The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 26, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1913
Page 3
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'Medical "."Advertising Constipation The. foe to good htatth. 'Correct at once. Ayez's Pills. Oaeatbedtiaie. Sold for 6O years. Yow Doctor. IfweU. Medical Advertising A PERSONAL LETTER. 3Irs. Greve Writes to Those ~»Vko S-af- ,fer from Eczema. j *-I want others who suffer from skin.} \ troubles to know that there is no other 1 I had \ was · remedy equal to Saxo Salve. I h i seriousrtroable ivith ray hands. It i like a ourn" in appearance but it itched i smarted dreadfully- My doe'cor ) cured them entirely and for "cracks in , the fingers Saxo Salve does -wonders." j_Mrs. W. C. Greve, Binghamton, X. Letters like the above are continually comisiic i n proving that the pen- JRelieves'Rheumatlsni bv Cleansing the I errating antlseotie and healing power Whole System of ai! Impurities. j of Saxo Salve is remarkable in aU Do not trv to relieve Rheumatism bv! b"»«s ^ .eczema, salt-rneum,, dosing the" svstem with dangerous' barber's itch or any s.-un anection. drugs! RHEU3IA is free from all e»i- Try Saxo Salve on our guarantee tx aces and narcotics and cleanses the j pV e «*fc your; momsy H i t ooes not system in a natural hue scientific mar.-l^'-P yon-People s Drug Store, Getty*- ner. cated ft and cents matlsrn for ten vears. After two day's use of RHEUM A I laid down iny crutches and have since given them TWO second hand Ford touring cars and an Indian motorcycle for sale. G York away. I am a well roan."--jVilT Crock- i Central Auto Company, er, 614 Suiter St., Columbia, S. C. street.--advertisement PUBMG |«EETIflG IN COURT HOUSE GETTYSBURG PA SIT mm nun. IHT. », Prominent Speakers Acquainted with Road Subjects will Present to Citizens of Adams County Facts Connected with the Progress of other States in Road Buildin. *-JT«Q A Full Discussion of the Proposed Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitutiocrthat Provides for a Loan of $50,000,000 for Road Improvement. A Meeting that will Interest every f| Voter Whether in Favor of or Op- m 8 posed to this Plan. j| COURTHOUSE GETTYSBURG. PA. ARRANGE SERIES GATES BASE BALL SCORES' Games Following ! s the,". Resuit of * '"fyayedsYesterda'y- ' " j __ AMERICAN j-EAGUE- * -At Boston.--Boston. 5; Athletics, 4. Batteries--Mosely, r TCcozaas; Saawkey. Lanu. . i - At ,Xew York--Washington. 3; New : . ,, _. . . ' "fork, 2. Batteries--Johnson, ffl R 3 PiJ?V a {i If! Ford - Kishen-Sweeney. lU Uu I I U J w U lii ( other clubs nat-sciiedjlea. | Standing ·of"the Clubs. New York on OcL . W.L. PC.] W.L. PC. GROUND fiULB .ASOLiSHEO ii*. 74 Si 525.X. York. 53 *^_j*'' ^^«^v. : ^±r:ai»*^ % | NATIONAL LEAGUE. j ! A: Philadelphia ---- Philadelphia, 3; : ; Boston, 1 Cist game). !iat:eri.?s -- ! National Committee Won't Allow Spectators on Fteld--Admission Tickers" Batteries--Alexander, lire-nan."K:i!s- ·· fer. Dooia; Cocaraa, T^er. Cow fly. Will Cost From $1 to $5. j At Brooklvu--Xew Vork. S; Br ol:- : !yn. 2. Baife r les--3Car.;iiaid. jfeyers, ^ti-^V.-*---'-1*, «·_!·*-- ±J--- ~"J. -- --^, ii- -J game champ: as Philadelphia Athletics, o: ti_e- Araer:-| can. League, aisd the Xe-v.- Y 0 :^ In Your onie WitKout On Cent's Cost Standing- of the Ciubs. r.L. PC 5 PC. i raee::ag 01 ing at 2 o'clock. This was settled -- _ ., _. .. the National sal! Ccs.niission a;| j i the BeHevue-Sfratfcrd. The :iationa!J commission is ihe Sna! cjur: o: cp-| peais :n base bali. aa-J i" is :;atler its; jurisdiction that lilt \Vcr'u's Series". games are playe-d.. Tbe coruniiSbion is; composed o. the j)re«:y*:«; c' eacb! league. Ban 3. Job-son, o: the Asjer:-| I nppi nfflW^ |\ can, and Thomas J. Lynch, 01 the Xa- ^v^^' U£U..- l-J 10,000 VISITORS ! AT ALLENTOWN FAIRi tiona!, and August Her oi Cin- oy Forlv-four Exeursions. . Allentowa. Pa.. Sept. 25. -- People had made UD tbesr mines 10 zo tu the I cinnati, chairman. T .vho :s selected the tv/o presidents. j As the G:auts have not c inched the? TsTational League penaar.t it v.-as agreed! that tb toss of the ccla woa'.a be be- ha{i -- ade "P tbesr ^''~ cs lo S° tu 'v-ee- the Xa^oaa! and in;e-: ca"f Alientovra lair yesterday and t=e c.t- leasues, but President Karry Hemp j »3fiance "-as claimed br :Le cEcers to stead, of the Xe'-v York club, calSed tHej be io °- -' 50 toss and -on. Chairman H-"rrr«»nni The crowd was swelled by-orty-iour tossed a bright nevs- ha!f doMar - e^ccrsioas over all the railroads cen- All you need, to secure t iis handsome as it :s ierviceii v/oiulcriui il-plcee Xueut Glass Service Set,-- which is ire 50 B T. Babbitt's Irademarlis One Babbitt Trademark comes with each of B. T. Babbit's famous products--three of which are pictured beiov. Ii you use Babbitt's, you already know oi their economy and many uses. If vou don't, one trial only is needed to convince you ih:tt Babbitt's is best .ill the time. This offer is for s. limited time only, .so start to save Babbitt's trademarks today. When you have 50. take them to Your Grocer or tine next nearest one. 3 Babbitt's Products Inc.- New York. The official scorers are irra-cis D Richter and Taylor Splnk. The prices of seats for the series? are: Xew York--$25 for boxes o: fcnr seats; S3 for upper grand stand reserved seats; S2 for lower grand stand! seats, not reserved; Si for bleacher! -.-.-as ihe poultry show. Cups for prizes were awarded, as follows: Cap for best silver laced Wyan- cotte male. Dr. J. T. H. Carmsbury. Kanover, Pa.; cup for best Columbian TTyandctte pullet, ~Dr. J. S. Ritien- hotise, Loraine. Pa.; cu? icr best Black Lan^shan. Enoch "vViiliams: Tayior trophy for best pen of single coaib .pacity is- reserved- j When the Giants and Athletics play- played before tae Athletics reserved but 9000 of the 24,000 seats; now they ara reserving 20,000 of the 25,000 seats ia the ·grounds. No photographers will be allowed on the field "excepting tnose employed oa the daily newspapers, and they must be off the field before the game begins. There will "be no ground rales. This Is an innovation. In the past the spectators ha^.e been allowed to crowd on the field and all over the ground as long as they paid their money, which caused ropes to be placed in the field and made hits into the crowd good for only two bases. Ta:s y^ar no one! will be allowed on the-playing Seid ex-1 . . eept the players, and every ait will gel OI Lje =e '" for what it is worth. i Cleanser! BIBabbitt's cap for best dark cornssh male, Joan W. Ward. Jr., Penalagton. X. J.; cnp for b^st Golden Campine, Schenley Heights Farra, Pittsburgh; cup for tae best. Sampine of the Prudhomine strain. Sehealey Heigiits Farra. It ?-"£s Tron;aii"s day at the fair and the crowds made it a point TO surge through the big exhibition buildings to admire the handhvork of the T^craen of Lehign county. There exe on dispiay probably I'XIOO specimens of preserves, canneu fruits and jellies and 10.000 mere of needlework and other articles pertaining to domestic rraau- ctare. A specia: certificate of merit as a fruit grower was awarded to 'Squire Xo ticket frill be sola tnroagn tnei crj £ch orc - card ownca ,,_ CoioaeIKarr c . Trexler resulted this = j ,, cro:) cl - 50 000 baskets. ' PUBLIC SALE OF ONE CAR LOAD OF Fine W. Va. Horses IN ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, On Wcdnesnay, Oct. 1st, 1913 . I -sril! sell thera for B. L. TVarner and they come direct from T.V- Virginia. Ihev ramre in ape from 3 to 6 years and 3Ir. TVamer \vrites that this s? the best load"he bas ever shipped r.p to Abbonstown. Good draft horse and line drivers. The kind that gro«- in value and demand the best prices after receiving a little sareinl attention. They are the right kind and par-ons in nee I of horses will do well to attend this sa:e. Keaiember the date- Sale to begin promptly at 1 o'ciocx p. m., rain or shine. F. K. HAFER mail;- all applications for tickets tae series must be made in person tc the secretary "of either crab. The national ccnraission ·R'iU have Tiotbing of tlckets. Tne series beginning in Xew TorT on Tuesday. Oct. 7. will be resura§d"in Philadelphia on the cay 'following, aad the games will alternate daily. Should there be a postponement due to rain before five innings are played the teams- will remain, in the city where the postponement occurs until a gains are ; - adhered to, and the next contest v. 10 be played in the other city. FIND SKELETON IN WALL Casket With Remains of Child Discov- _ '. ______ ered in r.iansfon- Bloonilngtoa. IT... Sept. 2G -- In the wrecking of the raanion. at Clinton. III., erected :orty years ago by Colonel Thomas Snels, a casket containing the skeleton of a ch '£. "as found sXiii- f-allv concealed :n the ~alis of the structure. An inquest was neld. but no eras to j the mystery v.-as forthcoming. The homestead has bee- untenanted since best We have taken the agency for the famous Story Clark Pianos. These Pianos are not the cheap and non-quality kind, but are made of the material and carefully constructed. Exquisite tone and easy touch. Sold for cash or on the easy-payment plan. Come in and examine them. Full o-aruantee gees with each piano. Sheet Music subject tion a fe years ago, LAMSON HUBBARD STYLES , for Sale_Bg Eckerl'sSfore 'On theSqnaro" .FARMERS, TAKE NOTICE - I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, the only spreader with a circular beater. Spreads twice its own width and from i£ to 2 ft beyond the wheels with less worry on the You~onjy need drive half as far to get your load off, " Veteran Cuts Two Teeth at /8. Philadelphia. Sept. 26.--Cutting rsvc teeth at the age of seventy-eight years is the nniqae experience of John A. Johnson, tvho jives at Thirty-eighth and ilarket streets, and --ho is a vet- eraa of the Civil War. The teeth are front, one upper and one ioiver, ana replace tvro that served faithfully an t:l two months ago. JN~v~' Philadelphia Postmaster. Washington. Sept- 26. -- John A. Thornton's nomination for postmaster of Philadelphia v,-as sent to the senate by President "Wilson. The nomination ~as at once conSrined, a scaie's-hat 112- sjsaal.procedure due to the entire ac cord of all interested in the selection. Thornton 3s a former magistrate and :s new a real estate assessor. team, While the "ordinary spreader throws manure on a narrow strip behind the, spreader. I f you want a spreader, come tor see how they \vork~and examine it yourself before you buy. I have them here on my farm and will be glad to show how they work. Write for catalogue. Can get any machinery in the Walter A. -Wood line, on short notice. " * NEWSPAPER! W. C. WEIGLE, Blglerville, R. 3. Broke His Spine on Gridiron. \Torcester. ilass..' Sept. 2«5. -- Tn first serions injury of the football season occurred during the game be- itreen-XorK-fcn, university - ard Holy Cross. t7hen Vemon Pelyea. left hal."- bact for tha first mentioned team,^re- cesved. a fracture of the sixth vertebrae. The injury to the player's spine may cause his death. Injured "Fan" Gets S5622. Reading. Pa.. Sen:. 25. -- I Foikrcan. who was Injured by the csl- ianse of the g r a~;: stand at Liber's Park ball gro-.:r.»:. v^s granted a verdict of S5C22 bj tne jury against Frank P- Laner. owner oi tbe property^ Lnu«r asserted tra: the Tri-State ba!i team, which held i-e lease at the t:mo. should bave'beer. s-..ei. Other suits aro pending. We have a nice, line of the latest Popular bheet Music. Classical Music. Also Operatic and We have the Victor Victrolas and Records. The latest Grand Opera Singers can be heard right in your own parlor, at a very slight cost. Edison Phono^raDns and Records Tin GENERAL MARKETS -- FLOUR ;3.30; city . q-l:e.; laier clear. S" RYE FJLOT7K 5rm.. at S3.50@3.75 pa: advantage We have all the latest Blue Aniberol Records in stock. buying these Unbreakable Records Is readily seen. The slight difference :n cost decrease in breakage. is more tnan made up oy oalet: Xo. 2 red, n _ J^IN quiet: Xo. 2 yellow. S4?S5 OATS stead" Xo 2 white, 4"^' 4§e.: lower grades. -*2 c. POTATOES steady;, at 6-?@bi'c. per bushel. , POULTRY: Livr steady: neas i iettysburg JJep; G ISc,;, Old roosters. :2®a3c. ^ * ^i.^^f.^ -^-^-'~ ^ *f* · /vr ·si: choice fowls. _ 3d Dre=sec roosters- BUTTER steady, fancy creamery. EGGS steady; se'.ected, 34c.: nearby, 32c-; western, 32c. Produce Markets. 10,000 Cartridges Seized. Douglas, Ariz., Sept. 26.--Ten thousand cartridges, which it is declarer! were to have been shipped ir«:o 3 ico, were seized by agents of the de-jS, partment of justice here, and Joseph Slater, a pawnbroker, was arrested, charged with violation of the neutrality laws. Other arrests are expected. Grow your peach trees so that a ±is-foot ladder will be Ions onougb for harvesting:. I mixed. $T.S5'a3.j2^; i j _neavy, S'.25.' CATTLE steady to strong: Texas steers. §6.90@S; Medical Advertising Rid Your h eel Gettysburg Auto i ire Repair Shop Of Sore Corns! i ! r.o v to extract any ki:il 42 W. HIGH STREET- TUBES A SPECIALTY ,,,,,,,,,,.., and feeders.__S5.40«S; cows and heifers, §3.90??S.VD; calves, $S.oO "~ SHEEP steady to lOc higher; native sheep, $S.75@4 So; yearlings, $i.So @5.S5: pa'ive laaibs. $a.6a@-oO. If applying nitrate of soda sprinkle around the plant and then stir 01 rane into the soil... Wish MI.H!I rn ^to.ini ^n^j.mont. t a-n : ro-.-i-o. A- ' i-'.ov.-iin.--. -· tiiin* :ind re;ro.ui;:i'j. Ii I!:!.' ho.e is n«: -. i ^e it tiantcl. ^HMfti'tiDii ii".i iu the I i- frniii the t'ic Ont i-ouift- the corn. T.v i- K-ft smoothly ,,ot :i inaik loft. I*-o only rmn.im_ P linUv^ Corn IXtr.u'lor, nvomnn r,l. d ^j tlnijWift :111( ' i " 1 "'^ m ·-*'"' 1 ' ' lot - t ' 1 '^-- alul Penlilc's TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE :o,,,f,,, MbK Ki liAl,lo a.ul lowoi fill. T.-y .t. T...:r in J BattlollcKl trli^ a apecialt y United Phone 117 X C. A. STONER, prop

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