The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ^·EBRUARY 15 1934 KANAWHA WINS 2 FIRST PLACES Corwith Also Takes High in Declam Contest Held at Crystal Lake. CRYSTAL, LAKE, Feb. 15.--Kanawha captured two first places in the subcounty declamatory contest \herelastnight. Winners were: Oratorical, Lawrence Schall of Corwith, first, and David Erickson of Kanawha, second; dramatic, Leona Ireerksen of Kanawha, first, and Ralph Anderson of Woden, second, and humorous, Anna Kalvig of Kanawha and Cbariol Hauswirch of Corwith, second. Buffalo Center school faculty members were judges. CLARION TO BE SCENE OF MEET : FOR TWO DAYS r (Continued From Sport Pare) 115 pound class Morford of Clarion ·or Wright of Eagle Grove. Captain ptfilte Martin, at 125 pounds, wil ·have to whip the undefeated IMatoon of Luvcrne before he can win the title. George Nicol finds ;Shard, undefeated grappler from ·Clarion the outstanding contender an that division. I Lerby Mott, entered in the 145 -pound class, 'has as his chief riva the undefeated Fisher of i Eagle ^Grove, who was runnerup in tin -.state meet last year. In a meeting at Eagle Grove this season, Fisher 'decisioned Mott, only after a hart "struggle. No entrants will be filed in the 155 and 165 pound divisions because of a dearth of suitable grapplers. Harold Leake will match holda in the heavyweight class completing the Mason City wrest ling roster. Matches in the state eliminations start Friday evening and continue through Saturday afternoon and night. ____________ Clear Lake Juniors Win Monroe Contest in Hard Fight, 16-7 Monroe lost a close game to Clear Lake Wednesday 16 to 7. The final score does not show how close the game was. The score at the end of the first quarter was Clear Lake 2. Monroe 1; end of the first half, Clear Lake 7, Monroe 5; end of third quarter Clear Lake 7; Monroe 7. Huey of Clear Lake took high point honors with 10 points. CLEAR LiKE--18 MONROE--1 Rutan f Thompson f TIstlET * Huey c TMIllppe ic Whitney i Totals it t t 1 0 4 1 1 3 0 0 1 4 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 U 6 3 8 Oarlock ' f Doderer t Henner c Collen K Brisblne f If ft f 0 0 0 n i o 1 0 1 n i l 1 1 0 Ueferee: H«rt. Y LEAGUE TAKES ON NEW ASPECT; TRIO LEADS PLAY (Continued from Sport Past)' STATE BRAND WINS ONTEST Bl' FORFEIT The Iowa State Brand cagera won a contest in two waya as chey met Decker's lowanas Wednesday night, first by running up a score of 63 ;o 22 against a pickup te/uu that ncluded three Decker players, and second, by a forfeit awarded because of the Decker team's lack of eligible players. B. Johnson hung up 22 points in the contest that was played, W. Johnson adding 15, Loterbour 16. HOG PRICES RULE UNCHANGED AT CHICAGO AUTO TEAMS IN BOWLING LOSSES Lyons, Pabst Win Two Out] of Three in City Ivoop Kegler Contests. THURSDAY GAMES Joe Daniels' Goodyears vs, Budweiser, alleys 1 and 3. Betsy Koss Bread vs. Tyler- Kyan Furniture, alleys 3 a*d 4. Lyons Cleaners and Pabst Blue Ribbon each won two of three games from Studebaker Six and Gallagher's Pontiacs* as the automen failed to hit on all cylinders at the City league bowling of Wednesday night. Pabst had the hjgh uarn score with 2,840, but was far short of the Henkel 2,971. The sensation of the evening wns Hill of the StudebaJcers, wio rolled a 600 series, the only one of the play, with a 149 starting game. A 277 second game helped hij total to 617 or a 206 average. The 277 came with a strike in tha first frame, a spare in the second, and nine straight strikes, with a seven pin count on the last ball. The count was one of the season's highest singles. Arrangements are being made at present to double the schedule for next week, in order to cut down the playing: season. All captains have agreed on the proposition. GRAIN MARKETS CLOSE STEADY Wheat Higher at Times but Increased Selling Holds Rise in Check. CHICAGO, Feb. 15. (/T)--Higher prices for wheat today accompanied Washington unofficial intimations that the proposed restrictive national grain exchange code and the stock exchange code would be modified. Increased selling on resting orders developed on bulges in the wheat market, however, and proved sufficient to hold advances in check. On the other hand, some attention was given to disturbing aspects of the political situation in Europe and the far east. Wheat closed firm at the same as yesterday's finish to li cent' higher, May, 90% to 90%; July, 894 to 83%; corn unchanged to H cent off, May, 5174 to 52; July. 53% to 54; oats, % to Vt down, and provisions, 7 to 12 cents up. Produce MASON CITY, Feb. 15.-- Caab Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 12c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over ..9c Light hens ,6c Springs (heavy breeds) 9c Springs, (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags 5c Old cocks (heavy) 5c Ducks 7c Geese 6c Turkeys, No. 1 13c Merchant* Quotations Eggs, cash 12-13c 3 Eggs, in trade 13-15c* Butter, Plymouth 32e Sutler, Clear Lake 30c Butter, Brookfield 30o Sutler, State Brand 32c Sutler, Very Best 32c Sutter Dairy Maid 30c Hogre grown potatoes, peck ....30c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--Tn«e representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown gtocery stores. Player* LYONS CLEAJfERS W. R. Lyons lit G. Bnrmelster . 143 B. Iloc-an -O. D. Bere . C. M. J*yona Actual Tina Handicap . Total 11ns .. 183 175 S31 55 IDS 132 146 163 171 809 60 3ra IBS 137 J.lfi 175 301 £10 55 Total 368 415 448 40t 530 S6» 805 26 Lincoln Cagers Lose Pair of Contests on Own Basketball Floor Lincoln junior high dropped two basketball games on the home floor. In the first game of the evening Madison, defeated Lincoln 12 to 10 after having the short end of a 10 to 5 score at the half. The Lincoln team was held to one lone free throw the second half while their opponents collected seven points. The second game of the evening saw a fast Roosevelt team defeat Lincom 20 to 14. The Roosevelt team was somewhat handicapped by the low ceiling oE the Lincoln gym while the Lincoln boys had trouble in guarding their men. Tiie score a the half was 7 to 8 in favor o Daren-Ty Johnson ...,148 A. Hill 140 R, \Vw* 170 C. Meade 193 W. Bender c 141 Actual Finn.. 807 Handicap -- 33 STUDEBAKEB SIX 1st 2nd 3rd 213 159 m 131 IBS 277 147 181 165 980 33 173 824 33 Total 820 617 454 536 484 2611 53 8W S5 205 151 119 101 870 33 Total Fins g0 1013 8S7 8710 803 Players- K. J. Haiuen Iranian . . Bell (c) .. PABST BME RIBBON otnl 1'inj 919 917 534 3340 GALLAGHER'S TONTIACS lyer*-- 1st 2nd 3rd Total . Jofcnuon ... 170 1H7 131 401 Insert 103 140 1X2 403 I. rlrltl IBfl 165 167 488 K. Stevens ... sos no 123 80- Etotad (c) .. 181 201 119 561 Roosevelt. MADISON--12 it n i 1 0 1 t 3 o i 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Baff Inglon .Johnson (e) Nelion .Uadsen S Totals BOOSE VEI.T-- 20 fg Shlmn c) t t Silvers 1 ActDrfio t L Wood c 2 Green ff 0 \valln« I 3 Eau Claire t 0 IJNCOLN--10 Learner 1 Ortsori' f Scab e c Rehm R Cooper K Knvars f Totals te BakU f 0 11. C'kman f 0 Trudo o 2 Jimenez e 0 J. O'kman H u f f f Shire c 111 103 17fi 137 149 1H3 Actual Flnx.. 8C4 Handicap ... S3 198 192 114 ISO ioo 65 3rd 170 1113 ' 189 394 103 8 OR 63 Total C69 531 C20 4E.1 OS'J =613 191 Actual PIiw.. 917 Handicap ... 14 863 74 738 74 SB2 cj MI Av. 105 165 162 161) 187 839 ·it CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, Feti. 15. I.Ti--Wheat, no salts. Corn, No. 2 mixed 49c: No. 3 mixed 48c; No. 4 mixed 4T»lc; No. 2 yellow 49'Ac; No. 3 yellow 4 B f f i 4 9 c : No. 4 yellow 47(i5j48c; No. 5 yellow 46^c: No. G yellow 47 No. 3 -white 4BC; No. 4 white 49c; cample grade 43*ic; old corn. No. 4 mixed 49e; No, 2 yellow 50$3®50?ic; No. 3 yellow 50c; old and new mixed. No. 2 white SlffSl Oats, No. 2 white 37ii4T3^Hc; No. while SS^c; No. 4 white 35=i@36c; simple grade 35c. nye. none. Barley 50®Slc. Timothy need S7.25Ce7.5i cwt. Clover seed 1Uigl4.50 n't. Lard 6.55; loose lard 6.00; bellies 7.75. MasonCityGrain MASON CITY, Barley Feb. 15.-- .28-40C No. 2 yellow old shelled corn ....35o No. 3 yellow new shelled corn . .34o No. 3 new yellow ear corn 32o White oats, No. S. 30 Ibs., or better 28c WHEAT-May July iept CORN-May July iept OATS-May July Sept RYE-May July Sept BARL.E5T-- May July LARD-May July pept BELLIES-May July TJTOH5DAV CHAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO. Feb. 15. Oft-- S.S7 0.90 T.1Z .89U .90 . .35 .35?, S.SO fl, 85 7.02 S.05 8.35 OJose .90 .89', .30 = .3514 .35H .62% .6* CHICAGO CHICAGO, Feb. 15. UP)--Butter, 5,384, easy, creamery, specials (03 score) 25® Ac; extras B2 24%c; e«ra firaU (9091) 24g24«,c; mats (88-89) 23®23V4c; B ec- onda (86-87) 22c; standards (00 centralized carlote) 24»ic. Eggs, 11,861, easy; extra firsts cars 16'ic, Heal JBWc: fresh graded firsts cars *ic, local ISVic; current receipts CHICAGO POULTBY. CHICAGO, Feb. 15. Ln--Poultry, live 35 truck*, unsettled; hens over 5 Iba. 12e, 5 Ins. and under 13c; Leghorn hens lie; Rock broilers 21?23c; colored 20c, barebacks I6c; Rock springs 15c; colored ll^ic; Leghorn chickens lie; roosters 9c; turkeys iodi ducks 12@15c; geese 12c. Dresaed turkeys, ateady, prices unchanged. PROnUCE FUTURES CH1CAOO, Feb. 15. (^1--Egg futuru closed: Fresh graded firsts Feb. 16%c; re IrigertUor standards Oct. 20Sc. Butter futures closed: storage standard! Feb. 22c; storage standards March 219ic. Potato futures cloaed: Idaho russeti March $2.07; Idaho russets April J2.35. Eggs. 28.660, special packs or NE1V YORK PBODUCl;. NEW YORK, Feb. 13. l/Tl -- Butter. 17. 020, easier. Creamery, higher than extra 2aHti2GV5e: ««ra (62 score) 33Vic; firs (87-01 scores) 2^%Q25fic; seconds un. quoted; centralized (90 score) 25c. Irregular. Mixed colors, selections from freah re. standards and commercial aiandarda lOc: firsts 18c; mediums. 39 Ibs., IT^ic; dirties No. 1, 42 Ibs., IT Other mixed colors unquoted. KANSAS CITY rRODCCE. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 15. I.TV-- EBBS 14VJC. Creamery butter 27c. Other produce unchanged. NEIV YORK POULTRY NEW YORK. Feb. 15. (.T?--Drejsed poultry steady, unchanged. THURSDAY GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO. Feb. 15. Quotations Farnlfihed by \VoIf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest, HIDES Horsehicles 51.75 Cured ee£ hidea 5%c reen 5?eef hides 4o WOOL No. 1 clean bright 24c Ib :emibrlght 23o !b Rejects 19o Ib 0 0 0 I Totnln 9 2 1 0 Referee: Hert. Totals Many at Seneca Carnival. LONEROCK, Feb. 15.--A carnival waa held at the Seneca school Tuesday evening. A very large crowd attended and over $100 was realized. AVOID UGLY PIMPLES Does a pimply face embarrass you? Get a package of Br. Edwards OJive Tablets. The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights, if you are like thousands of others. Help cleanse the blood, bowels and liver with Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, the successful substitute for calomel; there's no sickness or pain after taWnpr them. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets do that which calomel does, and just as effectively, but their action is gentle and safe instead of severe and irritating. Thousands who take Olive Tablets are never cursed with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good" feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad disposition, pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound; known by their olive color. Dr. Edwards spent years among patients afflicted with liver and bowel complaints and Olive Tablets are the immensely effective result. Take nightly for a week. See how much better you fed and look. 15c. 30c, 60c. juniors Will Fire Postal Matches in March Competition Postal rifle matches have been arranged for juniors enrolled in the American Legion school of rifle instruction and will be fired in March The opposing teams will be representatives of Longview, Wash., and Tacoma, Wash., Ixtwell L. Forbes director of the school, has announced. High scores for the last week in supervised firing-were as follows: Boys Claire Willsher Edward Patton Robert Peters Merl Jones (sitting) John James James King Total high five 463 r. 5M Girls Enid Forbes .92 X IOC Dorothy Curtis 91 x 10 Lucille Snipps 88 X 10( Alice Ann Moore 80 x 1(K Virginia Lee 86 x 1(K \YHEAT-- May July Sept CORN-- Mny July ...*... Sept OA.TS-- May July Sept RYE-lay uly cpt 3MXLEY-- May uly LA.RD-- ·fay uly Sept BELLIES-Way Open Today .5371 .55-; Close Yesterday .90V' .89U .90 .30 '.', .36Vi .35'i Close Tr. Ago .25% Total high five «3s: 5K .SO .50=; fi.75 6,77 7.00 . 3.95 4.03 4.02 1.10 HIDES, WOOL EXTREME TOP IS HELD AT $4.75 Bulk of Good Hogs Selling at $4.10 to $4.65 on Heavy New Supply. CHICAGO, Feb. 15. UPi--The hog market ruled generally steady today. The extreme top was unchanged at 54.75 with the bulk of good hogs selling from $4.10 to $4.65. Arrivals were substantial in vol unie, running slightly ahead of estl mates and being only a little less than last Thursday. Packers had 7.0OO direct, the largest direct consignment in two weeks. All interests were fairly active buyers. Outside markets reported heavier arrivals than either a week or a year ago and prices ranged from barely steady to 10 and 15 cents lower in spots. Most centers were about steady. The beginning of the Lenten season has not cast the usual shadow of bearishness over the cattle market and prices ruled steady. Modest supplies brought buyers out in good numbers. Yearlings topped early at 57.10 with heavy ateers up to 55.75. Sheep and lamb trading developed slowly. 'Best lambs were held well above S10 with most bids around $9.75 and below. Lambs have not sold at $10 in almost three years. Trade was largely deadlocked as sellers held out for the $10 prices. Hog Markets Hog prices at lo^va markets Thursday: WATERLOO--Prime hoga 180 to 140 Ibs. 53.70®4; 240 to 26(1 Ibs. J3.0j$3.e0; 260 to 290 Ibs. S3.50S3.50; 200 to 325 Iba. 43.40® 3.70; 225 to 350 Iba. t3.30SP3.60; good paci.- cra J2.90 Q 3.10. OTTUMWA--Sttily to mostly lOo higher; 140 to 160 Ib9. $2.70; 160 to 1BQ Ibs. $3.70; ISO to 220 IbB. 31,05; 220 to 240 lt3. 54.03; 240 to 230 Ibs. 13.95; 260 to 250 Ibs. J3.S5; ^80 to 310 lb. $3.70; 310 to 350 Ibs. $3.55; over 350 Ibs. 3.15@3.15; packer* under 330 Ibs. }2.85@3.15; packers 350 to 450 Ibs. J2.65fl-2.93; packers over 300 165. 53.43® 2.73; thin packers $2.05 and down. CEDAR RAPIDS--Prime hogs unchanged. Good packers to 330 Ibs. J2.95; to 400 Ibs. S2.90; to 430 Ibs. S2.83; to 500 Ibj. J2.80. CORN--Unchanged. JDES MOINES--steady to 10 cents higher; 120 to 160 Ha. J2.25S23.SO; ICO to 300 bs. {3.50@3.70; 300 to 400 Iba. {3S3.60. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY, Feb. 15.-Huas Hogs steady to 10 cento higher. Beat aorted lights 200-340 34.00 Best medium weight butchers 240-2GO $3.85 Beat heavy butchers 260-300 J3.70 Beat prime heavy butchera .. 300-350 53.55 Best picking aovts, smooth .. 300-350 53.00 Best heavy sows, smooth .. 350-400 52.85 Beat big heavy aows, smooth 430-500 52.70 Light lights. ial r to E ooJ. (HO, 260, JSOJ 52.70, 53.10, 53.50 CATTLE Choice j-oung steers .. 500-1,000 54.75-5.50 Medium to cood yearling jteers 800-1,000 $3.73-4 73 Choice com Jed steers 1,000-1,200 54.50-3.23 Medium to cood corn fed ateers 1,000-1,200 $3.75-4.CO Low grade ateers .. 52.30-3.50 Fair heifers 600-800 52.75-3.50 Uood heifers 000-SOfl 53.50-4.00 Cholco to prime heifers 600-SOO 54.00-4.50 Batchers cows, fair to good ... .52.00-2.50 Good to choice -COW 3 52.50-2.75 Choice to prime cows ....52.75-3.00 Inferior canners , 75-1.OD fair to good canners $1.25-1.50 Good cutter COTVB .,, 51.50-2.00 Common to fair bulls ;S1.50-2.00 Fair to good heavy bulls 51.7S-2.50 Good to choice bulls S2.00-2.BO Good to choice calvea 130-190 55.50-6.00 Medium to good calvea 130-190 54.50-S.90 Interior and common catvcs ... .J3.50,Jown LAMBS Choice lambs 70-80 $7.78-8.35 Medium to good lambs ... 70-90 50.75-7.75 Buck limbs Jl under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. de- COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DK43 HOlNfiS, Feb. 15. LT--U. E. partjncnt of agriculture-Combined, hog receipts at 22 eoncentratEon rda and 7 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the hour period ended at S a. m. today were 33,800 compared with 12,900 K iveek ago and. 37,000 B, year ago- Fairly active, mostly steady on 210 IBS. down; heavier butchers ateady to lOc. moat- ly 5c to lOc higher than Wednesday; some packing sows I5c up; apparently loading :omparat£vely liberal for Thursday. Quotations follow: Light lights 110 to 160 J, good, and choice $3,40®-1,20; light weights 160 to 180 Ibs. 33.75@i.30; IS' 200 Ibs. 54® 4.30; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. ?4©4.30; 220 to 250 Iba. J3.90@ 4.30; heavy weights 250 to 350 Ibs. S3.50ifi 4; packing sows 275 to 330 Ibs., good $3121 3.40; 350 to 425 Iba. $2.85®3,30; 425 to 550 Iba. J2.60@3.20. about atea-iy; top $9.50; bulk ©9.50. OMAHA . , Feb. 15. C^--V. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 14.500; active to all Interests weights under 30D Ibs.; strong to mostly lOc higher; lop 34.50 for few loads 200 to 250 Iba.; bulk good and cholcft ISO to 290 Ibs Si.35^4.45; to aP interests; tew loads choice 2BO to 310 Ibs. J4-30g'4.4Q; 140 to 180 Ibs. sfciling slowly at 93.50ifH.23; higher; pica 52^3; strong weight killers up to S3.CO; packing EOTVB strong to loc higher; bulk SS.SQS'S.SO; few $3.60; stags 3; average coat WedneBday 34.15; ivelBht 2ii 1 CATTLE 5,200; calves 300; fid aleers and yearlings slow, curly sales medium to good grades fully eteady; undertone weak on choirs long feds with shippers leas ac live than early In week; she stock mostly Bteadj"; lower grade cows strong; buJ'Ji 10 15c hleher; vealera fullj- a t e a d y 7 ctockets a n d feeders scarce, fully steady; catly fed ateera and yearlings S4.50G5.6Q; choice medium wefshls held up to J6 antl above htKers ?4.2,'©5.BCJ; beet cowa mostly 32.75 (53,70; odd head S3. B5^4; cutter grades J1.75y'2.65; few strong welRht cutters $2.73; medium bulls $2.50^2.75; practtca top vcalers 45.30; few 36. SHEEP 9.000. Including 694 head direct. no early sales slaugVter lambs. Indications around ateady; asking higher; other classes scarce, steady; early bids slaughter lambs up to 59.35, beat held above 39-60, Wednes day's t^p; choice ewes, eligible, up to |5.6D choice feeding lambs up to 38.83; mixed fat and feeding lambs up to de STRONG BUYING RAISES STOCKS Numerous Groups Respond to Brisk Demand; Prices Up 1-3 Points. NEW YORK, Feb. 15. UK- Strong buying came into the stock market today, carrying prices up to around 3 points over a wida front. Numerous groups responded to brisk demand and included rails, steels, sugars, metals and merch andizing shares. The late tone was firm. U. S. Smelting: rose 3 points. Is sues 1 to 2 higher included U. S. Steel, American Telephone, General Motors, Case, Chrysler, Montgomery Ward, American Sugar Refining and Santa Fe. "United Aircraft was an isolated soft spot. Transfers approximated 2,900,000 shares. With the exception of the aircrafts, which further reflected the airmail controversy, most groups advanced. Various specialties fount followinga. The activity was more pronounced than yesterday. Cotton got up about ?1 a bale, grains were steady and silver and rubber firm Foreign exchanges were narrow Bonds moved up moderately. New highs for the past year or more were reached by shares o Montgomery Ward, American Can and some others. Curb Market Stock List Air Reduct Mleghany AI Che Dye 155" m Can 107'.i m For Pow 11% .m Pow . Lt 1114 Am Steel Fdrfl 24 J; .m Sugar 58H T T 123 Am Too B 76% Am Water Wks 23« Anaconda IT',2 At I Ref Auburn Aviation Corn B 0 ·a ms 70 Vi 33^ 53 *i NEW YORK, Feb. 15. /AV-Demand lor atocka Increased on the curb today and the list had a. fairly broad advance in active trading. IndUEtrlals were strongest, although most of the utility favorites maile moderate Improvement.. Gains generally ranged from fractions to a couple of points for the more active Isauea, Aluminum of America strengthened around 2 points, while Parker Rust Proof, Newmont Mining, Electric Bond and Share, American Gas and lllram walker moved up approximately one. A few melnlft showed early easiness but offerings Were light and the group s t i f f e n e d later, oils T/ere rather firm. Standard of Indiana. Creole and Humble add«J fractions to Wcdnesday'fi closing prices. GuU was steady on Ita Initial transfer?. Pan American Airways opened fractionally higher, then fell back. Amertcan Cyan- ami d "B," Technicolor, Swift and company, Distillers Seagrams and Pittsburgh Plate Glass made *ome progress. Pennroad f CItlea Service, Sherwln Wlllfamrf and Cord Corporation had little change. Borg Warn BXirr Add Canada Dry can Pac Case Chca A o C i N w Chic Ct W Chic ttt W pf C M S P i I C H S p i C R I p Chrysler Col G t E Comwllh Sou Cons Gas Cons oil Contl can Contl Ins Contl Hot Corn Prod Curtlss Wr Deere pfd Du Font ' Eastman El Pow u Fox film * Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans a en El Oen Foods Gillette °" Cob el Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Gran Paige Nor p!tl West Sug Eudson II Cent nl irarv n t , N ' l c k Can Allies Service Dexter Co 4ij Gr Lakes A i r 1 V sby Gruno;v V atz Drug 30 ·Ibby McNeil 51, Jldwest Utll i, woor, MAH*;I:T BOSTON, Feb. 13, ;. ,--U. S. depart ment of agriculture--Moderate quantities r the finer quality western grown wool aold At firm prices. \_verage 12 months Tuaj wools brought 82 to 85 cents scoured baa iff, -while some choice 12 months Texas wool moved at 80 to 88 cents. Bulk average French como- inj 04a and finer territory wool went at 82 to 84 centa scoured basis. JNO. F. CLARK AND CO. I MARKET INFORMATION 325 L O. F. B!dg. Phone 845 OMAHA CHAIN OMAHA. Feb. 15. jl--Wheat, 1, S6c; No. 2, 83*;tTS3c; o. i^li (. Corn, while No. 'J, 44CI yellow Ko, 2, «C. Oats, no trading reported. MINNEAPOLIS ORAIX- MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. IB, '· TV ( 5,^ al M ° 5 cars. G^ a ^ear n R o ; ;e higher. Cash: No. 1 northmt "8M4©91Kc: No. 1 dRrtt nortH- em 15 p«r cent rrot«!n 89ll$92',ici 1* P" cent protehi 39 K HP91 W 13 per cent protein 89*4®fl2Uc; 12 p e r cent protein SOW© Milt" No. 1 hard Montana. 14 per cent protein 8 0 U 4 P O - V i c ; to arrive B V I Q 9 2 U C ; Ma. ! nmber durum S l . O S ^ T f l - K H ; N'o. 2 amber durum Jl.OTHfr'l-WMi: No. 1 «d _^ur- urn S ! » i ® a ^ % c : May at.i;c; 3\jiy S6H=. Eeptembfir 8Qc. GOTO No. 3 yellow Oats No. 3 vrtiUe CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 15. '^Wheut: H7 cars- xmchangcrt to *~c Wphtr. No. 2 Qftrl hard SOlSTlOOHc; No. a. BS'/^SBHc nom inal; No. 3. hanl. Sa^SS^c; smutty 85c, No 3 SS^i'ff'SOVlc nomSnal; Iso. ^ rei SS'ic;'No. 3. S4^fS7c nominal. Corn- 12 ears; unchanetd to lie Tiigner. Vo r white ^S^iS'^SHc nominal; No, 3. 45H-16C nominal; No. 2 yellow 45^ 453c nominal; No. 3. 44U045C nominal; No. 2 mixed 4Sc; No. 3, U # 4 4 ^ c nominal. Oats; 3 nurs; unchanged to Uc »« No. 2 white 3Gtttft'36*ie n o m i n a l ; ^o, 3, 3o^lG'36 1 ,-:C nnmSnal. Rath Packers to Begin New Hampton Indie Play NEW HAMPTON, Feb. 15.--The first independent basketball game o£ the season will be held at the Firemen's auditorium Feb. 19, when the Rath Packers of Waterloo meet the New Hampton All-Stars. The AH-Stars are former New Hampton high school and college basketball players. Most of them have been playing with the Kelly Greens at L-awIer this season. The New Hampton lineup will consist of Paul O'Neill, Lindo Blatti, Fat Keating, Charlie Russell =nd Swede Kricger, former New Hampton high school players, Art Walters, Buena Vista college, Clyde King, Iowa, Eddie Bolger, Lawler high school, and Joe Kellogg-, Columbia college. I Standard Oil would need relief as farmers do If it had to ask buyers: "How much are you paying today?" Star-Courier. Miscellaneous STOCK MABKET GOSSIP. Con»orate PubllcJty hi Futl WASHINGTON--Complete BuWIcity, Hr. Prcaley saya, will prevent nlocks from roov- lux so high fn period/! ot prosperity. Discussing publicity as a. check of short selling the witness observed that most short lllnR \s profitable -where Blocks riae to un- fiab!e price [«v«!s. "All corporations with shares outstanding the hands of the puljllc," Mr. Presley itil, "should be required by legislation to eport quarterly, and promptly at the end ach quarter." Mr, PreBlcy- added, "are reared largely on very limited information about stocks ma. nipulated to higher levels." He asserted the "only way to make (_ irotJt" on pool operations la "lo distribute ] atock to uninformed people." I Mr, Presley said that In hL-r experience ' 'most poola are conducted In the stocks of corporations not reporting quarterly ana which have been giving people as Jlttle Information as possible," WASHINGTON--In anaWtr to questions directed by committee members Senator Bankheiii stated he would favor applying the principle of compulsory production control to all seml-nonperlahable farm products. Under further questioning he atated he ia not In a position to give the view of the president with respect to applying Government control to products other than cotton. He declared it \vouM be easier to apply compulsory control to wheat than cotton. He pointed out that 60 per cent of the cotton produced In the U. a. U sold at erport while only 30 per cent of the wheat produced Is exported. He asserted it would be more simple to apply the principle of cotn- pulaory control to d product which Is consumed (JotnfrstJcally, Clofllnff Hatter and EcriC Letter. Hotter--Cash market unsettled. Undertone eaV. Future storage contracts appear in i Irregularly lower trend. Centralized mafce now running above last year. "ERJTH--Fresh ej?jia not cleaning. Future contracts show lack of Interest since prices have advanced to prtsent levels. POTATO MABKET CHICAGO. Feh. lit. CH-- U. S. d e p a r t - ment of agricultur«-- '-'.atoes, 119, on tracK 371, total U. s shipment* 728; weak; supplier liberal, de m a n d and trading very slow; sacked per cwt.: U- S. No. 1, Wisconsin round whites few salts 51.80(3)1.85: Idaho rusfiets few sales jZiff'S.OTH; combination RTade $l.7Jiw 1.80; Colorado McClurea $2.25ff2.32^ I Flor Ida budhel crates, bliss triumphs $1.00. NEW YORK SUGAR NEW YORK, Feb. Ifi. f.=n-- Haw sufia quiet today and unchanged to 3.35 for apois Futurea unchanged to 2 point* lower. R* fined unchanged at 4.50 for f i n e granulated MINXEArOtlS FLOU2L. 3riXNEAPOL,I3 ( Fcb, 15. {.TV-- Flour chanced. Shipments. 29.219. Pure b r a n $1U-56317. Standard middling ?15@16.50 TOLF.DO TOLEDO, Feb. 15. f.T^ -- Seedn unchanged For that matter, people who ac that way couldn't stand one anothe even if they weren't married.--Ceda Rapids Gazette. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, Feb. 15. (A*)--U, S. department of agriculture-HOOS, 35,000; Including 7,000 direct; about atendy with Wednesday's average; 160 to 300 Iba. 34.5QtfH.70; extreme toy 14.75; gooI plga (3@3.5G; packing sows 10 cent» higher at 53.60(54; light light good and choice 140 to 160 Ibs. $*.10CJ4.65; ight weight 1GO to 300 Iba. $4.40®4.70; medium weight 200 to 230 Ibs. J4.50iP-l.73; heavy weight 350 to 350 Ibs. ?4.20SM.60; packing aowa medium and good 375 to 550 ,ba. $3.oO34.10; pigs good and choice 100 to 130 Ibs. 32.754.10. C'ATTtK, 7,500; calves, 2,000; all grades weighty ste«rs firm; better grade light and long yearlings fully ateady; lower graces alow; other killing classes uneven, but mostly ateady to strong with beet cows alow and veaiers fully steady; beat yearlings early $7.10; aotne held higher; most weighty steers $5.15 downward with prime 1.35Q Ib. averages up to J6.75; slaughter cattle and veaiers, Eteera good and choice 550 to 900 Iba. 36.5037.50; 900 to 1,100 IbB. ?5.75^7.35; 1.100 to 1,300 Iba. J5.25® 7.35; 1,300 to 1,500 Ib*. 3«.50S?6.75; common and medium 550 to 1.300 Ibs. $4.35® 5.BO; heifers good and choice 530 to 750 Ibs. |5,5Q£"; common and medium $3.75® 5.50; cow* good 93.36^4.25; common and medium J3S 3.35; low cutter and cutter $1.50'? 3; bull* tyearllnga excluded) good (beef) J333.3; cutter common and medium $2.23^3.15; vealera good and chotcs 15.50 ® 7; medium f5# 6.50; cull and common |4« 1 5; stoclter and feeder cattle, steers good and choice 5OO to 1,030 Iba. {4.2 5.25; common and medium $3S4.25. SHEET 11.000; rather active b u y e r Interest; fat iambs undertone strong to 25c higher; good lo cholca offerings frequently rd; biflu dowTiward to J9-75 and below; sheep atearty; other clMaea scarce; iambs 00 Ibs. down, Koad and choice, »9 ftlO common nnd medium J7.359.25; 90 to fl! Iba.. goo«i and choice. $8,753?9.85: e%v-efl. flO Lo 150 lbs. t good and choice, $3.15®3.25 all weights, common and medium, S2.75® 4,25. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 15. : PJ--U. S, partment of agriculture-HOGS 3,000; 480 direct; active ateady to IQc higher than Wednesday's average; most , advance on weights above 250 Ibs.; top $4.40 on choice ICO to 300 Iba,; good and choice 110 to 150 Ibs- $3.63@4.40; 160 to 180 Iba. $1@4.40; 180 to 200 Ibs, $4.SO® .40; 200 to 220 Iba. S4.30@4-40; 220 lo 250 bfl 54.30^4.40; 250 to 290 Iba. 54.20g) .40! 290 to 330 Iba. J4.10@4.40; packing ows 273 to 550 Iba. $3-20@3.85. CATTLE 3,000; calvea 800; killing chusea eneraUy ateady; some slrtnglh on cows; tockers and feeders scarce, firm; top 1081 b. long yearlings S6-65; choice 1246 Ib. teera- S6; steers good a.nd choice 630 to 900 bs. $5-B5ff7.10; 900 to 1100 Iba- $5.40'g .10; 1100 to 1300 Iba. $4.50®5.75; 1300 to 5QO Ibs. 34 $5.83: common and, medium 50 IbB. up J3.73If5,40; heifers, good ttttd nolce 050 tr» 900 Iba. J4.75/$G.3Q; common medtum 350 to 900 Ib9. J3@^.G5; cows, [jooil *3.23iff3.T5; common and medium 2.65®3.25; low cutter and cutter $1.75© 2.65; veaJcrs (milk fed) medium to choice *@7; cull and common .'S2.. f jO'lF4: atocker nnd fefider steers, good and choice weights) 54.15®5.75;* common and medium n a!l weights) $2.73($4.33. SHEEP 4,000; 200 through; lambs generally 10-15c lower; spots o f f more; sheep steady; beat fed lambs offered 59.33; lambs i and choice (:c) 90 Iba. down $8.60® 0.40- common and medium 50 Iba. down $6.23??8.'10: good and Choice (x) 50 to 93 bs $8.313^9.40; yearling wethers medium to choice 9fl to HO Ibs. t5.23^S; e«'«s Rood and choice 90 to 150 Ib3- $3.7S^5. K)--Quotations baaed on cwcs and weth- ers. Three Are Killed in Gun Fight in Havana HAVANA, Feb. 15. OT)--At least three persons were killed and several wounded today when unidentified occupants of a closed automobile exchanged jfunfire with a carload of soldiers. The shooting waa at Carlos Tercero and Belascoain streets. B tI\'ESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, Feb. 15. UT*--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 2,000; hogs 22,000; sheep 9,000. Bond Market NEW YORK, Feb. 15. (;p--The bond m«r- ttt had a fairly cheerful tone today -which traders attributed to tha Increasing tend- :ncy of financial Interest to emphasize the brightening Ride or the business picture. Low priced groups received considerable attention and moat of the high grade corporate loans were well supported. U. S. governments had a narrow and quiet market during the early trading ivltli values quoted from 2-323 of a point higher to 2-32s lower. Higher prices were paid .for loans like Detroit Edison 4V,s, Bethlehem Steel 5s, Duquesne Light 4^s, Postal Telegraph OB, Southern Railway 43, United Drug 53. Baltimore and Ohio 4^ia, Columbia Gas and Electric 53, Santa Fe 43 and Southern Pacific 4141. U. S. BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK. Feb. 15. (iTI--United States government bonds cloaed: Liberty 3tta 101. Liberty First 4!iE 102.23. Liberty Fourth 4 % s 102.Q4. Treasury 4 ^ 3 47-32 108.20. Treasury 4s 44-S 105.9. Treasury 3Hs 40-43 June 101.a. Treasury 3Vi9 46-49 59.1. Treasury 5s 51-55 67.22. Representative Sales CHICAGO, Feo. 15. G-v--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: Heavy-38 34* 54 311 70 2flS 07 252 Ifediums--' 35 23S 86 22= 44 209 74 201 166 183 172 1C1 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, Feb. 15. (.T,--U. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.400; early sales sliughte ateers mostly ateady; medium to good light weights J4.755.SO: somo - wall finished Kinds unsold; heifers steady; medium good light weights Jl.258'5.40; cows steady to weak; bulk cutter grades 52.50 down; desirable beef cows tip to $3.25; bulls unchanged; common to medium J2.23@2.75; stockers and feeders steady; common to sood light welcht steers S334.30, Calves 2,600; weak to 50C lower; bulk better grades 35.56 down; few to 17. HOGS 8.000; unevenly ateady to lOc higher than Wednesday's average; bulk better 160 to 2,10 lb«. J4.30®4.35; top J4.3S; better 230 to 325 Ibs.. salable largely 54®4.30; packing sows mostly S3j?3.35; better light llghla J3.75S4.33; deilrab!e slaughter pies mostly $3fft3.75; average cost Wednesday 54.07: weight 217 \ti. SHEEP 1,000: practically nothing cone on light 'supply natives and fed lambs; early Indications around steady; better grade fed lambs held higher or above JO.30; hulk fed lambs Wednesday 55.40: one choice load J8.50 to packers; also Wednesday 119 Ib. fed ewes $5. American Girl Dies in Vienna Hospital VIENNA. Feb. 15. UP)--Alice Borowetz, IT, (laughter of a New York restauranteur, died at 3:50 p. m., Tuesday of brain fever after entering a hospital Saturday. Her illness had no connection with the riotinjr, contrary to first reports SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, Feb. 15. IX*?-- V. S. depart' ment of agriculture-- CATTi^E 3,000; sleent and yearlings f-ldw, about steady; fat she slock little changed; stock era and feeders scarce, ateady; load lotJ fed! yearling^ and medium weight beeves J5.65015,75; lev.' dfalrable yearUnga held around J61J8.2S; most srain feds salable $4.50 5.50; load lota good he) fers S4.75@ 5.50; mat beef COWA $2.0 Jjj 3.35; low cutterj and cutters chiefly $i.75 2.35; few plain atock«rs (4 do^Ti. HOGS 11,500; atronff to lOc higher; local packer demand broad for all weights; top 14.45 on 210 Ib. fcutcher*; early bulk 170 to 320 In. averaRw J4.25S4.4Q; early packer top J4.4Q; 140 to 170 Ib. twerages $3.7 " 4.25; packing sows mostly $3BOft3.fi5; (ftw up to J3.7S; feeder pl[(i ?3-23 down. SHEEP 4,000; no early sale*, Indications about atcp.dy on k l l H n g clct^aej; holdlnp v f f d l a m b * *r SD.50; l a t e w e d n w d a v f a t 1036 1050 1400 1315 1448 1429 1389 1010 4.30 4.40 4.30 4 00 4.00 4.A ·t.7.^ 4.65 CATTLE. Heifers-7.25 15 68( IS Light Lights-62 ' 158 3T 153 7.00 6.75 G.15 5.75 5.40 .1.15 4.50 10 4 COTTI-n 10 17 3 643 9S5 1260 1121 H0 310 SHEEP. Fed West'n Lambs-- Kwe 220 230 91 211 S3 Natives-- 121 M 30 9.85 9.7S 3.75 9.7f. P..65 9.50 +.70 4,65 4.60 4.50 4.CO 4,35 6- 00 5.50 4.73 4.25 S.25 S.OO (.00 Lamson Brothers Market Letter MABKET REVIEW. CHICAGO, F n. IS. -- :\V YOUR STOCKS. NEW YORK, Feb. 15. tP-- Final Quotations, 103 U I T T 161, 4*1 Johns Many 62?, Kennecott 22-i Kresge 20 Ti Llg My B S3 Loews 33^!' Loose Wiles 40 ii Lorlllard I7»i May UK 6 McKess Rob 7-i arid cont Pet 13^M K T 13 B l[o Pac 5!-v Mont Ward 35 *» Morrell Nash 30fi Null BLsc 43*. , Nat C Reg A 22 N n l Dairy 16 Nat Distil! 27r; Nat Pow Lt 13 s i N Y Cent 43 *,, NY NH II 21^; Ko A m e r 23 *; No Pac 34',^ Oliver Farm B Packacd -i =», Penlck Ford 62 Penney (M*\ Penn 37 ] , Phillips Pet 17U Proc ft Gara 39 U Pullman 57 R C A f i ^ R K O 3i 4 "Ren Kand 31% Rep Stl 22V Key Tob B -tOl-i Sears Roe 60** Shell U 10W Skelly 10 = -. Socony Vac 17Vi So Pac 31K St Brands 23 H "£ St G t K 13^ ^JJi St Olt Cal 4 0 ^ 9 ?| St Oil N J 47'i h ' » Stew Warner 9^ J J v j Stone . Web ll- t * s ~-i S t u d e b a k e r ~\' f , TM*'* Tex Corp 27'1 23*1 xcx Cult sul 4014 3-'^ Tim Roll B 4 0 U 40'i un Carb 47V,. l^i Un Pf\c 132U S'/i U n i t Air 22V1 ^1'i Unit Corp "^ ^ 7 H U S Ind Alcu 5S=^ 39^* U S Rubber 20-! 4 U U S Steel 5 S 30 5i Wabash 4=« 3l^i AVurncr Pict TH 22-H West El M f f f 43U- 36 WooHvorlh 52 Vi ^3'.i Ycl Tr G ' l 21 T 27H Pf 12 H ·VI 80 '.i 32 4 U i OIIICAOO STOCKS. CHICAGO. Feb. 15. IJI'i- M W U G pfd Natl Leather !',{· Northwest Bane r»"i, Quaker Oats 117-v S w i f t Co 17T* Swift InU 27 Zenith 4 V STOCKS fjb. 15. I.T'I--Stocks MINNEAPOLIS. ilosed: First Bank Stock fl'i. Northwest Banco, no trading;. 1NTESTMKNT TRUSTS By The Associated Press. Bid anrl asked on Feb. 15: Corp Tr Sh .., 2.1S ~!orj Tr Sli AA Mod 2.1R Corp Tr Sh Accum Eer ., 2-08 Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod . . 2.1(1 D i v i d e n d Sh 1.27 'atEon\vide Sec 3.6'2 Nationwide Sec Vtc ...... 1.43 Amer Tr Sh 3.93 ·Tor Amer Tr Sh 3935 .... 2.5J Quarterly Inc Sh 1.42 Selected Am Sh 2.89 Selected Cum Sh 7.41 Selected Income Sh 3.84 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 3.22 U S E! L Pow A 13 U U E El L Pow B 2.35 U S El I* fc Pow B Vtc ... .03 1 -H'J 3.72 1.53 No .1.33 13 \, 1.01 "V Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In BagJey- Beck Building Telephone No. V NEW YOUR Ct'Illi iroOTATIONS Kuil B M E M . . Butler -- -Liberal offerings of extras I conjunction with a lull of local buying necessitated a quarter cent reduction in prices today. RRS -- The spot market was unchanged this morning except for extra firsts which were down Vic and quoted tho same as tlrsu at IQHc and 15%c. Comment-- We 3tlll believe butter and r.gga will for the present, holt) within a trading zone. Amer Gas El 32 Am Sup Pow -ni Mumble Oil A r k Nat Gas A. ITS Nlat; t Hud ABBOC G Kl A I V H Mldes-Bem-Pond Can Jlarconl 3-% Pcntiroad Corp Elslcr El 111 S O Ind El B'd Sh 20;ti 3 0 Ky Ford M of Can 23^ U n i t e d Gas Ford M of Eng 6 l .i Un 1^ P A Heclo. M l t i l n p S Utll P i i. CHICAGO STOCKS Bcndlx Avi Cp 21 =i Butler Bros Bore-Warn Cp 2G r r« Corel C o m p a n y NEW YORK STOCKS ATaaka Juncau 22 ^ Lambert Co Am Bank Note UOTt Am Car Fdy 32 Am Roll 51111s 27 !i Am Metal 2TU Am Rft S Co ifi-TB im 3 Ee Co 501i Am Tob 76 ^ Atlantic rte Co 33V, r Co B' ( I I I ) AESOC Dry Gds 17'A Baldwin Lo 14 M: Garnsdall OH A O'i Brlggs M f g Co 17V1 32 41 8! Charles Elliott, 64, in Business 30 Years at Eagle Grove, Dies EAGLE GROVE, Feb. 15.-Charles Elliott, 64, a prominent merchant here for 30 years, died last night at the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge. He had recently been operated on for appendicitis. Mr. Elliott, a tailor, was a widower. He leavea three children, Edith in New York, Genevieve in Gillette, Wyo., and Mrs. Everett Cotton in Watcrtown, S. Dak. Funeral arrangements have not been completed but it Is expected burial will be in Eagle Grove. Wh«(vt--Tho undertone in wheat was strong until fate tn IN* session u-hen prices eased fractionally, more f r o m lack oc rmt- Rtde Interest perhaps than any other factor. There was no pressure of consequence at nny time. The clos-j was steady, prices show- I n R fractional net gains, strength In stocks and cotton dominated the m a r k e t during the morntnB, but s e n t i m e n t regarding the outcome of pendlnjf exchange regulation legislation appeared a little more cheerful. larRfe- iy because the same, attitude was held In the stock market. The southwest was still experiencing springlike u-eather. although a change to lower temperatures appears aliead. ThR Kansas weekly weather report ivas rather optimistic on conditions in localities which received moisture weekend, but claimed t h a t f u r t h e r Train or snow would be necessary soon. In all parts of the state. A fair demand from abroad for Alan- ttobajj was reporter! with paleg made at Ijoth Atlantic and r a c l f l c ports amounting to 400,000 bushels. Com--Corn held to a narrow range and did not have the u n d e r l y i n g firmness evident In wheat. Action of stocks and cotton and Washington developments wilt l i k e l y dominate the market for the present. Entertain at Dinner. GENEVA--Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Appleby entertained eight relatives at dinner Sunday. pcni.ic Tjrn.iTi STOCKS ny The Asioclaled Press. Bid and asked on Feb. 15: Cent st El 7 pfd (S25 par) 'iVi cent st P * L 7 pfd 6 D M Ga9 8 pfd (ISO par) .. 46 D M Gas T pfd ($50 par) .. 41 I n t e r s t a t e Pow 1 pfd 16 Iowa Electric 7 pfd 11 Iowa Electric BH pfd ..... 10 Ja Elect Lt i Pow 7 pfd .. 30 M Elect Lt A. Pow G pfd .. 2R la Pow t Lt 7 p f J 58 la Pow * Lt K pfd SO la Pub Service 7 pfd 30 la Pub Service 6 pfd 36 la Bouth Utll 7 pfd N W Btll Tel 0% pfd .... 107 1 .; United Lt 4 Rys 7 pfd .... 3B United Lt t Rya 6 pfd .... 36 .10 14 17 H 13 II U O t i According to a scientist, African cannibals will not eat any one who is more than 40 years old. So far as we're able to determine, that's the only danger incident to existence which we've safely passed.-Jacksonville Journal Bent t Co 3yera A M Co Calif Packtns -om Credit Com I Solvents on', oil :ream of Wht OvulaHy Pack'K " l u r t i a s W r p f d 'Irst Natl Strs 39^ Or North'n Ore M-K Herfihey Ch Co 5" ;Toimt Oil ( n e w ) a Kelvinator Corp ISMi Kroger Groc 31 3 \ 32 r -i 484 10 297, Liquid Carb Cp 28 !1 Mack Truck 39". Mathlcson Alk 3SU Mex Seab'd Oil 32 McKfiss it Hobfo T ! \ Otis Steel 6?; J C Penney Co (M* 1 * Plllsbury Flour 21 " k Purity Bak Cp 17^ Pub Scr of N J -13 U Reading Co 55li Reo Motors 4!i. St Joseph Lead 25',; Simmons Co 21 T ; Bo C a l i f Edison io\ Tex Pac Land 8^i Tldfi \Va Oil Co 10- H U S Ind Ale !iS'} Util P t t, A 4'-, V.inaiJlum 27!-'Union oil Calif 18 ? i Un Gr..i ,4 Imp 18V' Western Mylrl l.Vi Warren Bro Co t2ic^ Western Union 62t, U'rigley Jr Co CO'A Xorth A m e r A v 5 r * Ynnngeflt liv State. LAKE MILLS, Feb. 35.--Lake Mills can now boast oC having the youngest woman licensed embalme: in the state. Miss Lucille M. Anderson, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Anderson, has just rcceivrri her Iowa license. Dividend Is Announced. IOWA FALLS, Feb. 15.--The receiver for the People's Trust and Savings banlc of this city announcer! the payment of a dividend of 15 per cent to the depositors of the closed bank. This disbursement will put 521,468 into circulation in this community. The bank closed a year ago last December and this is the first dividend declared. PHONE 8S8 BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE Our BaJiy Toco Conl wins by comparison. Buy your coal on our money-hack guarantee. It's ensy to fire with BABY roco. FIRESIDE FUEL COMPANY 1011 SOUTH FEDERAL L

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