The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

DECEMBER 7 1933 Deckers Gift Boxes will relieve you of the worry of shipping. Just hand your gilt list to yonr meat dealer. He will take care of the shipping for you. DO IT TODAY! Mason City's Calendar MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FIFTEEN SEEK TO KEEP LOCAL EMERGENGY~OFFICE~OPEN BILL INTRODUCED LEGISLATURE Dec. 11.--Older boys' and girls' conference, Y. M. C. A. Dec. IZ^Chamber of Commerce Christinas, party at Hotel Hanford. Dec. 18--rSenegalese drum and bugle corps grand prize championship Cakewalk at armory. Dec. 14.-»-Four one act plays, high school auditorium, . 8:15 p. m., sponsored by oral English department. Here in Mason City Watkins line vanilla. Ph. S125J. Loans on salary and furniture. See Mrs. Simon, 321 First Nat'l. Bldg. Immanuel Ladles' Christmas ba- zar, Sat., Dec. 9, 211 N. Federal. A birth certificate has been filed in the office of the clerk for Robert Francis,, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Delle, born Nov. 19. Guaranteed electric flatiron $1.19. Mason City Hardware Co. Dance at Rudd Fri., Dec. 8th. Huck Shaffer Orch. .First Presbyterian church bazar arid, tea; 2 o'clock Fri., Dec. Sth. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Dunlop, ISO Fifth street northwest, returned Wednesday night from Chic ago where they visited five weeks -with their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Anderson. Dance, Clear Lake Country club. Sat, ;Sun., Dec. 9, 10. Each 40c. Dse:t!re«, all sIietL Combs Tire Battery : Service, across' from ;y£jid*i5i-{'- ·- ;-.^v-i^.-^^..- ;rr i Good clean coal mt 17.00. Allison C6al. Pb: 431., Wliit's NIte Spot, Clear Lake, Fri. nits. Dine and dance. Red Wil-' son's Orch. No cover charge. Dale Bloxham opened a new meat market Thursday at 516 South Federal avenue in connection with Noser's Sell-rite grocery store. Mr. Bloxham, who will be in full charge of the new enterprise, announced that he will handle a complete stock of all kinds of meats. Money loaned on your salary or furn. Confidential service. See Mrs. Simon, 321 First Nat'l. Bk. Bldg. Sweetser's Old-Fashioned Over- Night Buckwheat Cakes now ready. 6 a. m. to midnight every week-day. Also home-made sausage, chili, beef broth vegetable soup. At West State and Washington. "Say wifle, when you go down town, have the car filled with gasoline." "The tank is half full yet, John. The last time I filled it with the NEW DIXIE GOLDEN Gasoline at the Log Cabin Oil Company, and that gasoline gives more miles and lasts so much longer. The cat starts as «oon as I step on the starter and it doesn't cough clown the street as it did before, wasting half the gasoline. We'll be money ahead if we buy our gasoline at the Log Cabin Oil Company, John." Two Mason Cityans at Conference Called by Bishop at Des Moines The Rev. C. W. Sims, pastor of the Union Memorial church, and Paul Scott were in Des Moines Wednesday attending- a meeting called by Bishop W. M. Clair, Covington Ky., who is head of the Kansas City district. The meeting was held for the purpose of stimulating church v.-ork in the various congregations of the stat- and bring about an increased loyalty to the schools of the organization. Happy Now-Rheumatic Agony All Gone Father On His Job Again Mother sings as she works--her filled with joy--and no wonder. It was she who learned of the wonderful . swift-working prescription known to pharmacists as ALLENRU--the prescription 'that put father in such fine shape that his weekly pay envelope is coming home regularly again. . So if you, Dear Reader, suffer from Rheumatism, Neuritis, Backache or Sciatica please bear in mincj that within 24 hours after you begin taking this safe yet powerful medicine excess uric acid starts to teave the body--In 48 hours pain, agony and swelling are gone. An lS elght ounce battle costs 85 cents and Is guaranteed by Michael Drug Co., Huxtable r . Drug Store and first class -.__ drug stores everywhere. BY COMMITTEES Bill Asks $32,130 to Kee 15 Offices Open Until July 1,1935. A state appropriation for match ing federal funds to keep open th Mason City emergency office an 14 other similar establishment throughout Iowa will be sought in bill to be introduced by the labo committees of the general assembl it was learned here Thursday. The bill will ask for $32,130, was announced, with the under standing that the federal govern ment will supply an equal amoun for the operation of the 15 office until July 1, 1935. There. are now federally sup ported- .etnergenpy . re-employmen offices in the every county of th state, but Governor Herring has been advised that federal suppor will be withdrawn except in case where' the' states match the federa funds. The offices now handle al relief employment for public works civil'works and other projects Other cities in .vhich the o'ffic would be continued would includ Des Moines, Sioux City, Davenpor Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Ottumwa Council Bluffs, Burlington, Creston Clinton, Port Dodge, Dubuque, Keo kuk and Marshalltown. Senators and representatives from these areas met with the governo and were said to be unanimous I the belief that these offices shoul be retained. The state labor depart ment said the enti: 3 state could b covered from these cities. KIWANIS HEARS MUSIC PROGRAM Five Players Give Solos and Chamber Selections at Club Session. A melodious program of chamber music and instrumental solos was presented Thursday noon at the meeting of the KIwanis club in Hotel Hanford. Several of the numbers given were those played for the matinee muslcale. Musicians appearing in the pro- am-were'- Mrs. Harold Jo gram Mrs. Harold Johnson clarinehst; Mrs. T. J. Barclay and John Robertson, flutists; Mrs. Leon Woodward, harpist, and Mrs Wallace Allen, pianist. The first number was for two flutes and clarinet. This was followed by a trio, Mrs. Barclay playing the flute, Mrs. Johnson, the clarinet, and Mrs. Allen the piano Mrs. -Woodward then presented harp solos, followed by flute solos by Mrs. Barclay. The concluding number was for flute, harp and clarinet. Will Attend School. It was announced that the local Kiwaiils club would be represented at the officers' training school at Waterloo next Tuesday. J. M. Darling, Des Moines, will speak at the meeting next Thursday on conservation of wild life. Guests of the club were Dr. William C. Egloff T. J. Barclay and R. Sturdivan. Committees selected by Dr. W. E. Long, president-elect are: Agriculture: Carl Henkel, chairman; W. E. Gildner, Johnnie Hermanson, Carl Grupp and F. G. Mitchell; attendance, H. A. Towner, chairman, H. B. Major, W. M. Temple, Abbott Wolf and Joe F. Price. Business standards, Remley J. Glass, chairman, Dr. H. F. Pool and C. L. Pangborn. t On Boys' Work Group. Boys' work and vocational guidance, Roger Patton, chairman, C. W. Gasswint, Evron M. Karges, 'C. H. Lcnnan, Erdlx Swift, Harlan Girton and E. S. Gage; commercial vehicle safety contest, E. R. Dunlop, chairman, George W. Hill and J. W. Hight; house and reception, W. D. Thrams, chairman, Julius Estess, E. M. Duesenberg; interclub relations, H. W. Odle, chairman, H. M. Knudson, L. W. Kornbaum and C. M. Glass. Kiwanla education, F. M. Humphrey, chairman, G. C. Blackmore and D. G. Klempnauer; membership, classification, R. W. Fischbeck, chairman, M. K. Neighbor, C. M. Gunderson and C. A. Parker; music, Ray E. Prusla, chairman, Dr. Raymond F. Kunz and Lester Milligan. Program, G. E. Allbee, chairman, M. A. Karpster, George O'Neil and James Rae; public affairs, Ralph Lloyd Jones, chairman; B. A. Webster, J. W. Tubbesing, George Barrett and J. M. Robertson; publicity, Lloyd L. Geer; underprivileged child, George H. Harrer, chairman, Judge J. Clark, George S. Marty, the Rev W. L. Dibble and Dr. G. M. Crabb. Hearing for Schurtz Is Set for Saturday The hearing for Robert C. Hchurtz, farmer residing at 1600 Fourth street southeast, will be held before S. L. Haynes, justice of the peace, Saturday morning. Schurtz was arrested Wednesday on a charge of maliciously killing dogs. Information was filed by Frank Law, owner of the dogs. L, A. Moe Is attorney for the defense. Runnymede, Scene of Magna Charta Signing, Playground of Fred Tims School FltED TIMS. TWO WRESTLERS IN POLICE COURT AFTER PROGRAM Fines for Disturbing Peace Suspended; Booked to "Rassle Rough." Abe Kashcy, Warren, Ohio, and Jack Hader, Kansas City, Texas Rules 'Rasalers'," were in police court Thursday morning charged with disturbing the peace. They were arrested following the main go of the American Legion drum corps wrestling program at the armory Wednesday evening. "Tha " 'rasslers" were each fined ilO and costs by John c. Shipley police judge, and the fines were suspended. Police Chief E. J. Patton ordered :he .arrests when spectators joined a free-for-all at the close of the match when both contenders were out of the ring. Enjoy Shows. "If people enjoy these shows its o. k. with me," said Chief Patton. T m not doing-,tb.Ss to hurt the Le- fion or Kelly. We "want to prevent Hots and we want spectators to remain in their 'seats ana the wresters in the ring." If such brawls are not stopped :hief Patton said that he would swear out an injunction against such shows. Kashey said that he did not wlll- ully attempt to incite riot but that ie was booked to " 'rassle rough." 1e said that was part of his contact. Both wrestlers sail they had not been paid yet. Didn't Want It. Russ Kelly, representing Joe Kely, who stages the shows, said that hey would rather put clean wresting in the ring but that the crowd aid not want it. Whereat the judge clinched a joint by saying "If you'dd kill one another in the .ring some night, the managers would have to hold the ext show in the park. The armory vouldn't be big enough." 'larence Craven Band to Play for Dance at Lake Country Club Clarence Craven and his band will uj-nish the music for the dance to e held at the Clear Lake Country lub Saturday night of this week nd Sunday night, Dec. 10. This will e the first appearance of this roup of artists at the clubhouse in lore than a year's time. Mr. Craven ormerly lived . in Mason City, and s now making his headquarters at es Moines. Manager Walt Ames has a num. er of dances planned for over 'hristmas and New Years. Affairs /ill be held at the clubhouse Sat- rday night, Dec. 23; Sunday night Dec. 24, starting at 11 p. m.; and hristmas night. Monday, Dec. 25. 'arties will also be staged there aturday night, Dec. 30; Sunday, ec. 31 and New Year's night, Monay. Jan. 1. Elaborate Christmas decorations rill be put up at the Country club ommencing the first of next week. Engineer Though Little About Historic Aspects of Place. Runnymede, to us the broa grassy meadow where tho barons o England forced King John to sign the Magna Charta, often called th cornerstone of English liberty, wa just a pleasant place for Fred Tima engineer of the local school system and his chums to play about afte they had swum the Thames river o a hot afternoon forty-odd years age. As ever, familiarity with object or situations serves to strip them of their glamorous and awe-inspir ing qualities and reduce them t realities. Most of us, on gazing across Run nymede's green floor, would b whisked back through more thai seven centuries to a bright day 1: early summer. "Knights of old would be gathering on the green sward. Their attitudes would seem *to indicate that a crisis had bean reached in some all-important mat ter. Barons Were roused. Then all eyes would be turned t the southwest, watching an ap proachlng party of pompous horse men. King John, whose cruel tyraa ny had roused England's barons t action, would soon be within a few paces of the group of knights, on of whom, apparently their spokes man, dismounted and went forwari to meet him. The cortege would then halt whll the knight's spokesman read in clear tones a long list of 63 griev ances against the king's despoti rule. Stripped of his arrogance, the sullen monarch would then begrudg ingly affix the royal seal to th parchment and turn his back on thi knights who were already plan ning ways and means of enforcing the articles set down in the docu ment. 'About that time we would stub our toe or it would start to rain, or something-, and we would come hurtling back to 1933 to be struck with the realization that Runny mede was just what Fred Tims had told us it was--a wide meadow on the Middlesex side of the Thames river which made a nice place fo boys to romp after they had swurr across the-river from the Tims home on the Surrey side. And then we will probably have the proui thought that the ninth fairway on the So-and-So golf course would be a much more attractive place from a physical standpoint to have som, historic event occur. Act Was Significant. Tumbling on the heals of tha thought comes the realization tha the actual signing of the parcn ment called the Magna Charta and the particular meadow wnere i was siened are of but little more importance than that beautifu mashie shot which cinched the ninth hole for you at the So-and- So golf course last summer. The significant fact is that con stitutional liberty aa an inheritance for English-speaking people through out the world was wrung from a tyrannical ruler. Mmur details as to exactly when, where and how til- deed was done are thrust into the background when we realize the far-reaching consequences that resulted from the granting of the Magna Charta. So, Mr. Tims' statement that Runnymede is just a wide meadow s really quite justifiable, depending, of course, upon the viewpoint Custody of Minor Asked in Petition M. Harriet Robinson filed a divorce action Thursday in district court against Edward J. Robinson illeging desertion and cruel and in- luman treatment. Mrs. Robinson also asked custody O f a minor son The Robinsons were married early n 1932 and the petition asserts that Mr. Robinson deserted his wife in August of the same year. SENTENCED FOR LOAFING Hugh Campbell, 27, Burlington, ·as given five days in the city jail n a charge of loafing, not larceny " originally filed. Splittinq" Headaches Until "*? temci i»dy she was always ""'·' miserable -- and (ounrt out about RTjMetanVaturc'.Remedyj.Nowshcstli one fine with everybody. This safe. dcpSd. btc, all-vegetahle laxative hrourfit quick relief ind cjuict nerves because it cleared her system I poisonous w j u t e a -- m a d e bowel action iiy and regular. Thousands take NR daily, t a such a mn, pleasant corrective. Mild, on-habit-form- K.Nobadaftcr- fects. At your t's--25c, Tl |B\4C" Quick r«lief foracW indifre»- I U lW3l lion, heartburn. On! y )0c. Alleges Cruelty and Desertion; Asks Divorce Eleanor Elliott filed suit Thursday in district court for divorce from Frank Elliott alleging desertion and cruel and Inhuman treatment. The couple was married May 5, 1928, in Spencer, and Mrs. Elliott's petition asserts that her husband deserted her Oct. 5, 1931. TRY THE NEW COAL ECONOMY CHUNKS $7.50 ton, y 2 ton at $4 W. G. BLOCK CO. Phone 563 COAL SPECIAL! West Ky. LUMP Two Cars $Q on Track, ton O 1/2 Ton nt J4.25 W. G. BLOCK CO. Phone 563 ADVICE GIVEN ON HOW TO PREVENT CHRISTMAS FIRES Extreme Care in Preparing for Holiday Festival Urged by Committee. Directing: attention to the fact that too often the Christmas season, which should be an occasion of unalloyed happiness, becomes n time of sadness in many households because of the death or serious injury of a loved one by firo, the fire prevention committee of the Chamber of Commerce urged extreme care in preparing for and carrying out the holiday festivities. The fire prevent! on ists point out that when setting up the Christmas tree, it should be placed at a safe distance from any stove, fireplace or other heating device. The tree should be securely mounted on a suitable support, so that it will not topple over, even if gmall children pull on the boughs, or a dog or a cat rub against it. If apecial electric wiring is needed for I illuminating the Christmas tree, or for any other purpose, the Installation work should be done with safety the first consideration. Must Be Non-Inflanuimhle. It is further pointed out that the artificial decorations used on the tree should be of non-inflammable material. Such decorations can be obtained about as readily as can those of paper, cotton, celluloid or other highly combustible substances, and the difference in price is tnfhng-. Wrapping of colored paper about electric light bulbs is very dangerous, hecause the paper may be ignited by the heat given off by the lamp, and the burning fragments may drop on other combustible material and start a ser- 'ous fire. Burning in the stove or fireplace of the paper or other material in which toys and gifts are wrapped has been responsible for many fires. Sparks and burning embers emitted from the chimney may fall on a wooden shingle roof and set fire to the house. This danger can be averted by gathering up waste paper and other combustible refuse, and storing- them in covered metal containers until the garbage collector calls and removes them, or they are otherwise safely disposed of. Should Roll on Hug. If the clothing of Santa Claus, or any of those in attendance at the Blind Reader to Give The Fool" at Trinity Piay Involves Problems of WALTER C. GBAN festivitics should become ignited, tho victim should be rolled in a rug or other heavy woolen material, and the flames smothered as promptly as possible. Especial care should be taken to keep the flames away from the face. Summing up, the fire prevention- ists assert that all possible precautions should be taken to prevent fires from starting. In addition, it is important, they point out, to have near at hand a couple of -buskets filled with water, a pail of sand and small shovel, or a hand fire-extinguisher or two for immediate use, in case a fire breaks- out. Capital and Labor. Walter C. Gran, blind reader will appear at the Trinity Lutheran church Friday evening at 8 o'clock to present "The Fool" by ChanninR Pollock. fa No admission will be charged but a silver offering will be given the speaker. "The Fool" is more or less familiar to the reading public. Begins on Christmas. The action begins on Christmas eve with a group of indignant millionaire parishioners of a fashionable church insisting that Daniel Gilchrlst, the assistant pastor, refrain from preaching about the strike in which they are involved *or give up his pastorate. Ousted from the rich man's Retail Clerks Union Will Meet Thursday The retail clerks' union will hold a meeting Thursday night at 8 o'clock at the Eagles hall, officers announced. Students at the University of Missouri come from 110 of Missouri's 114 counties, and from 41 states. FITS--ATTACKS CURBED There Is new hope for victims of epilepsy, judging from the many who have tried Lepso, a home treatment. One user after another now write that Lcpso has relieved them of attacks. Its fame has spread for 25 years aa one user has told another. If you suffer, send name, age and adslrc'ss to R. Lepso, Apt. 63, 123 E. Wright St., Milwaukee, Wis., and he will send a trial supply of this splendid treatment free. CRIBBED CORN ONLY Act quick--crib or recrib your corn IS- now. Government loans made on "^ sealed corn only. Will more than pay for a-CHAMPION CORN CRIB Portable, sectional, officially approved for sealing. 500 to 2,000 bushel capacity. Orders filled in 24 hours. Write WESTERN Dept. II SILO CO. Des Moines, Iowa church, Gllchrist turns to settlement work and aids in settling the strike but not to the satisfaction of the rich owners. Blch Must Pay. In the second act the scene shows how even the rich must pay for their transgressions. Working on the theory that happiness comes to one by helping others, Gilchrist establishes what was popularly known as "Overcoat Hall" a place of refuge and shelter for tht) poor and neglected. At "Overcoat Hall" the play reaches Its climax when a mob attacks Gllchrist only to be brought to their knees in prayer when Mary Margaret, the lame girl, drops her crutches and, walking naturally for the first time In her life, comes to his support. Taken to Hospital. ROCK FALLS--Fred Morse ha9 been taken to the hospital at. Iowa City for examination and treatment. He has been In poor health f' several years. STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT Floor Space Suitable for Dead Storage Also One Private Room About 20 feet by 30 feet available Telephone 620 Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc. For Your Health's Sake CUP THE FREE 25c COUPON BELOW NOW Have You Ever Had a Complete Internal Cleansing? No mailer how "regular" you miy t»--no milter . what laxative pill, oil or ICB. you ro ay now tak with any degreo of BUCCCBS or failure, you owe It to yourself to lltsrally wa ji, mt your 1MMtIna , tract at leait once every vreek. No longer need you worry about anagreeobU mejiy tntrnaa. Just so to jour drug more «nd uk for Sletpy Ballj. Thl« concentrated blend of th. BSme kind of healthful minerals an may be found In the original Hot Spring. Sleepy Water IK Ju»t the right combination to do a thorough lab safely, lurely conveniently. Sleepy Balls taatts pleo-mnt. Taken Inlo the iy»lem and absorbed throinh the Intestines Into th« blood stream, the very beneficial action of BJeecy Hilt» has a tendency to ferret out and eliminate poisonous acids and waste along -with excess water from the tliiuu and the blood stream back Into th« Intestinal tract. The resulting Increased "hydrnB- jopie" movement clems- away the hardened waste thst o f t e n cllnpa to the walls of the Intestines and tends In restore full and f r e a regularity and ease of movement. Feel Fit--Look Pit! Certain tnKraJl.nli ] n Sltepji BilUi lio act to l-.tlj, numi out , rom y^ tltlneya Hie toxic waatc that BO ollen prcna« through the ivstem, cauilng .o much puln am (uttering. Because ot n« Itwrennsit mstaljollim of the tlnuu, he syeltm Is toned up with a general' RoratlTJB tonic tlllet, whjle ow- llt Hint you don't need and don't want is reduced in/ely. Burely The emBKeriled Wonted reeling (rue, n n u ou 11 bo nmnien to flnil your clothtt actually III you Ijeller. Be.ldcir. Hleony Snltn fcy Increasing the nllcnMn- Ity of the Mood will help overcome conditions or acMoals--nn Important rtnlurc In this age of CXCCITJCS In eating and drinking. Make One Test Bo In lalcneas lo your health, your comfort, and your power to «njoy 11 tt »nd Ui« Jo, ot HYlng. why not le»ra how good It raikei you look ind le,l to be thoroughly clean Irutde--rid of ncldi, polBoni, hardened wa*te. n«t Sleepy Sill, today. H you take It even Juit ooc«, you'll declare -ou never ftlt better for year». And bent at all Sleepy Balu conn only a · cunt or two each tlm« you t«k« It. For pcnnlc. you can buy health that cannot b* roenjiired In termj of manly. Ktnttm- l«r to am lor Sleejy B«lt«. To be »ur« you gel orlulnal. Rcnulnt Blcepy Hnll», a«k at Ford Hopkln.. A, , ,p". clal fcnlurc. Ford Hopkins irll) , c fi, cm the coupon balow as S5c caah applied on your Sleepy Baits purchoie. CLIP THIS FREE 25c COUPON TODAY - -I I'RESENT AT FORD HOPKINS £!ttn^'s. 8 W;.w^^ Namc Address "Many Wonderful Gifts This Year" "You can find out just what they are --where you can buy them -- and the prices . . . by reading the merchants' Christmas advertisements in the Mason City Globe-Gazette"

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