The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 24
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 24
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE IOWA SWIMMERS READY FOR MEET IN GOPHER POOL Old Gold Squad to Open Its Card Friday; Veterans Boost Hopes. IOWA CITY, Feb. 5.--A ' dozen swimmers, composing the fifteenth University of Iowa team coached ty David A. Armbruster, will inaugurate the new season Friday evening by meeting the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. With sophomores occupying half of the team places, the Hawkeyea wiH attempt to defeat a Gopher team which already has whipped Chicago,and Minnesota by decisive scores. To Meet Carlcton, - . The athletes will swim against Carleton college's squad at Northfield, Minn., Saturday. Ne'w strength in the free style events, .and the .presence of four crack 'veterans--Ray Mob], back stroke; William- McCutley,' 220 and 440; Rollie Evans, breast stroke; and Wentworth Lobdell, Big Ten fancy diving champion, are causes for Hawkeye optimism. Nielsen Sh/nvs Promise. Among the new men whose performances in practice have been creditable are Steve .Nielsen, St Louis, Mo., a powerful spruit swim- nier; Harry Haskins, Des Mpines, free style man; Robert Janss, Atlantic, quarter miler; and George Amrhann, Boonton, N. J., breast stroke. · . Ten of the 12 men to make the trip were named Wednesday by Coach Armbruster. They are: Nie sen, Haskins, Naylor, McCulley Ammann, Bodine, Janss, Lobdel Mohl and Evans. The other two ath letes.will be chosen from Mitva sky, Carson, Rosa a»d Bagon. FEBRUARY 5 1 MAD LAUGHTER A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BURTON .and Mr. Herridge trusted that it would not be noticeable in the fog. Then he set off, arms folded, hea-J bent, trying to assume an innocent air of contemplation. It was a weary business. It seemed'to hinvthat such infrequent passers-by as he met gazed at him with hostile curiosity, and · followed him with their eyes as he disappeared into the mist. His ears, were constantly on . the alert for the measured footfall of a policeman. Every constable in London seemed to be abroad that night. Several times Mr. Herridge was compelled to turn suddenly and dodge up spmi! side street till the guardian of the law had passed. More than once, after one.or other of these detours, he lost his way and panic seized him at the thot/.that the last vestiges of trie fog might clear away before he could reach his. goal. Hoxton appeared to him as an Ultima Thule, scarcely to be attained in the course .of a lifetime. And, even when he got there? He moistened" his lips nervously as he considered .how hf should approach Ginger Murdoch, and what reply that uncertain-tempered gentleman would make to his representations. (TO BE CONTINUED) 1931-; UPPER GRADES OF LIVESTOCK IN DEMAND Joe Zarhardt "Beats"Iowa Golfer 2 Up in Pro Match. MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 5. JP--Art An drews, Davenport, professional, me a ,'2-up defeat at the, hands, of. Jo Zarhardt of Princeton, N. J., in medal play of a professional match play tournament here. Other firs round results included: Ralph Kings rud of Fargo, N. Dak., defeated Jim Noonan of Chicago, 1 up;. Willie JDow, Fargo, eliminated Bill Thompson, Canton, Ohio, 4 and 3. Amateurs Put on Exhibition Bouts Before Unusually Good-Sized Crowd. The first amateur boxing- show sponsored by the K. C. Athletic club of Mason City was held Wednesday evening before an unusually good- sized crowd. The bouts were all exhibition bouts to show what the boys in training were accomplishing but the show did much, to stimulate - boxing.and furnish the:club's mem-, ^-^bersjjfitliiiiQ small amount, of sport.., "'"The evening's card follows: Kid Hermenson 73. Tuffy Fuller in 3; Young-Jack Thompson vs. Vallie Kline in 3;'Butch Howard vs. Red Martin in 4; Young Lynch vs. Lee - Jones in 3; Tut Ja'cksoa vs. Busse Joeb in 4; Tut-Jackson vs. Feet Black in 3; Johnny Reardon vs. Red Martin in 3. Referee, Johnny Hines. OTHER GLASSES KEEP DROPPING Little Sale lor Plain Steers, Heavy Hogs, Iri-Between Grade Sheep. CHICAGO, Feb. 5. OS 1 )--Livestock, grading goo'd to choice, or... those kinds in which outside buyers were interested, had a reliable outlet in the early trading today without serious danger of price reductions. But plain steers, heavy hogs and in- between grade sheep, .which were the last to sell yesterday in the slow closing- markets, were threatened with further losses. , Light and medium weight- hogs we're held 15-250 higher because of the .curtailment of receipts, which dropped the run today to 27,000, against 40,000 a week*ago. The elev en principal markets also^ had onl\ 99,000 head, .compared b 113,800 last Thursday. Buyers _were willing to pay $7.90 to 58.00 for choice 16' to 190 Ib. lights, but bids .at tha range were rejected. Packers hai 8,000 dr'ects of the run 'and then were 4,000 holdbvrs. , . Demand for beef was no 'bette; :nor was the run of 7,000 cattle un usually small, but the routine need! of local packers, and a few outsidi shipping Borders were expected to account for the bulk of the supply without much difficulty. Yearlinj and weighty steers selling at $9.5' and up sold first at firm prices, in line with the improvement of the day before. Shippers covering their, orders for top-grade fat lambs at steadj prices featured r the early lamb mar r ket. Packers were less eager to buy, and took only a few at $8v25@ 8.50 at the outset. The run Jacally of. 12,000 was the same as last Thursday's and fully ample for all needs, as the bulk were of in- between grades, including a few loads from the west., Ifogs closed slow at early 30®15c nd- vancfl. 1 Cattle .finished uneven, ranging from strong on'better grade fed steers and year- Ing? to -slow and weak oh others. Sheep closed slow generally 15tfi'2!1c down. Central to Play Luther Five Friday in Crucial , Cage Tilt. DECORA.H, Feb. 5.--Running their string of conference victories to 7 the Norsemen of Luther college are now leading the loop. Bumping off the undefeated Tutors and the loop-leading Upper Iowa team, the Luther-five has still one conference leader to dispose of, namely Central. The Dutchmen plan to -visit the Norse camp Friday night to play what promises to he a crucial test for hoth teams. The squad is in good spite of the hard pounding it has received in the three games during the last- iwe days. New York Traders Accused of Keeping Interests Secret. " NEW YORK, Feb. 5. UPl'r--The New "Sortc. stock exchahgo toflay announced 'that Charles E. Danforth and Ralph Melson, had been expelled from membership on the exchange. Danforth was admitted to membership Dec. 18. 1919. Melson was admitted June 29, 1916. Both were individual traders specializing in' certain stocks and acting as brokers' brokers. . · The charge under which they were expelled was. that they supplied stocks on orders entrusted to them without disclosing their interest in ownership of such securities to their actual principals and concealed their operations by having other members of the exchange, jointly interested with them in the account which supplied the stock, accept and report the transaction. Hogs- flow, weak; she stock, and Hulls steady to weak; vcalero steady; s lechers and teed era' scarce, about steady; fed steers and yearlings mostly 57iT8.50: few loads light steers and yearlings up to 59.50; three loons weighty steers 1.385 Its. 50.75; heifer's S5.50SP 0.75; bulk , beef cows $3.75^4.75; cutter Grades $2.75©3.50; medium bulls ?4®4.25: practical top vealera $8.50, few 59. SlIEElv 7,000; lambs opening steady to shippers; packers Inactive, talking lower; enrly sales fed' wooled lambs ao Ills, am down S8@fi.25; top $8.25; no choice ewes on otter; straight: feeding lambs 57.50; mixed fat nnd feeding lambs up to $8. KANSAS'.tin* UVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 5. UP!--U. S. department of agriculture^ ,, . ^ HOGS 5.000; 140 direct;'uneven, steady to lOc. higher. -Top 57.60 on 140-160 Ibs. good and choice-140^100 Ibs. $7.25®7,60; 160-180 Ibs. $T.25®7.GO; 180-200 Ibs. S7.25®7.55; 200-220 Ibs. *7.2a®7.55; 220-250 Ibs. $6.85 Sf'7.45; 250-290 Ibs. 50.50®?; 290-350 Ibs. Sf.25F?G.65; packing sows 2715-500 ibs. 55.40 @6.10; stock piss, good and choice 70-130 Ibs. S7W7.65. ' CATTLE 2.500; calves 400; killing classes mostly steady: Blockers and feeders weak; Good heavy 'steers $9.25; -some held higher; steers, good and choice 600-HOQ Ib9. 57.75® 12; 1100-1300. iba.' $8!fM2; 1300-^500 ibs. S8.25cRll.50; common and medium 600 Ibs. u p ' $53?S.25;' heifers, good anil choice 550- £50 Ilia. S6,50Q10; common and medium 550850 Ibs. $4-25ft)G.75; cows, goad and choice S4.505T0.50; common *and medium 53.50© 4-50; low cutter and cutter $2.50tff 3.50; veal- ers, (milk fed) medium to choice 55.50QUI}; cull and common §3.50rjp5.50; stocker and feeders sleers, good and. choice (all weights) SG.50?f9.25; common and medium (all weights) S4SJ6.75. . ' SHEEP 8,000; killing classes 15-25C lower; top fed lambs to shippers S8.25. Lambs, good and choice 00 Iba, down 57.50(38.20; medium 90 Ibs. down S0.505?'7.50; common, all weights So.25£TG.50; ewes, medium to choice 150 IJ3. down-S2.755H.15. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, 'Febl 5. (;T--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Came, 2,000; hogs, 28,000; sheep, 12,000. 'LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, Feb.^u.--^Estimated receipts o£ hogs, -20,000; cattle, 2,000; sheep, 13,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO. Feb. 5. J1---Representative sales Eelectcd by the United States depart- meiit at Native Lambs-un W sa 200 12Q ·10 22 59 IS MASON CITY, Fob. 4. -- ' B e s t sorted light, 180 to 230. Ibs., 56.80; best medium weight butchers, 240' to 250 Ibs.,- $6.50; best heavy butchers, 275 to 300 Ibs., S6.20; best prime heavy butchers, 320 to 360 Ibs., SS.OO; best .paclting sows, 300 to 350. ibs.: 55.30; nest heavy sows, 3SO to-400 'Ibi $5.30. " .; - King Tut arid Billy : Petrolic May Fight Rematch in Garden ' NEW YORK, Feb. 5. iFt--The return bout between Billy Petrolle Fargo, N. Dak'., lightweight, arid King Tut, the Minneapolis puncher who scored such a surprising, one- round knockout over him, probably will take place Jn Madison Square Garden Feb. 27. Tom McArdle, Garden matchmaker, announced Wednesday that/he had reached terms with Ernie Fleigel, one of Tut's managers, and Jack Hurley, pilot of the Fargo Express, over long dis- ·tance telephone. DOWS WINS PAIR OF GAMES DOWS,-Feb. 5--Dows high school boys' team defeated Popejoy 18 to 8 at Dows Wednesday evening. Pete Peterson was the star .offense player of the game with 6 field goals. Larson played a strong defensive game at center. The Dows second, team 'defeated the Gait live 20 to 3. Jetmund was the star of the game with 12 points. ,Galt scored but one field goal. Kiester refereed. SY Bits of News Stow Scope of Activity; Reports Are Printed. Paul Derry, who is in charge of the Cow Testing association of Butler county is having the 1930 cow testing report printed in pamphlet form which will be sent out to every dairyman in the county. A group of farmers surrounding Austinville were putting up ice this last week. These men exchange help and use the same^tdols, and are thus able to do the work- easier. Write Program for Year. A committee of Farm Bureau folks in Jefferson township met at CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, Feb. 5., /T-- U. S. dcpartmeni of apriculture -. HOfiS ,£7,000; 8,000 direct; 10-15c higher. ·Slow at advance; bulk 140-200 Ibs. 57.85ft S; top S8; 210-320 Ibs.. SG. 655S7. 75; plgl S7.505'7,85; packing sows S5.GOtf?'5.Sn. Llht light, good: and choice. 110-100 Ibs. $7.80ip 8; light -vclRAt 160-200 lhs. r S7.75S'8; med- lum weight 200-250 Ibs. SS.flSrfi 7-90; heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. 5G.45®7.10; packing sows, medium and good, 275-500 Iba. SS.GO^i- G.15; slaughter plga, good and choice 100-130 Ibs. S7.25JS8. CATTLE 7,000: calves 2,000; better grade .fed steers steady to strong on shipper account; lower ' grades dull, weak; comparatively little done; best weighty atecra early 511.25; short load yearlings S11.75; most short fed steers of value to sell at "S7.25 9.75 ; · very slow market on she stock; .bulls active, steady' to strong; vcalers 25-SOc lower. Slaughter cattle and venlers: Steers. good and choice." 000-900 Ibs. S9®12.50; 9001100 Ibs. S0.25@12.50; 1100-1300 Ib3. 50.25JC 12.50; 1300-1500 Ibs. $9.25(tfl2.!5; common and medium 600-1300 Ibs. 56510.25; heltera, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. SG.aDff-lO; common and" medium {S^ST;- cowa, good and choice S-J.50flTG.50; common nnd medium 53.75£'M;75; low cutter arid cutter 1 S3@3.7Q: bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef) 5-1. 75^6: cutter to . medium -53.50^ 4.7S; vealcrs '(milk fed) good .and choice $8 010; medium $75?S; cull and common 55ET 7. Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, goid 'and choice,' 500-1050 Ibs. $7®S.75: common and medium S5.25ti7. : . .SHEEP 12,000; all classes steady to shade lower; strictly choice lambs wcry scarce; few sales to outsiders S8.G5®8.85; packers bidding 'mostly 58.25 down; feeders S7.75; slaughter sheep and lambs, lambs 30 Ibs. down Good and choice SS.OOWO-00; medium $7.00tf?8.00; 01-100 Ibs. medium to choice 56. 50ft 8.90; -all weights common 55.50s? the home of Fred Prueter last Society Entertains Big .Crowd. CLARKSVILLE, Feb. 5.--The Community church aid society head ed by Mrs. F. M.. Landes gave a kensington, having a program,'anc serving supper at the Landes' home. About 100 guests participated. A couritry which turned out 69,000,000,000 worth of manufactures In 1829 has some mark to shoot at --Philadelphia Bulletin. week and wrote their program for the year. This program has been printed in the Farm Bureau office and will be distributed to the members. - v The Butler township Farm Bureau had an , oyster stew at the home of H. Pulis last Thursday." A group of ladies of that township entertained those present with a play, "No Men Allowed." One hundred and seventy-five persons filled the Packard church last week for the Dayton township Farm Bureau meeting. H. S. Hunt, Farm Bureau president, gave a report of the Farm Bureau conven r tion held recently in- Dos Moines. The first leader's training school for the gfrls' club work was held last week, with II present. Miss Emnrn Mcllrath is giving the lessons this . ewes DO-150 medium to choice . . 13.25®4.75: all weights $2.00©3.75; feed- ins lambs 60-75 Ibs. good and choice $7.75£p year. 165 Attend Meeting. One hundred.and sixty-five men ittended the county-wide meeting held at the courthouse last Wednesday evening for the purpose of discussing the possibilities of Butler county farmers shipping thru the livestock concentration point at Waverly which is controlled and run by the producers. SIOTIX CITY I.TVKSTOCK. SIOUX CITY, Feb. 6. /T1--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.500. calvea 200; slow, slaueh- ler steers, yearlings and-she stock weak to 25c lower; bulls slow; atockers and feeders easier; two loads good. 1,325 Ib. bullocks $'. desirable long yearlings held above 50.75 early bulk short teds $7.50fiS.25; load gooc 625 Ib. heifers S3; plain kinds SB and below most beef cows S3.75W4.50; majority med lum bulls 5-1.25 down; odd lota light stockers $T.50 down. HOfJS 15,000, 100 billed thru; very acllve butcher classes fully steady to strong with yesterday's best prices; packing sows steady to weak; most 160-200 lb".-butchers S7.10ft 7.35; shipper top 57.40; 210-250 Ib. weights (6.50W7; 250-230 Ib. weights S6.2SSf6.50 200 Ibs. up $906.25; packing sows largely S6.50SJ5.DO. SHEEP 7,000, seven cars choice fed wooled lambs to shippers 58.35 or 15-2SC lo.wer than Wednesday's best prices; packers bid djng S7.S5 down; fat ewes quotable steady load feeding.lambs $7.83; sleady. SOUTH ST. l-AUI. LIVESTOCK. ; SOUTH ST. PAUL, Feb. 5. CflT^U. 3. department of agriculture-CATTLE 1,800; slow and about steady killing quality .very plain; best fed offering late Wednesday -$0.75@10.GO: run today mostly short- feda selling nt S8 down; fat she slock slow, few yearling heifers S7.50- 8.50; low cutter and cutters mostly S2.75S/ 3.75; few down to $2.50; bidding S4 and down on bulls or weak to 25c lower; feeders and stockcrs gelling very little action. Calves 2,000; OOc lower than Tuesday's average; good grades mostly S3; choice kinds ··"·- 10.50. ' ' HOCiS 11,000; 1G-20C higher; 150-230 Ib. weight* $7.2507.50; better 230-250 ib. bulch- crs *6.75S'7.25; 250-350 Iba. SO 3SS-0.75; sows largely S5.505P5.75; pigs mostly $7.75; average cost Wednesday $6.72, weight 237. SHIiKP 3,000; opening nlow; packers bidding around 25c lower on best lambs, ur S7.75tfT'S; bulK fed offerings late Wednesday Xcc Skating Itink. MANNING-- Emil Ewoldt Post 22 of the American Legion here recently established 1 an ice skating rink for commi-vity use. The city provided the water to flood the rink. OMAHA mVESTOCll. OMAHA. Feb. 5. ,/P--U. S. department HOOK 17.000. 213 rtlrecl; uneven, steady to 15c hlcher than Wednesday's average; lop $750 cm weights ISO Ibs. and down; bulk 160-100 Ib. lights S7.25fi7.!iO; 100-220 11. welghta J7fff7.35: 220-250 Ib. butchers Sft.SO fffT, bidding $0.15Wn.50 on 250-330 Ib, averages; packing sows ,15-25c lower; niosliv .!5.50f/"5.85: one double deck flfin Ih. pncMnr rnws 55.25; average cost Wednesday jri.r.r 250. CATTLE" 2,700; fed »' teel · an id yearling Heavy-10 . 59 47 114 81 44 57 Mcdi 02 58 GO S3 52 64 37 85 SO 78 91 S3 95 96 91 1042 1.192 1321 1215 1187 1357 104 G 1102 010 1032 980 1010 810 SHEEP Fed Western. 8.85 ' Lambs 8.GO 230 6.50 2JO 8.35 250 8.25 155 8.00 218 GRAINS AFFECTED BY WEAK STOCKS Indications That Drought Is Near End Carry Influence. CHICAGO, Feb. ~5. (IP)--Grains sagged today, influenced by stocl market weakness as well as by indications that the end of the drought was -at hand. - Farm board announcements relative to possible abandonment of :wheat price maintenance and 'as to danger of wheat imports having passed were without apparent market effect. Russia was reported as again offering wheat abroad ~on a large scale, anc as having shipped 1,392,000 bushel; in the last- week. Wheat closed Irregnlar, %c. oft to tin up May old 82@82ic; July 675T671SC; cor ijl©ViC down, May old, 65^65^0, JuV GGligiMc; oats at lie decline to Kc gal and provisions showing 2 to 20 cents set back. - · - Corn primary receipts showed' conllnuei decrease. The total was 594,000 bushels compared with 709,000 a week ago anc 1,013.000 at this time last year. Chicane receipts were 109 cars, against 130 a wee! back a n d ' 2 0 5 o n ' t h e corresponding day o 1930. Some Illinois plowing In progress. points reported corn . \ CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, Feb. 5. f^n--Wheat--No. hard 79.'ic; No. 2 h a r d . a n d No. 1 norther spring 79c; No.' 2 northern spring 78?ic;-No 1 mixed 7Sy,©79c: No. 2 mixed 78V'C. Corn--No. 3 mixed C2«?G2'tc; No. 4 mlxe 6Q®Glc; No.'2 yellow and No. 4 white G4'/ t c No. 3 yellow 61^i^i63^c; No. 4 yellow 59-y ft'Gl^c; No. 5 yeltow 59®GOc: No. 3 whit IM@65Uc. '. Oals--No. 1 white 33%c; No. 2 while 3 ©33/icr No. 3 while 32i,i®33c. Timothy seed S8.75^0.00. Clover seed "SU.lSSMl.TS. Lard'58; ribs $10.25;-bellies S10.25. MASON CITY GRAIN 7.7S 7.50 7.00 6.50 Fat Ewes-15 13G 17 129 2 155 7 -160 110 133 CATTLE. Heifers-33 682 17 920 40 -744 10 7GO Cows-12 S 10 10 331 .sis : 208 233 285 261 253 s-217 240 232, 225 216 20S 202 11.7S ll.i'5 10.75 10.23 D.75 0.00 Q.OH 8. C5 8.15 7.36 0.75' G.25 6.60 S.d.V G. re O.S5 '55 0.90 83 G.S5 7.05 1252 1122, 970 780 7.10 7.15 32 7.25 14 7.407.00 7! 85 Lights-81 195 74 .- 185 178 171 161 Light Lights-37 158 1 ' ' 151 143 135 132 03 44 8.8 8. 0 8.5 8.2 7.7 4.2.. ' 4.01 ·3.50 3.2.' S.OO 7.25 B.m 5.75 5.75 4.75 3.50 3.00 7.85 8.00 7.00 8.00 7.90 1 7.85 8.00 7.DI1 7.75 7.70 l!y THE ASSOCIATE!) L'RESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Thursday* CEDAR KAl'IUs--Prime Hogs: Mediums ?G.705j-G.90;' heavies' J6.30ffO.50; llghlj SO.'JO ©7.10; packers $5.35ff5.75. DES MOlNr;S^-2,SOO; strong to lOc hli;n- cr; prime lights SO.OUST7.30; prime mcrtlum-i $0.!50®6.95; prime heavies ?6.15fr6.65; good packers S5.25Cr5.SO. OTTUMWA--5c higher; 120-150 Ibs. S5; 150-170 -Ibs. SC.40: 170-220 Ibs. SS.OG; 220200 Ibs. 56.70; 200-300 Ibs. §fl.lO; 300-350 Ibs. 50.10; over 350 Ibs. 55.30;'sood packers S5.GO; ttilr packers 54.00. WATERLOO--Prime hogs S6.505TG.80; modiuras Sli.OOfi-6.50; licavles 55.GOS'5.00; packers $5n5.50. COJIIUNEI) IIOO RECEIPTS. DES MOIrfES, Feb. 5. LI 1 )--U: S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 24 concentratlol yards and. 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Mlnnesola for IhL 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. loday were 30,000 compared -vilh 40,000 a week ego. · Mostly sleady on hogs scaling 200 Ibs. and down, some slallons 5-10c higher; heavier weights stendy lo lOc lower; Uulk of 1RQ-230 Ibs. 50.75W7.20; 240-280,Ibs. SR.25ST(i.75; blE ·welcht bulchera down to 56 and occasionally below. Quotations for good and choice: Light IlRhls, 140-160 Ibs. S6.65if 7.25; light weights, 160-180 Ibs: S6.6!iffi7.30: JSO-2on Ibs. SG.GSfr 7.30: medium weights, 200-220 Ibs,. $6.G5W 7.25; 220250 Ibs. $6.45fi;7.05; heavy weights, 250-200 11)3. S8.20C6.70. 290-350 Ibs. S5.90jT6.40. . Good packing sows, 275-350 Ibs. 5.00; 350-.425 Ibs. S5.40TC5.Oo; 42.V550 Ills ' HOO FUTURES. ' C!nc,\GO,.Feb. 5. I.! 1 )--Hog futures: Grade Offered LIGHTS-Feb S.50 March .0.00 Ar-rll May 9.00 MKDIUMS-- March (1st half) 7.75 March (2nd hair) 8.50 April '..... ' .HEA.V1ES-- March 7.40 8,25 8..10 8.5" MISCELLANEOUS POTATO MARKET . CHICAGO, Feb. 5. tm-- United States department of agriculture-Potatoes 103; on track 255; total United Slates shipments 711. about steady; trading slow, sacked per cwt.. Wisconsin round whites S1.40~'it1.45; few Sl.M4fl.55; ordinary S1.25ff?1.30; Idaho russets No. 1, S1.70WI.757- fancy Sl.80Sfl.85; No. 2, SI.30 W1.35; Colorado McClures Sl^Sfti.OO. 5ITNNE,\POT.IS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS. Feb.. S; (At-- Flour unchanged. Shipments ao.ft?. Bran and mid- dlings unchanged. NEW YORK SlK!.\n NEW YORK, Feb. 5. I.T--Raw sugar unchanged at 3.30; raw futures 1 to 2 pointa net h j g h e r ; refined unchanged at 4.70 for fine granulated. IIAV MATIKET, CHICAGO, Fob. 5. w--Hay 17 cars, unchanged. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, F / . 5. IA1--Seed unchanged. Here is one disadvantage of the radio that cannot be overcome Iry the makers. A listener cannot throw overripe grapefruit at a performer. --St. Louis Globe-Democrat. MASON CITY, Feb. 4.-Barley : 330 Oats 23c Shelled corn, No. 4 '. ...i Ear corn 42c CORN--Mar. old... new. . o l d . . . THURSDAY-fllurN CLOSE. CHICAGO, Feb. 5. /p)-- Hay new... July Sept WHEAT-liar. old.... new... old. .. . new.., May July- Sept OATS-liar. old. ... Hay old... new.. July RYE-Mar. old May old. ... new. ., July ...'.... ,ARD-- vtar. May July BELLIES-May ....... July High .64 . .64% .60% .66% ' .79 y. .73% .82 Vt .83% .07% .66% . . .40 " .41 .41 8.05" S.30 . 8.42 Low .63W .03 Vi .6-ljj .05% .60 .70 Mi .7914' '- .33 5i .33'.'. .33% .3211 .39 Vi .4014 8.00 S.I 5 8.27 Close .63* -G5 '" .05-1 .G6i .65-Ji .79',; ·7!)i .82 .83 VI .67 .65 ife -33H .33% ·33 K .38'A .30% .40% .40" 8.02 8.10 ' 8.30 10.30 10.50 CORN-Mar. old. GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, /Feb. 5. Close - Yes'd'y. Close · Yr. Ago. May July new.. old... new,. WHEAT-- old. ..'. - new... May old.... new.. . July Sept. OATS-Mar. o l d . . . . new.. . May old new. r. July RYE-Mar. o l d . . , . new.. May o l d . . . . new.., July \ , . LARD-Mar May July BELLIES-May July ..;."... .03% I'.lSffi . Open Today. - .03 K .04 .65% .66 .60% .66 % · 70',!, .70% .81% .82% -67 M .63 VI .3314 · 33M .33% .32y, S.05 8.3U 8.42 10.37 10.50 KANSAS CITY (IRAIN. KANSAS CITY. Feb. 5. a,-- Wheat--137 cars; unchanged t o - % c higher; No. 2 dark Hard. 70%c: , No. 3 nominally 6a'.4©7054c; No. 2 hard 6B{T"70c;, No. 3, G8®G8iic; No. 2 red nominally 71V4S : 73c; No. 3 nominally 70©71c. Corn 107 cars; unchanged to Ic lower; No. 2 white u9lic; No. 3, 5514Q?57c: No. 2 yel low 50c; No. 3. 55S58KC; No. 2 mixed Sac; No. 3, 53K®54Vi!C. Oats--No cars; up IfflSSc; 'No. 2 white nominally Sl'.iffl35c; No. 3, 34Uc. ..10.92 ..11.07 ..11.30 ..13.55 ..13.85 .03% .G4'V'r .6811 ".7014 .81% .83% -0754 .60% .33% .40 .4011 .40',-r 8.07 8.22 8.37 10.50 i 10.70 .MINNEAPOLIS, fiUAI.V MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 5, (/Ti-- Wheat' 205 cars compared to 214 a year ago; market 1C lower; cash, No. 1 northern and No. 1 dark northern 13, 14 and 15 per cent -73% ®77Xe; No. 1 'dark hard Montana 14 per cent'and to arrive 73«ifO'75'X,c; No. i Amber durum 71%(i7l7.-iKc; No. 2 amber durum u8%cff71 l ;t,c; No. l red (durum · 01-Sc; Mnjs 0Sc; July 73c. Corn -- No. 3 yeltow 1)5^570. Oata -- No. 3 white 20 *@ 20 ~' a c Barley 30ff53c. ' Rye -- No. 1, 34T( 1 t37%c. ' Flax-- No. 1. tl.49VS«(il.5Ji.;. Market Notes BV TICKER TAPE Encouraned by Ihe lack of, pressure proh ably jriore than anylhlng else, the BtocK market Wednesday edged itself Into higher Ground In- another session of dull trading. The market made little headway until the lost hour when the trend pointed upward It was simply a repetlllon of the perform- ,ahce in Ihe two preceding sessions except lor the fact that Wednesday's advance pre sented a much broader front and Includid many of the representative , issues which have done little o f , late. News developments were mixed, yet the fact, that unfavorable items made little Impression emphasized the belief that much of the news now appearini has already been discounted. On the othe hand, thare- was enough hews of a favor able character lo restrain the bear contln gent from pressing thejr operations. Gi'neral Motors advanced to the movement on b u y i n g - credited a hew high Wilmington sources, it was apparently res ponding to the declaration of the regula quarterly dividend ana earnings somewhn better than had been expected, announced after, the close of the market. The earn inns of S3 25 a share, showing the dividend earned with 25 cents Id spare, were abou 10 cents a share or 54,350,000 larger than esllmated. GAIN SHOWN IN STKEL INDUST11Y January, making the first statistical re port for 1631, has turned In an Increase o 2.8 per cent in the dally rate of pig iron producllon, Ihereby arresting ltie decline which has continued unchecked since May 1930. says Steel. The report adds In part: ,.^'= 55 ' 255 tons da!1 ^ January compare with, 53,732 tons in December and 91.57, tons In January, 1B30. "The month's tatu was 1.712.019 tons, against 1,665,714 Ions in December and 2.838.751 tons last Jnnu ary. Relating production to capaclly, Janu ary was a 39.2 per cent month. , As of Jan. 31 Ihe number of blaal fur naces active was. 102. a net ealn of 7 ove pec. si. Of theso; 6 were at steel works insuring not only that the. January Inco statistics available next week will disclose a gain but also forccasllnE another Increase in ^ the pl c iron rate for this month. This improvement is continuing Into Fob ruary, allho at a slower rate, ana for the slxtn consecutive week steelmaklng , oper atlons have expanded. The Industry now Is nt 48 per cent, compared with 47 last week and .18-17 two. weeks ago. Younnstown Is steady at 49 per cenl. Pittsburgh at 45 Cleveland at 50. "Buffalo at SH, Birmrng ham Is oft 2 points to, 58; Chlca E o is fraL tlonally stronger at 45-47: eastern Pennsyl vanla Is up 1 point to 47." AMUSEMENT SHAKES ABE DOING Outside of the sneclalty Issuen. se- ment shares have probably given the best account of Ihcnuclvea. Qui c t strength In this part of the list Is. accompanied by reports ln?,U ll ?" dr SI"""? " lm3 h TM l"TMc[T"r IncreaslnB attendance at the theaters anil this combined with reduced operating expenses au Kttr , ,,,.,, for (ne ImmEdlate * j ln CT _ oullook. Paramount continued to res- Pond to the -favorable showing mado last year, goins up to the hluhest level on the SAYS BUSINESS HIT LOU' POINT DEC. 20 Home c. Stcphcnson, president American Bankers- _ op was representative of the prevailing G riLlE 0 " 1 :.?" 1 !?TM _».''* "ad h«n voic d _t!iat Ihls opinion ed at '., ~, :·-.,: "'.I'.nnii*,. i u c DanK- k attended the meeting, whlbl] was held at Shroveport, La., fc it thif we are row on the ungrade." Mr. Slcphen.on dec?a?ed! ' abollt unemploy- _.,,. ,t - , r :r "»'* uuuui. unemployment, they said, there .would ,be more spenrt- ng by those who-.are employed. After all ha number of unemployed la small corn- time " ' ho;ro employed at the present LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER JIAKKKT REVIEW JVKBAT--·Expcclallon of larger Ar B cntlne hlpmcnu, waa offset in Liverpool by a re- tuctlon.ln tbo Breomhall esllmalo of Argen- ilTM n exportable surplus to .the extent o£ of the wet harvest. Prices nt Llver- wol showed very lillle change on the day. The forecast for, ram or snow over the STOCK MARKET MEETS DECLINE Bears Gain Control to Send Prices Back 2 to 6 Points. NEW ~ YORK, Feb. 5. IIP}--Hav- ing permitted bulls to struggle unsuccessfully with the stock market for three days, bears lost patience today and dropped a few selling orders which jolted the list out of its narrow .trading area into a substantial decline. The meager advances of the past three days were largely .lost, as prices skidded back 2 to 6 points. The market remained merely a professional trading affair, however, for bears were no more successful in dislodging general selling, than bulls had been able to Inspire any extensive buying. · TJ. S. Steel slipped back 3 points to its low point of the new year. Westinghouse ~aud Columbian Car _bon lost about* as much, and share losing 2 points or so included Amer icau Telephone, Bethlehem Stee American Can, Macy, Underwoo Elliott, Johns Manville, Atchison Norfolk and Western, America Water Works, and Byers. Issue showing wider losses, averagini from 4 to 6 points, included U. S Industrial Alcohol, Auburn, East man, Allied Chemical and Lambert A few specialties were higher Crucible Steel and Curtiss Publish ing gained about 4 points in a few transactions, and Baldwin movec up more than one. , Most of the selling seemed to for short account, and while it wa inspired by the lack of, encourage ment for bulls in the week's trac! news, it was also prompted by th weakened-technical position of th list. '^ Chemical issues-were influencec by further reductions in the 'price, of their products, notably Carbon Black, and Sulphuric Acid. The oils were sluggish, but ap neaped to be well sold out, as re norts of gasoline price cutting in Denver and Detroit, as well as dividend' cuts by Standard of Nebras ka and Ohio Oil. had little influence on the market for these shares. STOCK LIST Air Reduo UEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Feb. 5. Wl-Final Quotation 05 Al Ch Dye ,153 Mils Chal Ufg 3314 Vm Can "llUi Am Car Fdy 32 Am Com] Al 9 Am For Pow 30Vi Am Intl 18"4 Am Loco '. Pow L 23 ft 4S4i Am Rad St San 17 Am Roll Mill 28 Am Sm Ret 44Vj Am Steel FUra Am Sug Am Wat Wk3 Anaconda Andes Cop Arm of III B Atchlson All Ret Auburn Aviation Corp B O . . Barns dall A tTA 1T li:i \j 58 14 2 104',S 20 S 143 « 79% 12',S 19 '1 51V* KEW YORK, Feb. S- (/I1--The first sell [tig . of any consequence to appear on ttie curb this month chipped Into the rccen today, bet failed to expand trading activity. The market's steady but slow rise since Monday had weakened the technical position and offerings by the bear faction fount the leaders ready to react. There was little stock forthcoming, however, and for the most part the losses ^vcre held (o fractions. In the utilities Electric Bond nnd Share, United LlRht "A.," Middle West Utilities and Brazilian Traction were heavy. Active industrials ntiKKed. Weakness non-ferrous metal prices prompted some ing of Noranda. Ford Limited slipped off about a point and there were small recessions In Fox Theaters: "A," Royal Typewriter, A. O. Smith, General Aviation and olher miscellaneous shares. Technicolor, Irvng Air Chute, Deer and Associated Rnyon preferred displayed a fair degree of firmness. ~" Vacuum turned over In- some volume, recovering an early loss of a point and mak- ng fractional progress above- yesterday's close. The other oils were barely steady. Call money renewed at 2 per cent. nsos weekly reports, men- Oklahoma ^ ,, , r ,,,,, ' n ._ wllcat ' wllh Winer the dominating Influence. the dominating · not follow ' ! at thi3 ti advances In OMAHA OMAHA. Feb. 5. (.11--\Vheat-- Dnrk hard Ivo. ·!, fiTt; hard No. 1, G9@70i4c: No ·' 68 9 OOc; durum No. 2. 05c; mixe.l No. 3. (i5%c. . Com-- White No. 3, 55WSCc; yellnw No. 3, 5-I5755C; No. 4, 52c; mixed No. 2. 54c- No 3, 52 (4 {J. 53 1,4 c. Oats -- White No, 3, 3ly 4 c. HIDES iuotatfons furnlxhed hj Wolf flros. 808 Fifth street snuthivRBt ' Horse bi3es ........ ... .$1.75-52.00 Cured beef hides .............. Uc reen beef bides ....... , ........ 3r One of the' newer economist's seems to believe we are suffering 'rom overproduction of everything except potential buyers. This looks o us like skillful propaganda u boom the njarket in triangular garments.-- Boston Herald. MASON CITY. Feb 5 -Cash quotations by E. G. Morse. EGGS Sggs (current receirtfsi n c " POULTRV Spring chickens, heavy oreed general run i5 C Stags ^ '" ' i2 C Leghorns, spring .lie Heavy hens, 4V4 Ibs T.],. T.ight hens .'.'.' .\i c Old cocks, heavy Sc Ducks ..'.'.'.' lie Geese ] 7,, Merchants Quotations. Eggs, in trade .12e .lOc Eggs, cash Butter, 'Plymouth '. Butter, Clear Lake '. .sic Butter. State Brand s.v- Butter, dairy 28r Potatoes ; 40c and 50e a peclc CHICAGO, Feb. 5. [.·!·)-- Poullry-- Alive 2 cars, 11 Irucks;. easy; fowls 174J20C:: springs 24c; roosters 15c; turkcya 25c; ducks 22c- Bcese He Butter 0.703; unsettled; prices unchanged. t-Kgs 10.277: firmer: extra firsts ISc- rresli graded firsts 17c; ordinary flrsLi J-10 CHICAO.O, Feb. 5. t.ll--f.eK futures closed: SInrnpe packed firsts, A i i r l l lik-- frosh Rrnrled rirnl.1, Feb. I f l K c . Butler fulures rioscd: SUiraut s l n n d n r d s Feb. 2.1Xc; do, do. March 23%ffi»4c; ficah standartls, June 25%c, NF.W YORff, Feb. 5. (.T)--The process of obliterating the adverse effects of nervous' ness over the soldiers bonus on quoted bone] values was reflected in additional gains today. The celerity with which government securities have recovered since the upswing aegan Tuesday showed no signs of slacken' Ing and every Issue In the group sold al good fractions above the previous close. The advance In two days combined to wipe out more than a point of the loss suffered by treasury -issues In Ihe perpendicular tumble taken last week and In proportion to the decline. Llbertys have done about A3 well. Hesitancy developed In some of the borne Investment issues and price movement was tinned wllh some irregularity which tender to partially check tlie recovery. However, prime Investment rails were .under accumulation a small fraction above the previous close. The strongest demand for foreign bonds centered in German Governments. The tone of Latin American Issues Improved as Bolivian and, Peruvian bonds firmed. CLOSING 1SOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, Feb. 5. I.T government bonds closed: Liberty 3 Its 101.12. First 4!' 4 s 102.21. Fourth 4i/,s 103.IG.- Treasury 4'/,3 111.25. -United Slalcs NEW YOIIK NEW YORK, Feb. 5. 1.11--Butter IB.687; steadier; creamery 'firsts (88-01 score) 25{f 23 «c. Eggs 22.694; Irregular, mixed colors, regular packed, closely selected heavy 20i^c: extra 19!ifif20c; nearby hennery brown, regular packed, extra 20 l ^ffj21 J .4c; extra, first 10\£ fr'20c. . * · Nearby and nearby western hennery whites-, closely selected extras 23ii2fSc; do p.vcragc e-xlras 22{?22Vjc: nearby white medium 2lc; Pacific coast white, shell treated, extra 255'26c; do extra first 23y_.ftf 2J'£c. Poullry--Dressed Irregular; chickens fresh 20-^30c; frozen 25«]39c; fowls, [resh or frozen 17fr'2,'Sc. Poultry, live steady; chickens by express 21fr-28c; broilers by express 23ri?n3c; fowls express 17^200; roosters, express ISff-lGc. KANSAS r-ITY. I'tlODUrK. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 5. t.Tl--Eggs. SI.20. Creamery bultcr, 20c; In large quantities 28c; tnitterfat 175T22C. Other produce unchanged. ~ . Son of lowan Stationed at Submarine Base Dies When Bed Clothes Burn LE MARS, Feb. 5 OT)--Word was received here today of the death of Donald Wynne I^alton, 4, son of Lieut. Com. and Mra. Donald Dai- ton at the subrnarine base at Coco Solo, Canal Zone. His father is commander of the submarine S-12. The child was fntrtllv burned when bed clothing caught fire anrl he wrt" 'I'iried at sea off Coco -Solo, Lieut Com. Dalten Is the son of Mr. and ,, ,,.,,,,_..,.-, ^, Mrs. E. A. Dalton of LeMars. [ isn't at large.--VVcston Bo rg Warn Brigt's Burr Add cai iieda Can Dry Can Pac Cose Cerro de Pasco Ches t O Chic Gt W pf C N W C R I, P Chrysler Coca Cola 1G% 20 U 32T', 92'i 23 Vi 43 22?, 41Vs 57 153 h Col Fuel Ir 24 Col O E SC^i Chi Mil St P 8 Chi Mil St P pf 13:, Col Grapho Coml Solv Comwlth So CVmgoleum Con sol Gas Conll Can .. Conti Ins Cohtl Mot Corn Prod Cudahy 175s 9-Vi Sb 01-11 Curtiss Wr J}oere pf Drug Inc Du Pont Kastman El Po\v L Eng Pub St-r Fisk Fox Film A Freeport 'Tex Gcnl El Ccn Foods Ocn Motors Oen Pub Ser UiUette Gold Dust 47 3 81',', 42 y. 159 4 7 K 38 % 33% 33'i 441, 51!,, aa»-i 10 27-11 3U 16 Si 4 Hi 4'A 16 (loodrlch (joodyear Orah Paige Grariby Ot -N i ore ctf 20',i Grig Grun Halm Ilartman B Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent Ind Ret Int Comb Enc Intl Har tnt Nick Can 4 40 'i 19 :t S SS'.V 41i 3 . . 1411 I T T -Johns Manv K C . So Kelvlnator Kennecott Kresge Kroger Llsg My B Loew's Lorlllard Mack · Math Alkali Hay D a Maytag McK Rob ilex Sea Oil Mid Cone OH M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Mot Wheel Nash Nnl Bis Nat c Reg A Nat Dairy N k at Lead Nat Pow I* Nat Tea N Y Central NY Nil H Nor . W No Am . No Pac Oliver F new) Otis St Pac G E Packard Para Pub Pa the Perm Phil Pet Pills Fl Proc Gam Pub Ser N J Pullman Radio Had K O Kcm Kand Reo Rep Stl Key Tob B Itoy Dutch St I. San F Sears R Shell U ' Simmons Sinclair Shelly So Pac So Pr Sug Ho p.ail Stand Brds St O E St Oil Gal St OH N J St Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone .Web Stude Superior OH Tes Corp Tex Gulf Sul Sim P.oll B Union Garb Un Pac Unit Alrc Unit Cig Unit Corp Unit G E U S Ind Ale U S Rub U S Steel Ut P Lgt A Vanadium Wabash Ward Bak A Warn PIx. W Mary West Air Wnst B Sf E 'Willys Ov -Woolworth Wrlgley Yell Tr 26% 62 14 40 Vi. 3814 24% 34% -23-H ^5\4 20 y t ·16U -31 « 7854 34 fe 43 120.% 89 Vi 214 , 71-14 56- ^sy, 12 S 46% "O'Vi 47 U 2 63 V, 12% 20 68 Yi SOW Si'/i " 39% 53 ·W54-- C c n . P u b Ser A Cities Service, Cont Chic ctfa JOexter Co Gr Lakes Alrc Grlgsby-Grunow. Insull Ut Inv K.itz Drue Llbby McNeil Majestic House CHICAGO. STOCKS ·.;:;: l!y The Asroc.Inlcil I'ross. CHICAGO. Keb. 5. (/P)_ 15'/i Jlld-West Util 22'i L 2H 40 VS 19'/. N W Bane Quaker Oals Hath Pack Swift Co Swift Intl U S Gypsum Util ind Zenith 20 29 34 V. -10 VI 7 3% SUPPLEMENTARY LIST. OF STOK; QUOTATIONS Supplied by "·' LAMSON BROTHERS ANC CO."" Mason City Office in 'Bagley-Beck Building. Tclephnne No. .7" Pow Am Car - NEW .YORK STOCKS P Co 10 : .-i Herahey Uh Co rdy Tob Am Sum Tob 9 I Tob 112',; Am Zc L Sm 4V. * Co B (III) 2 Assoc Dry Gds 2-1 ',£ Baldwin Lo 2:1;[ .KK3 Mfg Co 1B5; Burr Add Mach 2H Bush Terminal 25T Bulte Cop z iv. Calif Packing Com Credit nl Solvents Cont Molora Cont Oil Q-,t, Cream of Wht 2Uy|, Cudnhy Pnching 42 i', Curtiss Wr pfd fiii Davidson Chcm Klrst N.-U1 sirs Flsk Rubber 4.1 IS',1 17-1, 14 ^ 45V- Indian Ref 41,1 Kelvinator Corp 11^'., Lambert Co 81 ^ ouislana Oil 4J# Mathieson Allc 24H Nev Cons Cop 10!y Priihe Rxchange . 2;' ; PIHsbury .Flour 29 Pure Oil Co 9j; Rco Grande Oil 7 St Joseph Lead 25V L Schulte Re Sirs \\t. So Calif Edison 48 f : Standard Brds 18 ~ Superior Oil is; Tobacco Prod - -2%, U S Realty r 31. Vanadium so'.fc Western Myld 15 i/ 4 Western Union 13411 Wrlgley J r - C o --"-'"' .. N S?' i'°« K . 5i? n ?. !TIOTATTONH Assoc G El A Rfarconl DGforest Radio Durant Motor El Bd Sh 431', l;i Nldcs-Bm-Pd IQVi No Amer Avlat 71^ Pcnnroad Corp 7-fti, S o Ind 3,11.}' S O Ky 2174 Transcout Air T '·! ' TJnlied Gas jnii V, j »r , ·' VJ.'llvll I^IL» S°II \\° °l STM 2 l ; -» Un L «= P A TM Fox TheatopH A Tlccla Mining , Vacuum OU CHICAGO STOCKS Allied Mo I n d u s t - S V i Orl K sby-Gnmow A u b Auto Co 143M Morgan LlthS nendlx Av Cp. lOfe Muncle Cccr A Cp Butler Bros ?ont Chi Corp "llic.lgo Invest ?ord Company Lakes Alrc ,iu i " laiij 40 ii 7 25; ' Muncie Geer B Nntl Leather Qualccr Oals U S Gypsum Util a Ind Cp U S Ra Tel MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bk Sit Cp 21"i MINNEAPOLIS OTt.AIN MARKET CASH SALES ...... Flax 151 to 156- Form Men's Chorus. WARREN? Ohio-A men's choru^ under the leadership of R G In gersoll, past department commander' of the American Legion has been or-' \. A · ( ' - ganized by Hyde Post 278 of the \ ' P Legion. It is planned to have the- ' chorus take part in the state con-' vention at Cleveland and the nar.. lonal convention in Detroit. Fire Sweeps Molino Store. '-'" MOLINE, HI.. Feb. 5. (,3V- Pire'oY undetermined origin swept thru the basement ol the Leath furniture store here last night causing dam- ige estimated at, 550,000. '.;"'. v College students are apparentlv 10 better and no worse than 'the- o u n t r y s population at large." We vill refrain from comparing them vith the country's population thaf (V Ur

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