Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 15 1934 ''List Pairings for Intracity TableTennis Special Match Carded for Friday Night atY.M.C.A. Pairings were completed Thursday for the. intracity ping-pong tournament pianned under the auspices of the Y: M: C. A. and'Ma- son City Sporting Goods company, and were announced by Evron il. Karges, boys' work director at the "Y," and official in charge of the tournament. E. A. Engler and King Vaudcv- wicken acted as.the committee for making the pairings and seeding tap-ranking players from a heavy entry list, with the assistance of Mr. Karges. Must Win Three. Tournament play will be best 3 out of 5 games for each match in the first, second and third round, with 21 points to constitute a game, it was announced. Semifinals and finals will be won ty taking three matches out of five, a. match to be two out of three games of 21 points in the later rounds. Games may he played in home of the contestants or at the Y. M. C. A., the results heing reported to the tournament officials at the "Y" in either case. Rams Sell to Play. A special match has been arranged for the ping-pong fans in Mason City at 7:30 o'clock Friday evening, with William Ramsdell of Waterloo, president of the Iowa State Ping-Pong association, scheduled to play a public exhibition at the H!-Y room in the Y. M. C. A. Engler and Vanderwicker will be Mr. Ramsdell's opponents for the exhibition. The pairings ' are as follows for the intracity tournament: Dr. Draper Long vfl. Kusaell Thompson. Bye vs. C. S. Thompson. Norma LaRue va. REenert Thompson. Bye vs. Dr. R. T?. Flickenger. BVe vff. Ralph Elevens. \V. C. Tracy vs. C. £.'. Price. Bye vs. Porter Hubbarrt. JD/ck Romey vs. Tom James. Pete Woodworth vs. Ear] cerartt Bye va. Jack Dutcher. Bye V3. Mrs. Bob Jones. Bye V.T. Doug FleldF. Boyd Arnold vs. Charles Cornwell. lire. I/. S. Putman vs. Roger Palton. Bye vs. Fred Grelk. Bi'e VE Paul Hull. Hugh Miller vs.- Mrtf. ' D r a p e r Lone. Bye VB. Norrls Grotli. H. W. Dleekmann vs. Sirs. Gilbert Avery. Sye vs. Mrs. Floyd Oamundson. Bye vs. Mrs. B. E. .Roraey. Bye VG. Gilbert Avery. irrs. E. E. Kelley vs. Everett Hose. Bye vs. R»y Harnack. Maitrire Kltsfs .vs. ; Lee Undfiay. Bye vs. John GilhertEon. Bob J'oivell vs. Slarr Yeliand. BVe vs. Keith Porker. Max Benowltz vs. Sterling Prusia. Bye vs. FrancSa Beck. Dr. Malnom Mr.Mlchael vs. Al Bartsch. Bye vs. Paul Clement. Foreclosure Sale of Le Mars Called Off as Mob Reports Arrive LE MARS. Fob. 15. W--A foreclosure sale scheduled for this afternoon was called off this morning following' reports that several hundred Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota farmers planned to gather here to break it up. The sale was the foreclosure of property of George Renfcen to satisfy chattels held by- Arnold Ahlfs. Adrian L. Bowers, federal conciliator, arranged the cancellation of the sale. Elder James v. Emil Koeber. Bye vs. H. W. \Veurlti. Bye \-s. Ed Nudtileman. BVe vs. Dick Braily. Bye vs.' Sam Perkins. Bye VK. Jack Sttuyk. Richard Tims vs. Al THjejuj. Bye vs. Victor Glass. Uouff Weaver vs. H, I--. Campbell. Bye vs. R. II Uteckmunn. TCIchartl Cook vs. Mrs. H. L. Campbell. Bye \s. R. W. BaumRartner. Joe Simmons \a. Dr. George M. CraMi. Byfl S'9. ?lenue ( -h Neu- Jens Walker vs. BVib Rankin. Bye va. M. F- Walker. Bob JOIIES vs. John Cunningham. Bye vs. Frlnlt Lovell. L. S. putman vs. Isador BcnowiU. Bye vs. Edmund Dun'op. Mrs. M. F. Walker vs. Al Stoecker. Bye vs. Cliff Pearce. Bye vs. Joy "rubbering: Mrs. J. O. Giibertson vs. E. E. Wiley. King vanrienvlcfcen vs. Sylvester German. EVe vs. Mrs. King Vandenvlcken. Frank Heese vs. John Senneff, Jr. Bye vs. M. S. Walker. jack Bulmer vs. Dave Kaufmann. Bytt v«. Bob Finlayson, Bye va. rr. M. Goodman. Bye vs. E. A. Engler. | CANDIDATE AGAIN "Alphabet Soup" Is Shown at Madison "Alphabet Soup," a clever dramatization based upon the current tendency to designate governmental administration branches by initials, featured the Madison school assembly held at 1 o'clock Wednesday af- Karl HI. Dean, Cerro Gordo (·C'Ujity member of the state house of representatives In the forty-fifth general assembly, has obtained nomination papers with the Intent of running for re-election to the office on the democratic Ucket. Mr. Dean has served on the interim tax committee of the legislature, which drew up the three point tax bill which has been passed by both houses. NEW RULING ON CORN-HOG PLAN Clover Seeding Killed by Drought May Be Used for Hay or Pasture. County Agent Marion E. Olson Thursday announced a new ruling from the federal department on the corn-hog program. This ruling provides that if clover seeded in 1933 is killed out by drought or other damages due to weather, the ground can be re- plowed and sowed to soy beans, cow peas, field peas, oats or barley for use as pasture or hay only. The ruling requires that the crop be cut green. The farmer must supply a statement to the county allotment committee, specifying the number of acres handled in that manner and a map showing the location of plot on his farm. He also must submit a statement giving the time the crop was cut for hay. If the crop was used for pasture a statement must be submitted Sept. 15, giving the information that the plot was used for pasture only and that none of it was allowed to produce grain. A pointed question for those who wish to be rugged Individualists: What is your definition for the word "rugged?"--Richmond-News Lender. ternoon. Several stunt drills by the girls' physical education classes made up the remainder of the program for the assembly which was in charge of Elvira Petersou and Florence Martin. The oly sound money that interests all of us is the kind that rings true when you plunk it down on the counter.--Harrlsburg Patriot. IDEAL GROCERY Phone 530 Free Delivery 32G S. Federal EGOS Fresh 17c MILK Tall for 17c SAIsADA" TEA 3 / 1*. llrmvn I,nTcl Ulack r * l l . .Tuptin COCOANUT Fancy 19c u , MACARONI Spaghetti SUGAR 10 Hi. Bag 48c Cranberries Fresh lOc ,u. TUNA FISH 15c ORANGES Florida 10i, )E .39c APPLES Fancy Johns. 5 ihs. LETTUCE Large Solid 5c SYRUP Gallon 39c FOLGER'S COFFEE, Ib. And shop with us. We serve you or you can help yourself. Our store is your store. Stop and Shop Food Market Lowest Average Prices Always PHONE 2727 Service^Vith a Smile FLOUR 49 Ib. Carol $ I.79 49 Ib. Gold Nugget $ 1 .§9 Wo Just Received a Cnilond, so Get Yours While Onr Prices Arc Low Macaroni or Spaghetti CUT 8-07.. Pkg. TOMATO SOUP IGA JO'/z Ounce Cans for! JOHNSTON'S THE FINEST MADE Chocolate Peak Cookies . . ib 19g SALMON FANCY A Popular PINK T^enten Fooi! · · tall cans MARKET PRICE There has bcfn 'a steady Incrcn»« III cost. Cut Green Beans ami Kidney Benns. Tomatoes, Diced Car- f* rots. No. 2 cane, Vail Your choice SALAFfA TEA Ib. Green Label 15c J 14 Ib. Brown Label 15c Ib. Green Label : 29c | % Ib. Brown Label 29c HIGHEST QUALITY--LOWEST PUICE AMERICA'S I»AUGE3T SELLER Tender Fresh Meats Fl.'M. DETAILS AT THIS STOHK SIMPLY FOR NAMING Silverware Illustrated on Coupons In any size suck GOLD MEDAL FLOUR "Kitchen-tested" 241/a Ib. !?1.09 Garden Fresh Vegetables FRESH HAM ROAST l^can Boned, Rolled Ib. 16C TENDER RIB ROAST Honed, Rolled ib.14c END CUT PORK CHOPS... ib.15c GROUND BEEF. 2 ibs 15c TENDER AND TASTY BEEF RO A S T . . . . 10e MINCED HAM..2ibs25c MEDIUM SIZE 2 nn*7 _ . . . UU£. YELLOW FINE . . . . 3 Ibs. fresh 3lbs.17C FANCY 2 Ihs £* JUo. SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT'S- 6 fa 25e ONIONS d r y . . 1 0 ) b s . 2 5 C UNION MEAT MARKET YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT GROCER !afioital Fruit Co. 101 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. PHONE 824 FREE DELIVERY SPECIALS--FRIDAY AND SATURDAY GKAPEFKUIT, Seedless, Gnod Size, Sweet, c Julcv ° fo FLORIDA ORANGES, Sweet, Full oi 1A A C Juice A V Ibs. T: J C APPLES Jonathans, Black Twigs, Extra Fancy, Bushel Box .$1.69 POTATOES, IDAHO RUSSETS. Good cooking, especially for baking, 100 11). Sack .. $1.90 MONARCH JUMBO SHRIMP, 2 Toll Cans. . FOLGER'S COFFEE, Hi 31c JACK SPRAT PEANUT BUTTER, 30 Oz. Jar.. BANANAS, 4 Pounds .. 25c NEW CABBAGE, Pound 5c Y. C. TUNA FISH, OC,, 2 Half Pound Cans i O C CHOCOIAI/TE CREAM -JA COFFEE, Ib J UC BUTTERNUT COFFEE Ib 30c UPTON'S GREEN TEA I g ]b - 1 ' )isrs "- 19c Ib. Pkgs.. .SZc SOAP, P. and G., 10 Bars 25c I'ALMOUVE or CAMAY, Bar . . 5c SOAP, BLUE 1JAKKEL, B Bnrs CHI PS O, Larjfc Package ... 15c FRESH VEGETABLES--Artichokes, Eg-ff Plants, Brueeoli, Brussels Sprouts, Peas, Green 15eans, Cauliflower, Spinach, Endives, Tomnfocs, Cucumbers, RudJ.shBS, Younn- Onions, Parsley, Peppers, Carrots, New Potatoes, Celery Cabimge, Rhubarb, Avocados. MRS. BARCLAY'S HOME BAKING PHONE 749 33 EAST STATE STREET FREE DELIVERY State Department to Mail Refund Checks Refund checks on automobile licenses issued before the change in the law will be mailed directly to the car owners from Des Moines, making It unnecessary to come to the office at the courthouse for them, L. L. Raymond, automobile clerk in the office of the county treasurer, announced Thursday. "We have 50 or more persons come in for these refunds every day," said Mr. Raymond. "As a matter of fact we have nothing to do with them. The checks are being prepared in Dea Moines and will be mailed directly to those who have the refunds coming." J. Carney, president; Ray F. Faragher, vice president; Walter J. Kennedy, treasurer, and Miss Louise Klatt, secretary. Mother's Oals--with China or Cup and Saucer large pkgs. Quaker Milk Macaroni, Spaghetti or ^(flc Noodles, 3 pkgs. ^aW Puffed Wheat, -i Q c 2 Ige. pkgs At? Soda Crackers, fresh, 2 Ibs Tuna Fish, per can Mackerel Salmon, per can Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, large pkg Raisins, bulk, 4 pounds Green Tea, Sam Raizes' Special, "1 ^C '/2 pound JL S Jack Sprat Peanut Butter, ^SfeC large j a r % Catsup, -fl 6^(« large bottle JL d Eggs, fresh from the country, i ^C dozen JL^I ORANGE SALE Extra large Sunldsl Oranges, juicy, C^Qc per dozen t? Corn, fancy, 3 cans for Red Bag Coffee, fresh ground, per pound Laundry Soap, 10 bars si 1 We Pay Above Market Price for Eggs, Cash or Trade QUAKER PRODUCTS SALE Factory Representative will be in the store Saturday! HUNDREDS OF BARGAINS IN OUR CLOTHING and SHOE DEPARTMENTS Shop at Sam's and Save the Difference DEPARTMENT STORE JJ.15-SG1 .Soiilh Federal Wholesale or Retnil I'hone Carney Named President; NEW HAMPTON, Feb. 15.--The New Hampton Golf and Country club Tuesday evening elected Harry Help Kidneys · If poorly functioning Kidneys anfl R [adder mako you Butter from GettiQff Up Nitfhtfl, Nervousness. Rheumatic ^. Pains, Stiffness. Elurnine. Smarting, 9 Itehinir. or Acidity try the [TUflranUcd Doctor's PrescripttonCy3tei(SiE3-tel --Miiet fix y o u u p or money jack, Only lit at diuBgisU. l"ROM the land of bigger and better families . . . we call attention to those hearty, appetizing, satisfying foods that feed so many mouths and cost so little--Spaghetti, Macaroni and Cheese! Include them in your menus this week. Ciusucd Spaghetti saves'u lot of time and work . . . and it's good. Spaghetti Italieunc: Simmer a large can of tomatoes to a thick sauce, cooking with it -- 1 minced onion --· pepper -- 1 tbs. salt ---· 1 tbs. sugar --1/± cup of olive oil --· touch of garlic and a bay leaf if you- like 'em. Try your own, variations, using tomato paste or puree of tomato to speed the preparation. For a meat sauce, fry ground beef and add grease and all to the above. Serve with grated Parmesan cheese. Macaroni: Bake it with cheese and milk. And remember--macaroni can. be used in place of spaghetti in any dish . . . and both are excellent in soups. Noodles: Try frying them alon s with pork chops! It's a fine combination. Almost as good as noodles and slewed chicken! · Cheese: A grand mixer.' Cook it with Spaghetti, Macaroni or Noodles .. . with eggs for omelettes . . . as a Welsh Rarebit for Sunday suppers . .. on rye bread for sandwiches. There are many kinds of cheese . . . and all are good! Our advice -- try them all! On hot biscuits! Delicious. 4 Ib. jar A new thrill in soup. Heinz ined. cans . For that special cake recipe. Reg. size Blue Barrel. A new chip, 5 Ib. pkg'. dozen Potatoes, Idaho, 20 Ib. bag Carrots, fresh, bunch Grapefruit, seedless, 6 for .... Spinach, fresh and crisp, 2 Ibs. Onions. 3 Ibs. Cool Spring esnat© No. 2 Cans Wis. Long Horn Ib. American, Pimento Brick, 1/2 Ib. pkg. 2 pkgs. Salted Crisp Sodas 2 Ib. Caddy Belmont. Packed in Heavy Syrup 2 1 /, Cans Fresh and Wholesome, Cello Packed Ib.

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