, Walter Hoffman, James Hoffman, Blanche Musselman, Lelia Richardson, Eiva Miller. Catharine Hoffman, Lake McCleaf, Anna Ba~ker. Ollie jlussel- nian. Marie McCieaf, Helen Myers, Mary McCleaf, Pauline Baker and Bruce Hoffman. Lake McCleaf, Eiva Miller. Anna Baker and Earle Myers vere perfect ia spelling. ''The response by the large business ind financial interests to the recent -ppeal of the Lincoln Highway Association for funds with which to build a trans-continental highway has been ·nost gratifying," said Emory W. Clark, president of the First National Bank of Detroit, and treasurer of the Association. ''Our pledges at this date total up- .vards of five million dollars. Many of jur leading business interests in the LTnited States have pledged us a. sum aqual to one per cent of their gross yearly business, but usually a fixed or our agricultural | ~ mO anc is stated. The largest contri- system- Would the butor is one for S300.000 and we have a number ranging from $10,000 to human body be healthy and happy if its sources of life were half clogged and incapacitated as are the majority .nd he was not the original discoverer. o f the highways in Pennsylvania. After we made the announcement from the division station in Harrisburg. Grim sets up a claim. The trouble with some scientists is that they iro off half-cocked. We would not say cor the faitmu! performance or tneir duties in many cases unpleasant, to prevent violatior. of speed and main- rain the regulations of the War Department, the Commission extend their .hanks, and in so doing express regret ^hat their powers have not been ampli- -ied to a greater control of irresponsible guides, cra-ffeurs and speeding lu'comobilists. "To Brevet Lieu;. Colonel Emm or B. Cope. Engineer, the thanks of the Commission are gratefully tendered- Resourceftil. a-.unng and loyal in 2verv ser:ss to his position and with zh same thcrojcr.ness in the prfomi- ince of duty trat caused General 'Now is the time to act, for folding our arms and saying, 'I don't care", means that -v\ e are postponing our highest interests at least seven years or placing oar own ar.d everyone's ^150,000. including er figure. "Subscriptions several at the high - have cone from many representative men all over the country. For instance the bankers are -epresented by such men. as Jas. G. Cannon, president of the Fourth National Bank. New York.. anything until we were quite sure of j property liable to a State tax on real j "Among the railroad men who have MAGICIANS HERE 3Iagicians at Walter's Theatre Nights. When the Pierce Gordon and pany play their engagement at ter's Theatre Monday and t at Wai-; ni i uesaa_v \ everything necessary to carry on this j nts. September2)_and_oO,_ an en- , . ?T] ,| ertak j n g. and ten miKion dollars, which is re 1S6S, ihe conin-sndation for faith- thy wili be presented. Mystifying ii- j ,; s -^der LRan t j, e districts" in matters lusions. spectacular tableaux, and su- ] j ike t n ; s so _. ;tiy not gj ve -- ne Sui^e the perb scenic and^electrical effects will ] necessary power and even in our owr. j -uired. has been oledged. This be displaj-ed. ihe management has .]j-- e ve , sefi Er{ j S£ -. -_j, e 5^,,^= n *\ - _ _ - _ _ - _ *._"_- " ~^T *^IT^ nn^* o* J · · · mis un~ u~ 1X.J53S rnost necessarv imDrovemeut 'or the | ' reach · of everybody, and pleases all. Be sure j NURSE ASSOCIATION iulness 01 .viajor-Uenerai Warren is as . . ,, _ - .· - i miss: on 3 o arse - m ! and dors't m:ss this performance- Ad- f . . . . applicable 1853." sz this time as it cents.--aavert . i Association to Hold Annual Meeting in ! membership cards and car emblems the Court House. quart, loc pint. nxa:a Dy a secre; process~_ can bfemade. VANILLA; "CHOCOLATE, PEACH. -5 and 10c"-a plate- S«das and Sundaes made with this - Ice Cream 5c, GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RAILROADS PAID NOT THAT BAD of Damage to Mail Boxes comes Distorted. FINAL SHOW bc- RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT For Bringing Pennsylvania Veterans To the Celebration. The Gettysburg Anniversary commission has just paid the last of the i bills for transportation of veterans. FOP S\I E-- \ row of three frame, tin roof houses, 4 rooms and kitchen j * ortj-seven railroads were paid in all each water" in houses, recently repainted and put in good condition. These s for transporting about 20.000 veterans. fconsU are srood renters and the price at which they can be bought you will | . _ .-MEN and boys wanted. houses are good renters and the price at which they have a 9 per cent investment- Come to us about this proposition. -.van^rt ( Store -com and dwelling 32 feet front ar.d 180 feet deep, 10 rooms in ! ^ a " a DO ^ S Danced. I dwelling with ba+h. hot water heat, electric lighted, front porch, workshop, -Canning Company.--advertise large shed papered throughout, located one and one half blocks from Center Square. Price "S4000. , . , - , - . , , We want to list several medium size houses with conveniences within fhnnin«- Commnv several blocks of the center of town. We- have buyers for a number of proper- , n »-annin company.--, Orrtanaa ment 1 WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtan- tics ment The paragraphcr of the Harrisburg Star Independent says: "The frisky Soph at Gettysburg College has been interfering with the mail of the ever- verdant Freshie. And the frisky Soph is headed for an interview with -Judge The Gettysburg Civic Nurse Association will hold its annual meeting in : _ _ , ,, ' the Court House Thursdav evenincr at i Stock Company Closes Successful En- :_^ Aj} ^^ .^^^ h ^ vfi be£rs ~ rae - ! gasement with Good House. S a ; ^ey ckm'e due aTd every depart-] The Manhattan Havers on Saturday j«ent ha f cone most efficient_ work | ·cninc closed their week's en-age- \TM""S^ past year. M:ss Br:er.. % tne j ment at Walter's Theatre before a TMr?z, has averagea over ore QOT c-« visits a. montft. The annuat meeting Thursday evening will be open to the THREE DEFEATS crovcded house. The company became i i. · v- ^^^j ^Va more popular eacn nisrnt and tne * * 1 er.ces were quick to show approval 0 the work. They will be welcomed here * I nublic. i Witmer, of the United States District ; any time they return. Court. It do to fool with Uncle Sam's mail boxes."' ROOMING paper: we are'closing out our S2.50, 3 ply Vera-tigh'c Gravel Roofing for $1.50 per roll. Adams County Hardware ^Company.--advertisement 1 WAGOX for sale. Order wagon on style of long body runabout for sale cheap if sold at once. Adams County Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 ,, . , . Media 68 co 0, and the Preo team j LOST: aunaay morning, blacK poc,c- J y)rk Hi?h Schoo - at y)rk ~ u t Q _ 1 etbook containing §1.77, on Carlisle or " i Chambersburg street Return to Times F O R SALE: sow ar.d eight, pigs, and receive reward.--.Advertisement 1 K - Reaver. Route 10, Gettysburg.-- \ertifement 1 MEN wanted'at the Aubum Shale Brick Company.--advertisement 1 LAXDIS harness machine for Will sell for S60.00 if sold at once. Adams County Hardware Company.-advertisement 1 KUJs T K PECKMAX, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pa. QUICK RESPONSE 3Iany Contribute to Ten Million Dol- - lar Fund. ·· - · i contributed are W. W. Atterbnry, vice"Pennsylvania, with only 3 per cent, j president of the Pennsylvania cora- of its total mileage of 90,000 miles of i oa r.y and W. C. Brown, president of | roads improved, is away behind the j ;he New York Centra! Lines. Chief Two other states that already have or are j executives of oar states have also improving- their highways. Even our j shown their interest, remittances little neighbor New Jersey has thirty j reaching us in one day from the Gov- Com- j t - vo pg r eerll O f jjg roads improved- The State has the tower. life arr.or of Utah, 'che Governor of Wy- smir.g and the Governor of Indiana. "While the route has been arraoanc- . _ ----. ^ - - maintain the j id the actual work of construction of tertainment -x rare quality ana cuan- . roads after they are bui}t _ Its horizon j .^ Q Highway %vin no - bs star;:ed? sofar as this Association is concerned, until e- our of work at the present rime. Each state ] 13* a chief consul with power ro ap- | point deputy consuls along the route " and in contiguous territory. Through the sale of certificates, accompanied bv i we hope to raise the desired sum bv ' jv 1. 1914." 7 i earns Met-Overwhelming Defeats on Saturday. o'rrs were met by Gettysburg cot bajl teams on t Saturday. :he first team losing to I*enr.sylvania ·n Frank'in Field 5-3 to 0: the second team to Williamson Trade School at to J. id- sale. FRE?H oysters daily. SO. So, 40 cts. Home made ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, peach John Strat, kitcher. 31 Carlisle St.--advertisement 1 NFWSPAPFK!

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