The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 26
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

MajjS^JEig^S^ i^JOiLsia^a-'JK^ia^ *£::^:^ ^^^^jtWWV^^^fajClBi^^iieCT^ .:.'..A-?j.iT.. : ·-,-'.-- -i - ' ..'..-·--.. " ---.'1 ,·,,"'"" ~'~ - , ---·-" .,',7:;:;,--.-;:,-,-.·---:," · - · -- - :£^£ffiS12^^ ''' 26 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 5 1931 13 '} STERUTNG NO. 4 IS N. Federal STERLING NO. 2 812 S. Penn. INCOME TAX The new stale income tax will be in effect before long. You will need x extra money to pay it. Trade at the Sterling Groceries and the savings will do the job for you. LUKE B. MILLER Sterling No. 1 Phone 1600-1-2 Sterling No. 2 Phone 807 FRIDAY SATURDAY MONDAY The Cow Is Making Iowa Famous--Let's Keep It That Way Clear Lake Butter, pound .'. 30c Folder's Coffee, Ib. 37cj Hills Bros., Ib . . . . . . 3 7 c I Maxwell House, Hi 37c! Butternut, Ib. .37c | Hello World Coffee, « 37c Virginia Sweet, Ib 35c Mclaughlin's 99i/ 2 , S lbs...99c Mclaughlin's Peaherry, 3 Ibs 99c Chase Snnborn, Ib 37cl Mclaughlin's Gem, Ib 2oc YOU KNOW THE QUAUTY OF MONARCH PRODUCTS Monarch Breakfast Coffee,.3 one Ib. pkgs 59c Bulk Oats, 9 Ibs. 25o Bice, Fancy, 6 Ibs 35a Northern Beans, 4 Ibs .25o Bulk Macaroni, S Ibs. -25c Prunes, med. size, 3 lbs.._.23c Built Cocoa, 2 Ibs. ' 25o Bulk Farina, 3 Ibs 17c Bulk Peaches, Ib. ,19o Bulk Apricots, Ib 19o Bulk Cocoanut, No. 1, Ib...29o A,Dash of Mustard I Makes the Meal Taste Good Mustard, Quarts ._ 15c | Mustard, Pints lOc Old Glory Macaroni, 7 pkgs. 25c I Banner Oats, large pkg,...17cl White IJHy Kraut, Ige. can lOc Fears, large can 19c I Monarch Oats, large 2Zc I | Monarch Macaroni, 4 pkgs. 25e Monarch Food of Wheat, . I Monarch Tapioca, pkg., . . . .lOc Cut Wax or Green Beans.. loc Red Pitted Cherries, can...25c For Health--Oranges, .Good Size, a dozen... For Activity-HEAD 1ETTUCE, solid 6c "ueleryi large stalks .... ..ISc Carrots, bun eb, ...........lOc New Cabbage, Ib. ......... Oc Rutabagas, Ib. Bo Lemons, large, dozen S5c Oranges, large, dozen . . . . . SOo English Walnuts, No. 1, Ib. 29c Nut Meats, fresh, Ib 59c Black Walnuts, S Ibs 25o Grapo Fruit, Ige., t for... -25c YOU MUST ECONOMIZE--HERB IS YOUR CHANCE Pink Salmon, Tall, pound can ...... lOc Monarch Golden Bantam. -15o I Monarch Pumpkin, largo i.l5c| Monarch Tomatoes ICa I Monarch Hominy lOc | Monarch Pork and Beans, S for 25ol Monarch Preserves, large .. 33o Monarch Kidney Beans... .'.15a Monarch Mixed Vegetables 16o Monarch Diced Beets 15o Monarch Diced Carrots... 15c A GOOD GRADE OF PEAS WELL WORTH THE MONEY White Lilly Peas, 3 Large Cans '. 25c Monarch Ketchup, largo · .. 19o Monarch Rice, pkg. ...'.. .lie Monarch Cocoa, can ~5o monarch Melba Peaches, large 25c Monarch Spinach, large .. .23c I Monarch Spinach, -medium 18o Monarch Carrots and Peas 20c Monarch Hominy, large ...15o Monarch Chili Sauce 29o Monarch Fresh Prunes 25c BREAD, YOUR MOST REASONABLE FOOD Bread, Sapphire, Large Loaf ...5c FLOUR--FLOUR--FLOUR--FLOUR Golcl Medttl, 49 Ibs §1.55« Big Q, 49 Ihs $1.25 Occident, 19 Ibs §1.751 Frost King, 40 Ibs $1.35 Omar, 49 Ibs. §1.55 i I. H., 49 Ibs $1.49 Pillsbury's, 49 Ibs $1.651 Enright's Whole Wheat 25n NatL Biscuit ALWAYS FRESH l±lms 2 Ib. Caddy 25c Oxydol, large phg 19c I Chlpso, large .'. .22c j Ivory Flahes, large - 32c [ Rub No More, large ......22c I 'Ivory Snow, large .15c I Ivory Soap, medium, 2 lor 15c Ivory Soap, large, 3 for.. .25c Lava Soap, S for 35c Rlnso, large 2Sc Bluing, large bottle 19c A HANDY THING. TQ HAVE, BAKE WITH AND SERVE Bean Pots and Holders : :.._ 85c Powdered Sugar, 3 Ibs 25cl Brown Sugar, 3 Ibs -25c I Mclaughlin's Bulk Tea, I pound 49cl Castle Tea, pkg. .2oc j Corn Starch, 3 pkgs 35 c I Gloss Starch, S pkgs 25c Fig Bars or Ginger Snaps, 2 Ibs 25c Pineapple, large can 25c Brooms, Good Ones .. .49c, o9c Mop Sticks 15c EXTRA FANCY--COSTS A LITTLE MORE BUT WORTH IT Heinz Preserves, Large Jars, Fancy 35c Heinz Beans lOc I Heinz Tomato Soup lOc I Heinz Salad Cream 10c| Heinz Sweet Pickles, 2 doz 25cl Heinz Apple Butter, jar... .25c I Heinz Mustard lOc Helriz Ketchup, small 15c Heinz Jelly, AH Kinds 21c Heinz Peanut Butter lac Heinz Mincemeat, can For the ' Boys--It's GoodT ' Peanut Butter, Pts. 19c For the Girl's--It's Good! Peanut Butter, Qts. 35c Friends Peas, can 12e I Sweet Corn, can lOc I Tomatoes, can 10c| Cut Beets, large 15c I Mixing Bowls ISc f Chocolate Cherries, box. ..25c Cream Cheese, Ib 25c Potatoes, No. I grade, peck 40c Gold Medal Cake Flour 25c Pure Cider, gallon 49e MR. FARMER: They are going to raise the taxes, going to raise the income tax, going to lower your products. Therefore, you must take advantage of thn savings at this store. Bring us your cg-gg, cash or trade. Use parking place rear of store. RULE TO SPEAK TO LEGISLATORS St. Olaf Choir to Give Concert Before Assembly. DES MOINBS, Feb. 5---Several events are on the February program of legislators that will break the routine of lawmaking. The St. Olaf college choir has been asked to sing In the assembly, the Greater Des Hoines committee will entertain the members at dinner, a program with the Pioneer Lawmakers iias been arranged, and special exercises on Lincoln's birthday are qu the calendar. Former Senator A. L. Rule of Mason City will speak at the Lincoln program. The legislation will hold its annual midsession recess from Feb. 27 to March 29. After that time work will be at full speed, with the daily calendar jammed with bills. 'Adjournment is anticipated about the middle of April. The bill this session to be sent to Gov. Dan Turner: for approval or ,veto is one by Representative A. H.'Avery of .Clay .county legalizing the sale of real, estate by the Lloyd township school district in Dickinson county. It was passed by the house, then amended by the senate to provide, for/its, publication and re-adopted by the house. Co-Op Society at Wesley Declares 6 Per Cent Dividenc WESLEY, Feb. 5.--The annua meeting of the Wesley Co-operative society was held, when a 6-per cenl dividend on stock and a 3 per cent patronage dividend were declared which amounted .to about $4,500 The society was organized in 1907 The officers include John N. Loebigp president; W. J. Frimml, vice president; Olaf Tunnemark, secretary Jake Faber, treasurer; directors George' B. Ludwig, Wallace Donovan, Clnus Tjarks, Clarence Ware and John Carlson. Ed Hildman is manager and Ed Loebig- is assistant manager. Juniors Give Class Play. GRAFTON, Feb. 5.--The p!ay, "Madame Majesty," was given by the junior class. About $50 was cleared which will be used for school purposes. LEADS LIBERALS . Associated Pr^sa Photo . David IJayd George pf~Eng- huiel, shown here as ho strolled about his farm recently, lent his aid as leader ot liberal forces- to keep Premier Ramsay Mac- DonaJd and his labor government in office. MESERVEY HOLDS DEGLAMCONTEST Winners Will Compete With Ventura, Swaledale and Clear Lake. MESERVEY, Feb. 5.--At the home declamatory contest of Meservey high school held at the Evangelical church Tuesday evening, the following. were the winners: Oratorical, Henry Halfwassen; dramatic, Barbara Braga; humorous, Lyle Fischer. These three will take part in the sub-county contest at Mesei-- vey, Monday evening 1 , .in competition with the Ventura, Swaledale and Clear Lake schools. Tomorrow? flere'j a way to be rid of constipation and its ills--often overnight! A candy Cascaret at bedtime--tomorrow morning you're feeling fine. Breath is sweetened; tongue cleared) biliousness, headaches, dizziness, vanish. Repeat the treatment two or three nights to get every particle of the souring waste out of your system. See how appetite and energy return) how digestion improves. The action of Cascarets is sure, complete, helpful to everyone. They are made from cascara, which doctors agree actually strengthens bowel muscles. All drug stores have the handy boxes. Try Cascarets tonight Annual Meeting of Wesley Co-Operative Creamery, Is Plannec WESLEY, Feb. 5.--Plans are being completed for the annual meet ing of stockholders and patrons of the Farmers Co-operative cTeamerj at the Kleinpeter hall Saturday. A dinner will be served at 11:30 o'clock in the morning. An attendance of 300 is^expected. A program of speeches, music and other entertainment is being* planned- Out of town speakers will include George Godfrey of Algona and Tom Clark of West Bend. MOST PAPERS IN STATE ARE DRY Prohibition, in Iowa Given Fair Presentation, Survey Shows. By KADFORD E. MOBLEY Staff Correspondent, WASHINGTON, Febi 5.--Th/i Vfethodist board of temperance and norais, in its own private survey of 33 Iowa newspapers, has found an overwhelming majority .for "dry" circulation, Deets Pickett, secretary of the organization, announced here today. In Iowa the temperance board polled 32 papers with a tota! circulation of 598,383. It found that the dry circulation totaled 399,077, as against 199,306 wet circulation. Carried Into News. Pickett said the survey. revealed that prohibition is not given an "even break" editorially in 27 per cent of the-papers polled. This prejudice, he said, is carried over into the news columns by 27 per cent of the Iowa papers. Six Iowa newspapers publish wet cartoons, the poll showed, whi]e 27 do not. In actual numbers, 24 papers are listed as unbiased or as "giving prohibition an even break," and the remaining nine "not giving prohibition an even break." Pickett explained that the bias referred to "is in nearly all cases that of wet papers which misrepresent prohibition news." 900 Listed as Fair. For the country as a whole 900 papers, are listed as giving prohibition the "even break" to which the board feels It is entitled while 5 33 do not treat it fairly. Statistics on circulation, however, show 21,002,971 for wet papers, and 10,488,55:i for dry papers. In the middle western stales the newspapers included had circulations of 10,314,815. The wet papers in this group had e.SSg.^l readers to the dry papers' 3,285,916, the remaining 639,558 classed as neutral. The northeastern states papers included 5,093,432, of which 2,49l;87f) were dry and 2,323,073 wet. New Club Is Organized. MARBLE ROCK, Feb. 5.'--A new bridge club, the Lucky Eight, has been organized. The .first meeting was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Moore. Russell Smith won high score prize. COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Coughs from colds may lead to se- lious trouble. You can slop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to take. Creomuhion is a medical discovery ·with two-fold action; it soothes and deals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs creosote is recognized by high medical authorities SB one of the greatest healing agencies for coughs from colds and bronchial irritations. Creomtilsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing J Daughter Is Healthy Now f 'My thirteen-year-old daughter Maxtne was troubled with backache and pain when she came into womanhood. I knew Lydia E; Pinkham's Vegetable Compound would help her because. I used to take it myself at her age. Now she does not have to stay home from school and her color is good, she eats well and does not complain of being tired. We are recommending the Vegetable Compound to. other school girls who need it. You may publish this letter."--Mrs. Floyd Butcher, R. #2, Gridley, Kansas. Vegetable Compound t , l l j F. PtnkMin Merl T,, Lvnn. M 4 l Variety of Work Is Planned by Students at Waldorf College/ FOREST CITY, Feb. 5--Students at Waldorf college are preparing for a variety of occupations and professions. In the junior college division teaching takes the lead, with 41 girls and 12 boys looking forward to entering the teaching profession Six are preparing- for the ministry Six students plan to go into business., One or more college students expect to enter the following fields Nursing, chemistry, medicine, avia tion, electrical engineering, law veterinary science, architecture forestry, farming, dentistry, baking undertaking and jewelry retailing according to records in the offic' of the dean of the junior college, J L. Rendahl. Of students In the high school am commercial division, eight girls and five boys are preparing for bust ness. Ten girls plan to prepare fo teaching. Five girls expect to be come nurses. Three boys are plan ning for the ministry, three for en gineering and eight for farming Each of the following choices ha been indicated by one student: Mea market, interior decorator, doctor A number of high school student have made no choice. Duncan Wilkinson, Bristow, Succumb: BRISTOW, Feb. 5.--Duncan Wil kinson,'who has been a patient a Mercy hospital, Waverly, for a wee died Tuesday morning. Mr. Wilkin son had been a life long resident o this community and for the pas several years owned and operated farm one and a fourth miles from town. He leaves a wife, one daugh ter arid three sons. He has one bro ther who also lives near Bristow Funeral services have not been an nounced. Returns From Vienna. ARMSTRONG, Feb. 5.--Mrs. O H. Miller returned from Vienna Austria, after spending " tbre months with her husband, Dr. O. H Miller, Estherville, who is studyin medicine there. Dr. Miller will re main in Europe a year. Mrs. Mllle will visit her parents, Mr. and Mr K. J. Ersland here while Dr. Millc is in Europe. elements .which soothe and teal the inflamed membranes and stop tho irritation, while the creosote goes on to the stomach, ia absorbed into tha blood, attacks the seat of the trouble arid checks the growth of thegerins. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of coughs from colds, bronchitis and minor forms of bronchial irritations, and is excellent for building up tha system after colds or flu; Money refunded if not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask ydurdniBgist. (adv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THA THANG ON HATS that say Spring in every line ... Pert styles to delight any woman who believes hats " may -make or mar her future. Tilted brims, large brims, small brims and no brims at all, but oh. what smartness. $5.95 GLOVES-- New Ones . . . for Spring Soft, washable cape kid gloves. Slip-on style in three new spring colors . . . and only--· $2.39 Yon Do the Rest LET THE WEATHER MAN CHANGE HIS M I N D . . . You don't have to chanpe yoyr oif TO CAR DRIVERS WHO THINK HIGH PRICE MEANS BEST OIL . . . . tha new Seven-Sixty gives you unfailing fubnca- i lion through a widar range of temperatures thin aver b«for*obtaintd inanycom- mercral motor oif ... We c h a l l e n g e you to teit Seven.Sixty againtfc the highcit priced oils on the market . . . yet it sells for only a quarb-- Now, you can tecure unfailing lubrication, through a wider temperature range than ever before achieved! Whether your motor has stood for hour* in a winter gale or you are finishing a gruelling cross-country run, your lubrication problem is answered with this one oil ... the new all-weather Seven-Sixty. Flows fraely in zero weather . . . assures positive protection under the terrific heat of modern high speed motors. This de-waxed \OO% paraffin base oil re- tarns all the famous heat resistance of the origmaf Seven-Sixty, plus new low cold test qualities. Fill with this new Seven-Sixty' and be safe ... let th« temperatures be up or down . . . drive at top speed all day or park in a bh'zzard. End your lubrication worries at the next Diamond station. OR Oil MID-CONTINENT PETROLEUM CORPORATION Tulsa, Oklahoma 4C-4 ; rTTTraWwsK- it nPiL

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