The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 27, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 27, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL No. 283. Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday, September 27th, 1913. Price Two Ceiti. COAT SWEATERS With Shawl Collars For Men and Women FAVORS PEACE BOY FOUND AFTER LOCAL CARRIERS MEMORIAL PLAN 8 MONTHS SEARCH GET SURPRISE ! General Approval Follows Proposit-j Lad from Near Emmitsburg Disap-j Every Rural Mail Carrier in Adams Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown _ This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.uu Childrens* Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. 5 All Red, Green and White j Sweaters Over From Last Season - ff Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. = ion to Erect Monster Memorial] peared M January. Is Found in 4 1 on Gettysburg Field. Southern] Harrisharg Making Good. Fount- Paper Speaks in Editorial. a;n Dale Boy Returns Home. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" The plan to erect a great peace memorial here, announced In y day's. Times is meeting with general favor throughout the country. The, Louisville Courier-Journal says In an \ youngster's w editorial: " '- Tfui TM m TM* His whereabouts unknown since vest"*-- January 20, Thomas Coyle, aged 16, of near Emmitsburg, has been located, thus settingjit rest all fears about the welfare. The youth's-parents are both dead WALTER'S THEATRE 1 "Mainly through the efforts of Col. = a n d he had fceen ^ !i ;' in S 1 ' vkh his aanl ; ~ j Andrew Cowan, o f Louisville, an or-|^ ne ' * * ' ' j ganizaYion has been effected for the \ a _ c i erection of a peace monument on the " he ClimiiiiinillliiiiiiRii Ul!IIIIunH!!ll[l!iHI!I!(U»IIIIHIIUII!III!llUlII!I!ii»liiniHltIllli!!ll!iaiHI!!illl!ll^_ | Andrew Cowan, of Louisville, an. or-J O n e da '' when he nad ° one "* ' a'c Emraitsbarg; wsth his brother, peace monument on the j" 1 " no - return ^^ frojn ***- «-·»« on ' battlefield of Gettysburg. a n efforE was made ro loca!:e hirn - Re ~ T O N I G H T Lait Appearance of The MANHATTAN PLAYERS Pr^nung The Sensational "Western I'lay ACROSS The GREAT D I V I D K "j Iioure of ThrH! and Laugi'ter 4 BIG VAUDEVILLE ACTS Prices 10, 20, 30c- j ''The Gettysburg Peace Memorial } Association is made up equally of Fed: era! and Confederate veterans. The S membership will be | ten The personn I members of the association is an latJves were communicated with but nothing could be heard from him. The youth has now been found in e enlarged hereaf- Hartisbotg- by his brother, who urged ael of the Kentuckv \ him to ^turn to his former home near _, s "_ i Emmitsburg bat young Coyle refused | 'that they will worthily hold i ^y'^-S «at he had a good position, ! up their end of the enterprise. he had a I - -- | making honest wages in work that It was a part of the original plans i he enjoyed and that he preferred go- P H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPrt V1TAGRAPTI EDISON 'A GAMBLE WITH DEATH--Bioarapii In a Hiniill Western village a. gambler, ?. cow boy am! a "lunger" make a pool rbjii is to go to the surviving one when the other Is deau. UOUGKING THE CL'B Vitagraph Comedy . ( of the great Blue and Gray reunion, ln £ ahead oti held at Gettysburg in July last, that I ITS account. the cornerstone of a tieace monument sta " ar Harnsourg, should be laid by President "Wilson on So earnest was he in his purpose to and so much pleased were his relatives and friends with the demonstration of abilitv to Jalv 4. this having been tronosed bv the'Pennsylvania Commission, which \ make his own way l " rjie ~ vor!d ' that made the preliminary arrangemen for the celebration. It came about that j the programme arranged for this anal i meeting had to be canceled. "When it ! . i they decided not to insist upon his re- He ii new at the newspaper game. The re=t of the boys play a joke 0:1 him. He i appeared that the peace monument |J :fcts them to it", ianJs a good "story and makes good. He luras the ianglu WILD had bee -"- forgotten or overlooked by j ^ '. MACK as the cup reporter. rn but to allow him co continue at s present occupation. The knowledge that he is safe and good" is a source of general i to all his friends who, County Affected by an Order Received at the Various Post Offices. Additional Wcrk. THE STORY OF THE BELL Hois A story of the Revolutionary tisaes. Just after young Fairfax climbed into the rifclfry to uumaifledte bell, the "British appeared and the sex:on started tollias it. H e iy for hours beneath the clringing monster until a ^irl a found white hiired, freozied p.aa writliing in agony uauer tiie ceassies; din. COMING NEXT TUEDAY. Essanay Comedy In Two Seels. "ALKALI IKE'S GAL" With'Au£iistus Carney'In The Role of Alkali Ike. AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and. over-coats jia? be£im now. but the man -who is - fortunate "enough to be a patron .of The Shop kao\vs tliit he need HOE seek any further. Our hantiaome and elegant fabrics are atioitin^ your choice and our =r vies are iip-to-the-minate and \ve *\ill Hi and finish year outfit in a manner at can only :.-e done w hen you have mace by even-body else. Col. Cowan came o ever smce his departure, had tained fears for his safery. Lewis Linebaugh, who left hi; enter- home at Fountain. Dale on September 7 and went to Baltimore, has found out that there is no place-like -- home. --and -- re-turned on Monday where he is now content to stav. OFF TO GAME Special Excursion Takes over Two Hundred from Gettysburg. 3 have to be deferred until the regular session. Irt the meantime Col. Cowan j £ has continued to push the movement *" j with characteristic energy. He was j enabled to announce, a few days ago, Will M. Selligman, i the completion "of a permanent organ- Cash Taylor, jization which will devote its activities i to the furtherance of the good work- On September 16th, we will inaugurate j "The Gettysburg reunion, held on A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. j the'fifdeth anniversary of the battle, -- j brought together more than 50,000 fr-wr. -jn.arJinnBsa^r'a'gFggR!:^.rjgrgsggiaEasagEjSgsa.'agSg'gBSigSB^ ! soldiers who took part in the Civil j War. To quote" from Col. Cowan's ad- lj i dress on that occasion, the celebration marked '. high ride of peace between the Xorth and Sou'ch v/hich shall never g ! recede while Americans love liberty -- .'and the Union'. Assuredlv it is fittino- , _ j , ^- · _- · " ~ ~- -~ -- «=· that a memorial should be erected in commemoration of the wonderful reunion of 1913, a monument greater than any now^at Gettysburg, 'to exalt the senriraent'and responsibility of na- T n the Displav of Snit fabrics for auturcn. now reaTy at the LIPPY STORE tuerels 110 room for doubt as to the correct faliion or true -jr.aiity. Early ciioosine is oest choosing. J. D. UPPY Tailor. .|HIiniIIIIIUIH!IUIllIHlIHIlHIHHHnHiaHI!IllH«HH»HHHHlIIIl»Hnn«HIIlI!ilDH!HllhHHri j Student Supplies== Z - ''The Approved Kind" 1 Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" 1 Candies, the kind you always ask for. I Its the place to meet your friends, 1 in the sound of the Victrola music. | People's and Huber's 1 Drug Stores. tne rescue in an address 01 the night of July 3, in which he made an eloquent plea in behalf of the memorial. His remarks aroused great interest in the plan and he receii'ed immediate and enthusias'cic assurances of co-oa- eration- "After the"reunion a committee of veterans Trisited Washington with s. view to finding,out the prospects Tor a congressional appropriation. They were informed-that tare would be no hope of a bill "being considered by the j Ths excursion over the Eeading to extra session and" jhat action would j Philadelphia this' morning- took 241 from Gettysburg, eigh'ey per cent of whom were college students. The foot ball team plays the University of Pennsylvania on Franklin Field this afternoon, wnile "the second team plays Williamson Trade School at Media. The "\ arsity 7 " occupied the parlor car "Evangelire", chartered for the occasion, and the college band was taken along for the parade preceding the game. Among the ^Gettysburg people who went were A. J. Myrick. Harold Spangler. Amos Collins, C. W- Bucher, Charles Kappes. David J. Forney, ilr. and Mrs. Lewis Earner, F. W. Moser. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mumper. Mrs. Ernest Weax-er. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Stoat, Robert Brown. -Lester Oyler Edgar Miller, Edgar Faber. Luther Musselraan. Miss Ruth Bream, Miss Belle Bream. Miss Anna Hollebaug-h. Miss Mary Slaybaugh, Miss Frances Sheely. Prof. Walter Reynolds., Mr. and Mrs. Mikon Remmel. Dorothy Rename!. Edith Smiley, H. C. Lackner Mr. and Mrs. John Colestock, Harvey Felix, Mr. and Mrs. S- J. Waltman. Great was the discussion among the rural mail carriers at the Gettysburg post office this morning when a letter was received by Postmaster Beales, from the Department at Washington, announcing that from October November 29 every piece o: would have to be counted, the a; of postage computed, the number of pieces of fourth class matter specially listed and a vast amount of other detailed information eompSled. As a result of the new order the patrons of the routes need not be surprised if "their mail is a little late for the work is going to add much to the duties of the carriers and, while they are covering their routes, they will have to act not only as mail carriers but as book-keepers and accountants. The department furnished each carrier with a tally sheet or report blank 01 which to make their returns. There are about two dozen, columns to be filled each day with figures showing just how much work is done and, after returning from their routes each day, it is probable the carriers will have to spend an hour or more jotting down the results of their day's toil. Just what is the purpose of the Postmaster General in wanting this in formation is not known and, in fact, doesnV matter much to rhe carriers so long as the work has to be _done. Xot only are the Gettysburg mail carriers affected but all the other carriers 71 Affemg ("nrmm- anr? in fgpf all ox*pr OPEN BIDS FOR LETTERS FROM GREEK TEMPLE COUNTY TOWNS Lincoln Memorial in Washington; Correspondents send in Many Items Gains Headway. Have to Ask fori of Interesting News from their New Bids for Foundation, With-: Respective Towns. Persenals in the Appropriation. The Lincoln Memorial Commission on Friday decided to recommend that Secretary Garrison award the contract j and Many Brief Items. FOUNTAIN DALE Fountain Dale--There will be ser- ·vice in the M. E. church this Sunday for the erection of the superstructure j morning: at 10 o'clock. Sunday School of the Lincoln Memorial in Washing- i at St. Jacob's at 1:30 p. m. Sunday 1 to ] ton to a construction company of that j School at the Church of the f mail j city at 51,637,800. The superstructure j at 9:30, preaching 10:30. amount j is to be constructed in the main from · Mrs. Effie Miller and Brethren Miss Mary- Yule marble from Colorado. New b:us i Warren made a shopping trip to Hag-will be asked for the foundation. "j erstown Thursday of last week. The foundations are to cost S23G,- j Tresa, the little daughter of Mr. and 000 or less. The only company that bi«i s Mrs. W. J. Condon, is very ill, at this anywhere near the required ngure j writing, with scarlet fever, for foundation work was the Ueuer- j Charles Warren and son, Harry, Saturday on a. brother, !_ A. pinning Company, of Xew Yor':, bst 1 were in Waynesboro tional patriotism with all the of oar country. '-The suggestion that Congress _ ~_ ancs = i the states shall co-operate in building = j the monument is eminently appropri- j| I ate and should find general favor. = ] There are many war monuments, but ~ ! there are too few peace monuments, and. as was demonstrated at the Gettysburg reunion, 'peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.' " the country. After the first import of che new order had thoroughly impressed the local mail men they recovered somewhat and one of them took a more cheerful view of the matter saying, "Oh. well, things might always be worse We might have to do this around Christmas time or we might get an order in the season when the roads are bad. I guess we'll through it." EUGENE V. DEVINE Two Weeks' Illness Ends Life of well Known Man. its specifications were not those of the · visit to the former's commission. i Warren. For the s:atue of Lincoln $50,000 Misses Bessie, Anna and Lulu Tres- W. H. Sundav has been set aside, but a sculptor has I ler visited their sister, Mrs. not yet been selected. It is estimated j Warren, near Greenmount, that the whole cost of the memorial i and Monday of this week; will come within $10,000 of the $2,000,- j Mrs. Samuel Warren and son, Carl, 000 authorized. j of the Tract, were Sunday visitors of 11. X. Warren and family, j Lawrence Shover, of Monterey, was a -visitor of his grandparents,,Mr. and Mrs. I. X. Warren, last Sunday. SURPRISE PARTY Many Guests at Party Held for Walter Snvder. Mrs. James Bigharn. of Marshall's Station, was a Sundav visitor of A very pleasant surprise party was Charles Warren and family- Mrs. Amanda McLane, Mrs. W. F. held at the home of Walter C. Snvder Eugene V. Devine died at his late home in ilcSherrystown Friday morn-' ing at 12:15 o'clock after an illness of about two weeks' suffering from a complication of diseases. He was aged 32 years, 10 months and S days. He was a son of the late James Devine, of Edgegrove. and was married to iliss Lizzie Leivelsserger, of that CLOSING SHOW WIZARD COMING Western Play at Walters Closes Engagement. The J 1 Magic and 3Iysf err Next Offering | Walter's Theatre. at j= S - Pierce Gordon Co. who are billed at j| 1 Walter's Theatre Monday and Tuesday ^ i are conceded to be one of the very best = ] attractions of this kind en route- They = I give an entertainment that is interest= I ing and pleasing, with situations that 5mnninnmniinininiin»»nniniiHnHm»imniiiniiinininnn«iinn»nHinnmnmnmiiinnnmg_ jare ludicrous, spontaneous, bright and r^ ^= ~- : ^ ^T Z^7 7 ! lively from start to finish- Each ana bave Money-That s what You Do, When you get j every mem i^ T of zhis C0irpar3y is a Dr. Hudson on tfeo job. He don*t farm you with any im- j clever and finished artist, that amuses T ecessary trips at your expense. That's not his reputation. ^f.J Any phone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. ] everywhere.--advertisement their engagement Theatre Players will close in Gettysburg tonight with a fine production of a brand new western comedy drama '^Across the Great Divide." There is much in a border drama of the better sort which appeals to young and old alike and "'Across the Great Divide"' is certainly one of "che best of its class. Four big vaudeville features will be seen between acts and all at the popular Manhattan scale of prices 10, 20 and -30 cents., .advertisement place, eight years ago. The widow and two children. Francis E. and Mary A. survive. Also, his mother, Mrs. Agnes Devine. of Edgegrove, four brothers, Harry Devine, of Davidsburg: William P. Devine, of Hotel O'Bold, Hanover; -John Devine and James Devine, both of Edgegrove; ar-d two sisters. Mrs. 'oseph Kaehler, of Catonsville, Md.. and Mrs. Eobert T. Sneeringer, of ^dgegrove. Funeral Monday, Sept. 29, high nass of requiem in St. Mary's church at 9 a. m., Rev. L. Aug. Reudter offi- :iating. Interment on the family lot in lonewago Chapel cemetery. and wife on Thursday evening in nonor of Mr. Snyder's fifty second birthday. Those presen'c were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. David Wineman. Mr. and Mrs. Elson Lower, Mr. and Mrs. John Sheets, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sheets and son, Mr. and Mrs. McClellan Meals, Mr. and Mrs. FranlcRhodes, Mr. and Mrs. John Riley, Mr. and Mrs. George Rauscher, Mr." and Mrs. Charles Austin. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Spahr, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lightner, Mr. and Mrs. George Plantz, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson, Mrl. and Mrs. John Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. George Laughman, Mr.- and Mrs. John Kime, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Snyder. MrJand Charles N. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Rauscher, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Pluck, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eckert, Mr. and JMrs. Conrad Guise, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Eollebaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. T. Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Bladen Hankey. Mr. and Mis. John Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stevens, Mrs. Samuel Allison, Mrs. Harry Shultz, Misses Jennie Hamilton, Bertha Johnson. Mary Snyder. Edward Eiker, Edna Wagner. Merrit Rouzer, Ruth Snyder, Paul Rhodes, Blanche Hollebaugh. James Howe, Faye Slaybaugh, Charles Snyder, Beulah Allison, Howard Deardorff, Edna StalevvWillis_Eckert, Na-_ omi Rhodes, Elmer Snyder, Grace Tresler and two daughters, Nellie and Margaret, of Pennersviile, were visitors of the former's daughter, Mrs. Howard Unebaugh, on Sunday. Ira Linebaugh has sold his engine and chopping mill and installed a much larger and better one. Two children of William Topper are II at this writing with scarlet fever. WILL HAVE RECITAL David Bispham Secured for Recital here in November. ^*_ . WHIPPED ICE CREAM 1 . ROAD MEETING . Iade ojf pur xmgiual formula ^y a^^c|t process. Xoddne finer than tins j D j scussion - rf -pV oposed ^ Issue , to ,',:-^"- VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, PEACH. ! " - ^ Held in Court House. -«. - P anlst - i5oouart. loc pmt,.-%5 land lOc a plate. - S.n3as and Sundaes made with this . -, · -- Ice Cream 5c. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN ^__ RUNK PECKIVIAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR SALE--3 3 A acres. 2 miles from town, 7 room house, stable, other Foote, already announced, there will buildings good location, nice home, price $1000, or will exchange for town as s'core and school. A nice home for . ·«^-*, / , 10 acres 3 miles from town, 7 room house with conveniences, barn, otn-1 position. er buildings.'good place for poultry and a fine home for $2000. 15 acre?, near town : 6 room house, large frame barn, other buildings, srood land and good location and is worth the price $1300. " X, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pcnna. The local committee havirj: charge the securing of David Bispham for a recital here in Xoveinber announces that the recital is assyred- Harry Gilbert. Mr. Bispham's accom- be the pianist. The date t will be published la The meeting in the Court House this i evening, called 'to discuss the proposed MEN wanted at the Auburn Shale ' §50,000,000 bond issue, will open at j Brick" Company.--advertisement 1 7:30. In addition to the address by Mr. FRESH oysters daily. 30, 35, 40 cts. Home made ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, peach. John Strat, candy kitcher» 31 Carlisle St.--advertisement 1 be another address by Prof. C. F. San- MEN and boys Canning Company · wanted. Orrtarna --advertisement 1 FOUND: pocket book on Baltimore street. Call at Gettysburg Candj Kitchen.--advertisement 1 ISAAC F. DEARDORFF Arendts^iille Resident Died at Home near that Town. his Isaac F. Deardorff died at his home near Arendtsville this morning at 10:30 o'clock, aged 46 years- He is survived by his wife and two children, -John and Sara, at home; also oy two sisters and one brother: Mrs. Louisa Weikert, of Baltimore; Mrs. Annie Wilson, of Gettysburg: and Anthony Deardorff, of York Springs. Funeral Tuesday morning. Services at the house at 9:GO. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Rev. T. '·. Hesson, officiating. Spahr, Harry Taylor, Eva Taylor. Herman Hess, Enna Fidler, John Hoffman, Bessie Rhodes, Esther Minter, Grace Minter, Hattie Hess, Annie Kime, Lettie Guise, Marguerite Storm. Virgie Riley, Jennie Hankey, Lillie Eckert, Stella Fidler, Myrna Deatrick Dessie Deatrick, Viola Storm, Miriam Keckler, Ruth Riley, Ella Shultz, Leli Wagner, Hazel Snyder, Sarah Group Hazel Taylor, Esther Rhodes, Bertha Eckerc, Alice Plank. Viola Lightner, May Plank, Esther Stevens, Mildred Kiine. Susan Kime, Marie Guise. Catharine Shultz. Edna Stevens. Margaret TRACT Tract--Mrs. Samuel Warren and son. Carl, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives at Fountain. Dale- Mrs. -Hettie Baker is visiting * Mrs. Robert Stultz. Mr. Black and family attended the Brethren Lovef east last Saturday at Fountain Dale. _ Mrs. D. Shorb has returned from Zenf s Mill. George Warren made a business trip to Taneytown Wednesday. Mrs._Daniel Shorb and Mrs. Isaiah Ohler spent several days at Zentztowa, with Mrs. Grace Warner and Mrs. Daniel Zentz. Mrs. William Pryor and two children, of Harrisburg, spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shorb. C. Shorfa, wife and son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCleaf. Mr. and Mrs. John Bollinger and family ar.d-Mrs. Bollingerj of- Get'cys-- burg, were the guests of Sir. and Mrs, Dorie Bollinger on Sunday, Samuel Overholtzer removed on Thursday from the Gilliland farm to Freedom townshia. Eckert. 3Iargaret Lightner. Mildred Plantz, Miriam Rauscher, Evelyn Lightner, Abraham Kunkel, Ephraim Thomas. Eline Hamilton, John Wineman. Jacob Rauscher, Harry Van Dyke, Walter Howe, Glen Slaybaugh. John Deatrick, William Guise. Charles Breighner, Alvin. Group, Lawrence Deatrick, James Riley. Walter Kime. Isaac Rife, Lto Redding. Earl Snyder Mervin Sanders, Roy Eiker, Lester Eiker. 1 -Howard Guise, Ervin Guise, Clair Rrodes,C!yde Allison.Carl Storm. Clair Taylor, Herbert Taylor, William Stevens, Luther Stevens, Raymond Spahr, Philip Bowers, John Bowers. -John Shultz, Ward Taylor, Henry Wagner. Morris Piantz, Howard Storm, Edgar Riley, Xelson Guise, STARNERS Stamers--Clayton Sheaffer and wife moved from Siusser Brothers' property to Mr. Butt's property one day last week. Bora to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Thomas, Sept- IT. a daughter- Raymond Siusser spent Sunday with Mr. arid Mrs. Lawrence Weidner and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles SInsser spent Sunday, Sept- 14, with Mr. and Mrs- Edward Stamer, of Guernsey. Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Guise spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weidner and family. Oscar Brady, of Shippensburg, is spending several days Tdth relatives here. Mrs. Priscilla Siarner helped her daughter, Mrs. Charles Stamer. to boil s. kettle of apple butter one cav last week. Ben Stamer :nei- with, a painful accident some time ago. Ke was picking apples at John Shope's when the limb broke and let his ladder fail into the tree throwing- him to the ground. ROOFIXG'jpaper: we are closing out our $2.50, 3 ply -Vera-tigh't Grave! Roofing for $1.50 · per roll. Adams County Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 FOR SALE or rent: 6 room house with bath and all conveniences on Fourth street, Biglerviile. Possession given at once. Write or call on Chas. H. Myers, Biglerviile, Pa.--advertisement 1 LANDIS harness machine for sale. Will sell for $60.00 if sold at once. Adams County Hardware Company.-advertisement 1 Roy Guise, Albert Shultz, Clair Stev- S r - His one shoulder blade was broken ar.d ens, Wilmer Hankey, Grant Dugan. Glen W. Snyder. Hankey. j don he received ! c :r arm was fractured. !i acdi- over the "i THE Adams County Xursery offers a fine lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher, proprietor, Bendersville Station; Aspers Post Office, Pa. --advertisement 1 WAGON for sale. Order wagon on style of long body runabout for sale cheap if sold at once. Adams County Hardware Company.--advertisement 3 WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement 1 HARNEY Hamey--William i- ox recently built a new summer kitchen at his home in. this place. Enoch Yealy, who recently purchased the George Freara property, is now comfortably located a* his new home. Clarence Davis, generally known as Jack, who recently accepted a position in Waynesboro, visited in this place on Sunday afternoon. Communion services were held at :ur churches on Sunday morning. Our public schools opened with a fairly good attendance.

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