The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1936 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 21 · 1936 HOG PRICES LOSE PART OF UPTURN MARKET STEADY T015 GENTS OFF Top Decline to $10.05 But Part of Load Is Sold at$10.IO. CHICAGO, Jan. 21. (.T)--Part of yesterday's hog price upturn was lost today as receipts increased. The market was unevenly steady to IS cents lower, mostly 10 to 15 cents off. Top declined to 510.05, although a part load sold at 510.10. Receipts were .stepped up to 23,000. which was 2,000 above advance estimates. Current hog receipts are averaging: .$2 a hundredweight higher than a year ago, though since the first of the year marketings of swine in the principal centers have been running far ahead of the same period in 1935. Much of the strength market observers believed has been due to the stimulation buyers received from removal of the processing tax on hogs by the AAA decision. The corn-hog price ratio of approximately $16.60 is believed to he extremely favorable to the feeding of corn, and many observers believe because of this fact hogs will be held off the market for fattening unless ' prices 'prove to be too attractive. The cattle trade was more active and prices were around steady. Yesterday's 25 cents downturn resulted in a moderate carryover of fat steers and the bulk sold today at 57.75 to $9.75 while strictly choice hinds were held around $14. Sellers asked steady prices for fat lambs but early bids were 15 to 25 cents lower. Hog Markets ·MIDWEST HOCS. Hoc prices at midwest markets Tuesday: CEDAR KAl'JUS--Hogs 100 to 100 Ib! S»5f9.25; 100 10 170 Jbs. 59.15819.40; 170 1 ISO Ibs. $9.256,9.50; ISO to 250 Ibs 58.355 9.60: 250 to 270 11)3. S9.30 3:9.55; 270 to 28 Ibs. S9.209.45: 290 to 325 ibs. S9.1019!35 325 to 350 Ibs. S9(79.25; good packers 27! 350 Ibs. S8.25SI8.50: 350 to 425 Ibs. $S.05f 8.30; 425 to 500 ibs. J7.85@8.10- 500 to 50 Ibs. Sl.KHf7.SO. WATERLOO--Hofis steady to lOc lower Good to choice 140 to 150 Ibs. 58.25®8.55; 15 to ISO Ibs. 59ST9.30; ISO to 250 Ibs. S9.25P 9.55; 250 to 290 Jbs. S9.10G9.40; 290 to 32 bs. $9(5-9.30; 325 to 350 Ibs. 5S.90®9.20 packing sows 275 to 350 ibs. $8.251^8.55; 35 o 425 Ibs. »i.05ftS.35: 425 to 550 Ibs. S7.K 4TS.20. OT1T.MIVA--5-15c lower; J10 to 150 Ibs SS.G5SiS.95; 150 lo 160 Jbs. $S.S5'i9.15: 161 o ISO |b». S9.05li9.3.-i; ISO to 250 Ibs. S9.25 :i9.55 : 250 to 290 Ibs. 59.15*9.15; 29C 50 Jbs. !.S.95'f?9.2,-i: 32.1 to 350 Ibs. JS.S.'ift .15; 300 10 100 Ibs. SS-6.v-iS.9G; packers 2 o 350 Ihs. SS.25'18.55; 350 to 425 Ibs 58.05 IS.35; 125 to 450 Ibs. S7.85ii 8.15. .AUSTIN--Hons, market 20c lower; Koo o choice ISO to 200 IbK. S9.2.'i'Ti9.5. p »; 200 to SO Ibs. S9.23Ji9.55; 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.055 9.35: 290 to 300 Ills. SS.SO«i:9.10: packing sows, good, all weights 275 to 550 Ibs. 57.90 Si S.50. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINES. Jan, 21. (.TV--U. S. department of agriculture--Combined bos receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in Interior Iowa and Southern Minnesota for the 21 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 30.400 compared with 18.700 a \veek apo and 7.100 a vear ago. Butcher hoss 5 to 20c lower, mostly 10 to 15c under Monday, packing sows generally showini: less decline, many lully steady; undertone fairly active, loadlnc liberal. Good and choice lipht lights 140 to 160 Ibs. SS.60fi 9.30; good and choice light weights 160 to 180 Ibs. 59.10^9.70- ISO to 200 Ibs. S9.35SS.S5; K ood and choice medium weights 200 to 250 Ibs. S9.35'y,9.$5; 220 to* 250 ibs. S9.355ii9.85; pood and choice heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.20S9.70; 290 lo 350 Ihs. 59(59.50; good and choice pigs :too to 110 Ihs. unquoted. Good packing sows 275 In 350 Ibs. 58.25«iS.75; 350 to 125 Ibs. $8.1098.50; -125 to 550 Ibs. 57.90(5,8.35. 510.25: other early sales to packers S9.605T Mason City Livestock MASON CITY, Jan. 21.-HOKS Steadv to 5 cents loxver. Ood llshl lights HO-Ififl $S.65-8.9r flood lights 160-1SO 59.10-9.40 Good light butchers 1SO-250 $9.30-9.60 Cood meJ. u-t. butchers 2513-270 59.2OSK50 Good mod. \vt. butchers 270-290 S9.10-9.40 Good neavy butchers .. 290-325 59.00-9.30 Cood heavy butchers .. 325-350 SS.90-9.20 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 5S.60-S.90 Good packing sows ,. 275-350 5S.25-S.55 Good heavy sows 3.'0-J25 5S.05-S.35 Cood big heavy sows .. 425-550 57.90-S.20 Good big heavy sows 550 and up S7.65-7.95 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Steers, good to choico 19.00-10.50 Steers, modfum to good . $ 7.50- 9.00 Steers, fair lo medium 5 6.00- 7.50 Heifers, Rood to ;iio!ce ...... S 7.00- 8.50 Heifers, medium to good ._.. S 5.00- 7.00 Heifers, common to medium .. $ 4.00- 5,0". Cows, good to choice ........ 5 4.cO- 5.25 Cows, fair to good J 4.00- 4.50 Cowa, cutters _ ,,,. J 3.75- 4.25 ^Cows, cannenj .... .$3.25-3.75 Bulls, heavy . ., _ S 4.00- 4.75 Bulls, light ,, .... 53.50-4.00 CAlves, gd. and choice 130-190 5S.50-9.00 Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 7.50- S.OO Calves, infer, to com. 130-190 5 7.50 down LAMBS Veal-lings, good to choice 70-90 S4.25-8.50 iearlines, med, to good .... 70-90 $3.25-4.25 Yearlings fair ts medium .... 53.25-4.25 Culls 53.25 down Lambs, good to choice ... 70-90 57.75-9.50 Lambs, medium to good 57.25-S.25 Lambs, f a i r to medium $5.75-6.75 Common to I'air 55.75 down Native ewes, good to choice S2.75-4.Oo Cull ewes 51.U-2.50 Bucks .. S1.00-2.SO Vvcthers, 2 years old £6.00-7.00 Wethers, poor to best 54-00-7.00 BUCK lamDa $1 IBGI. Mo doctt OQ lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuation. SOUTH ST. 1'ATI, LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL. Jan. 21. U-'l--U. S. de- parlment nf agriculture-- CATTLK 2,000: calves 3.400:' stead 1 steeis 56.50£S,50; heifers 55.. r ,0(ii 7.50; cov 54.75^ 5.50: cutters 53.50(54.50;'hulls 55.7: vealers 5S.50fi 10. HOGS 4.500: steady to lOc lower- tr 59.65: 160 to 250 Ibs. 59.50TI 9.fir,: 250 to 31 Ibs. 59.35^79.50; sows 58.50-57 S.60. SHEEP 1.500; nothing done: S10 down o fat Iambs. LITTLE CHANGE IN GRAIN PRICES Wheat Closes Steady, Corn Fractionally Lower at Finish. CHICAGO, Jan. 21. CT)--With speculative and commercial interest at a low ebb, grain values made no important change today. Wheat futures held within a very small trading range, the May delivery continuing to fluctuate narrowly around the dollar mark, at which price there was some buying cred- ted to mills. Rains likely to delay :hreshing in Argentina were re"- jorted, and so too was some appre- lension lest any change to colder weather in Europe might cause crop damage. Wheat closed steady, unchanged to /s lower compared with yesterday's inish, May Sl.QOigil.OOVs, corn % @% down, May 59%@60, oats unchanged to !i higher and provisions varying from 2 cents decline to an equal gain. CHICAGO CASH CRAIX. CHICAGO, Jan. 21. (.Pi--Cash wheat-- »ample grade hard Jl. Corn--No. 5 mixed 55',;c: No. 4 vcllow 'to No. 5 yellow 51«57'.;c; No. 5 white 53 I,iic: sample grade 51',-«ir,3c Oats--No. 2 white 33«34c- N 0 3 white Xo rye. Soyoeans-- N'o. 2 yellow SigS5c nominal Barley actual sales 60SS3C; nomln OTMGc; malting 51f-7S5c Timothy seed 53.10ft 3.15 cwt Clover seed 5120.17.50 cwt. Lard tierces S10.90; loose S1037- 1-1.75. i iced Stock List JVEH VOHK STOCKS. NEW VORK. Jau. 21. ,.1»-- Air 7duc JS-1 Loews ' SIM Al Chetn 4 Dye 103'A .Maytag it, Amn Can 129 McKcws Rob 10'.i; Amn Sm Rcr 59 Mid Cont Pet 20% Amn Sugar soil Mont Ward ae'A A T T 158',3 Morrell 54 Amn Tob B 131 Murray Corp 17 J ,t Amn Wat Wks 21-^g Nash 17^ Anaconda 28' ; i Kail Bis 36-ij Atchlson 67 Natl Cash Reg 23'A Auburn 40^ Natl Dairy 21% Aviat Corp 454 Natl Dlst 2S?i E' 0 1711 Nat Posv Lt 1151 Barnsclall le'.i N Y Cent 28-J1 Bend Aviat . 21 -li Nor Pac 24 ii Beth Steel 49^ Oliver Farm 26^-i Bordcn 25"; .1 C Penney 73 Bors warn 61'i Penn R R 33V- can Dry u~;, Phillips Pet ?,··; Can Pac 11 R C A i:!=i Case 97; R c p steel 18'.i : N W 3=i ncy Tub B .",8 C f, W }-·,, sears Roe 611 I S P A P 211 Shell Union 17 C R 1 A P 2 i Soc Vac 15'A Chrysler s.-,: ; j, So Pac 2.',-.; Col G * E i t ' i Htan B-randi lit Com Solv 20'.;. s 0 Cal 40^ Comwlth Sou :j'; S o Ind 35' Gas 32',i S O N .1 53^ s Oil ' 12vi Stew W a r n 3S-; Conll can fi3 Slone Web if,-; Contl Oil ,Dcl 35't studcbaker 9'J Corn Prod 7(1'i Swift fjo 23 T J Curt Wright 411 Tex Corp .131; Du Pont 112 Tex Gull Sill .14 v j Gen Elcc 3i;i^ Tim Roll Bear' 6G',i foods .I. 1 ! Un Carb 73 Mot M Un Pac 119 Gillette 17% Unit Air 20-1 Jooiiycar 21=; Unit Orn TV. Ill Cent I!).-;; Unit Drup 12vs nt Har 57-i; u s Gypsum SSV- nt N'ick Can -16'.; u s Rubber 17 T T · in-i u S Sttel -Hi", ohns Many 111! 1 ,! Warner Ply. 10' s Ccnnccott 29 sj West El ot Mfg 1(11 CresM 24 i Woohvorth 52',; Lib 0 F 191.4 wrls'.cy 73',; STOCK MARKET TENDS TO DROOP Death of King and Closing of London Exchanges Slows Trade. NEW YORK, Jan. 21. (.?--Neglect sent the majority of prices drifting gently downward in the stock market today. The closing of the London stock exchange and important commodity markets here restricted dealings, which ran at the slowest hourly rate this year. The early finish saw cotton a little higher, while wheat was about |steady and corn a shade easy. j Some of the sugar shares and air| crafts edged up a little, but most of the usual favorites slipped fractions. Losers of a point or less included American Telephone. Union Pacific, Pasco; U. S. Smelting, MURDER UPSTAIRS ' By AUA.M BLISS CHA1TJSK 53. Larrabee frowned and his fingers stroked his chin as we Hemingway's story. discussed "Lucy said she opened her door at 12. Did Hemingway hear that?" "I asked him that," I replied. "He says no. He was sure he hadn't heard that." "And nothing from Mr. Darien's room? Not even a groan when the knife--" I couldn't put what I wanted to convey into words. But there must have been some sound when the knife slashed through Mr. Darien's chest. "If Hemingway is telling the entire truth, Mrs. Penny, there was 30 in his pocket when I questioned him, minus tlie house key." I wondered how many other things Larrabee knew that he hadn't told me. This was the first I had heard about Mr. Withers and his keys. Larrabee continued: "He was nervous when he came in. You, yourself, told m e that. He brushed past you and went immediately upstairs and haroUy an apology for awakening you." ' "Why would he make another trip then to Mr. Darien's room at 6:30?" I countered. His reasoning was good, but not good enough. "Perhaps he had forgotten something, I don't know, and I won't know unless he tells me the truth. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. Jan. 21. (,T-i--Official e s t i m a t e eceipts tomorrow: Cattle S.OOO; hogs 20,000 hecp 11.000. Representative Sales CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, Jan. 21. UV-U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 23.000: including 6,000 direct: unevenly steady to 15c lower; mastly I0-15c lower tbau Monday's average; top S10.05; bulk 170 to 250 UJE. 59.SOS-10: 260 to 350 Ibs. S9,6;i't9.9u; choice light lights 510- best Sows S9.2y. CATTLE 6.000: calves 1,500; steers and yearlings trade a little more active than late Jlonday when prices were 25c or more lower, this downturn resulting in moderate carryover fat steers; bulk today S7.759.70 with strictly choice offerings held around Sll- but best bullocks early $11.25: thin atockers'very scarce; meaty feeders S7.50SiS: all she stock a littie more active and firmer and sausage bulls strong, up to 56.50: beef bulls very dull: vealers strong to 25c higher; up to 512" SHKEP M.OOO; fat lambs opening slow; generally asking around steady with cariy tids 15-25c lower; sheep steady to weak: feeding iambs relatively scarce; undertone easier: early bids upward to S10.25 on good In choice native and fed western lambs: now asking S10.50 and above: bulk slaughter year- linEs $9.50; three double choice 110 Ib. Montana ewes S5.50. CHICAGO. Jan. 21. f.T'--tj. S. riff i agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-9.70 35 196 9.80 79 1S2 9.SS 30 171 10.00 S5 166 Heavy-12 3.19 5fi 253 68 261 Mediums-60 237 69 231 38 212 Steers-- 1011 912 1S.1I) 107S 911 9S1 inr,o 1006 1225 S.'iO 922 81-! Light Lisnls-- 10.00 78 1.11 9.90 81 140 10.OS 10.10 CATTLE. Heifers-- 10.10 10.0(1, 10.00 9.90 9.75 11.00 24 33.00 1R 11 ."iO 28 it.:": 21 10.75 16 10.25 12 10.00 Cow 9.75 5 9.10 8 9.00 25 S.3."i M 100-T S65 1IR6 1192 1037 1120 10B7 932 9.50 8.25 6.23 6.75 S.50 5.00 ·t.50 4.25 ·1.00 SHBEf. Slaughter Yearlings-- S7 S3 SS Sfi Lambs-- 220 91 97 210 220 Native Lamhs -93 95 84 13 jr.-to 10.35 10.25 10.2r, 10.1~ 10.00 10.25 10.15 10.00 59 47 S7 Slaughter Kwes. 550 110 15 137 11 19S 46 67 S6 65 9.50 8.75 5.50 3.25 4.75 PUBLIC UTILITY AND INDUSTRIAL STOCKS Quoted by A, M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. SIOUX CITY UVESTOCK SIOUX CITY. Jan, 21. U 1 !---U- S. depar ment of agriculture-- . CATTLE, 3,000; steady; steers SJO tinder; heifers $7 down; cows $-1.50{§,5.5 cutters 53.75^1.25. HOGS. 7,000; 5 to lf,c lower; top S9 G 370 to 325 Ibs. $9.50'3;9.60 ; lighter weigh 59,55^9.50; sows SS.60(S8-S5; pips S9^y.2 SHEEP. 4.000; no action; undertone wea lambs S10.35. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, Jan, 21. (.-Pi--U. S. d partment of agriculture-HOGS 3,300; 210 direct; fairly activ tveak to lOc lower; mostly 5c lower tha Monday's average; top S9.75 frcejv on choii 350 to 260 Ibs.; desirable 170 to 2SO Ibs S9.60g-9.7o; heavier weights scarce; bette pradc 110 to 160 Ibs. $9.W5-9.65; sows SS 2 (3S.65: few 58.75. CATTLE 4,000; calves SOO; fed slcei comprising liberal proportion of nin; eari "bids weak to lower at Monday's dull clcsc Jiclfers in narrow demand; other killing class «\r generally steady: stackers and fce Flow, steady to weak; bulk fed steers duality to sell from $7^9; few loads he! up to S10; ]ow cutler and cutter cows ?3.30?' ·1.50; odd cows up to $S and above; selectc vealers to 511. SHEEp 4.500: Flow, very Hit]* done: fe opening sales Iambs weak to sligntiy lowci Ffime bids 25c o f f ; top fed lambs to "shipper WANTED Farm Mortgages LOWEST RATES QUICK CLOSING A. M. Schanke Company Telephone 1300 Mason City, Iowa MASON CITY. Jan. 21.-Bid Asked Cent St El T-, pfd (525 par) .. mi 13 Cent St P L pfd 9'(, 10JA Champlio Ref la 7 r / 0 pfd ... Creamery Package com Hearst Cons A Geo A Hormel A pfd Geo A Hormel B nfd Interstate Power 7T, pfd .... I Interstate Power 6^c pfd ... ' loua Electric Co 7fo pfd .... Iowa Electric Co G 1 ,^ pfd .... la Elec Lt Power 7Co pfd . la Elcc Lt Power 6VjTu pfd la Elec Lt Pow GCc pfd .. la Power fc Light 7To pfd .. la Power Light 6S pfd .... la Public Serv ~rc pfd la Public Serv 6!-Co pfd la Public Serv 6'i pfd la South Util 7fc prd la South Util 6Tc pfd Minnesota P L 7?t pfd .... Northern St Power "Tc pfd ... Northern St Power 6To pfd . N w Fell Tel wz pfd N w St Portland Cement Rath Packing 7S pfd Eath Parking 6% pfd Sioux City Gas Elec 71 pfd United Lt t Rys 7t. pfd United Lt p.ys 6.36To pfd .. United Lt Rys 6ri pfd Western Grocer pfd , Western Grocer com , 33': 23 "j . lor, 103 2fi 14 7t . fi9 fi" 101 10(1 92 SS 87 (14 26% 23 47 46 73 . 106 102 91 90 S9 611 60 92 83 Mason City Grain No. 3 MASON CITY. Jan. 21.-- yeliow corn No. 4 yellow new corn Ear com White oats, No. 3 .. Feeding- barley '. No. 2 yellow soybeans 22i .25-371 VHEAT-- lay illy ept ORN-lay uly .' ept ATS-- ll- '.'.".'.'.'. ept lay jly ept ARLiiY-- ay AF.D-- an. ...... ar. ay llv E'LLIES-- ' ay TLESDAV CRAI.V ( LO.*F CHICAGO. Jan.'21. Hicli 1.110', Close 1-00 .88% .59"; · 6(1's .60',! .54% 11.00 10.97 14.47 OJIAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA, Jan. 21. L-I'j--U. S. department agncullurc-- HOGS S.500; sleady In 10c lower; 170 lo 0 i n f . S9.609.70: lop S9.75; HO to 160 Ibs. .2ofi 9.70; sows 5S.65 CATTLE 4.500; calves 300- steady to rong; steers 5S5j;10.50 : heifers S6.SO-58- 'WS S4.J517; cutters S3.7531.SO: bu'ls '.:0'5i6: veajers slOfi 10.50. SHEEP .1.500; steady; lambs S10@10.25. IMI.S'VEAI-OLTS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. 21. l.T'.-Wheat 65 irs; ?,,c lower; No. l heavy dark northern nnK 60 Ibs. 51.30% Bl.36%: No. 1 dark jrthcrn 39 Ibs. Sl.2SSflll.335t; 5g Ibs. l.26='sei.34%: NO. 1 hard Montana 14 per int protein SI.26aai.295i; to arrive $1.25% ;I.28-,'i: srade of No. 1 fl ark hard or No 'l lontana winter S1.06SS1.15-.',; to arrive l.OSi. ffll.u.% : No . i j, ar( | amber auruln 1.09us 1.20;;; MO. i red durum S6-ic- May 1-OSS; July SI.03; September 92^ci Corn, i\'o. 3 vellow ^r^^c. Oats. No. 3 white 26%«730.i; c . KANSAS -ITY fiRAl.V KASSAS CITY. Jan. 21 I pi--Wheat ·· ars: unchanged; NO. 2 dark hard nom! 1.05-711.24: No. 3 norn. SI.02^122- No i ard SI.06l51.15ii: No. 3. $1.06(81 loV. · 2 red SI.07; No. Z. sl.Oali. " irn 75 cars; unchanged to -'; cent lower"-.? whits nom. 70"S72'/iC: No. 3 nom. 66 6S--C; Nl. 2 yellow nfim. 64^6."'^; No. 3 om. 61i.-:^.R3"jc: No. 2 mixed nom. 611-fl 1 2- : :c: No. 3 nom. 59V-T, 60'ic. Oats 3 cars: unchanged; No. 2 while nom. ^ ^ ' o O ^ e : No. 3, 28 , 90 , SH.l . 73U 116K 118 25 2fi 101 104 1(10 101 S5 S7 Miscellaneous I'OTATO JIARKET. CHICAGO. Jan. 21. i.r:-U. S. department of agriculture-- ·Potatoes 46; on track 27-1; total U. S shipments 325; dull, weak undertone, supplies moderate, demand tight: sacked per cwt Idaho russets Burbanks u. s No 1. SI SOfi 1-95; U. S. No. 2. S1.-15S1.60; Wisconsin round whites u. s. No. I. S1.05SS1.15; commercial 51.05: Michigan russet rurals U. s. No. 1. SI.15; Green mountains u. S. No l SI.40: North Dakota Red river section early Ohios u. S, No, 1. $1,32%; Bliss triumphs u, S. rso. 1. Sl,32vi; Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1, $1.35?M.55: Nebraska Bliss tr umpbs U. S. No. l and partly graded SI.35 1.15; mostly SI.35. CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. Jan. 21. t.P)- Cilies Service :!';, Nail standard 3-t 'extcr IO 1 ,? Northwest Banco 12T eilmann Br Co 9!^ Quaker Onts 3:1 Kwirt Co 9=1 Swill mil '+ Zenith Cerro de American Can, North American, General Motors and Western Union. American Sugar and Manati each gained around a point, and Douglas, Boeing and United Aircraft added major fractions. The closing tone was easy. Transfers approximated 1,500,000 shares. The closing: of the Londan stock exchange brought no appreciable atz Libby McNeil Midwest U l l l Natl Leather 115 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Offices in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 English selling- into stocks here, brokers with foreign connections said. The principal effect of the king's death was a general slowing of the world's trading activities. The cotton market at New York closed at neon, the Chicago board of trad curtailed its day, and were closed for short periods. Of course, com modity and security markets in Eng land halted although early in day some dealt briefly. fifth key on his ring. If he's a mur- bad liar about some a good one about derer, he's a things, and others." "I think he's a bad liar," emphatically. I said, . . , . * - --· ~" --"·" «...^u^ iit ii;ii£ my cue iru-ii. feet between the chair where he was i.He hasn't yet. He's lied about the nittmg and the bed on which Dar- key ring, and he's lied about' the len was killed, besides two thick- nesses of wall, and a long divided closet where sound would be muffled by heavy clothing. If he is telling the truth--that's the only thing I have to worry about. If Darien was asleep, and he must have been, the murderer had only to remove the covers from his chest, find the right place lor the knife and thrust it down. There would be a sound, an audible sound, but it might have passed as one of the night noises Hemingway was talking about. A creak of the flooring, a joint, the wind outside." "But the windows, Lieutenant Herrick Funeral to Be Thursday at Armstrong ARMSTRONG, Jan. 21.--Funeral services wil be held Thursday afternoon here for George Herrick, 86, who died Sunday morning at his home here of influenza and complications. Mr. Herrick was born in England, Sept. 17. 1849. He was a resident of Armstrong a number of years. He is survived by his wife, four daughters, Mrs. Grace Taylor of Fairmont, Minn., Mrs. Carrie Zufall of Estherville, Mrs. Anna Meyer and Mrs. Lilly Henkey of Armstrong, and one son, George of Dennison. Bowling Scores I'luyi-n.- It. Dtinuii Curb Market DOW JOXES Inds. KnEN L'tiM Sales .1,330,00 CHICAGO .STOCKS Corp tl'4 Keys yt wire so aiamazoo stov -IS Marshall Fields ll'/; -VEIV YOltK CUKB m Gas Elec 39«; Ford Mo of Can 24. !i m Cyanamld B 34 U Ford Mo of Kng S ~ Pow Co 3ti "· ~ ·" rk Nat Gas A \ : }l Humble Oil Co 69! soc G El A IS an Ind A l k 10H in Marconi sler Elcc B'd Sharp 2 ;tVj Ifi^ Hud B M S Humble Oil Co Lockheed Miae Hud Pow S 0 Ky Co Un Gas Co Un U Pow Co XEW TOKK STOCKS laska Juneau 15 \-t Hupp Motors llcsheny 3 - - - - m Bank Note 43 m For Pow 7 r » m Cry sug Co 16% m C Fy Co 32'·; m Pow Li S:; m Roll'g Miils 30 U m Metal Co .11B m Ra S Co 25 mer Tob Co 101 rmour Co 5*; rmour Co pf 71 '/i s -Dry Goods 14 1 Rer :iO'S 'St £ Co 52 ·; tldwin Loco 4 fe ·iggs Mfe Co 5;: mdix 21 vi urr Add 2G?i 21 34 '·;, 8 :w ·ers A M Cn alit Packing aterpillar Trac 55 rro de Pasco 4S' hcs t Ohio 53i hi Gt W pfd .V S P P pfd 4. oca Cola Co S8 im credit 47 om Solvents £(' ont Motor 2 of Wheat 37 udahy Packing 42 rt-wri Co A 11 ist Corp Scag 32 mglas Airc 53 .stman 160 iton Mfg Co 29 lee Auto Lite 3(5 c Lt 7 rie R R Co 12 re'ne Ti Ru 25 rst Na Stores 46 -\VHeelcr rceport Tcs m Am Trans idden Co bel )ld Dust t North'n Ore raham Paige Nor pfd iston Oil udson Motor 27 U 32-; 17'.S I n t l Carriers Indust Rayon Jewel Tea Co 5S 1 ,-. Kelvinator Co 17-Ti Lambert Co 22 ] ,". Lebigh Port Ce 1', Liquid Carb Cp 3y Lori I lard 25% Mack Truck 271,-: Mathieson Alk 30-^ McK Rob pfd 3S ! ,'Ji McLellan Stores 12 J ,$ Ilex Scab'd Oil 34 Minn. Moline Im fi^H M K T (i-i Mo Pac 3 Motor Products 5H No Amcr 27 No Amer Avi R*^ Otis steei Co ' TV; Owen 111 Glass 143% Packard Motor 7--; Park Utah Cop 41.'. Penick Ford 70 Pillsbury Flour 36 Plymouth 13 7 ; Proc Gam 4S',i Puh Ser or N J 4'iVj Pullman 40 1 -'. Pure Oil Co ls-i; Purity Bakery 15-.^ E K 0 -' Reading Co 39 Rem Rand 22 "S Reo Motors ,',ii St Joseph Lead 23 Simmons Co 22 So Calif Edison 27 Snerry Corp ifi St G i K 7 Telautograph s Tide Wa As Oil 15 U S Ind Alch 47 U S Smelter so Ulil P t Li A 3 Vanadium 22 Un Oil Calif Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Western MyM Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck NEW YORK. Jan. 21. (.!«--Gain* in a few specialties stood out today in a generally narrow- anu irrepular curb market. Babcock and Wilcox McNeil Dredging and Buckeye Pipe Line each gained more than a point. The high priced. Montgomery Ward "A" lost nearly 2 points on small turnover. Sherwin Williams dipped the better part of a point. Small josses were reported for Newmont. Niagara Hudson. Parker Rust Proof, American Cyanamid "B" and Lake Shore Mines. Others ahead sliphtly included Creole Petroleum. Pan American Airways and Pittsburgh Plate Glass. Bond Mrket NEW YOP.K. Jan. 21. (.TJ--The bond market today was still under the influence of reactionary currents, hut losses were moderate in the general run of corporate obligations. Rails and a few other groups which had moved up sharply since the start of the year 'ere offered in fair volume against a rather limited number of bids. U. S. Governments were quiet d u r i n g the early trading, with price changes about evenly divided as to small gains and losses. Such issues as Pacific Gas Electric 5s. Pennsylvania general -i^s. postal Telegraph 5s, and American Foreign Power 5s were in demand at sliphtly better values. Trading was limited to a small number of foreign groups. Produce 21 = IS 5-- (so-p score 'K\V YORK riiODITK N'EW YORK. Jan. 21. i.n-- gutter Eady i n f i r m : creamer-.-' firsts ores) 33«!33=ic: centralized (90 ^.c: other grades unchanged. Cheese 410. 410. quiet; prices unchanged. Eggs 1S.7SO. steady; mixed colors, re igcrators standards 19U^2i)c- firsts 18'.- 19%c; mediums 164917c; other ml-to lors unchanged. OMAHA GRAIN OMAHA. Jan. 21. I.PI--Wheat. No 1 har 51.09: No. 2 hard J1.03: No. hard 9Sc o. o hard 31''i9rc: sample hard 93c. Corn. No. 1 white GO'^c: No. 5 mixed r.0i o. 4 yellow 5.1fi 56'rc: No. .·; yellow r.1 file; pample yellow 17c: No. 2 mixed 63c iso. , r i mixed -19c: sample mixed 4lin. Oa!3. No. 3 white 2fi',;c: No. 4 white :6',ic; sample white 23'~c. GOVERNMENT BONDS. NEW YORK. J a n . 21. i.D--U S. closed: Treasury i ; s -17-52 ilj.13. Treasury 4s 44.5.! 111.9. Treasury 3^s 43-47 107,2. Treasury 3'js 45-49 104.6. Treasury 3s 51-55 103.4. Arrive From Pennsylvania. MESERVEY--H. C. Fischer and amijy arrived Sunday from Canonsburg, Pa., for an extended visit t the Herman Fischer, Sr., home. IOWA H Y B R I D 931 90 Per Cent Germination Picked dried before frost. Grown by John 0. Mullins FARMER CO-OP. ELEVATOR Wesley, Iowa NEW VORK SUOAR. NEW YORK. Jan. 21. i.p.--Raw unchanged. Futures unchanged lo 2 higher. Refined unchanged. Fi.orn MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. 21. (Ti--Floor rhanscd. carload lotj. family nalenis. S7.2 57.10 a birrel In 9S pound cotton -=acks Shipments 3,1.857. Pure bran SI6*? IR.r.n. Standard middlings sl.l..w-flfi. Hides Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 FifUi Street Southwest. HOBSEHIDES Horsehldes . . . . . . , ^3 00 ·GEEEJ) BEEF'iaDES 1'p to 25 Ibs 7 ii c 25 to 45 Ibs More than 6u Ibs fie Bull hides '.'.'.".'.*, ·Cured hides halt cent' more 'a'pound (On above prices a cent higher to whole- ale dealers m wholesale lots.) WOOL 5IARKKT. BOSTON. Jan. 21. (.r,--U. S, department f agriculture-Sales were rather plow In (he Boston wool wrhe:. Scattered transactions were reported, nd sales included f a i r quantises of a n u m - ^r of crudes. Prices generally were very rm nml in some tases hichcr t h a n prevl- i ' l y reponeti in l e c r n t xvrcks. Slriclly f « m b K .16?. '; Hood and .)Rs, 50s, ', 'hloo'l ·fl'lrfl Ohio a n d s i m i l a r rlcrces realized 12 :n!i in lli c frcasc on this market. ardin County Masters Set Two Tourney Dates IOWA FALLS, Jan. 21.--Schoo iperintenaents and coaches of Un 'Unty at a recent meeting in Hub bard, set Feb. 20, 21 and 22 as the date of the boy's county basketbal tournament which will be held a Ackley. The girls' tournament wil KO to Union and Feb. 14 and 15 are the dates selected for the meet. Clear Lake Teacher Elected. MITCHELL--Miss Elsie Knapp Clear Lake was chosen by the bparc nf education, of the Mitchell Consolidated school to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Darrell Maxson, who took a position n the high school at Greene. Miss Mazie Stearns, substitute since the holiday recess, returned to her home at Osage. Verla Wright President. LITTLE CEDAR--The Girls' 4-H :lub of Liberty township met at the C. Elliott home Saturday afternoon and elected Verla Wright, resident; Mildred Penney, vice resident; Phyllis McSweeney, sec- etary; Frances Elliott, treasurer; ne Barker, reporter, historian nd photographer. Visitors From Canada. PWALEDALB--Mr. and Mrs. enry Knapp of Foam Lake, Canda, arc visiting her sister. Arnold aker. and family, and other rela- ves in Thornton and Sheffield. MASON CITY, Jan. 21.-Cash Quotations Dy E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 15c Springs, heavy breeds 16c Leghorn springs 13c Stags, heavy breeds 14c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16c Under 4 Ibs I3c Cocks _ lOc Turkeys, No. 1 20c Geese lOc Ducks 12c Merchants Quotations. Larrabee,'' I whispered, quickly. "Mr. Darien's windows were open. I found them open. Couldn't Mr. Hemingway have heard--if his own windows were open?" "He says his windows were closed. He only opened them when he came from Darien's room after Withers had disturbed him--to clear out the smoke which had accumulated in his room, and the smell of the burning paper, for he burned the letters and papers immediately after he came in. He opened both windows wide, the then, as quietly as he could. He tells as nice and convincing story as I've ever heard. There are no holes in it. It is true, he has a reason for everything he did, even burning the papers which might have connected him with Darien. If it isn't, he's had plenty O f time to manufacture his convincing story." "Where was he when Delia was killed?" "He was in his room, alone." "And you believe him?" "I don't know, Mrs. Penny. I mven't made up my mind. From :he information I have I could have arrested him. I haven't, because I'm not sure. The warrant is still in ray pocket. I don't want to make any mistakes. When I find out just why Withers wanted to see Darien, I'll know better what I'm going to do." I remarked: "He says he went to Darien's room to borrow money from him." "That's what he told me, too. I looked up Withers' bank statement yesterday and I discovered he has more than $5,000 in his savings' account. A nice sum for a teacher. However, since Jan. 1, he has put nothing else in it, which is unusual for him. He usually puts in around 585 a month. Since the first of the year he has drawn §600. On that date his balance was 55,600. What he is doing with his money I don't know--yet, but I'm going to find out as soon as I can. Why he should need any more than 55,000 I can't imagine, but I don't think he went into Darien's room early Tuesday morning to ask for a loan. "I think he went there for some- else. I think that Darien had Eggs, in trade 19-21c* Eggs, in cash 17-19C* Butter, Iowa State Brand 39c Butter, Corn Country 3Sc Butter, Kenyon's 3Sc Butter, Very Best 39c Butter, Brookfield 37c Potatoes, peck 25c and 39c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO POULTRY-. CHICAGO, Jam 21. .pj--Poultry, live. 23 trucks, firm: hens 5 Ibs. and less 21'^c; more than 5 Ibs. ai'.ic: Leghorn hens ISc: Plymouth and White Rock springs 23c, colored 22c; Plymouth Rock broilers 2C^c, White Rocks 26c, colored 25c; Leghorn chickens l"c: roosters 16: hen turkeys 23c; young ·oms 20c. old ISc; No. 2 turkeys ISc: heavy rtilte and colored ducks 22c. small white ducks ISc. small colored 17c; northern geese 17c: capons 7 Ibs. up 25c. less than 7 Ibs, 23c. Dressed turkeys steady; prices unchanged. "But if he's the murderer and he went out that second time to have an aliBi for himself with his lost keys ; he's a good one, Mrs. Penny. "You've no proof that he came into the house twice Monday night!" "Ah! But I do, Mrs. Penny. I have proof. Mr. Withers was seen entering the house--or at least, turning into the sidewalk leading- up to the front door, at 10 minutes to 12!" Again we stared at each other. Larrabee's face was triumphant. "Who saw him?" I asked, after a short, pregnant silence. "One of his students who had no business to be out on the street that late. A boy. Ray Miller is his name. He has been in Withers' English class since September. "The Miller boy was coming home from the house of a girl who lives down the block on Gardner street. Miller saw Withers and recognized him under a street light, half a block away, and hid in the shrubbery. Withers was giving the class an exam the next morning and Miller didn't want him to know he wasn't studying. The boy didn't tell his father until yesterday and the father came to me. There's no doubt about identification, and Miller saw Withers turn in here. After that, he ran on home." (TO BE CONTINUED) Guy Walker President. FERTILE--The Parent-Teachers association elected Guy Walker president; Lois Moore, secretary and treasurer. The program consisted of several musical numbers and a recitation by Robert Hicks and a talk by Mrs. Maud Chambers' KOZV KUKXKIt Kt ^nd 171 To. .111! Arlmil I'lnj i in i no IK l.lli 4WI 10 1 ( 5 l?!l JKT 170 211 I7!l 535 |7X 87.1 TOTAL I'l.VS rinriTs-- Dr. .Mejide ... IV. Slrimc I-'. Si-hmldl ... ·I. lijiin »V. IVl'bcr Artiuil Finn Hnndicup . .. TOTAL I'JNS COCA COI.A I - I 2nd 157 1(15 23.1 1.19 l:4 191 111! 17(1 LIB 103 .... 84!) 8.12 .-Iril lfl.1 Ml 82.1 : 78 Av. 172 177 1119 1.19 17.1 !I25 828 001 2704 918 I'luyer.' .Mulkirn A. Adams II. Bryant .1. nrrkrr I!. .H.icDomild Arlual I'inj HnndleHp . . TOTAL 1'I.NS OLD TIMERS 1st 2nd 3rd Tn. HIS 128 1.11 MS 2IUJ 1.14 155 175 H2II 99 171 2(13 137 l»2 X-r, 21:19 111 321 Av. I.Ill 112 17.1 l. r 8 Mi:i 1117 85.1 SIJ XTEIIXATIO.VAL -MOTOR TRCCKS I'layrn-- r. E. Wall ... 11. Tbflwn ... K. IVuIkrr ... 11. Jnhamn ... A. shisulirrK . S. SoWrakc ... Acltial Pln« Hundlcan . . . TOTAL I'l.XS 2III MS 202 Sft^ 34 3rd J'o. .187 13.1 .17(1 171 I C.I 1.17 171 mi 87R 43 H I S »2li 017 27112 92(1 TVLER-RVA.V FI.ICVITCRE CO. I'hi: fi. Walsh F. niil)ln,nn A. Xond'TKaa IV, Tyler H. 0. I'lisi-h . It. .\. Jnlinsi .Aclllnl pin, Jsl 2nd . l!ll) 193 . 174 1P3 1 1 3 146 117 2111 214 I Till »:IS 8.19 58 41 3nl Tn llill SSS lf;n 137 497 426 117 159 201 82li 2.123 U 140 Av. I "I Kili 1li 1 1 7 lan MM) 841 47 TOT.AL TI.VS .·STANDARD OIL CO. Return From Convention NORA SFRINGS--Mr and Mrs Fred Clark attended the Farm Bureau convention in Des Moines. Mrs. Clark and son, Roger, returned Saturday night but Mr. Clark i s visiting their daughter at Boone. LEGAL NOTICE P OTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL . . 134 . . 179 .. 185 .. 164 2nd 152 129 1(1(1 147 3rd 157 202 1 M 1.15 172 46.*i 4S3 467 488 A r l u a l Till? Handicnp . . . TOTAL PINS ·740 7SO 2317 7S2 139 13D 417 130 . 966 87.1 on him, and like Janet. CHICAGO TKODUCE. CHICAGO. Jan. 21. ,.T--Butter 11.2SJ, steady; creamery specials (93 score) 33y-r* 31c; extras (92) 33c; extra firsts 90-31'~32 "·32',; : c: firsts (S5-S9) Slugsi-Mc; seconds IS6-S7) soijc: standards (90 centralized carol?) 32'^c. =£5 6.054. steady; prices unchanged. NKH- YORK rotl.TRV. NFAV YORK. .Ian. 21. ..]-_Liv nmi. J tcady to firm. All r r c i R h t grade sunchangcd. rnnnucK ITTUKKS. CHICAGO. Jan. 21. ( . T ' l -- B u t t e r futures osed: stontce standards. January tfl February 30;_,c: March 30'ic; November '6'ic. ESE futures: Rclriccrator standards. Janu- iry 16":ic; October 21c; Iresh graded firsts. "ebruary IS-'ic. Schools Held in Town. ROCK FALLS, Jan. 21 The rural schools east and south of town "iave been moved into the town 'Uilding. Miss Florence Hansen who aught in the south school is now caching grades 4 to 6 in town. Ill With Pneumonia. DOWS--Mrs. Fern Holmes is sc- ously ill ckerman with pneumonia. Peter was seriously ill with leumonia. but is now considerably ctter. Miss Maud Beach, who has rn in the Lutheran hospital at thin somethin Bell, Withers tried' to find out how' much the man knew. The tale of the forgotten key has always seemed fishy to me, Mrs. Penny. It did from the first day when I found that Withers carries a key ring--" He paused and looked at me significantly. Key ring. Key ring. That meant-Kirk Larrabee answered my unspoken question. "Withers has a neat, round key ring. On the ring are five keys, one for his room at the Ellenwood school, one for his desk, two for his safety deposit box, and the other which he says is for his mother's house in Chicago. I'm inclined to doubt that the fifth key : s for his mother's home, because he stuttered when he offered that explanation. He has no key for this house, says he lost it. Peculiar that he should have lost the key to his home when that key was attached to a key ring. And it is a good stout ring, not one that a key would fall off of." I remembered the key ring. It was as Kirk Larrabee described it. I had seen it half a dozen times since Mr. Withers had been in the house. j "When you let him in early Tuesday morning, what did he say about his keys?" "He said he had forgotten them. Naturally I assumed he had forgotten his key ring with the keys on it." "Exactly." Larrabee bit off the word harshly. "Withers did nothing of the sort. Somehow his house key got off the ring, and I'm inclined to think he took it off himself. It's not in his room, and it's not in this house. We've searched high and low for it. He keeps repeating that he lost it, but it's impossible to believe that. It couldn't slide off that ring. I think, Mrs. Penny, there's another explanation." He stared at me and I stared back at him. "I think," he said slowly, "that Conrad Withers returned home earlier than h e said Monday night. At midnight. I think he may have killed Darierj then, probably without going first to his own room. "Then, after the murder was done. :ie slipped out again, took the door key from his ring, tossed it away, and returned later, at 1, threw some gravel at your window and told you when you admitted him that he'd 'orgotten his keys. He hadn't, they in his pocket on his ring, ail Cerro Gordo county, ss. No." 4783. To All Whom It May Concern- YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED. Ttet an instrument of writing purporting it, be the last Will and Testament of Louise Praff. Deceased, dated March 15th, 1931. having been this day filed, opened and road, Monday the 10th day of February. 1936, is fixed for hearing proof o£ same at tlie Court House In Mason City. Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 2 o'clock P, !£.. of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason city. Iowa. Januarv 13th. 1936. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk of District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. Players-K. Shannon . . .1. Humphrey . II. Humphrey . .1. Berry . . . . . E. Elstad ,-Vrtunl This Handicap . . , TOTAL PINS MOOSE LEGION- IS! tlnd .trc! in- mi mi 130 .'....'. TBS 171) r,c, 121 176 Tn. .1(17 ·las 4ns ·ins ifin IBS IHI4 735 872 2571 8.17 74 74 74 232 71 GALLAGHER'S I'ONTIACS Player*-C. Turnurc . I). Dumber C. (Siindrrsnn . A. KiiNtnirm .. B. Mutter Aetiinl I'lns Handicap . .. 1st , IPO 121 17.'! ini 2nd 20:1 161 201) 172 1711 3rd 203 1S8 .136 151 135 To. 5fi(i no son 1112 7R3 2529 102 1112 30ft TOTAL PINS 936 11)14 885 2835 9-13 WRESTLING By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS \VII.MINGTON'. Del.--Danno O'Mnhonpy, "20. Ireland, defeated George Koverly, 215. HoII.VM-ood, Oil., one fall. M I X N E A P O L I S -- F a r m e r Tnbin. »a», rresi(iii Isle, Elaine, (lefcaled Pat O'Shockrr. 235. Sail Lake City. (22:17). CliK Olson. 210, Baudette. Minn., and tint Thiede, 207, Los Angeles, dretv. (30). Mason City Bowling Averages Individual Averages. OLD TIMERS L. A. Adams 45 221 5(jil II. Kryant 42 2113 513 .1. Decker 42 221 fiI3 I!. A. MucDonalrl .. 3(i la: 511 C. Senn · 15 230 H. P. Hanscn 12 183 W. H. nces 5 17!) I INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS F. E. Wall R. A. Theiscn A. .Staseberc R. A. Walker K. Johnson . , . S, J. SobiesUc 257 22(5 210 20!) -14 235 GOO 57-t 511! 380 (if7 (ill TVLEK-KVAX 1'L'RNITl'RE G. W.l!sh 39 219 370 F. IlDbinson 45 235 (J01 \V. Tyler 27 213 516 A. Sondcrsnard . . . . 24 201 554 II. fJ. Pnsch 42 230 fi30 K. X. Jnhnson 42 26(1 648 STANDARD OIL 17H 157 Klil t7r 183 1R1 180 Io3 R. S. Younzen L. R. JColti-relke . IV. Kern ·I. .V. I'astcMKick r. K. Holland . . . H. F.. ra.vne . . . . W. T. Gamble arnpton iij in a serious condition, | but the key to the house;'they wer e 24 215 510 189 505 201 542 191) 474 214 547 215 577 20R .1(50 MOOSK I.ICGIOX K. Shanmm 3!l 2IC, H33 I. Humphrey 3(1 221 57(1 II. Humphrey 35 ;()4 513 K. rintlsrn 3(1 21R 5(iX 1. .1. Itrrrj 39 202 5(11 1. ElslB'l 42 222 5!ll r,AM..\fiIIKR'S I'ONTI.VfS '. M. Gnm!crs"n . . . . 3r» ::22 57!l I. M.KIcr 39 \. KaMrnnn . . D. D. Bnmljer 155 132 152 141 15S IC7 Ilil 173 G LOBE-G A XETTE n 30 2IS 503 42 225 (10n ·' 42 27S 59G 'n 33 211 57.1 3C 245 n 1R7 2 231 617 511 Ted Olio! O. Kcrc . ·Indy Tan); W. Bernrir I!. INnrrll R. Stevens C. EKUerl soitimv'ESTEnW "CEMENT ' .. 45 224 ( i l l 177 · · -13 220 557 170 - 27 209 55(1 162 ·. -19 214 3S4 · 42 I'. .11. 1'irkl ... .M. Sehuli . C. IV. Ahholt iv. r.nvciic G. Bull ____ I.. A. .Moc C. .11. Lyons L. P. Davey G. Squiers C. M. Collins 203 ....... M 235 HUGH DAVEV ....... 43 243 ....... 3!) 199 ....... 45 23li ....... « 211 ....... 45 232 M. Kaufmai: L. Fait . . , . U. Dull I-. Evensnn . : ·I. Lindsay . . -J. .MacDonald DECKER'S OFFICE 574 578 364 COO . 45 15 45 33 42 45 242 207 208 210 210 BLUMER-S GOLDEN GI.OIV -I. B. Krai! I). Mtillcr C. Bishop E. Slicka H. .M. R.-idrliffe C. Taylor 204 236 21(1 219 221 179 R. C. Turnure B, Duncan ·I. E. Iluno.i 1'. Ferninn G. Morcvec T)uncnn 217 . . U 232 . . 43 1K7 . . 3(1 200 . . I S 2 2 2 K O R X E R . . 4 2 482 l!02 F. E. Duncan F. Schmiilt . .. T. E. Clausen AV. Strong . . . .1. IV. IVeher . . . Dr. C. L. Meadc 211 . . . . . . ·!." 20!) 33 215 42 313 roc.* COLA 36 22S 33 213 38 213 33 237 10 IV. V. Lnrinc Clark II. Knesel C. Snyilrr C. H. r;«liek ·I. C. slodrlnrd . M. Itiislicens . . . DEC] Knlh 1,. fi;;h» B a l d , i f IV. I H r k s i|. IVolske C. M. Kaufman STOIMMRIVS 30 219 24 176 30 ·(!! !6 216 565 li 207 575 P L A N T 15 226 Clll 1:1 211 .·,.-,« s i :!2l :,:i« : i 2»fi 5sii Kit n;:t u » 170 18S 173 163 Kit 173 172 167 174 1(14 159 14S 154 154 ItiO 139 155 181 177 1M1 C. B. sivaflorrt IV. O'J-ll T. It. Urmi'bhol; ( . C. I V l l i l n r v I!, lley L. DeSnmery . . JI. Rlley ( K A N E CO.MPANV 172 )3 174 II 183 2 1811 3 156 2!l 157 28 156 in 158 27 169 16 t(i!l 16 170 15 14!) 3d 164 21 1711 15 175 i n 157 2S 531 521 .1(17 (112 (112 48(1 177 165 163 175 IS7 1SS 150 12 R E L E A S E D BOWLERS' A V E R A G E S IV. R. I.y ·I. A. MeColUlUKh E. Junes E. Godfrey IV. Howard R. .Miekelson . .. R. Mrllrm I". Mosshcrc . .. B. .1. Hncnn I. B. Smith R. IVest C. nivan II. RoimiJin R. Mnee C. Mullnn 214 109 179 137 189 143 171 173 230 131 171 1R4 IRS 167 168 380 401 470 4311 496 363 339 1(18 112 162 10(1 173 I S3 30 · 4 i 3fi 232 (ilO 183 2 r. K. Wall . . Rudy I'.cy . . . . C. M. nillliH . | I. *. -I. ^oliieske i 5. . Hniifirain . ! «. R. ,\. -lolinsftn j 7. ;. u n N h n. M. K n l t f m n n ' . ' l 10. Ed slmnnnn .. 257 225 232 233 232 200 60(1 n i l 6111 6 I X 570 (;)! 5!)S 033 18.1 1K3 182 181 ISO 18(1 179

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