The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 27, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1913
Page 3
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oTM due Auditors Report of Gettys*V burg School Accounts Summary of statement prepared by Total liabilities. .18,5 the auditors of the Borough of Gettvs- j ., burg, of "the finances o£ the School ,-Excess of liabilities District of the Borough of Gettvs^j o^er resources, . . burg for the Fiscal vear ending: July! ^ e, the undersigned, 1st. 1913, and of all receipts, jf '* m * """'^^ auditors o tures'and credits "whatsoever School offices and of the assets and ; PUBLIC SALE a-aiy eiecteu liabilities of said Disiiict. General School Account. Receipts By I. L. Taylor, Treasurer. Balance on hand, . .$ 177.47 Taxes, 10,034.7 State Approp'n, .. .3,799.06 Tuition,.;!..., 1..149.60 Proceeds of loans, .1.500.00 Miscellaneous, 15.75 Total'Receipts for year . .$10,077.201 " ·' Expenditures Teachers salaries,SlO,400.07 Janitor's Salaries, .1,114.00 Offices 310.00 Refunds, 15.98 Loans repaid, 800.00 Repairs, 1 332.74 Miscellaneous, 49.8S Books Supplies,. 1,72(5.31 Furniture Fixtares,328.30 Collection fees, 279.41 Fuel, 855.19 Freight ex Dress,. . .32.17 Light current, G4.2G Postage, 12.67 Advertising, 10.75 Printing, 31.51 Insurance 7.20 Sprinkling, 10.00 \vaier, 150.21 Quit Rents, 9.00 Enumeration, 25.00 Interest discount, .12.50 Auditors, 30.00 ! School Board of the School District of isaid borough; of the Treasurer of said i Board and of the Tax Collet-tor of said ! The undersigned intending: to quit ! housekeeping will sell at Public Sale {at her home 4% miles from Gettys' biirg on the Kidge Read, Tuesday, | September 30th, the folio'-xing real estate and personal property: .Light two- horse v.agon, very suitable for huckstering-, one Laggy one set harness good as nev.-. one cultivator, one set front gears, collars, bridles, TXO horse blankets, ladder, barrels, old ant NELSON A. MILES. Retired General Who Recently Returned From the Balkans. District for the Sseal year ending- July BASE BALL SCORES i. board, buffet, safe, 12 foot extension I. A. MILLER, table, half cozen dining room chairs GEO.'A. TAYLOR, good as "new, half dozen cane seated HARRY D. GEISELMAX, 1 chairs", parlor stand,, couch, two bd- Borough Auditors, j steads, t\vo bed room stands, one bedstead and b-reau over hundred years ~ """ "· """ ' old in good condition, three ne-.v kitchen chairs, three rocking chairs, many · odd chairs, clock, wash bov.-l and pstth- Medita! Advertising M. M. Eenner Go's I D N E Y PILLS To'l expenditures, 10,019.13 Balance on hand, 58.13 ·5 1C.C77.2C Building' Fund Receiots Bv I. I_ Taylor, Treasurer. Balance on hand,. 1C8.22 Taxes, : -. 1,208.73 Loan repaid from General Fund, SOO.OO Total receipts.. ............ §2,230.95 Expenditures Bonds redeemed, .Sl,000.00 Interest coupons, ...700.00 Tare, ................ 4.00 To'l expenditures. Sl.704.00 Balance on hand, -- 532.95 jrors. pictures, lot of empty ', biinds, lace curtains and poles. tv/o = screen doors, twenty yards striped car! 0et, ingrain carpet, ten 2-"ards linoleum, t matting 1 , lot of books, bed clothes, 1 table iinen, do'jghtray, iars, jugs. : \vash tub and rubber, two lard cans, » mail box and numerous other articles. I At the same time will be offered home consisting of 20 acres of land. ' improved with a seven room frame S house, good barn and all necessary " out buildings, plenty of f ru-t. and '. water, nvo wells and two good sorings. We Recommend the Kidney ; Pills for the KIDNEYS, Blad- · sharp v.-hen terms will be made known der, Liver, Bowels, Dropsy, , by tarrlial Conditions etc. fnr "· FrPf* lor ^ rree FOR SALE - " 3IES- HATTEB E. BOLLIXGER. 1 ~ ^ Hodman, Auctioneer. i c. R. Fissei, Clerk. Also Et t: " e s rilne [foal, also one rubber-tire buggy, good . [as nev.-; one second hand -buggy, rwo "i ;sets buggy harness, one set good as The People's Drug Store jne^r. or.e sec gears, collars, bridles ' 2 -- ! and halters. i J. W. FOFF1IAX. ' Car HV;S Tint the V/G.-id. ! -. · · · ·· · General School Taxes. W. 3- Frock. CoIIoctor. DR- To taxes outstanding last audit, S1..62C.93 Bv amounts oaid Treasurer, 492.17 By commissions, 25.50 By exonerations, 448-13 By Percentage included in- exoneration. ...22.42 V.'e ·viev.- the v.-or!d with, our ·es. esch of us, anc! v."e make from ! ·.is the "world v-'e see. A ·weary j ceart gets no gladness cr:t of sunshlna; { 95 I a selnsji man is skeptical about friend- ! shin, as a. man ivita no ears doesn't I care for music.--Vv"-Il:an ilakepeace . Thackeray. " [ 958.22 Outstanding General School Tax. S633.71 Peter Culo. deceased, Collector. DR, To duplicate nlus ner-- centage, .-...- S11,997.5S CR. By amounts paidr Treasurer. -7.954.55 Outstanding and now charged to H. E. Bumbaugh. ... S3.S43.03 H. E. Bumfaaugh, Collector. DR. To taxes uncollected bv Peter Cuio. deceased, 83,843.03 CR. Bv amounts paid Treasurer, 1 5 5S1.96 Get t y s b ;:'r ·_ every Tce?'iay a t P c:i ro s e ..ryer-r Jevelrj Store. ·VT.H.DIXKL3 ^ t _, , , , r^ - ^ TWO second hand Fora touring cars and an Indian motorcycle for sale, j ^fTLLIAIM B. MdQhenny will sel: Cen'cral Auto Company., 45 York I street.--advertiseEient; Stock and machine!-." or ] March. 19, 1314.--advertisement Amount outstanding. S2.261-07 Total outstanding General Tax -. §2,899-78 Soecial Tax for Building Pumoses. W. H- Frock, Collector. DR. To taxes- oats'tanding last audit, S255.27 CR. Bv amounts t»aid Treasurer, .71.25 By commissions, S./5 By. exonerations, 27.08 By percentage added to exonerations, 1-35 S103.43 Less over pav- ment, 4.22 $99.21 Due on Building Tax, SloG.06 Peter Culo, deceased, Collector. -DR. To duplicate tIus uercen- tage,* ...1,439.51 CR. By amoun'ts paid Treasurer, 912.97 Outstanding and now charged to H. E. Bumbaugh, . §526.54 H. E. Bumbaugh,-Collector. "-DR. To tax uncollected tv Peter Culo, decU, ..$525.54 CR. By amount paid Treasurer, 184.51 Due on building tax, 344.03 "! Following is the Result of Games j | j Played Yesterday. j | AMERICAN LEAGUE. j{ ! At Boston--Boston, 10: Athletics. 4. j " Batteries--Leonaru. Cady; Boardman. j Houel;, Pennock, Bush, Silians. { At Xev.- York--Y.'afchln^toa, :j; Xe-v ! ; j YorJi. ·'«. Batteries- -- Boeiilliig. A:n-;; j siastii; McHale. Keatins. Sv.eer.ev. ,', ' At Chicago--Chicago" 3;- St. Lou:s. | ] i 2. Batteries--BenA Sciialk; i.evv: enx,:; I Agnen-. ;: ' s Cleveland-Detroit not scheduled. t j ; Standing cf ti'e Ciubs. j l ' A-'-'.:' v -2-;t-' ?£·*' .·' H- -k ^- r ClevelasT S3 d 5l5 bcfro-:"'»V \4 -.h \\ Washtn. S-i n 57lSt-I.ouis 15 V.i :j7i- j Boston.- 75 T. KSX.York. 33 9 ' ^71 h I NATIONAL LEAGUE. i ! At Phiiadeiobla -- Pb;ia:e:p:Ia, C; j! ! 2oston, 3 '.1st ga:»ie. Ba:ter;?3 --1{ · Rise'.". Dooin. : 1 Boston. 1«; Pil-adels/h'a, 0 CMS; : game). Batteries -- TyJer. -lari^ei,;} \Vha*ing; Seaton, Bicn^an, Mayer, j I : "At" Pitt^ourgij--Pltisbarga, 0; f ~- : --\l t Smith. S'ck, Breiiraha::. ;i^ra;n-v-.-. :! At Brooliiyn--Xt-«.' Y^r:.. 4: Br-^v!:-1, lyn, ^. Ua-erk's--Tosre='J. iiec-rs; A I - l s lea. Fisher. ! 1 Standing cf the Clubs. j; V.'. I.. PC · XV. I_ ?C. j i pktsijr^ 77 ;·] birst!LcwIs -.0 ss i3.;! : ii a - -: · ~,'.=.i^-S 1 ? ! STATE MAY SOE AUDITS POWELL LADf MQLESWOPJH; Wjti] ; 1Qi[!s Mone!fWM , B low is Bsins; Sued. The v.-ell known Washington House, op- po~iro the \Vestern ilriryland. Railroad Station, iias lccn leti^c-u by -Johr. D. Kraie. v/ho tis pro- pricior will in the f'.icare. to the best of his ability, endeavor to see rh:it all patrons of this es- tcilji-sheu hojttlry are served \vith the best eat- ab-w?. o: the substantial and solid kind, as also \vith the L-est of liquors, both spirit and malt i"un:ishtu a:iyv.-here. The ftift that Tur. I-Iane has a large acquaintance thruughuut ihe county should be suKicient ;f--iir:iiicv that he v.'-II take good care 01 such of l::s iricndrf and p^truns as visir him. FIXK'S PRIZE BEERS are served at ilii- hai\ both on draught and I n . be brought to force a test Truro. Ens. Sept. 27.---A v/asp st;:n lajary io Japlar '/sin Proves! Faialin 20 Miniiles. ,-SS,^SeSviiS STOVFS GRANGES :sid e -tioa the Quesiion o *-aetcer| i^-/ X V_X V JL-*^ Q l l U iK-^A-J. X VJ JL_4K^/ We have on display a line of sincrle and double heaters aa ? d O cook stoves that you can't af- : s 1S75. Ladr ileles--crta s a. tae condition of roads. · Attorney General He!! is personally P- T ouis I studying the automobile controversy. by Farc=l Post gr By selling DIRECT ·will «ST« you rc 50c. RED HEART Dccrtie *oie aad -- ^H uiefc- f fc!i l=i(ih-- Jail AltO. TTC S?^ HOSB at 4 PAIRS FO In i c cr mole -- docblc }roIS"-orta. Teas high s'aeKff cf Com-j isrelo-vv has been Incicted m The :MoIes7,-ortb. estate is one of the! - , , ,, ,, . ^n-1 oersoaaily appear or let loc-ai couasei enter appearance?. The court actions tie ^ ee . ;,, he , c=ntrv c -V-"- e , · v ^ v - i ^- day Hose. SETTER AT THE PRICE THAS TKE BEST AT A-VST PRICE. IN COURT HOUSE GETTYSBURG PA SUBMIT illlllll- SiPT. 27. Prominent Speakers Acquainted with Road Subjects will Present to Citizens of Adams County Facts Con- i "--** £-3 nected with the Progress of States in Road Building. other Total special tax outstanding, .$-500.091|^ Sesoarces. Cash on hand, ..-.S58.1-3 Outstanding taxes, . .2,899.78 · Total Eesonrccs, .$2,9-57.91 Liabilities Bills payable,, .$1,500.00 1,500.00 Excess of Resources over Liabilities "- §1,457.S Building Fund. Resources. Cash on hand, .$532.95 Outstanding taxes, 500.09 A Full Discussion of the Proposed Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution that Provides for a Loan of $50,000,000 for Road Improvement. GHEECE PREPARES FOB WAR ing V/:ii Hasten to Athens From England. Londoa. Sept. 27.--K3ns Constantine o£ Greece ^o.Ce preparauons for a imr- r:ed ret-ara. tc ..tlier.s. Tie Balkan sit- u.atlo..i Is regar-Je,! by tne Hellenic government as extremely disquieting. All Greek c-Scers have been recalled tor active ser-. ice ~\c:t£i their cora- and scaie. CAPTAiM DEAD ON LAUNCH Feu! P!ay !s Suspected, as All KIs Vai-jables V.'ere Gone. Laurel. Dei- Sept. 2~.--A sensation nas been created heie by the anning of the bdoy of Captain Ed"ard Ernes:' "White by a. party of "Kslsius of 3£ac- cabees," f.Iio were searching for him aan - oe the regiments since bis n-ysteriocs disappearance disbanded at tie end of the eam-j last Monday. paisn against Turkey are being remo-j. Captain White is:"t Laurel ias: ^oa- billzed. The activities of the Turkisa trcops day morning in a gasoiine iaunca join his -.essc-i. --r.;r. T.-OS agroun-' are believed b the Greeks to fore- sbadoTs- as atteir.nt by them to recap- tpre the port of -xavala. FOUMI)J3YING_iN STREET MHH L-jred by V/oman Fataiiy Kurt In Trerr.onr. Pa. Pottsvir.e. ?a_. Sept. 27. -- Jacob Hoover, c: T;ranchda:e. was found tm- cosscious en tbe streets of Tremoat and removed to tne T.Iiaers* hospital sz Foaataiii Springs, "here he is reported to be dying irom a fractured skull. Albert Miller, of Xe-arown. -srho, the state _policfc behtve. kco--s hotv Hoover "was assaulted, has been, ar; rested. The investigaticrj is developing sensational features, as it is said Hoover was luraa into a~bush. by a mile and a r.i!£ from Laurel. Pic last seen. a!:ve wo'-king 0^1 the buit at nine o'ricc'c Monday morning. T^.e body ^vas found wedged wnder the vessel- Foul play is s'-ispectec, for TMhen the body ~as found not a thing of va:n* «-as on~h:s person, though --hen r.c left Laurel he v^ras kno~a to have ha'l about S50 in cash, a -.vatch ar:£ a knife- lOJci to miss. Hot Air Heaters carried in st^ck, ready £o Install. H. T. Maring, \Varcrooins fonnerly occupied by Straw-stacker Co., rear of old Reading "r--!;:lt te;iot. - - -. $7000 For Foot: S2GOO For Leg Injuries Bangor. Pa.. Sept. 27.--Jliccaei Carrol! and v7iLi:am Henry, "^ho ~are Injured ia a head-en collision on the Le- h:gh K Xs-s- Eng".ar.d raliroad at Hainesburg in ::C2. have settled their cases ivith the company. Carroll received 57-i'jrt fc-r the ".ess cf a foot and Henrv '3200y for an injured hip and leg. The Pcae SilchtJy Indisposed. oorr. Rocssvsit .-cr Governor of N. V. unceii that Pope Pius 3C. is not Home, Sept- -~ -- Altnous_ i£ ^as ^-Q^-^^Q^ y_ v.. Sept. £7.--Co-o- ne! Roosevelt is e"ieetecl ~o be the Progressive nominee -"or governcr in 1914. aecordinc to c sJatenaent 01 O. 3. psiU:r:s. of Lcw-"]!e. s m ate vies e'uair^an of the party, to the Broon:e suffering from il.ness. Dr. Amici refused to allcv.- his "-o'-iness to arise to sa -- mass. It "is «a:d that the pops has been sh of. exaa-astion from over-ortc iatt.y and the doctor co __ tT . p rosre s3lve ce^^.irtee. feared to a-Io-s- to go on -with his routine for fear of a breakdom. J rS^5 WCfJl f^''- ^v ^^^ \V'^ ·*· £ viif 1 ^ - ^-s- armera I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator gj \vhich can be seen at Biglerville now This machine is guaranteed to seoarate 75° pounds of millt y per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I ? will buy the Cream jit ^ e g ular price for creamery butter. J.W. Pettis 8 ? H:s Lanterr. No~Guide. Tlocnester. ?-. Y - Sept. 27.--E'J-s-ard Pero. of Os'ter.5*^3-£:. tnongb carrying a lantern. ·?."a:-:-£S ;5 the end of a coclc at Charlotte and dro-sraed. A Meeting that v/ill Interest every H Voter Whether in Favor of or Op- p ^^ posed to this Plan. m COURT HOUSE Total Resources, .$1,033.04 , Liabilities. Overpaid taxes 4.22 School Bonds, .18,500.00 E WS P A PER fl R C H1V E ® GETTYSBURG. PA. ! SiPT 2f L ilOr i c t * · WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus takan at S p. in. \esterdav ieKov.: Tersp. Weatner. Albanv SS Cloudy. Atlas tic City SS Boston ^ J Buffalo 5= Caicaso 58 Xe^ Orleans 75 Xe~s" York '" Philadelphia SS St. Louis * Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Ciaudy. P. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. .Clear. F. Cloudy. The Weather. "Unsettled today; fair tomorrow; moderate west GENERAL MARKETS PHIL \DELPHIAo-- FLOUR q-iir:; Triate,- clear. ^.7:?C.i-0; city s-.Iis, " HVK FLOUR 5r=3. at 51.C053-tS per ha"rcl- "\V"HEAT cuiet: Xo. 2 red. neve. SS^ S COKX steady; Xo. 2 ye:!o-.v. S2^i ^S"c. , .. .-- ^ t ""OATS steady: No. 2 --hue. -s-,«5 | * JSf · ^o-s-er crradc=. A'^^v- 1 '·£· ' POTATOES steady;, at S5@S-'c. per · * Steers and Heifers, I have on hand at Gettysburg andMcKnightstowh j 125 head of ;good well bred steers, j Weigh from 650 to 750 Ibs.-Also 50 heifers, weigh from 600 to 700 Ibs. heifers are good stock, well bred The Virginia cattle and have good order on *,j them. CALVIN T. LOWER Hotel Gettysburg and McKnightstown ^"'TfrTTER, steady; fancy creamery. 11 34"/-»c- 5?er lo. {*«..; ^^.EGGS steady; sc-iected, Coc.; neai-!^- by, GSc.; western, OSc. ProcJucc Markets. .CHICAGO--HOGS strops ann Sc_to !0c higher: bulk of sales. §S.2v'3S.7 i »; iisht "SS.30'39: mixed. SS^'J; beaiT. !S7.f ! 0'f?S.J»0;"rousn, §7.90@S.1'J; p:gs. CATTLE steady; _oeeves. GOOD restaurant for sale cheap, c Apply at Ilemler's Restaurant, York [ Street.--p.dvcrtiscmcn'i, FAMOUS!BABCGCK LADDERS ^hT lad c er "Extension ladders, step ladders and z~ · c'r.1 fruit ladders. It's no longer possible to farm successfully It you depend upon, guesswork. --· , noil knoxxn l.ran.l N ».;»«lf in »« -wo:.-! s :-],nuv \\iiii rnnss- of -i-h or 1-11.1. H. P. MARK, AREXDTSVILTJ: rWSPAPER!

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