The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 27, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 27, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Time* aad Xewa Puhfahing Company ,,-,,W. LA VERB HAFER, - - - * PHILIP B. BOtLB. Secretary and Treasurer. Ftwddcmt PHILIP K. BJSXE, Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettvsburg for 25 cents per momth. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent* per month- KATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IF YOU- receive THE TIMES by mail voa, can. find the date up to -which yoa are neid c» the pink address label" on your caper. The date -will be changed withui ? _ ten days after your money is received at The Time* OSce. Eat«i*d Aa«ujit~15, 1804, aFGettysburgrPa., as aecond-claat matter, aider Congress March 3. 1S79. _ " BELLPEONE UNITED PHONE Offe* » Northwest. cora« of Centr* Sqnmre, Gettysburg, P«msylv»sl«. 'H!S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTISING 3Y THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO 3RANCHES «N As... -"*i£ -rt«rtC'A«. ^.f Want ads. One cent per -word each insertion. Two cents a. word if guaramted Swt p*ge politics. Besolution* of respect, poetry and mernoriam* on« cent void. TO- OUR HEADERS The G*ttysborg Time* takes absolutely no part in-polMcs, being neutral oa all luchmatters^AnythiEgthat appears in our general news columns, concerning itte or national Dolitisc, is furnished us by The American Press Association, a ecncera -which, gives the same sews to Kepublican, Democratic, Prohibition, or Socialist papers and -which is strictly non-partisan- Oar »dte«rtisinic- columns are open to all candidates of all partlei. TO THE LADIES Shampooing, Electrical Facial and j Scalp Massage, Manicuring, Saperriu = oas Hair Removed- j Mrs. Ziegler, ! Phone 94 Y. 12 Carlisle^St. j Medk-al Advertising Stops falling Hair Hail's Hair Kenewer certainly stops falling hair. No doubt about it what- erer. You will sorely be satisfied. Gettysburg Business Director!) fa baj t|e tMajs goo neei NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400- Room* -with bath e* colt* flam it McConomy, Prop'a. Special for this week and Boy's 25c golf caps lOc. Trimmer's 5 and lOc Store. EICE PRODUCE COMPANY Highest Caah Pricei Paid- for all --FARM PRODUCE-- Umder Time* Office, Gettysburg. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Esrpert Electrical j- Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle Phone 94 Y. --IF-- ·ou want a .weekly paper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS More local reading matter than aav other paper published. Price $1.00 per year. CHAS. S. MTJMPES --Fire Proof Storage-"Warehouse for Furniture and Household Goods ttored any length of time. W. H. TIPTON --Paotopraplu Gettysburg SAYS SULZER URGED PERJURY Witness at Impeachment Trial j Startles Court SIR EDWARD CARSON. Leacier In Movemant to Raise Big Fund For Irish Hcrtte Rule. ASKED TO DENY GIFT Ambassador Morgenthau Says Cover- nor Suizer Requested \Vitness "to Be Easy With Kim"'--Croker, Jr., Gave $2000. j Albany, X. Y., Sept. 27.--Sensational :^stinso^y against Governor Sulzer \vas given at hss impeachment trial. Duncan A\~_ Peck, slate superintendent of public works, testified: that the governor had asked" him to deny under oaUi that he had male S500 contribution to Sulzer. Peck said he made contributions hortly aiic-r the governor's election, that last. July he had shown llr. iulzer in the executive chamber a cpy of the letter from the Frawley- .oatraittee asking him to testify. "*. said 10 the governor," said Mr. 'ec-k, "what shall I do about it?" He said '"Do as i am going to do, deny t." 1 said that "I shall be placed under oath.'" He said, "Forget it." After this declaration there was a jurried conference of Governor Sulzer's counsel. Harvey B. Hiamaa took jp the cross-examination. Mr. Peek said there were several oersons about when he gave the S500 contribution to Suizer. He said he- had ;iven the conversation which took place in the executive chamber '-word ."or word." I could not be mistaken about a single word," he said. There was no- more questioning. At the outset of his examination Peck told of handing Sulzer the $500 at s. Democratic reform meeting in Troy, X. Y. "I said to him there were no strings on it and that he needn't feel under obligations to reappoint me." he testified. The witness said that since teen he had "a confidential conversation" with the governor. "Must I give it?" he asked. "Yes," ruled the presiding judge. The witness then said he had the conversation with the governor In July ia the executive chamber- Richard Croker. Jr., testified he gave a r-heck for S2000 to Governor Su:zer, made out to "Cash." The check, endorsed by P. L- Colwell, was Introduced in evidence. BANDITS HOLD UP FLYER IN ALABAMA , - ; - .; Rogers Steal Engine and Two Express Cars. THEY. ESCAPE WffH $50,000 Three- Posses Pursue 'Looters and Deputy Sheriff Is Killed In Mistake. Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 27. -- The Alabama Gieat Southern train Xo. 7, «ro22 Birmingham to Xew Orleans, was held u;» and the mail and express cars rotbed at Bibbvil!e"SIding, three miles south of \Vccdstoc!j, Ala~ The robbers, both masked, were described as "mere boys." One report has it that they obtained $50/'00, al- CHURCH NOTICES Early celebration, 7:30; Sunday School, 9:45; morning service. 10:30; evening service, 7:00_ST. JAMES LUTHERAN __ Sunday School, 9:00 church 10:30, subject "The" Beautiful Gate"f Christian Endeavor, 6:00"; church 7:00, subject "A World Full of Gypsies." PRESBYTERIAN Interesting Rally Day program -will be rendered in *he Sunday School at 9:15 and- in the Christian Endeavor meeting at- 6:45 p. ml 3iorning worship 1 10:30, subject of sermon, "The Divine Derision". Evening worship, 7:30, subject 'It -was- Night"' The sacrament of Holv Connnanion will be administered Sundav October 5. 'COLLEGE LUTHERAN" ,, A. E. Wagner, D. D. pastor. Morning -worship- -with sermon by the pas'cor at 10:45 a. m. Evening worship ".vith sermon by the pastor at 7:30 p. Bible School at 9:45 a. m. Christian Endeavor'meeting at' 6:30 p. m. Strangers will be welcome at any or all of h the express- messenger said Sir The unionist in Selfnsr. Ireland, agreed -o cars* a iftsna o£ SS.OL-J.ftO to ·r-cerr-nriy members of ihe Clsi^r vo!un- Fro^n this fund it is propos«rd 10 pay men ind their fiisilies ic; proper::-- Joss, la- jury ar.d death- if i!s-Cttg occurs in -' efforts 10 salt- home ru~ :or Ireland. Edwara Carson, a lc-ai-cr or i: ment. auie! in framing the articles sni-ng ^"-e rand. -4. statement was is saying: ibe provisional gov ^n" approved. PENNSY 10 SELL GOAL HOLDINGS PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Para|raphs of Mews Tellmf tf the HappeflMfs in and atari Ttw* PeoplefVisiting Mere and Those Soiounuat|Elsewhere. tnese services. Company tD Dispose of ill. Such Securities, Philadelphia, Sept- 27. -- President Rea, of the Pennsylvania railroad, announced that the hoard of directors ot the company had decided 10 sell its security" holdings in the anthracite coal companies which have been attached to Its system for nearly thirty years. .The Suscuehanna Coal company is Croker. who is a son of the-former the principal operating company and =eiling agency for these companies. The announcement -was.-wholly un- speeted and-all "efforts to get an explanation from the company v,-ere file. Xor coma :t he learned who the prospective purchasers are. _ The Pennsylvania railroad, through the Snsnuehanna Coal company and he thought the losses would be light, :royably no. more than a. few hundred Three posses started a man hunt ."or the bandits ivkbia a fe-.v hours after the robbery. Two oi these met and aach mistook the csher for the robbers. James Boaner.-a deputy sheriff, ji Birmingham, was shot and killed by a dc»w;y from ijontgomery county in the melee that followed before the mistake wa? discovered. To stop the train and get. aboard the hold-up men set a danger signs'. Dan^e!s, the engineisan, stospel the train for the "red block," and the robbers climbed Is. The young bandits, -with drawn revolvers, forced the engineer, fireman, express messenger and six mail clerks lo leave the Iceo^'tlve and cars and line isp at the side oi the track. The robbers then compelled one o: ch trainmen to detach the locomotive, express and mail cars, -whereupon the bandits boarded the locomotive, and with one robber at the throttie drove the front port of the train severa? miles down the trad:, waere the express safe -was blown TO bits with dynamite and the registered mail pouches were r!3ed. The robbers then threw open the throttle of the engine, leaped to the ground and escaped with their booty into the swamps, wnile the runaway locomotive and express and mai! ears casEed on dov.-n the track through METHODIST ^ Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; clas.« meeting at 10:30; Epworth League a' 6:15 p. m.; preaching at 7:00, subjec' of sermon, ""Sin's Revelation of Jisel to tae Consciousness as Sin."'. A v.-e: come to all. L. Do\v Ott, pastor, CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Stratton Street: Sunday Schoo-. 9:30; preaching, 7:30. Marsh Creek Report of Committee for ttie Establishment of the Orrtanna Canning Company, at Orrtanna. Under the agreement with Mr. Husselman the Committee agreed to j.ur- nish lur. ilusss^man SSOO.OO and put in the svritch to factory. INIr- lusselnian in return agreed to build fac'tory for the 1913 crop of apples. The committee being unable to come to any terms Tv-ith the Kaiiroad Company. made s. sabsequent agreement -with Mr. Zisseknan to give Mm tvro hundred and Sfty dollars to release them of 'that part of siding located on 3!r_ Musselman's land. B. I. T~a!ker and A. EL Kready obligated themselves for that part of siding located on th2 Railroad Corrtpair- right of ivay. ivhich is to be reaated. Total subscribed and paid ...................................... S I-I3S 00 Paid Mr llusselmar. ........................ - ................... Paid Charles Rife for collecting ................................ Paid for postage .............................................. Paid for prir;dr.g .............................................. ^t' 00 1 00 2 .0 4 00 Total paid ......................................... S 1057 70 Balance of ......................................... S SO SO Divided pro rata arr.or.g the subscribers at the rate of .0704 per cent. 'A- H. SSEADY, Secretary. B. I. WALKEPv. Presicer.t- O, C. Co.. Com. O. C. Co., Com. The t:ndersig7:-3d paid the folio-Kins- sums: Geo- A. Herrisg S5G K. L. Spence SiO'Amos Xeu-man So J. W. Micklev 50 E. S. Large 1O W. O. Andrew 5 S. !_ Balslev Son -5u,T. M. Walter 10 E. H. Marklev 5 Geo- P. Sites 50;G. \V Sehv.-artz 10 D. A. Mickler 5 H. I_ Breain Son -50-G. A. Kane 10 Geo. Byers 5 Butt Uidciemoser oO.Johr* «i Jacob Sharrah..lO Harry "Brown -5 C. P. 40;AiIei DeardorrT i; Bro.. 10 John" Rease 5 ...35,R- B. Diehl 10 H. J. Rsfe -S .. .25 W. C. Donaldson 10 M. I_ Cease 5 --25:A. D. Henrv... Tammany Hail leader, testified that he gave the governor the check on Oct. 1G. 1912. "Why did you make It payable to "Cash?" he was asked. "Mr. Sulzer said he was about to leave for a trip through the state and would like it in cash." The check aore the endorsement of "F, L- Colwei!."' It was not cashed until Oct. 31. ·'Was it your understanding from, the talk of people or from Sulzer himself that Sulzer was inrrrecunious?" asked Judge Herrick. "I feit that he depended absolutely on the salary he received from the public office he -was holding at the time," was the reply. ilr. Croker said his father and Sulzer "had been intimate friends." "When I talked wih the governor oa Oct. 15." tae -witness continued, "I remarked that he probably was under heavy personal expense. He said he was. Lthen toid himJijwould like_to_ help him out to the extent of S20QO- One thing I remember distinctly is j that I toid him I wished he would consider 'the giving of the money a personal and confidential .matter.'"' "With your political ancestry behind you." asked Mr. StanchSeld. "you realized that -when a candidate entered upon a campaign it occasioned expense, is that so?" '"Yes/" was the reply. "I wanted to relieve him of any personal expenses incurred in connection -.vita the campaign or whatever expense might come up." the witness volunteered. "Yoa did have in. mind expenses in connection with the campaign, dicn't you?" was queried. "Yes, and anything else." William B- Houghton, paying teller ^r Cie Colonial Branch of the Equitable Srust company, of Xew York, who followed Croker, testified that Colwei had presented the Croker check to'hirn for payment on Oct. 31- Houghton saic he had known Colweli for years and had been a member of his Sunday school class. Hesry L. Mcrgentha-j, ambassador ;o Turkey, testified that Sulzer asked him to be "easy with him"' in case he vvas called to the witness stand at t governor's impeachment trial, i Morganthau. wno contributed $1000 to J. C- Linn Ereadv Son G. M. : Bticherv K.H. Shull J. A. Sh-all . Clack K. Crowe.... ...25(P. A. Baker ...2-5SO. D. McMillan.... ...25H. B. S'onaker., P. F. 25 L O. Biesecker .... 25 K. C. Hanger Riggeal .Lawver. _ D. J. Fomev 25 J. H. Fritz J. L. Butt. .1 25 C. W. Biesecker.. S. H. Bamngartner 25-J. E. Biesecker E. F. Straushaugh 25 H. M. Trostle D. D. Mickley . 20 H. L. Snvder J. H. Diehl..". 20 Edw. Miller D. M. Sheelv 15 G. R. Linn _ J. M. Wetzefi 15, Grant;. .Funt 51. O. SJonaker H. B. Moyer wife 20 C. -\. Kant- -".John Shultz 1 Calvin Pepple 10 A. M. Lochbaum 5 John Goodermuth,. 1 J. T. Currens 10 J. B. McCollough 5 J. F. Weue! i M. J. Miller 10 J. A. Rockwell 5 H. F. S tamer 1 J. C. Minter 10.X. C. Trout o! ... 10 H- F. La-vwer 5 ..10 Mrs. P. P. Deardorff. .. 10 Tvlervin Herring .. 10 E. J. Xaugle .10Jacob Moritz . .5 L. M. Bishop .. 5 C. A. Hartman . .5 J, W. Zook ..orrank Biesecker . .5 B. I. Walker .,5M. F. Cover .5 M. F. Stover...'.'. .5 Wm. La-wver.... Sundav School, 9:30; preaching 10:30. REFORMED Sunday School, 9:15 a. m.; Harvest Festival service at 10:30 a. m.; enure) service 7 p. m. The pastor -will conduc-' Harvest Festival service in St. Mark"/ Church at; 2 p. m. GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School.. 9:30 a. m.; the last Sacrament for the Conference year will be held at 10:30 a. m. All members are reoaes'ced to be in attendance. Ju-* nior Christian Endeavor meeting, 1:30. p. si.; Senior Christian Endeavor meeting 6:30 p. ra. J. Chas. Gardner, tsastor. SALEM U. B. Sanday School, 9:00 a. m.; preaching at 7:00 p. m. by the Rev. P. C. Hoffman, snbjecu "The Temptations of Christ."' -T. Chas. Gardner, pastor. 3Irs. Harriet Toot, of, .Baltimore street, is visiting relatives in -Me- ' over Sunday.' " -·' ' ' Messrs- Clyde Bream and'El'P/lier- oer are soending the eay in Mrs. 31. Coover, of Seminary Ridge, has gone to Johnstown to spend some time with friends. She v.-as accompanied as far as Harrisburg by Dr. Coover, who will spend Sunday in Steelton. Mrs. E. J. Wolf, ivho has been spending several days v.-iih friends in town, left this morning to visit her son, Robbin B. Wolf, Esq., of Carnegie. Prof. B. F. Schappelie went to Carlisle oa business"to-day. . Mr. and Mrsl David Blum, of Reading, have returned home after spending- some time with relatives in town. Rev.- D. M. Moser, of Carlisle street, ·went to Bairsbridge this morning where he will speiid Sunday- Mrs. George E. Spangler and daughter, of York street, are visiting relatives in LiXtlestov.-n for several days. Mrs. Rose Allison, of York street, is spending the week-end with friends in Hanover. Charles YORK SPRINGS M. E. Bendersville: Sunday School, 9:30; Rudisill and daughter, Eunice, of Baltimore street, are spending the day in York. Calvin Gilbert, of Springs iven"e. has returned from a brief visit with his daughter, Mrs. Suesserott, of Chambersburg. George C. Baarti, of Philadelphia, is snendhig- several days in Gettysburg. Miss Annie Banner went to Emmitsburg to-day for a week's visit at the acme of Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. Reinewald. Charles E. Liefaegott went to Xew York to-day to receive treatment for ear trouble by a specialist in that city. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Redding, of Fail-field, a daughter. affiliated companies, produced aad shipped approximately 10 per cent of all the hard cos! mined. The company owned or controlled about 17,000 acres of anthracite coal land. The Pennsylvania railroad also owns a controlling interest in the Cambria Steel company, amounting to abou; S22.000.000. For several days s. report has been current that the company is [ willing to sell, or has entered into negotiations for the sale of this stock; buz like the proposed anthracite saie. officers of the compauy are silent when approached, on the subject- several towns, Hntil the sream in the engine was exhausted and the runaway train came to a stop at Kngle- wood. Ala. Several shots were Sred into the mail and express cars, before the mail cierks and messengers left them. Three of tae clerks--Saunders. Philips and Poole. narrowly escaped death. Saimders' head was cut oy_ glass from fhe dcor.-whicbl a ba!5et saatteredrand buiiets. Tsrhisrled close by the heads of -he other two men. - When both .mail and express cars had been looted, a pouch of registered mail beiu?: taken, as well as sums of money and shipments of jewelry, the bandits compelled the eaginernan to run the locomotive and mail and ex- trcs3 cars forward at-full speed. NINE OF FAMILY-PERISH Children Burned to Death and Mother Die sof Injuries. Ouebec, Can.. S-spt. 27.--Eight chil- drc-ii of TTiric Trodel, all under sixteen years o: age, were burned to death as tbey s]ei,t- Trudel. his -Alfe, the oldest son, AE- toine. arid on^ daughter escaped, bu: were bad':;-- burned, iirs. Truuel died j later. Tne r.ouse was a wcodea three- story structure. The Trndels. who rented rooms to five other families, lived on the top fJoo-. The father and moth ?r dropped A:uo:ne from a window a^fi n.c was nun. A neighbor rescued the baby giri. Tae children who lost their lives were four oa-.!"bters and four sons, tne vounsest fvo y^rs old. RACE RiaT IN BALTIMORE Five Whites Are Injured ~!n a Battle - · With Negroes. Baltimore, Seept. 27.--In a riot between whites and negroes over the invasion of the 1300 block: of TMosaer street by a. negro family, five white persons were injured and much property was damaged, after a battle had raged for over three hours. Scores of white men and boys bombarded a house in Tuosher street, GC- · tupied by a nagro family, from the sermon' and Communion services. 10:30: all people's meeting, 7:30. Wenksville: Sunday School, 1:30: sermon and Communion service. 2:30; Epworth League. 7:30. Rev. L. W. 3IcGarvey. " ST. JOHN'S CHURCH There will be Harvest Home servicei held ar St. John's chnreh near Littlestown. Sunday" ~ mbrning^ aif" 10:00 o'clock- AREKDTSYILLE REFORMED The Holy Communion on Sunday morning- at 10 a. m. Preparatory services on. Saturday afternoon ar 2 p. m. On Sunday evening at 7:30 3Ir. Samuel 51. _Bushman of Gettysburg ·will lecture on his travels around tha vv-orld. The public Is cordiallv invited. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED J Celebration of the Holy Communion] on Sunday afternoon a'c 2 g. m. Pre-' paratory service on Saturday evening ar 7:30. FLOKR'S CHURCH Owing- to the rain on- Sunday evening the missionary- meeting at Flohr's COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Sept. 27--Good Roads Mass Meeting Court Honsfe ·Sept. 29, 30--Pierce, the Magician. "Walter's Theatre- - - ' Oct. 4r--Foot Ball. Albright Collega -Nixon. Field..""· · / · Oct. 11--Annual Topton Orphans' School excursion. ' " Oct. IS^-lS-^-Lntheran West Pa. Synod meeting. Sr. James church. Oct. 17--Concert. T 3Iozart Company. Brua GhapeL Oct. 18--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers'Day.- FOUR STITCHESJN HIS HEART Surgeons Sew Up Organ After Youth Is Accidentally Stabbsd. Philaueljjhia. Sept, 27.--Accidentally roofs, -windows and steps the Wreck Dies. 7Cc«- Haven. Co:in.. Sept. 27--Charles T. Doherty. i"~e easineman frfio "a-as ar :he turott^e o; Use New York, Xevr Haven Hanfor-1 express trais trhich svas -wrecked at Stamford oa -nine 13- iasi. -when six persons vrere billed and marr" injured, dropped dead of heart disease at his rone here. the governor's campaign fund, addec that the governor had asked him to tseat the reaiions between them as a "personal affair." Several other wi-nesses were called .vho testified to coniributins to Sniper's campaign. Persons who have followed the case closely thought they gained from qwes- DrarT Quart of Whisky: a Maniac. Aitoor.a. Pa.. Sept. 27. -- Drinking nearly a o-:art of irhisky. Gilbert TTil- scii. 5'ourtecn years old. became a rav- ins :san:a''- It required three city fire- n^f-n to he!.'! him before ha -was ta"ea :o the city hospital, -where he- is now in a. ser.jiis ccriCiiiors. Boy's Eyes : urnir.g to Stone. ing. M'ch.. Sept. 27. -- TTith both hfs eves fasi nirninsc to stone. Benjamin Wood, a thirteen-year-old Graafl houses on the opposite side of the =treet. huriing stones and bricks and 'iriag marbles from slings. A crowd of negroes came up Carrol- :f.n avenue, turned in;o Mosher street and began their work of retaliation upOTi the homes of those who had been making the demonstration. The He- o'clock. ST. PAUL'S A. M- E. ZIOX South Washington Street: Grand ?_ally Day for fuel. Preaching at 11 a. TO. and at S p. m. Sunday School at 2 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m. A cordial welcome to all. W. O. Cooper, pastor. ST. JOHX BAPTIST Services to-night ar 8 o'clock and on Sunday a'c 11 a. m.. 3 p. m. and S p. m. Elders W. Toliver, W. Carter. C. Robinson. M. Ball and others isrill speak. groes broiight bricks and stones into | Public cordially invited to attend^ EI- n:ay. too, ann before long windows oi souses o'ccapied by the ts-hite residents ~ere sieashed- The new ordinance segregating the white and black races of Baltimore, which -was ~nsssed by both branches of the city COHECJ! and signed by Mayor Preston, is in eSect. The new law makes it illegal for any blacks to move into a -"white block," or tor a wbite family to move into a "black block." Fine aad imprisonment are -provided for owners of property in Trine blocks" rent houses to blacks, or in ''black blocks" who rent to -whites. Critically III In His Office. Easton. Pa., Sept. 27.--Herman Simon, tne largest individual silk manufacturer in this country, is critically Ml? from heart trouble. He went Tuesday to a^s oBice at the Easton mills, and it has been impossible to remove ~ai3K The physicians thought him so low that the members of the family der X. D. Shadney. pastor. CHURCH SOLOIST 3Iiss Emmcrt to be Soloist in Philadelphia Church, Miss Mary Emmert, of Xew Oxford, tcho held a summer position as soprano soloist in the Summit Presbyterian church, Germantovvn., has accep'ced a position as soloist in the Messiah Lutheran charch, Philadelphia- Rev. Daniel E. Weigle, son of Eev. Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Weigle, of Camp Hill, is-the pastor of the church. " 3Iedical Advertising - ! Get Immediate and Effective by Using HyomeL Relief lions asked a witness by Louis Mar- j jjapids boy. was placed ia the state shall, attorney for the defense, a line oa how the respondent's attorneys plan to explain hss converting contributions to his personal use. Mr. Marshal! brought oat that tae governor spoke of needing money for traveling expanses. This was believed to be for the purpose of building up a defense that Mr. Suizer -was in .nire financial straits aad that his friends gladly he'.p*d him. The more cows a farmer keeps and the belter care he gives them, the bigger the bank account. school for the blind here. Specialists say that a compete stae of petrifaction has set in. ^ s easier. . . ot:t ne rau.ea ana 2s| voa |) rea the it. Hyomei is nature's Xrse remedy for ".. There is" r.o stomach dosing-- Mob Hanas Alleged Assailant. Litchfieid. Ky.. Sept. 27. -- - A mob overpowered the jailer here, took Joe Richardson, colored, from his cell and hanced him to a tree in the public ?quar" Richardson was charged with attacking Ree Golf, eleven years old. - Runaway Hits Cortege; Driver Killed. I Easton. Pa.. Sept- 27.--Charles Yard I was killed while driving a cab in a funeral procession on the main street here. A heavy wagon coming down a When using this treatment^ you hreathe healing balsams and effectively reach the most remote air cells of the throa't, nose and lungs, the ca- | ·f"?iT*T"FiQ 1 frafTYtc- OT'O rtocr*T"/\ n *'*^r?--__*·*«·?/»!.«' ! son. a coiore3 youth, of 1430 Ogdea street, was probably saved by an operation performed by surgeoas at St. Joseph's hospital. TVith blood spurting from the deep gash, ^\Vi!son was rushed to the operating room, and four stitches -were taken in the wound. The heart v/as laid bare by swiftly performed incisions, and the puncture sewcd. In the opinion.- ot the surgeons, if Wilson's bleeding had- gone on -unchecked a few minutes longer death would have been inevitable. 8295387^18 SPENT ON CANAL Panama Commission Files Its Fiscal Report at Washington. Tvashington. Sept. 27.--Secretary of Tvr Garfisoa has received the current report of the Panama canal commission giving an account of the total expenditure on the canal up to May 30 of this year. It shows that expenses were as follows: For sanitation of the canal zone, $16,132.056; for civil administration, SS,S70,S6S; for fortifications. S2.965,- f39; for construction aad engineering, S1S2,1S7.SS6. The total amount spent is $2S5,5S7,- 518.41. TTre Bursts: Motorcyclist Killed. York, Pa., Sept. 27.--The blowing out of a tire oa a motorcycle caused the death of Howard Osewiler, a rural mail- carrier, of T?Trightsvi31e. O3ewiler -was returning home after -visiting his father at Long Level,. wfcen" the .Sire blew oat ana he lost cor.trxu-ef the machine. The motorcycle collided with a fence post. The rider's- sltuH-was fractured. germs are destroyed--quick I j relief re^ults. tarrhal and snre Hyomei often restores health to chronic cases that had given up all hope of- recovery- Its best action is at the s'tart of the disease when the breath is becoming offensive, and con- ' bill upset the cab which Yard was i driving. Four mourners were in the I _ . _ i * i - * *" 71 *·*** t11 ** 3 K»t;«. I vehicle, but all escaped with slight :n- stanc SI ,j ffi j,^ discharges from the; i juries. i nose, droppings in the throat, or that' j --·" j choked up feeling begin to make life a {burden. At the first^symptom of ca- Dies Fron Football injury. Worcester,' :Mass_ Sept- 27.--Veraer S. Belyea, left halfback of the Norwich university football team, who suffered a broken spine in a game with Holy eleven on Wednesday, , ,,.. in St. Four Boys at a Birth. It Js enoponomi"al to use anything' Gunny-sacking, cut into strips and jtarrhal trouble. surely-N^use Hyomei. yates became the mother of four boys, for the hens that" can be purchased i placed ovej-fteh^es^no^ and converted into profit, bot flies trom troubling them. j pletc outfit, $1.00. He will refund the', money if it does not give satisfaction.' NEWSPAPER!

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