The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 26, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURCi TIMES SULZER COURT | ;, TO HEAR ALL W. ULVEKE HAFER, Secretary snd Treasurer. Published Daily Except Sunday Time. Md New. FuW-hinf Comply PHILIP B- PHILIP B- BIKLE, Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents p«r momth. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent* per month. BATES Single copies lo non-subscribers, 2 ceata. IF you receive THE TIMES by mail you can find the date yp to ^Mch yoa are D*i3 9* the pink address label on your paper- The date will be changed within - ten days after your money Is received a r T h e Times Office. __.__ Admits Testimony of Ail Campaign GontriimtianSi JACOB H. SCHIFF. One of the First Witnesses Before Sulzer Impeachment Court. TARIFF REPORT NEARLY READY £attr«d August 15, Gettysburg, Pa-, as second-claw matter, umder Congress March 3, 1S79. _ __ I HIS LAWYERS' VAIH BUTTLE BELL PHO^ · UNITED PHOME I ia Northwest corner of Centre Sqeare, Gettysburg, ~ PennsylTama. j -H!S PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVESTiSh'iG BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES « ALLY-.£ ^nff-C-^sL C : "- ^ De-j Want ads. One cent per word each Insertion. Two cents a -word if gnaraated first page pogitaom." Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriam* OBC cent p«r ironl. * * "· TO OUR READERS Tfa« Gettysburg Times takes absolutely no part in polMcs, being neutral on afi i If A_«»i,;«TM.*'h«j- -anT\o*»Tc Tn niir-_«reneral news columns, concerning Association, a , Prohibition, or Socialist pauers and Tvhich is strictly non-partisan. Our advertising columns are open to all candidates of all partiei. Busifi ess Hi rectory pare to tog tDe tlimjs JOB NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Room* with bath, em suit* Ham it McConomy, Prop's. Special for this week Men's and Boy's 25c golf caps lOc. Trimmer's 5 and lOe Store. RICE PRODUCE COMPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid for all --FARM PRODUCE-- Uader Times Office, Gettysburg. WILLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. . Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. - Phone 94 Y, --IF-you want a weekly paper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS More local reading matter than any other paper published. Price $1-00 per year. CHAS. S. MUMPER --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture and Household. Goods stored any length of time. W. H. TIPTON --Photoprepher-- Gettysburg Souremfcrs *For Sale Steers and Heifers, I have on hand at Gettysburg and McKnlghtstown 125 head of jgood well bred steers. Weigh from 650 to 750 lbs.~AIso 50 heifers, weigh from 600 to 700 IDS. The heifers are good stock, well bred Virginia cattle and have good order on Prosecution Promises" to Reveal Many More Charges--Governor Had ed Couple Points Previous to ctsson. Albany, X. Y., Sept. 23.--The high court o£ impeachment for the trial of Governor Sulzer unanimously voted in vor of admitting ail testimony in Deference to alleged campaign contn- j-ations received by the governor, v.-hether specified in the articles of im- ^achment or not. This decision, came after Sulzer had scored victories in legal disputes over the admission and rejection oi testimony favorable and unfavorable to his case. The point that brought about the rote admitting ail testimony toueL:ag mpalgn money arose on the testimony of Morris Tekulsky. a Xe\v York Hojior dealer, and former president of the Xew York City Liquor Dealers' association. He had known William Sulzer for twenty-three years, he said, and considered himself an intimate acquaintance. When he started to tell about the_ organization's contributions to Sulzer,! Mr. Marshall, one of Sulzer's auor-| neys, objected, supporting his objec-i tion by a lengthy argument- He main-j tained that there was nothing in the j articles of impeachment regarding the j witness- The purpos.e of the articles of impeachment, he contended, v:as to ive notice ture of the accusations against him and to afford him time to prepare to answer. Mr. Stanchfield, opposing attorney, in reuiy declared that the managers -have' secured" and aVe prepared tc prove that Suiser received a large number of contributions \astly in excess of those which appear on the lace j of the charges. There is no question as a matter of law but that this evidence is admissible."' Presiding Judge CuUen then gave a long ot:nion on ir.e c/aestioii, at the end or which he announced he would overrule the motion and submit it to a vote of" the court. The presiding judge said that if the case were a criminal trial he would be disposed to exclude evidence on charges not specied in. the indictment. "This case," however, he said, "should be construed with a greater latitude." He ~aded that article S of the impeachment had mentioned the receipt of $30,000 by the governor, without naming the donors, a.nI that counsel for the respondent had ample opportunity to ask for a bill of particulars. "This," said Judge Cullen, "ttiey did not do." | I will need a large number of app j I pickers to start work on | | Monday Morning, September 29. \ | - Will Pay 21-2 cents a bushel. | = Apply at once, stating whether 3~ou \vlil be ready to = E commence on Monday. . = | James G. Stover, | 1 BKN'DEPoVIULE. Pa, | ilHUiimmi!!IUU!n!IHEl!H;nm-,!fiHl!UiE!lUUlini!H!ini:i!!H:!H:[I!hUlit!:HiIIfUUl!!in!tiII!tEIHHiI!r; them. CALVIN T. LOWER Hotel Gettysburg and McKnlghtstown %',-:! be in Get t y s b u r ^ i e\ery Tues2ay i a t P e n r o b e Myers' Jewelry Store. W. H. DIXKLH Cuate'oIiOptlcs 23 E.rcmr rtt St, i aril LEGACY FOR VET LEGALLY DECEASED Conferees Change Income Tax | Man Claims Money in Polls- in the Measure. I ville After 60 Years. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News TeHiof if the Happenings in and abwt Tow* PcopleJ¥isiti»9 Here aod Thost 0f HER'AGREEMENTS j PottsviiierPa., Sept. 2C. -- William! j Thomas, of Marsb.alltow2, Iowa, ab-i sty years'and'held legally dead, Sojourmnt*EJsewhert ; : . , r^- and Mrs..Kliaef«!ier, iss $3000 Exempted S4COO For the lowance For Children. Washington, Sept. 26--A change was made in the income tax provision, which was agreed upon by the tarin eon-e'rees. The conferees agreed on $2000 as the amount oi income of a single person that shall be free from the tax. For a married man the exemption will be $400*", with no fu*3er exemp- tfon for eluded an exemption Balumore children. The senate hail lain exemption of §500 for each Lucas, v.-hom he had not seen for sixty5Mrs. H. T.- Weaver or years." The Thomas case reads like'street for several days, fiction. Thomas came to this country 1 '-The Knight in Grey" Is the title of in iS53 and lived at Su Glair several j t he latest book by Mrs. Marie E. Rich- years before he married 'Elizabeth i ar( | j Q ? ^ofisga avenue. It has just Williams, of Beaver county. Th^y went| beea puL f; shed , west and were practically lott for, Jo ^ w Hewitt has bee" appointed sixty years. | nub^e A relative died in Wisconsin, leaving j* "" · - "" ' _ ,. , nasSSr.G. The Wisconsin authori-1 Rev. Dr. T. J. Barkiey, 01 Carlisle failed-to 2nd.Tiiomas'aad he was] street, is attending the funeral of declared legally dead. His estate was: Rev. E. Bruce Lyttle, pastor of the divided between three cousin?. , Memorial Reformed Church in York, When the bequest of-John Jenkins, j ^o-Jav. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Spangler, of ties child, not to exceed two. Only one ex- .,_,-- -- _,^ -- -- emptloa 01 $4000 will be allowed for a O f St. Clair, came to Sight after the] family, even though wife have separate The conferees decided OH tll£ IJTC Il3~. tO iG3.V^. --,, t»-i* --·--a-- . ^ifc-^v-v- ---cj _ ----- --- - - - - - s _ ^ ^ on the durable I'-t. and to reduce the Pottsville authorities advertised anaj^omstown, nave nome after house rate of 20 per cent on plain jute were surprised when Thomas walked. spending some nine at the home of FELKER TO EXTRADITE THAW fo t S^- Attorney General Decides H Y. ainst him Demand is Props/., Concord. X. H., Sept. 26.--That Attorney General James P. Tuttle has advised Governor Felker to honor the j fabrics, bleached, to 10 per cent. The conference report v.'ill be made j to the house on Saturday, it is expected, and to the senate on Monday. Few- points remain to be settled, but the preparation of the report will require some time. Great interest centered about the decision to exempt from the income tax parts of premiums on mutual life insurance policies returned to policyholders as dividends. This action was unexpected, as the amendments originally made by the senate had been dropped before the bill v.-ent into conference. Under the decision reached all life insurance companies writing mutual .'policies and mutual marine insurance into the cSIce- d | Mr. and Mrs- P. N. Fromm.eyer, on After leaving PottsvUie Thomas had {Chambersburg street- become a soldier Sn the CSvil War aadj ilrs Samue} Gochnaur, of Benders- afterwards an inmate of the soldiers' ^ v . as ^ ^ of friends La town hose at ^tarshalitown, Iowa. - j ^ Thursday eve - njng ." Mrs. Herbert Klingel, of Xorth Washington street, -.vent to Reading Ko-dav to saend several weeks at her 3T TO CONTEST' WILL" Mayor Gaynor's Daughters Who Got. ,, S10Go' Each "Are Satisfield." home. New York. Sept. 2G. ,,--' Although | Mrs. William"Qulmby. Mayor Gaynor left only §1000 to each ipj,j a , vas a visitor _ _ _ · * js » i__ "»f_-* 1\" I of his two married^ daughters.^|r^. W^ I Gettysburg on Thursday. _e\^ara, c. j. ... - "**.?"_ -_'"' 1 Lieutenant R. E. Bn companies are treated alike. Xo part of their income is exempted except that part of the premium on any pol- if the state of Xew York for| icy returned,as a dividend or rebate, the extradition of Harry K. Thaw wasj upon apparently good au- The attorney general is said EO take the attitude that the Xew York papers are in proper form and that it Is unnecessary for the governor to go below their surface in an mguiry into the facts of the case upon which they are fcased- But Governor Felker, who is himself a lawyer, is understood to attach importance to obtaining further information on the subject of the. reported indictment of Thaw by the Dutchess county. X- Y.. grand 5ury for conspiracy in connection with his escape from the ilateawan insane asylum. "^Co fndictnieat has been made ptfo lie. but "William Travers Jerome said in arguing ^Ce-' York's petition for ex- traditioa before Governor Felker on On resuming the stand Tekulsa. v told i 11 f handing Sulzer a §50 checic at the j fo attitude has' been taken by the Dutchess county grand jnry he prob- Tuesday that an indictmenc'had been of handing Sulzer a §50 cneclc at tne j found, bat had been kept secret at his close of a Tammany Hall rally. He request. It is said that until the gov- was excused without testifying with i ernor learns more* definitely just what regard to any other contributions. Charles A. Stadier, president of the American Plaiting company, toid of collecting contiibuuons for Governor j T O signing the extradition warrant. Sulzer from brew-fag interests in Xew j ' it is believed that the governor wil! York and Albany. Sulzer toid him that I grant the request made by Thaw's h e ~ s a i a ; j counsel ^that t:iey~be~ allowed until Oc~ 6 to file additional briefs in the extradition matter- was still within their jurisdiction -and that they had authority to make the "change. Holders of mutual insurance policies and insurance officers throughout the country have urged such an exentprion. Presidential mediation succeeded so well that the conferees returaecLto the capitol and. later agreed upon almost every disputed point ia the bill. A complete agreement is expected except upon the proposed tax on cottcn_ "futures."' This was not settled, as the president declined to be arbiter of this dispute. As a result the conferees will report s.~ disagreement to the rao houses, and the final enactment .of. the bill will oe delayed. Th-'s difference rbav he cleared HP in time to permit of the bill being sent to the president for his signature early nest week. The president had hoped to sign it oa Saturday night, but this now seems hardly possible. The deadlock is_over the Clarke senate amendment, which provides for a or Phiiadel- ' friends in Brumuaugh, of visiting- friends in town or several days. Mr. and ?-irs- John Hamilton, of North Washington street, spent to-day the provisions. X° rina::l ^aynor,.' who ,yj t i, j ev g. A. Scaufier and family comes into a two-sevenins share of the j ; R Cfaambersbarg. estate when he cearches his twenty- first year, has told a longtime friend of the family that it made no difference what Ms mother was left under the', will, because he would look out for her j Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Yingut announced that they are satisaed" with CHURCH NOTICES 1IETKODIST. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m_; class in any event. Mrs. Webb, who was Gertrude Gaynor, said: -'I asn glad that the boys are well taken, care 6l." The only expression that ilrs. Tin- gut, who was-Edith Gaynor, made on the' subject was': "We are perfectly satisfied with the will. An explanation j _ j meeting at 10:30; Epworth League at 6:1-5 p. m.; preaching- sz 7:00, subject of sermon. '"SinTs Sevelation of Itself j to the Consciousness as Sin". A welcome to all. L. Dov.- Otv, pastor. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Stratton Street: Snnaay" School, v be made i . due 9:30; preachingv 7:30. Harsh. Creeki Sunday SchoqV9:30j.preacb.irig- 10:3017". '' Alarm For .Manuel's" Bride. Sunday Schoo), 9:lo al ia.; Harvest abiy will defer his decision ia regard'[ tax ot one-tenth of a cenr a pound, or he preferred cash t Charles Berscb,.a salesman for the American Malting company. testi§ed that on Oct. 15 he took two checks to Sulzer. Dersch said he told tte governor the checks were "for campaign purposes." -'Su-zer told me if I gave him any more checks, kindly to have them cashed." said Dersca. On Oct. 29, he said, he delivered 5700 in bills to the governor at his house. 'Tne governor wasn't there."' he coninued. "I gave it to his wife. She took it and put it in a desk." On another occasion Dersch saic he took some money to Sulber's house on a Sunday morning. "Why did you go on a. Sunday morning?" asked a senator, "jlr. Salzer asked me," Dersch replied. "He Si:d he seeded the money for traveling ex- peases. I took it to him Irs currency- having cashed the checks at a bank. He told nie that cash would be more convenient If you want to know wnat his wue said I'll tell you," volunteered tae witness. "When I want to know what she said I'll ask you, 1 " remarked field. Bird S. Coler, the next witness, said he had known William Sulzer for a "long time." Mr. Coler said that OE Oct. 24 he had written Sulzer a letter enclosing a check for $3x«y. The letter was written from Santa Fe, X. M. "I wrote him," said Mr. Coler. "that he was S3:re of Ijeing ejected ansi that he not seed rauch money in the BIGELOW IS 1NC-1GTED Motor C!--b Haies Paana. Highway Corrimissioner Into Court. Saabury. Pa., Sept- -26. -- Charged wlta irsisaemeanor In oi3ce. E. iL Bigelow. state bfgaway commissioner; B. A. Jones. S. D. Foster and Arthur S. Clay T his assistants, were Indicted by the Xonh3^berlaad county grand jury for failure to keep state roads between Snamokia and Paxinos aafl E aac Mount Cartel in ? information was swom to b 50 cents a bale, on cotton "future" transactions. ' A compromise-known as the Smith- I^ever plan, has been suggested in the house, and it is^rejpcrted will be push-j ed when the disagreement is reported. Berlin. Sent. 2S.--Prince TTilliacs of Hoaenzollem requested that his daughter, Princess Victoria Augustine, who married ex-King Manuel of Portugal on Sept. 5. be removed 'to Sigmarin gen. but the physician of the Princess of Thurn and" Taxis, who Is attending Princess Victoria 'at the Munich bos pital. said that she could not be inovea Festival service at lO.SOJa. nj-;"cBurch service 7 p. m. The pastor_%ill "conduct Harvest Festival service" in" St. Mark's ChurcK at 2 p. ni. - ""· GETTYSBimG TJ- B. Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; the last Sacrament for the Conference rear!l"be held at 10:30 a. m.~AlI members at nresent- The relatives of the prln- 1 are requested to be in attendance. -Tu- cess ar once hastened .to' Munich. Medical Advertisiag Sun and Wind Bring Out ITgly Spots, How to Remove Easily. * Here's a chance, Miss Freckle-face. This compromise would compel all j ^ o .j^ a new re medy for freckles with nior-Christian Endeavor^ meetingj 1:30 p. m.; Senior Christian Endeavor meeting 6:30 p. m. -J. Chas. Gardner, pastor." _. SALEM Ik B. Sunday School, 9:00 a. m_; preaching at 7:00 p. m. by the Rev. P. C. iioiiman, snb.iect "The Temptations~bf Christ." J, Chas. Gardner, castor. that it Trill not cost you a penny nn-|« 4 """ i -"« ^ummu*.TM.. «"^~' I M « ,v T -TM«TM 0 ti,^ fr^*l**r Tch'ile if · i0:30 ' a11 Peoples meeting, :30. contracts, for future cotton delivery to _ he ~2-j aran tee of a reliable dealer' specify government grades, and would compel ivlrvery of the cotton to be st that grac*i. the diSerence to be settled at the prevailing commercial prices. This plan, modeled on the bill of Senator Smith, of South Carolina, and perfected by Postmaster General Bur- j double strength, from your druggist YORK SPRINGS 31. E. Bendersville: Sunday School, 9:30; sermon and Communion services, less it removes the freckles; it does give you a clear complexion the expense is triSing. ,_ Simply get an ounce of ofhiae-- pair. The -raalc II. iht. of Mount Carmel re7)r«sen:Ins tne Shamokin and Mount Camiei Motor clnbs. Judge Cr.jr.rr:i-ss directed that the defendants Te cited to appear in ta-c coarc. For several months the scotoi clubs have r»aei trying to keep the roads la good scape. They have had all tne supervisors brought^into coar: Mr. Stanch-! and zr.rect2^fd ^ith jail, ibsir roaa- werc p:it -r. g;od shape. All that re inajnea ~as tne two stretches 3a qnes TO THE LADIES Ek-c-incal Facial and fccalp Masoajr, Manicuring, Superflu ou~ Hair Removed. Mrs. Ziegler, Phone MY. lli CarlislelSt. "I didn't receive any aeltnow:ed» iwent of the checl-"." sai 1 ! Mr. Coler. "i received acknowJec^meiit of say kind words of encouragement." "That's all a number of others seen to aave got," commented Stanc'aSeW., The question whether the use ivniC Governor Sulzer made of the S250') given him by Jacob H. Schiff constituted larceny, precipitated a heated argument. Xo final decision was given by the court. Upon its determination de pends the question whether the gover-i nor is guilty of the most serio«?| charge against him. in the event iti should be shown in every instance! t.tat no restriction was placed by the donors on the gifts of money received by Mr. Sulzer during h'.s campaign. Young sows that do well with their first litters may usually be considered good brood sows. CapHoI Caves In; i wo KsHec JcSerson Cuy. MoTM Sept. 26.--T«-i carpenters were killed and three Jts jared here vhen a pit for the founds lions of the r.f~ state capitol cave-a in The dead art: H. Green, of IV'iliams port. Pa., and S. C. Hyde, of OMahoir.a City, O!-da. Quicksand caused the cir: 10 s^:p. tearing out the casings. Boy Irrpaied on Fence. Mount Cartel, Pa_ Sept. ±6. -- B.n cxjlph Maliaowsky -^as found a prison er on a high fence, a number of pick ets having penetrated his body. H had fallen while walking on the rail ing. The Soy was taken to the st: cospitaL Wilmington Girl a Suicide. ·Wilmington. Del., Sept 2.K. -- Mis- Miliicent Johnson, aged twenty years killed herseli at her borne, 214 \ves Eighteenth street, by shooting bersel! She had been ill and despondent fo some time. GOOD restaurant for sale cheap. Apply at Homlcr's Restaurant, York Street.--advertisement leson, and Representative iever, is. sald to have strong support from the southern senators. TO EXHUME _WOMAN'S BODY Action Follows Finding of Poison on Miss War-field's" Body. Md- Sepz. 26.-- Upoc tae receipt of a chemist's report that a vial, found in the bed upon which Miss Ella -\Tarfie3d died at her home, near Sykesville. two months ago. contained poison, State's.Attorney "Weant, of Carroll county, announced definitely that he would have the body exhunied and an autopsy performed. Miss "\VarSeld, who, was a relative of former Governor "WarSeld, was ill for only a few hours. The doctor's death certificate gave the cause of death as jeute indigestion, but the publication recently of peculiar cicumsstances sur- roimding her death led to an investigation by the county authorities. Xow that the chemist has definitely declared that it was poison in tee bottle the post mortem examination will be directed gfirst to a search for symptoms oi an extremely deadly and a few applications should show you hoTr easy iz is to xid yoorself of the homely freckles and get a beautiful complexion. Rarely is more than one ounce needed for the -worst case- Be sure to ask the druggist for the j double strength othine as this is the! Wenksviile: Sunday School. 1:30; sermon and Communion service, 2:30; Epworth League. 7:30. Rev. L- W. 3IcGarvey. ST. JOHN'S CHURCH There will be Harvest Home services held at St. John's church near Littles- "cown. Sunday morning "at 10:00 o'clock. f ^AREXDTSVILLE REFORMED The Holv Communion on Sunday , , ... -. j. -, ^ monev bacic if it fails to iTOICH OUT? . . , - , i £ ! morning at 10 a. m. Preparatory ser- prescrrDtion sold tinder guarantee of j . c - ^ j *· ^ - o * - vices on, Satardav afternoon at 2 p. remove ; rt ... , - . _ rt - , . -- } m. On Sandav evening at * :30 llr. " 1 ~ - j SarrnTPi ^T Bushman of Gettysburg · will lecture on his travels around tha i world. The public is cordiallv invited. BIGLERVILLE REE8R3IED Celebration of the Holy Communion. Tron- I on Sunday afternoon a"c 2 p. m. Pre- · paratory service on Saturday evening Mi-o-na Will Prevent Farther ble -- It Quickly and Surely Ends Indigestion and Stomach Distress. Sat 7:30- Distross after eating. '"belching of gas] ST, PAUL'S A. "VTashington and vn located food, that !nmp of leadj South - E. ZIOX Street: Grand ac hj n g a t 11 a. t* - -. . - ^ i ^ o Suiioay Scnool at 2 : ceiinc in~ the stoiaaeb, b.eadcche, bill-1 T^jjv j) av nsness and lack ol energy, are waraiss i" ' · , ' * · Now: In - and at S p. m. Christian Endeavor at / p. m. A tress. Is slsmals of out-of-order stomach. Xow: 1 "--at once--Is toe tame "to""stop this iis-' P| cordial welcome to all. W. O. Cooper, rcniedv- They are absolutely harmless.!" OT TYYPrc- TATTTC;T Get a fifty *nt "box to-day., Tfaeir use! S A. JOHN BAPTIST "poisoning ^T another person to solve. Money back if not benefited. People's Drug Store, Gettysburg, Pa. SPECIAL at the BOOK STORE WHILE IT LASTS: WHITING'S 25c WRITING PAPER AT 19c. TOILET ARTICLES AT REDUCED PRICES We have made many improvements aud enlarged our stock of goods. COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. A^^A^WV vrillhold their union meeting'. Visiting ministers will speak at^ each service at 11 a. m., 3 p. m, .and_8 J ,p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend. Elder X. D. Shadney, pastor in charge. R. C. Rhode Island Red Yearling Hens and Pullets. ALVIN SHEETS Table Rock, Pa 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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