The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY VJE MUSKT CATCH THEM . vurrH S NEW ( TO THE VJIMNiEN] ^DSAt- SASDWCH X FOL.KS -U1KE . . \M\TH REU1SH'. ABOUT TN1ST/ME OF THE VEA« JN HOPES O THAT VNtuL. BOOST THEira FSOAOSIDE STA.ND m- A{cuidct.jfMtnc, VW ,-) ai^ma. of Jlrxnc. SMILES CHAPTER 34 | The meeting between Gorgeret. and his wife was a stormy one. Zozotte took peculiar pleasure in praising the remarkable qualities of her gallant captor, and enlarged upon his verve and personal charm. "Why not label him Prince Charming and have done with it? snorted the chief inspector. "He's even better than that! she replied aggravatingly. "But I keep telling you, your Prince Charming is really a crook called Raoul, who murdered Big Paul and is in' league with Blond Clara. Your nice new friend is a murderer!" ... , "A murderer? But how exciting! I'm too thrilled!" "Oh you're impossible! "Well, it wasn't my fault. He kid- naped me," was Zozotte's defense. "Women aren't kidnaped m a public place unless they're ready and willing to go. Why did you go for that drive with him? Why did you let him give you cocktails?" "I don't really know," ahe admitted. "He's got a way with him. Somehow, it's difficult to refuse him." "Fine sort of wife you are! was Gorgeret's verdict. "Well, someone's going to pay for this, and that someone is Clara. I'll put her through it all right.", · Gorgeret went out In a state ot · utter exasperation, arid strode along ge~sticulating and "talking aloud so that passers-by gently tapped their foreheads. Raoul's activities roused him to a fury no other criminal could excite. On arrival at the criminal investigation department, he found Flamant awaiting him, and was told that Clara's examination would not proceed before noon that day, when Goi-geret had furnished the prose cution with further information. "Fine!" he exclaimed. "That's official, eh? Let's have another go at the girl, Plamant! She must be made to talk, or else . . ." But Gorgeret's fighting spirit was doomed to disappointment, as 01 entering the room where Clara was being kept a most unforeseen an( extraordinary spectacle greeted hi eyes: The prisoner was transformed gay, smiling, and so tractable tha he wondered whether on the pre ceding night she had merely acted the part of the prostrate, fainting damsel. For she was now tidily dressed, her hair prettily done, and sitting on a chair from whic'.i she greeted him in the most friendly manner: "And what can I do for you, Monsieur Gorgeret?" Had she remained sullenly silent, (jorgeret's fury would have impelled him to threaten and blackguard her, but her submissive readiness to answer his questions disconcerted him. "I'm entirely at your disposal, inspector. Since I shall be set at liberty in a few hours, I don't want to cause you any further trouble. First of all A terrible thought struck Gor- geret. He glared long and earnestly at the girl, then said solemnly: "You've been in communication with Raoul! You know he hasn't been arrested! You know big Pau isn't dead! Raoul has promised to rescue you" He was horribly upset and almost pleading with her to contradict him Rut she did nothing of the kind. She replied gaily: to be so familiar in your address and not to abuse your present au thoiity over me. You are under grave misapprehension, which mus now be removed. I am not the per son you call Clara. My name is An tonine." 'Antonine or Clara, it's all th same to me! They're probably bot aliases." "It may be all the same to you inspector, but it makes a very grea difference to the truth." "Oh, come! You don't ask me believe that Clara doesn't exist?" "She exists, but, you see, I'm no her!" Gorgeret failed to see the distinction, and burst out laughing: "So that's your new defense, is it?" he jeered. "Well, it won't wash, my poor girl! Now, see here, we imply must come to an understsnd- ng. Tell me, was it you or someone !se that I followed from the Gare aint Lazare to the Qual Voltaire?" It was me." 'Good. And was it you I saw near Raoul's flat?" Big Sister Welcome Housebreakers B. Forgrave High Pressure Pete And He's Right! By George Swan "Yes, it was." "And was It you I met in the ruins at Volnic?" "Yes." "Well, then, do you mind telling lie, Is it you sitting here--or just a figment of my imagination?" .. .. Oh, I'm hero, Monsieur Gorgeret, and I'm myself." Frank Merriwell at Yale Ready to Fly By Burt L. Standish Then, I may conclude " 'You may conclude," she interrupted, "that it's not Clara, bccauae I am not Clara!" Gorgeret hid his face in his hands in despair, crying: 'I don't understand! What do you mean?" Antonine smiled: "You don't understand, inspector, because you won't recognise the facts. Ever since I've been hare, I've been thinking things out, and I understand your mistake perfectly well. That's why I remained silent? "But whatever for?" "So as not to injure the man who saved me from your inexplicable persecution twice in ono day, and then again in Volnic." "And a. fourth time at the Blue Casino, eh?" "All!" laughed Antonine. "Thats Clara's affair, not mine. And ao is he knifing of Big Paul!" A gleam o£ understanding flashed jn Gorgeret's mind. A feeble gleam, iut he was not ready for the truth, ind Antonine, one must admit, did ittle to help him out with her mys- erioua explanations. "Let's go over things quietly," she continued more seriously. "Since my arrival in Paris I've, lived at a boarding house called the Deaux Pigeons, in the avenue de Clichy. At he time Big Paul was wounded-hut is, at six in the evening--I was talking to the manageress of my boarding" house before I went out and took the metro. I shall call this woman's evidence, and that of the Marquis d'Erlemont." Muggs McGinnis Honesty --Best Policy By Wally Bishop "That's possible all things are possible. . . . He's such a remarkable person!" "However remarkable he may be,' sneered Gorgeret angrily, "tha doesn't alter the fact that you're in my power and it's all up with you Clara!" The girl did not at once reply, bu looked at him with great dignity a she at lost answered gently: "I must beg: of you, inspector, no "But he's out of town." "He comes back today. That's Etta Kett Taking Him for a Ride By Paul Robinson THIS COMIMS VAOM6 TVtOOT UOOK VT TW' DOOR.' HERE.. GOU-V I EVlER. COM\K£ Copyritilit, 19:M. by Cenlrn! Press Association. Inc. TftttA'T NO N6 Ol55rT (MA- VOE. QOT rr WON'T GOSH, MEC/.THE THGUI- V 5 " IL %"' T . K T W OF TMS PueSorr AUIOSV v r ' Tlt A ' ' ·me THE OLP F*ce, * x. A So FAST TWIN' SET '. HAVE. EXCUSE -z No MAM! x AIN'T* Copyright. 1934, by Central Press Association, luc. VU. -fHP-OW A ' I eHcU IN HEia. MAJ2CH MO \NOMOEit, GRETft. DO6SMT PHILTO KNOW MONIES- THIS MACS WtlNg- SASX "SUES EHGAGeO ·fb AN Aero re, IM HOtLM \MOOD,' GOODNIGH1 -BE SEEING ^ ou; ISN«|4E MOOt-I I'LL RUN PHIL HOME- IN NN . ( VAiM THE me see ... she came here on Fri-[TiriT? TTTTTS day, Juno the fourth." A · nlj x u x A u ' .,-hat I had gone to his house to tell his servants when you arrested me half an hour after the crime." Gorgeret was beginning to feel most uneasy. Without another word, he went straight to his chief and briefly outlined the situation. "Telephone the Deux Pigeons at once, Gorgeret," he was told, and obeyed promptly. He and the chief each took a spoke: receiver as Gorgeret Ts that the Deux Pigeons? This is police headquarters speaking. I want to know if you have among your boarders a Mademoiselle Antonine Gautier?" "We have, monsieur." When did she arrive?" That's the date, all right, chie:!" he m u r m u r e d aside. "Has she been away at all?" he continued. "Once, for five days. She came back on June the tenth." Gorgeret muttered: "The date of the Blue Casino business. . . . And did she go out on the night of the tenth?" "No, monsieur. Mademoiselle Gautier hasn't been out a single night since she came here. She sometimes goes out before dinner. The rest of the time she sits sewing in my office." "Is she at home now?" "No, monsieur,'she went out the day before yesterday to go somewhere by metro, and she hasn't been back since nor sent me any word. I'm rather worried." (TO BE CONTINUED.! By YOUNG Real Estate Transfers -"Hold the line a minute let NEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, autos, personal property or anything ot value to persons who have steady employment. LOANS UP TO SSOO Pay baclt In monthly installments. LOANS MADE SAME DAY OF APPLICATION C. L. Pine Loan Company Of Mason City Second Floor AVoir Kenyon, D. E. wf. to H. E. Freeman $1 QCD beginning at pt. 5 rods B of NW cor L 4 B 5 Cheney Palmeter'9 add. Cl. Lk. E 1 rod, 8 4 rods, W 1 rod, N 4 rods to beginning, 1-17-34. Bull. H. V. and wf. to First Nat'l. Bk. M. C. SI QCD L, 10 B 12 B O add. M. C. 2-8-34. First Trust Savings bank of Fort Dodge, Iowa, to Herbert Clegg and Ada $1 Q C t) E'i SW 20-97-22. 2-7-34. Morris, Carl, to Martin P. Floy, $1 beginning at pt. 225 ft. due N of N line of M. C. and Ft. Dodge RR. r. w., and due N of SW cor of SW NW 19-04-21, E 13 rods, S to N line of r w. to pt 225 ft. due S of place of beginning, n to beginning-. 2-3-34. PAP Gro^ THE ROW NOW SHE SJRROUNW SO VMEREVER ASH BRICK BRADFORD I Mi. BENEATH THE SEA By William Ritt and Clarence Gray, CACTA THE KEEPH1 CF -me. HOUSE Or FEAR, IS SH/XKEN BY THE BACK'S GAQMENTS WOT KMOV.U1MS tOCTA HAS IS IM LEAGUE VM1TM THE DEM.OUS 7

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